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    Pam written by The SlutMan

    by The SlutMan

    Larry was outside, sitting on the ground, his legs splayed out in front of him, his back against the side of his car. Behind him, the party raged on. His friend Joe's baby sister Pam was turning eighteen, and her mom had thrown a party for her. But it was past midnight now and all of Pam's friends had gone home, so she was partying with her brother's friends, all of them in their late twenties.

    Just thinking about her made his ball ache. 'She is so God damn sexy.' he thought. 'I'd give my left nut to score with her.' He leaned his head back against the cool metal of the car. 'This fuckin' blows!' He frowned to himself. 'I should just go home.' But he couldn't do that either. He still had too much of a buzz on, from the Rum melon.

    He and Joe had set things up for the party, and he had helped Joe set up the rum soaked watermelon. Larry had taken the cap off of a bottle of 151 Rum and pressed it against the melon, leaving the imprint of the cap on the melon. The he had used a slim knife to carve the small circle through the thick rind of the melon. The last step was the tricky one. They had carefully screwed the melon onto the top of the full bottle of potent rum, and then turned it upside down, so the Rum would drain into the melon. After making sure it wasn't leaking where the bottle screwed into the melon, they had left it over night. The result was some very tasty, and very potent watermelon. Larry had eaten more of the melon than he should have, and had even managed to score some of the juice.

    He would pay the price later, of course, with a pretty good hangover, but right now, he had a nice glow on. He was pissed at himself for screwing up a perfectly good buzz by mooning over Joe's baby sister, but he couldn't stop thinking about her. It wasn't just lust, he knew. He had been there, done that. This was something different. It was an overwhelming urge to possess her, something chemical. They sparked when they were together.

    Which pretty much surprised the hell out of him. He'd known her since she was ten. Back then, she was just Joe's little sister. When she was twelve, she'd had a huge crush on him, and had stuck to him like glue when he'd come over to hang with Joe. He hadn't treated her any differently; they still talked like they had before. Of course, Joe had ribbed him unmercifully about it, but he hadn't minded. It was kinda nice having her around, actually.

    It looked like she had outgrown her crush, though, until the last day or so. Now he wasn't so sure. But it was different this time. She wasn't a skinny little tomboy now. Pam wasn't a beautiful girl, but she wasn't a dog either. She wasn't cute. She was... Pam. Larry thought she was good looking, in her own way. She was short and slender, the top of her head fit comfortably under his chin, which put her height around five feet, give or take an inch or two. Her waist was slim, as were her hips. She had a nice, tight little ass, and teacup sized breasts.

    Her face was average, not beautiful, but she wasn't breaking mirrors with it either. Her eyes were brown; her nose was straight and a hair too big for her face. Her mouth was wide, her teeth straight and white, her chin a little pointed, but still nice looking. Her hair was long, hanging down to the middle of her back and thick and lustrous. But her lips. Oh dear God, her lips. She had Angelina Jolie's lips, and they drove Larry mad. He saw those lips and his imagination ran away with him. He wanted those lips on him. He wanted them on his lips, on his skin, on his cock. He loved her lips.

    She was a good eight years younger than he was, so of course, she did not run with his crowd. When he and Joe had set up the melon, she had hung around with them for a while, talking to them, but she had spent a lot of time looking at Larry and he had done a fair amount of looking too.

    Larry had never run into a situation like this one. He had talked with Pam for about twenty minutes, helping her and Joe decorate for the party, but it was immediately obvious to both Larry and Pam that there was an enormous amount of sexual tension between them, tension that had not been there before.

    Larry looked at her and he became dizzy with his lust for her. And he thought that she felt it too. Her eyelids became too heavy for her to keep them open wide, her head sagging on the slender column of her neck. And her nipples came up, showing plainly right through her bra and blouse. There was a fine misting of sweat on her forehead and her upper lip, and she kept licking her lips.

    Larry had talked to her at the party tonight as well, and her conversation was laden with innuendo and challenging looks. It was all he could do not to take her right there and fuck her brains out in front of everybody. So he had fled. That's why he was sitting behind his car. He was hiding, sort of. Out of sight, out of mind, right?

    "Fuck it!" he said out loud, to himself. He stripped off his denim jacket and rolled it up, using it for a pillow and stretching out on the soft grass beside the car, looking up at the stars. He thought about Pam, and the result was a formidable rise in his Levi's. He closed his eyes and dreamed about what he'd like to do with Pam, and soon fell asleep.

    He awoke when someone nudged his foot. His eyes opened and he squinted at the figure silhouetted against the full moon. It moved and sat down beside him, and he saw that it was Pam. She uncapped two bottles of beer, and handed him one.

    "Here's to me," she said, a smile on her face.

    "To you," he agreed, clinking his bottle against hers. The beer was ice cold and delicious, and it cleared the cobwebs from his head. She set her beer down carefully, produced an enormous joint, and handed it to him. He looked at her, one eyebrow up in question.

    "A birthday present from one of Joe's horny buddies," she said, grinning at him.

    He squinted at her, and decided that they were both buzzed enough. "Wanna save it for later?" he asked. "I don't know about you, but this beer is doing fine for me."

    "You're better than fine," she stated, laying another one of those double meaning phrases on him, again. "But yeah, let's save it." He put it in with his cigarettes.

    "What time is it?" he asked, taking another pull from his beer.

    "Around one, quarter after, something like that."

    "Pretty late."


    "I don't hear anyone."

    "A lot of 'em left. A couple of carloads of 'em went to score more beer about twenty minutes ago. A couple of 'em are passed out." She shrugged. "Where they think they're gonna get beer at this hour, I don't know."

    "Well, I sure as hell don't need any," Larry said. "If I don't get off my ass and move a little, I'll be passed out right here." He got to his feet a little unsteadily and said, "I gotta walk. You coming?"

    "Not yet," she said. She held up her hand and he pulled her to her feet, and she kept moving, right up against him, her breasts against his chest, her belly against his slowly rising cock.

    He looked at her, and slowly bent down and kissed her. She pulled back after a moment and he said in a rusty voice, "I didn't get a chance to do that earlier, so Happy Birthday."

    He turned suddenly, and started walking down the long dirt drive that lead to the paved road to town. Even though the moon was still out, the road was very dark as it wound its way through a long stretch of thick woods to the main road.

    'Stupid!' he berated himself. 'Stupid, chicken-shit fuckin' bastard! I had her right there in my arms and I fuckin' say something that fuckin' lame! Son of a Bitch!'

    She startled the hell out of him when she ran a few steps and caught his arm, holding it and walking with him. "Where you running off to?" she asked, her head down, trying to see the rough dirt road.

    "I gotta walk a little," Larry mumbled. "Burn off a little of that rum."

    "Oh," she said noncommittally, "I thought you were leaving and I can't let you do that."

    "Why? I'm not that drunk."

    "No, but you've got a big joint and I want it."

    His cock lurched at her words and then he remembered the reefer in his pocket. He fumbled for his cigarettes, and she said, "Not now. Later, after we..." She stopped talking as a car swung into the road about a half a mile ahead of them. "Shit!" she exclaimed. She tugged him off the road saying, "Come on! I don't want them to see us!"

    She dragged him a few yards into the woods and pushed him down on his back, then sprawled on top of him. "What the..."

    "Shhh!" she hissed loudly, putting her fingers across his lips. "Be quiet, and don't move!" She spread her lightweight navy blue jacket, trying to cover a much of his white tee shirt as she could, and buried her face in his shoulder, her long, thick hair covering his face. "Don't even fuckin' breath!" she whispered, her breath hot against his ear.

    The car idled slowly down the rough road, and Larry could hear a couple of guys talking, although he couldn't make out the words. He put his hands on Pam's tiny waist, and slid them around her until his arms were under the coat. He could feel her fat little tits against his chest, and his cock started to rise again.

    The car was idling past them when one of the guys in it said, "Shit. Phil, gimme another beer. This fucker's empty."

    "No fuckin' wonder. You been suckin' on it like it was Madonna's tit." He heard the clink of a bottle coming out of a twelve pack and almost screamed as an empty bounced off his arm and into the woods. They lay quietly until the car was out of earshot.

    Pam lifted her head and looked down the road. "They're gone." She combed her hair back with one hand and looked down at Larry.

    "What the hell was that all about?" he asked in a low voice.

    "That was Phil. I don't feel like running away from him all night, so I didn't want them to see us." She made no move to get off him.

    "He been givin' you a hard time?"

    "Not as hard as you will." She got off him with out a word and held out her hands. He took them and stood up, and walked out to the road. She stopped him with a hand on his arm and gave him another one of her challenging stares as she boldly asked, "What was I laying on back there?"

    A battle broke out in Larry's head. His libido said, 'Tell her!' but his brain said, 'Don't answer! Evade the question!'

    He answered, "Why? What difference does it make?"

    She walked up to him, her breasts almost brushing his chest. "How big is it?" she whispered. "I'm curious."

    He held his arm out and said, "Take my wrist in your hand." She wrapped her fingers around his wrist. "Thicker than that."

    She dropped his wrist. "I don't believe it!" she said, her eyes flashing at him. He grabbed her hand and put it on the front of his pants, right over his raging cock. Her face showed an instant of surprise and then closed up as she tried to grope him through the heavy denim. Her hand fell away from him and she said, "I still don't believe it."

    His legs were trembling as he thought, 'Fuck it! I'm going for it!' He looked down into her face. "Take it out," he whispered. They stared at each other for a moment and then her hand was on his zipper. It was incredibly loud in the quiet night as she dragged it down. Her hand burrowed into his pants. He saw her eyes widen as she tried to grab his cock through his tented underwear. "Take it out," he repeated. She looked at him again and he saw the resolve growing in her eyes. She was going to call his bluff.

    She swiftly popped the button on his jeans and pushed the front of his jockey short down, and his cock leaped forth, finally freed from its denim and cotton prison. She gasped as her hand closed on it. She sank to her knees, her face a mask of surprise as she looked at him and then at his cock. She held it as if it was fragile, as if handling it might break it. Her fist slid slowly up and down the meaty shaft, from his heavy balls to the plum sized crown. She just looked at it, for almost a minute as she slowly jerked him off and Larry realized that it wasn't enough. He wanted more from this girl who tantalized and bewitched him so badly, much more than just a hand job.

    "Suck it," he said in a low voice.

    "I can't!" she said, her voice low and furry in her throat. "What if somebody come in or leaves? They'll see us!" Larry's brain reeled as he realized what she had just said. She was willing to blow him! She hadn't said no, she just didn't want to get caught!

    "Suck it!" he said a little more forcefully. He almost collapsed as her head darted forward and her tongue laved the crown of his cock, her breath incredibly hot on it as she started to suck him off, right in the middle of the road.

    And then the second car pulled on to the road from the main drag. Pam scrambled to her feet and bolted for the woods, his cock firmly in her grip. It was a choice, go with her or quite possibly, lose his cock. He went. This time, they crouched behind a fallen tree and her hand never stopped moving on his cock as the car drove by.

    She stood and let go of his cock. "Put it away," she said, and stood there watching as he wedged it back in his pants. She turned and walked to the road, and stopped, waiting for him. She looked at him for a moment as he emerged from the woods and then her lips were on his, her tongue moving slowly into his mouth. She wiggled a little, her belly grinding against his cock. His head spun as she kissed him and he was gasping as she came up for air.

    His legs started to shake. He was nervous as hell and incredibly horny. He couldn't believe what he had said and done to her and with her. It had excited him beyond belief and now there was a tremendous amount of adrenalin in his system, with no way for him to get rid of it.

    She looked at him, concern evident in her face. "What the matter? Why are you shaking like that? Are you ok?"

    "Gimme a minute," he mumbled and took a big pull from his beer, killing it and dropping the bottle. How the hell could he tell her he was shaking because of her? He wanted her so bad his guts were in a knot. He took a step, willing his legs to work properly, and almost fell as his knees wobbled. He literally staggered out into the road and stood in the middle of it, bent over, his hands on his knees, pushing on them to keep them from folding on him.

    Pam followed him and stopped in front of him. "Larry! What's the matter? What's wrong with you?" Her concern was evident in her voice. "I'm gonna go get some help." She turned to run back to the house.

    "No!" Larry hissed. "Wait! I'll be ok in a minute. Just... wait. Please!"

    "Larry, what the hell is the matter? You're scaring me!"

    He hung his head and shook it, then looked up at her. Her face was pinched and she looked frightened. "I'll be ok in a minute. I gotta... I need to calm down a little. Give me a minute, will ya?" He straightened up and took a step, and almost went down. He stopped and gritted his teeth, fiercely willing his legs to stop shaking. He didn't look at Pam. There was no way to tell her the truth, that she was the reason he was shaking, that she aroused him beyond all reason and also scared the hell out of him.

    He'd look like the dork of the century.

    She stepped closer to him and said in a low, no nonsense voice, "Tell me what's wrong. Right now!"

    "Fine!" he said angrily. "You wanna know what's wrong? It's you! All right? Its you!" The anger left him as fast as it had come. "You... scare the shit out of me." he said quietly, not looking at her. "I... I get so... Can't you feel it? Don't you feel the... tension? I look at you and the only thing I can think of is how good we'll be together. I want you so bad it scares me. I've never... I don't know how to handle it. I don't know what to do!"

    Pam took his arm. "Come on. Let's see if you can walk it off," she said gently.

    He let out a shaky laugh. "I'll be lucky if... if I can crawl it off!" She tugged on his arm and they started walking. Larry was trembling from the emotional overload he was under but he managed to keep moving. He felt like a complete jackass. When this got out, he'd never hear the end of it.

    They turned towards the main road, and not the house and walked without speaking, all the way to the end of the drive. She led him across the highway, up a small hill and into a thick corpse of trees which quickly opened up into a pretty little glade bathed in the moonlight. There was a patch of grass, thick and luxurious, in the middle of the clearing with a heavy log in the middle of it. She led him to the log and said, "Sit."

    He collapsed more than sat on the log and looked everywhere but at her. She went across the clearing and into the woods, returning almost immediately with a Styrofoam cooler. She opened it, handed him a beer and took one for herself. He cracked his open and almost drained it, then looked at her. She took his beer and finished it off, dropped the bottle into the cooler, and then sat in his lap and kissed him, her arms going around him, pulling him close as her kiss rapidly grew more passionate. He made a huge effort of will and emptied his mind of everything except for the girl in his arms. He thought of nothing except kissing her, concentrated solely on that and lost himself in their kiss.

    They were both panting heavily as their kiss broke and she groped for the cooler, never taking her eyes off of his. She pulled out a blanket, quickly spread it on the grass and then laid on it. She looked at him and patted the space next to her. He joined her on the blanket and she was in his arms again, lying on top of him and his hands were on her, caressing her as they kissed.

    They necked like that for almost a half an hour, until she was puffing like a steam engine, and his cock was a painful steel bar in his jeans. She sat up on him, her trim little ass on his cock, and took off her jacket, tossing it aside. His hands went to her waist and he took the hem of her tee shirt in his hands, and slowly pulled it off of her. She shook her head and combed her hair back with her fingers, her elbows out to the side, her small breasts glowing in the moonlight, her nipples rigidly erect in the warm summer air.

    He gasped and moaned as he shot off in his pants, just from the sight of her, and the feel of her taut little ass on his cock. She scooted back on his legs and he sat up, dipped his head and sucked a hard nipple into his mouth, teasing it with his lips and teeth and tongue, his arms around her slim waist, pulling her breasts into his mouth.

    She cried out and shivered in his arms and he realized with growing delight that she had cum, she had orgasmed as he sucked her tits. She pushed him back and he released her, and she all but tore his tee shirt off him, her hands going to his chest and feeling his muscles and damp skin for a moment. Then she was working at his zipper again, and popped the button of his waistband. She got to her feet and grabbed the cuffs of his jeans, dragging them off of him. He lifted his ass to help, and made sure that his underwear went with them.

    He hooked a finger in the waistband of her light summer slacks, unbuttoned them with clumsy fingers and moaned as they fell to the ground and she stepped out of them. She swiftly slid her panties down and stepped out of them too. He moaned again, deep in his throat as he stared at her. She stood, bathed in the silver moonlight, her feet spread shoulder width, her hands on her hips, her perfect little breasts thrust out. Her nipples were dark in the soft light, her pubic patch a sooty smudge at the base of her flat belly, between her round, firm thighs.

    Larry thought she was perfect.

    And then she was on him again, her naked breasts burning against his chest as she kissed him, the skin of her ass so soft and smooth in his hands. She kissed her way down his body, her black hair hiding her face so he didn't know where her lips were going to land next.

    He grunted loudly in surprise as her mouth closed over the head of his rampantly erect cock, her tongue digging at the slit. She sucked him for a few minutes, as he gritted his teeth and fought the sensation of her hot mouth on him, trying not to cum. She sat up, his cock slipping out of her mouth with a soft pop, and looked at him, eyes half closed, her face slack with the lust burning in her. She slowly crawled back up his body, dragging her breasts on his skin, his cock passing through the cleavage of her surprisingly ripe tits, and down her body until her could feel the soft, downy hair of her pubis, and the damp lips of her sex on the crown of his cock.

    Her hand went between his legs and he gasped as she wrapped her cool fingers around his cock and swabbed it through her labia a few times, spreading her juices and his precum on it. She sat up straight and he could see as well as feel his blunt cock prying open the tight lips of her drooling cunt as she slowly sank down on it. His hands went to her slim hips and just rested there, he let her take his big cock at her own pace.

    She moaned and trembled as the mouth of her tight little cunt passed the halfway point on his cock, her labia stretched around the thick shaft. She bent her head and watched, and over a minute after she started, her ass landed on him, his fat cock in her, right up to the hilt.

    "Oh, my God!" she sighed, her hands on his chest. She swirled her hips experimentally, and her breath caught as the plum sized head of his cock prodded her cervix. Somehow, his hands were cupping the marvel of her ass cheeks, and as she bent forward, Larry hungrily pulled one of her engorged nipples into his mouth, sucking on it as his cock was buried full length into her hot, juicy snatch.

    "I feel so full," Pam panted, "So God damn full with your cock! Oh, God! It rubs my clit and it's driving me crazy! Oh, fuck, yeah! Umm, uhh!" Her silken ass was moving in his hands, and her hips were dancing and bobbing on him, so Larry just laid there quietly, sucking greedily at her ripe little tits, luxuriating in the slippery clenching of her hot, teenaged pussy.

    The walls of her tight gash contracted on his cock as her juices flowed, hot and wet, and he found himself fucking up at her, found that his own ass was moving from side to side as the bloated head of his cock reamed out her exquisitely tight cunt. She was hot, sweet and horny, and every frantic move of her lush little body sent unbearable pleasure sweeping through Larry's iron hard cock.

    He clutched the firm cheeks of her moving ass, raising her body upwards so her could use the full length of his throbbing cock on her, and she grunted as his cock hammered into her belly and moaned loudly as he tried to suck the lush globe of her firm, satiny breast into his mouth, flicking his tongue back and forth across her hugely engorged nipple.

    She started to move faster, slamming herself down on his straining cock, fucking him hard, and when she strained her cunt against his belly, grinding her clit frantically on his coarse pubic hair, he knew that she was cumming. Her voice rose in a long, breathless wail, and she panted explosively as a mighty, gut wrenching orgasm smashed through her body.

    Larry bellowed and arched his back, driving his cock as deeply in to her convulsing pussy as he could, pulling her onto him as his own orgasm took him, his heavy balls belching his steaming hot cum into the depths of her belly. She stiffened and gasped as his cum flooded her cunt and came again, her eyes squeezed shut and her teeth clenched as the ecstasy of her climax racked her taut, young body. As she shuddered to completion, Pam moaned and sagged, her body falling limply to the side.

    Larry clung to her sweat slicked body and eased her down, his cock still throbbing deep within her spasming cunt. He slid one hand down from her firm ass to her trim thigh and moved her leg across his body, still thrusting his semi-hard cock up into her sodden cunt.

    Her eyelids fluttered and she opened her dazed brown eyes to stare into his. Her full lips were soft and inviting, and Larry kissed her gently as her arms wrapped around his neck and she pulled him close. He could feel her hips begin to gently move, matching his thrusts, and the idea that he could possess this eighteen-year-old girl again put steel in his cock.

    "Ohhh!" she moaned, her lips on his. "Oh, Jesus, you're still fucking me! I can feel you big cock getting hard in me, and I love it! Fuck me, Larry, please, fuck me again!"

    Larry smiled and began to put the wood to her, pumping his once again rigid cock into the tight, slippery sleeve of her eager young cunt, amazed that he had been able to make her have two fierce orgasms. She made him feel like a super stud as she writhed and bucked on his driving cock, breathless words of her pleasure and encouragement pouring from her mouth.

    He stroked her back and she moaned softly. "Roll us over, Larry. I want you to be on top, I want to feel your body on me." He did as she asked, and she wrapped her legs around his hips and her arms around his back. She stretched her head upwards to his neck and kissed it, licking his skin. "Make love to me, Larry," she whispered. He started out slowly, but after a few strokes of his long, thick cock into her hot, wet pussy, she made it abundantly clear as to just how she wanted him. Her heels drummed on his ass, and he picked up his pace, going faster and faster until she stopped spurring him on. "Oh fuck!" she sobbed, "Oh fuck, yeah! Just like that, baby! Fuck me just like that!"

    Larry rode her hard and fast and she matched him, thrust for thrust, her heated cunt swirling and corkscrewing up and down his shaft as he pounded it into her. She quickly reached her third orgasm, her nails digging into his back as she clung to him, her heels beating on his humping ass, screaming into his mouth as he kissed her to muffle her cries of ecstasy. Her body quaked uncontrollably as she came, her stuffed cunt clamping down almost painfully on his raging cock. He focused on the pain from her nails, using it to distract himself from the hot, wet sensations of her pussy powerfully massaging his rampantly erect cock.

    He knew that the alcohol he had consumed earlier that night was in large part responsible for his performance now. Usually, when he was this drunk, it took a long while before he could get it up, and no amount of beating off could make him cum. It was a testament to the sexual magnetism between them, and of his lust for her that he was able to perform at all.

    He kept on fucking her, screwing her right through her orgasm, her diamond hard nipples digging into his chest as he rutted into her writhing body. Her orgasm gradually faded and her arms and legs fell limply away from him as her exhausted body relaxed under him. He stopped his thrusting and held her as she moaned quietly into the side of his neck, her breath hot on his skin as her breathing slowed down. He could not resist her tempting lips, and he kissed her. She groaned happily and her arms came around him again as she languorously kissed him back. He pulled back and looked at her happy face as their kiss ended.

    "Oh God," she sighed, "I could do this all night."

    Larry dipped his head and kissed her throat, and then lightly tongued her ear. "You might have to." he said softly. "I'm still hard."

    Her eyes widened and a smile crossed her face as Larry moved his hips, stirring her cunt with his rigid cock. "Oh goody!" she giggled. Her belly undulated as she worked the powerful muscles of her pussy against his cock.

    "Oh Jesus." Larry sat back on his heels, and pulled Pam to a sitting position. "Get on your hands and knees, honey," he said, stroking his cum slicked cock. "I want you from behind!"

    Pam's eyes widened and she cast a frightened look at his huge cock. "You're not gonna..."

    "Fuck your ass?" Larry finished for her. "No, baby, no. Not now, anyway. That takes a lot of preparation, and it's not really a smart thing to do bareback." His face changed as a thought occurred to him. "Oh Christ!" he breathed, "Are you...

    "Protected?" she asked, smiling at him. "Yes. Mom put me on the pill after I had my first period. She says she's too young to be a Grandma."

    Larry smacked his forehead with his hand. "I can't believe I was so fuckin' dumb! I should'a asked you that quite a while ago."

    She regarded him gravely. "I'm not a dumb little kid anymore, Larry. You wouldn't have got to first base if I didn't intend to go all the way with you."

    "You... planned this?" Larry asked uncertainly.

    "Well, duh!" she grinned. "You don't think your fairy godmother put all this here, do you?" She gestured at the cooler and the blanket.

    "Jesus Christ," Larry muttered, "They shouldn't let me out without a keeper."

    "No," she agreed contentedly, "They shouldn't." She rolled lithely to her hands and knees and then backed into him, giggling softly as he stared at her tight little ass. She looked down her front and between her legs, and grabbed his cock, stroking it and raking it lightly with her nails. "Come on, big boy," she said in a furry voice. "Put that big fucker where it'll do some good." She positioned it against her labia and Larry pushed, watching as it slid in her wet cunt, right up to his balls. They both groaned as it slid home and Larry began to move, slowly pumping his thick cock into the eighteen year old's hot, wet cunt.

    "Oh yeah," she moaned, rocking back and forth on his cock, "That fills me up so good!" She rocked back until he was in her to the root again, and then swirled her ass around, his big cock hitting every part of her weeping little pussy. Larry leaned over and played with her hanging breasts, cupping the small, ripe globes in his hands and milking her rigid nipples with his fingers.

    "Oh fuck!" Larry groaned, straightening up and watching her ass bob and weave in front of him. He gripped her slim hips tightly, and began to ram his cock into her hard, his thighs slapping loudly against the firm cheeks of her butt, his cock prodding her cervix as he slammed it deep into her belly.

    Pam grunted loudly as he hammered her cunt and her arms collapsed as her mind reeled under his assault. "God!" she screamed, "Do it! Do it! Fuck me hard! Fuck meee..." Her voice trailed off as she orgasmed, her entire body convulsing as the unbearable ecstasy washed through her. Larry redoubled his efforts, holding her in place as he fucked her.

    Pam sobbed with pleasure as her orgasm waned and snaked her hand between her legs, roughly playing with her clit, Larry's full balls slapping against her fingers as she diddled herself until she came again. Larry gritted his teeth and fought the rising tide of his own orgasm as her incredibly tight young cunt spasmed all along the length of his cock, the muscular tube milking his cock as he fucked the orgasming girl. Pam wailed as she bucked in the grip of her climax and collapsed, and Larry rode her down, his cock prodding the very mouth of her womb as they hit the ground. Pam gasped and screamed, and came yet again and Larry howled as he climaxed too, his cock jetting what felt like gallons of his thick, hot cream into the bucking girl's madly clenching cunt.

    And then, all to soon, it was over. Pam lay on the blanket, her body twitching as scores of tremors shook her, her hands weakly clawing at the blanket. Larry lay on top of her, his balls aching from the power of his climax, his face tucked into the hollow of her neck. She groaned and he rolled off of her, his cock coming out of her sodden pussy with a wet pop, and pulled her limp body into his arms, flipping the light blanket over their sweating bodies.

    "Oh God," she sighed. "That was soo good."

    "Yeah," he agreed, hugging her and kissing the nape of her neck. "It was." He hugged her tightly again, his front to her back, and let his hands roam to her tits. He played with them for a while, before they both fell asleep.

    His eyes opened, and he stared uncomprehendingly around him before his brain kicked in and he remembered where he was. It was still dark out, and Pam was nestled in his arms, his hard cock between her soft thighs, right up against her labia. He moved his hips a little and heard the eighteen year old girl moan lightly in her sleep as his cock slid over the lips of her cunt. He did it again, and she whined a bit and turned over, her leg going across his hips, her head pillowed on his arm, her face to his. He looked at the girl as she slept, and his heart lurched a little.

    She was so damn... Pam. He smiled a little as that thought crossed his mind. She was truly, uniquely Pam, so unlike any of the other girls he had known. He didn't know where this affair was going to go, but with Pam involved, it was going to be fun to find out. He put the thoughts of his... their future out of his mind. What would be would be. Fretting over it would do no good.

    He reached out and gently tickled her nipple, watching as it slowly erected and firmed up, standing away from her lovely breast in just a few seconds. She sighed and thrust out her chest, still sleeping, he saw, and he obliged her by tickling the other nipple until it too was hard, standing proudly on her plump little tit.

    He slowly lifted the light blanket off of them, until he could see all of her in the moonlight of the warm summer night. Slowly and carefully, he searched the humid split between her legs with his fingers, finding her clit. He gently caressed the tiny nubbin of flesh with the lightest of touches, forcing himself to go slow so he wouldn't wake her. She whined and shifted slightly when he accidentally put too much pressure on her love button, and he stopped immediately, watching as she settled down again.

    He plucked several blades of grass and used them to titillate her clit, smiling as her pussy began to moisten, the moonlight reflecting off the dampness between her tight labial lips. He kept up his teasing of the sleeping girl until she was moaning faintly with every breath, a small frown on her sleeping face.

    He fisted his rock hard cock and rubbed the taut head against her pussy, slowly increasing the pressure until her labia were spread around his cockhead and he could feel the heat of her on his sensitive skin. Her hips began to move, rocking gently against the plum sized head of his cock, and she whined in complaint, breathing harder now, her mouth open. He eased his finger into her mouth and her lips closed on it and she began to suckle on it, her body relaxing once more.

    He gritted his teeth and wished that it were his cock she was sucking on, instead of his finger. He gently flicked his hips forward, and stifled a groan of his own as his cockhead slid between the tight lips of her cunt and into her hot, wet pussy. She gasped, and her eyes opened, blank and unseeing for a moment. He watched as she recognized him, her slow smile lighting up the night around them. He pulled his finger from her mouth and stroked the side of her face with his fingertips.

    "Hello, sleepyhead," he murmured.

    "Hello yourself, you sneaky bastard," she whispered. She thrust her hips towards him and moaned as his cock slid into her, right up to his balls. "Oooh, God! I love the way you feel in me."

    "I love the way I feel in you too," he laughed. She flexed her muscles and he gasped as her cunt clamped down on him. He rolled over her and suddenly she was under him and he was cradled between her legs.

    "Are you trying to tell me something?" he asked, nuzzling her ear.

    "Make love to me, Larry," she said, wrapping her arms around him. She clamped down on him again. "Make me cum with your beautiful cock."

    He propped himself up over her, his hips moving slowly, fucking her with short, slow strokes. "Is this what you want, baby?" he asked, kissing her.

    She moaned into his mouth, her hips moving with his. "Oh yeah!" she gasped. "Just like that, Larry! Just like that!"

    They moved together in the moonlight and she moaned as her hips went into overdrive, pumping on his big cock. She screamed like a shot rabbit as she came, her spasming young cunt locking onto his hammering cock and stopping him dead. He could feel the muscles of her cunt rippling along the entire length of his bloated cock and that pushed him over the edge. He bellowed as he came, thick jets of his jism blasting deep into her belly as he tried to get his big cock all the way into the hot, squeezing pussy that was milking him dry.

    Pam's eyes popped open and then rolled back in her head as she felt his cock swell up and then hose down her womb, and she had the biggest orgasm of the day. Her fine young body snapped taut and bowed upwards, supported on just her head and her heels. The cords of her neck stood out in sharp relief, as did the muscles in her legs and belly, and her body tensed, lifting her lover off the blanket.

    Larry's cock felt like it was in a velvet meat grinder and his balls pulled up against his body as they pulsed what felt like a gallon of his hot, sticky sperm deep into the belly of his lover. Her cunt never stopped grabbing and squeezing his cock and as a result, he came harder with her than he had with any woman, ever.

    Pam's body collapsed as her orgasm peaked, and Larry's weight drove his still spewing cock to the hilt in her spasming cunt. Larry's ass rose and fell like a pile driver as he fucked the orgasming young woman through his own orgasm. Sweat poured off his face as he came back to Earth, Pam's hot, wet pussy still grabbing and squeezing his slowly fading erection.

    Larry leaned down and kissed the exhausted girl, his tongue exploring her teeth and gums, then wrapped her in his arms and held her, wishing the night would never end.

    The End

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