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    (Sagar) My mom & pregnant sister

    AUTHOR: Sagar

    I am a little boy of age 18. My family consists of mom, my Dad, brother, and I.

    I have a married sister aged 28 now. She is living in Baroda. Last month my sister had given birth to a baby girl. I havenít seen the baby, since it was my exam period. I had my summer vacation and my mom asked me to go to my Elder sister house to see the baby.

    My sister was very beautiful after her childbirth. She was very big now. She was looking plump and looking like Kate Winslet of Hollywood. It was when I went my sisterís husband was going for a business Tour. He told he is unfortunate that he have to leave and he asked me to stay with sister for one month, so that I can help her in keeping the baby. My sister was also relieved when she saw me.

    At the age of 18, starting of adolescence I was eagerly watching my sister. Now my hormones have started working and I was seeing my sister in new manner. My sister had good breasts. My sisterís boobs were very big that her blouse could not hold them and utmost they were showing their cleavage. Since My sister was feeding her baby, she was having big tits I think is full of milk. Her boobs I are like ripe mangoes.

    Also my sister has a very good backside too. Her buttocks were like water melons. While my elder sister was walking I can see her big globes of flesh giggle under her dress. They are very big so that it can be used as pillows.

    Since my brother in law went out my sister and I alone I was getting bored. I told sister and she told ďdonít worry brother I will entertain you as you like.Ē I canít understand her words.

    Sister told that mom had told over phone about my visit and mom insisted me to study my lessons. So, sister advised me to study my lessons. I was studying biology about female anatomy. I canít understand anything. I asked this to my sister to help me.

    She asked me if I had seen any women nude. I said ďno sister. Ē She told ďso you donít know anything about female anatomy, and want it to be taught. ďShe asked ďdo you want to see from sister?.Ē I said ďyes sister.Ē

    O. K. then I will teach you about a femaleís body. She told first that a femaleís body is like a luxury car. First my sister removed her saree palloo and showed her boobs, which are very well packed, in her blouse. Showing her cleavage she told this is front BANNET of your sister. A female is rated by this part.

    Then she removed the blouse and I was seeing my own sisterís breasts in her lace bra, which showed her beautiful pink nipples. My heart was pounding and I was astonished by the size of my own sisterís milk jugs. She then asked me to remove her bra hooks. MY hands were shivering when I touched my sisterís bra hooks; somehow I managed to remove, now my sexy sister turned around to show her amorous assets to her brother. Wow! What a site for this brother to view his own sisterís white fruits. Now for explaining my sister told that these are called tits of a woman, they also call them as boobs, breasts. This part is equal to HORN of a car.

    Then she showed the pink nipples and said this is a your sisterís nipple and this is where all human beings have their first breakfast. Telling that she slowly pressed her nipples gently and small white fluid came. She told it is your sisterís milk and you can have some after your lessons are over. She told this part is equal to HEAD LIGHTS of a car.

    She asked now ďbrother do you know that every women in earth, including your mom and sister have three under them. ďI said ďno sister.Ē She then said every girlís body has three holy holes. Saying this she removed her skirt and then asked me to remove her panties. I removed my sisterís panties with great interest. Now for godís sake; I was in front of a fully naked grown up women (Ripe women) that too my own sister. I canít believe my eyes. What a beauty? Sister was big and huge, she had the best ass and boobs in world. Now sister sat in bed and opened her legs wide enough to show me every details of her anatomy. She asked me to come closer.

    The next part is a combination of three 1) When I did she told pointing to a small protruding and said that the first hole was your elder sisterís piss hole.. 2) Then the second hole came. This hole my sister said is the way to heaven, called vagina. And this hole is ENTRY for a maleís organ for giving childbirth and it is the EXIT for the baby. She said it is the ENGINE part of the car. To start the engine the KEY from male must enter (KEY is penis) 3) Then my sister turned and showed her plump ass and pointed out a small opening and said that was the BACKENTRY for heaven.

    Sister then explained that for proper functioning of female engine oil called sperm from the penis must be pumped regularly inside a female asshole and vagina.

    After the explanations are over I asked my sister how the small hole could be used for giving babies. She said, ďwho said it is a small hole? I can hold even you hand inside it. ďSaying this she asked me to insert my fingers one by one. I did so and within minutes my whole hand was inside my elder sister. She said my brother you are now having your hands inside the engine of your sister. I laughed.

    I said to my sister that tomorrow was my birthday. Sister said she would give me a big treat. Now she was nude. We slept in same bedroom. The whole night sister told that today she had finished the theory part of womenís anatomy, tomorrow I will have practical. Morning I was woke by water sprayed on my face. when I woke I saw my elder sister standing above me with her legs open wide. She was pissing on me to wake me. I asked sister donít waste holy water ďplease direct it to my mouth.Ē immediately sister showed her stream to my mouth and I drank the eternal fluid. How sweet is my sisterís piss Ē Sister now said Ē happy birthday brother!!!.Ē She then asked to lay on her lap and drink her milk. Sisterís milk wow!!! I neared her nipple like a small baby with eager and lust and sucked to get my morning milk. Every boy in earth must taste his sisterís milk.

    Now for morning shower sister took my clothes off and brought to my birthday suit. I was taken to bathroom and she watched me while I pissed and shited. i was shy of showing myself nude before a women. Sister told nothing to worry after all I am your sister. Probably you have seen a wonderful show yesterday and why canít I see my brother nude?. So I was kept nude whole day.

    Sister asked me to watch tv while she prepared morning breakfast. She called after sometime and I saw my sister nude and lying on the ground. I was amazed to see that she was having the food on her. She was serving her brother on herself. So my birthday feast was in front of me. Sister without hesitation take your food brother.

    First there were two breads on the two tit mounds of sister. I took and asked sister where is the jam for my bread? Sister told please take it from your sisterís asshole. I slowly ran my fingers inside my sisterís asshole and took enough jam mixed with my sisterís yellow shit and spread on the bread and started eating.

    Then there lay cornflakes on her milk white belly. I asked sister where is milk for it. Sister asked to pump her breasts. I slowly pressed her milky tits. My Sisterís Milk started to ooze as I placed my hands on it. I think she has buckets of milk in her heaving boobs. Now the milk slowly flowed through the valley of my sisterís tit hills and came down far to shallow pond of her belly. Then I soaked the Kelloggís with enough of my sisterís milk and began eating it. When I finished the food I was thirsty and need of water and sister asked me go down and face her water hole. When she started to piss water of my sister came as if it was from the water tap; and it hit my mouth and I drank with full pleasure.

    After it I needed a banana and sister was having it opened and inside her vagina. I plucked and ate it. All day I and sister was nude. We both were sleeping and my bro in law came of a sudden from his tour. He scolded my sister for being doing this. He then challenged me if I was able to win my sister then I can have her nude with me for one more week.

    So, all the things are well done and set for the battle for conquering my sisterís buttocks. Both i and my brother in law were ready with our guns set ready to invade my sisterís ass. My sisterís husband gave me my sisterís asshole for the battle and he took the vagina of my sister. MY sister was laying above her husband with his tool inside her now and she slightly opened her ass for me to enter her tight pink color asshole. First I kissed my sisterís asshole and then I touched and worshiped it before my attack. Then placing some saliva on her anus, I entered the backdoor of my sister. She screamed like anything and I started to explore the depths of my sister with my tool. Also my sisterís husband was pounding her, Both our pricks were inside my sister with only a sheath dividing them.

    We both were splitting my sister into two. She was screaming ďdonít kill me bastards.Ē I was not tired I was still continuing boring my sister hoping that I could hit GOLD somewhere under her ass. At last my brother-in-law came and he his penis came out of my sister. While I was still exploring the depths of my sister anus. after ten minutes I came inside my sister and she was having her orgasm and she took me in her arms and said ďYou won your sisterís ass dear brother. ďSo now my brother-in-law gave permission for us to be nude for one week.

    So we were nude all day. We never drank water or Pepsi; for we took the piss of each other. Then we were lying on bed nude all day. I would wash her asshole after my sister has had a scat session. First she would go and shit, then she will come to me and show her ass, I will use my tongue and clean my sisterís ass hole by licking the sweet shit of my sister.

    The next day mom came to sisterís house and heard all about our explorations. I was afraid but she complimented my sister for helping her brother to know about femaleís body. Because if learning from prostitute may bring some diseases. She asked sister weather she explained her brother of MENSES in females. Sister told that she could not explain because she was not having her periods at that time.

    Mom told I shall explain it to my son since she was having her menses now. Mom removes her saree and she began to unbutton her blouse. I was seeing in eager what my mom has under her blouse. Since my childhood I Was eager to see my momís breasts. Now it was all before me. With mom wearing no bra, she was now showing her giant size boobs that can feed a dozen of children. She told this is your first place of food. Then she removed her skirt and panties. her panties were attached with a napkin which has blood in it. Now mom explained me that it was for this a lady must have napkin with her. She opened her vagina and showed me the blood coming. MOM told son you and sister have come through this hole only. Mom asked if I want to again enter her vagina. I said yes. Mom opened her motherly womb and showed me. I entered my mom and while my huge elder sister was above us. I was sandwiched in between my own mom and sis. What a great experience I am having?

    After that I was taken to bathroom for bath. I was asked to sit down and my mom and sis had started to piss on me. The water was sweet and hot. Then my sister started to squeeze her boobs and milk came over me. I was bathing over my sisterís milk.

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    Thanks for the addition.

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    Good story, written a little weird, but none the less good!

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    I would love to have my mommy cover me in her shit and piss !



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