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Thread: Harold taught me to suck and get fucked

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    Harold taught me to suck and get fucked

    Harold and I were sitting in the Den watching sex movies and drinking beer while the wives were out shopping. After about an hour or so Harold told me that he wanted to suck my dick. I looked at him and then unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out as he was crawling over to where I was sitting.

    It only took a minute for him to start rubbing the head all around his face and then he placed his mouth over the head and began bobbing his head up and down. He would stop and tell me how good I tasted and then back to sucking. It didnít take me long too cum with the manipulations he was giving to my pride and joy. I told him I was Cumming but he paid no attention so I let go, and started filling his mouth with cum. He held it in his mouth until he had the last drop, looked up at me and swallowed.

    I told Harold that my wife couldnít suck as well as he did, and she never swallowed. He went back to his seat and we watched more movies, I left my dick hanging out of my pants, and soon I was rising once more; Harold looked and got up dropped his pants bent over and told me too fuck him. I spit in the palm of my hand and rubbed it on my dick and I approached Haroldís ass; as I entered he began pushing back telling to come forward.

    After I was buried deep within his bowels, I started the in and out motion and listened to him moaning and telling me how good it felt to be stuffed. He had taken his cock out and was jacking himself off as I fucked his ass. I yelled at him to get ready and I started draining my cock juice deep within his shit shut, he screamed that my juice were hot and seemed to be plentifully, keep it coming, which I did.

    As I slipped out of Haroldís ass he swung around and took me in his mouth and drove me up a tree with the sensation he was sending throughout my body. I finally had to force his mouth off my cock and move away.
    It was about this time that we heard the car returning and shut everything down and started talking sports, so the wives would not think anything was going on. We all sat around and had lunch then Harold ask if I would like to see the work shop he had built. So we headed over too his place and once inside he made a grab for my dick.

    He took it out and pushed me up against one of his work benches and fell to his knees and took me in his mouth. This time however, he held his head still and I began fucking his mouth feeling his tongue scrape the underside of my cock as I moved in and out. About the time I started Cumming, Harold held my legs still and kept circling the head of my dick with his tongue sending shivers up and down my spine.

    As my dick went soft, Harold kept running his tongue all around my cock; I guess he was hoping he could resurrect the dead. When he was finally satisfied he let go and stood, telling me that he would suck me off anytime I wanted or needed a release, just call. I asked what he wanted from me or expected me to do to him. He laughed and said; Nothing, except an occasional fucking from me.

    I asked Harold what made him think I would let him suck my dick. He told me that he had seen me in the shower at the local gym we attend and knew that he had to suck me off, and maybe even fuck him. The opportunity came today while we were watching movies and drinking. He saw me rubbing my cock through my pants and knew the time was right for him telling me that he wanted to suck my dick. So anytime just call, you have my number.

    The next day I was sitting around thinking about what had happened yesterday and picked up the phone and called Harold. When he answered it was short, he said meet him in the workshop.

    Since I was the only one home, the wife was at work, I headed for Haroldís workshop. I knocked on the door and when he opened it he was standing there naked and in the background I could see a movie of two guys in a position commonly referred too as 69, and a third fucking the one on top. I walked in and Harold said take your clothes off no one is home but me.

    After I stripped I sat down, Harold was on my cock immediately sucking me all the way down his throat. As I sat watching the movie and enjoying Haroldís stimulating effect he had on my cock I ran my hands through his hair, and when his tongue hit a sensitive spot on my dick I shot cum straight down his throat without any prior warning.

    Harold being the man that he was didnít loose a drop, he just kept sucking. When he finished with me and got up I told him to sit and patted the place next too me. He sat and I reached over and placed my hand around his dick, feeling how smooth it was and then started jacking him off. I reached over with my other hand and was playing with his balls as I watched his facial expressions. His legs were spread but out stretched and his eyes were closed, I leaned over and touched the head of his cock with my tongue tasting the pre-cum that was leaking from him.

    I have never sucked a man off or for that matter ever played with another cock except mine, so I really didnít know how to proceed. The only thing I knew was to open my mouth and accept his cock, remembering what he did to me yesterday lead me on too do the same for him. I began bobbing my head and running my tongue all around the head of his dick. After several minutes of bobbing and sucking, Harold told me that he was going too be Cumming soon, and if I wanted I had better remove my mouth and finish him with my hand.

    I removed my mouth and started beating his meat as the first shot left the opening and shot up in the air, several more shots did the same, and then the last remaining shots flowed over my hand. I moved my hand to my mouth, first smelling the cum then tasting it, I told Harold it didnít taste bad and that I might just, just might let him cum in my mouth the next time.

    Harold told me to scoot forward too the edge of the chair and spread my legs, in doing so Harold got between my legs and began licking my balls, the next thing I knew was when he placed my legs on his shoulders and stuck his tongue in my ass. The feel was sensational, I had never been rimmed before and I liked it. When Harold took my dick back in his mouth I felt a finger enter my ass, and then another after I had grown accustom too two fingers, he pushed number three in I was insane with desire for more and told him so.

    He let go of my cock and I felt the head of his dick enter me, I pushed against his chest telling him to stop, it was burning and hurting, he did stop, but did not remove his cock, and he just stayed buried in my ass. When the pain and burning vanished and I got use to the feeling I started moving my ass up so I could get more of his dick inside. Harold began moving in and out while reaching for my cock and jacking me off. I was going insane every time his dick hit my prostrate gland, the feel was beyond description.

    The faster he went the more I wanted him to fuck me harder, the last time his cock hit my sensitive spot, I shot cum up on my chest and it even reach my mouth and chin, Harold seeing this shot his cum in my ass which really set me on fire as each shot went deep within my bowels. When we finished and he pulled out I told him that I loved it and we will have to do it more often. He told me that he knew we were destined to be really great friends.

    Harold opened a couple of beers and we sat there watching a new movie naked and playing with each other. The movie showed one guy sucking the other and there were several other guys standing off to the side waiting their turn, Harold told me the guy sucking was pulling a train, meaning he was going to suck every one of those guys and some twice.

    Watching got me excited and it was doing the same too Harold. I told Harold that it was now or never, I wanted him too cum in my mouth this time as I sucked him off. I leaned down and began sucking his hard cock and enjoying every minute I was doing it, I did to Harold what he had done to me, stuck fingers in his ass as I sucked. That did the trick, he was Cumming bucket loads and I was swallowing as fast as I could, enjoying both the feel of it sliding down my throat and the taste, especially the taste. God!! I never knew I loved sucking cock.

    Harold and I have been fucking and sucking each other for over a month now when He called me up and said meet him in the workshop. When he opened the door I expected him to naked but he wasnít, instead he handed me a beer and said he had a new CD he wanted us to watch. I decided to take the lead and took off my clothes while he started the CD; the opening shot was of a big black guy and a white fellow talking, then the white guy reach over and unzipped the black guys pants and removed one hell of a piece of meat.

    Upon seeing the black guys cock mine rose up and was hard as rocks. Harold seeing this asked; you really like that donít you? Would you like to suck his meat deep in your throat, maybe even let him fuck you? I placed my head in Haroldís lap and took his dick out, feeling it harden in my hand I told him; yes, and I see you would too, then I took him in my mouth trying to give the best I had to give.

    Harold reached over and began jacking me off as I was sucking his glorious meat. I sped up my sucking motions so I could enjoy his cum sliding down my throat, he in turn was beating my meat too the beat of my sucking. When he came I let him fill my mouth with cum before swallowing every last drop, and then I blew my load all over my chest.

    Three weeks later Harold calls me at work and told me to meet him in the coffee shop at Motel 6 after work. When I arrived we sat and had coffee as he told me about what was going down. I have a room here and a dear friend of mine will be meeting us pretty soon, are you up for it. Hell Yes! Letís go.

    After entering the room I bog undressed and then assisted Harold in getting the same way. As I lowered his pants and shorts I could not resist, I kissed the head of his dick and stuck it in my mouth and bobbed my head a few times in a teasing fashion. Once we were both naked I asked Harold too fuck me and I bent over so he could stick his dick straight in my ass canal, I want him so bad. When he entered and started fucking me I felt like I was in heaven and enjoying it when there was a knock at the door.

    Harold pulled out and I felt empty and told him to hurry because wanted him back inside me. When he opened the door in walked a lovely black man who smiled and asked Harold if I was the whitey who wanted to experience a black mans dick. Harold told him yes and then introduced Jeff to me. Jeff told me to come over and undress him, as I lowered his pants and shorts I was amazed at the size of his cock. It was at least 7Ē long soft; mine on the other hand was 7Ē long hard.

    I picked it up and started licking the head and watching it grow into a hardness that I have never known. He grew another 2Ē and thatís when I opened my mouth and engulfed the head and some of the shaft. As I bobbed my head I took in more of his cock until I could take no more, I know I must have had 6Ē buried deep in my throat. After a few minutes of sucking I took my mouth off and turned so he could stick that beautiful tool of his in my ass, I was ready.

    I told Harold to sit on the bed and while Jeff was feeding me his cock I consumed Haroldís cock in my mouth, God! I was in heaven!! What have I turned into; a cock sucking slut wanting cum all the time? I donít seem to be able to get enough. Jeff was pounding my ass, Harold was fucking my mouth, and I was jacking off. Harold was the first to let loose his load down my throat and after I got all he had, I pulled free of Jeff turned and took him in my mouth just as he was Cumming. His juice was thicker and more plentiful then Haroldís and I refused to loose a drop of his delicious nectar.

    Jeff looked at me and then at my dick, seeing it was hard he reached for it and placed it in his mouth, his big lips felt different and more excitable as my dick slid in his mouth. He pulled away from me and lay on the bed with his legs in the air and told me to stick him, he wanted to feel hot cum shooting up into his ass canal. I began pounding him and watching his facial expressions each time I pulled and then rammed it home. His dick was getting hard again and Harold seeing this bent over and took it in his mouth.

    After we came we sat around talking and I mentioned that before we leave, I want me and Harold too 69, and Jeff I want that beautiful black meat in my ass once more. When we finished I told Harold that I was going to divorce my wife all because of you guys you have turned me into a junkie for cum, I love sucking and fucking your cocks. Then I dropped the bomb, I told them that I wanted too pull a train with as many cocks as I could.

    After my divorce I hired Harold as my manager, and we opened the train station, with my mouth as an intermediate stop and my ass as the final stop, we would be open 24/7, and each ticket would cost $10.00. The word spread fast and I was pulling 15 to 20 guys a night.

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    o.k. story,,thanks

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