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    Raped! by The SlutMan

    by The SlutMan

    Synopsis: Val is repeatedly raped in her own home, and to her horror,
    finds herself responding to it. Then her teenaged daughter comes

    All that could be seen of the woman was her strained face over the
    muscular shoulder of the burly man, and her long, shapely legs curled
    around the man's thick waist, the heels of her dainty feet beating a
    drumbeat on his taut ass as he raped her.

    Occasionally, a large white breast, capped by a turgidly swollen nipple
    would show briefly from beneath his chest, bobbing and quivering,
    testament to the savage fucking the woman was enduring.

    Max was enormously pleased with himself as the woman approached
    another orgasm, her fourth inside of an hour, since her rape had begun.
    All the signs were there, he could actually feel the bitch's tits swelling,
    her feet were really starting to beat on his ass and her moans were rising
    towards a scream. He reared back and looked at her face. Her eyes were
    blank, her mouth twisted in a grimace as the unbearable sensations
    drove her towards another unwelcome orgasm. He smiled into her unseeing
    eyes and settled back on top of her, his hips never loosing their
    cadence as they drove his massive 9 inch cock into the woman's tight
    cunt, his big balls bouncing on her tightly puckered asshole.

    Valerie Brooks felt enormously ashamed of herself. Her arms and legs
    were wrapped around him as she strove towards her orgasm, savoring the
    feel of his long thick cock plunging into her belly, the fat meaty head
    beating on her cervix as he long-dicked her, his broad muscular chest
    flattening her breasts, her diamond hard nipples digging into his skin.
    She tried to stop her slim hips from bucking up at him, tried to drum up
    the revulsion and hatred the she should be feeling towards her rapist,
    and she could not. Her traitorous body demanded satisfaction, and it
    had been so long since she had been laid, that she simply could not
    stop herself.

    And then she stopped any rational thinking or feeling entirely, as her
    body flashed into a massive orgasm. She clung to the man like a leech,
    her legs hooked around his, her arms flung around his chest, her nails
    gouging his back as her trim hips swirled and churned on his deeply
    imbedded cock, scrubbing her swollen clit on his pubic hair as her hot,
    wet cunt squeezed and milked his massive rod.

    His voice rose with hers as her madly clenching pussy drove him over
    the edge into his own orgasm. He made one final lunge, burying his cock
    deep in her belly as it jerked and spewed his hot, thick cum into her

    A moment later, it was over. He lay on the senseless woman, feeling her
    cunt still clenching and massaging his hard cock as his breathing
    quickly returned to normal. As her arms and legs fell away from his
    hard body, he held her tightly and rolled over until she was sprawled
    on top of him, his cock still imbedded in her belly, his seed slowly
    leaking past the tight plug of his cock.

    Val's hips slowly ground to a stop as her orgasm passed. She buried her
    face in her hands and began to sob with shame as she recalled her wanton
    performance from moments ago. The man stroked her back for a moment,
    then raised his hand and slapped her once, very hard, across her taut,
    firm ass.

    She howled in pain and surprise, and flinched away from the blow,
    ramming his still hard cock deep into her cunt. She gasped, pushed her
    upper body away from his chest, and looked down at him, tears streaming
    down her face.

    "Stop crying." He said, tonelessly. Her face screwed up as she tried to
    stifle her sobs, but his face showed no compassion, no sympathy, and she
    sobbed aloud once again. "Come on now," he said. "Sit up straight, like
    a good girl, and listen to me." His hands helped her to sit on his
    belly, his rigid cock still inside her. In a minute, she was sitting on
    him, her feet by his hips, her hands braced behind her on his hard
    thighs. She looked down at him, sniffling loudly.

    "I want you to stop that." he growled. "Now!" She flinched.

    "When are you going to let me go?" She asked plaintively, wiping her
    face with the back of a hand.

    "When I'm good and ready." He replied. She shivered as she watched his
    eyes devour her breasts.

    Valerie Brooks was 34 years old and divorced. She had both of her
    children living with her, her 19-year-old son Paul, and her 18-year-old
    daughter, Bridget. Val didn't look like your average mother of two. She
    was only five feet five inches tall, but she was voluptuously built,
    sporting an amazing set of 36D breasts over a 23-inch waistline and
    33-inch hips. Her breasts were round and firm, topped with pink
    nipples. Her belly was flat and smooth, her legs long and beautifully
    tapered, leading the eye up to her taut, heart shaped buttocks. Her
    long blond hair was shoulder length and thick, falling carelessly
    around her oval shaped face. Her face had regular, even features. Her
    nose was slim and straight, her eyes a vivid shade of blue. She had a
    softly squared jaw, a wide, generous mouth with ruby red lips and
    straight white teeth. She was a good-looking woman who became a
    beautiful woman when she smiled.

    Right now, she wasn't smiling. She was intensely aware of the fact that
    she was stark naked and sitting on this brute's massively erect cock. He
    had fucked her and pumped his foul seed into her four times, and not
    once had his cock gone soft. Even worse, he had forced her to orgasm
    every single time, and that hugely humiliated her. It made her look and
    feel like a slut.

    It had come as a horrible shock to the demure young woman when she had
    climaxed during the first attack. And it had, in her view, only gotten
    worse as time went by. This last orgasm had been the best she had ever
    had, and she was forced to face up to the fact that she responded to be
    used as a fuck toy. And that was sick. Wasn't it?

    Now, as she perched on his groin, she could feel his big cock pulsing
    inside her. His eyes crawled all over her, lingering on her breasts and
    her flat belly as his hands cupped her tight little ass, his thumbs
    absently stroking her soft skin.

    "My God." Max said, still staring at her. "You are really built, baby."
    His hands slid up her sides and around to her breasts. He cupped the
    lush mounds in his big hands and hefted them, as if weighing them. He
    pinched the turgid nipples between his thumb and forefinger, rolling
    and pulling the tender bit of flesh, watching as they erected in his
    hands, even the aureoles swelling and standing proud on her breasts.

    Val blushed furiously as he stared at her and manipulated her breasts,
    knowing that her arousal was obvious to him.

    "Move." He said. Val looked at him in confusion.

    "God damn it, bitch, I said MOVE!" he shouted. Then he released her
    tits and slapped them, left, then right, using both hands. She cried
    out and fell backwards, and landed on his propped up legs, her hands
    darting forward to shield her breasts from his stinging slaps. She
    hunched over, cradling her tits in her arms, the outside of the lush
    globes already turning red.

    "Let's go," said Max, and slapped her face. Val gasped and raised one
    hand to rub her face, and Max slapped the now exposed breast again. Val
    wailed and again cupped her breast, and his hard hand slapped the
    outside of her thigh. "Come on baby, move for me," Max said.

    "Stop it!" Val screamed, "Please, stop it!"

    "Get moving baby, and maybe I will." Slapping her again and again on
    her thighs, her breasts and her belly.

    Val started to bounce on his hard cock while trying to fend off his
    slaps. "I'm moving!" She cried, "I'm moving, please, stop it, you

    Quick as a snake, Max captured both of her wrists on one big beefy paw
    and held them above her head.

    "Gonna have to teach you some manners, I guess." Max said quietly.
    Using one hand, Max started slapping her breasts, forehand and
    backhand, covering every square inch of the ripe mounds until they
    glowed a bright red.

    Val screamed and cried, but never stopped bouncing on his massive cock,
    impaling herself over and over as his slaps rained down on her exposed
    flesh. The beating stopped as quickly as it started, and Max's hands
    were suddenly on her waist, lifting her up and plunging her down, his
    hips moving, driving his cock into her balls deep, spiraling and
    grinding, reaming out her snug channel, the spongy-hard cock head
    battering her cervix.

    Val's eyes were full of tears when the beating stopped, and she moaned
    in despair as his hands encircled her waist and started jerking her up
    and down on the fearsome cock embedded deep in her belly. Almost
    immediately, she began to heat up, her stinging breast forgotten as the
    thick shaft drove into her, its veined surface titillating her swollen
    clit. Then, his head darted forward and he sucked a swollen nipple into
    his mouth, his lips, teeth and tongue torturing the turgid bud. Her head
    fell back and she shrieked softly, her hands cradling his head as she
    tried to force more of her red, tingling breast into his voraciously
    sucking mouth. His right hand left her waist and dived between her legs
    and quickly found her clit, and he pinched it.

    Val screamed and spasmed into another orgasm as the pleasure - pain
    smashed through her dazed brain. She bucked and writhed on the deeply
    embedded spike still pistoning in and out of her abused cunt. Val
    screamed until she ran out of breath, and then passed out, unable to
    handle the overload of sensation and emotion.

    Max let the unconscious woman topple off of him, his long thick rod
    pulling out of her hot, wet cunt with a soggy pop. He smiled to himself
    and waited, waited for his real target to get home from school. Val had
    been an unexpected, and very pleasant bonus.

    Swiftly, for Bridget was due home any minute now, Max hog-tied Val with
    her own stockings, and gagged the unconscious woman with her panties.

    Scooping her from the bed, he effortlessly carried Val down the hall,
    left her on her son's bed, and closed the door as he left the room.


    Val rolled over and struggled with her bonds after she heard the door
    snick closed. She could not believe that playing possum had worked. She
    had been desperately afraid that her rapist would see right through her
    subterfuge. She searched her son's room frantically with her eyes,
    looking for anything she could use to free her hands and feet. She was
    not sure of the time, but she knew her daughter was due home from
    school soon.


    Bridget zoomed down the street and made a long sweeping turn into the
    driveway, and locked the brakes on her bike at the last possible
    moment, leaving yet another long black skid mark among the hundreds of
    others, stopping with the front wheel a bare two inches from the closed
    garage door.

    She hopped off the bike and quickly punched in the code to open the
    garage door. She stripped off her helmet as the door rumbled up its
    tracks, and wheeled the bike inside, slapping the button to close the
    door as she passed. She tossed the helmet on the workbench, toed the
    kickstand down and headed for the kitchen door, snagging her backpack
    from the basket on the handlebars as she went.

    She tossed her backpack to the snack bar and shook out her long blond
    hair as she walked to the fridge. She pulled open the door and grabbed
    a glass from the cupboard, filled it exactly half way with milk and
    downed it as the door to the fridge drifted shut.

    Taking the back stairs two at a time, Bridget headed for her room,
    anxious to get out of her school uniform and into something a little
    more comfortable. Rounding the banister post at the top of the stairs,
    the teenaged blond started down the hall to her room.

    Then she stopped so suddenly she almost fell. She turned and looked
    into her Mother's bedroom through the open door, and saw again what had
    made her stop so fast.

    On the floor, just inside the door, were the torn remains of a blouse,
    a skirt and a bra. Something was not right with this picture. Mom would
    never, but never, leave her clothing on the floor like that. When she
    undressed, she folded her clothes neatly, ready to wear again, or
    dumped them into the hamper in the master bath.

    And why were they all torn up?

    Bridget walked down the hall and into her Mother's room, her eyes going
    to the door of the master bath, opposite the big king size bed. She
    heard the toilet flush and called, "Mom?"

    Then the biggest man she had ever seen stepped out of the door to the
    bath. He was naked. Bridget stared.

    "Hello baby." the strange man said, and wiggled his hips, his huge,
    hard cock waving at the stunned girl.

    The sound of his voice galvanized the teenager. She spun and made a
    break for the bedroom door, her long blond hair flying out behind her.
    She screamed when a big beefy arm wrapped around her waist and snatched
    her off her feet, tossing her into the air as if she were a baby.

    He caught the girl by the waist and held her so they were face to face,
    noses almost touching, her feet more than a foot off the floor, his huge
    arms hugging her to his broad chest, and his thing between her legs.

    She drew breath for another scream and he said, "None of that, Babe."
    and squeezed her suddenly, her breath whooshing from her lungs. Then
    his mouth was on hers, his lips hard and demanding, and his tongue deep
    in her mouth as his hand pressed the back of her head, not allowing her
    to pull away. His tongue explored her oral cavity as he moved towards
    the bed, the young teen beating his rock-hard shoulders weakly with her
    fists as she struggled to breathe through the long and torrid kiss.

    Then they were on the bed, and she was lying on top of the stranger,
    her lush young breasts crushed to his chest, her face still pinned to
    his by his big hand. She could feel his hard cock, still between her
    legs, as his other hand rubbed up and down her back, from her neck to
    her ripe, rounded ass. Finally, his hand released her head, and she
    lunged back weakly, gasping for air.

    "That's better, darlin'," he drawled, his hands settling on her taut
    asscheeks, squeezing and kneading the firm flesh as he talked. "There's
    just two rules," he said as Bridget gaped at him in shock. "Do what I
    tell you, when I tell you, and we'll get along just fine." A large
    meaty palm cracked against her ass and Bridget shrieked. "Say 'Yes
    sir'." he said.

    Bridget screamed, and his lips were on hers again, his tongue plunging
    into her mouth. He inhaled suddenly, sucking the air from the
    struggling teen's lungs as his hand cracked against her ass. And again.
    And again. The pain was enormous. It felt like her butt was on fire. Her
    head was spinning. Every time she got a little air through her nose, he
    inhaled, and stole it from her straining lungs. She fainted.

    Max felt the girl go limp and released her ass. He ran his hands up her
    sides and pushed her upright, his hands sliding across her ribs and onto
    her mind-blowing tits. Holding her up with one hand squeezing a lush
    breast, he began methodically undressing the unconscious girl, his
    thick fingers undoing the buttons on her blouse with surprising ease.
    In a matter of seconds, he had her out of her blouse, and her bra. He
    could hardly credit what he read on the label of her bra as he stripped
    it off of the still unconscious teen.

    "Jesus!" he muttered to himself. "Eighteen fuckin' years old and she's
    already a 34C!" Then he grinned. "Hope her pussy kept pace with her
    tits!" He unbuttoned the wrap-around skirt and tugged it from beneath
    her taut little ass and it joined the growing pile of clothes on the
    floor. Her panties were standard white cotton, and presented a problem.
    He solved it by taking the waistband at her hip in his hands, and giving
    it a little tug. It parted and he repeated the action at her other hip,
    then the shredded panties joined the pile on the floor.

    He sat the unconscious teen up again, and gazed, almost in awe, at the
    girl's body. She was flawless. She had broad shoulders, and they had to
    be, to support the lush, round breasts that stood out on her chest with
    no sag, crowned with long fat nipples. She had a tiny waist, easily
    spanned by his hands, and a round, ripe little bootie that was as tight
    as a drum. Long lean legs, beautifully formed, dancer's legs, with taut
    thighs, and trim, yet womanly hips, and a tight, flat belly with well
    defined abs under the thin layer of fat that makes all women so soft.
    And the jackpot, a neatly trimmed beaver that literally showcased the
    prettiest pussy he had ever seen.


    She still had not found anything of any use. The cordless phone was
    dead, and the charging cradle was downstairs in the TV room. There was
    nothing sharp on her son's desk that she could see, and the same went
    for his highboy and dresser.

    She forced herself to slow down and think, and then heard the sound she
    had been dreading. The garage door rumbled up its tracks, and before it
    stopped, she heard it reverse, and start back down. Bridget was home.

    She writhed madly against her bonds, pulling against them until her
    tendons creaked, but it was no use. He had tied her too well, she could
    not get loose. She had to make a decision now. She could squirm her way
    off the bed, and hope that Bridget would hear her hit the floor, and
    that the animal lying in wait for daughter would not. But then what?

    There was no possible way that her teenaged daughter would be
    able to fight him off. Or even run from him, for that matter. The man
    was as quick as a snake, and Bridget would have to pass the master
    bedroom to get to her room. Then she would be trapped, with no place to
    run or hide. Falling off the bed was not an option.

    Her blood froze as she heard her daughter shriek. Tears leaked from her
    eyes as she tracked the sounds of Bridget's frantic dash for freedom,
    and her capture. Then silence. Her shoulders heaved as she cried for
    her baby.


    The girl moaned and her eyes fluttered as she began to regain
    consciousness. He allowed her to slump forward again, moving her so
    that her fat young tit landed in his mouth. He sucked on her nipple,
    feeling the tender bud growing erect on his tongue.

    Bridget's eyes drifted open, and the dazed teen tried to make
    sense of what was going on. She was kneeling on her mother's bed,
    hunched over on somebody's head. There was a hand running up and down
    her back, slowly and softly, from the nape of her neck to the crack of
    her ass. There was something enormously soothing about the caress.
    There was something warm and wet doing wonderful things to her right
    nipple, and something else was teasing and tugging lightly on her left
    nipple. They both felt swollen, like they did when she played with them
    in the shower, only more so. And... Yes, her puss was getting wet. It
    always did, when she played with her boobies. All together, it felt
    marvelous to the still woozy girl. She moaned softly and arched her
    back slightly, forcing her right tit deeper into the mouth that was
    teasing her nipple.

    Her eyes popped open. Mouth that was teasing her nipple?

    She lunged upright and gazed in horror at the man she was sitting on.
    His hands settled on her thighs, holding them lightly. Her arms flew to
    her chest, trying in vain to cover her exposed breasts. Then she
    discovered that she wasn't just topless. She was naked! Sitting on a
    naked man!

    Just as she was about to scream, the man hollered. "Don't!" Bridget
    gaped at him, rigid with fear. His hand left her thigh and went to the
    nightstand, and came back with a glass of water. "Drink this, and then
    we'll talk. Do it NOW!"

    Bridget flinched at the tone of command in his voice, took the glass,
    and downed the water, just like she had the milk in the kitchen. The
    drug took effect almost immediately, absorbed through the mucus
    membranes of her mouth and stomach.

    The man took the empty glass and dropped it on the floor, looking into
    her eyes as he did so. Within seconds, her pupils dilated and she
    visibly relaxed, her look of fear fading from her face.

    Max smiled to himself as the little nymph calmed down. He had almost
    beaten that clown from the lab to death before he gave Max the formula
    for the compound that he had spiked the water with. Max called it his
    Never-Fail Spanish Fly. He had used it all over the country, raping
    women and girls where ever he went. The drug made them docile, but more
    importantly, it made them horny. Very horny. And it intensified
    everything. Touch and taste were magnified. Inhibitions were lowered.
    Even the most prim and proper woman would beg him to fuck her, in the
    cunt, the mouth, even in her ass under the influence of the drug. He
    used it himself. That's why he was still as hard as a steel pipe after
    more than an hour in the sack with this kid's mother, and four orgasms.
    This shit made Viagra look like a vitamin pill. And he could hardly wait
    to get his cock in this one. She was the most beautiful girl he had ever
    seen, and he'd seen hundreds.

    Max slid his hands up her thighs, across her belly and up to her
    breasts. He cupped them lightly, as if weighing them, and his thumbs
    and fingers found her still erect nipples.

    Bridget gasped softly and found herself arching her back again, pushing
    her tits into his hands, yearning for his fingers to roll and pinch
    them. 'This can't be happening!' she screamed to herself. 'What the
    hell are you doing? You don't even know this guy! But Oh My God, that
    feels good... '

    Max smiled as he watched the young girl's mind battle against the drug.
    He'd seen it a thousand times before, and they all reacted the same way.
    Their bodies betrayed them first, lusting after the amplified sensations
    provided by his hands and lips and teeth and cock. Then their minds
    folded, and they gave into their basest instincts, and, by and large,
    turned into wildcats in bed. And out of it, for that matter.

    He hadn't used it on Val, though. Every once in a while, he liked them
    to fight. It helped get him in the mood. And he could see, due to his
    vast experience, that Val hadn't been fucked in a long time, and would
    respond, however unwillingly, once he got his cock in her. And, oh
    baby, had she ever!

    Max watched the young girl's losing battle with her own body, and
    smiled again as her eyes closed and she abandoned herself to the
    pleasure his knowing hands were bringing her as he played with her
    incredible rack. He let one hand trail down her taut young belly,
    through the neatly trimmed fuzz covering her cunny, and toy with the
    tight lips of her untested pussy. She tensed a little as his hand
    stroked her cunt lips, then whined and moaned when he found her clit.

    He inserted his forefinger between the lips of her hot little pussy and
    stroked her clit with his thumb as his finger sank into the depths of
    her virgin twat.

    She opened her eyes as his finger penetrated her, and stared down at
    the long, thick finger that was slowly fucking her untried cunt. Her
    pussy heated up rapidly, and within moments, she was wet, her virgin
    juices lubricating his finger. He inserted a second finger, and,
    turning his palm up, searched for the little bundle of nerves deep
    inside her belly known as the G-spot.

    His fingers ran over the hard nodule of nerves, and he abandoned her
    breasts, and pressed his hand on her belly over his fingers that were
    still stroking her G-spot. The effect on the girl was cataclysmic.

    "Oh oh oh oh oh! Stop! Stop! I gotta pee! Please, stop!" she moaned,
    even as her hands found her breasts and started pinching and twisting
    her own nipples.

    "Ride it out, baby!" Max said. "You don't have to pee, that's the start
    of something you're gonna love." His fingers flew over the bundle of
    nerves in the little teen's belly, and suddenly, she was there.

    "Ohh! Ohhhh! Ohh God! Ohhhh God!" she whined. Her crotch and buttocks
    slapped wetly down on him as she bounced helplessly on his knowing
    fingers. Her fat tits jiggled and bounced on her chest, and her head
    lolled from side to side as her attacker's fingers plundered her hot
    little cunny.

    Then her back arched again and she slammed her drooling cunt down over
    Max's working fingers. Her body went rigid and her breathing stopped. A
    massive orgasm rolled through her, starting deep in her pussy, then
    flooded up into her belly and breasts, and to her brain. Her limbs
    twisted and jerked uncontrollably and her senses reeled.

    Max smiled in satisfaction as he watched her spasm on his hand.

    It was time.

    He wrapped his hands around her trim little hips and lifted her into
    the air, took careful aim, and impaled her on his rampantly erect cock,
    stopping as soon as the purple, plum sized head was in her drooling
    cunt. The effect on his teenaged victim was electric.

    Her lush teenaged body snapped taut, bending backwards until her
    shoulders hit his upraised knees, and she let out a strangled scream as
    another orgasm crashed down on her, her tight teenaged pussy
    clamping down on the massive knob of his straining cock, the silky
    walls of her tunnel rippling around his cock head.

    He had never seen anyone cum so hard. He held her in place, her hard,
    gymnast's body still bowed against his knees, and lifted his hips,
    driving another four inches of his huge cock into the madly orgasming
    young girl's belly. Another wave of her truly outrageous orgasm
    engulfed her, and the sensations overwhelmed her. She passed out.

    He looked up from the unbelievable sight of his fat nine inch cock
    buried halfway in the teenager’s tight cunny, and was
    reassured to see her lush, teenaged breasts heaving as the unconscious
    girl gasped for air and her incredibly ripe young body spasmed through
    it's orgasm. He applied some downward pressure to her hips, and as her
    overstuffed cunny clenched and relaxed, his cock inched it's way into
    her, finally bottoming out with his fat cock head pressed against the
    mouth of her womb, just as her hard, round ass settled onto his big
    throbbing cum-filled balls.


    Val pulled herself together through sheer will power. Crying was not
    going to help her daughter now. She channeled her grief into anger, and
    felt a solid ball of rage building in her stomach. That was good; it
    gave her something to hold on to. She searched her son's bedroom again,
    with her eyes, looking everywhere this time, looking for anything she
    could use.


    He was in her cunt, all nine inches of his turgid man meat buried in
    her belly. He could see her cuntlips stretched tautly around the girth
    of his huge cock, but there was no blood. He hadn't hurt her. He began
    to caress the unconscious girl as her orgasm receded, tenderly stroking
    her sweaty sides, playing with her hugely engorged nipples as he waited
    for her to regain consciousness. A few minutes later, she moaned and
    her dazed, bright blue eyes flickered open.

    "Oh my God!" she murmured, "What happened?" Her body relaxed back
    against his knees.

    "Welcome back to the world, Babe." Max said. His hands cupped the full
    mounds of her breasts, fingers teasing her spiked nipples. "You came so
    hard that you fainted." He wasn't surprised that she seemed to have
    accepted her situation. She was fully in the grip of the drug now, and
    would be a willing participant in her own debauchery.

    "I never faint." Bridget said. "Why would I start now?" She arched her
    back, pressing her tits into his hands, enjoying his slow, teasing

    "Maybe, " Max said, "its because I stuck my cock in you just as you
    came. Or hadn't you noticed that there's nine inches of cock in you?"
    He flexed his rigid cock as he spoke. Her eyes flew open, and she
    looked down at her cunny, resting on her rapist's belly. Her hands
    moved down, feeling her tautly stretched cuntlips wrapped around the
    fat shaft of cock that she was impaled on.

    "All of it?" she whispered in disbelief. "I've got all of it in me?"

    "Every fuckin' inch." Max confirmed. He flexed his cock again, reveling
    in the feel of her impossibly tight cunt wrapped around his shaft.

    Bridget's little hands probed and prodded her belly. "Wow!" she
    exclaimed. "I can feel it! I can feel it right through my stomach!"

    "Yeah, I know." Max said. "I watched it go in after you fainted, while
    you were still cumming. It was... amazing."

    Bridget clenched the muscles of her belly, and Max yelped.

    Max's head fell back. "Ease up, will ya?" he said through gritted
    teeth. "It feels like you're gonna pinch it off!"

    Bridget relaxed her muscles and looked at her attacker's strained face.
    "Wow!" she marveled. "Feels pretty good, huh?"

    "I'll say!" Max replied, fighting down the urge to cum. "It feels like
    a hot, velvet vise when you do that. I almost shot off. And I don't
    wanna cum yet."

    "Really?" Bridget giggled. "Why not?" and she clamped down again, then
    quickly eased up.

    "Uhh!" Max grunted.

    "Is there a problem?" Bridget asked innocently, and then did it again.

    "Ooooh..." Max moaned. "You do that again," he gasped, "and I'm gonna
    cum. And if I cum, you're gonna get my cock up your ass!"

    Bridget was immediately contrite. "Ok," she said. "I'll be good." She
    pushed herself up from Max's supporting knees, and slowly laid down on
    him, her swollen breasts hot on his chest as her lips found his. She
    kissed him, a long and passionate kiss that told him better than words
    could how deeply under the influence of the drug she was.

    She ended the kiss and tucked her face into his neck. "Fuck me!"
    Bridget breathed, changing from a merry teen into a needy woman in a
    heartbeat. "Please, fuck me good. Make me cum on your cock. Please?"

    "Do it," Max said. "Start riding my cock, honey. It's already up inside

    She shuddered, then placed her hands on his shoulders and ground her
    hips a little. She drew up, and then settled down, her tight pussy
    squeezing and stroking his cockhead. She eased up, then down again,
    letting his cock press hard against her cervix. She withdrew then
    settled down again. Again and again she rode down his cock until it
    jammed into her cervix. She cried out, and went still, trembling, her
    mouth opening and closing soundlessly. Then she slid slowly up, just a
    bit, before sliding down... down... down. All the way down. Her eyes
    were clenched and her head pulled up and back a bit as her pussy slid
    right down his cock to the hilt.

    Max groaned too, and gripped her ass cheeks as he buried his face in
    her tits. He sucked and chewed on her nipples as he began to grind his
    hips around, and move her around on top of him. His cock was deep in
    her soft, warm belly, and her pussy was squeezing and sucking on it,
    and it was all he could do to keep from blowing his nuts.

    She was as hot as he was, though, and when he caught her eyes again
    they were desperate and feverish with lust.

    "Fuck!" she gasped. "Ohhhh. Ohhhh!"

    He dug his fingers into her taut, round ass and jerked her up, then
    down. He repeated the action, then again, humping his hips upwards the
    third time as she came down. She began to rise on her own, her strong
    young thighs lifting her up his cock as he lay there, fighting, trying
    not to cum. She slid her juicy young snatch halfway up his huge boner,
    and then dropped it down again. Almost immediately she jerked up once
    again, then down, and then was riding his cock for all she was worth,
    sliding that tight, teen pussy over his cock with gleeful grunts and
    groans and sharp, high pitched cries of pleasure.

    He tried to hold back, but once she started riding his massive cock, he
    was helpless. He blasted off inside her like he hadn't come in months,
    maybe years. His steamy jism shot deep into her belly as she whined and
    yelped and bounced up and down on his lap. He bounced her up and down
    with his hands too, and her soft buttocks slapped against his thighs
    each time her cunt gulped down his gigantic cock. He leaned into her
    tits, licking at them as they bounced up and down. Then she clutched
    him hard, mashing her tits around his face as she humped madly on his
    cock. She cried out, a long series of yelping exclamations of pleasure
    that rose in strength, finally reaching a crescendo in a long, drawn
    out cry of ecstasy.

    She trembled violently, and then collapsed into a limp ball of flesh.
    He pushed her back a little, though still hugging her tightly against
    himself. He felt her cunt sucking and spasming around his still hard
    cock, and sighed in pleasure and relief as he hugged her. She laid her
    head over his shoulder, panting for breath, groaning softly. He
    squeezed her hard, round ass, kneading the warm flesh.

    "Get on your hands and knees, Bridget." he ordered, rising to his knees
    in front of her.

    She twisted around and spread her legs, groaning as she let her head
    fall. He stroked her ass and slid a hand between her thighs, cupping
    her pussy mound, squeezing it. He slid his cock into her, and she
    groaned long and low as it drove up into her belly. He groaned and
    twisted his cock around inside her as he ground his hips against her
    ass cheeks. His hands slid up and down her sides, then moved under her
    to cup her lush, hanging breasts.

    He started fucking her slowly, sliding his gigantic cock back and forth
    in her teenage snatch, and slapping his hips lightly into her buttocks.
    He looked down at her wrinkled little anal opening, and a kind of flash
    went off in his head.

    He pressed his finger against it and wriggled it slowly inside.

    "Ooooh. Whaaaa... what a... what are you doing?" she moaned.

    He wriggled his finger into her ass to the knuckle and twisted it
    around inside her, then curled it up against her tailbone and used it
    to jerk her up and down while he fucked her, long-dicking the 13 year

    "Wanna try getting fucked up the ass, Bridget?" Max panted.

    "No!" she gasped.

    "You know how guys stare at this round ass of yours, baby? That's what
    they want to do when they're admiring it. They want to ram their cocks
    up your asshole."

    He grabbed the tube of K-Y from the nightstand, where he had put it
    earlier, pushed it up against her anus and squeezed almost a quarter of
    it onto and into her anus. He pumped his finger up and down in her
    rectum, then pulled it out and slid his cock free of her snatch. He
    grabbed his long, thick cock, pressed it against her greased asshole as
    she groaned and shook her head.

    "Ohhhh! Nooo Ooooh!"

    "You need it, baby," he grunted. "You need a big cock up your asshole!
    Trust me, you're gonna love it."

    He drove his cock into her with a fast thrust, and she cried out, her
    head whipping up and back. He dug his fingers into her hips and pulled
    back a little, then slapped her ass, the sound a loud CRACK in the
    room. She yelped, but as she did, he stuffed his rampantly erect cock
    into her, to the hilt. He felt her hot, tight anus around his big cock
    and groaned in satisfaction.

    "Ohh! Ohhhh! Ohh God! Ooooh God!" she whined.

    "There you go," he sighed.

    "Ohhhh! It's... I feel so... so full!"

    "Full of cock, Bridget. Full of cock! Just like you were made for."

    He pulled back a few inches, and then thrust forward. She gasped and
    lurched forward. He pulled back again, then thrust in sharply, ground
    his hips against her ass and then slapped her ass again.

    "Oww! Yeah! Yeah!" she gasped.

    He slid his huge cock out of her ass tunnel until only the head
    remained, then drove it right back into her. He didn't care if she was
    only a kid. She was a hot assed teen with a woman's body that
    needed fucking, and he was going to give her the fuck she deserved!

    He began fucking her harder, pumping steadily, but with growing speed,
    using the entire length of his 9 inch cock. Soon he was pounding it
    into her, and she was yelping with every hard thrust. He was hammering
    his hips into her small, round ass, and jerking her back to meet every
    thrust, and then, she was cumming, howling as her orgasm thundered
    through her.

    Her head was bouncing up and down wildly, and her tits swung and
    wobbled below her, as he pounded it to her as hard and fast as he
    could, getting off on making her cum. And cum she did, screaming
    through an entire series of orgasms as he reamed her ass out with his
    massive cock.

    He felt his balls swelling, and then picked up the pace even more,
    throwing a flurry of cock-strokes up her asshole as his balls exploded.
    He cried out in elation, burying his cock up her ass, slamming into her
    so she fell forward onto her belly, bucking and writhing as another
    orgasm smashed down on her.

    Max rode her down, his cock still deep in her ass. He continued to
    pump, though slowly now, crushing her to the bed as he shot a hot,
    steaming load inside her. He groaned and slowed even more, until
    finally coming to rest inside her, as she convulsed through yet another
    orgasm, with his cock buried to the hilt in her spasming asshole. He
    rolled slowly onto his left side, taking her with him, hugging her
    against his body as he stroked her belly and breasts, using one hand to
    tease and torture her engorged nipples, the other hand deep between her
    legs, doing the same thing to her turgidly swollen clit.

    She started whining and humping back against him almost at once, and in
    minutes, she came again, her asshole fluttering around his still hard


    She found what she was looking for fifteen minutes later, under the
    bed. It had hurt like hell, falling off the bed, but under the bed, and
    in the closet were the only places she had left to search.

    Her blood ran cold, and she had to fight to keep it together when she
    heard her daughter screaming. She tried not to think about her getting
    fucked with a cock the size of Max's. Her face flamed as she remembered
    her incredibly sluttish behavior with that cock in her belly.


    Max took her hips in his hands again and slowly eased her off his cock.
    Her ass was still so tight that it held onto his cock and made the
    withdrawal almost as difficult as the insertion had been. His glans
    finally popped out of her and the mixture of all her juices and his two
    loads oozed very slowly between her reddened cheeks.

    "You're going to have to take a shower, sweetheart. You can't go around
    all sweaty and sticky and with my jism running down your legs." Max

    "But I wanna do it again!" she protested, standing beside the bed. Max
    rolled to his feet and stood next to her, his cock jutting proudly from
    between his sticky thighs.

    "Well, maybe we can shower together." He said it with such a straight
    face that it took her a moment to get it. Then that glorious smile
    returned and she became coy.

    "Conserve water, too." she nodded. She took his hand and led him
    towards the bathroom.

    Of course, in the process of soaping each other up, the predictable
    happened. She bent at the waist at one point and stuffed his massive
    cock into her mouth. When his cock was shiny with her spit, he lifted
    her. With her arms and legs around him, with his hands cupping her tiny
    ass, he leaned against the tile in the shower, under the spraying water,
    and helped her lever herself up and down on his massively erect cock. It
    was easier getting into her this time, but she was still damned tight.

    As she worked herself on his stiff cock, he rubbed her rectum with a
    fingertip and then prodded it slowly inside. Bridget went a little
    crazy, first protesting that it was too sore, and then growling and
    sinking her teeth into his upper arm.


    Under the bed, she found her son's hockey skates. He took good care of
    his sports equipment, and the edges of these skates were sharp enough
    to shave with. It took her another agonizing ten minutes to wedge them
    securely in place, working with her hands tied behind her, and tied to
    her feet as well, and get turned around to where she could get her tied
    hands on either side of the blade.

    Another five minutes and her hands were finally free. She ripped the
    gag from between her teeth and pulled her wadded up panties from her
    mouth, flinging them to the floor. A few moments later, her legs were
    free. She rolled to her feet, and made her way quietly to the door,
    pressing her ear against it, listening. Nothing. She opened as quietly
    as she could, and stood in the doorway, listening again.


    Max couldn't maintain his position for very long. Leaving the shower
    running, he carried her into the bedroom and laid her back on the bed.
    She lifted her legs high and wide, holding her ankles in her hands and
    opening herself to him. He discovered that the harder he pumped, the
    more she liked it. About 10 minutes of that - and feeling her cunt
    muscles spasm around his big cock as she came - and he was shooting
    inside her again. He managed to collapse beside her on the bed. She had
    the presence of mind to arise, turn off the shower and bring some towels
    to the bed. Max felt her mouth on his huge cock.

    He opened his eyes and saw her watching his face as she tried to
    restore rigidity to her new toy. He also saw her rubbing her drooling
    little cunt and pushing a finger into her pussy. His dick began to
    respond, and she smiled around the growing shaft within her stretching

    She mounted him again, eagerly. "You know," she said, "I don't think I
    can get enough of this cumming and fucking." Her eyes closed in
    satisfaction as she slid down onto his reawakened cock and began


    She could hear them. She could hear the steady chuff, chuff sound that
    expensive bedding makes when it was being fucked on. She could hear her
    daughter moaning; hear the man's grunts as he raped her. She had to get
    past the door to the master suite in order to get downstairs. She was
    just outside the doorway to the master suite when she heard her
    daughter's voice. She sounded ok, but then Val heard the words her
    teenaged daughter was saying; "You know, I don't think I can get enough
    of this cumming and fucking." Val was thunderstruck, thewords hitting her
    like body blows from a boxer. She crept slowly away from the door, tears
    streaming down her cheeks, and started down the stairs, moving slowly and
    carefully. There was a gun downstairs, and a phone. She planned on using
    them both.


    Max didn't think he was going to cum again for about a day or two, no
    matter how good it felt inside her, but after a couple of minutes (and
    about a half-dozen of her orgasms), she said, "Would you please put
    your finger in there again?"

    He moved his hand toward her pussy, and she shook her head. "No - in

    He did as she asked and watched her face as she growled and humped her
    ass onto his finger until his palm was cradling her sweet cheeks. Bridget
    was writhing like a crazed person above him now. To his surprise, he felt
    his balls tightening - and then he was unexpectedly flooding her little cunt
    yet again.

    There was a sharp cry caught in her throat, then the deepest, blackest
    lust he had seen on her face yet. The wetness was amazing. He moved
    back so that he could see his huge cock in her. It was fantastic. He
    slid it in and out, watching it move with ease and slick speed into

    Bridget was bucking and writhing. Hot wet fluid spilled over his cock
    and he leaned over her to make sure that she was able to cum. He had to
    feel that cunt grab his cock before he came again; he just had to feel

    He ran his hands down her legs and slung them over his shoulders. He
    settled his hands on her slim hips and thrust his lower body heavily
    forward, ramming his huge cock into the lust crazed 18-year-old girl,
    to his balls, sheathing it deep in her belly. His plum sized cock head
    prodded her cervix heavily as his hard belly smacked into her swollen
    clit, and with an almost supersonic shriek, the young teen came.

    Her already tight pussy clamped down on his massive cock shaft,
    massaging the awesome length of it as she bucked and writhed under him,
    her breasts swelling as her orgasm thundered through her taut young


    The gun was cold in her fist as she moved silently up the stairs, her
    feet automatically avoiding the squeaky board in the seventh step. She
    could hear them in there, hear that son of a bitch fucking, no, raping
    her teenage daughter. Could hear Bridget's cries as she orgasmed on that bastard's huge cock, could hear him grunting as he pumped his foul seed into Bridget's womb. But not for long...


    Max groaned as his cock was worked over by the lovely young teen's hot,
    wet pussy, but somehow managed to keep from cumming himself. Gripping
    her hips, he started fucking the young girl mercilessly, his heavy
    thrusts making her firm tits bounce and sway on her chest. Her arms lay
    loosely on the bed as he fucked her, her massive orgasm overwhelming her
    and driving her to the edge of unconsciousness.

    As her orgasm receded, the young girl's hands slid down her attacker's
    back and onto his ass cheeks. Her fingers dug into his skin as her lips
    sought his. She was rabid with lust, utterly lost to conscious thought
    beyond the fulfillment of the desperate sexual passions surging
    throughout her body.

    Her tongue shot into Max's mouth to meet his. Their bodies ground
    together furiously. His cock pumped down into her, jammed balls deep.
    He twisted his body, fell aside, and rolled over with her atop him. His
    hands jammed her buttocks down on his cock as he fucked up into his
    thirteen-year-old victim.

    He rolled again, turning over on top of her. His hips slammed down into
    her, sending his cock ripping down the youngster's hot fuck channel.
    Their bodies, sweating in the heat, twisted and rolled together in a
    feverish sexual dance, the sound of their bellies slapping together
    loud in the room.

    Bridget rolled atop him again, pushing herself upright. Her small hands
    lay flat on his powerful chest, and she began bouncing up and down on
    his hugely engorged cock. Her eyes closed and her back arched as she
    convulsed through a blinding orgasm.

    She fell backwards, almost. He raised his legs and her back dropped
    against them, her shoulders and head curving back over the top of his
    knees and her hands dropping back onto the bed.

    His hands slid up and down over the taut skin of her lush ripe breasts,
    and his fingers twisted her hard turgid nipples. He bounced on the bed,
    thrusting his cock up into her, sending her helpless body bouncing and
    flopping atop him, and adding to the force of his fuck-strokes into her
    taut belly.

    His knees pulled back, shoving her forward onto his chest. His hands
    squeezed her hot buttocks again as the girl gasped and whimpered. He
    brought his ass up off the bed, driving his hefty cock into her,
    slicing between her pussy lips and pistoning into her cleft.

    She pushed herself up again, her eyes wide and frantic as Max's cock
    hammered up into her crotch with brutal speed and power. Each stroke
    brought a grunt of pleasure from her trembling lips, and she was there
    again, her orgasm smashing through her lush young body as Max
    power-fucked her. She fell back against his up-raised knees again,
    helpless in the grip of her orgasm.

    His hands tightened around her waist and he jerked the young girl up
    and down on his prick, using her as a full sized fuck-doll, her cunt a
    hot, steamy furnace that gripped and sucked on his cock as he drove up
    into her.

    "Oh God! Oh God! Oh God!" she gasped. Her crotch and buttocks slapped
    wetly down on him as he bounced her helplessly on his raging cock. Her
    fat tits jiggled and bounced on her chest, and her head lolled from
    side to side as his immense cock plundered her hot little cunt.

    Then her back arched again and she slammed her drooling cunt down over
    Max's straining cock. Her body went rigid and her breathing stopped. A
    massive orgasm rolled through her, starting deep in her pussy, then
    flooded like lava up into her belly and breasts, and to her brain. Her
    limbs twisted and jerked uncontrollably and her senses reeled.

    Max howled as her cunt mauled his rigid cock, thrust heavily up into
    her, and froze as his balls convulsed, cumming in her.


    What had that son of a bitch done to her daughter? What power did he
    have that could turn a violent rape into consensual sex? She didn't
    know, but, by all that was holy, she was going to. The safety made a
    satisfying, oily little sound as she thumbed it off. She took the
    weapon in a two handed grip, just like she had been taught in the
    Police Academy all those years ago, drew a deep breath, and went in,
    fast and quiet, her bare feet soundless on the thick pile carpeting.

    Bridget was on top of him, impaled on his cock, her head whipping back
    and forth as her orgasm thundered through her. He was rigidly bowed
    under her daughter, forcing his loathsome cock as deeply into her belly
    as he could get it, his head thrown back, the cords in his neck standing
    out as he rode out his own orgasm. His hands were full of Bridget's
    breasts, kneading them like bread dough as his thumbs strummed her
    turgidly erect nipples. He breathed heavily through his mouth, his eyes
    squeezed shut as he enjoyed the under aged cunt convulsing on his huge

    She drifted silently up behind her daughter.

    The shots were shockingly loud in the confines of the room. But the
    screams of the man were louder.


    The police car skidded to a stop in front of the house in a cloud of
    burning rubber. The two cops piled out of the still rocking car, guns
    drawn as the front door opened. They dropped into firing position just
    as Valerie appeared in the open door, naked as the day she was born,
    guiding her daughter, the girl wrapped in a frilly robe.

    The officers could hear the screams plainly, now that the door was
    open. They sprinted for the house, only slowing long enough to hear Val
    tell them that the rapist was the only one left in the house.


    "How do I list his wounds, Sarge?"

    "Simple, Tommy my lad. Put down that the victim shot the perp three
    times, blowing his cock and balls to hell, and that the daughter, while
    drugged and in shock, flushed the remains down the toilet." He laughed,
    pleased with Val's actions. "That bastard will piss sittin' down for
    the rest of his life."

    The End
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