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    (Adrian Errik) Shannon gets Shafted

    Shannon gets Shafted
    by Adrian Errik

    Chapter 1
    Shannon Owens was one of the most popular Seniors at her High School. She had been a Cheerleader, but for her Senior year had decided to devote her attention to Basketball and Track. That decision broke the hearts of the boys and men who had silently undressed the beautiful teenager every time she had been on the field or the court, leaping and jumping in her short Cheer skirt, showing her cheer panties and flashing her perfect white smile as her brunette hair bobbed and tossed around her head as she shouted out cheers with a low throaty voice.

    Shannon was a starting forward for the girls basketball team. She had beautiful long legs still tanned from her summer. Her breasts had experienced a growth spurt over the summer as well, appearing to be swollen and rounded like over-ripe grapefruit. Shannon had discovered, much to her consternation, that her breasts were much more sensitive, too. It took little stimulation for her nipples to become aroused, with the result that whenever she entered an air conditioned building, they would immediately harden and lengthen. If she was not wearing a bra as well as a dense shirt covering, it was apparent to anyone who saw her that her nipples were swollen.

    Shannon was always the last player on the court at practice. She ended every practice shooting 50 free throws. It had gone far in raising her free throw percentage over the summer. Coach Atkins stayed and rebounded balls for her, keeping track of her percentage of makes.

    Shannon found that she was attracted to the young good looking coach. She hid it well, but she enjoyed watching him run. She couldn't tell that he treated her any differently than the other girls, and so she didn't realize that her coach had been fantasizing about her for over a year.

    Shannon sank her last free throw and smiled as she walked to Coach Atkins.

    "That's 68%, Shannon. You're really improving. Setting down into your shot and using your legs has really paid off." he said, smiling at her.

    "Yeah, Coach. Thanks for helping me with that." Shannon said, smiling back.

    As they turned towards the office and Locker Room, Coach Atkins put his hand on the small of her back as he verbally discussed free throw shooting technique. However, both of them were equally aware of the large warm hand gently pressed against the back of her jersey.

    Just before they separated into separate hallways, Shannon abruptly turned to her Coach, feeling his hand move around to her side and then, it seemed, reluctantly falling off her hip, and said "Thanks Coach! You don't know how much I appreciate the extra time you've given me. I-I owe you in a big way."

    She flushed, thinking she sounded foolish. She failed to notice Coach Atkins prick throb once between his legs. He was fantasizing about who he'd like to collect on that debt she thought she owed him.

    He couldn't resist quietly saying "Oh Shannon, don't worry about it. I'm sure we'll figure some way for you to pay me back!"

    Visions of a naked Shannon writhing and moaning as he pumped his prick inside her filled his head as he continued to smile benignly at the gorgeous girl.

    Shannon felt warm as she walked into the locker room. Two of her team mates had dressed and were walking out. They called goodnight as she went to her locker. She noticed a sheet of paper sticking out of it. Pulling it out, she read:

    Miss Owens,
    I need you to please stop by my office after practice. I need to talk to you about something that has come up, and it can't wait until tomorrow.
    Mr. Gee, Vice Principal.

    Shannon's brow furrowed as her pretty green eyes scanned the note again. She knew her grades were fine, and Shannon NEVER got in trouble at school. And while she knew who Mr. Gee was, she had never been called to his office.

    However, knowing that she had not done anything wrong, she wasn't overly concerned. Quickly, she pulled her sweaty jersey off and then pushed her shorts down her legs. She sat down in her sports bra and panties and took off her shoes, peeling her socks off as well. She stood up and reaching behind herself, slipped the catch of her bra, causing the elastic to snap forward. She let the bra fall from her breasts to the floor.

    Shannon paused and looked in the floor length mirror. She had been careful with her diet and her exercise, and she knew that compared to the other girls, she had a fabulous body. But almost immediately, her nipples began to crinkle and she felt them harden. It must be the air conditioning again, she thought.

    She pushed her panties down, and walked naked to the shower room, the glorious sight of the rounded bubbles of her ass cheeks wasted on the empty room.

    She quickly showered, taking time to enjoy the feeling of soaping herself thoroughly. Since last summer, Shannon had been spending more and more time as she showered washing her breasts. She couldn't deny that softly pinching her soap covered nipples was pleasurable. And she oftentimes simply ran the edge of the bar of soap up and down her swollen, throbbing pussy lips for much longer than was necessary to ensure cleanliness.

    Shannon quickly rinsed and dried herself. She rolled her sweaty workout togs in her towel, putting them in her gym bag... She slipped on fresh panties and then paused. She was just heading home and she considered not putting on her bra. But she knew that her nipples were probably going to get hard in the air conditioning of Mr. Gee's office, so she reluctantly pulled her bra on, nestling her perfectly formed titties into the two cups. Her gym shorts were loose and came to mid-thigh. But her top was a concession, a midriff pink tank top that revealed the flat washboard of her tummy. When she flexed her tummy muscles, there were discernible ripples. She enjoyed doing that when men were around, enjoying how they looked at her.

    Shannon was not a virgin, but had only had sex with her boyfriend over the summer. Of course, he had told her that he was in love with her and that he wanted them to marry after his first year of College. And so she had given in to him. The experience was not a good one. It hurt, he was not gentle or tender, and she had felt slightly dirty afterwards. But the worst part was that two days later he broke up with her. And so she wasn't completely naÔve, but she wasn't a deliberate tease either. She had normal schoolgirl fantasies.

    She slipped on her sandals, grabbed her gym bag and book bag and walked down the hall and up a flight of stairs to get to Mr. Gee's office. Even the Janitors were gone, and she was conscious of the emptiness of the building.

    She knocked softly on Mr. Gee's door.

    "Come in, please!" she heard Mr. Gee say.

    Shannon entered his office, which was quite nicely decorated.

    "Hi Mr. Gee" she said smiling brightly. "I got your note. Do you still need to see me?" she said, hoping he'd just let her go on home.

    Mr. Gee looked at her, pausing briefly before smiling warmly at her.

    "Yes Shannon. Please sit down, and thanks for stopping by." he said.

    Shannon dropped her bags and sat in the chair that was in front of Mr. Gee's desk. It as very comfortable, but she sat upright, her knees together, her hands folded and resting in her lap. She was conscious of his authority.

    "Shannon, I'm sorry to bother you with this, but a report came in from one of my student sources whom is generally reliable. He said that there was a rumor that you had been selling drugs to some of the basketball girls and football players" he said in a pleasant voice.

    "W-WHAT???!!!" Shannon cried out.

    Mr. Gee put his hands up and smiling said "Oh don't worry, Shannon. I know what kind of student you are. I know you would never do anything like that!"

    Shannon's heart was still pounding. Why, of all the nerve!

    Angrily, she said "Who has been saying that about me, Mr. Gee. That's...That's just not right!"

    "I know, I know, Shannon. Like I said, I don't believe it. But I need to do a perfunctory investigation that I can put in my log indicating that I took the rumor seriously and checked it out and found that there was no basis for it. So, please don't worry, OK?"

    He was so friendly and charming that Shannon relaxed. She was still pissed off. Imagine the NERVE of whomever said that about her.

    "The information I received was that you had a jar with packets of cocaine which you were selling to the students and that you kept it in your locker. So, with your permission, we'll go check your locker and I can close my investigation. Would that be all right with you?"

    Shannon was still angry. "What if I say No? I mean, this really is ridiculous!!"

    Mr. Gee smiled warmly again. "Yes I understand your being upset. If you refuse permission, then I will call the authorities and they will send an officer out. Then as he watches I'll open your locker. Again, I KNOW that there is nothing there, but I don't have any choice. I have to check out the rumor. Shannon, I hope you understand and won't be upset with me!"

    Shannon thought for only a minute. Mr. Gee was being nice about it, and after all it WAS his job.

    Giving him a small smile, she said "No, you don't need to do that. You can check my locker. I have nothing to hide."

    Standing up, Mr. Gee said "Great Shannon. Let's go do that and then I'll be able to sign that I'd checked it out."

    Together the older man and the beautiful young girl walked the halls to get to Shannon's locker. Mr. Gee chatted pleasantly, relaxing Shannon and she was soon laughing with him over some of the antics of her fellow students.

    When they got to Shannon's locker, Mr. Gee said "OK Shannon, if you'll open your locker I'll just take a quick look."

    Shannon spun the combination and lifted up on the handle, opening the locker. She stepped back, giving Mr. Gee access.

    He was smiling as he said "My what a neat and orderly locker you have." as he looked at the top shelf. Shannon was a bit embarrassed of several pictures of N'Sync and Marc Anthony taped on the inside.

    "OK, looks fine up top." He peered inside the bottom part and began to close the door, but then stopped. He bent down, moving some books aside, and then stood up, his face completely without expression. In his hand was a plastic jug with small wrapped packets of a white powder.

    Shannon was frozen! For ten seconds she looked at the jar, her mouth open and her mind numb.

    "MR. GEE!! That isn't MINE!!!" She cried out loudly.

    Mr. Gee looked at her sadly. "Shannon, I-I don't know what to say. I'm stunned."

    He stood there for another few seconds and then, shutting the door but keeping the jar, he said "Let's go back to my office."

    Shannon was numb. "That is NOT my jar, Mr. Gee. Someone planted it there!!! I do NOT have anything to do with drugs!!!" She began babbling, fear clutching her heart as a mute Mr. Gee led the way back to her office. Finally, she stopped talking at they arrived at his office.

    Sitting heavily in the chair, she stared at the floor. What was going on???

    Mr. Gee sighed heavily and then looked at the attractive girl before him. "Shannon, I'm truly sorry. I need to tell you what will happen next. First, I have to call the police. They will send an officer who will come out and collect the evidence. He will probably want to go through your locker, too. You'll be taken to the local police station. Itís kind of late, so I don't know if your parents will be able to come up with bond money, so you might have to spend the night in jail. I'll call them in a few minutes and tell them that I found drugs in your locker and have them meet you at the police station."

    Shannon couldn't even speak. Her body tingled and she felt nauseous. This couldn't be happening to her.

    Looking at Mr. Gee, she said "Mr. Gee, I SWEAR that this is not my stuff."

    Mr. Gee looked at her, smiling sadly. "Well Shannon, I admit that it is difficult to believe. You've always been one of our very best students. And I have enjoyed having you here at our school. But I'm afraid that there is almost nothing I can do. If I don't report this, then I become liable, and I could lose my job...or worse. Do you see that?"

    Shannon nodded her head, her mind scrambling for a way out of this.

    "But Mr. Gee, this isn't right. I really didn't do this. You've GOT to believe me!!" she whimpered on the verge of tears.

    He nodded. "Well actually, I DO want to believe you, Shannon. And if there was anyway that I could not call the police, I would. But this is my job, you see. And I'm not sure if I could be persuaded to keep this between us!"

    His words were calculated, and Shannon unwittingly rose to the bait.

    "Oh Mr. Gee, if you believe me, then...then give me a chance. Please! You know me, you know I didn't do this. Please don't call the police or my parents. Can't we try to find what happened first?" Shannon was in a panic.

    She failed to see the gleam of exultation in Mr. Gee's eyes.

    He ran his hand through his hair, apparently thinking. "Well...I'm not very comfortable with this, Shannon. I mean, I do want to help you. I-I can't give you an answer right away, but this is what I will do. I will think about ways around this dilemma for the next three hours. And then we'll get together and I'll let you know what I've decided!"

    Shannon felt a physical wave of relief wash over her. She closed her eyes, breathing deeply and said "Oh Mr. Gee Thank you!"

    "Now if I do this, Shannon, you understand itís only a short reprieve. I will probably decide to call the authorities. However, for you sake, I'll think about it." Its 6PM now. At 9PM, we need to meet, but not here at the school. It has to be private. Do you know the old Limrish farmhouse on the West side of town? There is a barn behind the house. Meet me there at 9PM. And if you are late, I will immediately call the police. Is that clear, young lady?" Mr. Gee was very serious.

    "Y-Yes sir!" Shannon said. She stood up on shaky legs. "I'll see you at 9:00!" she softly said. But she froze when his voice said "Not so fast, Shannon. I can't let you leave here yet. You see, drugs were found in your locker, and if it is discovered that I allowed you to leave this office with drugs on your person, I'm criminally liable."

    Chastised, Shannon merely said "Oh" and then stood there, not sure what to do.

    Mr. Gee became all business. "First please put your school bag and your gym bag on the desk so I can search them."

    Shannon put her bags on Mr. Gee's desk.

    "OK, please stand over by the couch while I search your things. Thanks!" He was being very formal and she felt like a criminal as she walked over to stand by the couch. She crossed her arms, and was chewing on a fingernail, worry evident on her face.

    He started with her book bag, emptying the contents on his desk. He carefully examined everything in her bag, opening the books and flipping pages. He was extremely thorough, she noticed. He checked the lining of her bag, turning it inside out. Then he put everything back in her bag and set it against the wall by his desk.

    Taking her Gym bag, she dumped it on her desk. Shannon blushed from embarrassment as her dirty workout clothes lay on his desk. Mr. Gee first checked her Gym bag, the lining and the handles. He set it aside, and then picked up her towel. He examined her basketball shoes, again very thoroughly, and then put them in the bag. He picked up Shannon's gym shorts. He took a good thirty minutes turning them inside out, holding them up and closely looking at the waistband. At one point he was looking at the crotch area, and Shannon felt a shiver.

    He did the same with her jersey. Then only her bra and panties were remaining. He picked up her bra and carefully felt all over the cups and the straps. When he picked up her panties, he held them up, unfolded. Shannon looked away. This was so embarrassing!! Again, he took what seemed a very long amount of time examining every part of her panties.

    Mr. Gee put her bra and panties into her gym bag. He picked it up and set it by her book bag.

    Sighing loudly, he said "That takes care of your bags. Shannon, I'm afraid that there is no other way around this next part. I'm very sorry but I can't let you leave this office unless I'm sure that you don't have any drugs concealed in your clothes...or inside your body!"

    Shannon was shocked. Was he suggesting what it sounded like he was suggesting????

    "So I need you to take off all of your clothes and put them on my desk." he said, looking at her almost sorrowfully.

    If the lovely naive girl could have seen in his mind, she would have see the immense lust he had to see and touch her naked body.

    "B-But Mr. Gee...I mean...I can't do THAT! It's...it's against school rules!" she whimpered, scared and upset.

    "So is dealing DRUGS, Shannon!" he said quickly and harshly. "Look, maybe this is a bad Idea. I should just call the police and let them handle it. I'm sure your parents will understand." Mr. Gee sat down in his chair and reached for the phone.

    "No! No...wait Mr. Gee!" Shannon said, her brain trying to figure a way out of this mess. "Just...give me a minute" she said as she looked at the floor.

    "Look Shannon, I'm getting more uncomfortable with this. I really should call the police. I don't' have time to waste. Either you take off your clothes and put them on my desk, or I'm calling. Itís your choice!" Mr. Gee sounded angry now, and Shannon knew that she had no more options.

    She looked at him, her eyes beginning to glisten with unshed tears. Softly Shannon whispered "OK, Mr. Gee. I-I'll do what you say."

    The educator simply looked at her without expression. Shannon slipped her sandals off her feet and walked over, putting them on his desk. Turning her back, she crossed her arms, taking the bottom of her midriff and lifting it up over her head. She turned back around, a flush on her upper chest from the embarrassment of being in front of Mr. Gee in her bra as she put the tee shirt on his desk

    She glanced at his quickly and saw that his eyes were on the deep cleavage between her bra. He was looking at her BOOBS! Shannon could feel her nipples hardening and getting longer. In fact, she didn't remember them being so hard. She sobbed once as she realized that Mr. Gee could see the aroused state of her nipples.

    His expression left no room for negotiation, and turning again, Shannon pushed her gym shorts down off her hips. It was then she remembered that her panties were thong. Just wanting to get it over with, Shannon continued pushing her shorts down her legs, knowing that she was giving Mr. Gee a perfect view of her bottom with her white thong covering just the dark split between her tightly clenched bottom cheeks.

    It was SOOO humiliating to the young girl. She couldn't believe she had to do this. She turned and tossed her shorts on his desk, one hand stretched across her boobs and the other between her legs like a fig tree to cover her panties.

    Mr. Gee didn't miss a beat. "All of your clothes Shannon. I need your bra and panties, please!"

    Whining and close to tears, Shannon said "Oh my god, Mr. Gee. Please don't make me do this!"


    Sobbing, Shannon turned. Mr. Gee watched her hands fumbling with her bra catch and then her back was naked as she caught her bra in front.

    Not turning around, Shannon backed up to the desk and reaching behind her, deposited her bra on his desk. Then, not giving herself a chance to think about it, Shannon pushed her panties down her hips and legs.

    Mr. Gee's prick was rock hard as he watched the naked body of the teenager being exposed to his gaze. Damn, she was even sweeter than he thought! Her legs were soooo long, and slightly muscular. he loved seeing the crevice of her anal split, and as she pushed her panties off her feet, she caught a brief glimpse of the fur lined pussy between her legs. he also noticed how beautiful her breasts were when she bent over. Shannon kept her back to Mr. Gee, trying to move behind the chair.

    "No Shannon, please stay where I can see you. I don't want you to hide from my view. You could be removing or hiding something. Please turn around so I can see your hands, and keep them away from your body, please." He was enjoying humiliating what promised to be the most exciting piece of ass he'd had in years!!

    Shannon was softly crying. She hung her head and without comment turned around, putting her hands and putting them to her side, her fists clenched as she offered her body to him to view.

    Mr. Gee sat immobile; only a thin sheen of sweat on his forehead to indicate what was going on inside him. She was the most gorgeous female he had ever seen! She made the foldout centerfolds from Hustler look like Ugly ducklings.

    Her eyes were closed, but her hair framed her adorable face with her thick Angeline Jolie kind of lips, just made for kissing or being wrapped around a man's prick. Her tits were perfect! They were entirely symmetrical in that mysterious way that young girls like Shannon were able to grow. Her nipples were very dark, set high on her tits and seemed to be over an inch long!!! Her hips were perfect as well, and though she probably didn't shave, Shannon had very sparse brunette hair in the tuft between her swollen beautiful thighs.

    Mr. Gee made a pretext out of examining the clothes on her desk, but his mind was already on the next step of his plans for this spectacular girl.

    "Shannon, we're almost done. I need to inspect your body...and your body cavities for drugs. I noticed you had some lotion in your bag. Might I use some of it...I think it will help the process go more smoothly." Shannon didn't seem to notice how thick his voice was.

    Keeping her head lowered, she said "all-all right, Mr. Gee."

    He reached into her bag and got the tube of lotion. Standing up he walked around his desk. His erection was very obvious, but he was prepared to explain that away as only natural if she objected. But Shannon still had her eyes tightly shut.

    Standing in front of the naked girl, Mr. Gee wanted nothing more than to pull her into his arms, kiss her and explore her tight and firm young flesh. But he knew that he would have his chance later. Putting his hand under he chin, he lifted her face, causing her eyes to open. He looked into her incredible green eyes and softly but gently said "Shannon, please open your mouth."

    Shannon obeyed him even as a tear trickled down her cheek.

    She had immaculate teeth, he saw, no evidence of filings or dental reconstruction. He couldn't wait to kiss and lick her lips and slip his tongue inside her wet oral cavity.

    He pushed a finger inside her mouth and slowly "examined" it. He took a long time, but Shannon seemed to have been cowed into a subservient state of mind.

    Mr. Gee pulled his finger from her mouth, wiping it on his pants. He knew he was probably pushing it with his next request, but in her state of mind, he figured it was worth a try.

    "Shannon please put your hands behind your head and lift your elbows. I need to check below your breasts to make sure there aren't any packets there." He held his breath, but then Shannon did as he instructed, shutting her eyes tight, just wishing it would soon be over.

    The Vice Principal carefully brought his hands up and almost groaned as he cupped and gently lifted the weight of her sweet tits. There wasn't that much lifting, for she hand little sag. He bent his head, pretending to look underneath her boobs, but she had mentally gone somewhere else. And so he took ten extra seconds to gently move her breasts.

    She gasped when his thumbs "accidentally" brushed over her hard little nipples, but didn't say anything, continuing to keep her eyes shut.

    "OK Shannon, now I need to search your vagina. I think it would be easiest if you lay down on my desk."

    The older man took her by the arm, gently steering her backwards until her ass jiggled as it hit the edge of his desk. Mr. Gee was somewhat anal, and there was nothing on his desk.

    Shannon lay back, feeling the cool surface of the wood on her back. She was in shock, numb from being so completely exposed. But her mind had not been able to deal with the experience, and she had retreated. When she felt his large hands gently pushing on the insides of her thighs, she cooperated, letting her thighs be pressed open.

    Shannon didn't think about how lewd she must look, being stripped naked with her legs pushed wide apart for the older man to examine her.

    "OK Shannon, just try to relax now." Mr. Gee said. And that time, Shannon heard the slightest of quiver in his voice. Subconsciously, she knew that he was undoubtedly enjoying violating her body like this, but hearing that little quiver made her realize what an obscene thing she was doing.

    But then she jumped, for she had felt the pressure of one of his fingers penetrating just inside her pussy. Shannon groaned, humiliated as she felt his finger pushing into her. And she was equally surprised to find that she was soaking wet! Mr. Gee had no trouble at all slipping his finger along her pussy canal, and a tremor of pleasure made the beautiful teenager bite her lip to keep from moaning in pleasure.

    She was gasping as his finger probed more and more deeply, until it was inside of her all the way, his palm pressed against her crotch, massaging her rapidly swelling clit. Small whimpers escaped the girl being molested on the desk as Mr. Gee stirred his finger round and round her tight and very wet pussy, ostensibly searching for drugs.

    Shannon felt dizzy as her pussy muscles began contracting around the deeply embedded finger. She began to circle her hips, her mouth now open as she sucked in air between her whimpering moans.

    With a final thrust as deep as possible and a quick wiggle of his fingertips against her spasming pussy walls, Mr. Gee slowly pulled his fingers from her body.

    Shannon collapsed, feeling relieved but also empty and unfulfilled. She chastised herself for letting herself become so wanton.

    Mr. Gee picked up the lotion. Shannon watched as he poured a liberal amount on his middle finger.

    "Perhaps it would be easiest, Shannon, if you turned over and knelt. Just put your head on her hands. That's good. Now arch your back and stick your bottom up high in the air...yes, that's good. That's very good."

    The older man wanted to rip down his zipper and plunge inside the nakedly spread girl kneeling so salaciously before him. Her ass was gorgeous and he had no trouble seeing the winking pucker of her anus. Immediately below that was her perineum, and then the fur trimmed split of her pussy pouch. Another time, and he would be feasting on her charms.

    But for now, he had to keep at least the facade of professionalism.

    "OK Shannon, just relax and this will go very smoothly. I'm going to put some lotion on your bottom."

    He lifted the lotion bottle and dropped a thin line of the white liquid along the crevice between her asscheeks beginning at the dimple at the small of her back down to the gently curved flesh just above her upper thigh. His prick throbbed for it looked like thick sperm running down between her rounded mounds. With his left hand he pushed open her cheeks and with his right, he began massaging her anus, making the girl shudder from humiliation.

    "Don't worry, I'll go slow so that there will be as little discomfort as possible." But actually, he just wanted to prolong touching and violating the nakedly kneeling girl.

    After 30 seconds of rubbing his finger all around the raised pucker of her anus, Shannon moaned, saying "Oh please, Mr. Gee. Please go ahead and do what you are going to do!"

    Stiffening his finger, he pressed against her tiny little hole. He felt the resistance of her sphincter as he pushed, and then the slight popping sensation as he pushed past the little ring guarding her rectum.

    Shannon moaned from the pain of his entrance into her bowels.

    Mr. Gee pushed in and out up to his first knuckle. "I'm trying to get some lotion inside of you to make it easier, Shannon."

    The girl only moaned as she felt his finger moving more deeply inside her hot, dry depths. She had never felt such deep shame. She was being violated in the most obscene lewd manner and there was nothing she could do about it.

    Shannon couldn't believe it! She was kneeling naked on Mr. Gee's desk and he was fingering her asshole! But more than that, Shannon had discovered that there were pleasure centers in her bottom hole too, for she was definitely feeling a wild masochistic pleasure.

    It ached, but didn't hurt anymore, and Shannon's rhythmic contraction of her asshole and her pussy muscles in sympathy were oddly arousing to the nakedly kneeling young girl. Mr. Gee's finger was probing all up and inside her rectum.

    Shannon had become aware that Mr. Gee was not doing this reluctantly. She had noticed that there was a sizable bulge in his pants as he had fingered her vagina and not her bottom. She should be angry and disgusted, but she was finding that instead she was anticipating the pleasure that his finger was giving her body.

    Rather lamely, Mr. Gee said "Uhhh, perhaps I should check your vagina one more time." and he began pushing the middle finger of his other hand inside her sopping wet pussy.

    Shannon released a long wail and groan as the two fingers worked on her heated loins. She was pushing her hips back in small circles. She felt her big nipples beginning to pulsate and then for the first time in her life, Shannon began to erupt in an orgasm. It completely overwhelmed her, and not knowing how to respond, she began to sob "Ohh no, Ohh NOOOO...OHHHHHHHHHH!" as her pussy muscles began rippling up and down his finger and her asshole clamped down tightly on his worming digit.

    Shannon moaned and waved her hips as the orgasm washed over her in waves, finally leaving her weakly spent as she almost collapsed.

    Mr. Gee cleared his throat, pulling his fingers from her two holes. "Well, uh...I guess you don't have any drugs on your person. You can...ah, you can dress and take your things and go. But remember to be at the barn by 9:00.

    Shannon was trembling as she got off the desk, her breasts swaying under her as she wearily climbed down. Her asshole was sore, but her pussy was still tingling with pleasure as she quickly put her clothes back on.

    Without saying a word, the beautiful young girl left his office. Mr. Gee immediately pulled down his pants and sitting in his chair furiously masturbated into the wastebasket. Before tonight was through, he knew that he was going to savor the joys of fucking that gorgeous creature who had just cum all over his desk.

    Chapter Two

    Shannon had driven home, shaken from her experience with Mr. Gee and desperate for a way out of her dilemma. It was fairly obvious that Mr. Gee was taking advantage of the situation, and she dreaded what he might make her do to buy his silence. For that was exactly what she knew she had to do. She didn't know who had planted the drugs in her locker. She was by far the most popular girl in the school, but there were always low life scum among the student body, and she imagined that one of them had done that for a kick. It was a measure of the girl's naÔvetť that the thought of an administrator planting drugs in her locker never occurred to her.

    But of course, that is exactly what had happened. She had been watched by Mr. Gee as well as most of the male members of the faculty for over three years and during that time she had inspired countless erections from her teachers who fantasized about fucking the gorgeous girl. Mr. Gee had come across the jar of drugs in another student's locker. He had given that student a "second chance" but kept the drugs, knowing how he was going to put it to use to get into the panties of Shannon Owens.

    Shannon got home and quickly went upstairs. She stripped down and took a long hot shower, though she had showered at the school. She felt incredibly dirty, and she scrubbed her flesh until it was bright pink. But the sense of filth remained as she toweled off.

    For the next hour she sat in her room trying to figure a way out. She had saved $957.00 towards College, keeping it in a lockbox under her bed, and she thought that just maybe she could buy Mr. Gee's cooperation. After all, teachers were not the highest paid professionals. The more she thought about it the more she was able to convince herself that he would accept her money.

    She noticed the time and reluctantly got up to get ready. She was afraid that Mr. Gee would try something sexual with her, and she decided to be as unattractive as possible. She didn't put on makeup, not realizing that as beautiful as she was, the natural look for her was far lovelier than other girls who used makeup. She put on a white tee shirt, and then pulled out a pair of cut off overalls. She slipped on panties and a bra, and then the tee and overalls, standing in front of the mirror. Yeah, that would work. She didn't really look ugly or plain, but he couldn't see that she was very sexy either. But of course, a beautiful girl with a dynamite body will look good in almost anything.

    Shannon told her mother she was going to study with friends and drove off with the money she had saved.

    When she arrived at the Limrish house, it and the barn behind it were dark. She drove around behind the barn and saw a car, which she pulled up to. It as Mr. Gee. She rolled her window down. Mr. Gee told her to get into his car, and she did so, holding her lock box.

    Shannon watched as Mr. Gee looked her over carefully, feeling a return of the dread that she had been battling.

    Smiling, he said "Well Shannon, I'm glad you came. I certainly didn't want to have to call the police. What do you have there?" he said pointing to the lock box.

    "Mr. Gee," Shannon said as her heart pounded wildly, "I have almost $1000 that I've been saving for College. W-we both know that those drugs you found in my locker are not mine! But it you will forget about it, the money is yours!"

    Shannon set the box down between them as a mute offering.

    Mr. Gee looked darkly at her. "Are you trying to BRIBE me, Shannon Owens? Do you think that I would sacrifice my integrity for some MONEY?"

    Shannon looked scared, her lovely eyes wide as she paled. "Mr. Gee, I-I...I'm sorry, I just...I don't know what else to do!!" and the teenage girl broke down crying, hugging herself as she released the emotions of the past few hours.

    The older man sat watching her. He was enough of a student of human behavior to know that Shannon had pinned her hopes on bribing him. She was desperate and without hope. And now was the time to give her a glimmer of hope.

    He reached over and put a reassuring hand on her shoulder as her sobs lessened. She looked up at him with despair as he gently spoke to her.

    "Shannon, I have no desire to see you get in trouble. And honestly, I've heard stories about what they've done to some of these students down at the police station. And telling your parents would just break my heart. But Shannon, it is my job. Do you have any idea how much trouble I will get in if I don't tell anyone about this?"

    Shannon was listening, and then realized that he had said "will get in". Was it possible that there was a way out of this?

    "Young Lady, I've thought about this a long time. First of all, I don't want your money." he said as he pushed the lock box back towards her.

    "But I've made a decision, and if you agree to my terms, I will destroy these drugs and no one will ever know about it."

    Shannon almost threw herself at the man with relief. "Yes, Mr. Gee, whatever you want! Oh please, just give me a chance!" she said.

    "Shannon, when I was a younger man, I fell in love with a young lady named Kathy. We were married, and I was so very happy. But after we had been married only three weeks, Kathy was coming home from work at the hospital when she was involved in an accident and killed by a drunk driver." Mr. Gee was talking in soft voices, looking into space, obviously remembering a painful past.

    Shannon's heart went out to him. What a horrible thing that must have been.

    "When Kathy was killed, I was desolate for a long time. I still dream about her, and I miss her so. But the amazing thing is that three years ago a freshmen student came to our High School. And she looked like Kathy. Watching that student has been a joy but also bittersweet."

    Shannon's heart began pounding again.

    "I wish I could hold Kathy again, but I can't. I wish I could taste her kisses, and feel her body next to mine. I wish I could make love with her, but I can't. Kathy is gone. But you look exactly like Kathy, Shannon. You have the same beautiful brunette hair, pretty smile and green eyes. Do you know how hard its been for me seeing you. Everytime I see you, I remember her." He reached up and wiped his eyes.

    Shannon reached over and put her hand on his arm. "Mr. Gee, I'm so sorry. I didn't know. You must have loved her very much."

    Mr. Gee choked for a second and then said "yes Shannon, she was my life."

    For a second there, he had almost burst out laughing with the horseshit story he'd made up to help sell the girl on his proposal. There had never been a Kathy, of course. He was a confirmed bachelor and would never give a woman power over him as a wife.

    "Mr. Gee, I'm really sorry. I-I don't know what to say. What do you want me to do?" Shannon asked the question, but even as she did, she was pretty sure what his answer would be. And it was really disgusting to think about!

    "The first time Kathy and I made love was right here in this barn, Shannon. We had come here to talk and be alone, and had even fixed up a stall so that it was comfortable with a mattress and candles and pillows. So, what I am proposing is that you give me one hour of your time and that you be Kathy for me. Call me Thomas and pretend to be Kathy, to be in love with me. Spend one hour and let me make love to you...and we'll forget about everything, and you can go on with your life."

    The brazen older man continued to have a gentle sad expression on his face as he waited on the girl's response. If she refused, he knew that he would probably drag her in the barn, tie her up and rape her, then hope like hell that she'd not say anyone. But one way or another, he was going to fuck this teenage goddess tonight.

    Shannon was torn. What he proposed was wrong. But he was risking his job. And it was just one hour. But the thought of it was so Icky!! Letting an old man touch her and having to pretend to like it. Could she do it? She remembered losing her virginity. Other than the little bit of pain at first, it was no big deal. And in a way, it was really romantic. She would be the stand in for Kathy, and it would probably be the highlight of Mr. Gee's life! That made her feel a sense of pride. How bad could it be, anyway?

    Finally, Shannon said "So, if I go in there with you and have sex with you for an hour, then you'll destroy the drugs and that will be the end of it?" She was gently biting her lip as she looked at him.

    Mr. Gee was thrilled! VICTORY!!! "Yes Shannon, if you'll be my Kathy for an hour and allow me to make sweet love to you, I will agree to destroy the drugs. In fact, if I have your word that you'll do that, I'll destroy the drugs right now."

    That was the clincher that washed away the last of her doubts.

    "OK, Mr. Gee. If you destroy the drugs, I-I'll do what you want."

    Shannon felt relieved, but she was also nervous. Her sexual experience was limited, and she already felt very cheap. But at least it wasn't like he was doing this to HER, it was his Kathy that he was going to be doing it to, at least in his mind. There was something kind of romantic about it.

    They got out of Mr. Gee's car and he opened his trunk. There was the jar of drugs. Taking it, he went over to the abandoned well. He took a packet and opening it, dumped it down the well. Shannon helped him and within 10 minutes all of the drugs were history. Mr. Gee regretted doing it for he could use this scam on other girls, but he knew that the act of destroying the drugs would convince her that he was sincere. And it worked. Shannon resigned herself to being his lover for the next hour.

    She looked at Mr. Gee and he smiled and held out his hand to her.

    Shannon took a deep breath and took his hand and together they walked to the door of the barn.

    Thomas Gee had created a very comfortable place in the back of the barn. It was old enough that any smells of animal dung had long since faded. It was slightly musty, but there was a sweet smell as they neared the stall which was well lit. When Shannon saw it, she was pleasantly surprised. Her images had been of being made to lay on straw or a dirty old mattress. But in the stall was a mattress with a clean sheet, with pillows all around. They stepped into the stall and Mr. Gee turned the girl towards him.

    "Please call me Thomas" he said whispering in her ear and he pulled her towards him.

    Shannon put her arms around his neck. My gosh, she could already feel his erection! But she knew the part to play.

    "Thomas, I've missed you so much" she said, not really knowing what to do.

    And then Mr. Gee had found her mouth with his. He began kissing her, and Shannon was soon trembling, for to her surprise, Mr. Gee was a GREAT kisser. His lips were smooth and wet and he was not pushing her. They swayed together as the young girl relaxed just a bit as he kissed her most tenderly.

    When the tip of his tongue began to seek entrance to her mouth, Shannon slowly began to respond to his kiss, her mind numb but allowing her body to begin to respond. She froze for an instant when she felt Mr. Gee's hands move down her back and then cup her ass cheeks through the overalls. She felt silly wearing them now. She had allowed her boyfriend to cop a feel of her ass from time to time, but he was more interested in getting his rocks off than actually touching her that much. As the kiss continued and Mr. Gee squeezed and caressed her ass, Shannon began to enjoy what was being done to her.
    She pushed her ass back at the hands that were molding and caressing her as her mouth now hungrily opened and she sucked on the older man's tongue, beginning to softly moan. Damn, she was getting turned on! A brief feeling of shame swept through her. But then she rationalized that she was actually doing a good deed and helping Mr. Gee with his grief.

    After five minutes of kissing the girl, Mr. Gee ended the kiss. She was breathing hard and she looked so damn good standing there waiting to be stripped. His prick was very hard, and he knew she was aware of it.

    "I need to see all of you, my darling!" He said as he reached out and slipped the catch on the front of her overalls. He pushed the straps over her shoulder and the front bib fell down to her waist. Shannon expected him to quickly strip the overalls off her, but instead he took her in his arms and began kissing her again.

    Shannon's arms went around his neck again as he pulled her head back gently by her hair and began to wildly kiss up and down her neck. Shannon had never been kissed like this, and she felt Goosebumps appear from the pleasure his mouth was giving her.

    She barely noticed when he unsnapped the metal studs on the sides of her overalls. She was surprised when she felt them fall off her hips. She froze for a second, but didn't protest. After all, she had agreed to have sex and he was just doing what she had told him he could.

    His mouth went to hers again and as he kissed her deeply, his hands moved under her tee shirt to caress the bare skin of her back. Shannon felt so very sexy. She knew she should be ashamed, but she was finding that she was enjoying the things that were being done to her. Of course, if she could have put a stop to it, she would have. She was a GOOD girl. But she had no choice, and after all she was fulfilling a beautiful fantasy for this poor man.

    The bottom of her tee shirt was lifted up, exposing her naked belly, and then Shannon had to put her hands up as he pulled her tee shirt up over her bra and then her head, tossing it aside.

    Once again, the girl went into the older manís arms. Shannon was playing a part, and she quietly submitted to him, kissing him as his hands moved over her body, slipping down the back of panties to gently stroke the naked mounds of her ass.

    And then she was being turned in his arms and being pulled back against him. Shannon could feel Mr. Gee's prick pressing against her panties, and it made her shudder. She couldn't believe that she was actually being aroused!

    Mr. Gee's hands caressed her naked belly, playing with her deep set navel and then moving up. Shannon held her breath in anticipation and the let out a deep sigh when she felt Mr. Gee's hands cupping her bra and squeezing her breasts.

    His mouth was kissing the side of her neck, and he whispered "Shannon, you are so beautiful!" which made her feel very good. She didn't pick up on the fact that he didn't call her Kathy. Her thought processes were short circuited by the growing desire for sexual fulfillment that was growing in her body.

    After feeling her bra for a bit, his hands moved behind her back. She felt her bra being released and then Mr. Gees hands moving under her bra and he was actually cupping her naked tits as her bra fell away.

    Shannon felt so sexy being almost naked and being touched so intimately by this older man. He obviously wanted her very much. And in the process he was making her feel things that she didn't realize she could feel.

    She stood still when Mr. Gee kissed the back of her neck and then slowly moved down, kissing the hollow of her spine and the muscles of her back. His hands left her breasts and moved down her belly as he knelt behind her.

    She felt humiliated when he began pulling her panties down over the silky smooth skin of her hips. She moved her legs apart a bit to help him pull them down, and her panties fell to her feet. He lifted first one foot and then the other, and then Shannon Owens was standing absolutely naked in front of an older man. She felt very ashamed, but also very excited.

    She couldn't believe it when she felt his mouth kissing her bottom. He was caressing the insides of her thighs as well, and Shannon felt her pussy beginning to moisten, her lips swelling with blood as her body prepared itself for penetration.

    Once again, Mr. Gee stood and turning her, pulled the completely naked girl into his arms. She was trembling, whether from fear or arousal he wasn't sure. Nor did he care, for he kissed her deeply and passionately. And she responded, her naked girl flesh wriggling in his arms as his hands caressed her bottom, his fingers moving up and down the dark split between her cheeks, moving up to squeeze a breast and caress a hardened nipple.

    "Shannon, kneel on the mattress!" he said as he ended the kiss and began quickly stripping out of his clothes. Shannon took a step to towards the mattress, turned and knelt on it, looking at Mr. Gee. He was removing his shirt, and then only his undershorts were left. The bulge of his prick made a tent in his shorts.

    He walked over to the girl and putting his hands behind himself said, "Take them off, Shannon."

    Shannon knew what a penis looked like. She had babysat enough to have seen babies, and of course, she had seen illustrations in Health class. She had seen a couple of nasty pictures from her classmates. But she had never seen one live. It had been dark when her boyfriend had taken her virginity.

    And so with curiosity, humiliation and excitement all whirling through her mind, the gorgeous teenager took Mr. Gee's undershorts and began tugging them down. When she had to pull out the front to get them down over his prick, it sprang out and she gasped, for it seemed to be very big!

    She pulled his shorts down his thighs and then let them pool at his feet. He stepped out of them and then stood before her, his prick only a few inches from her face.

    "Suck me, Shannon!" he said softly looking down at the submissively kneeling beauty.

    She looked like a harem girl, her full tits and hard nipples bobbing gently, her hair scattered on her shoulder and her pussy hair just visible between her long thighs.

    This was not just icky, it was gross! Shannon looked up at Mr. Gee, a pleading look in her eyes.

    "You promised" is all he said. And she knew she had to keep her word.

    Summoning her courage, Shannon reached out and wrapped her cool fingers around the base of his prick. It felt very soft, but very hard underneath. Swallowing nervously, she leaned forward and pressed her lips against the end of it. She pulled back, but there wasn't much taste. So she opened her mouth and put it around the head of his cock, licking it once and then pulling her head back.

    She could taste a kind of musky taste, but it wasn't all that strong nor was it unpleasant. Again opening her mouth, Shannon took the head of his prick and several inches of his shaft into her mouth. Instead of pulling out, she simply began licking and sucking, moving her head forwards and back. The taste was fading and she rather enjoyed the smooth silky sensation of licking his flesh.

    Damn! he thought as he looked at the girl blowing him. She is a Natural! He put his hands on her head, gently taking her hair between his fingers. He didn't need to force her to take him prick in her mouth, for she was doing so naturally.

    "Ohhhh Shannon, that is to good!" He moaned.

    Shannon felt a spark of lust between her legs as she listened to him. She was making this older man crazy with lust. The sense of power that she felt was exhilarating. She took more of his shaft into her mouth, and her tongue started licking more wildly. He began moaning louder, which pleased her much.

    Shannon didn't really know what she was doing, but she caressed his thighs and then began to play gently with his balls. When she pulled her fingernails gently along his ball sac, it made him really crazy and so she did it again.

    He was moaning and groaning crazily and then said "Ohhh Baby...I'm gonna cum. Drink it, Shannon. Drink my cum!"

    His prick had all of a sudden swelled up and she felt splashes of a thick liquid erupting into her mouth. She tried to pull her mouth off of the throbbing cock, but he held her head fast. She frantically began swallowing as her mouth filled with his cum.

    He allowed her to pull back a little, but he kept his cock inside her suctioning mouth as the young girl was forced to swallow all of his sperm.
    She was gasping as he allowed his softening prick to slip from her wet lips. That was the best blow job he'd ever had. But it was just the first of many he was determined to received from this beautiful teen.

    Shannon was in a state of shock. She had not considered that he would actually cum in her mouth. She wasn't' sure if she was going to throw up or not, but after a few seconds decided that she wouldn't. The taste was salty, and it was a bit slimy, but it wasn't totally gross, and she admitted that she really didn't mind the texture of his prick sliding on her tongue and inside her mouth.

    Shannon was brought out of her introspection by Mr. Gee pushing her back on to the mattress. Before she knew it, he had grabbed her ankle and lifted her legs up spreading them apart and moving up between her thighs.

    Mr. Gee looked down at the naked and wide spread bitch. She was the most fuckable thing he'd ever seen, and he couldn't help grinning with delight as he quickly set his thick cockhead at the wet portal between her legs.

    He simultaneously began pushing inside her as he leaned over, looking into her face. He could see her face contort with a slight pain from his entry, her mouth opening and a loud gasp erupting. But as he pushed until his prick was buried inside her and his balls rested in the valley between her asscheeks, he saw something else.

    Holding his hips against her, his prick thrust as deeply inside her as possible, he looked into the High School teen's beautiful face. "Shannon, you have a sweet little pussy" he said and then he flexed his deeply buried cock.

    He saw her flinch and then her pussy muscles responded with an involuntary squeeze, making his cock feel like a warm wet hand was gently squeezing him. "Sweeeeet" he said again as he flexed, and received her response.

    Pressing his mouth to hers, the older man delighted in kissing her wetly welcoming mouth as he toyed with her, flexing and clenching while their bodies were joined so intimately together.

    Shannon was going crazy. The quick on and off method of her boyfriend was nothing like what Mr. Gee had done to her. He wasn't doing anything except flexing his cock muscle inside her, and she was responding like a whore! But it felt so damn good every time he'd do that to her. And as she would involuntarily squeeze his shaft, she enjoyed feeling his fullness inside her.

    Whispering in her ear, he said "Call me Thomas and ask me to fuck you, Shannon. Make it sound really convincing."

    Shannon did not normally use vulgarity, but under the circumstances, she felt that she had little choice. After all, she had agreed to this. Feeling self conscious, she said "Oh T-Thomas, I want you to...I want you to fuck me!"

    And just saying the words sounded so nasty, but so exciting. She groaned as he pulled his prick from her heated body until only that massive head was inside her. And then he slid into her again, making the pretty young girl arch her back and lift her hips, giving him complete access to her wetly spasming hole.

    Slowly the older man fucked her, whispering in her ear and having her beg him to fuck her, to use his cock on her, to fill her up. Shannon fell into the role, telling herself that she was just acting. But the truth was that she was completely aroused by the fucking she was receiving.

    Without being told, Shannon lifted her legs and crossed them behind Mr. Gee's pumping ass. Doing so seemed to open her up more, and his pistoning cock was making her feel wonderful!

    She felt Mr. Gee's hands move under her and cup her ass, holding her cheeks like handles as he began to pour on the coals, slamming his big dick inside her sweet little pussy. Each time he shoved inside her, Shannon felt his cock head bumping into her cervix. He was certainly big!!! And she also felt his balls smacking against the pucker of her asshole with each thrust.

    She was embarrassed by the liquid sounds as he fucked her, but her hunger to be fucked overcame her embarrassment

    Shannon was in unfamiliar territory. She knew that she was being forced and knew that she felt shame and humiliation, but the young girl was not prepared for the intensity of the pleasures that were surging through her young body! She couldn't help moaning and groaning out her lust as she was fucked. Her hands were around his neck, on his back, her mouth being ravaged but welcoming the entrance of his tongue.

    Mr. Gee began to speed up his thrusts, and he was pounding inside her deeply. Shannon could hardly breathe but she no longer cared. Something was beginning to happen, and breathing didn't seem to matter too much. She squealed and then began a long wailing as her orgasm caught up with her.

    Feeling the girl cumming underneath him, Mr. Gee held tight to her asscheeks and quickly slammed inside her once, twice and a third time, holding himself deep inside her, his head thrown back even as the young bitch continued squirming and sobbing through her orgasm.

    He felt the sperm traveling through the tube of his cock and beginning to splatter against the walls of her cunt. Shannon knew that he was cumming, and she didn't care that she might get pregnant, for her own orgasm was wonderfully pleasuring her body.

    "Yessss... Mr. Gee...shoot it into me" She cried out as he began hosing her unprotected womb with the thick strands of her sperm.

    "Take it, you beautiful bitch. Here it cums!" He groaned out as their bodies smashed against one another and they held themselves locked like that, both trembling and shaking as their orgasms traveled through their hard bodies.

    Chapter Three

    Shannon went to school on Monday feeling very self conscious. Mr. Gee had brought her home after he had fucked her, and she had quietly spent the weekend working through her guilt. She was not going to tell anyone what happened. She was trying to put it behind her as quickly as possible.

    Near the end of second period, an office aide brought a note to Mrs. Malsom. Mrs. Malsom passed it to Shannon as she dismissed class. Shannon opened the note and read:

    Miss Owens Please come to my office immediately. Mr. Gee

    Shannon felt a sense of dread. She had hoped to avoid seeing Mr. Gee not only today but also for the rest of her Senior year. Walking slowly she went to his office. When he opened the door, he was smiling. She was blushed just looking at him, knowing how slutty she had acted.

    "Hi Shannon! Come in please." he said.

    "I-I need to hurry to next period, Mr. Gee." she said, hoping to escape his office immediately.

    "Well, not really. I've taken the liberty of informing your teacher that you'll not be in class today. So we have an hour together. You see, there is something I wanted to show you."

    Shannon was feeling very uneasy. Mr. Gee locked his office door, which made her feel even more uncomfortable.

    "Mr. Gee, I did what you asked. Please...just stop this now, please. You know those weren't my drugs!" She whimpered softly.

    "Oh, I know that. And don't worry. No one will ever know about those drugs. But I'm trying to decide what to do with these things." He lay a buff envelope on the edge of his desk.

    "Go ahead, Shannon, take a look and tell me what you think" he said, smiling warmly at her.

    Alarm bells were going off in her head as she reached for the packet with trembling hands. She opened the tab and emptied the contents out onto Mr. Gee's desk. And she almost passed out!

    Hardly daring to breathe, she looked at the top photo. It was a picture of a girl who was naked and on her knees. In her mouth was a penis and she was obviously sucking on it. And the girl was Shannon!!! She picked up another picture which showed her flat on her back being fucked.

    Tears sprung to her eyes as she quickly leafed through the assorted shots of her sucking Mr. Gee and being fucked by him. She noticed that in none of them was Mr. Gee identifiable. But she certainly was.

    "I was just wondering if it would be better to put these up in the Boy's locker room, or in the Cafeteria. What do you think, Shannon?" Mr. Gee said softly as he looked at the stunned girl.

    She looked at him, tears in her eyes. "Oh Mr. Gee. Why? Why had you done this to me? Why did you photograph me doing these terrible things?"

    He reached out and gently stroked the smooth skin of her cheek. "Baby, those weren't terrible things. You loved being fucked. And the truth is that I want more than a one night stand. We have a long time left in this school year, and I want to spend it making love to you."

    Shannon just sobbed as she sat, understanding what was happening to her. "and if I refuse?" she asked, already knowing the answer.

    "Well then, everyone at the school will know. In addition, I'll send a copy to your father's workplace, to your home, and also to the Pastor at your church."
    Mr. Gee had her, and she knew it.

    "Now Shannon, stand up, turn around and bend over that chair. Then pull your dress up around your waist and push down your panties so that I can have a nice doggie fuck and watch your sweet asshole while I ream out your pussy!"

    Shannon sobbed from humiliation. She was going to be made to be a slut for this man. Yet even as she suffered, she felt a spark of excitement as she remembered how great it felt when he was fucking her before.

    The beautiful young girl stood and obeyed the man, bending over the chair.

    He watched as she exposed her panty clad ass to him. And he smiled when her hands pushed her yellow panties down to mid thigh, showing her naked bottom and the very clearly defined pussy pouch between her legs.

    Stepping up, he pressed the head of his prick to the young teen girl and slowly impaled her with one long smooth stroke, burying his cock inside her. He delighted to hear her groan. He had not thought she would be wet, but she was.

    "Ahh, I see the though of having Mr. Gee fucking you isn't all that repulsive. Damn girl, your pussy is nice and wet! You are a gorgeous little piece of fuck meat!" And he began slowly thrusting in and out of her sopping wet cunt, his hands holding her hips, occasionally playing with her ass.

    Shannon tried not to respond, biting her lip, but having the older man fucking her like this was so exciting she couldn't suppress the signs, moans and groans from her body. Slowly she relaxed and began to shove back at his thrusts, not only accepting his thrusts, but beginning to squeeze her pussy muscles with delight around his massive shaft each time he buried himself into her wetness.

    She sobbed through her first orgasm. He knew she was cumming, but he didn't stop or slow down but kept right on pulling his shaft in and out of her. He felt her thick flow around his cock and loved what he was doing to her. He carefully kept himself from cumming, wanting her to get used to having multiple orgasms when he fucked her.

    He held himself inside her for a moment as he reached forward and pulled her dress down, moving her bra out of the way and squeezing her naked titties. Holding her tits like handles, he again began fucking her.

    Shannon was hardly able to think, lost in the sea of sensations that were bombarding her young body. When she began a second orgasm, Mr. Gee pinched her nipples extra hard, and instead of hurting her, it seemed to double the intensity of her orgasms. She squealed again and again.

    Mr. Gee was glad that his office had been soundproofed as he kept on filling and refilling the submissive beautiful student bent before him.

    After a half hour of fucking her, he decided that it was time for him to enjoy himself. He began to increase the speed of his thrusts. Wetting a finger, he also located her anus and watched as his finger slowly entered the wriggling moaning girl.

    Shannon hated the thought of him doing such a nasty thing to her, but her body didn't care and she exploded in another orgasm as his finger was wriggling around in her rectum.

    She was sobbing as he grit his teeth and loudly exclaimed "you Sweet Fucking WHORE, you!" as his cock began bucking and spurting his white hot cum inside her pussy once again. Over and over his spurts filled her, inside every crevice and secret place up inside the girl, his sperm in a race towards her cervix in the hopes of being the one to make her pregnant.

    They remained locked together as they recovered. Mr. Gee's prick slowly shrunk until is slipped from her slimy wet pussy. The older man quickly pulled down her panties and made her give them to her.

    "You can go to your next class now, Shannon" he said as he turned her and pulled her into his arms. "And you can feel my cum in your pussy the rest of the day! And don't worry, I'll call you when I need you again." And he kissed her savagely, his hands roaming her body. He then released her and led her to the door, opening it and gently pushing her out into the hallway.

    Shannon went to the restroom and sat in a stall crying for ten minutes. Luckily no one else came in. She didn't know whom to go to, and was in deep despair. She went to her next class, and though she had tried to clean herself, the whole hour she could feel liquid leaking from inside her. She was afraid it would stain her dress and reveal that she had been thoroughly fucked.

    The last period was gym. She was on her way to the locker room when Coach Atkins called to her.

    "Shannon, I need to see you real quick." He was a smiling face and she was grateful for someone she felt comfortable with. Should she tell him what happened? No, it was too risky, she decided.

    As she walked towards her coach, Mindy Stewart left his office and she heard Coach say "...and keep them on the field for the hour. I need to take care of some things. Let them go to the locker room five minutes before the bell".

    And then Mindy was walking to the locker room.

    Smiling, Coach Atkins said "Come in, Shannon."

    Shannon walked into her coaches office. He shut the door behind her, which was odd. But when she heard the click of the lock, she felt a sense of dread.

    Her coach came around her and sat down on a straight backed wooden chair. He reached down and began untying his shoes. She watched, feeling uneasy as he took his high tops off, and then pushed his socks down.

    "Ahh, that feels better." Looking at the teen beauty, he pulled his coaching shirt up and over his head, revealing the hair on his chest. He just had his coaching shorts on. He stood up and Shannon gasped as he unzipped his shorts and pushed them down his legs, releasing his rapidly growing prick.

    "Shannon, I have copies of some very interesting photos of you. I'm willing to give them to you, but you have to earn them. You know what I'm talking about." He sat back in his chair, his prick sticking up and throbbing gently.

    "You have 30 seconds to get out of your clothes and climb on my prick and ride me like the little whore I've learned that you can be."

    Shannon only groaned. "Oh please, Coach Atkins. Please don't..."

    "Twenty five seconds" he said.

    Shannon knew she was beat. Tossing her gym bag to the side, she quickly pulled her dress up over her head. Her bra was easily divested, and she kicked off her sandals to stand naked before her coach.

    His eyes were almost bug eyed as he looked at her naked body. "SHIT, you are the most beautiful girl I've ever seen!"

    Shannon couldn't help feeling that little twinge of pride at having caused her coach to become aroused, even though she blushed. She indeed had a crush on him and seeing the admiration in his eyes made her feel incredibly sexy, even as she endured the humiliation of having her naked body examined by his hot eyes. And though she had no choice, she knew that she was going to do exactly what he wanted.

    She stepped forward, her legs parting to move on the outside of his as she straddled his lap. His hands reached for her tits and he pulled one of her swinging orbs into his mouth, immediately suckling it as her hand wrapped around his cock. Shannon was already wet and aroused as she centered her wet throbbing hole over the head of his prick. Groaning, she slowly sat down on her coach's cock, impaling herself on his hard throbbing shaft as he continued sucking her titties. There was no pain for her, only a sweet joy that threatened to cause her to lose her mind.

    Shannon began bouncing up and down, fucking herself on him. She just didn't care anymore about whether or not she was being forced. Men wanted to use her body? Let them. She would get all the pleasure out of it as possible. What was the old adage "If rape is inevitable, you might as well relax and enjoy it."

    With that in mind, Shannon enjoyed fucking her coach. She pulled his head to her tits, feeling his hands playing with her ass while she bounced up and down, his fingers moving underneath her to play with the very back part of her prick stuffed cunt. When his fingers were wet, he slipped them between the flexing muscles of her asscheeks, and she groaned in pleasure as he diddled her asshole. Shannon was whining and moaning in joy as she bouncing on his prick, slamming her pussy down, grinding her hips and then lifting up off of his incredible prick to repeat the process. Her breasts were bouncing and jiggling as well around her coaches licking and sucking mouth, her hair flying around her face.

    Finally, he released her tits from his mouth and pulled her head to his, her hair framing her lust contorted face. He had never seen a more erotic sight than his star forward fucking herself so excitedly on his prick. Her cunt was so hot, he could hardly stand it. And wet! WOW! He could feel a thick liquid wetness leaking out of her pussy and running down over his balls.

    Coach Atkins had enjoyed Shannon a great deal and he had a warm spot in his heart for her. But when Gee had confidentially passed on those photos, it had made him go through a number of emotions. He was angry and with surprise realized that he was jealous. But he knew what Gee was like. And so he was determined to find out what was going on. But as he looked through the photos again, he had decided that he wanted to know if Shannon was as sensuous a lover as she seemed to be in those photos.

    He had his answer in the wriggling girl flesh that was bouncing up and down, threatening to make his prick erupt up inside her sweet little cunt. He thought about pulling out first, but then the thought of impregnating the teenager not only fired his lust, but he realized that he did not mind. Hell, he wanted to marry her!

    With such thoughts, he approached his climax. Roughly shoving his finger inside her rectum, Coach Atkins groaned out "Cum with me, Shannon. Cum while I fill you with my sperm. Baby, I love you so much. Ohhh, I'm ready...OHHHHH, here it cums. I'M CUMMMMMINNNGGGGG!!!!" he shouted as he began hosing his white hot sperm inside of Shannon's clenching cunt. She was squealing as she ground her pussy down on him, feeling his wet cum spraying deep up inside her belly. She was shaking as her orgasm seemed to fade and then return and fade and return. She realized her mouth was on his and she was sucking wildly on his tongue in the same way her cunt was sucking the cum from his throbbing, pulsating prick.

    And then she collapsed on top of him, her head on his shoulder, his one arm around her waist and his hand between her ass, holding his finger deep inside her asshole. They were both gasping as their bodies began to recover.

    Wearily, Shannon raised her head and looked into Coach Atkins eyes. Her hair was disheveled and wildly scattered around her head. Her lips seemed thick and her eyes seemed to be a more vivid green than he remembered they ever had been. Wetting her lips even as her pussy massaged his slowly shrinking prick, she whispered "D-Did you say that...that you LOVED me?"

    He looked into her eyes. She was a student, and though he was young, he was still eight years older than she was. He knew that he could be making a big mistake. But the truth that he had discovered was that he indeed did love her, and even more, he wanted her to be his for life.
    Smiling, he said "Yes Shannon. I-I know that I'm in love with you."

    She couldn't believe it! She never would have guessed that Rick Atkins would ever pay attention to her.

    "Coach...Rick, I'm in love with you too!" She said as she leaned down and kissed him sweetly, her lips moist and full as the tip of her tongue softly caressed his.

    Within seconds, Shannon felt his prick beginning to swell again within her pussy, and she began caressing it with her pussy muscle. He kept his finger inside her asshole and within a minute she was slowly rising and falling again on her coach's incredible cock.

    Shannon had never felt anything like this. She was physically and emotionally stimulated, and the combination was so incredibly powerful.

    Rick carefully held her to him as she moved out of the chair and onto the thick carpet. For the next twenty minutes he had Shannon on her back on the carpet, her legs wrapped around his waist as they slowly fucked, whispering love and encouragement to one another.

    When he came inside her it seemed to last forever, and she gloried in being filled by his cum. She too thought about getting pregnant, but didn't care, for she was in love and the thought of making a baby inside her body with his cum triggered her own orgasm.

    When Shannon left his office, she was in a daze of happiness. She felt a cool trickle of liquid slowly creeping out of her along her thigh, and she smiled knowing that it was her coach's sperm, her lover's white sperm. She went to the restroom and cleaned herself, but she was smiling the whole time. She just knew that somehow Rick would rescue her and make her his own. Sensing her submissiveness to her coach, she thought about it, but realized that in giving herself to him she was fulfilled.

    Rick would take care of things.

    Chapter Four

    But nothing changed for several days. Every day at school, Mr. Gee would make sure that Shannon spent an hour in his office. He forced her to suck him off and swallow his seed several times, but he seemed to delight in making her kneel and lift her hips, offering him her widely spread pussy most of all.

    And then later in the day, she would be consoled in Rick's office as well, being held by him for a while, but also always winding up naked and sitting in his lap or being fucked on the floor or his desk. The sex was becoming much easier as her sense of shame and humiliation faded, and her enjoyment of the experience increased. She hated the fact that she was becoming a whore. She tried not to enjoy the things that were being done to her, but time and again she lost the battle and her traitorous body was lost to the thrill of being penetrated by a prick. And though she was sure she was in love with Rick, when she was lost in the joys of sexual heat, it didn't really matter if it was Rick's beautiful prick fucking her or Mr. Gee's cock that plumbed her depths.

    On Wednesday, Shannon made her way home after basketball. She had been fucked by both Mr. Gee and Rick that day and badly needed a shower. No one was home, for her parents had gone to a neighboring city to spend the night caring for a sick relative. Shannon was looking forward to being alone that evening to spend time thinking and trying to figure out what was happening in her life.

    She took her time showering, soaping her body all over. She noticed that there were very faint bruises on her breasts, for Mr. Gee had developed quite a taste for sucking and nipping her tits. Even as she stood under the warm water, Shannon felt her body becoming aroused as she thought about the two men that seemed intent upon keeping her pussy filled with their hot sperm.

    Shutting off the water, she quickly toweled her beautiful body. She ran a comb through her hair and then walked into her bedroom, feeling free in her nakedness, knowing that no one was home. She was walking to her dresser when she saw something on her bed. She turned to see what it was, and immediately recognized it as one of the pictures that Mr. Gee had first taken of her, the one of her kneeling and sucking his prick.

    "Nice picture, huh?" a voice said behind her, making her squeal with fright. She turned and tried to cover her naked body as she observed a man...a NAKED MAN in her bedroom. And then she looked at his face and was speechless.

    "Surprise Shannon, itís your old Uncle Jerry." He was standing by her door, his eyes looking at her body as his fist was slowly stroking his up thrust prick. Shannon could see that his hanging balls were simply huge.

    "U-Uncle J-erry. What are you DOING here?" she softly said, her mind numb and in a state of shock.

    "Well Shannon, ole Mr. Gee is a buddy of mine, and he told me that he had some pictures of you. He gave me a few, and it just kind of did all kinds of things in my mind. So I thought maybe I'd pay you a little visit tonight."

    He slowly started making his way towards the naked girl.

    "Please Uncle Jerry...n-no, don't c-come any closer. Ohhh, NO, please!!!!!" Shannon was whining as her Uncle continued walking towards her, a smile on his face.

    "Now Shannon, that's no way to greet your Uncle Jerry. Here, come give me a little kiss" And then he was reaching for her.

    Shannon was paralyzed as her Uncle pulled her into his arms, her breasts smashed against the muscles of his chest. She was too stunned to eve turn her head and as a result she felt her Uncle Jerry's mouth on hers, kissing her as his hands roamed her body.

    Weakly, the girl tried to struggle, but her body was no cooperating.

    Breaking the kiss for a second, her Uncle said "When I saw this picture, I just knew that I had to get some of that sweet cunt you've been hiding between your legs. Damn girl, do you know how many times I've looked at you and wished I could find out what a sweet fuck you'd be?

    Shannon was responding against her will. His obscene commands fired his lust, as did the hard prick pressing against her soft belly, and the knowledge that she was going to submit to the lustful desires of her Uncle.

    He gently pushed her back towards her bed even as he played with her tits and kissed her. When they reached her bed, he fell on to the bed, pulling the naked wriggling girl down on top of him. His prick was pressing into the soft flesh of her tummy.

    "Come on, Shannon, give your old Uncle the ride of his life." he said to her.

    Meekly, Shannon reached between her legs and pulled the head of Uncle Jerry's cock to her by now wet pussy. She fit it between her hot pussy lips and in one practiced move sat down on his cock, driving it deep up within her body.

    "SHHHHHHIIIIITTTTT" the man cried out as he immediately began pumping up into the girl on top of him.

    Shannon leaned forward, her hands on his chest as she started pumping her body up and down his prick, enjoying the feeling of being so filled.

    Jerry was actually her favorite Uncle, and Shannon quickly relaxed as she fucked him. She leaned forward, dragging her hardened nipples on his chest several times before leaning down and smothering his mouth with hers. She enjoyed being on top, and her hips continued whipping up and down on his uptrhust shaft.

    Her Uncle Jerry was insatiable. After she rode him to two orgasms, he rolled her over, turning onto her hands and knees, and spreading her legs, began fucking her from behind. Shannon relaxed, putting her head on her arms, arching her back and presenting her open and very wet throbbing pussy to her Uncle. He fucked her cunt for ten minutes, fingering her asshole, widening it, and then she groaned as he slipped inside of her asshole as well.

    After another half hour, he pulled out of her and rolled her over, taking her legs and pushing them back over her head. In that position, he fucked her and Shannon had never felt such a deep penetration of her body. Almost immediately she began cumming, and for the next twenty minutes she was forced to endure a constant orgasm that heightened and lessened at times in intensity, but never completely ceased.

    Her throat was raw from screaming out her fuck joy as Uncle Jerry labored over her sweat drenched body.

    Stopping for a minute, Uncle Jerry looked into his beautiful niece's eyes and said "OK Baby, I'm gonna fill up your sweet little cunt now." And with those words be started fucking her at a breakneck speed. Shannon quickly came stronger than before and then she was holding on as her Uncle began emptying his cum inside of her clasping pussy.

    He padded barefoot to the fridge, and grabbed some fruit and a couple of beers. Shannon was still stunned and trying to recover as he came back into the bedroom. He fed her fruit and let her drink a beer, and then he turned her and began licking and slurping her pussy as he instructed her to suck on his prick; and he continued fucking his niece late into the night, finally emptying his cock for a third time, this time in the dry heat of her rectum as she moaned and came around her own masturbating finger.

    They both fell asleep. Sometime in the night, Shannon woke up to find her Uncle fucking her from the side, behind her. It was weirdly erotic as she slipped his prick in and out of her. He was kissing her neck and playing with her boobs as they moved together. She fell asleep after he emptied another load of cum inside her body and then fell asleep himself.

    He was gone in the morning, but there was a note on the pillow.

    Shannon, Thanks. If you weren't my favorite niece before, you sure are now. I'll be back for mere! Jerry

    Chapter Five

    Shannon recognized that the transformation was complete. She had become a whore, a slut. All guilt and shame had been burned from her conscience. She admitted that she enjoyed having a man fuck her, force her to suck his prick and drink his sperm. She had wanted to be a good girl, but she knew that dream was dead. And the truth was...she only wanted people to think she was a good girl. Because she really wanted to fuck and suck. The main obstacle was that she was being forced and she had no control.

    The young basketball star began applying her mind to the problem. Mr. Gee had forced her to strip naked and then climb on his desk. He had rubbed hand lotion all over her asshole, fingering her and then finally climbing up and mounting her anus. It had been painful at first, but by the time he came inside her, she was fucking like a bitch in heat, enjoying the hot friction of his pistoning shaft.

    And she continued to think.

    She was growing a bit weary of her beloved Rick. He had promised to help get her out of the situation she was in, but he hadn't done a thing. In addition, what she thought was love was fading. He was really kind of an idiot jock type. He wasn't near as aggressive as Mr. Gee, and so when he asked Shannon for a blow job, she said "No", and instead slipped from her panties, sat on the edge of his desk, and had him kneel and lick her pussy. When she was ready, she let him fuck her, but she enjoyed being in control.

    But she knew she couldn't get Mr. Gee to cave. He'd just laugh at her and bend her over and fuck her up the ass again.

    But Shannon continued to think about possibilities.

    At 6:15, Shannon arrived at the Administration Building. The front door was locked, but she lightly rapped on it. She had finished basketball practice, and spent 30 minutes curling her hair, putting on makeup and getting into the very revealing white dress. She knew that she was a knockout!

    After thirty seconds, a tall black man in a suit coat came and unlocked the door.

    "Hi, are you Mr. James?" she asked quietly, smiling at him.

    He smiled back. "No, I'm Mr. Joseph. I'm the Assistant Superintendent. Are you Miss Owens?" he said, looking her over carefully.

    "Yes I am. Thank you for meeting with me." she said stepping through the opened door. She heard Mr. Joseph locking it behind her. he led her through a series of hallways to an interior office. He knocked once on the door and then let her in. The office was very spacious, tastefully decorated with a coach, tables and chairs and a large desk.

    "Mr. James, Miss Owens is here." Mr. Joseph said as he led her through the door.

    Mr. James was also black and if anything was even taller than Mr. Joseph. She reached out her hand and it was almost swallowed up in his as he looked at her kindly.

    "Thank for you seeing me at this time. It's something that I need your complete discretion about." Shannon said as she dropped her gym bag on the floor by the chair.

    "Of course, Miss Owens. Mr. Joseph is here to serve as a witness in case that will be necessary." His voice was a Barry White imitation, and Shannon felt her sexual juices beginning to bubble.

    "Of course, sir." And then Shannon proceeded to tell the Superintendent of Mr. Gee's blackmailing and conduct.

    "I've been thinking about it, and I am sure that he planted those drugs in my locker, sir." she said.

    Mr. James looked somewhat worried. Shannon told of the things that Mr. Gee had done to her. She was very graphic, and she couldn't help notice the two black men looking at her body, and she knew that they were imagining doing such things to herself as well. She had not been sure if she should tell them about Coach Atkins, but she knew that Mr. Gee would, and he really was an asshole for forcing her into sex.

    Thirty minutes later, she had explained all that happened to her up until the present moment.

    "Mr. James, I don't want this to go public. Something has been taken from me that I'll never have again, but I can live with that. However, I refuse to be blackmailed anymore." She looked at the large black man sitting behind his desk.

    "Well Miss Owens, I'm not sure if we can keep this private. This is a case for the police to handle. Both Mr. Gee and Coach Atkins essentially raped you." he said in his low bass grumble.

    Sighing, Shannon said, "Yes sir, I understand. But what I am saying is that I would like you to consider something else. You see, I don't want them to go to jail, and I don't want their lives ruined. I just want to be free from them. So this is what I am proposing."

    She looked at both men and then taking a deep breath, said "I would like Mr. Gee to retire. I know that he was going to do that in a couple of years anyway. I'd like you to suggest...hell, no, I want you to TELL him that he will retire effective immediately. He will keep his pension, but he is done teaching. Also, he will surrender to me all of the pictures he took of me. And I want you to allow Coach Atkins to finish the year, but transfer to a school outside of our district. You give him a good recommendation and you don't pull his teaching certificate. I get my life back and everyone is happy."

    She sat still, finished with her speech.

    "Well, Miss Owens, I understand your sentiments in this matter. But there are procedures in place which I am forced to follow. It is my job and I am good at it. So, you need to let me handle this situation." He smiled at her to rob his words of offense.

    She smiled back, expecting that response. "Well, what you don't understand, sir, is that I intend to get my way. I'm not going through any public examination or go to court. So this is what I am going to do."

    Shannon stood and walked to the door. She turned the lock and then turned around to look at the two puzzled men.

    She unbuttoned the top button of her dress as she stood in front of the door. She continued removing her dress as she talked.

    "If you agree to take care of this matter privately, you will win my gratitude. As my thanks, you will have complete control of me for the next three hours."

    She saw the stunned expressions on their faces as they watched her hands moving down her body unbuttoning her dress. She shimmied and the material fell off her shoulders and down around her waist, exposing the very sheer white lace bra.

    "You can make me do anything. I'll suck you, drink your cum and wash your balls in my mouth. You can bend me over and fuck me from behind or fuck my asshole. You can take me in any position you want, either of you. And in return you simply do what I ask, sweep this problem under the rug quietly and no one gets hurt. I get my life back, and you get to pump your dicks into my pussy for the next three hours."

    Shannon had pushed her dress down off her hips, letting it slide to the floor. She was standing before the men in her very brief panties which were very lacy as well and her bra. She could see their eyes glazed over with lust as they sat stunned, unable to move.

    "And if you don't do this, gentlemen, then I promise that I will claim that you raped me!" She smiled as their heads snapped up.

    "Miss Owens, blackmail will not work with me!" Mr. James said. However, she could see that he was struggling with the growing bulge between his legs. She knew it was time for a different tack.

    "Oh, Mr. James, I don't mean to do that. But I've been hurt!" she said in her little girl voice. She pulled the catch on her bra, and her tits spilled out to the bug eyed stare of the two men.

    "Please don't put me through public exposure, Mr. James. Don't do that to me. Instead, help me to feel like a normal girl again." She had been slowly moving towards his desk and was now moving around the side. She lifted her tits in each hand as if offering them to the older black man.

    "Please Mr. James, I really need you to help me" she whispered. Looking at Mr. Joseph, she wet her lips and said "and I think that Mr. Joseph would also be able to help me."

    Taking a chance, Shannon turned around and leaned over, her thong panties barely covering the crack of her ass.

    "Please help me, Mr. James. Please pull down my panties and touch me." she said in a seductive voice.

    "Shit!" the Superintendent said, pausing and then finally reaching out with a trembling hand, he took the thin strap of her thong panties and peeled them down.

    Shannon was ecstatic. She had won! But she was brought back to the present when she heard him kneeling behind her and the most incredible sensation covered her cunt. His thick lips had completely covered her pussy and he was nosily slurping her wetness. Within seconds, her unfocused gaze saw a huge black cock in front of her face. She opened her mouth and as she felt Mr. James tongue moving up her pussy, she opened her mouth and took in half of Mr. Joseph's throbbing black dick.

    Soon the two large men were completely naked, and they certainly took charge of the equally naked white girl. One or the other was fucking her for the next three hours. They seemed to know when to switch, for neither one came in her, but would pull out and the other would mouth her. They took her on the carpet, on the desk, and as she was bouncing on Mr. Joseph as he sat on a chair kissing her, Mr. James pulled out his couch, which was a hide-a-bed. For the next hours, she was pinned on her back, being fucked by one or the other. She took their dicks inside her mouth, licking and sucking. True to her word, she also sucked their ball sacks inside her mouth, her tongue washing them as she gently suckled the sperm inside the sacs which she knew would be put in her body before the night was through.

    Finally, Mr. James lay on his back and pulled Shannon on top of him. She was worn out, but as she slid down his thick prick shaft, she moaned and started lifting her hips even as he pulled her down and passionately kissed her mouth.

    Shannon felt hands behind her and she even as Mr. James prick was slowly sliding up into her pussy, she felt a hot wetness licking between her ass cheeks. It was Mr. Joseph, and the added stimulation was making the young girl wild with lust. She was squealing loudly as the two black men used her body. Mr. Joseph thrust a finger inside her rectum, and Shannon grunted with pain. But after a minute, she was accustomed to it and continue impaling her body on Mr. James prick and Mr. Joseph's finger. Mr. Joseph added a second finger after that, but Shannon quickly got used to that.

    They were very loud as they fucked. Shannon was sobbing and moaning, squealing from the pleasures their hands, mouths and pricks were giving her. The men were chanting vague obscenities about her cunt, her pussy, how tight she was, what great tits she had, etc.

    She felt disappointment when Mr. Joseph pulled his fingers from her. But then she felt something pressing against her anus which had already begun to close. And in that moment she knew what they were going to do to her. She couldn't believe it. They were going to fuck her at the same time.

    "NOOOOOOOOOO" She groaned attempting to escape as she felt Mr. Joseph's prick pop inside her rectum and began working its way up the depths of her ass. She was so full she almost screamed. It was painful, but after a minute that pretty much ceased. But both of the men began fucking her and she felt like a rag doll between them.

    Their hands pulled and pinched at her flesh as her lust returned and then doubled. She was being double fucked!!! Two men, one in her asshole and one in her pussy. She had never imagined such a thing happening, but as she began to cum, she knew that this was something she would want to happen again and again. She really was a slut.

    "Fuck me, b-both of you. Use your big black d-dicks on me. Fuck my ass, fuck my cunt. Ohhhhhhh, fill me up. I want to feel your hot sperm inside me. FUUUUUUUCK ME!!!!" She shouted out as her asshole clamped tightly around Mr. Joseph's cock and her pussy began rapidly rippling up and down Mr. James deeply buried prick.

    She was sobbing now, her body out of control as she shook and writhed between the two pricks. She could feel their cum begin to spray inside of her as she dissolved into a nonthinking mass of girlflesh impaled on two spurting pricks.

    That night as she left the Administration building on wobbly legs, their sperm dripping down her legs, she knew that she was going to get her life back under control. Of course, there was always the possibility that the two men would renege on their agreement and not do anything.

    She slipped into her car and then dug into her gym bag. She pulled the tape recorder out, the one she had put there and started the moment before she got out of her car to go into the Ad building. The 180 minute tape rewound a way, and then she hit play. She could hear the two men commenting upon what a sweet fuck she was. That must have been after they were through with her. She had been almost semi conscious. "Damn, that was the best pussy I've ever had, Jerome!" she heard, making her blush and smile at the same time. "Yeah, I'm thinking that maybe we call her back in here in the future for a repeat performance!" the other voice said.

    "Sorry boys" she thought as she put the tape recorder back in her purse. With this tape, she knew that she would not only get their cooperation, but that she would not be subject to them anymore either. However, the thought of letting the two studs at her young body again was intriguing, and she just might do it for the sheer pleasure of it. They had certainly fucked her well enough.


    There was one man she wanted. She dressed carefully. She put perfume on, but not a bra. She had on a pair of red shiny panties, but not the tight kind. They were the very loose kind, the kind that allowed a man's hand to slip underneath for exploration.

    Shannon looked in the mirror at her naked tits as she brushed her hair out. She put on a hint of makeup and eye shadow. She pulled the shirt over her head. It fell only a couple of inches below her panties. She was ready.

    Walking into the den, she said "Well, I guess its just you and me, Daddy. Mom won't be back for two days. But don't worry, I'm gonna take real good care of you!"

    Shannon wet her lips and looked at her father. She had been noticing how often he was looking at her body lately, and she had gone out of her way to expose herself to him. She had planned it so that she came out of the bathroom with a towel half wrapped around her as he came up the stairs. She would squeal and run to her room, knowing that she was showing her father her ass.

    Shannon walked over to the TV set and flipped it off, turning to look at her dad.

    "Hey, I was watching that!" he said, protesting mildly. The truth was that watching his gorgeous daughter was much more exciting. But if he did that much longer, she was going to be able to see his growing hardness.

    Shannon laughed. She felt completely in control as she walked over to his recliner, swaying her hips seductively.

    "Oh Daddy, you don't care about that show. I mean, wouldn't you rather spend some quality time with your little girl?" She used her little girl voice as she climbed up on his recliner, her knees on the arms of his chair, making her legs widespread as she put her hands on either side of his head and looking down on her father.

    She wanted him. She realized that he had wanted him for a long time, and while she had learned to relish sex, she wanted it to be her father who was forcing her, taking her and dominating her.

    She looked down into her father's face. He was handsome and she could hardly wait to feel his hands on her.

    Allowing her knees to slip outwards over the arms of his chair, Shannon lowered her widely spread hips until they were pressed down against the hardness of her fatherís prick. She felt it lurch as her father's wide eyes recognized the sexual contact.

    Whispering, he said "Shannon...I-I don't" But she stopped him putting a finger to his lips. She leaned over him. He wasn't wearing a shirt and she allowed her tits to press against him through her thin tee shirt. She wanted him to know she had nothing on underneath.

    He looked up and watched her beautiful face moving closer to his, her hair now on the sides of his cheeks, her green eyes inches from his. And then his daughter said "I love you daddy" and she pressed her wet soft mouth to his.

    Ten minutes later, Shannon was on her hands and knees on the carpet, her hands clenching the material, her back arched as she softly chanted "Fuck me, Daddy, Fuck your little girl...fuck my pussy, fuck my cunt, fuck my ass, fill me with your big daddy prick. ohhhh, fuck me daddy" as her body bounced from the repeated slams as her precious naked father fucked himself inside the wettest, hottest and most incredibly tight pussy he'd ever known.

    And as the submissively naked girl shook and sobbed as her pussy began cumming around her father's prick, she felt him beginning to spray inside her with his sperm. And she prayed, she hoped, and more than anything else, wished that her own sweet daddy was shooting his seed up inside her to create a new life. But even if that didn't happen this time, she knew that she would continuing fucking him over and over, doing everything she had learned to him, and letting him do anything he wanted to her ripe young body. And she knew that since it was the perfect time for her ovulating body, by the time her mother returned, she planned to have been fucked so often by her daddy that she would already be carrying his child.

    And as she thought these things, her father gave a last dribble into her overheated cunt. He was finished. But only for a little while, she thought, smiling like the bitch in heat that she had become.

    The End
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    and my favorite,

    Kristi's Family


    Adrian Errik also wrote 2 other stories under the name of Adrian Errickson: "The Preachers Wife" and "Lois". This may have been his real name.

    I also beleive he later wrote four other stories under another name, TomGee. I beleive this because this name is the same as the Mr. Gee that is a

    character in some of his stories above and who appears in two of these stories. But mainly the themes and the writing is in my mind virtually the

    same. These are: Crystals Realization, Chrystinas Revalation, Della and Wifely Secret.

    I will be posting these 4 stories over the next few weeks so

    you, can decide for yourselves if its the same guy. I'd be interested to here from you readers if you think its the same guy or not.

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    TomGee story links

    TomGee, who may also be an alt of Adrian Errik, wrote these 4 stories also, posted on this site here in the stories from the Net site:

    Della - http://www.sexstoriespost.com/forums...ht=#post467335

    Chrystinas Revalation - http://www.sexstoriespost.com/forums...a-s-Revelation

    Crystals Realization - http://www.sexstoriespost.com/forums...-s-Realization

    Wifely Secret - http://www.sexstoriespost.com/forums...ht=#post469066

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    These are sizzling hot reads! I'm devouring every story, wow, fantastic. Thanks for posting these super hot reads!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Asiaticus View Post

    Adrian Errik also wrote 2 other stories under the name of Adrian Errickson: "The Preachers Wife" and "Lois". This may have been his real name.

    I also beleive he later wrote four other stories under another name, TomGee. I beleive this because this name is the same as the Mr. Gee that is a

    character in some of his stories above and who appears in two of these stories. But mainly the themes and the writing is in my mind virtually the

    same. These are: Crystals Realization, Chrystinas Revalation, Della and Wifely Secret.

    I will be posting these 4 stories over the next few weeks so

    you, can decide for yourselves if its the same guy. I'd be interested to here from you readers if you think its the same guy or not.
    I agree, gotta be the same guy. The themes of young girls discovering their inner slut side, after being ''coaxed" into fucking. The beginning of Shannon gets Shafted, and Della, which I've just started on, are almost identical. Not that it's bad, I'm devouring every word. It's sizzling hot, I hope this fellow creates more stories.

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    Thanks for your opinion on that question. Glad to get a 2nd opinion on that.



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