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Thread: My son caught me getting fucked by three men one night and we started getting sexual

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    My son caught me getting fucked by three men one night and we started getting sexual

    One night I'm drunk and on some coke getting gang banged by three studs I met at a club. One guy was fucking my face, one my ass, and one my pussy, when I heard my son coming inside. I decided to keep it risky so I told them to cum in my ass. They all did, and as the last guy was cumming in my butt my son walked in. We didn't talk about it for a while, but I noticed he started getting hard-ons looking at my ass. I told him, why don't you do something about that. I got insanely high on cocaine before I let my son fuck me. His cock felt deep inside when he fucked me from behind and he came in my pussy quick. We've been fucking ever since.

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    quite good but to short.

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    This is my mom. This never happened but obviously she wants it. I'm gonna make this sort of thing happen.

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    Why do you have to be high before you let him fuck you? Your good memories of it will be so much better if you are high on the sex not the coke! Part of the exitement is knowing it's wrong, but when you're high you don't care about that

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    interesting, but short.

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