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    Amalia Flowers - Birthday Event - Chapter Nine

    Amalia Flowers The Birthday Event


    In my elusive search for the next big adventure I stumble across a young lady, Amalia Flowers, who has retired from the hobby but chooses to stay in touch. Don’t ask me why. Most fade away quietly into my memories. This lady haunts me with her golden curly locks and her bright eyes. Oh and her body! However, like so many of us, she is tormented by life’s challenges that festers, itches, and burns like a sore that refuses to heal.

    Like me she faces these challenges alone, she is plagued by the demons of her real life. She was only in the hobby for a short period and it was my luck to cross paths with this troubled soul that resulted in my participation in her life challenges. Like her, my soul has been trouble, like her, I face them all alone, like her, the dismay and sense of going it all alone shadows me in sadness. It is this connection that results in our affinity and my numerous visits with this young lady. It is hard to understand that one so beautiful could face such troubled waters. Each time I meet her, each time she draws me closer. I learn of her challenges and like a magnet I am drawn to her. We have intense sessions each building on the last. I am lost in her eyes, in her arms, in her body, and in her seduction. After a number of inescapable memories from events with this beauty I learn of her leaving the hobby. It appears her wrongs have been righted and she will be gone as fast as she arrived. Oh but the nature of this beast, often results in the dreaded retirement. However, I get this unexpected email telling me she is retired but she would like to keep me as her only client. Or as she puts it as a friend. Oh no the “friend”. Most of us have heard this and this is the reason we pay to play so that we do not become the “friend”. One who takes on others struggles and makes them our own. I have no intention but her sadness of past struggles, our affiliation, and connection draws me nearer to her. My mind says run, but my heart reaches out to her. Each email cries to me and as my head on my shoulders screams run, run like the wind. Each email from her soothes my fears. Each email draws me into her world. She does make me feel special.

    For this old soul, this is like music to my ears. Most SPs look to either dump me as a client or escape my gravity never to have me darken their doorstep ever again. However, this young beauty wishes to keep me in her world because of me? Very unusual and these things often end in a mess. But I take the bate. What can I say I am a sucker for the thrill of feeling special. So we agree to keep in contact with emails. As time passes I learn of her birthday, and like me, she has no one to acknowledge her special day so I came up with the next event. I decide it might be fun to fulfill a fantasy she has. As I move closer to the event others who might participate share their desires. It is a real challenge to combined multiple fantasies into one with multiple participates. Most end in disappointment but every once in awhile there is a magic that shines through, many times in places you least expect it. So off I go to create a special birthday for this trouble soul. One I hope will meet with her smiles and if I am lucky a few tears of joy.

    The goal is clear, to capture a moment, a night where her shadows are lifted and she can escape her many life struggles. I learn much from her emails and it is time to pull things together. So the story goes.

    The birthday event is born.

    I will need some very special guests. I reach out to a few BCAF members to participate. Anonnymouse is kind enough to volunteer to participate. He recommends a few ladies to join in. We create a back story for this band of merriment. As we get closer to our main event we lose one to illness but Anonnymouse has a back up plan and a new lady is added. However, this lady has baggage and we have cross paths on a number of occasions. None the less, she is an exceptional lady and very professional. She could fit in well and beside we were running out of time. Mr. Mouse would play the role of a past suppler and I have to take him, his wife (played by Ms Ross), and his daughter (played by Isabell Archer out for dinner). My lady friend, Amalia, would be happily celebrating a birthday the same night. The three guest are witnesses to the event. Or so the birthday girl believes.

    I organize the dinner to be held on a rooftop but due to Vancouver weather, we are forced to move it indoors. Avenue is selected in a secluded restaurant which has participated in many such events for me in the past. The menu is selected, and a pair of recording artist are selected to participate to perform as back ground music to the event. A play list is selected to be timed to the presentation of each course and each course tied to each birthday gift.

    Flowers are selected based on the three ladies favorite colors, fragrance, and flower type. The lights are turned down low and each guest is strategically placed at the table as Michael, the maitre de’ who has worked so many of these events lights the candles to add the special touch.

    I learned early on my special birthday girl has been busy and not able to get out to secure a new outfit for the event. So taking what I know, I contact a stylist in Vancouver, who searches far and wide to secure a new dress, new shoes, new hand bag, some accessories, and a new coat as gifts for each course of the meal being served that night. I also offer Amalia the opportunity to spend the day at the spa so that she can escape her daily life and be in the correct mind set. However, she can not get away all day. So the special gifts will have to suffice.

    The event is set. Mr. Mouse agrees to pick up Ms. Flowers and to bring all three ladies out to the event. I arrive to meet the performers who are setting up. Michael has the room set. The table setting in place, the flowers positioned, gifts from Nordstrom’s have been wrapped and stationed around the room, one for the appetizers, one for the Salad and one for the main course, and one for the dessert.

    I sat back and relaxed had Michael bring me a drink while our performers tuned up. After a little chatter Michael brought in Anonnymouse in a dark suit, Lauren Ross in a blue dress, nude stocking with the classic black steam up her leg with Cuban heels, Isabell Archer in a bright blue dress and Amalia Flowers in a flowing black dress and her dark stockings with the top of the stockings peeking from under her dress. Her blonde curls flowing and her bright eyes shone. She was so happy that I was putting on a special birthday party for her. She had told me no one had ever put on such an event for her.

    Our performers started the night with a few classics as I got hugs and kisses from each of the lovely ladies in the room. Each guest had a specific seat each with a gift on the plate in front of them. Isabelle and Lauren where first to open their gifts from the my travels. One a bracelet and the other a neckless.

    The wine was poured and the appetizer arrived. With it was Amalia’s first gift of the night was from Nordstom’s and she was so excited. She opened it to fine a beautiful grey coat. She smiled and leaned over to give me a kiss. We ate and the ladies commented on the how Ms. Flowers looked so beautiful.

    The music continued as we laughed and shared stories of our adventures together. Next to arrive was the salad. With that was another gift, Amalia blushed but was so excited to open it. Here was a pair of gloves and scarf that complimented the coat. The Birthday girl shared the gift with the others at the table. More stories, more, and more music. Some of Amalia’s favorite tunes.

    The main course appeared and with it another gift containing her new designer dress. It was stunning. She stood up and was showing it off for her guest to admire. We laughed as our performers were now taking requests. We enjoyed the specially prepared meal for each guest.

    Now came in the dessert. With it Amalia’s final gift. She opened this to find a new pair of grey pumps from her favorite shoe store as well as a matching handbag to complete her outfit. She cried and told me no one had every treated her like this before. We kissed and to complete the night Lauren and Anonnymouse danced to the music. They were having such a wonderful time.

    We completed our dinner, Isabelle, Lauren, and Nonnymouse agreed to help us with the gifts and the flowers that each lady received. They got their coats and headed out taking up the flowers for each lady. The performers packed up and left. I settled the bill as Amalia came to hold me, kiss me, and then the owner of the restaurant entered the room to make sure everything was up to our requirements. As she left a beautiful middle aged lady named Dana arrived. She wanted to ask if the night was up to standard. She looked amazing with short blonde hair, gorgeous facial features, and a sexy little voice. She introduced her self as the event planner and she wanted to let Amalia know how beautiful and lucky she was. She agreed to assist us with the gifts up to the suite.

    We walked over to the private entrance. Amalia arm in arm with Dana in tow bring all Amalia’s gifts with her. We arrived up in the candle lite penthouse suite surrounded in flowers with music playing in the back ground. Anonnymouse had opened the champagne and glasses poured as we toasted Amalia’s birthday. I introduced Dana as Amalia and I we were holding and kissing each other. Dana joined in as she rubbed my crotch. Now the three of us were kissing each other.

    Anonnymouse, Isabelle, and Lauren were enjoying each other. Isabelle was first to remove her dress. She had an amazing young body. She looked so hot in her bra panty and grater set. She was dancing to the music.

    Amalia informed me she wanted to leave. She asked for her payment which I gave her. Dana went to the restroom as I spoke to Amalia. We had another glass of champagne we spoke and Amalia was not feeling up to the rest of the night. She gathered her things together and as she left. She asked for her pay yet again. I informed her I gave it to her. She realized that she placed it in Lauren’s purse by mistake. Lauren found it and gave it to her. Amalia walked into the darkness. There was little else I could do for such a tormented, beautiful women.

    While I said goodnight to Amalia, Dana had excused her self to the bathroom. With Amalia gone and I in shock Dana game out of the bathroom dressed in her Wolford garters and stocking. Oh my god she reminded me of Anna her high cheek bones her big man made tits, her legs that stretched to her hot tight ass. She kissed me again and now started to suck my cock while Isabelle, and Lauren watched. I took Dana up stairs and proceeded to fuck her as she was a porn star in her approach. I ate her and she sucked me. After a hard pounding, I needed water so I headed down stairs to get something to drink.

    I catch Anonnymouse on the pull out bed with Isabelle and Lauren enjoying each other. I go into the kitchen pull out a few bottles of water and as I dash by the three of them Lauren catches me as she is now half on the floor and half on the bed. She reaches over proceeds to suck on my shaft not letting me to escape, while Isabelle is riding Mr Mouse. I take Lauren with me up stairs so that she can join in with Dana and I.

    It is not long and Annonymouse and Isabelle are in the master bedroom. Now, Mr. Mouse and beautiful Ms. Ross are watching both Isabelle and Dana sucking me off. Isabelle then Dana then back to Isabelle. I am getting so hard that it is now time to put on a cover so that I can pound down on lovely little Ms. Archer. I get on top entering her with such care as she is very tiny. I go deeper and she appears to be enjoying and it is not long and I am able to give her my full love rod. After few last thrusts I pull out and lay down as Dana, Anonnymouse, and Ms. Archer make their way into the big jacuzzi tub while Ms. Ross and I get to reconnect.

    I love the closeness with Ms. Ross. We kiss and we touch and we fuck, but it is the dreaming together I enjoy the most. I love falling in love with her each time we meet. It is the moments of complete connection, of the binding of souls, how she weave her romantic magic around me so every nerve is a wash in her beauty. It is strange but I do not crave to fuck her like so many other SPs. I only long to be with in her romantic magical trance. The world disappears when I am next to her. I remember and we remember each moment from the first meeting at the elimidate to the night on the roof top, to this special night. How we nearly did not meet again as she was a fill in not once but twice. Once with Mr. Mouse and once for Amalia.

    Well the witching hour is before us and time for everyone to gather up their things to head out into the cold winter night. It is I now who would like for Ms. Ross to stay the night but it was too much to ask as she has other obligations.

    I get a email from Ms. Flowers and she lets me know she was so sorry she wishes she was with me. Oh what a night! Happy Birthday Ms. Flower.

    Where are you Ms. Ross? Are you thinking of me?



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