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    (Baron Darkside) A VISITOR IN THE NIGHT (inc,mom/son)

    sorry if it's a repost

    Copyright © 1997, Baron Darkside. ALL Rights Reserved

    This story may not be reproduced in any form for profit without
    the written permission of the author. This story may be freely
    distributed with this notice attached. The author may be contacted
    by writing mrdouble@mrdouble.com.

    (1) Disclaimer One: This Is A Work Of Fiction; It Is Not True!
    While Some Characters Who Appear In This Story May Be Under The Age Of
    Eighteen, They Are Not Abused And No Abuse Is Intended Or Implied (If
    You Disagree With My Definition Of Abuse, I'm Sorry).

    (2) Disclaimer Two: If You Are Underage (Under The Age Of Eighteen
    (18)), Or In Locations That By Law, Preclude You From Reading Sexual
    Material, You Should Stop Reading This Material Now!!

    (3) Disclaimer Three: If You Are, Now Or Have Ever Been, Offended
    By Sex, Incest Or Any Other Subject Of A Sexual Nature, Please Avoid
    This Story. (I Would Also Suggest You Seek The Services Of A

    (4) Disclaimer Four: This Is For Adults, And Contains Adult Oriented
    Material. If You Are Not An Adult, Either Chronologically, Mentally
    Or Sexually, Please Do Not Read Any Further Or You Will Be Offended

    (5) Disclaimer Five: The Author Of This Story Wishes To Remain
    Anonymous, However I Retain All Copy Rights.


    Fantasy Number 33A
    A Tale of Incest by Incestual Dreamer, a Baron of the Darkside

    Catherine Dempsey was growing more weary by the minute as she toiled
    up the trail behind her husband, Brian. She hoped they were nearing
    their campsite for the night. Brian had led the way most of the day,
    picking a path over and through the hot, dusty rocks while she and
    their son, Seth had obligingly followed in his footsteps.
    Catherine was getting a double dose of the hot rays of the sun as it
    beat down on her from above and bounced back up from the quartz
    speckled rocks below. She could hear Seth grunting and breathing
    heavily behind her so she stopped for a moment and glanced over her
    shoulder. She watched him climb up toward her for several moments,
    admiring his youthful build before she turned and started scaling the
    hot, glistening rocks once again.
    She could feel sweat running down between her big, heavy breasts and
    she knew that her shirt and shorts were drenched with the product of
    her effort. As she crawled over and around the super-heated rocks,
    her tight, clinging shorts chafed her crotch and rubbed her clitoris
    almost raw. After the whole day of climbing, she was so horny she
    could scream. If they didn't stop soon, she would probably rape her
    husband right in front of her son. As she struggled with her desire,
    they climbed higher and higher. Finally, the steep slope gradually
    began to flatten out.
    "I think we'll stop here for the night", Brian puffed as he stood
    trying to catch his breath from the climb. "There's supposed to be a
    stream somewhere near here where we can get some water."
    "Sounds like a winner to me," she groaned, staggering over to a tree
    and plopping down under it. "I'm too tired to go any farther anyway."
    They both watched Seth struggle up the path behind them and finally
    trudge up to them.
    "Wow, " he gasped, trying to catch his breath, "That last leg was a
    real killer. I didn't know if I was going to make it or not."
    "When you catch your breath," Brian laughed, "gather up some firewood
    while I'm putting up the tent. The sun will be going down pretty soon
    and a fire will feel real good."
    Sitting under the tree, Catherine watched Brian untie the tent from
    below his backpack. She could feel the sweat slowly begin to dry on
    her skin leaving it dry and gritty, making her feel even more
    miserable. At last, tired of watching Brian work, she got up.
    "I think I'll see if I can find the stream you were talking about,"
    she told him, dusting the dirt off her backside before she turned and
    started trudging away from the camp. She headed toward a grove of
    trees that looked promising. It was about 50 yards away.
    "I could use a drink of cool water," she muttered to herself, "but
    what I could really use is a bath."
    "I think there should be one over there where Seth is looking for
    wood," Brian hollered out to her as he stood up, wiping the sweat from
    his forehead.
    Even out in the woods, as sweaty and dirty as she was, she could still
    evoke a spark of desire, he thought to himself as he watched her walk
    away. He couldn't keep his prick from beginning to get hard as he
    watched his lovely wife head toward the trees, her enticing derriere
    swinging back and force deliciously. Shaking his head in
    appreciation, he hurriedly returned to the task at hand, hoping to
    take his mind off her alluring curves.
    Nearing the grove of trees, she could hear her son tramping through
    the trees as he looked for firewood.
    "SETH," she said loudly, brushing aside several limbs and stepping
    into the shade of a tangled mass of trees, "did you find the stream?"
    "Yeah," he grinned as he saw his mother emerge out of the bushes, "and
    it's got a nice pool that we can take a dip in. It looks like it is
    about three or four feet deep and not too cold. It looks just right.
    I think that I'm going to come back over here after supper and soak my
    Her skin was gritty and irritated. The thought of taking a nice cool
    bath almost made her delirious.
    "I don't know if I can wait that long," she sighed, feeling the
    scratchy salt chafe her skin even as she spoke,
    "Maybe I'll go back and get a change of clothes and take a dip while
    you guys get the camp ready. Then I can fix supper while you two take
    your bath."
    "That sounds good to me," Seth said, following her as she backed out
    of the bushes and headed for the camp.
    His arms full of dead wood, Seth walked behind his mother, watching
    her firm, round behind oscillate back and forth with each step. He
    realized that it was wrong to think about her in a sexual way, but he
    couldn't keep from staring at her lovely behind as it frolicked about
    provocatively under the tight-fitting shorts she wore. Suddenly, he
    realized that he was getting a hard-on.
    "UNhpfff," he grunted as tripped over a large rock he hadn't seen
    because he had been so intently watching her swaying buttocks.
    "What did you say?" Catherine asked, stopping and turning around.
    As she did, she watched her son trying to keep the tottering tangle of
    wood in his arms from crashing to the ground.
    "Oh, Nothing," he mumbled, ashamed that he had almost been caught in
    the act of staring at her behind, "I just tripped over a darn rock."
    "Be careful," she cautioned him, wondering why his face was so red,
    "we don't need to carry you all the way back down the mountain with at
    broken ankle."
    "I will," he told her, regaining some of his composure as he still
    fought with the pile of wood, trying to keep it from falling to the
    Trying his hardest to keep his eyes from returning to the delectable
    view of his mother's delightful rearend, Seth followed her on down the
    trail. But try as he did, he couldn't keep his eyes off the perfect
    roundness of her gorgeous ass.
    At last they made it back to the campsite without Seth falling again.
    Thankfully, his mother seemed oblivious to the stimulating effect she
    was having on him.
    "Did you find the stream?" Brian asked Catherine as she strolled back
    into the camp.
    "Yep," she grinned at him, eagerly anticipating the feel of the cool
    water on her skin. "And I'm going back and take a bath while you two
    finish getting the camp set up. Then I can fix supper while you two
    get cleaned up. How does that sound?"
    "Great," Brian chuckled, "it'll feel great to get some of this dirt
    washed off."
    Searching through her backpack, she finally pulled out another pair of
    crisp, clean shorts. Then a little more digging produced a matching
    shirt, socks, and a towel. Glancing over at the men, she saw they
    were both busy.
    "I should be back in about thirty minutes," she told Brian, giving him
    a suggestive wink when he turned and saw that she was headed toward
    the distant grove of trees again. "All fresh and clean."
    "I'll be waiting right here," he told her, smiling back at her.
    Father and son watched her make her way down the path, not taking
    their eyes off her until she disappeared into the trees.
    Neither of them said a word, but they had similar thoughts. The
    father trying to think of a way to get his lovely wife in the sack
    with their son knowing about it, while the son was busy admiring his
    mother's beautiful backside.
    Then they returned to their tasks. Brian soon had the tent up, the
    sleeping bags spread out inside it, and Seth had a roaring campfire
    "I think I'll go farther downstream and see if I can find some more
    wood," he told his father, "I don't think this will last very long."
    "Okay, but be back in twenty or thirty minutes," Brian told him,
    taking out the pots and pans out of his back pack and setting them by
    the fire.
    Heading away from the camp toward another clump of trees some fifty to
    seventy-five yards farther down the stream, Seth quickly faded into
    the mass of trees. Glancing over his shoulder, he could no longer see
    the camp. When he was out of sight of the camp, he turned and
    carefully began to make his way back up the stream staying hidden in
    the band of trees that bordered the stream. Slinking stealthily back
    up the stream, he moved as quietly as he could. Ever so cautiously,
    he stole back up the stream until he could hear his mother splashing
    about in the pool.
    He crept closer and closer until at last he was standing behind the
    thick brush at the edge of the pool. He was so close, he could hear
    his mother humming as she bathed in the water. With his hands shaking
    nervously, he cautiously eased apart some of the foliage and peered
    out onto the pool.
    He nearly passed out when he saw his mother. She was gloriously naked
    and standing toward the edge of the pool so that the water only came
    up to her knees. Staring out at her in disbelief, his mouth suddenly
    went dry. His eyes were immediately drawn to her big, pendant melon
    sized breasts as they wiggled and jiggled with her every move. They
    were beautiful. He felt his maleness instantly turn into a shaft of
    petrified steel as his eyes pored over her magnificent breasts. He
    couldn't imagine anything more beautiful than her great conical peaks
    of soft flesh that looked as if they had been sculpted out of pink
    marble. Each of the beautiful monuments was tipped with a resplendent
    rose colored cup of pebbled flesh and a huge strawberry like nipple
    defiantly jutting out from its center. Unable to keep his eyes off
    her beautiful tits, he watched them wiggle and quiver as she scooped
    up water and splashed it over her body.
    Seth didn't know how long he had been watching, but it seemed like
    hours before he could tear his eyes away from her majestic breasts.
    Not knowing how much longer he had, he swept his eyes quickly down
    over her flat, firm stomach to the dripping tangle of curly brown
    pubic hair that spread over her mons veneris like a profuse kinky
    His cock was so hard it ached as he let his eyes drink in her erotic
    curves and hollows. It was all he could do to keep from bursting out
    from behind the bush and taking her in his arms. It was driving him
    crazy with desire. Finally, much to his disappointment, he saw her
    turn and carefully tread over to the bank. As she moved across the
    pool, he watched her melon-sized breasts bounce and bobble
    She stood on the bank for a few minutes letting the soft breeze dry
    her before finally reaching down and picking up the towel lying on the
    ground. Wrapping the towel around herself, she covered her big
    breasts, hiding them from his view. Then she carefully stepped out of
    the pool onto the soft grass. Tossing her long, silken hair about
    happily, she quickly ran the towel over her plentiful charms, patting
    herself dry. Finally, tossing the towel aside, she stood on the bank
    enjoying the feel of the breeze on her skin unaware that her son was
    watching her from behind the bushes. Still indecently naked, she was
    now unknowingly offering him an entirely different perspective of the
    view that he had watched almost all day long. It was even more
    beautiful than he had imagined it would be.
    He couldn't imagine that there was a prettier ass anywhere in the
    world. It was firm, yet as soft and smooth as a baby's bottom, but
    so much more erotic. Staring at it he realized that it was shaped
    like an upside down heart with a deep sensual crack splitting it
    exactly in half before it faded up into her long, curving back. Just
    watching her bend down and pick up her shorts sent a quiver through
    his stone-hard penis and he had to struggle to keep from shooting his
    load in his pants. He watched with malicious perversion as she lazily
    pulled her shorts up her long, perfectly shaped legs. Then it
    suddenly dawned on him that she hadn't put her panties on first. This
    knowledge sent another paroxysm of excitement charging through his
    cock when he realized that she would be walking around camp all night
    without any panties. Unable to keep from groping himself, he watched
    her pull on her shirt down over her bulging breasts. Not only was she
    not going to wear panties, she wasn't going to wear a brassiere,
    either. He couldn't believe it. It was almost too much to handle
    knowing that she wouldn't be wearing anything under her clothes for
    the rest of the day. Unable to stop himself, he shoved his hand down
    into his pants and squeezed his swollen manhood, almost triggering an
    eruption when he did.
    At last she sat on the towel and pulled her shoes and socks on.
    Deciding that it was time for him to beat a hasty departure, Seth
    slowly slunk back down the stream leaving his mother, Catherine
    unaware that she had been the focus of his attention for the last
    fifteen minutes or so minutes.
    Seth found it extremely difficult to slink away quietly with his penis
    thrusting out of his crotch like a steel rod. Finally after some
    rough manipulations, he was able to maneuver its granite like hardness
    to a position that would allow him to walk without pain. Stealing
    through the brush with a baseball bat in his pants wasn't an easy
    task, he thought to himself as he stumbled into the next grove of
    trees. Rushing about, trying to find as much firewood as quickly as
    he could, he pictured his mother strolling back to the camp with her
    big, beautiful tits bobbling about freely under her shirt. He
    couldn't believe how bad he was, thinking about his mother the way he
    had been.
    Finally he had enough wood to make his trip seem plausible and headed
    back for the camp. As he neared it, he could see his mother standing
    by the fire with her back to him. His eyes involuntarily dove down to
    her pretty ass, drinking in the loveliness of its erotic roundness was
    made even more exciting by the knowledge that she wasn't wearing any
    panties under her shorts.
    "Oh, there you are," Catherine said turning as she heard him walking
    up, "I was getting worried about you."
    "Uh, there wasn't as much wood down there," he lied as he diverted his
    eyes away from her, "but I think I finally found enough to last the
    "Good," she smiled, watching him as he dropped the load of firewood by
    the fire, noticing that his face was once again bright red, "it looks
    like it might be cold tonight."
    Feeling his face flush with embarrassment, Seth turned away and walked
    over to his backpack. Stooping down, he rifled through it, hoping he
    could hide his shame.
    "Your father just left a couple of minutes ago."
    "He did," he blurted out, pulling out some clean clothes and standing
    Turning around, he saw his mother squatting down by the fire, leaning
    over stirring the contents of one of the pots. She didn't realize
    that her blouse was billowing out giving her son a repeat viewing of
    her splendid cleavage. Unable to keeps his eyes away from the expanse
    of naked flesh, he stood staring at her until she looked up to see why
    he hadn't left yet.
    "Why, uh," she started to ask until she saw him gawking at her
    Glancing down at her blouse, she saw that he could see right down her
    blouse onto her uncovered breasts.
    "Oh, Whoops," she mumbled, reaching up and jerking her blouse together
    and quickly buttoning it. "I didn't mean to spill out like that."
    "Oh, uh, I'm, uh, golly, bye," he stuttered, shuffling off toward the
    pool as quickly as he could, embarrassed beyond belief.
    Kneeling by the fire absently minded stirring supper, Catherine
    wondered why Seth had been blushing since they had arrived at the
    camp. She could see why he had been embarrassed when she caught him
    staring at her breasts. Still, that didn't explain his blushing
    episodes earlier. Maybe he was just sunburned, she thought, but
    doubted that that was the reason.
    Speaking of embarrassment, she thought, she was becoming so horny, she
    was afraid she was going to embarrass herself if she didn't get some
    of Brian's prodigious equipment and soon. Too bad they were all
    sleeping in the same tent, or she would definitely seduce him.
    Thinking about how well her husband was hung, she could almost imagine
    how good his big cock would feel inside her.
    She was growing hornier by the minute as she fixed supper. At last,
    supper was ready. Waiting on the men, she moved everything around so
    it would stay warm and wouldn't burn. Standing up and stretching her
    tired muscles she wondered if she should call the men. Then as she
    started to yell out, another improper thought flashed through her
    mind. She suddenly decided to sneak over and see if she could sneak
    a glimpse of her husband's magnificent cock before supper. Checking
    the food once again, she hurriedly strode out of the camp toward the
    pool. Moving as quickly as she could without warning them, she
    hastily made her way over to the stand of trees. Carefully threading
    her way through the tangle of woods, making as little noise as
    possible, it took her several minutes but she finally made it to the
    pool. Skirting the edge of the pool she looked for a place she could
    spy out on them. As she did, she caught glimpses of the men through
    the bushes.
    Unknowingly choosing the same bush Seth had used earlier, she secretly
    moved up behind it and furtively peeked out at her husband and son.
    Both men were standing in water that only came up to their knees. As
    she peered out, she saw that Brian was facing her and her eyes quickly
    dove down to his gigantic dangling penis. Just the sight of it was
    enough to send spasms of excitement coursing through her overheated
    pussy. She was still surprised every time she saw it. It was huge.
    Even soft like it was now, dangling down between his muscular thighs,
    it had to be at least eight inches long as it flopped about. As
    impressive as it was soft, she could picture it hard, standing at
    least ten or eleven inches tall. She could feel herself getting wet
    as she thought about how wonderful it would feel to have his wonderful
    hardness inside her. She hoped that the wetness she knew was seeping
    out of her womanhood wouldn't show as she glanced over at her son.
    Feeling a rush of guilt, she couldn't help admiring her son's muscular
    back. He certainly had a lovely behind, she thought to herself, as
    she let her eyes wander down his back over his hard buns and powerful
    legs. He had turned into quiet a well-built young man.
    Then just as she started to return her attention back to her husband,
    she saw her son slowly turn around until he was facing away from his
    father and directly facing her. She was stunned. She couldn't
    believe what she was seeing. She nearly gasped out loud in disbelief
    as she found herself staring at her son's enormous penis. The mammoth
    cock, engorged with blood hung down from his belly like a huge evil
    snake. She couldn't believe how huge it was. Not only that, it
    looked like he was getting a hard-on. But at the moment, it was still
    soft enough to flop about evilly as he brushed it with his hand. Even
    in its present state, it was two or three inches longer than his
    father's giant cock. But it was growing rapidly as it protruded out
    from his hairy groin. She knew she shouldn't even be looking at him
    or his inflated organ, but she couldn't bring herself to look away.
    Without warning, she felt her knees growing weak and she had to hold
    onto the bush to keep from falling as she felt the blood rush into her
    vagina. Then as if to confirm her depravity, she felt a stream of her
    juice squirt out of her womanhood and ooze down her inner thighs
    coating them with her slippery syrup. She couldn't ever remember
    spraying out so much juice. But even worse, she felt mortified to
    know that her son was the reason for it.
    Still, she couldn't make herself look away from him. Then to her
    dismay, she watched him slip his hand down to his man thing and
    roughly squeeze it.
    Unaware he was being watched by his mother, Seth glanced over his
    shoulder to see if his father was watching him. When he saw that his
    father wasn't watching, Seth slowly began to stroke his great cock
    To his mother's horror and dismay, she watched on as Seth's cock began
    to grow even larger and more potent.
    "Seth," she heard her husband say as she nearly jumped out of her
    skin, "I'm going to go on back. I imagine Catherine has supper ready
    by now."
    "Uh, I, Uh, Okay," Seth stammered as he quickly sat down in the water
    to hide his jutting cock, "I'll be up there in a few minutes."
    Catherine saw that while she had been watching Seth, Brian had walked
    to the edge of the pool and was stepping out onto the grass. Hoping
    that her legs would still work, she silently stumbled back away from
    the bush and began to make her way back to the camp. It seemed to take
    her forever to reach the edge of the trees, but at last she was out in
    the open and hastily beat a retreat back to the safety of the camp.
    Arriving at the camp, she hurriedly bent down over the campfire and
    tried to look as if she had been there all along. Suddenly, she
    remembered that she had wet her shorts and looking down, she saw that
    the whole crotch was wet with her overflow. Quickly looking around for
    something to hide the telltale stain, she grabbed a canteen and
    quickly dashed water all over her pants. Standing up and brushing off
    the excess water she heard someone coming up the path toward the camp.
    "Oh, Great," she exclaimed for the benefit of whoever it was.
    "What's wrong?" Brian asked as he walked up to her.
    "Oh, I just spilled water all over my shorts," she whined, running her
    hands over her wet shorts.
    "Oh, are you sure you didn't wet yourself?" Brian laughed jokingly.
    "You men can be so gross sometimes," she complained, bending down by
    the fire, smiling to herself satisfied that her ploy had worked.
    "Where's Seth?" She asked innocently, "I thought he was with you."
    "Oh, he said he would be up here in a few minutes," Brian said,
    sticking a finger into one of the pots and tasting its contents.
    "Mmmmm, that tastes good."
    "Get your finger out of our supper," she ordered him, "and get the
    dishes out."
    Suddenly realizing how famished she was, Catherine dished up supper
    for Brian and herself. Sitting down under the tree, they opened a
    bottle of wine and began to eat. They had almost finished before Seth
    finally came tramping into camp. Incapable of resisting the
    temptation, she furtively glanced down at his crotch and saw that he
    was still bulging out importantly.
    "Your supper's on the fire," she told him, making a conscious effort
    to divert her eyes away from him afraid she would betray her guilt,
    "you're late so you have to dish it up yourself."
    "Okay," he muttered, going about filling his plate.
    They all ate their fill in silence.
    "Seth, take these dishes down to the pool," Brian told his son,
    handing him a flashlight, "and give them a good wash while we get
    ready for bed."
    "Okay," Seth said, flicking on the light and starting down the path
    toward the pool. "I'll be back in a little while, if the spooks don't
    get me first."
    "Be careful, there might be snakes out," his mother told him, not
    realizing the significance of her statement until it was out of her
    "Yes, Mother," Seth said sarcastically as he strolled away.
    The instant Seth was out of their sight, Brian pulled Catherine to him
    and gave her a long, wet kiss, driving his tongue into her mouth
    As he hungrily kissed her, Catherine ground her big, soft breasts into
    his chest and forced her hand into his pants. She quickly found his
    jutting hardness and wrapped her hand around it.
    "My, God, I'm horny," Brian finally gasped as he quickly unzipped his
    pants. "It's too bad we only brought one tent. I sure would like to
    make love to you tonight."
    "I've been thinking about how good it would feel to have his big guy
    inside me all day long," she murmured, running her hand up and down
    his swollen manhood
    "Come on, quick, we have a few minutes before Seth comes back," she
    panted, grabbing his hand and tugging him into the tent.
    Once inside the tent, she pulled him down to his knees and recklessly
    attacked his shorts, jerking them down around his knees. As his pants
    went down, his great cock sprang forth hard and ready. Without a
    pause, Catherine swiftly bent down and sucked him into her hot, greedy
    mouth, consuming half of him in one savage suck. She heard him gasp
    with pleasure as she wrapped her hand around his cock and began to
    furiously beat his meat while she hungrily sucked on him. The
    savagery of her attack surprised him and rapidly drove him to the
    boiling point. Like a woman possessed, she brutally drove her wet,
    sucking mouth up and down his throbbing cock while her hands
    frantically stroked his cock urging him toward a cataclysmic eruption.
    Up and down, up and down went her head and hands, stroking him nearer
    and nearer to his orgasmic climax. Urging him on with her mouth and
    hands, she drove him down the path toward gratification. Then,
    suddenly, she felt his cock swell out with preejaculatory
    All at once, Brian felt his balls lurch and spurt out a gusher of his
    thick, sticky cream, he felt Catherine thrust herself down on him,
    taking his entire cock into her mouth and throat.
    "OH, MY, OH, FUCKING, OH, MY, FUCKING, SHEEIT," Brian gasped as his
    cock jumped and jerked spewing out gusher after gusher of his dense,
    virulent semen out into her throat.
    Reacting uncontrollably, his hips thrust up time and time again,
    driving his huge, spurting cock deeper and deeper into his wife's
    throat. Then at last, the pleasure became too intense and he had to
    jerk his cock out of the gripping confines of her throat.
    Feeling him easing his cock out of her throat, she let it slide out
    until only the giant, bloated head remained in her mouth. Biting down
    on the barrel just below the swollen rim of his cockhead, she nipped
    the sensitive little cleft of flesh just below the corona of his cock.
    Keeping his cockhead imprisoned in her mouth she let his cock spit out
    the last few gobs of cum.
    "MOM, DAD, I'm back," they heard from outside the tent, "and the
    spooks didn't get me."
    "Oh, Fuck," Brian cursed under his breath.
    Catherine quickly spit out his cock and sat up with an evil grin on
    her face.
    "You missed some," he grunted as a trickle of his cum dribbled down
    her chin.
    Quickly jerking his shorts up, trying to hide his obvious
    malformation, he groaned in quiet misery.
    "That's good," Catherine said loudly, running her hand across her
    mouth, wiping her husband's offering from her lips, "just put the pots
    and pans in your father's backpack. We're just getting ready for bed,
    so it'll be a few minutes, okay?"
    "Sure," Seth complained, "go ahead and treat me like your slave."
    They heard the rattling of pots and pans as Seth went about cramming
    them back into his father's back pack while Brian made sure that the
    flap to the tent was closed. Smiling maliciously, Catherine slowly
    slipped her tongue out and immodestly ran it around her mouth,
    licking the rest of his discharge from her lips.
    "Yummy, yummy," she whispered, "in My Tummy."
    "You're too much," Brian chuckled, sticking his feet into their
    sleeping bag and easing his body down into it.
    Unbuttoning her blouse, she carefully folded it and laid it down by
    the edge of the sleeping bag. Knowing that Brian was watching her,
    she made sure that her big tits wiggled and jiggled as much as
    possible as she leaned down and slipped her shorts off.
    "Damn, woman," Brian grunted in surprise, "you don't have any panties
    on. You're a shameless hussy."
    "I didn't hear you complaining while ago," she laughed softly.
    Since her shorts were still wet, she laid them out by themselves so
    they would dry. Finally sitting in the middle of the tent bareassed
    naked, she slipped her feet into the sleeping bag and snuggled down
    next to her husband.
    "Are you going to sleep without any clothes on with Seth in the tent?"
    He asked with disbelief.
    "Sure, he can't see through the sleeping bag," she grinned at him as
    she rubbed her big, soft butt up against him.
    "I don't know if this is a good idea," he told her pulling her to him,
    "we might end up waking him up later on, if I get horny again."
    "That sounds inviting," she purred over her shoulder.
    "SETH," she said loudly, "you can put the fire out and come to bed
    now, we're both in our bag."
    "Okay," he said, pouring a bucket of water on the fire, "I'll be there
    in a minute."
    Reaching behind her, she found Brian's cock and gently toyed with his
    limp organ while they waited for Brian to come inside. She was still
    aroused by what she had seen earlier, and love juice still oozing out
    of her tingling womanhood. She wished that she could have Brian's
    cock inside her, but that would have to wait. Maybe, after Seth was
    asleep she could persuade Brian to diddle her. She would have to wait
    and see.
    Finally Seth stumbled into the tent.
    "It sure got dark when I put out the fire," he fussed.
    "Really," she laughed.
    Both she and Brian listened as Seth readied himself for bed. At
    last they heard him slip into his sleeping bag.
    Waiting for Seth to go to sleep, Catherine thought back to the
    afternoon when she had watched the men in the pool. She still
    couldn't believe that her son's cock was so large, but then Brian was
    big too. Maybe Seth had gotten his size from his father, but he had
    improved upon it. She hated herself for thinking about his cock, but
    she couldn't keep it out of her mind. Finally, fatigue won out and
    she felt herself drifting off.
    As she slept, she began to dream. In her dream, she was asleep in the
    woods by a softly flowing stream. After a while, she awoke and found
    herself thirsty. She walked down to the stream to quench her thirst
    and as she drank, she heard something splashing in the water down the
    stream. Getting up, she realized that she was naked, but she had to
    find out what was splashing in the stream. Pulling her long, brown
    hair down over her breasts, she tried to hide her nakedness as she
    walked down the stream toward the splashing sound.
    At last, she crept up behind a bush and slowly parted the branches.
    Peering out onto a large, shallow pond, she saw a naked man standing
    in the middle of it facing away from her. He was standing in water
    that came up to his powerfully muscled buttocks. Because he was
    facing away from her, she couldn't see what he was doing to make so
    much noise, but it looked like he was fighting with something in front
    of him. Catherine suddenly realized that the man was her son Seth.
    Then as she watched him with depraved curiosity, he slowly turned and
    faced her. She could now see that he wasn't fighting with anything.
    He was masturbating himself, but his penis was so gigantic it took
    both of his hands to encircle its gigantic circumference. Gasping in
    disbelief, she stared at her son as he tried to stroke his monstrous
    penis. It was so long, its great purple head was even with his mouth.
    Staring at her son as he beat his gargantuan cock, she saw him lean
    forward and suck the great cockhead into his mouth. Suddenly, she
    felt like her own pussy had caught on fire as she watched Seth sucking
    himself at the same time he masturbated himself. The unholy heat from
    the ungodly flames inside her cunt was engulfing her whole body as she
    watched Seth slowly suck more and more of the elephantine cock into
    his mouth. As the burning agony spread to her breasts, setting her
    nipples ablaze with its wicked incandescence, she saw that he had
    consumed his entire cock. Her son's enormous pendulous balls seemed to
    dangle down from his mouth and he was bent almost in double as he took
    his cock into his mouth. He looked like a sadistically evil gargoyle.
    Suddenly, she saw that her son was staring back at her as she hid
    behind the bush. As he glared at her, she felt the bush fall away,
    leaving her standing before him naked. Trying to hide her nakedness
    from him, she saw that he was raising his head and letting the
    gigantic, evil looking penis slowly slither out of his mouth. She
    stopped trying to hide herself from him as she became transfixed by
    the malignant, pink cylinder of hard, unyielding cock sliding out of
    her son't mouth. At last, only the monster's bulbous purple head
    remained inside his mouth as he quickly began to masturbate it again.
    As he violently stroked the malevolent ogre, he waded across the pool
    toward her. Suddenly, she found herself lying on her back with him
    standing between her outstretched legs. She waited breathlessly,
    staring up at her son towering above her stroking his gigantic penis.
    At last, Seth spit out the head of his cock and bent it down toward
    her. Watching on in horror, she saw his cock begin to gush out a
    river of thick, creamy white milk. She felt the fiery milk splash
    onto her scalding her skin with the blistering heat. More and more
    of the thick, glutinous syrup spurted out of his cock, quickly
    covering her with it's flaming, clinging stickiness. Still it
    wouldn't stop and she felt herself drowning in her son's hot, syrupy
    Gasping for breath, she awoke. It took her several seconds to gather
    her senses. At last she realized where she was. The dream had been
    so vivid and realistic, she didn't know if she was asleep or awake.
    She felt like her whole body was burning with a fever and her forehead
    was drenched with perspiration.
    Lying there, breathing hard, she felt something crawling over her
    sleeping bag.
    She was terrified. What if a snake had gotten into the tent? She
    stopped breathing, afraid that she would spook the snake or spider or
    what ever it was. She waited in terror for it to move away, wishing
    that is was all a bad dream, but knowing it wasn't. Whatever it was,
    it was determinedly crawling up over her breast, heading for the top
    of the sleeping bag. Her heart was beating a mile a minute as she
    felt it move higher and higher.
    Then it slipped off the sleeping bag and down onto her shoulder. It
    was a hand. A hand stealthily groping its way into her sleeping bag.
    Thank God. It was probably Brian ready for some more fun and games.
    Then as she felt the hand slowly steal down from her shoulder toward
    her breast, she realized that it couldn't be Brian's hand. What was
    happening, she wanted to know. Then it came to her. It was Seth's
    hand. What was he doing? Was he groping her in his sleep? She
    didn't know what to do. She knew that she should stop him. But she
    didn't want to startle him and cause a big commotion. If he was
    asleep, it didn't really matter, she tried to reason, and if he was
    awake? No, she knew that he wouldn't do such a thing if he was awake.

    So she lay unmoving, trying to figure how to handle the crisis. But
    as she felt his hand slip lower and lower it seemed to be on a
    mission. It wasn't the aimless wandering of an uncontrolled hand.
    All at once, it brushed across her now swollen and tender nipple. As
    appalling as it was, she found herself becoming sexually aroused. How
    could she feel aroused by her son's groping hand, she wondered as she
    suddenly felt an overpowering craving to feel her son's giant penis
    inside her burning pussy. As wicked and immoral as the thought was,
    she couldn't stop herself from thinking it. Unbelievably, she was
    allowing Seth to gently fondle and caress her nipple until it grew
    puffy and almost painfully sensitive.
    At last, she felt his fingers move away from her tingling nipple and
    try to move farther down her body. Thankfully, his hand was stopped
    by the zipper on the sleeping bag. Thinking she had been saved, she
    felt his fingers retrace their path back up over her irritated nipple
    and back out of the sleeping bag.
    Grateful for her pardon, she was mortified to hear the soft purring of
    the bag's zipper as Seth quietly unzipped their sleeping bag. She had
    thought he would give up, but now he was growing even bolder. Wishing
    he hadn't continued on, she begrudgingly respected his perseverance.
    Waiting for Seth's next move, she was torn between revulsion and
    excitement. It was so wrong, but it was so exciting. What should she
    do? She knew that if she didn't do something soon Seth would have his
    hand exploring places he had no right to explore. What was she to do?
    Finally, deciding to move, she groaned and rolled over closer to the
    unzipped opening of the sleeping bag. As she did, she spread her legs
    apart as much as she could without seeming obvious.
    She could hear Seth huff in panic as he quickly retreated back away
    from her. Faking sleep, she waited to see if she had frightened him
    off, half hoping that she had while at the same time hoping she
    Nothing happened for several minutes. Then she a soft breath of cool
    air on her skin. Seth had opened her sleeping bag once again.
    She felt like she was lying on pins and needles as she waited for his
    next move. Then it came as she felt his fingers gently skim over her
    thigh. She felt him gently touch her skin for a second, then back
    away as if he were afraid he would awake her. When she didn't move,
    she felt his hand return and with more boldness, gently brush her
    thigh again. When she didn't move a second time, he grew bolder and
    softly caressed the warm smoothness of her thigh. As his fingers
    fluttered over her upper thigh, she sensed that he was searching for
    her secret place. As if to validate her thoughts, his fingers slowly
    crept up and over her thigh until they finally found her curly patch
    of pubic hair. The instant his fingers reached the silky curls of
    fine hair that covered her womanhood, she heard his breathing become
    more labored. Knowing that he was trying to move as secretly as
    possible, she could still feel the charged excitement that was
    flowing through his fingers. She had forgotten that he was her son
    and was enjoying the sheer excitement of the forbidden thing they were
    doing. She felt like a teenager on her first date, waiting for her
    date to touch her in that place, for the very first time. Even as she
    surrendered herself to this moment of illicit passion, she knew that
    it was taboo and it would be disastrous for her to let it continue.
    Still, she was powerless to stop it.
    She was having trouble keeping her own breathing rate steady as she
    felt her son's fingers slowly move down through the tangled forest of
    hair to her wet, waiting womanplace. Her cunt was overflowing in
    anticipation of the arrival of his fingers. She knew she must stop
    it, but her whole body was paralyzed by the intense passion that was
    coursing through her nervous system.
    Suddenly, she felt a spasm pleasure tear through her clitoris as his
    finger brushed over the painfully sensitive little knob. She felt as
    if she were going to faint. She had never felt such wicked and evil
    pleasure. He tenderly rubbed her clit again, tickling it as she felt
    herself almost yielding to the lustful feelings pouring from her
    throbbing love wound.
    Finally, after several moments, she felt his fingers migrate farther
    down. They gently grazed the soft, limp lips of her vagina.
    Suddenly, she felt his fingers find the core of her womanhood as a
    flash of heat burst through her cunt. It was all she could do to keep
    from screaming out her excitement as he softly begin to curiously
    explore her hot, dripping wetness.
    Gently playing with the bloated lips of flesh surrounding the deep,
    wet chamber, Seth finally slipped a finger down inside the dripping,
    hot slot. Hesitating for a moment, he waited for a reaction from her
    and when she didn't respond, she felt him cautiously ease his finger
    into her, deeper and deeper.
    At last she could restrain herself no longer.
    Moaning softly, she spread her legs apart and opened herself wider as
    she took hold of his hand and pushed his probing fingers deeper inside
    the scorching sheath of her quivering cunt.
    "Oh, Brian, Baby," she whispered softly so that only Seth could hear,
    hoping to make him think she thought he was Brian. It was the only
    way she could think to continue their illicit little game.
    His hand froze for several moments. She stayed still to see if she
    had fooled him. Then she felt it. His fingers gradually began to
    slip in and out of her again as he gently finger-fucked her.
    She was enjoying the feel of his fingers inside her, but she really
    wanted his giant cock inside her. Even wanting him as badly as she
    did, she didn't know if she should attempt it.
    Hoping to get enough gratification from Seth's fingers, she lay
    motionless letting him finger-fuck her. She knew his fingers must be
    dripping with her juice. Still, they wickedly sloshed in and out of
    her sopping slit.
    She felt herself slipping toward an orgasm, but knew that it would
    take forever for her to finish this way. Finally with a fatalistic
    purposefulness, she decided to take the risk.
    Ever so carefully, she painstakingly eased her hand out of her
    sleeping bag and into his sleeping bag. Then ever so slowly, she
    stealthily inched her hand down until it was near where she imagined
    his gigantic cock would be waiting.
    Taking a deep breath, she sent her hand hurriedly searching for his
    manhood as she turned away from him and thrust her big, soft bottom
    toward him.
    "Oh, Brian, Baby," she whispered over her shoulder so softly only Seth
    could hear her, "I need you, baby, put it in me."
    "Oh, Yes, please," she gasped as her hand found her son's huge pole
    jutting out from his crotch.
    It was so big, she couldn't even wrap her hand around it. Maybe she
    had made a mistake. Maybe his gigantic cock was too fucking big to fit
    inside her tight cunt, but it was too late now. She had invited him
    to fuck her.
    Holding onto Seth's bounding monster with one hand, she lifted up the
    flap of his sleeping bag with her other hand. As discretely as she
    could, she slipped from one bag to the other, trying to fool Seth and
    not wake Brian. Scooting back against her son, she could feel his
    great cock jumping and jerking with impatient excitement. Hoping that
    he wouldn't ejaculate before she had him inside her, she quickly
    shoved his massive prick down between her legs. Her legs were tired,
    but she lifted one and guided the bulbous cockhead of her son's prick
    down to the steaming core of her overheated womanhood. Eagerly
    pushing her hips back, she suddenly felt herself brutally invaded by
    the gigantic hugeness of her son's mammoth cockhead. She heard him
    growl out like a male lion in heat as his gigantic maleness knifed up
    into her. She fought to keep from moaning as she felt the boy's
    enormous cock penetrate her femininity.
    Forcing his way into the soft, burning mushiness of his mother's cunt,
    Seth thrust himself into her deeper and deeper. He couldn't believe
    that it was really happening. He was fucking his beautiful mother.
    And, she was urging him on.
    His dick was so long, she thought it would never end but finally the
    horrendous cockhead crashed into her vulva, stopping it from going
    Quickly rocking her hips back and forth, she milked and pulled on her
    son's cock with her tenacious cunt muscles as she fucked her son.
    Hoping they wouldn't wake Brian, she felt Seth begin to fuck her
    Burying his massive love-weapon inside her all the way to the hilt
    every time he rammed it inside her, he was quickly approaching
    meltdown. As he fucked his mother, Seth reached around her and
    grabbed one of her big, soft tits. Roughly squeezing and massaging
    it, he continued to fuck her brutally.
    Then to her amazement, she felt her climax nearing as her son fucked
    her deep and hard.
    Then abruptly, she felt him shudder and his whole body become rigid.
    His colossal cock swelled up even larger and immediately exploded
    inside her cunt. Consumed by the sheer wickedness of what was
    happening between them, she was swept away on the wings of her climax.
    As she felt the waves of pleasure wash over her, she felt a torrent of
    her son's superheated semen spurt out onto the delicate walls of her
    vagina. The gush of his boiling cum threatened to scorch the
    delicate walls of her vagina as she floated on her own sea of
    His cock felt like a huge roman candle, as it shot out load after load
    of his virulent boy cream into her over-stuffed vagina filling it to
    overflowing in moments.
    Her climax had been intense but ended quickly. Even as she crashed
    back down to earth, she could hear her son sobbing softly as he
    continued to thrust himself into her, filling her with his corrupt
    Wanting to comfort him, she knew that if she did, it would give away
    any hope she had of fooling him. Holding back her own tears, she let
    him keep on thrusting into her womanhood. The jabs grew weaker and
    weaker and at last, stopped. Not moving, she kept up the pretense as
    she felt her son's hugeness slowly diminish in size and retreat back
    down the drenched channel of her sopping pussy.
    After four or five minutes, Seth's shrunken boything finally slipped
    out of his mother.
    "Oh, Brian," Catherine mumbled over her shoulder, "that was wonderful.
    I loved it."
    Rolling over, she deftly slipped out of one sleeping bag into the
    other without making it seem obvious. Hoping that her hoax had fooled
    her son, she reached back and gently took hold of his limp cock and
    gave it one last squeeze.
    "Night, night, My Love," she whispered, releasing him and turning
    Snuggling up against Brian, she heard Seth turn over in his sleeping
    blanket. Soon, she was asleep, dreaming of the wonderful sense of
    fulfillment she felt for the moment.



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