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Thread: Messing around with my new step sister... Part 2

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    Wink Messing around with my new step sister... Part 2

    .:.This story in a continuation from “Messing around with my new step sister...Part 1” it is an entirely true story.:.

    Ok, so it had been about 3 months since I had fingered Bec, and me and her had actually become very good friends, it turns out we had a lot of similarities and she was fun to be around. I had also started hanging with her group of friends at school which was pretty cool, a lot of them had older siblings so we could obtain alcohol at any time ;)
    Anyway it was coming up on my 15th birthday and since I didn’t know much about having a ‘cool party’ I figured I would let Bec organise it (which she was totally cool with). And my dad and Julie were totally fine with us having a party plus they weren’t going to be there on account of aunt of whom they were going comfort after her recent divorce. So it was going to be me, Bec and a group of 20 of so friends.
    ***At the Party***
    The party had been going for about 3 hours and from what I saw it was pretty good, there was music, food and enough alcohol to keep everybody happy. I had talking to some people even grinding with some girls to some music ;) and was pretty confident that I could get a blowjob if not a handjob tonight, if I worked hard enough at it.
    Anyway at about 10:30 Bec and Kirstie (One of Bec’s friends) came up to me and I can’t believe I hadn’t noticed them tonight, fuck they were hot. Bec was wearing a very revealing red dress that extenuated all of beautiful curves and was cut short just an inch after the ass. I could already notice my cock stirring from beneath my pants. And Kirstie was wearing a tight mini skirt which looked similar to the one Bec was wearing when I fingered her. Kirstie was definitely hot, her face wasn’t as pretty as Bec’s but her ass was so AMAZING I can’t describe it and her tits would probably fill a small D cup, an outstanding achievement for a 15 year old girl.
    I will remember this day for the rest of my life because of what happened next...
    Bec said “Well you know how I haven’t given you a birthday present yet?”
    “Well I was thinking me and Kirstie could take you upstairs” she said with a wink.
    And if my cock wasn’t hard before, it certainly was now, I kinda of choked up “What?” I said, but they both giggled, grabbed my hand and rushed my upstairs my head was a blur with thoughts “what am I going to do, I don’t have a condom, I’m having a threesome, will my cock be big enough?”. As soon as we got to my room Kirstie closed the door and turned on the lights and in a very sexy voice she said “We want you to see EVERYTHING”, they both laugh and all I could do was sit on my bed.
    I asked the first logical question “Anyone have a condom?” they both looked at each other and laughed “I on the pill so you can just cum in me” said Bec. I was so happy when she said that.
    All my feelings of sexual awkwardness suddenly melted away and I suddenly felt like a fucking king.

    Kirstie pushed me onto the bed and said “You ever gotten a go blowjob?” I replied “No, but I want you to suck me dry baby” Kirstie smiled “That can be arranged”.
    Bec and Kirstie started to all but tear of their clothes revealing their fresh, young, perky teenage bodies, plus I saw that Kirstie has a neat landing strip right above her moist slit, this girl was definitely experienced. As Bec and Kirstie advanced on me I laid back on the bed.
    Kirstie wrapped her hand around my cock (which at full erection was about 6.5 inches) and began to stroke, Bec just watched whilst fingering herself, this became more and more intense. A few drops of precum began to flow from my shaft. Bec was panting “OOOOOOOOh fuck, yes”.
    Kirstie then leaned over and slid my cock past her lips, and began sucking me off. Fuck it was amazing; her tongue was darting back and forth along the underside of my dick whilst her mouth went all the way to the base of my shaft. This girl had just swallowed up 6 and a half inches of my meat.
    I was about to cum “I about to blow” I said, and she stopped pulled me up, kneeled down, stuck out her tongue and said “Let me have it” I had seen enough porn to know what do, and I quickly wanked myself to the finish line.
    I came.
    Strands of pearly cum hung from her chin and had collected in her mouth, then she did one of the sexiest things I’d ever seen two girls do. She walked over to Bec, who’s thighs were now drenched in sweet pussy juice. Kirstie leaned over her and let the cum fall from her mouth into Bec’s...
    FUCK I almost blew my load a second time, Bec and Kirstie were making out whilst swapping cum!
    Before I knew it I was jacking off again, Bec and Kirstie continued to trade tongues for awhile and then Bec swallowed the entire load.
    I was amazed, these girls knew what they were doing.
    After this Bec stood up and I beheld her naked beauty, her round, firm tits bouncy around, her smooth, tight pussy lips stood at the ready for what happened next.
    Bec walked over to me, all sexy like, looked right in my eyes and said “Are you ready to become a man?”, all I could do is nod.
    Bec putted her hands on my chest and pushed me down onto the bed, climbed up into in the cowgirl position, she held her quivering cunt about an inch from the tip of my cock, a small drop of pussy juice dropped down onto my cock, which then let out a sudden twitch. Bec ‘sat down’ and I felt a sudden rush, like my insides- body and brain- were a fruit pasty, melting in a big mouth.
    I was inside her, fuck me I was inside Bec the hottest girl I ever met. Bec was riding me now, grinding her slit against me, my cock had been totally swallowed up and if I hadn’t came a minute ago and I would’ve blown my load there and then.
    Bec was rhythmically pumping my cock with her tight pussy, I was laying back and I was in complete ecstasy. Kirstie was just squatting next to my bed finger pounding her twat, she was orgasming, I could tell. Bec was rubbing her boobs now, which were bouncing with her body as she rode my stiff rod. Now I had started thrusting into her, as she rode me, now the pleasure was really building up, Bec was moaning, Kirstie was moaning, I was grunting along, 3 bodies orgasming as one...
    The feeling of my cock poking around in Bec’s warm vage was overwhelming, I was about to cum. A few seconds later Bec started convulsing and Kirstie started screaming, Kirstie the teenage slut just came, her legs were totally drenched in her cunt juices. Bec was so wet that her excess juices were overflowing and pouring all over my dick. I just came, launching my huge load of sperm directly into the back of her pussy, up against her cervix. Bec had also cummed and as she got of my cock a whole mixture of boy and girl cum came flowing out drenching my sheets.
    “Wow, they was way better than that time you fingered”
    I was shocked “Uhhh, you were awake” I asked “Of course I was silly, how could I sleep through an orgasm” she said with a smile.

    .:.That’s the end of the true story, not much happened next we did some mutual masturbation on occasion. If you guys want me to continue this story with some FICTION please let me know what you want to see.:.

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    Thanks for sharing the second part of your story.

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    Very nice! Thx for the post. I'd love to hear some fantasies of continuance! :icon095:

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    Very good story!

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    please continue, these were very good

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    Great story, thanks for sharing

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    keep it going awesome story

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    excellent and please continue with more maybe another friend or such =)

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    nice it may be time for more,

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    Great story. Keep it up.

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    Pretty good story. Im a big fan of short and simple :)

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    Whether its true or not, it's a great story, and definitely got me hard!

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    Please more

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    Thanks More please

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