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    (MikeyBear) My Vacation (incest)

    My Vacation
    By MikeyBear

    Part 1

    My name is Mike. This is the story of my summer vacation when I was
    15. As we did every year, our family had rented a beach house for two
    weeks with my mother's brother, Dave, his wife Pat and their thirteen
    year old daughter Pam. My parents, and my sister Sarah, also
    thirteen, and I would pack up the family station wagon and drive ten
    hours from our home to the beach. In the past this had been fun, but
    this year I felt I was too grown-up to be going to the beach with my
    parents. Besides, I was leaving my girlfriend at home and I was going
    to miss several ball games.

    I also knew that I would have no privacy on this trip, meaning that I
    would not be able to engage in the favorite activity of every fifteen
    year old male, jacking off. Since I had learned about this
    wonderful practice about a year before, I had become an addict,
    sometimes pulling my pud two or three times per day. Since the beach
    house we rented only had two bedrooms, which the adults claimed, Pam,
    Sarah and I were forced to sleep in the living room. The two girls
    would share the fold-out sofa while I was relegated to the floor on an
    air mattress. It also only had one bathroom, so taking it up for any
    amount of time would earn you a quick knock on the door and a "Are you
    going to be in there forever?" At this point, I figured if I had to
    go two weeks, my balls would explode.

    So I spent the first day letting my parents know how miserable I was
    and that I was much too old to be coming on these family vacations.
    Although I was actually enjoying swimming and body surfing in the
    ocean, I was careful to keep up my defiant facade whenever anyone was
    around. Sarah was not making it any easier on me. I noticed for the
    first time that she was beginning to develop into a young woman. The
    top of her bathing suit was now covering two small mounds about the
    size of a small orange cut in half. Her previously bony ass had also
    filled out, and was now nicely filling the bottom of her bathing suit.
    I found myself having to stand in chest deep water waiting for my
    hard-on to subside before I could come out of the water.

    Things got even worse the second day when my uncle's family showed up.
    My cousin Pam, who had always been a little on the chunky side, was
    unrecognizable. She had lost the baby fat, the braces and the goofy
    glasses. Her hair was now long and straight, and a deep strawberry
    blonde color. Her tits were an amazing half grapefruit size, and her
    ass and hips were well rounded and filled out her shorts atop slim,
    muscular legs. By the time I saw her in a bathing suit that
    afternoon, my dick was screaming for attention. I was in even more
    pain that night. When Pam and Sarah came to bed in the living room,
    they were both wearing long T-shirts. I could definitely see Sarah's
    erect nipples through the thin cotton shirt. I fell asleep with my
    dick buried in the air mattress so they could not see it.

    My chance for relief came the next morning. The adults announced that
    they were going shopping and sightseeing that day, but that we could
    stay and go to the beach. Mom told the girls that they were only to
    go in the water if I was there. As soon as they left, I told Pam and
    Sarah to go ahead to the beach and that I would be along in a few
    minutes. As I watched them out the window, they walked onto the beach
    and spread out their towels. As soon as they laid down, I got into my
    suitcase and pulled out some porn magazine pages that I had hidden in
    it. I didn't really need them as my cock was already harder than
    Chinese arithmetic. I went to my parents bedroom, stopping to grab
    some tissues on my way. I dropped my swim suit to my ankles and laid
    back on the bed. My six inch hard-on was straining as I slowly began
    to stroke it. I could feel the cum already rising in my balls, so I
    stopped for a minute. I knew this was going to be one of the most
    intense orgasms of my life. I was looking at the pictures I had, but
    pictures of Pam's magnificent tits kept running through my mind.

    Finally, I could not stand it anymore and began to stroke my dick in
    earnest. As I felt the cum begin to rise up through my hard shaft, I
    heard a gasp at the door. The first glob of cum exploded out of my
    slit and splashed all over my chin and throat. As a second spurt came
    out I looked up and saw Pam and Sarah standing in the doorway! I was
    too far gone to do anything but continue to stroke, as spurt after
    spurt of white jizm splashed on my chest, stomach and belly. As the
    final globs leaked out of my now softening cock, I looked at the two
    girls. Both were wide-eyed in amazement. And as I started to say
    something to them, both turned and ran out the door.

    I laid there for a couple of minutes, wondering what would happen. I
    was sure Sarah would tell my parents, and I would face hell for this.
    I took the tissues and began to wipe up the now thinning semen from my
    body. I had never cum that much in my life. I ended up jumping into
    the shower and washing off. I pulled my swim trunks on and headed for
    the beach. I knew I needed to do some kind of damage control to keep
    the girls from telling Mom and Dad about what they saw. As I walked
    onto the beach and headed to where the girls were laying on their
    towels, my mind was racing. I was ready to strike any kind of deal
    they wanted to keep them from telling my parents. As I neared their
    towel, Pam and Sarah jumped up and ran toward the surf.

    I spread out my towel and sat down, wondering what I could say to
    them. I must have sat there for fifteen or twenty minutes just
    staring into space. My reverie was broken when Pam walked back up the
    beach and sat down on her towel. "How's the water?" I asked. "It's
    great. Why didn't you come join us?" Pam replied. "I wanted to get
    some sun," I said. "Where is Sarah?" "She had to go to the bathroom,
    so she went up to the house." It was obvious that our conversation
    was strained.

    "Pam, I .........., I mean .......," I stuttered, "Please don't tell
    Mom and Dad what you saw. They'll kill me!"
    Pam was blushing and looked away from me. "We won't tell on you,
    don't worry," she said. As I breathed a sigh of relief, Pam asked,
    "Is that what boys call ....... jacking off?" I was stunned to hear
    her ask me that. "Yeah," I mumbled, not sure what to think. She was
    looking straight at me now. I was looking at her deep green eyes,
    which seemed to have a sparkle to them. "Can I ask you a question,"
    she started, "I mean, I don't want you to think I'm stupid or
    anything, but...." She paused for a second, obviously embarrassed.
    "Isn't it kind of uncomfortable having all that down there, I mean
    doesn't it hurt when it gets all hard like that?" "No, I mean, if it
    gets caught in your underwear or something, but......"

    I think we were both blushing deep red as this conversation took
    place. About that time Sarah came back and dropped down on her towel
    next to Pam. As if Sarah wasn't there, Pam continued. " I couldn't
    believe how much stuff came out when you ..... you know." "It's
    called cumming," I said. Not only was I embarrassed about this
    discussion, but I found myself slowly getting hard under my swim
    trunks. My lengthening dick was getting tangled in the liner of my
    swim trunks. I tried shifting around, but soon my rock hard dick was
    extremely uncomfortable. I also noticed for the first time that Pam's
    nipples were sticking out and stretching the front of her bathing

    I finally could not stand it any more and I had to adjust my hard-on.
    Of course, this drew the girl's attention to my crotch. Both of them
    noticed the bulge that now occupied my lap. "Are you hard again?" Pam
    asked. " I can't help it," I replied, "It just happens." Both were
    staring at me, so I rolled over onto my stomach to hide my
    predicament. "Doesn't that hurt?" asked Sarah. It floored me that my
    own kid sister would ask me about something like that. "No, it's OK,"
    I said ashamedly. Then I heard the words that would change my life.
    "Can we see it?" Pam asked. I was flabbergasted! "I don't ......
    I..I..I..I mean ....... I can't ..... I can't just pull it out here,"
    I said. "Of course not here, silly," Pam said, "We can go back up to
    the house." I didn't know what to say but, "OK, lets go."

    Pam and Sarah jumped up, grabbed their towels and began to run up to
    the house. I stood up, and holding my towel in front of my crotch,
    began to trot after them. When I got to the house, the girls were
    sitting on the couch in the living room, whispering and giggling to
    each other. I stood in front of them, not knowing what to do. "Come
    on, we want to see it," Sarah said ******dly. "Yeah, come on," said
    Pam. My brain was in a fog by this time. These two cute little
    nymphs were asking me to drop my pants and show them my cock. I
    pulled the drawstring loose and pushed the trunks down over my hips.
    My hard-on had softened a little, and was sticking straight out from
    my body. The girls starred wide eyed as my cock slowly hardened the
    rest of the way. Soon it was sticking straight up in the air, and I
    swear it was an inch longer than ever before.

    Pam leaned forward to the edge of the couch, examining my member more
    closely. I took a small step closer the them. Pam then reached out
    an touched it with a finger, slowly tracing her way from the head down
    to the base. A small drop of pre-cum appeared at the slit in the deep
    purple head of my dick. I felt Sarah's hand as she reached up and
    softly cupped my balls. "Gosh, it's hot," said Pam. She slowly
    wrapped her hand around my aching hard-on and began to stroke it up
    and down. "Is this how I do it?" she asked. "OH YEAH!" I replied. I
    stepped another step closer as she continued. "Let me try," said
    Sarah. Pam gave up her grip on me and Sarah took my hard dick into
    her small hand. Her grip was a little bit tighter, and she pulled it
    away from my belly as she began to stroke it.

    It didn't take very long. After only a dozen or so strokes I could
    feel my balls start to contract. "I'm going to cum!" I gasped. I
    don't think Sarah understood what I meant. As she continued to stroke
    my hard-on, a glob of thick, white cum exploded from the head and
    splashed onto Pam's cheek. The second spurt hit Sarah on the
    shoulder, and a third hit her chest. Both of the girls seemed
    spellbound as Sarah continued to milk the thick jizm from my cock.
    The spurts subsided until the thick liquid drooled out of my slit and
    oozed over Sarah's hand. "WOW!" Pam said. I just stood there
    weak-kneed as my little sister finally let go of my now wilting
    hard-on. Pam reached out with her tongue and licked up the glob that
    was starting to run down her cheek. "Ummmm ... not bad," she said.
    "Try some Sarah."

    Sarah tentatively licked a little bit of the thick white fluid off her
    hand. "It's real sticky and hot," she said as Pam leaned over and
    rubbed another glob from my sister's shoulder. I finally just
    collapsed and sat down on the floor in front of them. "I can't
    believe how much there is," Pam remarked. Sarah wiped the mess from
    her hand onto the towel she had wrapped around her waist. "That was
    great Mike," Pam said, can you do it again?"

    I was sitting on the floor with my swimsuit around my ankles and a
    stunned look on my face. I had just jacked off all over my little
    sister and my cousin! A small drop of white jizm was slowly running
    down Sarah's chest between her small breasts. I now knew that there
    was no way they were going to tell Mom and Dad on me. This thought
    suddenly brought a great idea to my head.

    "I can do it again, but first you have to show me something," I said.
    "What do you mean?" asked Pam. "Well, you've seen me naked, so it's
    only fair that I get to see you two naked," I replied. I expected to
    hear a lot of stammering and excuses. The two girls looked at each
    other for a second and I saw Pam wink at Sarah. "OK," Pam said,
    "That's fair."

    I could not believe my luck. Pam reached behind her back and popped
    loose the catch on her bikini top. She shrugged her shoulders and the
    bright blue material fell away, revealing two perfectly shaped
    breasts. They were the size of half grapefruits, and stood out white
    against her lightly tanned skin. Her nipples were coral colored
    circles the size of half dollars, the middles of which were turning
    hard, about the size of my little finger. As I took at these two
    lovely orbs, Pam stood up, and hooking her thumbs in the sides of her
    bikini bottoms, stripped them to her ankles, then stepped out of them.

    She was standing right in front of me with her pussy at eye level.
    Her mound was covered with a soft covering of blond hair. I could see
    the slit which ran down between her legs, then blossomed out into soft
    shaped petals. The hair around these petals was matted with moisture.
    I reached up and slowly ran my hand up her inner thigh until I touched
    the soft outer lips of her pussy. As I ran a finger through the small
    slit, the lips split, revealing a bright pink patch with a tiny red
    button on the top. Pam quivered and moaned slightly as my finger
    nudged her bright red clit. My hand was wet and slippery with her
    juices. I slid my hand back down between her legs, and the tip of my
    finger slipped into the juicy hole at the bottom.

    "Wow!" I mumbled as she sat down beside me on the floor. I had never
    seen a real live naked girl before. My girlfriend would let me feel
    her tiny tits through her bra, but the one time I had slipped my hand
    under it she had pulled my hand away. Now I was sitting on the floor
    with my finger sunk to the first knuckle in my thirteen year-old
    cousin's cunt. I pulled my finger out of her dripping pussy and moved
    my hand up to her soft breast. I cupped it gently, nudging the nipple
    with my thumb. The nipple lengthened and hardened as I ran my thumb
    around it slowly. "Oooohh ..... that feels good," Pam whispered as I
    brought my other arm around her back and cupped her other soft breast.
    I couldn't believe how soft but firm they were. I rolled her nipples
    between my thumb and forefinger as they hardened into small nubs the
    size of piece of chalk.

    "OK, your turn Sarah," Pam said. As Sarah tentatively stood up, Pam
    dropped her hand into my lap and wrapped her fingers around my
    recovering cock. Sarah pulled the strap of her one piece bathing suit
    off of her shoulder. She hesitated for a second, then pulled it down
    exposing one small breast. She tugged the strap off of her other
    shoulder and both of her petite tits were now in view. Her small
    mounds were the size of a half orange. They stood out a stark white
    to her darkly tanned body. Her nipples were bright pink, but only the
    size of dimes. The centers were erect, about the size of pencil
    erasers. She pushed the suit down over her hips, then bent over and
    pushed it to the floor. Her cunny mound was very pronounced, and
    almost bald. A few wisps of dark brown hair, the same as on her head,
    were visible at the very top of her slit.

    I couldn't believe my luck. A couple of hours ago I though I was dead
    after being caught jacking off by my little sister and my cousin. Now
    I was sitting on the floor, massaging Pam's magnificent tits while
    Sarah was standing naked in front of me. To beat it all, Pam was
    slowly stroking my now fully hard dick with her hand.

    "OHMIGOD!" Sarah shouted as she saw our parent's station wagon turn
    into the driveway of the cottage. "THEY'RE HOME!" She reached down
    and grabbed her bathing suit and headed for the bathroom. Pam did the
    same, scrambling to grab her suit and run into one of the bedrooms. I
    rolled over on the floor and pulled my swim trunks up. My hard-on had
    wilted immediately when Sarah had yelled. I popped up and sat down on
    the couch.

    A minute later, mom and dad, and my uncle and aunt walked into the
    cottage, just as Pam came out of the bedroom, her bathing suit now
    back in place. "I thought you would be at the beach," Aunt Pat said.
    Sarah came out of the bathroom, her swim suit now covering her sleek
    young body. "We came up to get something to eat and use the
    bathroom," Pam quickly piped up. "We were just getting ready to go
    back." "I guess we'll join you," said my mom, "the mall was closed
    because of some stupid bomb threat." The girls and I grabbed our
    towels and headed for the beach. "That was close!" Pam said. "Yeah,"
    I replied, "almost too close." "Maybe they will try to shop again
    tomorrow," Sarah said, "then we can try that again." My heart was
    racing (and my prick throbbing) when I heard those words. This would
    not be the end of my adventure. We jumped up and raced into the water
    as our parents made their way down to the beach.

    Part 2

    I didn't have to wait to see if our parents would go shopping the next
    day. That night we had a big cookout with steaks and homemade ice
    cream. About 10:00, the adults decided they had a long day and headed
    for bed. Sarah and Pam opened up the sofa bed and took their turns in
    the bathroom getting ready for bed. I went behind the counter in the
    kitchen and slid off my clothes and put on a pair of gym shorts. Mom
    had pulled the air mattress I slept on out of their bedroom and
    spread sheets on it. I crawled onto the mattress and a couple of
    minutes later the girls came out and climbed into their bed. Dad
    turned out the lights and headed for bed. I must have been pretty
    tired, because I fell asleep almost immediately.

    I awoke with a start when I felt someone kneel down on the mattress
    next to me. "Shhhhhh... be quite," Pam whispered softly. She pulled
    back the sheet and laid down next to me. "Can I lay here with you?"
    she asked quietly. "What about Sarah?" I asked back. "She's dead to
    the world," Pam replied. "I got up to go pee and she never even

    As Pam snuggled in next to me, my dick quickly started to harden. I
    slid my arms around her and we started to make out. She kissed with a
    very wide open mouth, her tongue darting around inside my mouth. I
    dropped my hand and cupped her firm young breast. Her nipples were
    already hard, tenting out her nightshirt. "Wait a second," she said.
    She sat up and pulled the shirt over her head, revealing her pale body
    in the soft light coming in the window. "That's better," she said as
    she lay back down. Our mouths and tongues came back together and my
    hand went back to her soft breast. Her hands ran down my back and
    began to push my gym shorts down. I tried to help her with my free
    hand, and soon they were down around my ankles.

    After a couple more minutes of making out, I lowered my lips and took
    one of her hard nipples into my mouth. This was more than I had ever
    dreamed of! She moaned softly as I ran my tongue around her hard bud.
    My fingers were busy with her other nipple, rolling and pulling on it.
    Her hand had found my now throbbing hard-on. Pam gently spread the
    pre-cum around the head and stroked it up and down. I switched my
    mouth to her other nipple, bringing new moans from her. My now free
    hand moved down to her hip, then between her legs. Pam shifted a
    little bit so she could open her legs wider, allowing me better access
    to her female treasures. I followed her soft pubic hair until I felt

    As my finger slowly moved down through her slit, she pulled my head
    back up and kissed me hard. I could hear her moaning into my mouth as
    ran my finger over the hard nub of her clit. A little further down,
    I easily slid into her sopping wet pussy. After a couple of short
    strokes, my finger was completely buried in her hot box. I quickly
    added a second finger. We both began to masturbate each other. I
    moved my thumb up to where it would contact her clit, bringing a loud
    moan from her. "Shhhh .... quiet," I whispered to her.

    Her hand was now pounding up and down on my swollen cock. I knew I
    couldn't hold on much longer. Pam suddenly began to buck her hips
    against my hand, grinding it into her hot blonde pussy. I covered her
    lips with mine as she arched her back. I could feel the muscles in
    her cunny clamp down on my fingers as an orgasm spread over her body.
    About that time, I felt the familiar rush as my hot jism exploded from
    my cock and covered her beautiful young tits. She continued to milk
    spurt after spurt of my hot juice all over her stomach and belly. She
    collapsed onto her back, and I collapsed on top of her. We kissed
    hungrily, our tongues fighting. Our bodies were crushed together, my
    sperm smearing between our chests.

    I slowly rolled off of her, out of breath and panting. Pam was in the
    same condition, breathing deeply. We looked at each other and she
    smiled at me. "That was fantastic, I've never come that hard before,"
    she whispered to me. She propped herself up on her elbow, and leaned
    over and kissed me very softly. I reached up and ran a hand over her
    firm breast, now sticky with my juices. "I've never felt anything
    like that before," I said.

    As I pulled her back into my arms, we both froze as we heard the sound
    of a door opening! We heard footsteps pad down the hall, and then the
    bathroom door close and the light switch clicking on. Pam crept from
    the air mattress back onto the sofa bed she was sharing with Sarah.
    She pulled the sheet over her naked body, her nightshirt still in her
    hand. I watched the bathroom door through a crack between the sofa
    and another chair. I heard the water running in the sink, and the
    toilet flush. A moment later, the door opened and Aunt Pat slipped
    out. Just as she was turning off the light, I saw that she was
    buck-ass naked! She slipped back down the hall, and I heard one of
    the bedroom doors click shut. I guess I wasn't the only one getting
    lucky that night. A few minutes later, Pam got up and went to the
    bathroom to clean up. I found a beach towel and cleaned myself as
    well as possible, then slipped back into my shorts and under the
    covers. Pam came out a little later, this time back in her
    nightshirt. She leaned down and kissed me before she crawled into

    Unfortunately, the next day all of the adults stayed at the cottage.
    Late in the morning, Pam, Sarah and I headed for the beach. "Guess
    what we did last night," she said to Sarah. "What?" Sarah asked. Pam
    proceeded to tell her the whole story of the night before. I added
    the part about seeing Aunt Pat come out of the bathroom naked. "No
    way! said Pam. "That's not fair!" Sarah exclaimed, "What about my
    turn." "You snooze, you lose," Pam giggled, "but you'll get a
    chance." We spent the day playing in the surf and baking our bodies
    in the sun. One time when we were in the water, Pam came up beside
    me. "Did you really see my mom naked last night?" she asked. "Sure,"
    I replied, and told her about how she had opened the bathroom door and
    stepped out before she turned out the light. "She has nipples just
    like yours," I said, and real dark hair on her cunny." "She and Dad
    must have been screwing," Pam said, "Sometimes I hear them when we're
    at home and they think I'm asleep."

    That night, we all went out to dinner at a seafood restaurant, then
    went to the boardwalk and rode some of the rides. It was almost
    midnight when we got home, and everyone quickly changed and headed for
    bed. I laid on my mattress, wondering if there would be a repeat of
    the night before. I must of dozed off, but felt someone gently
    shaking my shoulder. "Shhhh ..... Wake up," Pam whispered. I opened
    my eyes and saw her and Sarah leaning over the edge of the bed.
    "Listen," she said. My ears adjusted to the quietness. Then I heard
    what she was whispering about. In the distance I could hear moaning.
    "Somebody's screwing," Pam said. I was fully awake now, and gaining
    my senses. Soon, I could hear it more clearly.

    A thought suddenly entered my head. "Come on," I said as I got up off
    the mattress. I lead the way to the front door and quietly opened it.
    I slowly pushed open the screen door, which squeaked softly as it
    opened. I led the two girls out onto the porch and let the screen
    door shut softly behind them. "This way," I whispered and motioned
    towards the side of the house. We tiptoed around the corner of the
    porch that surrounded the house. We could hear the moaning a little
    louder now. (The house was not air conditioned so the windows were
    open. This was the early seventies, and no one thought about the
    danger.) I eased up to the window outside Pam's parents room. Making
    sure I wouldn't cause a shadow in the room, I knelt down and crawled
    up to the window on my knees. I raised my head and looked in. In the
    dim light that filtered in from outside, I could see Aunt Pat laying
    on the bed, and Uncle Dave's head was buried between her thighs!

    I felt Pam touch me on the shoulder. I looked back at her, and she
    was motioning me to move over. I eased on past the window, and she
    and Sarah crawled up. Both of the girls raised their heads and looked
    into the dark room. As their eyes adjusted to the dark, I heard
    Sarah suddenly gasp. I ducked down, afraid that we had been caught.
    In a moment, Pam tapped me on the shoulder and pointed back to the
    window. I raised back up just as Uncle Dave lifted his head up from
    Aunt Pat's lap. He started crawling up her body, then straddled her
    chest. I could see his swollen dick stretched out from his body. Pat
    leaned forward, and pulling on it with one hand, eased his dick into
    her mouth! Dave put his hand behind her head and helped her gobble
    down more of his enormous cock. I looked at the two girls. Both were
    staring at the scene, their jaws dropped in disbelief.

    After a couple of minutes, Dave disengaged himself from Pat's hungry
    mouth and moved back down her body. She spread her legs and pulled
    her knees up. I could see Dave grab his cock and move it back and
    forth across her pussy. Then, when he was situated, he eased forward,
    driving his hard spike deep into her waiting box. Pat let out a loud
    moan as Dave began to pump in and out of her. All three of stared
    transfixed on the scene in front of us. For five minutes we watched
    as Dave pounded into her. Pat wrapped her legs around his back and
    pulled him to her harder. Soft grunts and moans came from the room
    until we heard Pat suck in her breath sharply. Dave bent down and
    covered her mouth with his as he drove his hard cock into her as deep
    as he could, holding it there as Pat thrashed around under him.
    Finally, he collapsed on top of her.

    My touch broke Pam out of her trance. I pointed toward the front of
    the cottage. She nudged Sarah and all three of us quietly slipped
    away from the window and back to the front door. I eased open the
    screen door and we all scampered inside, quickly crawling back into
    our beds. A few minutes later, we heard a door open and Pat tiptoed
    down the hall to the bathroom. She stayed in there for a few minutes.
    This time she turned off the light before she opened the door. I
    waited a couple of minutes until she had gone back to the bedroom,
    then looked up on the sofa-bed at the two girls. To my extreme
    disappointment, both were fast asleep. I rolled over and soon fell
    asleep too, my hard cock throbbing and dreaming of watching my Uncle
    and Aunt fuck each other.

    Part 3

    Soon after a big breakfast the next morning, Dad and Uncle Dave
    announced they were going to play golf. Mom and Aunt Pat said they
    would drop them off before they went shopping and then pick them up
    when they were finished. I knew this meant they would be gone at
    least five hours. I studied Aunt Pat a little closer than I had
    before. She was dressed in a pair of shorts and a tank top. For the
    first time I noticed how well endowed she was. The quick image I had
    seen of her naked two nights before came back to my mind. I
    remembered that her large tits were topped with big nipples, just like
    her daughter Pam's. I also remembered a thick dark bush between her
    legs, very different from the short blonde hair on her head. I could
    feel my dick start to lengthen under my shorts as I remembered her
    slurping on Dave's cock the night before.

    "What are you kids going to do today?" Mom asked. "We're going to the
    beach," Pam quickly piped up, "and then maybe ride the bikes down to
    the boardwalk." "Well, stay out of trouble," Aunt Pat said, "and
    don't you two girls go in the water unless Mike is there." "Okay,"
    they replied. "Can we have some money for the boardwalk?" asked
    Sarah. Dad pulled out his wallet and gave each of us five dollars.
    "That ought to take care of you for a while," he said. About a half
    hour later, the adults loaded up in the car and took off.

    The two girls came over and sat on either side of me on the couch.
    "Can you believe what we saw last night?" Pam asked. "I can't believe
    how big his thing was," piped up Sarah, "It looked a foot long." "I
    can't believe you two fell asleep!" I said. "OH .... you poor thing!"
    Pam said sarcastically. "Did you see her lick his thing, that seems
    gross." "Yeah ... but was licking hers too," I said. "Maybe we could
    try it and see what its like."

    Pam stood up and pulled on my arm. "Well, we do have all day," she
    said. Sarah followed us as she led me through the house and into her
    parents room. "We have this too," she said, pointing at the bed we
    had watched her parents fuck in the night before. Pam reached down to
    the hem of her nightshirt and pulled it over her head. She was
    wearing only a pair of bikini panties under it. Sarah did the same,
    only her panties were a more sedate cotton type. "Now you," Sarah
    said. The two girls grabbed the waist of my gym shorts and pulled
    them down. My hard-on snapped back up against my belly. "Is this
    thing ever soft?" Pam asked jokingly. I pulled them both down onto
    the bed with me, and we wrestled and giggled for a little while.
    There was much grabbing of private parts, and tickling going on. We
    finally calmed down a little, and I pulled Pam to me and kissed her.
    She broke away and said, "Don't forget Sarah."

    I reached up and pulled my little sister down into my arms and kissed
    her. Her kiss was very different from Pam's, much softer and not as
    open mouthed. As our tongues jabbed at each other, I sought out her
    small breast. My hand easily covered it, her hard nipple pushing into
    my palm. I rolled the nipple between my thumb and forefinger,
    bringing a squeal from Sarah. I moved my lips down and took one of
    the hard nubs into my mouth, jabbing at it with my tongue. I could
    feel Pam's hand rubbing my hard-on, feeling the throbbing head, then
    cupping my balls. But when I slid my hand down to Sarah's pussy, I
    found another hand already there! I glanced down and saw Pam pull her
    hand away to let me have access to my little sister's cunny. Only a
    few tendrils of pubic hair were at the very top of her slit. The rest
    of her mound was bare. I slid a finger down between her legs and
    softly probed for her hole. She was already soaking wet, and I had no
    problem sliding into her hot box. About two inches in, my finger came
    to an obstruction. I knew now that my little sister was definitely a
    virgin as I probed around her maidenhead.

    My thumb found the bump at the top of her slit, and I began to massage
    her swollen clit. Within a minute, she began to hump against my hand
    as an orgasm built inside her. She let go with a loud moan, and her
    thighs clamped together, trapping my hand. I continued to thumb her
    clit until she finally rolled over and pushed me away. She laid on
    the bed gasping for breath, her legs firmly clamped together. Pam and
    I watched as she slowly came back to earth. "Oh God!" Sarah
    whispered, "Oh God, that was ...... Oh Wow... that's never happened
    before." "You've never had an orgasm before?" Pam asked in disbelief.
    "Wasn't it wonderful!" "Yes .... I can't believe it, I couldn't
    breathe," replied Sarah.

    Pam had stopped stroking my dick for a minute, but started up again.
    I reached down and began to toy with her hard nipples. "Want to try
    what we saw last night?" Pam asked. "Sure," I said, hoping my first
    blow job was on the way. "I'm first," she said, taking command. She
    put her hands on my chest and pushed me back on the bed. Her head
    bent down and she began kissing me at my belly button. But instead of
    going further down, she kissed her way up my chest. After kissing me
    on the mouth and forehead, she worked her way up, stopping for a
    minute to let me suck on her swollen nipples. She then straddled my
    shoulders, and I was staring straight at her gorgeous blonde cunt, her
    lips already puffed up and the blonde hair matted with wetness.

    She slowly lowered herself down to where I could reach her with my
    mouth. I stuck out my tongue and tentatively took a lick at one of
    her bloated pussy lips. The taste wasn't bad, a little on the tangy
    side, and the smell was not overpowering as I had heard it was
    supposed to be. I began to play with her cunt lips, flicking back and
    forth. I would occasionally reach up and stab at the swollen bud that
    was peeking out from under it's fleshy hood. I finally wrapped my
    arms around her thighs and pulled her down to where I could get the
    bud into my mouth. I nipped at it with my teeth, then got it between
    my lips and gently sucked on it. I could hear Pam moaning and
    squealing, and she started grinding her cunt into my face. After a
    moment, I let up on her clit and switched my attention to the
    shimmering hole at the bottom of her slit. I stabbed my tongue into
    her as far as it would go, lapping up her juices. Pam was wiggling
    and jerking around on top of me as I continued my attack.

    Suddenly, I realized that my own dick was being surrounded by a liquid
    warmth. I finally realized that my first blow job was coming from my
    little sister, not my cousin as I had expected. I felt her tongue lap
    around the swollen head as if it was a lollipop. She then lowered her
    mouth and took me between her lips. She slid down and took a couple
    of inches into her mouth, then gagged slightly. She backed off a
    little, then slid me back into her warm mouth. Her fingers wrapped
    around the base of my dick and she began to jack me off as she sucked
    and licked my throbbing dick. Meanwhile, I could feel Pam's thighs
    tightening around my ears. I moved my mouth up and sucked her hard
    clit between my lips. Her hands reached behind my head and pulled,
    grinding my mouth into her sopping cunt. Her juices flowed all over
    my face as she bucked and shivered through a massive climax.

    As Pam rolled off of me, I was able to look down and see Sarah as she
    bobbed up and down on my steel hard cock. She was now able to get at
    least three inches into her mouth. I began to feel that familiar
    tingle in my balls. "Watch out Sarah, I'm going to cum!" I said.
    Sarah pulled back just as the first spurt of sperm came exploding from
    my cock, hitting her squarely in the mouth. The next hit her just
    beside the nose, and the third flew into her short brown hair. By the
    time I finished, her face was covered with my juice. Pam looked at
    her and began to laugh. It was an amazing sight, my little sister, her
    face covered with my cum, still slowly jacking my soft cock up and
    down. "Hold still", Pam said as she scrambled down the bed. She
    began to lick the thick fluid from Sarah's face. When she finished
    there, she bent down, and removing Sarah's hand from my soft dick,
    gently began to wash it with her tongue. When she had finished, she
    had eaten almost the entire load. But her oral techniques had also
    hardened my cock once again.

    Normally, my cock took at least thirty minutes before it would even
    think of getting hard again. But, even though I had cum less than
    five minutes before, my tool was again hard as steel. Pam licked the
    last drop of cum off the head, then looked up and smiled at me. "That
    is fun," she said. "Now I know why Mom was doing that to Dad last

    I knew if I was ever going to have a chance, now was the time. I
    leaned down and pulled Pam's face up to mine and kissed her gently. I
    could taste my own juices in her mouth as we swapped tongues. I
    gently eased her back on the bed until we were laying side by side,
    still kissing and touching each other. Sarah's hands and mouth were
    busy too, her hands running from my chest to Pam's lovely tits, then
    back. I was sandwiched in between the two girls as we lay on the bed.
    Sarah would occasionally run her hand down and stroke my hard-on once
    or twice before returning to our chests. Gathering my courage, I
    rolled on top of Pam. Her legs spread, allowing me in between. Not
    really knowing what to do, I prodded her with the head of my dick as I
    tried to find her juicy hole. Suddenly, I felt a hand grasp my pole.
    I couldn't believe it as Sarah, who I knew was a virgin, rubbed me up
    and down Pam's slit until the helmet-like head of my dick found Pam's
    opening and slipped inside!

    The feeling was indescribable. I felt as if my dick was sliding into
    a vat of hot silk. Pam widened her legs, and I pushed forward until
    my pubic hair was mashed against hers. "OH GOD!" she moaned as I
    bottomed out in her luscious pussy. I slowly started to withdraw,
    pulling back about three inches. I wanted to be sure I didn't slip
    out. I began to move slowly in and out, savoring the wonderful
    sensation that was surrounding my hard cock. Pam wrapped her legs
    around my back and began to move her hips up to meet each thrust. As
    with anyone's first time, I could not hold on very long. I tried my
    best to keep from cumming, but the sensation was too great. "I'm
    going to cum!" I said, warning her. To my disappointment, Pam
    suddenly pushed against me, squirming her way from under me. "Not
    inside me!" she yelped. Luckily, my dick popped free from her velvet
    tunnel just as I started to spurt my cream.

    My cum spurted up onto her belly, filling her belly button with the
    white fluid. I was frustrated that the most intense moment of my
    orgasm had been pulled away from me, but I leaned down and kissed her
    gently on the lips. "Sorry, but I don't want to get pregnant," she
    apologized. The thought had not even hit me until then that I might
    be making babies with my cousin. "I started my periods three months
    ago, so I have to be careful."

    It was then that I realized that I was probably not the first to
    venture into my cousin's juicy pussy! "That wasn't your first time,
    was it?" I asked. "No, she replied, " Bobby and I have been screwing
    for six months." "Was it your first time?" she asked. "Yeah ...," I
    mumbled, somewhat embarrassed. "Don't worry, you were great!" she
    said, swelling my ego, " but we need to get some rubbers so I won't
    get knocked up."

    All this time, Sarah was rubbing my juices into Pam's skin as if it
    were lotion. "What about me?" she asked, "I want to try it too." My
    heart jumped at the thought of screwing my sexy little sister. I had
    never thought about the incest question, as they say, a hard-on has no
    brain. Pam rolled over and looked at the clock by the bed. I didn't
    realize that we had been at it almost two hours. I was running my
    hand up and down Sarah's thigh, occasionally dipping a finger into her
    hot, wet hole. "We better stop for today," Pam said, "Its getting
    late." Sarah and I both looked at her dejectedly. "Don't worry,
    we'll have more time." She bent over and gave the head of my dick a
    quick kiss. Reluctantly, we got off the bed. Sarah headed for the
    shower while Pam straightened the bed covers. As the two of us got
    ready to leave the bedroom, Pam hugged me and said, "Get some rubbers
    and we'll finish what we started."

    Part 4

    That afternoon, we headed for the boardwalk on our bicycles. We
    parked the bikes and the three of us walked hand in hand around the
    rides and attractions. We rode the roller coaster and some of the
    other rides. One time on the Ferris wheel, Pam reached over and
    played with my cock as we waited at the top of the wheel for the ride
    to start. I excused myself for a while, got on my bike and headed
    over to a nearby service station. Sure enough, there was a rubber
    machine in the men's room. I had to wait for an old man to leave,
    then I pumped the machine full of my remaining quarters and left with
    seven "reservoir tipped Trojans" securely in my pocket.

    The entire afternoon I kept thinking about how crazy I was not to have
    noticed Sarah before. I had never before even thought of her in a
    sexual way. Now, visions of her pink tipped breasts and smooth, puffy
    mound filled my mind on a constant basis. My biggest surprise was how
    she had turned into this horny little nymph. I knew now that Pam was
    the one with the experience, but it seemed as if now Sarah was the one
    who couldn't wait to try something new.

    When we returned to the beach house that afternoon, our parents had
    just gotten home. Mom and Aunt Pat were busy in the kitchen, and my
    dad and uncle were sitting on the porch drinking beer. Late that
    evening, just before dark, the adults suddenly decided to go for a
    swim. When they asked us if we wanted to go, Sarah quickly spoke up
    and said she really didn't think so. Pam and I picked up on her
    thoughts, and we declined. Pam said we had planned to go walking on
    the dunes, if it was okay with them. They agreed, but warned us not
    to go to far, and not stay out too late. As our parents donned their
    swimsuits and headed for the ocean, Pam waited until they were out the
    door before she grabbed a couple of beach towels and we headed out.

    We had barely gotten out of sight of the house when Pam and Sarah
    pulled me up towards the dunes at the top of the beach. There was a
    small, rocky section of beach here, so there were no houses. "Did you
    bring them?" Pam asked as soon as we were out of view of the beach.
    "Sure," I replied, digging into my pocket and producing the red foil
    packages. "Allright!" Pam exclaimed, "now we can finish what we
    started." My cock immediately began to harden at the thought. Sarah
    and Pam spread out the beach towels on the sand. Sarah came over to
    me and pulled my T-shirt over my head, then began to unsnap my cutoff
    shorts. "I hope you don't mind, but I asked Pam if I could be first,"
    she whispered to me in a shy voice. I replied by pulling her into my
    arms and kissing her. Our tongues flicked and stabbed at each other
    in a very arousing kiss. I reached down to the hem of her shirt and
    pulled it over her head. The almost full moon lit the area well
    enough that I could see her simple white bra. Sarah pushed her shorts
    off her hips, taking her panties with them. I reached around and
    tried to find the hook of her bra, but she laughed slightly and showed
    me where it unhooked in the front.

    As I pushed it back off her shoulders, Pam whispered "I'll make sure
    nobody hears us," and scooted to the top of the dune to be a lookout.
    Sarah's tiny white breasts, the nipples already hard as nails, shone
    in the moonlight. She pushed my underwear down, and my hard-on
    slapped back up against my belly. We eased down to the towels, never
    breaking our embrace. I promptly dropped my head and took one of her
    hard nubs between my lips, and began to tease the other by rolling it
    between my finger and thumb. Her hand found my hard prick and gently
    roamed over it and the sack hanging below it. Her light touch was
    driving me wild. We continued for several minutes as I found her wet
    slit and began to massage her clit and pussy lips. I gently inserted
    a finger into her juicy hole until I felt her maidenhead. I carefully
    stroked in and out, putting pressure on her barrier as I did.

    After a couple of minutes, Sarah let go of my hard prong and looked
    at me. "Please ..... I want you to do it to me." she whispered in a
    deep voice. I reached down and tried to find my shorts, which had the
    rubbers in the pocket. When Sarah looked down and saw what I was
    doing, she reached out and touched my arm. "I haven't started my
    periods yet .... you don't need one for me," she whispered. She
    pulled me back up and over her. I positioned myself between her legs
    on my knees. I slowly eased forward until my cock was rubbing in the
    wetness of her slit. I was incredibly turned on by the sight of my
    cock rubbing up and down in her bare slit. Then, Sarah reached down
    and guided me into her opening! I could feel her muscles tense a
    little as the head popped past her outer lips and into her tight
    canal. I began to ease back and forth a little, spreading her juices
    as I entered.

    About two inches in, my cock encountered her cherry. "Go ahead," she
    said, "Pam said it will hurt a little but will get better real quick."
    I pressed forward, my prick bending a little against the pressure.
    Suddenly, I could feel the skin tearing, and I easily slid the rest of
    the way in to my little sister's hot pussy! Sarah yelped as her hymen
    was torn, and I could see some tears well up in her eyes. "Are you
    okay?" I asked , almost ready to pull out. "Wait a second . . . .
    It's getting better," she whispered in a hurt voice.

    I slowly started to pull out, but her virgin pussy was very tight. I
    tentatively started moving in and out, spreading her lubrication
    throughout her hot, wet box. Soon, she was pushing her hips up to
    meet my stroke, her legs wrapping around my back. Since this was
    about the fifth time in two days that I was doing this, I had gained
    pretty good control. We settled into a pretty good rhythm. Once, I
    pulled back too much and slid out, but quickly regained her box and
    started pounding away again. It didn't take long before she started
    squeezing me with her legs and moaning softly. Her orgasm built
    slowly, then suddenly unleashed itself. She pulled me hard against
    her body and slammed her pussy up to meet my cock. I slammed into her
    one last time, getting as deep as I could before erupting deep into
    her virgin cunt. I collapsed on top of her with a grunt as I spent
    the last of my jism into my sister's welcoming pussy.

    Pam slid down the hill to where we were laying. I was gently kissing
    Sarah on the lips and face. I felt one of Pam's hands slide between
    our bodies and begin to caress one of Sarah's soft tits. I looked up
    and kissed Pam, her tongue darting around in my mouth. I slowly slid
    my now wilting cock out of Sarah's tight slit. A thick ooze of white
    and pink dribbled out of her cunny and dripped down between her legs.
    Sarah slowly sat up, then put her arms around my neck and pulled my
    lips to hers. She kissed me very deeply before letting me go. "I
    love you Mike," she whispered.

    "PAM!!!......SARAH!!!....." we heard Mom's voice yelling up the beach.
    "TIME TO COME IN." Sarah and I quickly started to throw on our
    clothes as Pam ran to the top of the sand dune. "WE'RE COMING!!," she
    yelled back. Sarah pulled her T-shirt over her head, then put her
    arms around me and kissed me again. "Come on you guys," Pam said from
    the top of the hill. Sarah and I ran to the top of the hill , and we
    all began to trek down the beach toward the house. Pam grabbed my arm
    and pulled me toward her. "You owe me one," she said laughing. "No
    problem," I replied as we started up the steps to the house.

    Part 5

    That night I laid on my air mattress, my dick still hard as I thought
    about what had happened that day. My mind was still racing, and I
    couldn't get to sleep. I could hear Sarah and Pam breathing regularly
    on the sofa bed above me. I was thinking about waking Pam up when I
    heard a door open down the hall. I waited for someone to head into
    the bathroom but all I heard was a door close again. I must have
    dozed a little, but woke up when I heard the now familiar sounds
    coming from my uncle's bedroom. I thought about waking the girls,
    then decided to check it out on my own.

    I slipped through the screen door and onto the cool decking of the
    porch. I eased the door closed and made my way around to the side of
    the house where my uncle and aunt's window was. I again ducked down
    so the streetlight would not cast a shadow into their room. I eased
    my head up and watched just as Uncle Dave moved into position. As I
    watched, he rubbed the head of his massive cock up and down over my
    aunt's slit, then finding the opening, eased himself into her. My
    aunt moaned as he slid all the way into her with one stroke. Dave
    began to move in and out as my aunt's legs wrapped around his back.

    My eyes and ears realized something was different at the same time.
    Just as I heard my aunt moan "Oh Dave," I realized that the woman on
    the bed had dark hair, not Aunt Pat's short blonde cut. The
    realization hit me! This wasn't Aunt Pat, it was MY MOM!
    About that time, Dave pulled out and laid down on his back. My mom
    straddled across his waist, then reached down and pulled his cock away
    from his stomach. She positioned it at the lips to her pussy, then
    slid down the entire length! She began to bob up and down as Dave
    thrust up into her.

    I couldn't believe it. My mother was fucking her own brother!
    Suddenly, the realization of what Sarah and I had been doing came
    clear in my head. I guess in my lust and horniness I had never really
    thought about the incest question. And now here were my mother and
    uncle, screwing like there was no tomorrow.

    Dave suddenly arched his back and pulled Mom's hips down hard as he
    slammed into her one last time. I heard a low, guttural moan from Mom
    as her brother emptied his cock inside her. Mom laid down on his
    chest as they both tried to catch their breath. I eased away from the
    window and slipped back around to the front of the house. I slid in
    the screen door and quickly dove onto my air mattress.


    I could go on for quite a while about the rest of our vacation. I
    didn't tell Pam and Sarah about seeing Mom and Uncle Dave together,
    although I did tell Sarah eventually. Needless to say, Pam, Sarah and
    I spent the rest of our vacation trying to find places to be alone and
    explore our new found sexuality. I had to go back to the gas station
    and buy more rubbers twice. One time I even screwed Sarah in the
    ocean while our parents were on the beach. She had been rubbing my
    cock underwater till I had a raging hard-on. Then she turned her back
    to me and I slid inside her as she pulled her bathing suit to one
    side. Pam and Sarah also found that they enjoyed each other, and more
    than once I jacked off while they buried their faces in each other's

    Unfortunately, this was the last vacation I was to take with my
    family. The next year, Dad had a broken leg from a car accident and
    couldn't travel. After that, I always had a job and could not get
    time away.

    Sarah and I continued our sexual adventures over the next few years
    until we both got married. I don't know if our parents ever found out
    about Sarah and I, but I think somehow that Mom knew. I only saw Pam
    one other time after that summer. She and her parents came to our
    house for the Christmas holidays the next year, and we of course spent
    the entire time fucking like minks. Unfortunately, Pam got pregnant
    when she was fifteen, married her boyfriend and divorced two years
    later. Sarah kept in touch with her, and she is now remarried to a
    real nice guy and they have two other kids.

    I married Donna when I was twenty-three. Two months later, Sarah
    married Ted. Sarah and I would occasionally get together and make
    love while at family gatherings. I never mentioned our relationship
    to my wife until she revealed to me that she had lost her virginity to
    her brother when she was fourteen.

    The reason I thought to write this is I got a call from Sarah the
    other day. She suggested we rent a beach house this summer and get
    together for two weeks. She now has a daughter who is 14 and a son
    who just turned thirteen. Our daughter is now 13 also. I wonder if
    Pam is available?????????


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    Another Hot and good find...thanks
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    Superb, really well done.

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    Just loved the story!

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    now I did like this one it was well written, with a nice twist at the end, and yes could have had more parts to it, kept us going for a long time.

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    nice story

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    great story

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    damn now i wish that i had a sister that i could have fucked like that.

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    dam incredable story one to save

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    great story more 2 cum i hope.:heartbeat:

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    Quote Originally Posted by gatorskin View Post
    great story more 2 cum i hope.:heartbeat:
    Wonderful story, ending seemed a bit rushed though. Thanks for posting!

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    wow that the best story thank you

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    nice story

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    That is a good story.

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    very nice story,i think real incest happens more than most people realize

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    by far my favorite story

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    great story

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    Long - ver long.
    And good - very good.

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    totally awesome story really enjoyed it. Thanks

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    very good story

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    Truly a wonderful story. Thanks for sharing!

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    Thanks for the story. Adolescence was such a great time.

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    very nice

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    Very nice story, enjoyed it very much!

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    That was an awesome story.

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    I wonder why the parents did not join the fun

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    nice one

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    nice job

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    Very long but well worth the effort! Very well wrote with enough story as well as sexual adventures to keep everyone happy
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    very good story thank you!



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