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Thread: Jacking off in the car

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    Jacking off in the car

    I was 14, trying to survive freshman year, when one day something wild happened. It was recess and I went to use the restroom where I heard some moaning form inside one of the stalls. Eventually, my buddy Kyle came out with a sheepish grin on his face.

    “Were you jerking off, Kyle?” asked another guy in the bathroom.

    “Hell yeah, I was,” Kyle said. “You’d be jerking off too if you had the same sub I just had.”

    I asked Kyle which class the hot sub was in, and he said Spanish. Fantastic, I thought. We both had the same Spanish teacher, but different periods. I had it as my last class of the day. The bell rang and I went to my Algebra class. Could this sub really be that hot? Who jerks off at school? How could you lack self-control like that?

    I was 14, and I had just discovered masturbation a few months earlier. I did it every few days, but always in the privacy of my room. I was too ashamed to contemplate doing it in public, let alone talk about it.

    Eventually, 6th period came along. Time for Spanish. I went in and sat at my desk, wondering what this sub would look like. In walked a lovely raven-haired woman. She was about 25, and looked sort of like Mila Kunis. She wore a bright orange dress that cut off above the knee and it showed a little cleavage in the front. She had great breasts. I don’t know if they were a D cup or an E cup or if an E cup is even something that even exists outside my imagination, but they were big and I didn’t stop staring at them until she introduced herself and smiled. Then I couldn’t stop staring at her smile.

    Her name was Miss Carter and she was sweet and bubbly, and maybe she was a good teacher, but I wouldn’t know because I couldn’t pay attention to a single damn word she said. The cartoon hearts were dancing around my head the entire class.

    At one point, she walked around to check our work and she leaned down over my desk. I couldn’t help but stare down her shirt. I don’t think I ever saw that much cleavage up to that point. Certainly not so close to my face. I wished I could reach out and touch her tits. They were right there. My cock got hard and started to press against the bottom of my desk. If my chair hadn’t been attached to the desk, I probably would have lifted it up with my erection.

    She walked back to the front of the classroom. She had that sexy walk where her ass jiggled a little bit. Was she trying to tease me? Is this what happened to Kyle? If anything, he undersold how hot she was. Forget going to the bathroom and jacking off, I wanted to go to the bathroom and fuck Miss Carter. If only she was a pedophile.

    I was decent-looking. I was still growing, but I was 5-8 and muscular, and my cock was 7 inches. 7 and a quarter, actually. I knew because I measured it compulsively. I had seen my classmates’ cocks in the showers, and none of them were as big as mine was. Of course, some of them hadn’t gone through puberty yet, but still. In my mind I was a man.

    Not much of a man though, apparently, as when the bell rang, I walked past her without saying anything, too shy to make a move or smile or anything to suggest that I had enjoyed myself in her class. My cock was still hard. School was over now, and I thought about going to the bathroom to jerk off, but that sounded gross when I could just do it at home in 10 minutes.

    I walked to the street where my mom picked me, up holding a textbook in front of my boner so no one would notice. My mind was racing as much as my cock was throbbing. I couldn’t wait to get home and whip my dick out. I hopped in the passenger seat of the minivan and my mom asked me how my day was. I shrugged; my mind was elsewhere. We were only a few minutes home. My mom was 44 and good looking, I guess, but I wasn’t one of those guys who fantasized about their mothers. If she wasn't my mother, though, she'd probably be my type. Dark hair and big tits, what more could anyone want?

    We passed the street we turn on to get home and my heart sunk.

    “Where are we going?” I asked.

    “We have to pick up your sister from the tutor.”

    “How far away is that?” I asked, not knowing if I could take the delay.

    “About an hour, round trip,” my mom said.

    I asked if she could drop me off at home first, but she refused. We had already passed our house, and she didn’t want to go out of her way. It was bad enough she had to drive so far to the tutoring center.

    My cock was still sticking straight up. I wanted it to go away, but I couldn’t think of anything but Miss Carter’s tits. I rubbed it a little bit through my khaki shorts, hoping my mom didn’t notice. My heart was pounding and I was breathing heavier than normal. My mom asked me if I was feeling alright. I said I wasn’t feeling well. That was basically true, I was in agony. I had the worst case of blueballs anyone had ever seen.

    Suddenly, my mom slammed on the brakes. The cars ahead of us on the freeway were completely stopped. There must have been an accident up ahead. My mom sighed. It was going to be a while. I groaned. My mom asked if I needed some water. I said no. She asked if I needed to roll down the window. I said no. There was only one thing I needed.

    Fuck it, I thought. I couldn’t take it anymore. I unzipped my pants and pulled my dick out for air. It felt great not to have it pressed against those rough uniform shorts.

    My mom gasped in disbelief. “What the hell are you doing?! Don’t do that in front of me!”

    I couldn’t help it. I apologized, but I started to stroke it anyway. My dick was at its full seven inches. My head was completely purple and swollen. I hadn’t been circumcised so I never needed lube. I just grabbed my foreskin and moved it up and down. They say it feels better when you still have your foreskin, so if anything, it was my mom’s fault I was doing this. She’s the one who decided I shouldn’t be circumcised, and that was the reason jacking off felt so amazing.

    “Put it back in your pants right now! I’m not kidding!” she said. I told her no and pumped away. She reached over and tried to shove my cock back in my boxers. It popped back out. Holy shit, I thought. My mom just touched my boner! She turned her eyes back to the road and muttered to herself, “I don’t believe this. This couldn’t wait?”

    I was moaning. I closed my eyes and thought about Miss Carter. I imagined her in front of me in the car, kneeling down and putting her lips around my cock. I bet she knew how to give great blowjobs. I had no idea what a good blowjob entailed, but I imagined her tongue would swirl around my cockhead while she stroked the bottom of my shaft.

    “At least make it quick,” my mom said, snapping me out of my trance. She was not going to get between me and my orgasm though. She kept glancing between the road and my cock. “I remember when that thing was tiny. Not anymore, I guess.” It was turning me on that she was talking about my dick.

    I could feel the cum building. I had been waiting for this moment for a while now, but I started to ease up and prolong it a little bit. I pulled my hand all the way down to the base of my cock and kept it there, holding it firm. I was right on the edge of orgasm. I wished Miss Carter was here to appreciate this, but at least someone else was.

    “Well, what are you waiting for? Finish it,” my mom shouted. I don’t know if she wanted to see me cum, or if she just wanted this to be over, but I decided to use it as encouragement. I pumped my cock furiously, and a jet of hot cum shot up about six inches. Another jet came out and shot up much higher. I kept jacking off and cum kept coming out, probably 12 different spurts, way more than I had ever cum before.

    Eventually it stopped and I slumped down in my seat, out of breath. There was cum on the ceiling, cum on the windshield, cum on the glove compartment, cum on my shorts, cum on my hand and cum on my cock. It was a mess, to say the least. I looked over at my mom, she just stared with her mouth open.

    “That was insane, “ she said. She looked around and surveyed the damage my jizz did to the interior of her car. “We’ll have to clean that up before we pick up your sister.” I couldn’t tell if she was mad or aroused or what. I didn’t have the nerve to ask her. I just sat there, feeling ashamed. I had been so horny that I had ignored all sense of social decency. I had not only masturbated in public, but I had violated some basic rule of nature by doing it in front of my mother. I had just felt the most amazing orgasm of my life, but was it worth it, having to live with the shame of the taboo I had just broken?

    Lost in my thoughts, I hadn’t yet pulled my pants back up. My cock sat spent and sticky on my thigh. A gob of my cum was slowly sliding down the glove compartment door in front of me. I looked out the window. There were people stuck in traffic 5 feet away from me in every direction, none aware that my cock was exposed. My mom sat with both hands on the wheel and I saw her chuckle a little bit. Somehow the world didn’t explode. I was apparently free to keep sitting there, rocking out with my cock out. My cock slowly started to stiffen and rise. I had forgotten all about Miss Carter. That day was the first time and the last time that I ever saw her. It was also the first time that my mother ever saw me cum. But it was not the last time…

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    Great story, thanks for sharing. I would love to read the stories with about your mother and you.

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    A different story for a change of pace I loved the car journey excellent.

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    very nice,,,,thanks

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    Thanks for the kind words everyone. I'm writing another story about what happened between my mom and me, but I'll probably put it in the incest forum.

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    Would of loved to here about your mom and you and excellent vehical story

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    Not a bad start keep it cumming

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    Thanks for the story

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    Good story will be looking forward to more.

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    Great story....hope the adventure continues...

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    Incredible story!! Well done!

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    very nice it takes me back to that age when I used to masterbate while riding in the backseat of my parents car

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    Nicely done, and quite original!!
    I could empathize quite well with your mother. I can't feel too badly for her as she did end up chuckling...and cum isn't that bad on car upholstery. ;)

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    Nice thanks :-)

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    essex nr clacton

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    By the way, I wrote a follow up. You can see it here:

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    that was hot thanks for the great story

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    'Not the last time' huh? Lets' hear about those other times.


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    Love it a really great story.

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