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    Challenge Entry – Chapter II

    Apologies in advance – I threw this together this afternoon and didn’t really get a chance to have a good read through before I posted it. Hope its alright, and I hope it may inspire another entry or two in our SSP Writers Challenge.


    On hearing the front door close as John left for the another one his sessions at the gym, Gloria allowed herself a moment to voice her frustration and built up tension, and the need she felt coursing through her body.

    She had been for the past 18 years, a good wife, a loving mother, and she had been faithful to her Husband. But there were days when her loyalty was held by a single thread, and long dark hours when it was almost shattered as she laid beside John in the dead of night, her body burning with unsated need, as passion and lust brought a hot flush and beads of sweat over her bare skin.

    Gloria still loved her Husband dearly, so she never let him know how unsatisfied she was. She had turned to the internet to find solutions and all she ever seemed to find we ads promising to make her Johns cock longer and thicker, but she knew that anything that sounded too good to be true was not the solution to her needs.

    While researching online, she found some adult toy stores, story forums and adult videos, all accessible with a click of a mouse and occasionally her credit card details. To get through the long nights, Gloria discovered that with the aid of some toys and her newly unlocked imagination, she was able to fantasise her way to the release her body craved. It was not as good as the real thing, but until the time came that she could get the courage up to talk to John about her needs and her new desires – this was a solution to help scratch her itch.

    Over the last few weeks, Gloria’s fantasy had been evolving, and she had recently brought new toys to go with her new desires. To start with she dreamt about men with huge cocks filling her to the brim, expanding her pussy to accommodate their huge poles as they thrust into her over and over again. She had brought herself to many a orgasm, as she imagined the feel of their fingers kneading her breasts, or pulling her nipples, she would drive her faithful rabbit into her heated and wet pussy and she rubbed furiously at her clit.

    Though over the last few weeks her Husband had been making a cameo into her daylight dreams. She would fuck herself slowly with her vibrator, revelling in the feel of it forcing its way in and out, while she imagined it was one of the big muscled guys from her John’s gym….

    “mmmm… Nathan, that’s it, oh yes, please fuck me!”

    Nathan grabbed Gloria’s hips tighter as he slid his cock deeper into her wet cunt. He couldn’t believe how his morning was turning out. He was supposed to be picking up John for the gym, but after running late due to a flat tyre he now found himself buried in his wife.

    Bent over the back of the sofa, with her skirt up around her waist and her panties pushed to one side, Gloria pushed back to meet his cock at every thrust. She was wild with need and full of lust for Nathan, and for his cock, and her surprise and guilt over her actions were quickly washed away with the first real orgasm that raced through her body.

    She couldn’t believe the feeling of pleasure that engulfed her as her mind shut down on her for just a moment while she gave herself over to the release and she cried out in joy as she began to lose hold of the sofa.

    Nathan caught hold of her before she completely let go, and with a smile he picked her up in his arms and asked her to point out the bedroom. Gloria was glad for the few moments of respite, but was yearning to have his cock fill her once more.

    Once they reached the bedroom, she asked him to lay on the bed. Slowly, she unzipped her skirt and let it fall over her hips to the floor, then she took her time to undo each of the buttons on her shirt before letting it fall from her shoulders to join her skirt. She knew she still looked pretty good, and she enjoy the gaze of Nathan on her body.

    Unhooking her bra, she threw it down onto the pile before she turned her back to Nathan and bent at the waist, while sliding her panties down her thighs. She heard him suck in a breath, and smiled to herself as she stepped out of the pile of clothes and moved towards the bed. His magnificent cock was standing tall and proud and she crawled over him and brought her mouth down to him.

    Gloria ran her tongue along his length, tasting herself on every glorious inch of him. She traced veins from the head to his balls, then she lovingly caressed each one in turn with her lips and tongue. Kissing and licking her way back along his shaft, she then parted her mouth and slowly sucked him deep into her throat.

    He gasped as his cocked touched the back of her throat, and his fingers locked themselves in her hair as his hips now thrust to meet her mouth. She was driving him wild we the gentle suction of her mouth as her tongue continued to tease, and before long he had to stop her as he didn’t want to come in her mouth.

    “Please Gloria, come up here and slide that hot pussy down my cock!”

    Gloria relinquished her mouths hold over Nathan’s cock, and moved along his body to position herself above his cock. She couldn’t believe the anticipation she felt, but she knew just how good he was going to make her feel.

    She moaned out as the head of his cock, pushed it’s way past her passion filled folds as she slowly sand down his shat until her arse rested on his thighs. After spending a minute adjusting to his girth once more, Gloria began to rock her hips as Nathan pulled her down to him.

    Locked in their embrace, Nathan explored her mouth with his tongue as his index finger went in search of her tightly puckered arse. Gloria tensed slightly at this new sensation, but was soon moaning at the pressure. Soon she found herself pushing against his finger and almost came the second his finger briefly penetrated her.

    As the sounds of their bodies coming together and the moans of their pleasure, they both failed to notice the return of Gloria’s Husband.

    John stood in the bedroom door in complete shock as he watched his wife’s tight, hot cunt sliding up and down the length of Nathan’s monster cock. There was no denying he was aroused, as his cock was hard and looking for its own release as he was finally able to see his wife receive all the pleasure he wanted to give her.

    Quietly he removed his clothes before he stepped further into the room. Just before he got to the foot of the bed, Nathan did notice his presence but John flicked him a smile and made a “Shh” motion as he moved in closer behind his wife.

    He couldn’t believe just how much he was turned on at this moment, his cock felt 6 foot long and as he watched Nathan’s finger probed at the entrance of Gloria’s arse his cock leapt at the thought of driving himself deep into her tight little arse.

    Gloria felt the pressure on the bed, but was too far gone in her orgasm for it to completely register, that was until she felt her John’s hands on her hips as he pushed his cock against her arsehole. The realisation sent another wave of pleasure through her body, as she pushed herself back onto her Husband’s cock.

    As each inch filled her, Gloria was overwhelmed with the sensations flooding her body. She had never felt so much pleasure before, nor had she ever felt so full as both cocks worked out a rhythm as the fucked her over and over again. Nathan cried out his release as he filled her throbbing pussy, and Gloria soon came again, and as she did the sensations soon pushed John over the edge as he filled her arse with his come.

    They were a mess of tangled limbs, sweaty bodies and come, and Gloria was for the first time completely satisfied, and as she felt her Husband’s fingers gently stroking her side, she knew that they had found a solution to the problems they were experiencing in their bedroom.

    Waking from her orgasm induced nap, Gloria stretch and rolled over in her bed to see her John looking down at her, naked and with a vibrator still in her pussy and a small dildo lodged in her arse.

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    Good story... is there More...
    Just the Rantings of a Horny Old man hpy!



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