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    (Jessica) Suck Princess 2

    Suck Princess ll



    I am 23 years old, 5'2 105 lbs and have auburn hair with green eyes, 34c
    22 32. This is the story of how I came to love sucking cock.

    After that first date with Mike I was like an exposed nerve. I couldn't
    believe what I had done or the fact that I had so totally enjoyed and given in
    to it. Every time I played the scene back in my head, no matter where I was
    at, I would get wet. Just the anticipation of knowing I was going to see him
    would give me little mini-orgasms.
    Mike was the luckiest guy in town. Once a day, everyday for two weeks I
    sucked his cock and swallowed his cum. He was in heaven. But, unfortunately
    for Mike, he couldn't keep his mouth shut.
    Within a couple of weeks I had been asked out by 10 or 12 guys! At first
    I didn't think much of it, but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to put two
    and two together. When I confronted Mike, after some hemming and hawing, he
    admitted that he had told "a couple of guys" about us! At first I was angry,
    how dare he! But on the way home I started to think of all those guys that
    called my house. Each one of them had probably had a hard on while talking to
    me. Each one of them wanted to use my mouth! I was getting wet.
    On the way home that day I broke up with Mike. He apologized and begged
    me to keep seeing him, but I just didn't want to be tied down anymore. The
    thought of going out with all those other men made my decision easy, plus, for
    Mike, that's the price you pay for talking.
    The next guy to call was a boy from the basketball team. His name was
    Julius. He was tall, 6'7 or so, dark skinned (he was an African-American) and
    incredibly gorgeous! Whenever I was with the other girls we would always
    comment on his soft brown eyes and beautiful smile. He had an easy, unaffected
    way about him that made all those around him feel comfortable. He asked me if
    I would like to come over to his house Saturday night and watch a rented movie
    and order some pizza.
    "Sure!" I replied.
    "Sorry about the cheap date," he said. "But I'm trying to save for college
    next year."
    "That's okay Julius, pizza and a movie would be great!"
    "Okay, I will pick you up around 7:00?"
    "You bet! See you then."
    Saturday night came and so did Julius. We went to the local video store
    and rented a movie (don't remember what it was). When we arrived at his house
    I noticed that no one was home. He told me his parents had gone out for the
    weekend and we had the place to ourselves.
    We went down to the basement and popped in the video. We sat on the
    couch, kind of close to each other, but not touching. We talked and laughed at
    the movie and when the pizza finally came we dug right in.
    Around 9:30 the movie ended and Julius sheepishly asked if I wanted to
    watch a different kind of movie. At first I wasn't sure what he was talking
    about and I asked what he meant by different.
    "Well," he stammered. "My Father has a couple of, you know ... um...
    X-rated video's."
    My heart jumped. I had never seen porno before. Immediately I started to
    become aroused. "Sure...I would love to see it!
    I could see his smile spread from ear to ear as he almost dropped the
    video as he grabbed it out of the home entertainment cabinet. He couldn't
    believe his good fortune and neither could I.
    We sat on the couch as the movie started. It was one of those 4-hour
    extravaganza's. Lots of girls giving head and swallowing cum. It was the
    first time I had ever seen a facial cumshot. I was breathing very heavily when
    the first girl swallowed a load and I squirmed slightly where I sat. Julius
    was also becoming aroused, obviously so, as his cock started to make a definite
    outline in his jeans. My pleated skirt was slowly rising as I worked my legs
    back and forth, slowly, trying not to be obvious.
    Shortly after the movie started, about 15 minutes into it, Julius made his
    move. He put his arm around me and leaned into my ear, telling me how sexy the
    movie was. I put my hand on his thigh and told him I agreed. As my hand moved
    back and forth on his leg he moaned softly in my ear,
    "Oh yeah baby ... that feels so good."
    Encouraged by his prompting I moved my hand slowly up his thigh to the
    outline of his cock. My breathing was becoming ragged. When I finally touched
    his meat, Julius let out a groan.
    "Yeah, Jessica, that's it." He still had his arm around my shoulders
    while his right hand rested on his own hip.
    I pushed and pulled at his cock in the confines of his pants. The
    constant moaning and groaning on the TV charged the atmosphere with sex. My
    own left hand was rubbing the inside of my thigh. My pussy was soaked.
    "Go ahead and pull out my cock, baby ... you know you want to."
    With that final bit of encouragement all inhibitions melted away. I
    pulled on his belt buckle with fumbling rushing hands, having trouble getting
    the belt open. Julius laughed softly at my wanton act, but did nothing,
    preferring to watch me until I pleaded for his help.
    "No, Jessica, you want that cock your gonna have to get it yourself." He
    laughed again.
    Finally, with both hands tugging, I got his pants open. He lifted his
    hips and I pulled his jeans and shorts down to his knees.
    His cock was standing up against his belly, twitching in the air. It was
    nearly black along the shaft, turning a pinkish hue at the head. He had a
    thick tightly curled bush of hair at the base. Long and thin, maybe 8", I
    placed my fist around it.
    "Mmmmm...that's it Jessica...," And with that Julius pushed my head down
    with his hands.
    I bent over his hips and took his cock into my mouth, he groaned. I came.
    I finally had another cock in my mouth besides Mike's. Julius' cock had a
    different texture, smoother, longer, thinner yet more demanding.
    I was going up and down, licking his cock, getting to know it, when he
    pulled me up by my hair and said to get on my knees between his legs so I could
    give him a proper blow job. I moved off the couch and onto the floor while he
    stood up and took of his jeans and shorts. I knelt there in front of him while
    he did this, feeling like a slut who couldn't wait for her meal.
    Just before he sat down he said "Wait here a moment," and he walked away,
    cock jutting out in front of him, into a room off the basement.
    In seconds he returned with a beer in his hand. He smiled again as he sat
    down, popped the top and took a long swig. Holding the beer in his hand he
    rested his arm on the couch.
    Finally he spread his legs and said, "Okay, go ahead Jessica, I'm ready."
    I had cum twice while waiting, my body shook as I realized how I was being
    used. He hadn't even touched me! He hadn't tried to hold my tits or stroke my
    pussy. He had just assumed I would service him ... and he was right.
    I dove on his cock in a frenzy. My right hand hiked up my skirt and
    played with my pussy while my left hand worked his cock and balls as I sucked.
    At one point, while I was trying repeatedly to deepthroat him, gagging myself
    in the process, he picked up the remote control and started to fast forward
    through the movie, seeming oblivious to my efforts.
    I started to feel like I was in a vacuum. Nothing around me mattered.
    Only sucking this cock.
    I worked my head up and down, the ends of my hair getting matted with spit
    that pooled in his pubic hair. I sucked as hard as I could, imagining what I
    looked like with my cheeks pulled in and the outline of his cock pressed
    against them, my red lips in contrast to his dark cock. My tongue pushed hard
    at the bottom of his shaft rubbing back and forth as I stroked his cock with my
    Shortly, his hands came to bear on my head. He started to grunt and moan
    and I knew he was close. I had come four or five times by now and I let go of
    my cunt and moved my other hand up to his balls, continuing to stroke him with
    the other hand, wanting to help him cum hard.
    My own cunt juice worked as a lubricant on his balls and I felt them
    Suddenly he pulled my head up and grabbed his cock out of my hands.
    Shocked, I looked up at him, panting, flushed and totally turned on. He
    was smiling at me, beads of sweat on his forehead as he breathed like a
    "You like to suck cock don't you?" He panted.
    I nodded.
    "You want to taste my cum?"
    "Well, we're going to do this my way then," he said. "Put your hands down
    by your side."
    My body was quaking with anticipation as I knelt before him on the
    basement floor. Obediently I put my arms at my side.
    "Good." He took a last swig off of his beer and moved up to the edge of
    the couch so his balls hung down swinging free and his ass was right on the end
    of the cushion.
    He grabbed his cock and told me to move in between his legs. I did,
    picking the hem of my dress up and exposing my pussy for myself.
    "Now, what your going to do is just put the head of my cock in your mouth
    and nothing else. Don't use your tongue or your hands." He raised my face to
    him with his hand under my chin. "Understand?"
    I nodded in the affirmative.
    "Okay ... do it!" He said.
    I did as I was told. I leaned in and cupped the head of his cock in my
    mouth, not knowing what to expect. I could taste his pre-cum, flowing heavily.
    His hand started to move, slowly at first, from his balls to my lips, his
    knuckles brushing my mouth. Up and down he stroked his cock, I had to swallow
    just to keep up with his pre-cum and my saliva. My eyes must have been as big
    as saucers as I watched up close as Julius jacked off...into my mouth!
    I shuddered and breathed heavily through my nose as Julius' hand started
    to pick up speed. I was mesmerized by his hand. It kept hitting my mouth now,
    but he didn't care.
    "That's it baby," he said. "Your gonna get a real mouthful in a minute!"
    He grabbed my head with his free hand and held me in place, using me as balance
    for himself. "You want to swallow my cum? Huh slut?" I grunted and moaned
    around his cock head to let him know the answer was yes.
    Even with my hands at my side I started a roller coaster of orgasms. A
    rippling tide, wave after wave that made me want to pass out.
    "Okay Jessica... Here I cum ... come on slut...take my load..."
    His cock grew large in my mouth. But it was a different sensation than
    all the other times. I wasn't moving! I just knelt there waiting to taste his
    cum. I could feel everything his cock was doing. The way it pumped itself up.
    The head growing fantastically large in my mouth. I couldn't stop myself and
    started to help him with my tongue, rubbing it all around the head. I wanted
    him to cum! Cum in my mouth!
    "Yeah...oh fuck yeah baby...that's it...oh yeah.... NOW!" And his cock
    pumped a thick white rope of sperm into my wet, warm, waiting mouth.
    I was amazed! When Mike had cum, although he shot many times, there was
    not a lot of cum. I had thought it was at the time, but not now.
    "Yeah...swallow it...you love to suck cock and eat cum...come on...take
    it!" Julius was spewing an incredible amount of cum! I gulped after the first
    pump. I gulped again after the second shot. His hand was still a blur. I could
    feel his cum splash over my white teeth and run down the inside of my soft pink
    cheeks. Salty...my tongue loving every stringy mess that he blew into my
    Suddenly he took his hand away and pushed my head down with the other,
    forcing me onto his cock.
    "Come on slut...finish me," he said, pumping still more cum into my mouth
    while forcing my head down farther. "Mike said you could deepthroat, now show
    me your stuff!"
    I frantically tried to intensify his orgasm. I stroked his cock and
    pulled and pushed at his balls. Spit and sperm was stretched out from my mouth
    to his balls in a long, swinging arc. Gobs of white stuff dripped out of my
    mouth in bell shaped drops. I had no idea where it was all coming from!
    His hands pushed down farther and I gagged, but at the same instant he
    raised his hips and his cock punched into my throat. I coughed and gagged and
    suddenly a thick gush of sperm rushed out of my nose, spewing over my lips,
    onto my hand and down his cock.
    He laughed and pulled back and forced me down again. I was coming over
    and over, my pussy spasming, literally dripping onto the carpet of the basement
    Finally he slowed, but I kept on, riding out my orgasm. Sucking his cock
    like a whore, knowing he was watching me with disdain. Degrading me.
    And I liked it.
    There was cum all over his couch and his legs. His balls were dripping
    cum and his pubic hair was matted and soaked. My own hair was caked with cum
    at the ends and my face was slick and coated with spit, drool and sperm.
    He leaned back then and looked at his watch.
    "Come on, get yourself cleaned up, I have to get you home by midnight."
    On the way home I sucked him off again.

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    very hot

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    hot-hot-and more hot, great story

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    very amazing! i get so into it every time! mm i notice you like skirts! hmm me to love watching girls dress in them very hot outfit



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