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    (Luigi) Teen Brainwashed

    Date: Thu, 27 Feb 2003 21:30:33 EST
    From: Luigi
    Subject: Teen Brainwasher - Part 1

    Jeanne was never cool. Even though she was pretty hot,
    with her good-sized breasts, nice curves, curly blonde hair
    and pretty face, her conservative dress and thick glasses,
    as well as her roe as "teacher's pet", always made her the
    loser in class.

    One day, after math, Kathy, a tall, blond girl with
    large breasts who dated the captain of the football team
    and wore Abercrombie clothes, walked up to her.

    "Hey, Jeanne", she said.

    Jeanne was suspicious, but also shy. "Oh, hi, Kathy,
    what's up?"

    "I'm having a party this weekend, do you want to


    "Yeah, I'm only inviting a few close friends, so do
    you want to come?"

    "Oh, sure...OK..."

    "OK, come at seven, on Friday."

    Jeanne still wasn't sure what was up, but she still
    decided to go on Friday. When she got there, Kathy answered
    the door, wearing tight blue jeans.

    "Hey, Jeanne, come on in!"


    Jeanne came in cautiously.

    "Want a beer?"

    "No, I don't drink..."

    "C'mon, just one..."


    Another girl, Sandy, a fiery redhead, came over.

    "Hey, Jeanne!", she said.

    "Hi, Sandy.", said Jeanne. She was already feeling
    like she fit in.

    Kathy handed Jeanne a beer, which she began to drink.
    She never had drank before, so she was feeling a bit woozy
    as she walked into the TV room.

    There were more girls in there.

    "Where are all the guys?", Jeanne asked?

    "It's just us girls, I didn't know you we're so horny,
    Jeanne!", said Sandy.

    Jeanne smiled sheepishly, and went to talk.

    Jeanne ended up loving the evening. She got drunk for
    the first time, and all the girls treated her like they had
    been best friends forever. All her suspicion and shyness
    vanished, as all the girls shared close secrets about boys
    and their childhood. At about 1:00, Jeanne went home,
    mostly sober. Sandy and Kathy talked after she left.

    "It seems our plan is working perfectly, eh?", said

    "Yup, now it's only a matter of time", said Kathy.

    To be continued...

    Date: Sun, 2 Mar 2003 11:48:39 EST
    From: LUIGI
    Subject: Teen Brainwashed - Part Two

    After about a month, Jeanne felt like she had been best friends
    with the "cool" girls for her whole life. She had partied with them,
    slept-over with them, and had basically spent all her free time with
    them. She finally felt as though she fit in somewhere.

    One day, she got a call from Kathy, telling her to come over, and
    that Sandy would be coming over, as well. She went over, and Kathy
    answered, wearing a tight tube-top shirt and a short skirt.

    "Hey, Jeanne", said Kathy.

    "Hey, Kathy!", said Jeanne. She walked in.

    "Want a beer?", said Kathy.

    "Sure", said Jeanne. She was becoming something of a drinker now,
    she had spent so much time with Kathy and the girls.

    Kathy, before she went into the kitchen, went into the TV room, and
    checked the VCR, and the digital camera, which was set up in an
    easily-looked-over spot. She also checked a tape player. Then, she went
    into the kitchen.

    But she didn't mix a beer. She also put a few other things in
    it. She mixed it up, then came back to Jeanne, who was still standing where
    Kathy left her.

    "Here, have this", said Kathy.

    "Thanks", said Jeanne, and began to drink. Kathy smiled, and took
    Jeanne into the TV room.

    Already, Jeanne was getting wobbly, and had a glazed look. Also,
    Kathy noticed that Jeanne's nipples were hardening, you could see it
    through her blouse.

    This is exactly what Kathy wanted. She had slipped Jeanne two
    things. One was Viagra, which works just as well with girls as it does
    guys, and now Jeanne was super-horny. The other was sort of a brainwashing
    drug ^ it made whoever took it very vulnerable to suggestions and
    ideas, and could make people do things they wouldn't ordinarily do. Kathy
    smiled as Jeanne sat down on the couch.

    "Wanna watch a movie?", asked Kathy.

    "What...yeah, sure...", said Jeanne. She was already under the
    influence of the drugs, this was perfect.

    Kathy turned on the TV, and then turned on the VCR. The movie was a
    lesbian porno. In it, two really hot girls were eating each other out.

    "Oh, wow, isn't that hot?", said Kathy.

    "I dunno...maybe...", said Jeanne.

    "C'mon, don't you think chicks are hot? I do.", lied Kathy.


    "Oh, yeah. Sometimes, even if you're straight, you just have to get
    some pussy sometimes. Me and Sandy do it once in a while.", lied Kathy.

    "Really...?", asked Jeanne, who was totally unaware of the drugs
    in her system.

    "Oh, yeah. Have you ever done this kind of stuff, Jeanne?"

    "No, never...", said Jeanne, who was completely under Kathy's
    influence by now.

    "Maybe you should try it..."

    Just then, a really hot girl fingering herself came up on the
    video. She started with one finger, then another. She even put one in her
    ass. After a while, she came, and then liked all the pussy juice of her

    "You ever eat your pussy juice, Jeanne?", asked Kathy.

    "No...", said Jeanne.

    "Oh, you have to, it's the best thing in the world", lied Kathy.

    "Really?", asked Jeanne.

    "Oh, yeah, it's the best. You should try it.", said Kathy.

    "Oh, yeah, definitely.", said Jeanne. She was now totally convinced
    that she wanted to eat pussy juice.

    "Hey, maybe you could do it now.", said Kathy.

    "Really?", said Jeanne?

    "Oh, yeah, aren't you horny?", said Kathy.

    "Yeah, definitely...", said Jeanne.

    "So get yourself off now", said Kathy.

    "Ok, sure...", said Jeanne.

    "I'll help", said Kathy. She go up, and helped Jeanne take off her
    skirt and panties. Jeanne was unshaven, with a big tuft of hair around her
    pussy, and she was really wet. Kathy then rewound the video to the
    beginning of the masturbation scene.

    "Go ahead, Jeanne.", said Kathy.

    Immediately, Jeanne began rubbing her clit. She then did it with
    one finger in her pussy. Kathy leaned over to her, snuggled against her,
    and began encouraging her.

    "Oh, yeah, Jeanne. Look at how hot she is, with her smooth skin,
    and big, full tits, and look at how much she likes pussy, just like you, I
    bet it makes you so hot.", said Kathy. Jeanne moaned with pleasure as she
    fingered herself. Kathy continued to reassure Jeanne of how hot chicks
    were, and how much she liked pussy.

    After a while, Kathy said, "Maybe, you should put a finger in your
    ass, and see how that feels".

    Jeanne said nothing, but immediately put a finger in her ass. She
    moaned louder as she came closer and closer to orgasm. This made Kathy
    really horny, but she knew she would get hers soon, so she didn't do

    Finally, Kathy said, "You want to come, don't you? Come all over

    Immediately, Jeanne squealed and had a huge orgasm. It was so
    strong she could barely control herself.

    "Now lick all the juice off your fingers, you know you want
    to...", said Kathy. Jeanne put her fingers in her mouth and began
    greedily licking all the girl-juice off her fingers.

    "Very good, Jeanne. Now, don't you love, pussy?", asked Kathy?

    "Oh, yeah, pussy is great...", mumbled Jeanne.

    "You should go to sleep now, Jeanne", said Kathy.

    "Yeah, sleep...", said Jeanne, who then passed out on the couch,
    still with a finger in her mouth, and no pants.

    Kathy then checked the camera, which caught everything, and then
    got the tape recorder and had it play a looped message to Jeanne. The
    message said that Jeanne was a lesbo fag, that she loved pussy, that she
    hated cock but she needed tits and pussy, especially Kathy and Sandy's, and
    also that she wanted to shave her pussy and wear tight, revealing clothes
    from now on. Basically, it told Jeanne that she was a lesbo bitch.

    Kathy smiled as the half-naked Jeanne listened to to the
    tape. Jeanne was all but hers.

    To be continued...

    Date: Wed, 5 Mar 2003 16:52:56 EST
    From: LUIGI
    Subject: Teen Brainwashed - Part 3

    When Jeanne woke up, Kathy was there and ready.

    "Here, drink this", Kathy said, handing her a beer filled with

    Jeanne dutifully drank it. She was now even further under Kathy's

    "Wanna watch a movie again?", asked Kathy?

    "Sure, yeah...", said Jeanne, who didn't even realize she was
    wearing anything below her waist.

    Kathy turned on the VCR, and it was a video of a hot girl eating
    another hot girl's pussy. Both of them were totally shaved. Kathy looked at
    Jeanne, and could see that Jeanne was horny.

    "Does this turn you on, Jeanne?", asked Kathy.

    "I guess, maybe...", said Jeanne, unsure.

    "This is so hot, right Jeanne?", asked Kathy.

    "Yeah, hot...", said Jeanne.

    Kathy smiled. "That just means you're a lesbo, Jeanne", said Kathy.

    "Ok...", said Jeanne, totally horny and drugged out.

    "Look at their pussies, with no hair. Isn't a shaved pussy so
    hot?", said Kathy.

    "Yeah, hot...", said Jeanne.

    "You should shave your pussy, Jeanne. You're a lesbo, and all
    lesbos shave their pussies", said Kathy.

    "I dunno...", said Jeanne.

    Kathy reached and touched Jeanne's pussy. "C'mon, it would be so
    hot, Jeanne", said Kathy.

    "Yeah, sure...", said Jeanne.
    "Here, I'll help", said Kathy. She helped Jeanne to go to the
    bathroom. She gave Jeanne a razor, and Jeanne began to shave her
    pussy. With a little help, she was soon totally hairless.

    "Good", said Kathy. "Now, let's go watch some more movies". Jeanne
    nodded, and Kathy helped her back into the TV room. There, Jeanne sat down,
    and Kathy watched her as she her hand slowly moved towards her now-shaved
    pussy as she watched the two lesbos eat each other out. It was time. Kathy
    sat close to Jeanne.

    "Hey, Jeanne, you're a lesbo, right?", asked Kathy.

    "Yeah...", said Jeanne.

    "So, if you're a lesbo, that means you have to eat pussy, like
    them", said Kathy.

    "I guess...", said Jeanne. Kathy was getting horny herself. This
    was the important part.

    "Do you want to eat my pussy, Jeanne?", asked Kathy.

    "I dunno...I'm not sure...", said Jeanne.

    "C'mon. Doesn't that make you hot, Jeanne?", asked Kathy, pointing
    to the TV.

    "Yeah...", said Jeanne.

    "And didn't you like the taste of your own pussy?", asked Jeanne.

    "Yeah...", said Jeanne.

    "Exactly. Since you're a lesbo, and you like pussy, you should love
    eating my pussy, right?", asked Kathy.

    "I guess...", said Jeanne. She was almost totally convinced that
    she was a lesbo who loved pussy more than anything. Kathy knew she had her.

    "How's this -- you can start by licking my tits, which all lesbos
    love, and then you can eat my pussy?", said Kathy.

    "Sure", said Jeanne.

    "Great!", said Kathy. "But first, we need to be totally
    naked". Kathy helped Jeanne take off her shirt, and admired her well-shaped
    tits. Then, Kathy slowly peeled off her tight top, exposing her large, full
    tits to Jeanne. She leaned forward, and, without even being told Jeanne
    began to fondle them, then took one into her mouth. Kathy moaned with
    pleasure as Jeanne worked her tongue over her hard nipples.

    After a while, Kathy pulled back. "Now it's time to eat my pussy",
    she said. Kathy unbuttoned her jeans, and she wasn't wearing her panties,
    exposing her pussy to Jeanne.

    "Is this the first pussy you've ever seen, Jeanne?", asked Kathy.

    "Yeah...", said Jeanne.

    "Well, touch it, see how you like it", said Kathy as she laid back
    on the couch.

    Jeanne reached forward and stroked Kathy's pussy. After a second,
    she put a finger in it. Kathy moaned.

    "Do you like it?", asked Kathy.

    "Yeah", said Jeanne.

    "Then go ahead. Eat it, like a good lesbo", said Kathy.

    Jeanne leaned down and touched Kathy's pussy with her tounge. Then,
    she began licking it. Kathy leaned back, and began to touch her
    nipples. Jeanne was hungrily eating Kathy's pussy like an expert, and Kathy
    was loving it.

    "Oh, yeah, lesbo, eat it all...", said Kathy. Jeanne moaned
    herself. Jeanne had never been hornier, and the drugs and brainwashing made
    her feel that this was right, that her role in life was a lesbo bitch, and
    eating pussy was good.

    Kathy moaned. She was close. "Oh, yeah..."

    Suddenly, she came, filling Jeanne's mouth with her juices. Jeanne
    hungrily lapped it all up. After a few seconds, Kathy got up.

    "Good job, lesbo.", said Kathy. "You should go to sleep now."
    Jeanne immediately laid down on the couch and fell asleep, naked, covered
    with pussy juice.

    Kathy smiled. She put another tape on Jeanne, this one making sure
    that Jeanne knew that she was a big pussy-eating lesbo, and that she would
    do whatever Kathy and Sandy said, and would only come when told. Kathy had
    her bitch. There was only one step left...

    To be continued...

    Date: Mon, 2 Jun 2003 21:12:06 EDT
    From: LUIGI
    Subject: Teen Brainwashed -- Part 4

    When Jeanne woke up, as usual, Kathy immediately gave her more
    drugs and beer. At this point, though, she probably didn't need to --
    Jeanne was already her lesbo bitch, but Kathy had to make sure.

    Once Kathy had given Jeanne the drugs, she began to snuggle up
    close to her on the couch. Both of them were totally naked, and Jeanne
    immediately became really horny.

    "Hey, lesbo?", said Kathy.

    "Yeah?", said Jeanne.

    "You ever take it in the butt?", asked Kathy.

    "No", said Jeanne.

    "You should, you'd really like it", said Kathy.

    "Really...", said Jeanne, totally drugged out.

    "Oh yeah, all lesbos love it in the butt", said Kathy.

    "OK...", said Jeanne.

    "I'll fuck your butt, if you want me too", said Kathy.

    "OK...", said Jeanne, who was now sure that she wanted it in the

    Kathy got up and walked out, and came back in with a double-ended

    "Whoa...", said Jeanne.

    "Have you ever seen one of these before?", asked Kathy?

    "No...", said Jeanne.

    "Oh yeah, it's so totally hot to take this in your butt, I know
    you'll love it.", said Kathy.

    "Yeah, hot...", said Jeanne.

    Kathy walked over next to Jeanne.

    "First, it needs to be lubed", said Kathy. She handed Jeanne the
    dildo, along with some lube, and Jeanne dutifully lubed it up.

    "OK, now, put it up to your hole", said Kathy. Jeanne did.

    "Now, put it in", said Kathy. Jeanne put it in, and moaned with a
    mix of pain and pleasure. After a second, she began to push it in more.

    "Isn't it hot?", asked Kathy.

    "Oh, yeah, it feels so good...", said Jeanne, who had now put four
    inches into her ass. The video camera was catching all of this, of
    course. Kathy thought about how, just a few hours ago, Jeanne was a prude,
    prissy smart girl, and now she was pushing a dildo up her ass. It made her
    really hot.

    "Now, I have to fuck you", said Kathy. Kathy got up, and stood in
    front of Jeanne. She took the other end of the dildo and put it into her
    pussy. She let it sink in, and then she began to fuck Jeanne.

    "Oh, yeah", said Kathy. She could feel Jeanne's tight asshole
    pushing back against her pussy. She began to fuck harder.

    Jeanne couldn't believe how hot she was. All she knew was that she
    was a lesbo bitch taking it in the ass, and it felt so good. She moaned
    hard as the dildo rammed further and further up her deflowered ass.

    "Oh, yeah, take it in the butt, Jeanne", said Kathy, as she rammed
    Jeanne. "Beg for it."

    Jeanne complied. "Oh, yeah, Kathy, assfuck me!", cried Jeanne.

    Kathy leaned in. "How do you like it, bitch?"

    Jeanne said, "In the butt."

    Kathy said, "Louder, bitch!"

    Jeanne screamed, "In the butt!"

    Kathy screamed, "FUCK YEAH!", as she had a huge orgasm. As she
    came, Jeanne got so hot from he butt sex, and the brainwashing into loving
    pussy and hot chicks that she had a huge orgasm, too.

    Kathy pulled away, and looked at Jeanne. She, who had been the
    smart, prude, teacher's pet that morning was now a lesbo slut, with a big
    dildo still sticking out of her ass.

    A weird urge came over Kathy. She leaned in and kissed Jeanne on
    the lips, lightly, and then whispered, "Sleep." Jeanne was so under her
    control that she immediately fell asleep, the dildo still six inches in her
    shit hole.

    Kathy sat down, still naked, on the couch, and cracked a
    beer. Sandy was going to be back any minute...

    To be continued...

    Date: Sat, 16 Aug 2003 21:03:54 EDT
    From: LUIGI
    Subject: Teen Brainwahsed - Part 5

    When Sandy got home, Kathy had a T-Shirt and boxers on.

    "Did it work?", Sandy asked.

    "Just look there", said Kathy, pointing to the couch where Jeanne
    was asleep naked with a dildo still well up her ass.

    "Holy shit, that's better than I expected!", said Sandy.

    "Check it out", said Kathy, fiddling with the camera. They both
    watched Jeanne's quick transformation from prude schoolgirl to lesbian
    slave-slut. Both girls got horny just watching it again.

    "Oh, wow, that's so good!", said Sandy after the video. "I can't
    wait to show all the other girls our new carpet-munching bitch!"

    Sandy got up, and stood over Jeanne.

    "I'm so horny. I think I'll give her a test drive.", said Sandy.

    Sandy leaned into Jeanne, and whispered "Wake up."

    Jeanne immediately woke up. Kathy had another cocktail ready for
    her, this one especially spiked with Viagra, to make their ho extra-horny.

    After Jeanne drank it, Sandy looked her slave over and
    smiled. "Take that dildo out of your ass, bitch."

    Jeanne said nothing, but simply removed the dildo with a "pop".

    Sandy wanted to see the limits of her control over Jeanne. "Clean
    it with your mouth", she said.

    Jeanne dutifully complied, taking the dildo, which had been over
    six inches into her ass, and sucking and licking it clean. Sandy got hot
    just watching her, and knowing that she had total control over Jeanne.

    "Are you a virgin, Jeanne?", Sandy asked?

    Jeanne stopped licking the dirty dildo long enough to say, "Yes".

    Sandy was loving every moment of this. "Do you want to lose your
    virginity, you dirty lesbo slut?"

    Jeanne said "Yes", again, and her pussy began to get wet, and Sandy
    saw her nipples harden.

    Without saying anything, Sandy left the room. Kathy, who was
    getting hornier and hornier, began thinking of her boyfriend, Jack. Even
    though he had seven inches, she hadn't let him go all the way, yet, instead
    satisfying him with her mouth. She loved teasing guys a bit before letting
    them fuck her.

    Sandy came back, and this time, she was holding a strap-on dildo.

    "Time to get your cherry popped, fag bitch", Sandy purred as she
    peeled her tight jeans from around her curvaceous ass. Jeanne's cunt
    watered in anticipation, her old, studious self totally lost to the drugs
    and the hypnosis. She had not only become a lesbian, but a total
    subservient slave. She barely even knew her own name, now -- only that
    she desired hot, hard sex with Kathy and Sandy. Her virginity, which she
    once planned to save for her husband, she was now prepared to lose to a
    high-school senior with a strap-on, and she loved it. She was such a
    brainwashed slave, she couldn't even contemplate not serving her mistress'
    every sexual need.

    Sandy took off her pants, revealing her carefully trimmed bush,
    which shared the fiery red color of her hair. Sandy strapped on the dildo,
    and Jeanne, anticipating, spread her legs.

    "Oh, no you don't", said Sandy. "Your going to lose your virginity
    like the dirty slut you are. Now, get on all fours."

    Jeanne turned over, and bent over, and Sandy, with her shirt still
    on, approached her, stroking the large and thick plastic cock between her
    smooth legs.

    To be continued...

    (Deathnote: Darn... too bad the author hasn't updated this in three years. >_>)
    "It's never a crime just to exist!!!" - Franky from One Piece.
    "Furi Kuri" ^_^

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    really hot read. i wish she completed it though. it was right at the good part

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    great next

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    nice story

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    good find

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    thanks good story

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    ok a bit stupid



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