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Thread: Watching my drunk wife

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    Watching my drunk wife

    I only did this once. It was all my doing, desire whatever you want to call it. After pestering my wife for I don't know how long to do another man withlots of, “your crazy”in reply, I decided to see what would happen if she was drunk. I had been chatting with several men who had the exact same fixation as me. It is surprising how many of “us” there are out there. I didn’t want anyone to know where my house was so I picked a lounge in a local hotel and made the room arrangements. In lounge, I got my wife drunk. It wasn’t easy as she does not drink to excess, normally. A “friend” of mine joined us and between the two of us, she had had enough to try the next step. In the hotel room, after some initial awkward moments, undressing my wife proved not to be that hard. Nude, lying face up on the bed, eyes closed and waving her arms around with not much control over the movements I began to touch her. Although she opened her eyes it was plain she was out of it. I then stood back and let my friend do whatever he wanted. I did not join in and watched as well as took photos. My wife was being quiet and her uterings didn’t make any sense. I was aroused beyond belief – and came in my pants without touching myself. When he went to a 69 position my wife clearly began to moan. I should have been elated but was not but still aroused. I have to admit when I watched closely as his erect penis penetrated her vagina, it was a combination of shock and awe. He did what he promised obviously loving this and royally fucked the crap out of her. When I glanced at my wife’s face, giggling uncontrollably to his buffeting I saw a shocked expression and eyes blinking rapidly in disbelief. Then, out of nowhere, she had a drunken orgasm. She looked stunned. And then he ejaculated and I could tell even though drunk she knew it immediately. Her legs lifted and her hands clutched his shoulders and weekly tried to push him. I am sure he didn’t even notice. I retreated to a chair out of eyeshot of my wife. He, not noticing her expression, continued to strongly thrust and invade her surrendered tunnel working his way to another climax. It took several minutes of watching the top of her head bobbing before he came again. But, just before, my wife had yet another, stronger orgasm. It was easy for me to tell that she had NOT expected either.
    Parting was cordial, me with a wet spot on my pants, my wife semi unconscious, spread eagle and leaking and my friend, very complimentary, already lobbying for a “next” time. As soon as he left, I joined my snoring wife on the bed and lay next to her also falling asleep.

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    very nice

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    That is very hot, I could see myself in it. Good job!
    Anne Marie the lover of 69

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    Great story please continue writing.

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    keep up the good work that was hott

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    Would love to get my wife in that situation...

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    I have the same fantasy but I want my wife to be willing and wanting it.

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    Great story.
    Just a horny mom. :)

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    I have tried to get my wife drunk enough to that point as well.. I even asked her if she wanted a sleeping pill to get a goodnight sleep but she refuses.. I have cum a few times to that thought..

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    Very nice. I have tried that with my wife but was never able to pull it off.

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    My wife has been in this position many times, the more men the better she likes it ... but she likes to be a little high and PLAY act the part of being drunk, so she can enjoy all that is being done to her

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