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    (wet_amber) Charmed Zoo (FanFic, Incest, Beast)

    ADMIN EDIT:- WRITTEN BY – wet_amber

    A great Charmed FanFic if you like the show
    and I can't remember who wrote it so if you know post it.

    Charmed Zoo

    Phoebe Halliwell was in her usual place at the end desk in the library with
    books piled all around her. She had an important exam coming up in her
    Physiology course. She was the youngest of three sisters at 23 and the
    other two were Pru 27 and Piper 26.

    Their childhood in San Francisco had been fairly normal until their mother
    was killed in mysterious circumstances five years ago. Their father soon
    moved out of the house after the killing leaving the three sisters to live
    in the large house that had been in their family for generations. As things
    settled down and the girls began to rebuild their lives, they found that
    they had developed special powers. Erratic and scary at first, the powers
    developed and grew until one night they were visited by the spirit of their
    grandmother, who told them of the history of witches in the family and that
    Pru, Piper and Phoebe were destined to be the most powerful witches who had
    ever lived. They would be known as, The Charmed Ones.

    Each of the girls had a different power. Pru could move items with her
    mind, Piper could freeze time and Phoebe received visions of past and
    future events. It was also evident that their powers were increasing. Pru
    could astral project images of herself anywhere and interact with people as
    if she was actually there and Piper, instead of freezing people, could
    cause their atoms to vibrate at such a rate that they would overheat and
    explode in a ball of flames. Phoebe's powers were also growing and she
    found it increasing easily to influence people or animals to do her will.
    Each power was formidable on its own, but when the three were together they
    were practically invincible.

    Phoebe was concentrating on the open book in front of her and she didn't
    hear anyone approach. She jumped in surprise when a voice behind her said,

    Before she could reply, the girl standing behind her exclaimed, "Oh, I'm
    sorry. I didn't mean to startle you."

    Phoebe smiled uncertainly and replied, "It's okay. I didn't hear you come
    over." Realising that she didn't know the girl, she continued, "Can I help

    "Well I hope so," the girl replied. "I'm in your sociology class. I sit at
    the back beside the window?"

    Phoebe had a vague recollection of the girl now and she smiled and nodded
    her head, "Of course you do," she said.

    "Actually," the girl continued, "I think you know by brother better. Sam
    Torrance? I'm Jenny by the way."

    She held out her hand to Phoebe as an image of Sam's tanned face and
    muscular body flashed through Phoebe's mind and they grasped hands firmly.

    Phoebe immediately stiffened and her eyes jammed closed as images burned
    through her mind and she gasped at the unexpected vision. In only a few
    seconds she had a clear image of Jenny lying naked on a bed and very close
    to orgasm, with her brother's stiff cock sliding in and out of her cunt.

    Phoebe's own fuck hole began juicing up in response to the erotic images
    and the pulled herself together to swallow hard and say, "Hi Jenny, please
    sit down."

    "Are you okay Phoebe?" Jenny asked in concern. "You seemed to zone out
    there for a few seconds."

    "Yea I'm fine," she replied. "So you're Sam's little sister."

    Jenny nodded as Phoebe continued, "So what can I do for you?"

    "Actually, I was hoping you'd let me copy your notes from our last class. I
    had other things on my mind and spent the whole time daydreaming," she replied.

    "Sure," Phoebe answered sliding her notebook across the desk. "I know how
    easy it is to slip into these daydreams."

    As Jenny started copying the notes, Phoebe replayed the erotic images of
    Jenny and her brother in her mind. She had met Sam at Pł, which was the
    Nightclub that the sisters owned and that was run by Piper. She had
    thought about bedding him but it was just too complicated at the time. As
    she pictured his thick cock ramming in and out of Jenny's cunt, she wished
    she had.

    Thankfully, the library table hid the fact that Phoebe's fingers were under
    her skirt rubbing over her panty covered sex.

    "Phoebe," Jenny said suddenly breaking into her thoughts.

    Phoebe cleared her throat and pulled her hands back on top of the desk
    trying to look natural as she raised her eyebrows in response.

    "These notes start half way through the class," Jenny continued. "You're
    missing quite a bit."

    Phoebe quickly put her hands back under the desk as she began to smell her
    cunt from her fingers and was sure the Jenny would do the same. "God you're
    right, Jenny. I'm sorry." she replied. "That's a new book and the notes
    you're looking for are at the back of my old notebook and that's at my house."

    "Oh," Jenny said disappointedly.

    "Don't worry," Phoebe said. "We can go and get it if you like. I'm finished
    here anyway."

    Jenny grinned and nodded, "Thanks Phoebe," she said simply. "You're a

    As she led Jenny through the front door, Phoebe hollered, "Piper, Pru, is
    anyone home?"

    Piper came out of the kitchen drying her hands and said, "Hi." as she
    looked expectantly between Jenny and her sister.

    Phoebe made the introductions and said to Jenny, "Why don't you wait in the
    living room and I'll go and find my notebook."

    As she left the room, Phoebe took a hold of Pipers arm and took her with
    her. They went into the kitchen and Phoebe exclaimed in a hushed voice,
    "She's fucking him!"

    Piper looked blank and hissed, "Who's fucking who?"

    Her sister took a deep breath and said, "Do you remember Sam Torrance who
    used to hang around in Pł?"

    Piper still looked blank and shrugged her shoulders.

    "How can you not remember him?" Phoebe said in exasperation. "I pointed him
    out to you. Tall, broad shoulders and always wore those tight fitting
    denims. You always said that he must have a pair of socks stuffed down the

    Recollection suddenly flooded Piper's mind and she smiled and nodded her
    head. "Oh yea, I remember him now."

    "Well. Jenny's his younger sister and he's fucking her," Phoebe said and as
    Piper's eyes widened, she continued, "Oh, and by the way, no socks. He's
    hung like a horse."

    "Shit," Piper said, "And you actually got an image of them doing it?"

    "Yea, it was…" Phoebe's voice trailed off at the sound of banging coming
    from upstairs and she looked questioningly at her sister.

    "Pru's home," Piper answered, "And she's got her new boss with her, Brian
    someone. That banging you can hear is the headboard of her bed. They've
    been fucking for hours. If Jenny asks, you better tell her that we've got
    workmen in."

    Phoebe shook her in dismissal and then said, "Anyway, I want you to go into
    the living room and freeze Jenny."

    "Why?" Piper asked.

    "Because I want to taste some of Sam's spunk and I'm betting that her cunts
    still full of it," Phoebe replied with a sexy smile.

    Piper had a similar smile as she said, "You're a dirty pervert, sister of

    "We're all dirty perverts Piper," Phoebe giggled in reply as she grabbed
    the notebook she was looking for from the worktop and led her sister out of
    the door.

    "Here's the book Jenny," she said.

    As Jenny's hand reached out for it, Phoebe let it go and it dropped to the

    "Oh sorry," she said as Jenny bent down to retrieve it. As soon as the
    girl's fingers made contact with the book, Phoebe nodded to Piper who waved
    her hands in front of her and froze Jenny in that position.

    "Perfect," Phoebe giggled as both sisters walked around to the back of the
    immobile girl. Together, they lifted the back of her short skirt and they
    dropped to their knees to get a better look. Piper drew her fingers over a
    large wet stain in the crotch of Jenny's pink panties and sniffed her fingers.

    "Spunk," she confirmed as Phoebe reached up to pull the cotton briefs down
    to Jenny's ankles.

    She wormed her index finger into the girl's slippery cunt and pulled it out
    covered in thick globs of sperm. As she showed it triumphantly to her
    sister, Piper said huskily, "Oh, nice asshole."

    She sucked on her finger and eased it into Jenny's bowels as Phoebe licked
    her finger clean and delved back into Jenny's fuck hole for some more. The
    next finger she offered to Piper who gratefully sucked it into her throat
    and swallowed the slime.

    Piper pulled her finger out and allowed Phoebe to smell Jenny's asshole
    before popping the dirty finger into her mouth.

    They were grinning at each other when the glass window suddenly shattered
    and they both shot to their feet.

    "What the fuck!?" was all Piper managed to say before some force smashed
    into her and sent her flying into the wall.

    Phoebe looked frantically around but couldn't see anything when she
    suddenly found herself flying through the air and into the old antique dresser.

    She lay there stunned and managed to gasp, "Piper, there's someone here.
    Freeze him."

    "How the fuck can I freeze someone I can't see?" she snarled climbing
    unsteadily to her feet and limping over to help Phoebe up. Jenny had been
    on the edge of whatever force was being used against then but because she
    remained frozen, she had simply toppled over like a store mannequin.

    "Well, this is going to be easy, very easy," a disembodied voice said.

    Both sisters whirled around to where the voice appeared to come from and
    Piper said, "Who are you. What do you want?"

    The reply came from a different part of the room and said, "I'm your worst
    nightmare ladies. The name's Kantor. Oh, and in case you so called clever
    witches hadn't worked it out yet, I'm a demon and I'm invisible. As to what
    I want, well that's easy. I want to kill you two and your other sister. But
    before I do, I'm going to tie you down one by one and let all my demon
    friends fuck you. I have a lot of friends you know, and before we're
    finished, you'll be begging us to let you die."

    "Shit," Piper muttered under her breath and waved her hands in the
    direction of the voice.

    Everything became quiet and the girls looked at each other in expectation.
    Just as Piper was about to speak, a voice whispered in her ear, "Missed."

    They both screamed and Piper grabbed her sister's arm and pulled her
    towards the stairs. "We need Pru," she gasped.

    The raced up the stairs and Piper made to reach for the handle of the
    bedroom door.

    Phoebe stopped her and as she gasped for breath and said, "Cant….. Not alone."

    Piper's arms waved and they bolted through the door and into the bedroom.

    Pru's boss was lying on his back as she bounced her naked body up and down
    on his cock. She had just realised that he had gone strangely quiet when
    her two sisters burst through the door.

    "What the fuck!" she exclaimed. "Piper, Phoebe, I'm kind of busy here."

    She noticed their serious expressions for the first time and stood up on
    the bed. There was an audible plop as his prick slid out of her fuck hole
    and she jumped down beside them.

    "Looking good Pru," Phoebe said approvingly.

    A thin film of perspiration covered her body, her nipples stood erect from
    her flawless tits and her cunt was red and swollen open in lust.

    "Shut up Phoebe," Piper snapped. "We don't have time for that."

    Piper proceeded to bring Pru up to speed on the invisible demon that was
    after them while Phoebe used her finger to scrape some of Pru's cunt cream
    from her lover's cock and suck it into her mouth. She turned around to find
    both Pru and Piper staring at her.

    "What!?" she asked with her hands spread wide. "I like cunt juice. You know
    I like cunt juice."

    Both Pru and Piper shook their heads but before either of them could speak,
    the bedroom door splintered and slammed open.

    "Well, well, well," the voice in the air said, "Now there are three."

    Pru's instinct was to wave her hand and send a thought force to where the
    voice came from. She never saw the crashing blow that sent her naked body
    spinning into the wall. As she sprawled on the floor, the voice gave a low
    whistle and said, "Wow, nice cunt. I'm going to enjoy fucking that."

    "Leave her alone you bastard," Phoebe screamed just before she felt the
    steel like fingers close around her throat.

    Piper watched the indentations from the invisible fingers as they squeezed
    the life out of her younger sister and she snatched up the vase of flowers
    from the dresser and threw the water to where she estimated Kantor to be
    standing. As the water ran from his demon body, she had a clear view of his
    position and with both arms straight out she concentrated her power on that
    spot. The demon screamed and released Phoebe's throat as he took one shaky
    step towards Piper. In the next second however he collapsed to his knees
    and howled in pain as he exploded into a fiery ball that quickly vanished.

    Phoebe was rising unsteadily to her feet as Piper rushed over to Pru.

    "Come on Pru," she said gently slapping her face. "Wake up."

    "We need smelling salts," she continued as Phoebe crouched down on the
    other side of their fallen sister.

    "No we don't," Phoebe said. "Watch."

    She reached down and grasped Pru's nipple between her thumb and forefinger
    and squeezed as hard as she could

    "What the hell are you….," Piper began but fell silent as Pru started to
    respond and flutter her eyes open.

    "Always works," Phoebe said proudly.

    It took a few minutes for Pru to recover and her sisters helped her to her
    feet and explained how Piper had vanquished the demon.

    "Are you alright?" Piper asked anxiously.

    "My head hurts," Pru replied rubbing at the back of her neck, "And so does
    my tit. Why is my tit so sore?"

    "You must have hit it as you fell," Phoebe said innocently and glared at
    Piper not to say anything.

    Pru was rubbing tenderly at her throbbing teat as she turned and said, "I'm
    going for a shower."

    Piper cleared her throat and said, "Aren't you forgetting something Pru."

    As Pru turned back to her sisters, she saw that Piper was pointing to her
    boss who was still frozen naked on the bed with his prick pointing to the

    "Shit," said Pru. "I don't feel like fucking any more."

    "I do," Phoebe said brightly. "Do you mind if I climb on?"

    "Phoebe, I can't keep him frozen forever, and I think he'd notice if there
    was suddenly a different girl sliding her cunt up and down his cock," Piper
    said in exasperation.

    "Spoilsport," Phoebe replied sticking her tongue out. "Anyway, he's also
    going to notice if Pru's had a shower and smelling fresh instead of
    stinking of cunt."

    Pru sighed, "Yea, okay, you're right Phoebe, I guess I'm going to have to
    fuck him. I just don't feel horny anymore."

    "Well," Phoebe said with a slight smile on her face. "If you'd like to come
    into my bedroom, I'm sure I could make you horny."

    Pru laughed throatily and put her hands on her hips and struck a
    provocative pose. "Why Phoebe," she said. "I do believe you're trying to
    seduce me. And after you said I smell like cunt too."

    Phoebe took a couple of steps closer until her face was only a few inches
    away from her sisters and replied, "I like it when you smell of cunt."

    They grinned at each other and Phoebe gently took Pru's hand and began
    leading her out of the room. They both stopped at the door and held their
    other hand out to Piper, who smiled and joined them.

    "Okay," Pru said once they were inside Phoebe's bedroom. "I'm naked and you
    two are fully clothed and that's not fair, strip!"

    She lay down on the bed with her hands clasped behind her head as she
    watched her sisters begin to disrobe.

    Piper pulled her pink sweater over her head and shook her hair back into
    position. Her bare 34C tits were topped with long nipples that were rock
    hard and Pru's mouth watered as she imagined suckling on them. Piper
    reached behind her to unzip her skirt and let it fall to the floor. She was
    wearing a pair of black thong panties that she kicked off and jumped onto
    the bed beside her sister. Their hands automatically caressed each others
    bodied and as Pru sucked one of Piper's cherry stone nipples into her
    mouth, Piper's hand reached between Pru's parted legs and gently stroked
    the wet outer lips of her cunt.

    "Huh! Don't wait for me guys," Phoebe said as she stood with her hands on
    her hips and watched her two sister's foreplay.

    Pru lashed Piper's sensitive teat with her tongue as she dropped her hand
    to her sisters fuck hole. They finger fucked each other with practised ease
    and Piper's eyes closed as her older sister teased her hard clit.

    Phoebe drew her tee shirt over her head and dropped it onto the floor. Her
    skirt quickly followed and she rubbed her fingers over the wet stain in the
    crotch of her cotton briefs as she listened to the sloshing noise that her
    sisters were making as they stirred each other's cunts. Phoebe's panties
    joined the rest of her clothes on the floor as she stood on the bed and sat
    her butt down on the cast iron framework at the bottom of the bed. She
    played with herself for a few moments before standing up and straddling one
    of the brass balls that adorned the cast iron frame. Both hands pulled her
    cunt lips apart as she squatted over it and lowered her fuck hole onto. She
    knew that it would eventually fit as she had had it inside her before.
    Indeed, everything that was in Phoebe's bedroom that was even remotely
    shaped like a penis smelt like her cunt.

    It took a few tries but the ball finally slipped inside her cunt and she
    sighed as she started to lift her body on and off.

    At some form of telepathic signal, Both Pru and Piper pulled their fingers
    out of each other's cunts and sucked the juices from their fingers. They
    smiled at each other and then arranged themselves on the bed so they were
    lying on their sides and both lifted one leg up so the other could get her
    mouth against the other's cunt.

    The house became quiet and still and the only sounds were of tongues
    lapping at wet fuck holes and the sloshing of the cunt juice inside
    Phoebe's cunt as she pulled herself on and off the brass ball.

    Phoebe's fingers pulled and twisted at her erect nipples as she masturbated
    and the room began to fill with the raw, heavy smell of cunts on heat.

    She climbed slowly off the bedpost and crawled over to her two sisters.
    Pulling Pipers face away from Pru's open cunt, she lay down in the space
    and opened her legs to Piper's mouth whilst she licked at Pru's hole. The
    three of them were in a daisy chain and when Phoebe probed Pru's shit hole
    with her finger and then slipped it inside, Pru did the same to Pipers
    asshole and she in turn finger fucked Phoebe's back hole. The slurping
    noises were now being overwhelmed by soft moans and gasps as everyone
    worked towards a cum. Each girl was now humping her sex into someone's face
    and the moans were turning to cries and shrieks.

    Piper was the first to orgasm and she soaked Pru's face as she sprayed her
    cunt cream out of her hole. She began shaking and shuddering and just
    managed to bite down hard on Phoebe's throbbing clit before she surrendered
    her body totally to her climax.

    The extra stimulation sent Phoebe over the top and her fuck hole flooded
    almost instantly. She screamed, and jammed her index fully up Pru's
    asshole. Her other hand came up and frantically rubbed at Pru's clit as she
    struggled for breath. She just managed to bring Pru off before she
    collapsed onto her back to savour the delicious waves of ecstasy that
    racked her body.

    Pru was trying to lick all of Piper's cunt cream off her face when her cum
    erupted inside her. She slumped on the bed and arched her back as every
    muscle went into spasm and tore a ragged scream from her throat.

    They lay in a tangled heap until their breathing came back to normal and
    Pru was the first onto her feet. As her sisters watched, she scooped some
    cunt cream out of her fuck hole with her fingers and savoured the taste as
    she sucked them clean.

    She smiled down at them and said, "See you later. I've got a cock waiting
    for me."

    She skipped out the door and a few minutes later they heard her shout, "Now

    Piper sighed and waved her hands to unfreeze Pru's boss and as she rolled
    over, Phoebe said, "You want to play some more?"

    "Sorry Phoebe," she replied, "But as much as I love your tongue in my cunt,
    what I really need just now is cock."

    She took a deep breath and shouted, "Leo!"

    After waiting a few seconds, she tried again but louder this time, "LEO!!"

    Bluish white light filled the room and solidified into the shape of their
    whitelighter guide and protector as he orbed into the corner of the room.

    "Hey, no fair," Phoebe protested as Piper lay back and spread her shapely legs.

    "I need fucked honey," Piper said to her boyfriend. "Now!"

    "Can I stay?" Phoebe asked as she watched Leo pull his tee shirt over his head.

    "No, go away," Piper said, but her sister didn't move as Leo pulled off his
    trousers and shorts. His solid cock was a healthy 9 inches long and as
    thick as Phoebe's wrist. As Piper pulled her lover onto the bed, she looked
    at her sister and pointed to the door. Phoebe picked up her little dress
    and pulled it on before bending down to pick up her wet panties. She threw
    them into Leo's hands and said, "You can taste what you're missing."

    With a toss of her head, she strode out of the room and Piper gently pulled
    the panties out of Leo's fingers as he held the damp crotch to his nose.

    "You concentrate on my cunt, baby," she said, tossing her sisters briefs
    onto the floor.

    Phoebe was only halfway down the stairs when she heard Piper moan loudly
    and Pru's headboard began to rhythmically bang against the wall.
    "Bastards," she muttered

    Phoebe was in the middle of clearing up downstairs when she heard a
    commotion outside in the garden. Opening the porch door as found Kit, their
    Siamese cat, on the porch roof hissing and spitting at a large German
    Shepherd who was prowling about in one of the flowerbeds.

    "Hey," Phoebe shouted at the dog. "Scat. Go away."

    The canine looked at her with big soulful eyes and dropped its tail between
    its legs as it made to slink away. The animal looked frightened and Phoebe
    was sorry she had shouted at it when she also noticed that she could see
    its ribs beneath its fur.

    Her eyes narrowed and she concentrated her mind. "Its okay boy," she
    thought. "Come over here and get something to eat. I won't hurt you."

    The dog stopped and looked at her for a few seconds and its tail began
    wagging slowly. It took a few steps towards her and she thought, "That's it
    boy. Come and see me. Good boy."

    The animal became surer of her and she squatted down in front of him as he
    came close enough for her to touch. The fur around his face and neck was
    very soft and she petted him and said, "Do you want something to eat boy?
    Come on, let's see what we've got."

    The dog padded after her as she rose to her feet and went inside. She found
    various scraps inside the fridge and put then into a bowl. As she set it on
    the floor, the dog wolfed it down in seconds and she petted him again as he
    came back to her with his tail wagging enthusiastically. "Is that better?"
    she said. "I wish you had a collar on so I knew that you lived somewhere.
    What's your name boy? I think I'll call you King because you're so good
    looking." The animal had no idea what she was saying but his tail wagged
    again at the sound of her voice.

    "I'll see if there's anything else to eat," she said crossing over to the
    fridge and opening the door. As she rummaged inside, King's nose sniffed
    the air and caught the scent of the hot pungent aroma of her cunt. It
    aroused the canine and he stood behind the girl and raised the back of her
    short skirt up with his nose.

    Phoebe looked behind her and asked, "Have you found something else to eat
    boy?" and she shuddered as the dog licked his thick tongue against her cunt.

    Phoebe closed the fridge and slowly walked over to the central worktop with
    King's tongue glued to her fuck hole all the way.

    Pru had just cum again and her thick cunt cream had formed a white frothy
    ring around the base of Brian's prick. She collapsed onto his chest still
    shuddering and he waited until she had recovered her senses. She sat up
    slowly with his cock still buried inside her and gasped, "Change position.
    I'm wasted."

    As she hauled herself up and let his prick slide out, he grabbed her butt
    and pulled her sex up to his mouth. Her fuck hole was plastered with her
    cum and he slurped as much as he could into his throat. Pulling her further
    onto his face, he opened her tight ass cheeks and started tonguing her shit

    "Oh yea," she moaned as she felt the tip penetrate her bowels. "Suck my
    shit hole."

    His index finger replaced his tongue and she moaned continually. "Yea, you
    like that baby," he said, "Don't you?"

    To answer him, she fell to his side and lay on her back bringing her knees
    right up to her tits and exposing her asshole to his gaze. "Finger fuck my
    shitter," she said with her eyes shining with lust. "Get me really loose so
    you can slide your big cock up my asshole and fill it with spunk."

    Leo was lying back on the bed with his cock deep in Pipers throat. Her head
    worked its way down and she swallowed his shaft until her lips rested on
    his balls. The soft throat tissue was like hot velvet around his prick and
    he groaned, "Fuck, that's good Piper."

    She slowly raised her head and smiled at him. Thick strands of her throat
    slime hung out of the corners of her mouth and connected to his slick
    shaft. Her hand jacked him off as she bent her head again and this time
    teased his piss hole with the tip of her tongue. He gasped and arched his
    back at the stimulation. His eyes were screwed shut as her tongue swirled
    over his cock head and he could feel his spunk start to boil in his balls.

    "Piper," he gasped in a warning tone, because he thought she was going to
    get a faceful of his cum, but the experienced girl grasped him firmly at
    the base of his cock and held him tightly until the feeling subsided. She
    had a wicked grin on her face as she said, "Don't worry lover. When you
    spurt you'll be deep inside my cunt."

    He grinned back at her and wrapped his hands around the back of her neck
    pulling her down on top of him. They kissed deeply with their tongues
    entwined as Piper wriggled around to get her fuck hole in the right
    position. Her crotch was soaking from her recent cums with her sisters and
    when the head of Leo's prick nudged at the entrance to her front hole, it
    slipped easily inside.

    Phoebe stood with her feet apart and placed her hands firmly onto the work
    surface. She pushed her hot cunt forward crouching down slightly and her
    cunt gaped with wetness. King slopped his big, thick tongue into it and the
    young witch groaned loudly as she was penetrated.

    "Lick my cunt, boy," she gasped. "Suck on my wet fuck hole."

    When his tongue contacted Phoebe's hard little clit, she choked and
    trembled. Her knees turned to water and her stomach quivered as she braced
    herself on the worktop. Her shoulder length blonde hair fell loosely around
    her face and her eyes rolled in her head as a thin film of perspiration
    broke out on her forehead. Her cunt was tingling and she could feel the
    first of her orgasms start to build. King seamed to know exactly what to do
    to pleasure her. His long tongue thrashed about inside her dripping hole,
    and just at the right time to keep her on the edge, he would remove it and
    swipe it over her burning clit. Her eyes were screwed tightly shut and she
    surrendered completely to the luscious feelings coursing through her young
    body as the intensity of the tingling increased to become almost unbearable.

    She bucked her hips as King's long tongue slid all the way up to her cervix
    and she ground her throbbing clit onto his wet nose. The sensations got so
    powerful that they overwhelmed her completely and she gasped, "Fuck I'm
    going to cum."

    A sharp scream was involuntarily ripped from her throat as her climax
    exploded inside her body. The big dog jumped back is surprise, both at the
    scream, and at the cunt cream that suddenly splattered out of her fuck
    hole, but the hesitation only lasted a few seconds before his mouth was
    back at her swollen sex lapping up all the slime that she could give him.

    "Oh fuck," she moaned as her body shuddered and convulsed. Her hands
    gripped tightly at the work surface she was bent over to keep her on her
    feet and her canine lover fed on her flooded fuck hole.

    As the contractions in her cunt subsided and her breathing began to return
    to normal, she pushed King away from her over stimulated clit and muttered,
    "Fuck, take a break boy, I'm wasted."

    Pru had clasped her hands behind her knees to hold them up at her tits as
    Brian stimulated her. Two of his fingers were sliding in and out of her
    shit hole while his mouth was glued onto her clit. Her head thrashed from
    side to side and the cunt cream bubbled out of her fuck hole as she
    climaxed again.

    "Oh shit, I'm creaming," she shrieked as her shitter clenched around his

    It was a few minutes before she opened her eyes again and when she did, she
    found Brian kneeling at her thighs with his erect prick pointing straight
    at her asshole. Her fingers pulled her ass cheeks apart as far as she could
    and she locked eyes with him.

    "Get it up me," she hissed and then sighed contentedly as she felt him push
    against her little brown hole.

    He had loosened her up nicely and there was only the slightest resistance
    to his penetration as he slid all the way inside until his balls stopped
    him going any further.

    "Yea, fuck me baby," she cooed as he began sliding in and out. "Fuck the
    shit out of me."

    She dipped her fingers into her saturated cunt and rubbed her juice over
    her battered clit as Brian pounded up her shitter.

    "Ream my dirty asshole, you bastard," she growled to urge him to go faster.
    "Let me feel your cum spurt inside me."

    Pru's shit hole might have been loose at the entrance but deeper inside she
    was very tight and gripped his shaft like a vice.

    "Fuck, I'm nearly there," he hissed through gritted teeth as he felt his
    spunk begin to boil.

    Pru rubbed furiously at her clit to try and match his cum and she shouted,
    "Cum you sweet fucker. Flood my shit hole."

    She was a few seconds behind him and as he jetted his hot sperm up her
    asshole she orgasmed again causing her juices to spurt out of her open cunt.

    Both were absolutely shattered but when Pru felt his cock soften and slip
    out of her asshole, she moved around and took it into her mouth. She
    shuddered at the delicious taste of the spunk and the streaks of her shit
    that covered the shaft and she didn't stop sucking until every last drop
    was in her stomach.

    Leo was buried up to his balls in Piper's tight fuck hole and she was
    urging him deeper.

    "Come on baby," she said as she spread her legs wide to the sides to give
    him an extra fraction of an inch penetration. "Fuck me deeper. Ram your
    cock up me."

    She could feel her cervix being battered and she loved the delicious
    mixture of pain from her cervix and intense pleasure as Leo's long prick
    rasped over her hard clit.

    His shaft was flashing in and out of her body and with every stroke his
    balls slapped against her butt. She used both hands to pull her ass cheeks
    apart and shivered as his balls started to slap against her sensitive shit

    "Oh god, screw me you big bastard," she moaned. "Fuck my brains out."

    She wrapped her long legs around Leo's waist and locked her ankles behind
    his back which lifted her butt off the bed until it was perfectly in line
    with her lovers thrusting prick.

    Leo's hands were positioned on the bed on either side of Pipers squirming
    body and were taking most of his weight. Loud slurps and equally loud farts
    came from Pipers gushing cunt as he rammed his cock in and out and she
    moaned loudly as her fingers rubbed some of her slimy cunt juice over her
    asshole and slid inside her bowels.

    The tingling deep inside her body was intensifying and she could feel her
    orgasm approach.

    "Shit, I'm nearly there," she gasped. "Fuck me hard baby and fill my cunt
    with your thick spunk."

    Leo's eyes were tightly closed and he gritted his teeth as he continued to
    pound on Piper's flooding fuck hole. She suddenly screamed and convulsed as
    her climax ripped through her body and mind, and she could only groan and
    gasp for breath as her lover slammed his full length up her contracting
    cunt and blasted his hot sperm against her cervix.

    She collapsed onto the bed and Leo fell on top of her and they lay together
    until their racked bodies recovered and their breathing steadied. They
    eased themselves into a more comfortable position and stretched out side by
    side on the bed and gazed lovingly into each other's eyes. The mood of the
    moment was broken however by a fait chiming, and before Piper could say a
    word, Leo jumped to his feet. He was struggling into his clothes as he
    said, "Sorry Piper. I have to go."

    She sighed loudly as the room was again filled with bluish white light and
    Leo orbed out of existence.

    King was nowhere near ready to quit yet and he simply trotted around behind
    Phoebe and stuck his nose into her ass crack. She jumped as his tongue
    lapped around her shit hole and then reached behind her to pull her ass
    cheeks apart to give him better access to her back hole. She was still
    quivering from head to toe and her eyes closed again as the dog's tongue
    became more persistent. She relaxed her asshole as much as possible and
    cried out as King pushed past the resistance of her anal ring and his
    tongue slithered up her shitter.

    "Oh fuck, that's nice," she gasped. "I hope your cock's as good as your
    tongue, boy."

    The cunt juice was running out of her front hole and pooling on the tiled
    floor between her feet as the dog reamed her shit hole with its tongue.

    "I need cock, boy," she said letting go of her ass cheeks and pulling her
    bowels away from the dog's mouth. As she turned to face the animal, she
    looked between its back paws and grinned at the thick red shaft that was
    almost touching the ground.

    She dropped to her hands and knees and to her delight, King was as horny
    for fucking as she was. He mounted her immediately and before she was
    really ready. The weight of the dog forced her face into the tiled floor
    and into the pool of cunt juice that she had splattered there. The thick
    slime soaked into her hair and covered her face as her tongue started to
    lap up the mess.

    Her butt was high in the air and King's thrusting cock soon found her fuck
    hole. She moaned as the thick red shaft began stretching her cunt walls
    apart and gasped, "Fuck me baby. Fuck me hard."

    When she raised her head to speak, her cunt cream dribbled out of her mouth
    and the slime dripped from her chin and the ends of her hair. She shuddered
    in response to her sluttish behaviour and her cunt muscles clenched like a
    mouth around his thick prick and pumped it like a fist as he fucked her.
    His hind legs pranced nervously between her knees and he drooled constantly
    onto her back as he rammed all of his thick cock up into her fuck hole. His
    shaft was flashing in and out of her hole at an astonishing rate and Phoebe
    squealed several times and pushed her cunt back to make sure that every
    last fraction of an inch was inside her.

    She could now feel the swelling at the base of his cock and it grew larger
    with every thrust. The animal was aware of it too and the lengths of his
    thrusts altered. He now made sure that the knot stayed inside Phoebe's cunt
    and she gasped as the tennis ball sized swelling rammed up and down her
    fuck tube.

    "Fuck I'm cumming again," she cried as another orgasm ripped through her
    and shook her whole body. She was panting and moaning continually as her
    cunt spasmed around King's driving prick and she screamed loudly as the
    animal gave a massive lunge and battered the head of his shaft against her
    cervix. His cock spurted in her heaving cunt and splattered jet after jet
    of dog cum into her fuck hole. She shrieked with new pleasure as she
    climaxed again on his spurting cock.

    Piper had thrown her clothes back on and brushed her hair. As she opened
    her bedroom door, Pru and Brian were coming out of the other bedroom.

    "What happened to your door," he asked as he saw the splintered lock. "I
    don't remember it being like that when we went in."

    "Oh it's been like that for ages," she replied dismissively. She saw her
    sister further along the hallway and continued "Hasn't it Piper?"

    "Yea, ages," Piper lied. "Pru locked the door and then lost the key so we
    had to force it open."

    Pru smile in response to Piper's logical explanation and the three walked
    down the stairs together.

    They had almost reached the bottom when Phoebe's plaintive voice shouted,
    "Piper, freeze him."

    Almost without thinking, Piper waved her hands and Brain froze immediately.
    Both Pru and Piper hurried into the kitchen and stopped in the door in

    "God I am so busted," Phoebe lamented.

    "What the fuck!" Pru exclaimed walking around her sister who was still on
    her hands and knees on the floor. She bent down to look at the dog cock
    that was firmly embedded in Phoebe's cunt whilst Piper's fingernail gently
    scraped at some of the dried and crusted cunt cream that glazed Phoebe's
    face. She sniffed at her fingers before reaching out to touch the girl's
    damp hair.

    "God, that must have been some cum you had," she said.

    Before Phoebe could respond, Pru straightened up and said, "Never mind
    about her cum. Where did you get the dog? And why the hell did you decide
    to let it fuck you?"

    King was struggling to release his cock and he suddenly leaped backwards
    and his knot pulled out of Phoebe's cunt with a loud plop followed by the
    sound of a torrent of dog cum splattering onto the floor.

    Pru wanted to be angry with her irresponsible young sister. But the smell
    of the dog cum any the way it looked as it poured out of Phoebe's front
    hole made her drop to her knees and began to suck it out of her sister's cunt.

    Phoebe's cunt and clit were still very sensitive and swollen from their
    recent fucking and she shrieked when she felt Pru's mouth on her sex.

    "Oh fuck, no more," she cried trying to crawl away but Piper pushed her
    over and rolled her onto her back before joining Pru between her legs.

    Phoebe's body thrashed about on the floor as her two sisters sucked on her
    cunt. Their tongues snaked around in her fuck tube and flicked over her
    over stimulated clit. Her back arched and she cried out as another climax
    exploded inside her and Pru and Piper held her in orgasm until the last
    trace of the animal's sperm was in their stomachs.

    Phoebe crashed back onto the floor completely exhausted and Piper stood up
    and got a bowl of water for King who was lying curled up in the corner
    licking his cock and balls.

    About 10 minutes later, they helped Phoebe off the floor and she staggered
    upstairs for a much needed shower. The other two took their positions on
    either side of Brian who didn't seem to notice when he was unfrozen and Pru
    escorted him to the door.

    "Thank goodness," Pru said as she came back into the front hallway.

    "We're not quite out of the woods yet, Pru," Piper said regretfully.

    "We're not?" she replied.

    Piper shook her head and took her sister into the living room. At first Pru
    only saw the shattered window and the ruined dresser, but as she walked
    around the sofa she found the young girl, frozen in time with her panties
    around her knees.

    "Who the fuck is she?" Pru asked, and before Piper could answer, Pru had
    already worked out who was responsible and she sucked air into her lungs
    and bellowed, "PHOEBE!!"

    She came running down the stairs with a towel wrapped around her naked body
    and the water dripping from her hair. "What?" she demanded. "I was in the

    Pru pointed to Jenny's prone figure and Phoebe gulped. "Shit," she
    exclaimed. "I forgot about her."

    "You forgot!" Pru repeated shaking her head in disbelief. "And how exactly
    were you going to explain to her that the living room is now completely
    trashed and that she didn't see it happen?"

    "You can't blame me for that," Phoebe replied defensively. "It's not my
    fault that a demon decided to crash through the window."

    Piper came to her sisters defence and said," She's right Pru. Phoebe and I
    were both playing with Jenny when that Kantor broke in. The timing was just

    "I'll say it was unfortunate," Pru confirmed calming down a bit. "Okay,
    what do we do about it?"

    "Well, I'm going to finish my shower," Phoebe said defiantly. "Why don't
    you just put her out in the hallway on the floor and we'll say that she
    slipped on the way out and hit her head. She'll be so disoriented, that
    she'll buy it."

    Pru looked at Piper who nodded her head. "Could work," she said.

    "Okay," Pru agreed, and as Phoebe turned to go back upstairs, she added,
    "Phoebe, make sure that you put the same dress back on so Jenny won't
    notice you've changed."

    The steam billowed in the shower cubicle as the hot water cascaded over
    Phoebe's body. Her head rested lightly on the tiled wall and her eyes were
    closed as she relaxed. She didn't see the light that filled the shower room
    for a few seconds but became aware of a presence behind her. Before she
    could turn around, a body pressed her into the tiled wall and she felt an
    erect cock press into her butt.

    "Still want some cock Phoebe?" Leo asked.

    "Hi Leo," she said in delight and she closed her eyes again as his hands
    encircled her waist and rose up to gently cup her tits. He could feel her
    nipples harden in response to his touch and she said softly, "Does Piper
    know you're in here?"

    "What do you think?" he said in response, and she laughed throatily.

    As he played with her breasts, she wriggled her butt at the hard cock that
    was pressing into her flesh. Reaching behind her with one hand, she gripped
    his shaft, gave it a few strokes and pulled it down to poke between her
    legs. She closed her thighs around it and gently jacked him off as his
    fingers squeezed and pulled at her sensitive nipples.

    She groaned at his touch and stood on her tiptoes on one foot and lifted
    the other foot from the floor. With practised ease, she scooped Leo's cock
    up and stuffed it into her sticky cunt. As her hot flesh closed around the
    shaft, Leo began screwing her with long slow strokes.

    She turned her head over her shoulder and reached back to pull his mouth
    down onto hers and just before their lips touched, she hissed, "Fuck me."

    Leo began screwing her faster and one of his hands dropped between her legs
    and rubbed at her burning clit. She moaned into his mouth and her tongue
    danced in his throat as his fingers brought her close to climax. He felt
    her groan into his mouth as he stimulated her burning clit and her hands
    grabbed at the back of his head as she ground her mouth onto his.

    Her breath jetted down his throat as she suddenly screamed and shuddered.
    Her orgasm exploded between her legs forcing her hot cunt cream to spurt
    out around Leo's thrusting prick. She pulled her mouth away from his as she
    gasped for air and surrendered totally to her cum. Her mind reeled and her
    eyes were screwed tightly shut as her loved continued fucking her with
    faster and faster strokes. Her climaxes became continual and blended into
    each other. Every time an orgasm would lessen in intensity, the next would
    rip through her and cause her over stimulated muscles to contract and
    convulse. She couldn't find the strength or the breath to scream, and could
    only gasp and groan as Leo kept on pounding his cock up her hole.

    Phoebe's head hung and rested against the tiled wall as Leo began to feel
    his spunk start to froth in his balls. He lent forward and bit the side of
    Phoebe's neck causing her to cry out in a delicious mixture of pain and
    pleasure. Her head snapped up and she gasped loudly as she felt his white
    hot sperm spurt into her cunt.

    Leo slowly pulled his hands away from her tit and her clit and braced
    himself against the wall as he fought for breath and it took a few minutes
    before they straightened up and his shaft plopped out of her hole. As she
    turned to face him, she threw her arms around his neck and they kissed deeply.

    Her smile dazzled him as she pulled her face back but before she could say
    anything, there was a loud knock on the bathroom door and Pru's voice
    shouted, "Hurry up Phoebe. We still have to get rid of this girlfriend of

    Phoebe put her finger to her lips to warn Leo to keep quiet and he nodded
    and bent down to pick up his discarded clothes from the floor. A few
    seconds of bright light were all it took for Leo to orb out of the room and
    immediately after, Pru stepped into the room.

    She looked at her sister as she lifted a towel and replied, "I'm coming
    Pru. Just let me get dried."

    "I think you should get back into the shower before you dry off," Pru
    answered. Phoebe looked surprised and Pru took a step forward and ran her
    forefinger gently over Phoebe's sex. The both looked at the thick spunk
    that covered Pru's finger and Phoebe said, "That damn dog cum gets everywhere."

    Pru's eyes were half closed as she studied her sister closely before
    sniffing her finger and then sucking it into her mouth.

    "That's not dog cum Phoebe," she exclaimed. "Where did you get …..??"

    She stopped speaking in mid sentence and cast her eyes upwards. "Leo!!" she
    hissed in sudden understanding. "You fucked Leo."

    "Ssssshhhhh," Phoebe said looking towards the open door. "Keep your voice
    down. Besides, I didn't fuck Leo."

    Pru stared at her and Phoebe started giggling. "Actually, he fucked me."

    "Phoebe," Pru said in exasperation. "Piper will go ballistic if she finds out."

    "Yea, well don't tell her," Phoebe replied, using the towel to clean
    herself up between her legs and then pull her clothes back on.

    Pru shook her head and followed her younger sister downstairs.

    "About time," Piper said as the came into the hall.

    Phoebe looked around and nodded approvingly. Jenny was lying on the floor
    at the front door and Pru and Piper had sorted her clothes.

    "Okay, what's the story?" Phoebe asked.

    "She slipped and hit her head on the table." Piper replied.

    Phoebe looked around at the small table against the wall and pulled it over
    onto the floor. The sisters all nodded at her actions and Pru suddenly drew
    back her foot and kicked Jenny on the side of the head. As both Piper and
    Phoebe looked at her, she said, "She banged her head on the table, so it
    should be sore when she waked up."

    All three girls knelt down beside Jenny and Pru said, "Now Piper."

    As Piper waved her hands, Jenny immediately unfroze and tried to sit up.
    She was completely disorientated and stammered, "Where am… What happened?
    How did I get here?"

    The sisters went into their convincing act and within a few minutes, Jenny
    fully believed that she had slipped on her way out and apologised
    repeatedly for being so clumsy. The girls assured her that it was all right
    and Jenny was still rubbing the side of her head as they showed her out.

    They all breathed a sigh of relief as Pru closed the front door but their
    satisfaction was short lived when Leo suddenly orbed into the room. Piper
    felt a tingling between her legs when he appeared and she would have been
    very pissed if she had known that her younger sisters cunt was also juicing up.

    Leo however was all business and he said in a serious tone, "We have a
    problem, ladies. You're being hunted by a demon and he's powerful... Very

    o0o The End o0o

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    Thanks for the addition Games.....Dont really watch that show but have heard of it.
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    Well its a hot read regardless all you need to know is they are 3 sisters who are witches and they fight demons.

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    If you have seen the real vids of piper and pru you will know this story has a great deal of plausability.

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    I never liked the tv-show. But this story was good. Thanks for posting it.

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    that is a great story

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    This was an interesting story... Rather enjoyed it thanks.

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