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Thread: True Brother / Sister Experience

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    True Brother / Sister Experience

    When I was 16 and my sister was 14 she walked in on me when I was jacking off. She was curious and asked if she could touch my cock. Needless to say I let her and she finished jacking me off like a pro. She screamed when I came and was totally grossed out that she had cum all over her hand. She jacked me off one other time maybe a month later. She let me lick her tits and touch her pussy. That's as far as anything went. I am now 48 and she is 46. We are both married and still talk from time to time of our experience. Although we never started talking about it until a few years ago. One day she just came up to me when I was alone and lifted her shirt and bra and showed me her tits out of the blue. I started touching them and sucking on her big and fat nipples. After she left I jerked off and came like a freight train. She said her head was swimming and by the time she got home her panties were soaked soaked and took a shower and masturbated to a huge orgasm. She sends me pics of her tits or pussy and even sent me a short video of her masturbating for my birthday. Last year at a party at my house she went into the bathroom and stuck her finger in her pussy and then sat down next to me and when nobody was around she put her finger under my nose and then I sucked on it. We have kissed when we could be alone for a few seconds and I have sucked on her long nipples and we send dirty texts and even have had phone sex before and gotten off together. We want to finally fuck each other but have been having a hard time finding the right time and place. Something always comes up and fucks up our plan. I think there is nothing wrong with what we are doing and we are just two highly sexed people that like to get nasty and have fun. Let me know what YOU think.

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    Thanks for sharing.

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    Welcome aboard

    Kinda short but thanks for the addition

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    Go for it, life is to short.

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    i agree its grate that you two have a close relationship like that. It will be the best sex the two of you will experience. take the dive :luvlove:

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    very nice short and sweet

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    i say go for it,you've gone this far might as well go the whole hog.

    then i say you write it(no scrap that, video yourselves) for all of us to enjoy the tape of your 1st(but which won't be your last)sex session & post it on here

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    short, but good.

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    like.. really good

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    Makes me wish I had a hot sister.

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    Thanks for the addition, and for sharing.

    Makes one think how long your sister had been thinking about doing more with you!

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    You never know what other people are thinking unless you talk, act, and watch - never go where you are not invited but if the invitation is there - GO FOR IT. Actions you take - decisions you make - you have to be willing to live with too!!

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    definitely go for it, she's family ;). if you feel the need to tell your wife, maybe later on down the road you two can maybe mix it up with a threesome if she is open minded. then of course, let us know about it!

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    I agree! Life is short, and you obviously both want to fuck! Enjoy!

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    Right time/place is where you both feel comfortable - GO FOR IT. Treat her tender, eat her till she cums and fuck her hard. In your 40s one or both are on protection, maybe even vasectomized (ho's that for a word!) so ENJOY!!!!!

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    fuck her and leave us alone

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    when you want to fuck you should find the place and the time>

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    Thank you for sharing. I hope you two can find a nice quiet safe place to spend a least 5 or 6 hours enjoying each other and finding out what you have missed all these years. Your first time should be special.

    My sis is 10 yrs older than me. She used to date Mr. Universe...a guy named Bill the mid-1960's. She has several photos in her bedroom of herself nude posed on a 1961 Corvette...the one with her legs spread is a cock popper.

    The only "playing" we did was after she got a divorce and moved home when she was about 24. She slept on an extra bed in my room and one night she was taking about sex and orgasms. I had no idea what an orgasm was and she invited me into her bed. She lifter up her nightgown and started to play with her clit. All I could do was watch and smile. She came really loud and woke up our did I move fast to get back in my bed.

    I just had my 40th high school reunion. My wife was not going to attend and I asked my sis if she would be my "date". She said she would love it. A few weeks later she called and was just bubbly. She said that her husband would be out of town, she had bought a new dress, shoes, etc. for the evening and that she wanted me to stay at her house. I about fell down when she said "I want you to sleep in my bed. My husband has not made love to me in over 20 yrs and has not slept in that bed for the last 10 yrs. We are going to have as much fun as any two people can and who gives a damn if we have the same mother." I was happier beyond words at the idea of making love all night long to my beautiful sis....even though she is older she is still in my mind by beautiful sis. But that was not to be. A few days before the trip my wife decided that she would go with me. My sis and I managed a few minutes of privacy and one very long kiss, a tight hug and a look into each others eyes as she said: "Don't worry bro. There will be many more opportunities." Too bad I live 600 miles away...oh well...I've waited this long.

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    Very hot. I wish you the best and hope things work out. If you really want it don't give up

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    Thanks for sharing

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    Thanks for sharing

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    great but short

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    not bad, but i'd love somethin a bit longer as many have said

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    I agree with the others, It's a great story and you can really feel how much you both want eachother. But it needs to be fleshed out a bit.

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    nice but short

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    couple of good ones.

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