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    Amalia Flowers - The Hospital - Chapter Eight

    Amalia Flowers At The Hospital

    I got this strange email from Amalia Flowers it appears she had to go into the hospital. I was shocked. I had just seen her a month ago at the comedy club. I was wondering what could have happened. I knew she had several personal problems and she might have been admitted for some mental health issues. Something about her spooked me and now maybe she went over the deep edge.

    I emailed back to her and she informed me it was some minor surgery for an appendix. I asked if I could send her some flowers so she told me her real name and the hospital she was in.

    After a day or so I got busy and I had not been able to send the flowers. It was here I learned that I needed to be in a meeting in LA so I was flying to North America and rather than sending the flowers maybe I could drop them off.

    I was not sure if that was a good idea but I thought what the hell, what have I got to lose.

    I flew into Vancouver and rented a car headed to a florist and picked up a flower arrangement and a fruit basket in Granville Island. I thought it only fair that I should call her as her last email indicated she was going crazy in the hospital. No one coming to visit her. No one to talk with. She was bored out of her head.

    I send her an email from Granville Island to see if she would like a visitor. She had nothing to do so she responded right away. “Yea! Who?” I am sure she was thinking of the flower delivery guy. Then she came back with, “make sure he is cute”.

    I replied, “why?”

    She come back was, “I am fucking horny and I need him to fuck me, can I fuck him?”.

    I smiled and sent “Ok”. She followed with “LOL!”

    I drove over parked and made my way to her semi-private room and there she was on her phone. She looked up in shock. The first things to come out of her mouth “OH my GOD!” then, “What are you doing here?” Then she came back with, “my hair must be a mess”. She saw the flowers and the gift basket as a volunteer assisted with the basket. She covered her face and started to cry. I went over to her and asked if she was ok. She coughed up, “yes but how….when…” then she hugged me and kissed me.

    I asked her how she was and she said fine but she had a few medical incisions. I told her she looked good. I gave the volunteer a tip and she left closing the door behind her. Amalia then lifted her gown and pointed to her scar, then said,

    “Sshhh, let me show you what they did to me.”

    After a few moments she shared with me,

    “Greg are you staring at my body, drink it in Greg, drink it in. because I am fucking horny and I have not had a cock for, I do not remember when."

    She appeared to be levitating about three inches off the ground. Her scar was a soft red, and her eyes became even bigger than normal. She touched me. Her hand felt like fire against my chest.

    Overcome, I reached out for her other arm and pulled her to me. Every part of her that touched me felt scorching hot, and I could only want more. She kissed my lips and my mind left me completely; she communicated one thought with that kiss.

    "You'll never be fucked this well again."

    She finished stripping off her medical gown and knelt in front of me. My cock was throbbing, aching for her to take me in. Amalia unzipped my pants. I said you can’t do that. She looked up at me to show me she can, and did!

    She parted her lips and slid me into her mouth, over her waiting tongue. I felt her hand on my shaft, working and pulling, and her other hand caressing my balls, playing and grasping at them. Amalia was thrusting herself onto me over and over, her mouth hungrily sucking at my solid cock.

    "Fill me with cum now," I heard in my head. Although had no idea how she said it, I obliged. I came into her, groaning loudly as the wave of release crashed into her, and she continued to pump me. Hot semen was pouring into her mouth, and, strangely, it wasn't stopping. I'd never come this much before. Twice, no, three times as much as normal, before she pulled herself off me.

    I fell over backward on to her hospital bed, incredibly weakened. I could see her standing over me now. She licked at the last bits of cum on her lips and moaned in delicious satisfaction. She began to slowly massage herself and lowering herself over my face.

    I said Amalia what about the nurses, other patients. She told me her roommate was gone and she had the room to herself. She told me that the nurses were not coming around much now since she was better. A whole lot better based on where I laid.

    Amalia continued rubbing at her clit, I could see her labia begin to listen. A subtle aroma filled my senses, suddenly all the weakness left my body. I was still fully erect and desperate for more of her. As she spoke to me in this haunting voice.

    "It's your cum; the smell. Cum has powerful aphrodisiac qualities, beyond anything you can comprehend. Now..."

    She lowered herself fully onto my mouth:

    "You have to make me come before I fuck you."

    I instantly began passing my tongue over her labia and clit. I knew nothing but desire, to know what fucking her would be like. Her scent overwhelmed me, I ran my hands over her back, her ass, and desperately lapped up her cum. I reached up to her breasts and began to play with them blindly. She began to gyrate over me, grinding herself harder into my tongue. She began to quiver, her legs clamped tight over my head- she screamed and arched her back. She poured cum onto my face and into my waiting mouth. I was her fuck toy at this point, I was completely broken.

    She lifted herself from my face and immediately lowered her body to ride me. She opened a drawer to retrieve her purse she shuffled through it until she yelled “yes!”
    A condom was found and she ripped the cover opened and so creatively placed it on my throbbing man pole and pushed herself onto me, and slowly, painfully slowly, took me fully into her. She flattened herself against me and whispered into my ear:

    "If you can survive this, you get to be my slave."

    Amalia began to bounce up and down, slamming herself with my hard-thick cock repeatedly. Her chest bounced perfectly, and I began to thrust into her as well. Harder and harder, more desperate and hungry for each other, we both were gone from our own minds. There was only the bliss, the delicious pain, enveloping us. Inside her, I felt her walls shift and push into my shaft, even squeezing at the head. I felt her hot cum make the pressure even more electric, the heat inside her pussy was painfully enjoyable. Amalia began to orgasm, and I felt her tight walls push hard onto my penis. I pounded into her as hard as I could, her back was arched and her mouth forced open with vulgar pleasure. I began to cum; I grabbed at her and pushed into her cervix. He felt the wave of release, bliss rushed on to me again, and again, I was pouring cum into her endlessly. She kept slamming herself into me, forcing as much semen out as she could take in.

    "More, give me more of your delicious soul..." she begged. I crashed on the bed next to hers. I had nothing left to give but the flowers and the fruit basket. Ok there was the donation as well. I handed her the donation. She told me she needed it as she had bills and was not able to work. Clearly she was ok to work now, she smiled and said I love the basket as the food is so bad here. I need all the nutrition I can get. How long are you in town as she smelled the flowers. I responded to her with, good to see you are feeling better!



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