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    Male Masturbation Story

    Morning Glory!

    The morning sun shone in through the curtains, bringing the freshness of a new day into the bedroom. As I laid there, my eyes began to gently stir, opening softly to the light inside the room. Running my hand up and across my face, rubbing the sleep from my once weary eyes.

    The bed sheets across my naked body that laid below, as I let out a soft yawn, covering my mouth just a second after it began, catching my hot breath upon the palm of my hand. I stretched out, breaking a gentle moan as my body broke out in every direction.

    Looking down upon the bed, just like every morning since it first began, the slight rise in the bed sheets below, the 'tent' shape design from the hardened tool of man's body that was filled full of blood and ready to begin a new day. It's instant reaction to a new morning, as to almost all men will agree, almost a wake up alarm clock of it's own desires.

    I slipped my hand under the covers across my naked chest, and rolled it down across my body. The palm of my hand slowly rolled it's way across the length of my hardened cock that stood to it's attention like any good soldier would do. Forcing it down as I ran my hand back and forth, my foreskin already rolled back, and the head of my cock exposed and sensitive to the touch.

    I rolled my other hand under the sheets, gently gliding the palm across my chest, up and across my nipples, which by now were beginning to gently harden from the cool air. Running my finger in a small circle around one of my nipples, before raising my hand, and slipping a finger inside my mouth for a second, wetting the fingertip before sliding it back. The cold wetness aroused me even more as I spread the wet across my nipple, before moving over and repeating to the other side of my chest.

    My other hand still rolling back and forth across the top of my cock, pushing it down before it sprang back up after each thrust of force to push it. My hand then crossed to the side, slipping in and out, down and retracting back across the inner thighs of my legs. The top of my hand gently brushing against the hairy balls between my legs. The touch, sensations, of caressing and enjoying my own self touching of my body, arousing me, pleasing me and growing more warm inside of my body.

    My upper hand rolled down to join the other, as with it I began to gently run my palm across my balls, hairy and yet soft, occasionally cupping them in my palm and softly squeezing them. Each gentle squeeze accompanied by a soft moan of pleasure from between my lips. My other hand still caressing, smoothing it's way back and forth across my inner thighs.

    I closed my eyes, and began to live in the moment of pure pleasure that I was experiencing. One of my hands cupping and ever so gently squeezing my balls, caressing and playing with them. My other hand moved back, as I wrapped my fingers around the lowed end of the shaft of my cock, and tightened a little the grip around it. Although my cock was an average size of just over six inches in length, it was a little thicker than most as the tips of my fingertips touched each other around the side.

    With one hand gently playing with my hairy balls, rubbing them and squeezing them, my other hand began to move up across the length of shaft of my cock, and I began to slowly stroke my cock and jerk off. At first it was slow, gentle, my hand twisting as my arms stayed almost still in it's fixed position, my wrist twisting to accommodate the movement of my hand.

    I began to release soft warm air from between my lips, my body warming to this sensation of total sexual arousement of pleasure I was having with myself. I picked up pace after a few moments, my hand going a little faster, still gripped tightly around the foreskin of my cock, sliding it up and down. My cock, hard and thick in my hand, as it slid up and down, and I could feel the blood pumping through inside.

    I began to softly moan, breaks of gentle moans broke from between my lips as I picked up pace more. My one hand squeezing tighter against my balls, rubbing them harder and faster, as my other hand picked up pace even more. Up and down, sliding my cock between the palm of my hand, rubbing it and feeling the wonderful pleasure I was receiving. My moans breaking a little louder, as I picked up even faster.

    My hips began to gently roll with my body, forming a pumping action forcing my cock to thrust between my fingers of my grip around the shaft. Releasing gently the tightness of the grip for a while, as I used my body to forcefully thrust my cock back and forth, up and down between the grip wrapped around it. The imagination in my mind of fucking a girl's tight pussy, forcing my cock to penetrate deeper, harder, faster within her beautiful soft silky pussy of her body.

    My moans turned to louder more groans of sexual lust. I raised a hand up, and pulled the bed sheets down past my legs to my feet, laying there, completely naked as my body rocked off the soft mattress of the bed, bouncing and thrusting my cock up and down, between my hand.

    I thrust my head back, closing my eyes tight shut, opening my mouth as a loud groan exploded from within. I knew I was about to cum, as my cock began to bulge, thicken and shake. The head of my cock, shining in the morning sunlight that broke inside the room, almost ready to explode.

    I gave one huge long thrust, as my cock pounded deep and hard upwards in a motion of taking off as a huge wave of white cum exploded from the slit upon the tip of my cock, as it shot up through the air a few feet and landed backwards down upon my naked stomach.

    My body shook violently almost, as I let my hand take over once more, gripping it tight and thrusting it up and down, back and forth across the foreskin of my cock as a second, smaller wave of cum spewed out of the slit as it gently strolled down the sides, across the length of shaft of my cock, and my fingers, making it's way down to the hairy patch and my balls.

    I kept stroking, hard and fast, groans of ecstasy exploding from between my lips, my face showing pure pleasure of sexual delight I was experiencing. Cum spilling out and slipping away down all sides, leaving a mess around the patch of hair and balls, dripping down upon the sheets themselves.

    I give one last, hard thrust as my body lifted off the bed, as the last remaining drops of cum dribbled out of the tip of my cock, slipping away to join the rest of it's milky cum. My body crashed back down to the bed after a moment, my breathing hard and heavy, sweat pouring across my naked body everywhere.

    I laid there, my hard and thick cock still standing for a moment before it began to slowly succumb to it's gentle form of softness once more. My hand, with cum dripping off the edges onto my balls and bed sheets as I moved it to the side. I opened my eyes, looking down at the sticky mess that had been made, a little for the wear and unable to move at this time, as I laid there, closing my eyes, growing weary once more after jerking myself off hard and pleasurable as I began to gently fall asleep once again.
    “A true friend knows your weaknesses but shows you your strengths; feels your fears but fortifies your faith; sees your anxieties but frees your spirit; recognizes your disabilities but emphasizes your possibilities.” - William Arthur Ward

    "Science may have found a cure for most evils; but it has found no remedy for the worst of them all - the apathy of human beings." - Helen Keller

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    Thanks John

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    Great new addition

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    Good morning :wanker:

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    Thank you for the story.



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