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    Amelie Moore - Montreal - Welcome to My World - First Meeting

    Amelie Moore - Montreal - Welcome to My World - First Meeting

    A lady in Vancouver, Cherise, who confides in me about a wild fantasy she wishes to live out intrigues me. We talk and we email and I learn of the life challenges and her family challenges. Her mother and son live in Montreal and her mother’s health is not good. She fears she may never see her again. Her relationship with her son and mother has been strained for sometime. She worries not only will she never see them her mother will for ever think of her as a failure.

    As I listen to her story my heart breaks for her. She can neither afford to go to Montreal nor can she shows up a total failure in life with no prospects considering she will soon be 50 years old. We now talk about her fantasy. She wishes she could arrive in Montreal with a strong successful man on her arm. She can show her family how in love she is and how in love he is with her. It is her mothers birthday and she pictures taking her mother and son to a nice restaurant. Having dinner and her mother to see how her daughter is in good hands and is a good person. As she describes the fantasy with even specific detail it is clear she has given this a lot of serious thought. She plays it over and over in her head right down to walking in hand in hand with her man!

    I look at her and I say “What if we made it a reality?”

    Cherise says “What?” With total confusion on her face?

    “I mean my dear what if I flew you to Montreal and then met you there at a hotel. I got you a new outfit to wear, get your hair done, your make up done, got a limo to pick up your mother, son and took you for dinner at a top restaurant in old Montreal?”

    She looks at me and then she tears up. “Greg doesn’t even make me think that would be possible” with excitement in her voice.

    I reassure her it is possible. She asks if I would play her boyfriend and be madly in love with her. I reassure her I could do that.

    We spend the next month setting things up. I book her flight to Montreal, with her arriving early and leaving after I left town. I would come into town for the night and leave the next day. I would get a suite downtown, book a high-end restaurant downtown, book a limo service to pickup Cherise and I, then pick up her mother and her son. I would arrange flowers for her and her mother. A birthday cake to be present to her mother. I contact the hotel to organize a hairstylist, makeup artist and fashion stylist. As a little treat for later on I would hire a masseuse for Cherise and I as a surprise. A great way to end the day.

    The day of Cherise’s flight to Montreal comes and she arrives safely. I get daily blow by blow accounts of meeting her son and Mother. Including the drama. Cherise draws me in like I was her real boyfriend. It is kind of nice as I read email after email learning that her mother and son really want to meet her mystery man. I worry that Cherise makes me out to be something I can never live up to. It feels kind of sur-real.

    I make my way to Montreal now nervous to meet her son and mother. I stop and laugh, reminding myself it is not real, but I am so excited. Then the idea that “a dream is just a dream unless others participate” comes to mind. Others now, are not just participating, they were living it. Cherise is so excited.

    I arrive at the hotel. I am told the suite is ready, the flowers have arrived, our fashion stylist, Rachele, is awaiting me in the Lobby. I make my way to the lounge, awaiting me is a beautiful attractive middle-aged lady with a hotel cart with dresses, handbags, shoes, and accessories. We greet each other and I am reminded how women of Montreal are always so well dressed. We shake hands and she accompanies me into the elevator with the a bellman, my luggage, and the cart full of clothing for my “wife”.

    We break the silence with Rachele’s questions about my flight when my wife will arrive. She wishes she could meet her. I told her we are on a very tight timeline as we have dinner with her mother that night.

    As we arrive in the room. Rachele is quick to share with me the outfits she selected for Cherise. A beautiful purple dress, heels, handbag, and accessories. She has also picked out some exciting French lingerie for Cherise. I am so excited to see Cherise’s face.

    Now Rachele has another outfit with a white dress with purple flowers, white heels, white handbag, and accessories. Lingerie to match including silk stocking.

    I am torn on which to go with. I look at my watch and I have a conference call. I tell her I will take both and ask her to lay them out on the bed. I pay her and nearly push her out of the door. I can see she is so excited as she thought I was only taking one outfit. Or was it shock that I shuffled her out of the suite. I can honestly say if she was a SP I would not have pushed her out. But she is not, and I need to get on my call.

    I take my call and 45 mins later I get off the call. I unpack and then there is a knock on the door. I open it and there standing before me was Cherise with a smile, a mile wide. We hug and we kiss. She still had a hint of the cigarette on her clothes. I real dislike it, but in Montreal it is more common. We chat and she shares with me how excited she is. I show her the clothes laid out in the bedroom. She is so excited but she is shocked, why the two dresses? Was she to select the one she wanted? I told her they were both for her. She hugs me and strips down so she can try them on. First the purple dress then the white one. She loves them both. They fit perfect. She tries on the shoes and loves them. Then in mid sentence there is a knock on the door.

    I go to the door and I open the door to a middle-aged man who says he is the hair stylist. I am a little surprised as I anticipated it would be a lady. He introduces himself to me and starts to set up pulling out all the stuff a hairstylist would have. Cherise appears wearing a bath robe from the closet. There is an instant bond as nothing is going to take Cherise from her moment.

    I see it is time for me to make my way downstairs. I head down to have a drink to confirm the limo, the restaurant, and our special guest, Amelie Moore. Amelie informs me that she is bringing with her a good friend, Rose Paradis, who does massage as well. She was going to bring her massage table but with construction on Sherbrook Street it was going to be a problem. I tell her no problem. I tell her I need her and her friend to be dress as requested white blouse, black pencil skirts, and heels. I tell her to dress respectable. She laughs in her French accent’ “Monsieur this is Quebec we ladies are all elegant and very classy dressers.” Good answer I say to myself. I finish my drink, complete a few emails, and realize as I see the hairdresser is getting out of the elevator that I better make my way up to the suite.

    When I arrive in the suite there is another older gentleman who is now working on Cherise’s makeup. They giggle like little school girls. I know this is not the place for me. I turn and inform Cherise I will get ready. I make my way into the bedroom pull out my suit and my purple shirt, tie, and socks.

    I have a shower and shave thinking I need to look good for her mother and son. I am dressed in no time. I am kind of proud of myself not sure why. I just got dressed. I put the finishing touches with my cologne and my purple pocket square. I place my money clip in my pocket. I enter the room and I see Cherise, she looks amazing. I pay the makeup artist. Realizing once he leaves that I needed to give Cherise her envelop with her payment.

    She now heads in the bedroom to get ready. Not long and she reappears. She realizes she forgot to have the makeup artist put on her fake eyelashes. I tell her she looks good with or without them. We gather up our things and we head downstairs. She puts on her sun glasses and looks amazing. Her dress fits her so well. She walks with renewed confidence. She is so excited about me meeting her Mother. She held me as we witnessed the construction on Sherbrook. It was a mess. The time came and went for the limo. I contacted them and they said they could not stop to pick us up so they went direct to pick up Cherise’s mother and son. I also learn that Cherise’s son now was bring his girl friend. So I call the restaurant to inform them we will be late and we have an extra guest. The limo arrives and inside I meet Cherise’s son who is sizing me up, his girlfriend, and Cherise’s mother. A frail lady who is unsure how to react to me. I try to introduce myself and apologize for the construction.

    I learn that Cherise’s mother has never been in a limo before as everyone is bunched up on the back seat. We make some small talk as the limo attempts to find its way through the small lanes of old Montreal.

    We arrive, as we leave the limo, we find at the door the waiting staff, so excited to see us. It appears the management was well aware of the birthday celebration for Cherise’s mother. Our table awaits. Cherise’s mother wants me to sit beside her. Cherise is to my right with her son across. I am peppered with questions. I kind of enjoy it. I get to tell my story. I throw in strategically placed compliments of Cherise. I tell her mother about how wonderful her daughter is. How I admire her daughter and how she has over come so much. I share a few of my mistakes of the past and that we have much in common. I switch my tactics with Cherise’s son asking him about what he is doing. We talk about his dreams and I feed his ego and build his confidence. He comes to like me as the night goes on.

    Both mother and grandson are now my biggest fan. I share a few of my successes and one or two failures. They are fascinated by my life story. The cake arrives and the flowers for Cherise, her mother, and I had them pull a few flowers for her son’s girl friend. No one to go unappreciated. It is not long we are back in the limo. In the car, Cherise’s mother tells me I can call her mother. She wants me to know how much she admires me and she thanks me for coming into Cherise’s life. She breaks down and cries as she worries about her daughter and now seeing her with me she never thought it was possible.

    As Cherise and I are preparing to leave, my new “Mother” hugs me and whispers to me that she loved meeting me and in full tears, she whispers she is complete now. I am moved by the experience. I shake the hand of Cherise’s son. His parting remarks is if I would care to invest in his little upstart company. I let him know I appreciate the opportunity but I do not like to mix business with pleasure and it was a pleasure to meet him.

    Cherise in beaming as we arrive in the hotel. She tells me in tears that were the best moment of her life. To see her mother actually happy about who she had become. Cherise can not thank me enough. She now wants to give me her body. I tell her that was not part of the deal. It is not necessary. I tell her I am not done with the surprise. As we approach the elevator there before us were the two most beautiful ladies I have ever saw. The beautiful blonde smiles at me, approaches me, and introduce her self in the sexiest of accents. “Amelie Moore, Monsieur Dickson.”

    I say “yes and this is my wife Cherise.” Amelie acknowledges Cherise and introduces us to her friend Rose. In the elevator, Amelie educates us on her extensive experience in massage. We arrived into the suite.

    Cherise is not sure what to make of it, as Rose makes a beeline to the bathroom and reappears with two towels. She places them on the bed, as Amelie strategically places candles throughout the bedroom. She puts on some nice music as she chatters through her experiences with couples.

    Cherise is standing there as Rose slowly undresses her and Cherise can see it appeals to me so she is going along for the ride. Now, Amelie is competing with my eye time as she removes her white blouse. I have one eye on Cherise in her new purple French bra and panty set vs Amelie in her sexy black bra which was trying to hold in her perfect DDs. By the way her bra was losing the battle and my heart awaited the defeat. Now, Amelie, struggles out of her tight black pencil skirt. I lose my attention on Cherise as Amelie is now standing in her bra, panty set with heels that takes her to heaven. My heart is beating so hard I am sure the construction crew on Sherbrook can hear it over the jackhammers ripping up the concrete.

    Rose was undressing Cherise and now had her naked on the bed. She is pulling out the lotion and starts to work on her. I watch as Amelie needed something in the living room so I follow her to the desk where her bag is awaiting her arrival. She smiles at me and says “Mr. Dickson maybe we need to get you out of that suit.” I look into her eyes and she looks back with her sexy come fuck me eyes. She attempts to take my suit jacket off. Her scent sends shivers down my spine. She pulls me closer and although we have yet to touch I feel her breath grabbing me and pulling me to her. She kisses me and melts my soul. That kiss ignites a fire like no other. Our arms, hands, fingers explore each others body. She whispers to me, “Your wife?”

    I tell her “she is not my wife she is a provider from Vancouver and I want more than a message!”

    She responds in a heavy breath “good because I want you to fuck me since I saw you.” She drops to her knees and undoes my pants as the beast is released she grasps. “OH MON DIEU” she catches her breath and releases “Vous êtes si grand” before taking on my cock in all its glory. I enjoy her enjoying me. Her moans and her slurping on my manhood does not need a translation. After a few moments of her gagging and slowly rubbing my dick her eyes met mine. Her eyes asking if it feels good. I respond with oh my god. I notice her one hand has slid into her panties and she was rubbing her pussy. I take her hand out and use it to pull her up. She keeps looking at me begging me for more. I take her wet fingers and stick them into my mouth so I can taste her nectar.

    Her next words to escape her mouth are “Take me here, now!” She turns around drops her panties. Pulls out a condom from her purse on the desk. Rips it open in one movement now squeezes my hardness and pulls on the condom. She spins around bends over and slides my thickness into her moist love hole. I fuck her and her French language escapes me as I never heard such passion out of a woman. Her hips met mine and we get into a natural rhythm it feels so go as the passion takes over. Her moan grows louder, and Cherise asks, “what are you two doing in there.”
    My response “nothing!”
    Amelie looks back at me, begging me with her eyes to go deeper and harder. I pound her little frame and she places one hand on the wall while raising her leg to place her knee on the desk so I can get deeper. She appears to love a deep pounding until she cums. I feel her love juices running down my legs. I pull out. She turns around looks up at me hugging me, kissing me. “Oh Mr. Dickson you have the most amazing cock.”

    She grabs her lotion and I pull up my pants and we make our way into the bedroom. Rose has straddled Cherise and is rubbing her ass with lotion. Cherise questions me about what we were doing in the other room. She comes out and the question. “Were you fucking her Greg?” That is one question that will go unanswered.

    Especially since Montreal was to be about Cherise.

    I undress and lay on the towel on my side of the bed as Amelie started a sexy dance to the music, and now my dick was pointing right at her with pre-cum dripping off the head of it. She came to me and told me to turn over on to my stomach and she’d get started. She didn’t give me a massage but started softly rubbing just her fingertips over my back ever so softly. She worked her way down going over my ass to my legs. She had me tingling all over. She moved back to my ass, and I started to moan with pleasure. She asked if I was enjoying what she was doing, and I told her “yes and please don’t stop.”

    She then ran a finger gently down the crack of my ass and told me to lift a little. Then she started the fingertips going over my balls with one hand, while still rubbing my ass with the other. She was gently rubbing the length of my throbbing shaft, and then back to my balls. I thought I would blast off any second. Then she stopped and whispered in my ear that if I wanted more than this, now was the time to make up my mind. I told her I wanted more and for her to do what ever her specialty was. She smiled and told me that she thought I’d like what she was going to do to me. She had me turn over, and then she leaned down and started licking my shaft from the top to the bottom of my balls right to my ass hole. She was drooling and spitting all over my cock, getting it soaking wet with her juices. She then started to suck just my swollen head while flicking my pee hole with her tongue and jacking me with one of her hands. She would sense when my balls where starting to explode and back off, making me shudder with anticipation.

    Rose was enjoying Cherise now munching down on Cherise’s snatch. Cherise’s moans were confirmation that Rose’s oral skill was just to her liking. My mind was preoccupied with Amelie.

    After what seemed like a very long time, Amelie took my cock out of her mouth and slipped a condom over it. She put my balls in her mouth one more time and then asked if I would fuck her dog style in her French accent. I nodded my head yes, because I couldn’t talk. She got on all fours and spread her legs a little so I could get up close. I eased my dick all the way in her sweet love hole and started slowly fucking. I could feel her tight ribbed tunnel through the latex condom. I could feel her squeeze tight when she wanted to. After a few moments, I started to pick up the pace as I felt I wasn’t going to last much longer. I was fucking her wet pussy as hard as I could, and she was shoving her round ass back at me just as hard. She kept urging me on, telling to fuck her hard and shoot my cum. Then I started to cum. I pushed in as far as I could and froze. It felt as though the head of my dick was blowing off, and she was squeezing and releasing my cock with her talented pussy. It seemed to go on forever. She was jerking off in side her love cannel, like I was plugged into an electric socket instead of her tight cunt.

    As I started breathing normally again, she pulled away from my rod, turned and took the condom off. I still hadn’t moved and she looked up at me and asked if I was OK. She was caressing my spent shaft, and I told her that I was more than OK, but I just couldn’t move just yet. She held the condom up and said it was as full of sperm as any she’d ever seen. She then poured my spunk over the length of my dick and rubbed it in with both hands. She then proceeded to lick my spent cum off my shaft.

    After a couple of minutes, she got a wet cloth and started cleaning my dick and balls.

    Rose now finished off Cherise who produced an orgasmic scream, then Rose made her way to me. Rose had me lay down and started to strip and I got to finally see her big tits. Rose, noticing my admiring her massive boobs, stuck the nipple of her right one in my mouth and I decided I didn’t mind so much. She made no attempt at a massage and went right for my dick. As I was sucking her nipples, she started jacking off my limp dick. She then started slurping on my dick for a while, then asked if I wanted to titty fuck her and cum on her face. She said that’s why she got the boob job and that she loved hot cum shooting on her face. I said it was more than fine with me. We switched places, and she lay down, then I sat on her stomach and my cock fit right in the valley of her tits. Rose had me put some lube on my dick, then told me to squeeze her tits together and started fucking them. It felt wonderful, and I couldn't take my eyes off my dick head sliding in and out of the top of her big tits. I started fucking them faster I let go of her tits, got up on my knees and I watched Cherise with Amelie as Amelie gave Cherise a nice massage. Cherise was straining to see what Rose was up to as I titty fucked her.

    I enjoyed watching Amelie’s ass as she rubbed down Cherise. Her cheeks so firm and round. Her little butt hole I could have sworn it winked at me. I was mesmerized but how it puckered up. Amelie turned her head and looked at me and smiles as if she knew what I was thinking.

    That’s what I like about hookers, they fuck you, and then clean you up, and don’t say anything about their not cumming.

    However, Amelie was not done with me yet. She asked if I liked her ass as she stood on the bed and bent over. Cherise and I both commented on her amazing ass. Amelie then asked if I would like to fuck her ass. I laughed and Cherise who had issues with my cock in her said she would pay money to see that. Amelie ask how much? Cherise said it was not possible as Amelie spread her ass cheeks so show of her tight little butt hole.

    Cherise said a $100? Amelie said sure. She stepped down pulled out the lube and lubed up my expanding dick. She could not even get hand around it, how would it be possible to getting in her perfect little asshole.

    The ladies now had me standing in front of Amelie who was now bent in front of me. She now poured lube all over her ass and using a finger she drew in the lube into her tight ass. Amelie now used two fingers, then three. Both Rose and Cherise were stroking my dick with lube and getting me harder. It was time to put on another condom. Now the time was right as Amelie moved closer and I leaned forward and the tip of my condom covered dick entered her tiny ass. I was allowing her to accept me and take me. Each slow rocking movement from her resulted in Amelie taking more and more of my massive thickness. The ladies were astounded by Amelie’s capacity to take me into her ass. I am sorry but her ass was so tight I could not take it anymore I just wanted to give her all of me so I started to thrust forward. I felt Amelie jump but then accepted my hips giving her more of me. Amelie’s French was harsh but accepting as I started to pump and pounder her ass. After about 5 minutes and both Rose and Cherise were speechless. Amelie had her share of my dick up her little ass for this session. I pulled out Amelie turned over spread her legs and begged me to fuck her with my massive dick. So, from Ass to pussy I went, and Amelie wanted it all and she wanted it deep and she wanted me fucking hard as she cried out first in French then English. I got on top of her and using my full weight I drilled her like I was drilling for an oil reserve. It did not take long and both Amelie and I hit a gusher. I was dripping wet from sweat and so was Amelie. We collapsed on each other.

    The ladies knew it was time for them to go. Once they were gone Cherise informed me she did not have condoms. I told her it was late and I did not feel like hunting down a pharmacy. So, we just fell asleep. Cherise informed me how she was disappointed as she wanted me to fuck her so bad. She asked me if I enjoyed fucking Amelie more than her. I explained that was not the case. I just know Cherise has issues with my size. So, this was best for everyone. Cherise continued with it in a very angry tone. I told her not to be upset. I did not bring her to Montreal for her to be upset. We talked about how my size was an issue and she told me she wants me to do to her what I did with Amelie. I told her she was not Amelie and she should not compare her self to Amelie. I told her she was there with me and I was there with her and not with Amelie. However, in my mind I could not get Amelie out of my mind.

    We fell asleep. In the morning, I took Cherise for breakfast and she got to wear her white dress with purple flowers on it. We talked over breakfast and she was going to spend a few more days with her Mom and son then head back to Vancouver.

    I then dropped her off at her mother’s and I was on my way still thinking of Amelie’s ass.



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