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    My Lactating Sister-In-Law

    Until last week I would refer to my sister-in-law Emily as "that slut". she dressed
    like a slut, talked like a slut, and as far as I knew, fucked like a slut. I don't
    call her "slut" anymore. Not since she started breast feeding me.

    I always resented my older brother Allen for marrying her, out of all the nice
    girls he used to bring around. Emily seemed spoiled rotten. She was extremely hot
    and she knew it.

    Her big natural mams got her special treatment everywhere she went. Even when she
    was out with Al, she would flirt with the waiter to get better service and stuff like
    that. She always wore low-necked blouses or halters to make sure everyone noticed,
    and they did. Her tits drew the attention of both men and women. They were
    absolutely perfect c-cups, full and meaty, with nipples that seemed always erect.
    I've seen bigger tits but none more alluring than Emily's.

    I was only 14 when they started dating - I'm 31 now. Emily would tease me all the
    time about my being in puberty. She often would bend over to give me a peek at
    her breasts; then say, "oh, look. Timmy has a cute little hard-on !". And, of
    course, I would have a stiff dick. Her tits did more than excite me - they en-
    tranced me.

    She was in her early 20's then, and she knew how to embarrass me. Her tits obsessed
    me and I'm sure she knew it. Whenever I stared at them, which was often, she would
    pretend not to be noticing, then give me a quick look and a wink. Then she'd look
    down at my crotch which was always bulging while she was around. She'd smile and say,
    "tsk tsk tsk, what should we do about that ?". I hated her, but still I wanted her
    so bad that it ached.

    She'd make jokes like "I think someone needs to go into the bathroom and play with his
    little squirter pistol". She must have known that I jerked-off day and night while
    fantasizing about her.

    Emily and my brother dated for a few years and eventually married. I was blind with
    anger when they made the announcement. Partly because I didn't think Emily deserved
    my brother, and partly because it was my secret wish that one day I'd be able to do
    more than just dream about those beautiful tits.

    At the wedding, and afterwards, Emily continued to embarrass me every chance she got.
    As I grew into my late teens and 20's, she started to lay-off the teasing. It must
    have seemed inappropriate, even to her, to flaunt her breasts to a young man who is
    also her brother-in-law. but the truth is, I never stopped fantasizing about her
    lovely tits. I still jerked off almost every day while inventing fantasies about them.

    Over the years I even built a collection of photographs and videos showing Emily
    in various poses and moves that accentuated her chestly endowments. She was clothed,
    of course, in all the pictures. I'd never actually seen her bare til last week.

    It was saturday afternoon. My brother had to go to work and Emily phoned me. "Could
    you do me a big favor", she asked, "I need some laundry detergent but I can't get to
    the store - Al has my car and his is in the shop".

    I agreed to get her soap and bring it right over. I never turned down a chance to get
    a glimpse of Emily. My masturbation sessions were more intense after having seen her
    recently. I never believed that I would soon be living my most outrageous fantasies.

    When I got to her house she was wearing a yellow Bebe sweat-shirt and jeans. the sweat-
    shirt zippered up the front and she wore it daringly low - almost to her nipples. For
    the first few minutes of my visit I was trying to think of an excuse to take her pict-
    ure, thinking it would make great jag-off material for later.

    eventually, she led me into the living room. She sat on the couch and patted on the
    cushion for me to sit down right next to her. I complied. "I've got some big news",
    she said, "I'm pregnant - isn't that great. You're the first to know besides Al, but
    please don't let him know I told you. He wants to be there for the big surprise".

    "Wow, that is great news", I said. But, the fact was I didn't know what to think. She
    went rambling on for a few minutes about how happy and excited she was. She told me
    she was in her 5th month. "you're kidding !", I said, "I can't believe I never not-
    iced". But, thinking back, I realized she had been wearing baggy clothes in the past
    few months. Even sitting right next to her, it wasn't obvious that her belly was swol-
    len beneath her sweat-shirt.

    Then she did something that nearly knocked me off the couch. She said, "what do you
    think of this", and she pressed her palms against her breasts, pushed down, and ran her
    hands down to her stomach. A small damp spot miraculously appeared over each nipple.
    "I'm already starting to lactate", she said. "And Al is furious about it - like its my
    fault or something - Ha !"

    I was in a trance. The news of the baby coming didn't surprise me much, but seeing her
    engorged nipples sticking out through damp yellow cotton, I nearly fainted. "Al thinks
    its disgusting. Can you believe that ? I asked him to try a taste, rather than waste
    it, but he said no-way." I was still dumb-struck. "you don't think its disgusting, do
    you Timmy ?"

    She hadn't called me 'Timmy' in 10 years - its always been just 'Tim'. I was back in
    high-school. She was teasing me with her breasts. I was getting a Godzilla-sized
    erection. The past was now the present which made the present, uh, something else. I
    couldn't even think straight much less say anything.

    "Timmy," she said, "are you hungry ?". I barely nodded yes while gaping at those now
    delectable tits. Slowly, she unzipped her sweat-shirt down to her belly button, then
    parted the left side to reveal the nipple there. The beauty of her naked breast brought
    a tear to my eye. To think, after all these years, All those hours of masturbation, I
    was finally seeing what I've wanted so achingly for so many years.

    She smiled like the Mona Lisa as she cupped her left breast with one hand, and my chin
    with the other. She gently and lovingly directed my lips to the juicy nipple til it
    was fully in my mouth. then she said, "there, there Timmy. Suck now like a good little

    Oh yes, I sucked. The feel of her enlarged and hard nipple on my lips and tongue
    would have been great by itself. But when her hot milk began to spray into my mouth
    I knew the meaning of ecstasy.

    I began thinking how perfect it would be to start stroking myself right there while I
    sucked milk from her. Unconsciously my hand wandered down to my crotch and started
    rubbing. She quickly pushed my hand away and said, "nice little boys don't jerk-off,
    Timmy". I was mortified, but just for a second. She then undid my pants and pulled
    them down to my knees. She began stroking my cock so soft and slow it was like an angel
    was giving me a hand-job.

    Looking down briefly, I noticed why the stroking felt so incredibly soft. She was
    squeezing milk from her right nipple and rubbing it on the head of my dick and all over
    the shaft. My cock was throbbing like never before in my life. Desperately, I fought
    back against the urge to cum, not wanting this rapture to end.

    But, cum I eventually did. My cock started jerking in her hand like a mechanical bull.
    The first shot of jism flew up and landed on her bare shoulder. The second shot hit
    her belly. The flow kept coming until her hand, my dick and my entire crotch was soaked
    with hot, gooey juice.

    My head fell back into her lap and I let a deep sigh. This was heaven indeed. Smiling,
    she ran her fingers through my hair with her left hand while sucking each cum-coated
    finger of her right. "I've always wanted to do that, Tim". (she went back to using my
    adult name) "Every time you jerked off to my tits, I was right there with you. Your
    brother was never much of a tit man, but you clearly knew how to appreciate my boobs".

    "Can we ever do this again ?", I asked.

    "Are you kidding ?", she exclaimed, "didn't you notice ? I came 3 times while you were
    sucking on me ! You can have as much tit as you can handle from now on."

    Life is good.

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    :wave: Welcome to SSP, thanks for jumping right in and sharing your hot tale with us :)
    Don't worry... it only seems kinky the first time ;)


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    mmm i want some milk

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    Yummy. Sounds like fun.

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    great story!!

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    Love this one nice story!

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    definitely going to refer this one to Husband and Brianna.
    Thank-You for writing it!! It's really quite good!

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    great story

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    have to say i loved it since i love big tits and breastfeeding was so hot



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