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    Erika and the Headmaster

    Erika had been a wild child, always getting into trouble. Her parents tried everything, grounding her, taking away her cell phone, cutting her allowance to a bare minimum, but nothing worked. In desperation, they turned to a boarding school that had become well known for taming wild teens. The school was happy to take her on, and before her first class, she met the headmaster, Mr. Smith. Her insolent gaze earned a steady, steely glare of hardness from his eyes, and her insolent attitude slipped a bit.

    "Miss Taylor, I hope you know that your insolence will not be tolerated," he told her in his clipped British accent, "I would advise you to straighten up, and obey the rules we have set down. If so, you will find our school and your stay here, quite pleasant. If not, I will deal with you personally!"

    She hated having to wear the school girl uniform of white blouse and plaid pleated skirt, and it was all too easy for her to slip back into her old habits, she had perfected her trouble making ways over her 16 years, and the time came when the headmaster ordered her to his office, just after classes had ended for the day. When she entered his office, he locked the door.

    "Miss Taylor, I thought the day would come when I had to deal with your attitude. Now, we do not beat around the bush, we are going to punish you. Drop your panties Miss Taylor, you are going to get caned!"

    Erika gaped at him, he gazed back at her with that same steely eyed glare, and she came to the realization that she had no choice, she was locked in, the headmaster would handle no defiance, in this setting he ruled, and the school administration, with the glowing recommendations the school earned for being able to handle the trouble makers, gave him full latitude to enforce discipline as he saw fit.

    She reached up under her skirt, and with a tug, her panties were on the floor.

    "Bend over and grab your ankles, Miss Taylor."

    Trembling, she did so, Mr. Smith took his cane, and walked over. Flipping up her skirt, the glory of her naked ass was revealed, smooth, soft, white cheeks, so perfectly formed. Erika's face was flaming red with the shame, she felt totally humiliated.

    Mr. Smith smiled, oh yes, Miss Taylor had one of the nicest asses in school. He was hoping that she'd slip up, so her could get a close look at those sexy white moons of her. They wouldn't be white much longer, not after Mr. Taylor paddled her ass. He could feel his cock grow quickly, and he opened his pants to let his eager cock grow unrestricted.

    "Brace yourself, Miss Taylor."

    He drew back his arm, and landed a blow on her ass. Erika howled out in pain, as her ass lit up with the sting from the cane. She barely had time to even attempt to adjust to the hurt, as another stroke of the cane was delivered. That drew a full throated howl of pain from her, and Mr. Smith caned her ass over and over, her shrieks filling the room, his cock throbbing eagerly as he watched the white cheeks take on a dark crimson glow, the red marks of the cane strokes crisscrossing her ass. Mr. Smith delivered six strokes of the cane, where he was from in England, it was known as "six of the best". After the 6th stoke, and the 6th howl of pain from Erika, he dropped his trousers completely, his cock was rock hard and ready. Erika was about to find out how much latitude Mr. Smith would take.

    "Stay right where you are Miss Taylor, keep your hands around your ankles."

    Stunned by the caning, with the burning fire of her well whipped ass cheeks, she did exactly as she was told. He put down the cane, stepped up behind her. Slipping his hardness against her, he gripped her hips tightly and shoved it in, in one huge thrust. Erika had been so stunned by the caning, she didn't know what was happening until Mr. Smith's cock was halfway up her. He drove his hard, eager 9 inches in, his hips smacked against her freshly beaten cheeks, Erika howled loud from the double barreled blow of her throbbing ass getting slammed, and her dry cunt getting fucked. She grunted as his cock slammed in, stretching her out, she was no virgin, but she wasn't some whore either, and Mr. Smith grunted with pleasure as he felt his cock stretching open the walls of her tight teen cunt. He drew back and rammed it home again, earning another grunt from Erika, then he was in a rhythm, driving his cock in right to the balls, over and over as she endured his thrusts.

    "Ah yes, Miss Taylor, this is what your insolence has earned you. Remember this well, if you need more discipline, I will be happy to cane your ass, and fuck your nice tight cunt again!"

    He could feel her tight cunt stretched wide around his cock, the tightness was making his balls sizzle, and he felt his cock swell up even harder and longer, bringing another grunt of pain from Erika. He slammed it in, one last time, and let the tightness take him over the edge. He growled out as his throbbing cock exploded, he unloaded a gusher, his cock geysering wildly deep inside Erika's cunt. He moved back and forth slowly now, letting the tight cling milk every drop from his swollen cock before pulling his prick out.

    Erika was delirious, she'd never had a hand laid on her before, and she had just been paddled and fucked.

    When she had some of her wits back, she yelled, "You bastard! What gives you the right to beat my ass and then fuck me?"

    "Why Miss Taylor", he replied mildly, "Your parents signed an agreement that I would apply the techniques to you, that I have applied to other students who needed discipline. They are alternative behavior modifications. Too much freedom, and parents too scared to apply real discipline, leads to what you are. We are here to correct that."

    "You mean they signed off on beating and rape? The police are gonna hear about this, I'll see your ass in jail!"

    "Miss Taylor" he sighed, "let me explain how it works. First off, your parents signed off on my applying discipline, we do not discuss the specifics of discipline, I merely apply what I feel is necessary to achieve the desired result. Second, you were not beaten and raped, you were subjected to alternative behavior modification. Thirdly, do you really think that a known trouble-maker like yourself, would be believed? My word against yours, and the administration will back me up 100 percent."

    He saw her expression change, and knew that she would cause no trouble. If she pressed it, she just might, but when he discussed it calmly like that, unsophisticated teens really thought that they would not be able to make any waves.

    He took her hand, and led her just across the hall to the nurse's office. It was empty, as was the rest of the school, and he told her to lie down on her tummy, he placed a pillow under her hips, to elevate her ass. He reached into a small freezer, and withdrew two ice packs. Draping a towel gently over her cheeks, he carefully laid the ice packs down, Erika hissed a bit at the initial weight, but the ice started to provide relief to the burning fire, and she sighed as her cheeks started to lose some of the painful sting. After a while, he removed the ice packs and the towel, and applied some ointment that helped to reduce the pain and inflammation more, and she was dismissed.

    Late that night, Erika ran it over and over in her mind. She felt ashamed, and humiliated, and perversely, that was part of the nasty thrill that she was starting to feel. Her cunt started to throb, and soon she was in bed naked, she lay on her belly, a large pillow stuffed between her thighs. She reached back, ran her hands over her caned ass, feeling the sting, and her cunt started to juice up. The idea that Mr. Smith was there, looking at her naked ass, applying firm strokes of the cane, fucking her hard right after the caning, the pain and humiliation she had felt, started her cunt simmering hotly. She humped her pillow, stroking her ass, feeling the sting, replaying in her mind the six firm strokes of the cane beating her ass. Her cunt was ready to explode, all it took was remembering the feel of her tight cunt stretched wide around Mr. Smith's cock, as he fucked her. As she remembered the feel of his cum pouring hotly into her, she shook and shuddered wildly, humping the pillow madly as her cunt exploded, she howled out, this time in pleasure, as her pussy got the release of orgasm that she was craving. She drifted off to sleep with a smile, the lesson had been well learned.

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    Part 2

    Erika was keeping her nose clean, for now. The remembrance of the pain of her caning was still fresh, and even though it provided her great masturbatory fodder, to run it over in her mind how the headmaster had caned her and than fucked her, she wasn't too eager for a return engagement.

    One afternoon, a rumor ran through the classes that Bethany Crister had been caught smoking marijuana. Talk about breaking the rules, Erika could just imagine the caning she was going to get. Thinking about it got her going, and she wondered if she could sneak into the headmaster's offices, and secretly watch Beth getting her ass caned? The outer administration office would be deserted, as Mr. Smith's punishments were always handed out after classes.

    When the final dismissal bell rang, Erika quickly ducked into the ladies room, and waited until she heard the clamor of departing students die away. Erika cautiously peeked out, saw the hallways deserted, and started quickly towards the headmaster's office. If any late departing teachers were around, it would not look suspicious, she was merely a late departing student. Coming around the corner, she screeched to a stop, she could see right into the administration office, and she could see Mr. Smith escorting Bethany into his private office. With the close of the door, she quickly made her way inside. Mr. Smith was using his very private office, the one with no windows, damn, she wouldn't be able to see anything. But she could listen. She put her ear to the door, and was able to hear quite well.

    "Miss Crister, you've already been in here once for being caught with marijuana, now you have been seen actually smoking it. I guess one round of punishment wasn't enough, looks like I have to administer more. You know how it goes, drop your panties, bend over and grab your ankles Miss Crister".

    Erika's cunt was starting to heat up fast, she knew what Bethany looked like, she had seen Bethany's naked body in the showers, her ass was magnificent, and that gorgeous ass was about to be whipped. Erika's fingers found their way into her panties, and she found her slick, swollen hole, pratically gushing with juices. She imagined the headmaster unzipping his pants, taking the cane.

    "Brace yourself Miss Crister."

    She heard what sounded like a whistle, then the resounding smack of the cane, and the howl of pain Bethany let loose. Fuck, her cunt gave a jolt, and Erika knew she was virtually just one finger stroke away. She didn't want to blow off just as it was starting, so she slid two fingers up her soaking cunt, keeping her fingers away from her twitching clit. Another resounding crack, and another howl. Erika found herself counting, after "six of the best" were delivered, he kept going, Bethany's howls of pain and the crack of the cane against her ass not letting up, as Mr. Smith delivered a second set of "six of the best".

    "Keep gripping your ankles Miss Crister, you know what comes next."

    Bethany let out a loud grunt of pain, Erika could imagine the headmaster shoving his rock hard 9 inches deep into Bethany's cunt, slamming against Bethany's fiery, stinging ass. She listened, could hear Bethany's grunts of discomfort as Mr. Smith plowed her furrow. Erika quickly started to finger her clit, and her orgasm slammed into her, immediate and almost savage in its intensity, she had to clamp her mouth shut tightly as she wanted to scream with the pleasure. She heard the headmaster let out grunts of pleasure, as he gushed his juicy load deep inside Bethany's tight well.

    A minute or so later, she heard the headmaster admonish Bethany to correct her mistakes, or she would suffer more punishment. Knowing that he was about to take her to the nurse's office for some cooling down of her burning ass, Erika quickly retreated, and she was in her room in just a few minutes.

    Her cunt was still buzzing, she needed more. On her belly, ass up, she imagined that the caning of Bethany's sexy ass became the caning of her ass, Mr. Smith was delivering twelve hard stokes of the cane to her, making her ass a throbbing, stinging crimson, making her ass as red as her face had been from the humiliation. She buried her fingers in her sopping cunt, and her imagination felt his cock fucking her, her cunt exploded when she remembered the feel of his load pouring hotly into her. This time, she was able to let loose the howl of pleasure, as she felt her cunt wrenching and spasming wildly, her body shaking wildly as her orgasm blasted though her body.

    Erika found it very easy to hang around after class, just waiting and hoping to catch the headmaster with another misbehaving student. A week later, and she struck pay-dirt. Peering in at the administration office after classes, she saw the headmaster taking Brittany Hodges into his office. Erika was quickly through the door of the administration office, and she saw that Mr. Smith and Brittany were in his less private office, it had windows that looked out at the administration area, and Erika realized she would be able to watch Brittany getting caned. Her cunt started to juice wildly, and she crept up, and peered over the bottom of the window, hoping like hell that she didn't get seen. Good luck was with her, as she saw the headmaster lecturing Brittany, and she could hear the familiar sound of his voice through the door, ordering her to drop her panties, bend over and grab her ankles, telling her that she was going to get caned. Brittany seemed to tense up, and then it looked like she resigned herself to her fate. Her hands under her skirt, she pulled down her panties, Erika could see the flame redness of shame and humiliation on her face. Turning, she bent down and grabbed her ankles, the position she was in put her ass cheeks in full view of Erika's eyes, she couldn't have planned it out any better. Nice, heart shaped cheeks, so white, but not for much longer. Erika quickly buried her fingers deep up her soaking cleft, and started to stroke her burning center.

    The headmaster swiftly opened his trousers, to let his cock grow unrestricted. He picked up the cane, and told Brittany to brace herself. He swung his arm back, and whipped the cane forward. The cane make a solid sound as it connected with those smooth white cheeks, and Brittany's howl of pain filled the office. Mr. Smith drew back again, and let her have it again. Watching the whipping was wildly exciting, and as Brittany got her ass caned hard, Erika was masturbating furiously. Watching her ass turn crimson, and seeing the long stokes of the cane outlined on her ass cheeks, Erika was ready to explode! As he administered the 5th stroke, Erika's cunt wrenced wildly and started to spasm crazily, and she watched the sixth stroke find its mark, and Brittany's cry of pain, through lust glazed eyes as her orgasm violently crashed into her, leaving her a bit weak and giddy in the aftermath. She saw the headmaster step forward, with his back to the window, Erika couldn't watch the penetration, but Brittany's cry of pain as he thrust his hips forward, smacking againt her burning ass and burying his 9 inches up Brittany's tight teen cunt, let her know that Brittany was getting the full discipline treatment. As Erika started to get her bearings back, she watched Brittany getting fucked, feeling her cunt start to juice up again. As Mr. Smith grunted, and shot his hot load into Brittany's tight furrow, Erika knew that the headmaster would soon be taking Brittany to the nursing station to cool the burning sting of her well whipped ass. She quickly made her way out, and wasted no time in heading for the nearest exit.

    Back in her room, she stripped naked, and belly down on her rumpled sheets, two fluffy pillows propping her ass up, her fingers wasted no time, and she masturbated wildly, reliving the sight she had just seen, and again, her orgasm slammed into her with force. She gasped and writhed in its grip, her cunt quivering wildly with the strong pulses of the tsunami like force that pummeled her. She sprawled back, her eyelids heavy, her face a study in pleasure, and just before she drifted into a nap, her last thought was that she wanted her ass caned again.

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    What I like about this story is that it contains no superfloridity (sp.). It is directly told with no unneccesary details. In other words, it gets down to the nitty gritty. Good story; quite vivid with its description; dialogue is good too. Quite realistic

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    Thank you Brigit. And now, Part 3:

    The next day, Erika was summoned to the headmaster's office. She felt a fluttering in her belly, she was still keeping her nose clean, and wondered what Mr. Smith had to say to her.

    Her worry increased, when she was told to report to his office after the last class of the day. The caning time, as she thought of it. What did I do? In his office after the school was deserted, she found out.

    "Miss Taylor, you thought you could spy on me caning other students without being discovered, but that was an incorrect assumption."

    As she watched, he switched on a monitor, and there she was, listening to Bethany Crisster getting caned, then watching as he gave Brittany Hodges her punishment. Not only that, it also recorded her masturbating to the sounds and sights of the punishment being dispensed.

    "I thought I saw you the other day, I caught just a glimpse of a very fast moving figure at the end of the hallway. So, I checked the security camera footage, you failed to notice them, and saw what you were doing. Watching me dispense punishment is forbidden, as such, it is time for a second round of punishment." Putting the steely British bark into his voice, he ordered her, "Drop your panties Miss Taylor, then bend over and grab your ankles!"

    Erika's panties hit the floor, and she bent over and grabbed her ankles, her face again flame red with humiliation, being recorded masturbating, and now another display of her bare ass, the caning, and then no doubt, the fucking. She heard him unzip his trousers, then Mr. Smith flipped up her skirt, and her naked ass was exposed for the cane's not so tender ministrations. She took a deep breath, and waited for the cane stroke.

    "No doubt, from listening to Miss Crisster's punishment, you know the appropriate sentence for a second offense is two rounds of 'six of the best', brace yourself Miss Taylor."

    Erika did her best, but when the cane whipped against her ass, she let out a loud howl as her ass felt the sting. The cane drew back, and another stroke of the cane connected solidly, Erika's howls of pain filled the room, as the 2nd and 3rd stroke were delivered. With the 4th stroke, her howl was part pain, part pleasure, the pain of her ass was starting a fire burning inside her cunt. The 5th stroke brought forth an almost all pleasure filled howl, and the 6th one was all pleasure. After the pain of the first few strokes, getting caned had made her incredibly horny! Her ass was throbbing, stinging, fiery red, the feeling of her whipped ass, the humiliation, and the pulsing heat in her horny cunt all combined into a powerful horny lust, and she wanted the next six of the best, now!

    "Fuck, fuck, feels so good, cane my ass, let me have the rest of it, NOW!" she cried.

    "Very good Miss Taylor, very good" Mr. Smith said.

    Seven...CRACK...Erika's howl of pleasure...

    Eight....CRACK...."Fuck, It's so good, beat my ass!"

    Mr. Smith delivered four more hard stokes, caning her ass over and over, Erika's howls were all pleasure now, as the cane strokes were delivered, her white ass taking on a dark crimson glow, the hard strokes of the cane creating welts crisscrossing her ass cheeks. Erika's cunt was pulsing, a raging, horny volcano of lust, the 12th and final stroke put her on the brink of orgasm.

    Erika now fully realized that after the first caning and the rape, that this what what she needed. A small realization had been locked away, she tried to fight it, but it rose to the surface, Erika knew what was next, the first time it was rape, but this time, her cunt was a fiery lust pit, she was more than eager to get fucked, and she was gonna love it.

    Erika growled, "I know what to expect, finish my punishment, do it!"

    She felt his cock nudge against her cunt, thrusting forward, her horny cunt got split open, as the headmaster drove it in. She felt his hips smack against her burning, stinging ass, the feel of his 9 inch log impaling her right to the core, stretching open her tight hole, that was all she needed, she screamed as her cunt exploded! Fuck, her orgasm was a real gut wrencher, her cunt spasmed crazily as Mr. Smith rammed into her again and again, powering his throbbing cock in and out of her fiery, burning lust furnace. Mr. Smith grunted with pleasure, the fiery teen cunt of Miss Taylor, wrapped tightly around his cock, was sucking and milking greedily at his swollen prick. She could feel her eager fuck-hole stretched wide around his hard 9 inches, she felt another orgasm grab her, wrenching her insides, and another, one right after the other. She was almost delirious with pleasure, and just as her 5th orgasm slammed into her, Mr. Smith grunted, buried his prick deep, and let his load gush into her, the tight spasms milking every drop out of his swollen cock.

    After a few minutes, Mr. Smith led her to the nurse's office, and he applied the ice packs to her stinging cheeks, and following that with the special ointment, to add further relief.

    As he tendered to her ass, Mr. Smith said, "Since you like to watch so much Miss Taylor, I believe I can help you in that regard. Let me figure out a way, then you can watch every student that needs discipline, get it."

    A week later, Erika was called to his office just before lunch break. Mr. Smith showed her inside, and showed her the new floor to ceiling one way mirror that had been installed. It had been installed in the door of the supply closet, and Erika went in, and saw the full view of his office, she could feel her horny cunt give a twitch of desire. On the other side of the mirror, she could see her reflection, and that was all the students would see, their reflection as they got caned, while she would be behind the mirror, enjoying the action.

    "And, today after classes, Brittany Hodges needs another round of discipline, so you will be able to watch the whipping of her ass. Come to my office immediately after classes, I will inform Miss Hodges to come to my office five minutes after the school is empty, so you can secret yourself behind the mirror, and enjoy the view. See you then, Miss Taylor."

    Right after the bell rang, Erika virtually sprinted towards the office. She was met by Mr. Smith, and inside his office, she quickly entered the room, and seated herself by the mirror, ready to watch the fun.

    A few minutes later, Mr. Smith led Brittany in, and delivered his standard lecture to her.

    "Miss Hodges, I had hoped that one round of punishment would suffice, but apparently not. You know the rules, boys are not allowed in your room. Not once, but twice, that shall have to be dealt with." Putting the British bark into his voice, her ordered, "Drop your panties, Miss Hodges, bend over and grab your ankles, you obviously need more caning!"

    Brittany meekly did as she was told, and her ass was pointing right towards the mirror, Erika would get a great view. Mr. Smith picked up his cane, gave a small grin towards the mirror, flipped up the back of Brittany's skirt, Erika felt a pulse of lust as she saw Brittany's gorgeous ass cheeks.

    "Brace yourself Miss Hodges".

    The room quickly filled with the pain filled howls of Brittany Hodges getting a second round of caning, twelve firm stokes were delivered, each one accompanied by the solid whapping sound of the cane connecting, and the shrieks of pain from Miss Hodges. Unlike Erika, Brittany did not get turned on by having her ass whipped, and watching an unwilling student getting caned just turned Erika on even more, her cunt was starting to run with her juices, Fuck it was so hot!

    After the strokes, Mr. Smith turned Brittany sideways, so Erika could get a better view. He lodged his cock against her, and pushed it powerfully in. Brittany let out another howl, he was big, painfully big, and her dry cunt got an abrasive splitting apart, as she was impaled on his 9 inches. Mr. Smith gave her the punishment rape, driving in deep on every thrust, her grunts of pain turning Erika on wildly, until he grunted, stiffened, and let his load go, flooding the misbehaving student with a thick load.

    As Brittany Hodges was led to the nurse's office to get her ass cooled down, Erika realized she needed what Brittany got. Twenty minutes later, when Mr. Smith returned, Erika told him what she wanted.

    "I want what Brittany got, and I want you to order me, like a misbehaving student!"

    "Very well Miss Taylor. Drop your panties Miss Taylor, bend over and grab you ankles, you are going to get caned!"

    As Erika got her ass whipped, her howls of pleasure filling the room, she realized she wouldn't have to be bad anymore.

    "Keep gripping your ankles Miss Taylor."

    As Mr. Smith drove his 9 inches in and out, fucking Erika's tight cunt just like a piston, accompanied by her cries of pleasure, Erika realized could now get the whipping and the fucking she needed, without having to misbehave. As Mr. Smith grunted, and she felt his thick load of spunk flow hotly into her, she gave a pleasure filled howl, looked like boarding school was going to be a great experience, after all.

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    Part 4

    Mr. Smith was relaxing at home after another great day. He had delivered a second punishment to Brittany Hodges, 1 round of punishment had not been enough, so Miss Hodges had been caned twelve times, then fucked. After cooling the burning fire of her well whipped ass, he returned and found Erika, eager to have him order her to drop her panties, and grab her ankles, and her ass had likewise taken a double dose of twelve hard strokes, and his revived 9 inches filled her, and he rode her until his cock gushed a load deep up Miss Taylor's hot fuck-hole. He was glad that he had gotten a vasectomy 20 years ago, he could of course had fucked his students using condoms, but he hated the damn things. Ever since he was a teen, and had used a rubber the first time he had sex, he detested them. The condom companies could blather all they wanted to about sensitivity, and improved sensation, it was bullshit. His cock could always feel the difference, and it was riding bareback or nothing for him.

    Erika was restless. It was great watching the bad girls get caned, then fucked hard, and receiving the same delightful "punishment" afterwards, but she wanted more. After thinking about it long and hard, she realized what it was. She needed to be in the room, getting caned at the same time. Surely Mr. Smith could make up a story about 2 misbehaving students, that were going to get caned at the same time. That led to a frenzied masturbation session, the idea of getting it at the same time as another classmate got her ass tanned, really fired her up, and she masturbated wildly with that image firmly in her mind, until she felt the violent wrench and wild spasming of her inner cunt, exploding with another powerful orgasm, leaving her flushed, breathless and oh so satisfied.

    The next day, Erika broached the idea to Mr. Smith.

    In his office, Erika said, "Mr. Smith, I was wondering if we could make a change or two."

    Mr. Smith lifted an eyebrow, and said "Please go on."

    "Well, while it's very enjoyable to watch the caning, I'd like to get in on it, in a more direct way. I want to get caned at the same time." Seeing the smile from him, she continued, "You could make up a story that both of us are bad, and you decided to punish both of us at the same time, as a lesson to both of us, that misbehavior will not be tolerated."

    Mr. Smith had been thinking along those lines, and it sounded like a great idea.

    "Splendid idea Miss Taylor, splendid. I actually have a caning set for this afternoon after class, a student named Heather Millar, she was discovered smoking pot, and she needs to get discipline. You will be right next to her, getting your ass tanned at the same time."

    At the mention of the name, Erika's cunt felt a pulse of horny heat. Heather Millar, oh my god, she had the best body Erika had ever seen. The times that she had seen her naked in the dorm showers, Erika's cunt always needed a horny masturbation session afterwards, just from seeing her nude charms on display. Heather was a gorgeously buxom and curvaceous blonde bombshell, long, flowing blonde hair, emerald green eyes, generous, large breasts, a curvy waist, a curly tuft of pubic hair as blonde as the hair on her head, wonderful, heart shaped ass and long legs, she was a guy's wet dream personified. Erika wasn't that bisexual (at least she didn't think so), but if Heather Millar ever gave her the word, Erika would be all over that awesome body.

    The last period of the day seemed to drag on, Erika was all squirmy and hot, knowing what would happen after class. At the appointed time, after the halls were empty, Erika quickly made her way to the headmaster's office, arriving at the same time as Heather Millar. With Heather wearing her school girl uniform of white blouse and plaid pleated skirt, Erika felt another pulse of heat. Heather looked extra sexy, and Erika felt that any misgivings she had about lesbian love were starting to melt away.

    In his office, Mr. Smith gave them the usual lecture, and while Heather Millar didn't know what was going to happen, Erika did, and did her best to conceal her excitement.

    He barked at them, "Drop your panties, ladies, then bend over and grab your ankles, you are going to get caned!"

    Heather Millar gaped at him, she looked like she had turned to stone.

    Mr. Smith growled at her, "Did you not hear me, Miss Millar? Drop your panties, then bend over and grab your ankles. I discipline all misbehaving students the same way, you are going to get caned!!"

    Erika had of course, immediately followed orders, and Mr. Smith continued, "You see Miss Taylor? She knows I will allow no latitude on this."

    Heather Millar tried the indignant act, she blustered, "You can't cane me, I have my rights, you aren't allowed to lay a hand on me, don't touch me or I'll make sure the cops close this school down."

    "Well, well, we have a spirited one here" he chuckled. "Miss Millar, let me explain to your how things go here."

    As he told her all about the way he ran things, the latitude that the administration gave him, Erika remembered it well from my first time caning, he also added that he was sure that Miss Taylor would not want to back up any rumor or statements she made. Heather glanced at her, and Erika quickly shook her head, she could see her face fall, and a look of resignation came over her face. She slowly removed her panties, and bent over right next to Erika.

    As Mr. Smith flipped up the back of their skirts, exposing their asses, Heather whispered to Erika, "Fuck, this is so humiliating."

    "Brace yourself ladies"

    Erika heard the whistle of the cane, and the solid crack as it connected with Heather's ass. She let out a loud scream of pain, and a second later, Erika's howl joined hers, as Mr. Smith quickly drew back, and gave her a stroke. He quickly smacked the cane against Heather's ass again, and another howl of pain filled the air, a second later, Erika's howl of pleasure joined, as he gave her another solid stroke. He gave both of them six hard strokes, Heather's cries of pain and Erika's cries of pleasure filling the air.

    "Miss Taylor, you are done, you followed orders, and took your punishment gracefully", Mr Smith said, "You will only receive six strokes. Miss Millar, however, for you show of disobedience, you will receive another six strokes".

    Heather, her eyes full of tears, looked up and pleaded, "No, please no, I'll do anything, just no more, my ass can't bear it!"

    Mr Smith looked thoughtful, he looked at Erika, she cupped her crotch, and stuck her tongue out, waggling it around. He smiled as he got the message.

    "Very well Miss Millar, I do have a way for you to avoid the last 6 lashes. If you perform oral sex on Miss Taylor, your ass will be spared the last 6 strokes."

    She cried out, "No, no, no! I'm not a fucking lezzie, fuck, that's disgusting! I'm no pussy licking dyke!"

    "Very well Miss Millar. Just remember that the last six strokes are usually much harder than the first six. Brace yourself, Miss Millar!"

    "NO! Don't, I'll do it, I'll lick Erika's cunt, god dammit!"

    "Miss Taylor, strip off your skirt, position yourself on the edge of my desk, and spread your legs, you are going to get a lick job" he ordered in that steely British tone.

    Erika pretended to just be following orders, she quickly tossed her skirt aside, and got on his desk, with her ass right on the edge, laying back, she spread her legs wide, Erika could feel her cunt lips part like flower petals, god, she was so hot she could smell her own heated juices.

    He ordered Heather to stand up, and Erika could see her eyes get very wide when she saw her, naked from the waist down, her pussy spread open, coated with the juices of her lust, waiting for her tongue. Mr. Smith led her over, and told her to get to it.

    "OK Miss Millar, start licking, and don't stop until you bring your classmate to an orgasm."

    As Heather lowered her mouth towards her juicy center, Erika put her hands behind her head, and pulled her right down to her awaiting cunt lips.

    "Lick my cunt you little bitch, make me cum, then lick up all my juices!"

    As she slowly, haltingly began to lick Erika, Mr. Smith dropped his trousers, getting between the spread of her thighs, he guided his cock head up to her, and thrust in. Heather didn't realize until his cock head was brought up short by the obstruction of her hymen what he was doing.

    "NO, NO, I'm a virgin dammit, that's for my boyfriend, not you!"

    Mr. Smith gripped her hips tightly, holding her in place, pulled back, and drove in hard. It was just after 5 PM when Heather lost her virginity. She did lose it the way she dreamed it would be, with her boyfriend, she lost it to the hard thrust of a punishment rape. It tore a howl of pain from Heather, as her cunt was violated, her hymen ripped open, her dry cunt parting and wrenching painfully as she was impaled. Mr. Smith grunted, the tight virgin cling of her unfucked cunt clutched at his shaft, his cock surging past her torn hymen, and he drove it in hard, Heather howled again as her virginity became just a memory, Mr. Smith's hard cock splitting open the tight walls of her previously unfucked cunt, giving her tight virgin cunt its first fuck, as he buried the entire 9 inches, right to the balls.

    He pulled back, and thrust in again, drawing another cry from Heather, grunting with pleasure at the tightness wrapped around his cock, fuck, it felt so good, her no longer virgin teen cunt stretched wide around his solid 9 inches.

    "Miss Millar, all my students who need discipline get this punishment. And, if you don't get back to licking Miss Taylor, you will get your ass tanned hard with 6 powerful strokes."

    Heather started to lick at Erika again, grunting with discomfort as Mr. Smith gave her the punishment rape. It was obvious to Erika that she was a total novice at pussy licking, virgins are so damn unschooled in the ways of making sex good. Erika's cunt was a juicy center of lust, watching Heather get her punishment rape was wildly exciting, Erika grabbed her head in her hands, and directed her where to lick.

    "Lick my clit you little lezzie, god damn, virgins are such a hassle, now, feel that little bump under your tongue? Yeah, right there, lick me right there!"

    Heather did as she was told, and Erika could feel her cunt starting to heat up. Ahh, much better, she could feel my juices flowing, Erika started to stroke her head, and told her she was doing much better.

    "Ahh, that's better, my sweet little baby butch, lick me, make me cum, you can be my little lezzie girlfriend, and lick me any time you want...if you'd like. You like it don't you? You're now an official cunt licking lezzie, and you love it!"

    Erika could feel her orgasm rising, and she grabbed Heather's head, and forced her mouth down tight against her opening as she came, letting out a shriek of pleasure as it exploded deep inside her, gushing juices, moving Heather's head around, mopping down her cute face. As Erika shuddered, shook and cried out in the throes of orgasm, Mr. Smith gave a last loud grunt, and buried his cock deep, Erika could imagine the hot flood of thick semen pouring into Heather's battered cunt, and that made her cunt squirm and pulse more.

    When Erika had mopped down her face with the last of her juices, she let her go, and Heather stood up, dazed and stunned by what had just happened. Mr. Smith led them us to the nurse's room, and on their bellies on the tables, after draping a towel over their cheeks, he applied the ice packs to their stinging, well whipped asses. Heather cried a bit as it was applied, but her tears dried up as the ice started to cool off the stinging fire of the cane strokes. After applying ointment to Heather's ass, she was dismissed.

    Erika made her way back to Mr. Smith's office, Mr. Smith knew what she needed, and with his commanding tone, she was soon clutching her ankles, her skirt flipped up, crying out with pleasure as Mr. Smith gave her another six hard stokes, and his revived cock reamed Erika out, her grunts of pure pleasure filling the room. Erika had her hand between her legs, masturbating wildly, and she timed it up to when her gave a loud grunt, Erika started stroking her hard clit erection from base to tip, and she could feel her orgasm explode, and her cunt gave a hard wrench, and clamped down tightly on his cock, quivering and spasming wildly. Erika's howl of sexual fulfillment filled the room, she could feel his cock pulsing and squirting, his thick, hot load splattering against her cervix, filling her hungry cunt, sucking and milking his hard 9 inch shaft for every drop he could pump into her.

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    Great story, groomleader

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    Thank you Brigit, Time for part 5

    Part 5

    Erika was excited when Mr. Smith told her that Bethany Crister had again been caught smoking maijuana. Now it was a third offense, and the headmaster told her what punishment a third offense entailed. Erika felt her cunt juice up as she heard the details. Then Mr. Smith got a sly look in his eye, and asked Erika if she would like to participate. He explained to Erika what he had in mind, and Erika was more than ready to participate. Mr Smith told her to be in his office 5 minutes before last bell, and to hide in the closet, and to leave the closet when he told Bethany to bend over the desk.

    Erika was fidgety and excited all afternoon. With 5 minutes left, she arrived at Mr. Smith's office, and he let her in, and she took her place in the closet. Leaving the closet door just slighly ajar, she could see his desk, and waited.

    Five minutes after last bell, and he led Bethany Crister in. She looked subdued, realizing what she was going to get.

    "Miss Crister, you've been punished twice, and yet here we are again, for a third offense. Drop your panties Miss Crister, and bend over my desk, you need more caning!" he barked at her.

    As she did so, Erika silently stepped out of the closet. Mr. Smith handed her the cane, and she felt a thrill as she prepared to give Bethany's ass her punishment. Oh fuck, her cunt was practically gushing, Bethany bent over the desk, her skirt flipped up, Bethany's white, perfect cheeks, draped over the desk, made her almost crazy horny. Mr. Smith stood behind her, and told Bethany to brace herself.

    Erika's arm swung back, and she whipped the cane forward. It connected solidly, and Bethany's howl of pain filled the air as she felt the impact. Erika drew back, and again gave it to her. Bethany's second yell of pain made Erika's pulse pound and turned her panties into a damp sodden mass, her cunt was pulsing and gushing with excitement. Fired up, Erika swung the cane, over and over, whipping Bethany's ass, listening to her shrieks of pain, and watching the red marks criss-cross her ass. Off to the side, Mr. Smith was naked, his cock hard, stiff, and ready. Erika silently counted out the strokes, giving Bethany 3 sets of "six of the best", as Bethany felt her ass become a burning, stinging red nest of painful whips. After 18 hard, painful strokes, Erika tossed the cane aside, and quickly retreated back into the closet. She watched, eyes glowing and cunt throbbing, as the headmaster stepped forward to administer the second phase of punishment.

    Mr Smith stepped forward, and said, "Stay right where you are Miss Crister, for your third offense, you need a slight change."

    He pulled apart her ass cheeks, placed his well lubed cock against her tight asshole, and slammed it in. Bethany howled as she lost her asshole virginity, she had been planning to let her boyfriend take her ass virginity, but Mr. Smith had changed her plans. His 9 inches drove in, painfully parting the tight walls of her virgin asshole, until he was buried in, right to the balls. Grabbing her tightly by the hips, he pulled back and drove in again, Bethany's howls of pain filling the room as Mr. Smith slammed against her well whipped ass cheeks as she got her ass raped. In, out, in, out, he grunted with pleasure as he fucked her, raping that incredibly tight teen asshole, his cock started to throb and swell up. He gave out a loud grunt as he exploded, his cock gushing out thick ropes of spunk, pouring his load deep into Bethany's no longer virgin asshole.

    As Mr. Smith got dressed, he lectured Bethany about what step 4 would be, if she refused to change her ways. She was still draped over the desk, dazed by the ass whipping and the busting of her asshole virginity.

    "Miss Crister, you are stepping on very dangerous ground. A fourth offense would be your last one. You would get stage four punishment, then you would be expelled, and your parents, who have paid a lot of money, would be most displeased. Think about that, and I urge you to change your ways. I take no pleasure in having to discipline you severely, I am trying to steer you away from a path that will bring you unhappiness and misery in later life."

    He led her out to the nurse's office, and after attending to her, he returned to find Erika completely naked, draped across his desk just like Bethany had been. Her cunt was on fire, fuck, she needed to be fucked, then caning, and then being fucked again, and she needed it now!

    "Fuck, my cunt feels like it's gonna explode! Fuck me, then cane me and fuck me again!" Erika growled.

    In a few moments, the headmaster was naked, and got into position, his cock hard, stiff and ready. Erika felt his nudge against her gushing opening, then his hands grabbed her by the hips, and he slid his cock in, in one long, continuous motion. Erika squealed with pleasure as her cunt walls felt the stretch of his 9 inch log splitting her open, filling her up, and grunted as he buried his cock balls deep in her slippery, slick heat. He pulled back and slammed it in again, and Erika's overheated well got the release she needed.

    "Fuck, yes, fuck, cumming, oh my god cumming, yes, oh yes, fuck YES!!"

    Her howl of pleasure filled the room as she felt her tight teen cunt explode, a giant burst of pleasure that rocked her body and made her breathless. Mr. Smith's cock was still working up the next load, and as he continued to ram her squelchy center, she felt another one start, quickly slamming into her, drawing another cry of orgasmic delight, then another and another, fuck, she felt like she was cumming her brains out as she was hit, rapid fire style, with orgasm after orgasm, until after countless orgasms, Mr. Smith grunted, and she felt him squirting deep inside her, pouring a hot, juicy load into her gripping tightness.

    In a few moments, Erika was once again howling with pleasure, as Mr. Smith wielded the cane, tanning her ass cheeks with praticed strokes, Erika's ass getting the stinging, burning, whipping pleasure she needed, the hard strokes starting the fire going in her horny cunt once again. She urged him on to give her as many strokes as Bethany got, and 18 hard strokes punished her ass. This time, his office was filled with shrieks of pleasure, making her almost delirious. Erika realized that Mr. Smith might need a bit of help to get it up again so quickly, and taking to her knees, she quickly swallowed his cock, sucking, licking and bobbing her hot mouth up and down, feeling his cock start to grow back to life, enjoying the feeling of his cock starting to fill her mouth with his length. She sucked him up to another full, hard 9 inches, and told him what to do.

    "Just like Bethany got, that's what I want. Fuck my ass, I'm an ass virgin, and I want it busted open!" she grunted, as she draped herself back over the desk, reaching back, grabbing her cheeks and pulling them apart so her ass could be fucked.

    She felt his well lubed cock press against her, and the pain as his cock forced its way in. She howled, a mix of pain and pleasure as her virgin asshole got its first fuck. The feel of that 9 inch log splitting her open, and driving in until it was buried balls deep in her asshole almost made her go crazy, she was beyond coherent speech, only able to make grunts and howls of pleasure as Mr. Smith fucked her ass, in and out, over and over, making her head spin. She shoved her hand into her drenched cunt, and furiously masturbated until her cunt exploded, gushing wildly, she was in another world of mind filling pleasure, dimly aware as Mr. Smith grunted, and the tight clamp of her ass around his cock sucked his load out, as he blew a juicy load deep inside her ass.

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    Part 6

    A week later, the headmaster informed Erika that Bethany Crister had been caught smoking marijuana again, a fourth offense. Stage four punishment was called for, and Erika listened intently to Mr. Smith, as he outlined what he had planned for Bethany's punishment.

    Five minutes before classes ended for the day, Erika made her way to Mr. Smith's office. In his private bathroom, she stripped naked, and got set up as Mr. Smith had outlined for her. She cracked open the door just a bit, and watched and waited.

    Five minutes later, and Mr. Smith led Bethany in, and she knew what she was going to get.

    "Miss Crister, you've been punished three times, and yet here we are again, for a fourth offense. This is the last punishment you will receive, you will be expelled, and your parents will be very unhappy. I heard them talk about sending you away to one of those military style boot camps, to see if that will straighten you out."

    Erika could see her face get very pale, and she looked like she was about to beg for another chance, but Mr. Smith cut off her pleas.

    "Miss Crister, please, save you breath. You've had more than enough chances to change your ways, and I warned you that a fourth offense would mean expulsion, no exceptions. And, your last round of punishment. Drop your panties Miss Crister, and bend over my desk, you need more caning!"

    As she took position, Erika slipped out, and Mr. Smith smiled as he saw her totally naked, except for the harness and 10 inch strap-on dildo she was sporting. He handed her the cane, and Erika trembled with excitement, Bethany bent over the desk, her skirt flipped up, panties on the floor, Bethany's white, perfect cheeks, draped over the desk, that instrument in her hand, ready to give Bethany's sexy ass the whipping of a lifetime.

    "Brace yourself, Miss Crister!"

    Erika drew it back, and whipped the cane forward. Bethany howled as it made contact, and Erika quickly drew back and hit her ass again, Bethany's second howl of pain filling the room. A red haze of lust descended, and Erika gave Bethany's ass the paddling of a lifetime, she caned those cheeks again and again. Bethany's ass was getting the worst whipping ever, her loud shrieks of pain filling the office, as Erika swung the cane, over and over, watching the red marks criss-cross her ass. Erika silently counted out 24 strokes, 4 sets of "six of the best", and saw the results, Bethany's sexy ass had become fiery red, burning globes of blazing agony. She tossed the cane aside, and quickly spread some lube over her dildo.

    Mr. Smith said, "Stay right where you are Miss Crister, your punishment is not complete."

    Erika pulled apart her ass cheeks, saw the tight rose shaped pucker of her asshole, it fired her up, she placed the lubed dildo against her tight asshole, and slammed it in. Bethany howled as she got her tight back door plugged, Mr. Smith had busted her asshole virginity the last time, but it was no less painful to get her tight asshole raped, and Erika drove in, painfully parting the tight walls of her asshole, until she was buried right to the hilt. Grabbing Bethany tightly by the hips, Erika pulled back and drove in again, Bethany's howls of pain filling the room as Erika slammed against her well whipped ass cheeks, raping Bethany's tight asshole. In, out, in, out, Erika with alive with pleasure as she power-fucked Bethany, dildo raping that incredibly tight teen asshole. Bethany was getting reamed out, not knowing that she was getting a dildo rape from Erika, and she was stunned at Mr. Smith's staying power, how he could ass fuck her, and resist the need to explode. She wanted him to cum, and get it done with, but that was not going to happen. Finally, Mr. Smth gave a loud grunt, and Erika slammed it in deep one last time, holding it there, as Mr. Smith gave grunts of pleasure that sounded like he was pouring his load into Bethany's ass. Erika withdrew, and quickly stepped back into the private bathroom, as Mr. Smith took charge.

    "There we are, Miss Crister, your last round of punishment. Your parents will be contacted by me personally this evening, you are officially expelled, and you will vacate your room no later than Friday evening. I will make sure your parents are aware of the time, so they can make whatever arrangements that they see fit."

    He led her out of his office, and Erika could hear little cries of pain from the Nurse's office, as he placed the cooling ice packs on her well whipped ass. Her moans of pain drifted away, as the ice took away the worst of the sting.

    Erika was on fire with lust, whipping Brthany's ass, then fucking her had turned her into a raging volcano of lust. When Mr. Smith returned, she was ready for him.

    "Fuck, I feel like I'm gonna blow! Fuck my cunt, then whip my ass, and then fuck it, just like Bethany got!" Erika panted.

    Mr. Smith grabbed her, bent her over, and rammed his cock up her cunt. Two strokes was all it took, and she could feel the spasm of orgasm rippling wildly through her lower belly.

    "Fuck, oh fuck yeah, cumming oh my fucking god, YES!"

    Erika felt like she was turning inside out as her cunt exploded, fuck, it felt almost like an assault. Mr. Smith waited until her orgasm had spent its force inside her, then withdrew before he could cum.

    "Grab your ankles, Erika, so you can get what you need!"

    "Yes, yes, give me exactly what Bethany got, whip my ass then fuck it!"

    In a few moments, Erika was once again howling with pleasure, as Mr. Smith wielded the cane, tanning her ass cheeks with praticed strokes, her shrieks of pleasure urging him on, Erika's ass getting the stinging, burning, whipping pleasure she needed, the hard strokes starting the fire going in her horny cunt once again. She urged him on to give her as many strokes as Bethany got, and 24 hard strokes punished her ass, making her almost delirious with pleasure. Erika felt her ass become a burning, stinging red nest of painful whips, she could imagine the welts that would criss-cross her ass, and she urged Mr. Smith on.

    "Yeah, oh yeah, now, fuck my ass!" she grunted.

    Erika could feel him pull apart her ass cheeks, and he started to lick at her tight hole. Erika moaned, the pleasure of having her tight rim licked made her speechless. She then felt his well lubed cock press against her, and the pain as his cock forced its way in. She howled, a mix of pain and pleasure at the feel of that 9 inch log splitting her open. She let out another howl of mixed pain and pleasure, as he buried his cock balls deep in her asshole, smacking against her burning, well whipped ass. It almost made her go crazy, she was beyond coherent speech, only able to make grunts and howls of pleasure as Mr. Smith fucked her ass, in and out, over and over, making her head spin. Mr. Smith reached around, shoved two fingers up her gushing hole, and masturbated her wildly, pinching her hard clit between his fingers and twirling them around her throbbing button, and Erika screamed as she exploded, very hard, her pink opening gushing her juices wildly, she was in another world of mind filling pleasure, dimly aware as Mr. Smith grunted, and he exploded, blowing spurt after spurt deep inside, Erika shuddered with pleasure as she felt his thick whitish cream filling her dark cavern. The tight clamp of her ass around him sucked every drop out of his cock.

    A few minutes later, Erika was in the nurse's office, ass up, having ice packs applied to the burning fire of her well whipped ass, knowing that later on that night, her masturbation session would be so much more intense, with the memory of her throbbing ass being caned, and well fucked asshole providing excellent stimulation.

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    Part 7

    The end of school term was coming up, and although Erika looked forward to the end of school, and summer vacation, she hated that she'd no longer have Mr. Smith caning her ass, then fucking her. She knew what she was, and what she needed, and how do you find someone who's up for such kinky things? She knew that Mr. Smith was not available this summer, he was going to be back home in his native England for the entire summer. She sighed, guess she'd just have to live without it.

    Her thoughts were interrupted by a knock on the door. She opened it, and caught her breath. Heather Millar was standing right there. Heather Millar, oh my god, she had the best body Erika had ever seen. The times that she had seen her naked in the dorm showers, Erika's cunt always needed a horny masturbation session afterwards, just from seeing her nude charms on display. Heather was a gorgeously buxom and curvaceous blonde bombshell, long, flowing blonde hair, emerald green eyes, generous, large breasts, a curvy waist, a curly tuft of pubic hair as blonde as the hair on her head, wonderful, heart shaped ass and long legs, she was a guy's wet dream personified. The remembrance of her and Heather right next to other, getting their asses tanned at the same time, had made her almost crazy, and having part of Heather's "punishment" being forced to lick Erika's cunt. It was as clear as crystal, Erika had felt her orgasm rising, as Mr. Smith gave Heather her punishment rape, Erika had grabbed Heather's head, and forced her mouth down tight against her opening as she came, letting out a shriek of pleasure as it exploded deep inside her, gushing juices, moving Heather's head around, mopping down her cute face. As Erika had shuddered, shook and cried out in the throes of orgasm, Mr. Smith had given a last loud grunt, and buried his cock deep, Erika watching, thinking of the hot flood of thick semen that was pouring into Heather's punished pussy.

    Back in the here and know, her pussy started to thrum, just that little remembrance had started her pussy going.

    Heather asked, "Could I come in for a bit, Erika?"

    Erika smiled, swung the door wide, and said, "Please do!"

    Heather was wearing a very short blue skirt, white blouse and sandals, she toed them off, and Erika saw her feet, sexy, shapely, and one toe on each foot having a toe ring. Ummm, that made her mouth water, she had a thing for sexy, well formed feet, and Heather's feet were as hot and sexy looking as the rest of her. Heather went over to the sofa and sat down, and Erika was treated to a view of her lacy black panties as her short skirt rode up her thighs. Heather was in no rush to pull it down, she seemed to want Erika's gaze to linger, and Erika took full advantage of it.

    Erika sat down next to her, and Heather started talking, just normal things, summer plans, vacations, things like that. It seemed like a normal, everyday conversation, until Erika felt Heather's knee press against her own. They both fell silent, Heather looked into Erika's eyes, as if deciding whether to go for it.

    Erika cooed, "Yes, yes, do it baby, do what you want to do."

    She felt Heather's warm hand slip open the buttons of her blouse, and trail her fingers over Erika's tummy. Erika sucked in a breath, letting out a coo of pleasure, and Heather moved forward, licking her lips, then pressing them firmly against Erika's. Erika felt the passion, and she responded, opening her mouth, Heather molding her lips tightly against hers, tongues racing out, senses reeling from the flood of passion filled lust.

    Breaking the kiss, Heather shyly asked, "You said, when we got caned together, that I could be you little lezzie girlfriend, and lick you any time I wanted, if I liked. I need to know, was that just a casual remark, or were you serious?"

    Erika's heart was thumping, she said, "Oh very serious. Do you know that after every time I've seen you naked in the showers, I always have to have a heated masturbation session afterwards? You look like every man's wet dream personified, and I would feel very lucky to have myself a lezzie girlfriend like you!"

    Heather's eyes were alight with lust, she cooed huskily, "In that case, lead me to your bedroom baby, I want to be your little lezzie girlfriend, and your little lezzie girlfriend wants to lick you for a long time!"

    In the bedroom, they took turns stripping each other, until they were both naked, horny and eager to please each other. Erika could feel her breath catch, my god, it just seemed that Heather had the beauty of Venus, with that gorgeously buxom and curvaceous body, a real blonde bombshell, long, flowing blonde hair, emerald green eyes, generous, large breasts, a curvy waist, a curly tuft of pubic hair as blonde as the hair on her head, wonderful, heart shaped ass and long legs, Erika's pussy was pulsing with heat.

    Heather took a deep breath, she cast her eyes downward, and said, very softly, "Before we do anything else, could you spank me? I discovered that after the pain faded away, it made me horny to remember being in that position, with Mr. Smith caning my ass, then ramming me with his big cock while I licked your pussy."

    Erika almost laughed aloud with glee, she replied, "I'd love to spank you, I'll tell you this, after I got my ass caned, I found out I love it too! After I spank you, it'll be your turn to paddle my ass!"

    They both looked at each other, seeing the naked, burning lust in each others eyes.

    Erika quickly thought about what she had that would be up to the task. She of course had no cane, what could she use? She rummaged around in her closet, and found the perfect thing. It was wooden yardstick, she picked it up with a grin, and swished it around.

    She saw Heather's smile of sheer lust, and Heather said, "Order me, just like Mr. Smith would!"

    Erika barked, "Very well, Miss Millar, you need to be shown some discipline, bend over and grab your ankles Miss Millar!"

    Heather eagerly did so, and Erika's breath caught. Those perfect, snow white cheeks, ummm, she couldn't resist running her hand along those glorious globes, hearing Heather let out a sigh of pleasure. Fired up, she pulled her arm back, and swung at that inviting target.

    Heather felt the blow, the sting of her ass drew a shriek of pain from her, but she cried out, "Do it, give me another!"

    Erika swung again, connecting solidly with that fabulous ass, and Heather let out a loud howl, and gasped, "Oh fuck, again, paddle my ass!"

    The third stroke, Heather gasped out, "Oh fuck, it's starting to feel good, spank me hard!"

    The fourth, and she was babbling "Yes, oh fuck yes, spank me, tan my ass!"

    Erika was burning with lust, and she gave Heather's ass a good whipping, paddling her 10 times as Heather cried out and begged for more. Erika helped Heather straighten up, and Heather growled with pleasure as Erika ran her hand over the stinging, burning nest of Heather's fiery red, well paddled cheeks.

    Erika was simmering with lust, she wanted her ass to bear the same, fiery redness, the same stinging and burning throbs that Heather's well whipped cheeks displayed. She handed Heather the yardstick, and said, "Order me, just like I did you!"

    Heather growled, "Miss Taylor, you know that your misbehaviour will not be tolerated! You need punishment, bend over and grab your ankles, Miss Taylor!"

    Erika eagerly did so, she was so turned on, so ready for it she could feel her pussy dripping. She felt Heather's hand caressing her cheeks, then a few seconds later, and WHAP, the stinging pain of the first stroke smacked against her ass.

    Erika cried out "Oh fuck, YES! Just what I need, give me a good, hard spanking!"

    The second blow hit, and Erika could feel her body light up, the spanking of her ass sending zings of pleasure racing through her.

    "Oh fuck, yes, YES, whip my ass, paddle me hard!"

    Heather was happy to do so, Erika felt that hard wooden yardstick paddling her stinging rump over and over, while she let out howls of sheer pleasure, and begged Heather to give her more, to really tan her ass. After 10 hard strokes, Erika straightened up, grabbed Heather, and pushed her down on the bed. She felt the throbs of pain, the heat of her freshly paddled ass pulsing with the mixed pain and pleasure filled zings, the spanking had sent her into a lust driven frenzy. She straddled Heather, her pussy was dripping her juices, and Heather seemed spellbound by the sight above her. Erika parted her lips, fuck, she was so hot she could smell herself.

    "Look baby, look how hot you've made me. My cunt is all hot and juicy just for my little lezzie girlfriend. Get your tongue in there and lick me, my little lezzie baby, lick me until I cum all over your sweet lezzie face!" Erika growled huskily.

    She felt Heather grab her hips, pulling her tightly against her face, and Heather's tongue dived into her. Oh fuck, that felt so good, as she jammed her tongue as far up Erika's throbbing cunt as her tongue could reach. Her juices were practically gushing, and Erika felt an erotic chill as she imagined Heather licking all her juices, her mouth overflowing and her face shiny wet with the overflow. She tenderly cradled Heather head in her hands, and gently directed her to where it felt the best.

    "Right there, my little lezzie baby, lick me right there" Erika she urged, moaning with pleasure, "oh yes, you've found it, give me long broad licks with your tongue, right over my clit, ummm, oh yes, perfect, my sweet little lezzie girlfriend is gonna get a face full of my juices!"

    Heather felt the bolt of lust, and she licked eagerly at that most tender spot, eager to bring Erika to a noisy, gushing release.

    Erika could feel Heather's hands grab her ass cheeks, squeezing at the red, well paddled throb of her cheeks. Erika squealed, it sent zings of mixed pain and pleasure shooting through her, oh yeah, so good, so fucking good, Erika could feel her pussy ready to explode. She felt the lock up, then her pussy started to spasm crazily, she felt that squeezing urge, then the release, and her pussy was squirting crazily, gushing her girl cum all over Heather's face. Erika looked down through lust glazed eyes, saw Heather's face alive with bliss, mouthing her orgasmic gushes, plastering her face, and it just made her orgasm go on, fuck, it felt like she was cumming her brains out, then it slowly started to ebb, slowly, slowly, Erika perched on top of Heather's face, until the last squirmy pulse of her orgasm had faded away.

    Erika slowly slid off Heather's face, dreamy with contentment, ummm, Heather had licked her nicely. Though Erika had never licked any girl's pussy in her life, Heather Millar was just too sexy not to do so. I'm going to do lesbian, she thought, and right after that, she though, so what? I wonder if any girl could resist a total sexpot like her? She licked me so fine, and I want to do the same to her.

    Erika pushed gently, until they were on their sides, gazing at each other. Just the sight of Heather's face, shiny wet with her girl cum, and she knew she wanted the same. She wanted to bring Heather to a crazy orgasm, and she wanted her face sprayed down.

    "Now that you are officially my little lezzie girlfriend, I want you to get as good as you gave. Sit on my face baby, and let my tongue bring you off, you'll love it!"

    Erika lay back, grinning, and Heather was feeling pulses of lust surge through her. Ummm, she was going to get licked, she could hardly wait. She saw Heather swing into position, and her mouth started to water. Umm, that cute little blonde bush, Heather's pussy lips slightly parted, Erika got a peek at the deep coral interior, she was so wet and juicy.

    "Did you like licking me baby? Did you get turned on, licking my cunt like a good little lezzie girlfriend? Do you like being my little lezzie girlfriend, baby?" Erika cooed.

    "Yes, yes, oh yes, I love it, I love being your cunt licking little lezzie girlfriend, eat me Erika, lick my cunt, fuck, I need it!"

    Erika was glad to do what heather wanted, she grabbed Heather's ass cheeks and gave them a good squeeze, making Heather moan from the rush of sensation to her throbbing, well spanked cheeks. Erika slid her tongue up and down her sweet labial lips, ummm, oh those juices were so delicious, she wanted more. She slipped her tongue into the tight pink seam, and let her tongue burrow in. Heather growled with pleasure as she felt Erika's tongue eagerly digging as deep as possible, pulling back to swipe at her clit, then driving in deep again. Erika slid two fingers in, slid them around, then started to make the come hither motion, and she was hitting Heather's G spot perfectly. Her mouth surrounded Heather's clit, her tongue wrapping around the stiff, bulging clit. Heather had a somewhat bigger clit than Erika's, and Erika took advantage of that, wrapping her tongue around the stiff, prominent organ, then pulling her tongue up, keeping Heather's hard clit surrounded by the hot, wet, pulling sensation.

    Heather could feel the build up, she froze for a second, then the release hit her like a thunderbolt. She let out a scream of pleasure, her pussy started to spasm crazily, and she felt her girl cum fly. Erika felt her face getting sprayed down, oh fuck, it was erotic beyond belief, and she felt one of Heather's hands reaching back, fingering Erika's throbbing cunt, flicking at her clit. Oh fuck, just what she needed, and she felt the glorious explosion, her shriek of pleasure being muffled by having Heather's cunt cumming wildly all over her face.

    When the last spasm has spent its force, Heather dismounted, and cuddled close to Erika. Erika was in another world, sex with another girl was erotic beyond compare.

    School was over in a few days, Erika wondered if Mr. Smith would like to cane their asses again, and this time, they'd give him a sizzling hot display of them being lovers, he's probably get the hardest cock ever from a hot, private lezzie show. She love to get impaled by his eager, stiff 9 inch cock again.

    Heather saw the grin, and wanted to know what she was thinking about. When Erika told him, Heather was just as eager, the feel of those hard, firm cane strokes, then the hard thrust of Headmaster's cock, driving inside, made her just as eager as Erika for one last go with Mr. Smith. He'd busted her virginity, and even though the sex was not consensual, a small part of her mind was wanting his cock again. Damn, it seemed so wrong, but she couldn't stop thinking of that hard 9 inches. Now that her virginity was out of the way, she wanted to find out if it was pleasure, the second time around.

    Erika whispered, "Leave it to me baby, I'm sure Mr. Smith will be up for whatever we have in mind!"
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    Part 8

    The next day, Erika dropped by the office, and talked with Mr. Smith about what had happened. Erika was explicit, telling Mr. Smith all the details about Heather and her whipping each other, then the heated loving they had shared. By the end, she was pleased to see his cock was rock hard, that prominent bulge evident to her gaze.

    "Now, Heather and I would like you to give us another hard paddling, an 'end of the school term' paddling. Then, we'll give you a show, my little lezzie girlfriend and I will be happy to show you how hot and lust fueled we can get. I'm eager for your cock to fuck me again, and Heather is eager to get fucked again, also, she's hoping it'll be all pleasure this time."

    Mr. Smith had a pleased smile, this was perfect. A great way to end off the school term. Paddling the asses, then watching them in a lesbian clinch, and getting to fuck their tight teen pussies, it was like a gift, wrapped up, bow tied and delivered right into his lap.

    "A perfect idea Miss Taylor, how would you and Miss Millar like a caning at my home?"

    Erika liked that idea very much, and she said, "Oh yeah, perfect, Heather and I will have a nice big bed to show you exactly how hot my little lezzie girlfriend and I can get!"

    Mr. Smith replied, "Perfect, here is my address, I want you and Miss Millar there at 1:00 PM sharp on Saturday. I am going to England for the summer, my flight leaves on Monday."

    Erika said softly, "That's why we want it one more time, with you not being here to give us what we want this summer."

    Mr. Smith smiled and said, "Judging by what you have told me, it sounds like you and Heather are well on your way to giving each other what you both need."

    Erika agreed, she was a bit surprised by what had happened. She had no idea that the key to unlocking her sexual desires was to be found at the end of Mr. Smith's cane. And having Heather awaken her desire for another female, was a revelation. She wasn't that crazy about guys, they all seemed like immature assholes. Not Heather, she was soft, feminine, that sexy shape, was just what she craved. The feel of Heather's tongue sliding all over her body, the feel of that hot, wet fire right on her most sensitive spots, licking and doting on them, giving her all the loving licks she desired, had decided the issue. Guys just wanted to get their stupid little pricks in, and blow their loads, then brag about it. When Heather's body was pressed to her, the feel of her satiny skin against hers just put her in orbit. Erika looked forward to learning how to be a great cunt lapper, her and Heather together would learn how to lick pussy, and lick it very well.

    Heather was happy to agree, and at 1 PM that Saturday, they found themselves on Mr. Smith's doorstep. They rang the doorbell, both of them were virtually trembling with excited lust. Mr. Smith opened the door, dressed just as he would be for his duties as a headmaster.

    "Miss Taylor, Miss Millar, come in, thank you for being on time" he said in that clipped British accent.

    Erika could feel her cunt pulsing already, just the sight of him, that British accent, and what her ass would soon feel made her cunt throb, wet and achy, she could feel her panties getting very damp.

    He led them into his house, and straight into his bedroom.

    "I think we can forgo some of the formalities in this setting, we all know what we are here for. Miss Taylor, Miss Millar, strip down to your panties!" Mr. Smith ordered.

    Erika could feel her pussy getting very wet, she took a look at Heather, and could see the lust on her face as they quickly stripped down to their panties. Mr. Smith was observing them, they could see his trousers bulging, the hard cane in his hands, ready for them.

    "Now Miss Millar, Miss Taylor, I want you facing each other. Yes, perfect, now, drop your panties, bend over and grab your ankles, you obviously need to be caned!"

    Bent over, gripping their ankles, their naked asses up-thrust and ready, they lifted their heads, looking at each other with heated expressions, Erika and Heather could feel their juices gush as they awaited the strokes of that cane. Erika could see the headmaster take position behind Heather and raise his arm.

    "Brace yourself, Miss Millar!"

    Erika heard the swish, watched the cane descending, then Heather's shriek of pain, as the cane whipped against her ass. Erika's cunt gave a lurch, she was going to see her little lezzie girlfriend's ass get whipped, and Heather was going to see Erika get the same treatment. Mr. Smith circled around, and she heard his voice from right behind her.

    "Brace yourself, Miss Taylor!"

    A few moments later, Erika felt the blaze of pain as Mr. Smith's cane found the mark. Her shriek was a mix of pain and pleasure, it made her body light up.

    A few moments later, and Heather's howl of pain filled the bedroom, Erika watching as Mr. Smith gave her a second, stinging blast of pain. Very quickly, Erika felt her ass get the second stroke of the cane, and her cunt was gushing, the pain was driving her pleasure higher, oh fuck, it felt incredible.

    Heather's third stroke brought a growl from her, it sounded like she was getting into it, and Erika felt the stinging pleasure of her third stroke blast at her gushing center, oh god, it was too good.

    Heather, watching Erika get her ass whipped, had a wild expression of feral lust on her face, she'd never felt her lust roar like this, getting her ass whipped, while watching her lover get her ass whipped also was making her lust burn white hot.

    The fourth stroke of that cane brought a shriek of pure pleasure, oh fuck, she had crossed into that zone where Erika was, the whip of the cane, and the stinging pain amplifying her pleasure, making her pussy gush crazily.

    Mr. Smith gave both of them 2 sets of "six of the best", and when they raised up, almost dizzy with lust, they both saw the marks, their asses stinging, burning globes of throbbing pain, fiery red, with deep red strokes where the cane had connected crisscrossing their cheeks. Both could feel themselves so close to orgasm, and they watched as Mr. Smith quickly undressed, that 9 inches of rock hard cock ready for action.

    Erika growled, "Watch us Mr. Smith, watch my little lezzie girlfriend and I give you a show."

    Turning to Heather, she whispered, "69 baby, let's 69 each other."

    Erika lay back, and watched as Heather took the position above Erika. Heather's pussy was gushing, her juices were dripping on Erika's face, and she opened her mouth to catch the drips, then pulled Heather down against her, feeling Heather connect against her soaking entrance, and they licked each other, both of them way too turned on to make it last, and it took all of minute before their shrieks of orgasm filled the bedroom, pussies gushing crazily, both Erika and Heather getting a face full of girl cum. Erika looked over, saw the burning lust on Mr. Smith's face, the stiff, arrogant 9 inches, hard as steel and more than ready.

    Erika said, "Mr. Smith, come over here and fuck Heather in a doggy style!"

    Mr. Smith was happy to do so. Erika, still entwined with Heather in the 69, slid her fingers around Heather's tight lips, and spread them open for Mr. Smith's cock. Mr. Smith placed his cock at her entrance. Unlike the punishment rapes, he was going to give Heather a gentle ride. He pushed, slowly and smoothly, entering Heather slowly, letting her tight pussy adjust to the stretch.

    Heather cooed, "Mr. Smith, oooh Mr. Smith, ummm, feels so good."

    Erika was right in on the action, her face just inches away, watching as Mr. Smith's hard, eager shaft entered her little lezzie girlfriend's pussy. The view of his hard, curving cock splitting her open was majorly hot, and she stuck her tongue up, and let her tongue swab at his shaft as he withdrew, then pushed back in again. Erika started to run her tongue is a sweeping motion, over Heather's clit, and then over Mr. Smith's cock shaft, as he started to piston in and out of her little lezzie girlfriend's pussy.

    Mr. Smith was grunting as he plunged balls deep, over and over. The superb tightness of Miss Millar's almost virgin cunt was clasped tightly around his cock, milking eagerly at him, and having Miss Taylor tonguing at his cock as he went in and out made burning sizzles of lust run through his prick, her grasped Miss Millar's hips, pulling her tightly against his groin, hearing the growl of mixed pain/pleasure as he smacked against her well paddled ass.

    Heather cried out, "Oh fuck, yes, fuck me hard Mr. Smith, spray my pussy with your load, FUCK ME!"

    Heather was in heaven, when she was properly warmed up, and she got a slow, pussy filling introduction to that 9 inches of pleasure, it was beyond wonderful, her pussy was sizzling with mind-filling sensations. Feeling the pain as he smacked against her red, burning, well whipped ass, the pain drove her up to another level of orbit, oh fuck, it felt beyond imagining, oh god, she was going to explode like never before. She could feel his cock starting to move faster, and Erika's tongue was now swabbing at her clit, oh yeah, it was going to happen, very soon.

    Erika watched as Mr. Smith started to ram her, jack-hammering away at the steamy cunt up-thrust to him. Her pussy was bubbling with lava hot juices, coating his cock. The room was filled with the juicy squelch of Heather's cunt being pounded towards orgasm.

    Mr. Smith could feel his cock reach the boiling point, and just at that moment, he felt Miss Millar reach her peak, as her pussy started that tight quivering against his prick.

    "Oh my fucking god, fill me, fill my cunt, fuck, fuck, FUUUCCCKKK AWWWWW GAWWWWDD!"

    Heather's voice rose up to a shriek, and Mr. Smith felt his cock jerking and start pulsing. Her cunt exploded around his cock as he exploded, his lust grunts joined Heather's cries, he could feel the pouring juices washing over his spurting cock. The force and volume of juices gushed out as he pistioned in and out, and Erika felt her face get a healthy plastering of Heather's juices and Mr. Smith's thick spunk, Heather's howls of pleasure filling the bedroom.

    Erika was eagely licking at what was in range of her reaching tongue, the taste of their mixed passions was simply amazing, and when Mr. Smith pulled out, she sucked in his cock, to suck every drop off of his cock, them she pulled Heather tightly against her mouth. She felt a large glob of his cum slide out of Heather's just fucked cunt, and into her mouth. She savored the riveting taste, swishing it around in her mouth, swallowing it with relish, then working to suck out every drop that was left. Erika eagerly swabbed at Heather's still twitching clit, and she took her little lezzie girlfriend up and over again, enjoying another flood of juices, Heather's cries of orgasm filling the room.

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    Holy moley what a story, it keeps getting better and better as you read each chapter. Is there any school holiday fun to cum?

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    That is the Hottest Story yet...
    It Looks Like it will be a Long Hot summer Un less they have a "Long Go Of It" for the rest of Saturday and Sunday Before Mr Smith Has to Catch a Plane Back to "Jolly Old England" On Monday... I bet they could Have a "Smashing Good Time "...
    Good One "groom" Keep it up Thanks for the Posting....
    Just the Rantings of a Horny Old man hpy!

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    Heather turned around, face to face with Erika, and they began kissing heatedly, wildly. Heather eagerly licked up all the juices of their mixed coupling that were splattered over Erika's face, keeping them in her mouth. She bought her face up, the juices ready to spill from her smiling lips. Erika saw it, and eagerly opened her mouth. Their lips mere inches apart, Heather opened her mouth, and let the mixture of cum spill from her lips, right into Erika's eager mouth.

    Erika felt a bolt of pleasure, then Heather's lips eagerly took hers. Mouths opened, tongues slick with cum, they swirled the mixture around, swapping it back and forth, their pussies starting that burn of lust, until they shared up the bounty, and eagerly swallowed a rich, healthy portion.

    Mr. Smith had been watching, oh god, the sight of Erika and Heather going at it had started his cock building back up. It was helped a lot when Erika and Heather, smiling at him with sheer lust, teamed up, and started to give him a double blowjob. His head lolled back, and he growled with pleasure as he felt the two hot mouths around his cock. Erika and Heather kissed the sides of his cock, working their way up to the head, then joined lips together, with his cock head wedged in between them, and kissed wildly, their tongues lashing at his cock head. They broke the kiss, and Erika swallowed 6 inches, bobbing her head up and down, while Heather licked at his balls, running her tongue around the tight sack, then they changed so that Heather could suck his stiff cock, while Erika licked at his balls.

    Erika was on fire, she needed a hard fucking, or she was gonna go crazy. She put herself on hands and knees, and told Mr. Smith what to do.

    "Oh fuck, I'm burning up, fuck me hard Mr. Smith, give me a punishment style fucking, slam my cunt!"

    She felt Heather slide under her, kissing softly over her mound, eager to join in the fun.

    "Very well, Miss Taylor" Mr. Smith said, putting the steely British bark in to his voice, "time for you to take what you have earned!"

    She felt the hard, stiff cock head nudge against her, then her pussy lips were parted and with one hard thrust, Mr. Smith's 9 inch long, thick, hard prick was slammed into her cunt. Mr. Smith had the thickest, longest cock that had ever invaded her pussy, and she growled out at the splitting open of her tight walls and the smacking of his hips against her still tender well caned ass.

    She felt her pussy clamp around his cock, Mr. Smith grunted with pleasure at the tight clutch around his massive cock. Erika growled with pleasure as Mr. Smith's big cock began to pound her pussy, long, deep, and hard. Oh yes, she was getting her tight cunt fucked hard, the way she wanted to be fucked.

    "Fuck, oh fuck, yes, I'm getting the fuck I deserve, ram my cunt, fuck me hard, hammer my cunt!" Erika growled.

    "Oh yeah, gonna fuck your ass off, Miss Taylor!" Mr. Smith grunted.

    Erika could feel Heather's, soft, wet tongue licking eagerly at the juncture where her pussy was being jack hammered by Mr. Smith's cock. She felt that tongue, sliding along, then the sizzling buzz as Heather's tongue slid over her clit. Erika's cry of pleasure let Heather know she had found the spot, and she felt the loving, lingering licks that Heather was laving over her clit.

    Mr. Smith's 9 inch log gave her the deep, hard fucking, combined with her little lezzie girlfriend's licking of her clit, she could feel that wave racing at her, oh fuck, she was gonna explode.

    "Oh fuck, yes, oh my god, gonna cum, oh fuck, yes, yes, cumming yes, yes, YEEEESSSS!"

    Erika's voice rose up to a screech of pleasure, and she felt the gush of Mr. Smith's hot, wet load being pumped all over her walls, as Mr. Smith flooded her tight sugar walls with his cum, they responded with a gush of her own juices, and her cum splashed his plunging shaft. Her pussy was filled to the brim, and as Mr. Smith pulled out, the flood of combined juices poured out, giving Heather a rich, juicy facial. The taste of Erika and Mr. Smith's cum together was amazing, and Heather eagerly sucked it down.

    Erika spun around, and licked up the load that covered her face, then fed it to Heather, their tongues once again swirling through the mixed cum, sharing it up. Erika had discovered that her juices tasted fantastic, and when Mr. Smith's cum was added in, ah perfection. They lingered in the afterglow, nuzzling each other gently.

    Before they left Mr. Smith's house, he had delivered another set of "6 of the best" to Erika and Heather's asses, and they were eager to get fucked and filled again, and Mr. Smith obliged, ramming their gushing cunts, until he blew another scorching load deep inside each of them.

    Just before they left, Mr. Smith presented each of them them with their own canes. Erika and Heather grinned, feeling that cane in their hands, oh yes, they may no longer be under the not so tender ministrations of Mr. Smith's caning, but, now they had their own canes, the summer was just starting, and the red, heated glow of their asses would not be from the summer sun.

    The End
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    I bet Erika and Heather had one fan-fucking-tastic summer holiday together...

    Thanks for the hot read groomleader :)
    Don't worry... it only seems kinky the first time ;)


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