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    Amelie Moore - Montreal - We meet again in her favorite role.

    Amelie Moore the Montreal Masseuse

    Ms. Moore I maybe coming back on the 18th or 19th of Sept.

    You around?

    My lady friend is able to make it on those dates. You able to play the masseuse? Giving her a massage and telling her about me and how you think I am a great guy. Let her know she is lucky to have me.

    Then seduce her and give her a great sexual experience. Show her how Quebec girls do it!

    How much for two hours?

    Hello Greg,

    I am glad that you could make it to Montreal!

    I am available in Montreal in those dates l and would be happy playing a very good masseuse for your friend ;)

    As you can see on my website, my rates for 2 hours are 900$.

    Au Plaisir!

    Amélie Moore

    Ok my dear Ms. Moore,

    My plan for my guest is a special birthday event for her in Montreal. She has never been to Montreal before and always want to enjoy your city.

    I am planning

    If we fly in at around 6 PM on the 17th. We will have a car and then drive downtown to old Montreal staying at Hôtel Place d’Armes in the Executive suite.

    I was able to get a reservation at Modavie that night for 8:30 PM. We will walk to Modavie from Hotel Place dArmes and walk back later that night.

    On Monday we will drive to Quebec City early and have lunch in the old town. I thought we would find a restaurant in the old town. I want to get an artist there to draw her with the city in the back drop. I would like a guide to take us on a walking tour of the old city. We will drive back to Hotel Place d'Armes that night.

    On the 19th It might be nice for her to take a workshop on weaving. We will meet a tour guide to take us on a walking tour of old Montreal. I plan on getting your photographer to take photos of her and us that might be nice as another birthday present. I am trying to find someone who could play guitar for us over lunch in a place where we could have a picnic for lunch or dinner.

    We would have you meet us back at the hotel that night maybe 8 for a massage after a day walking. I thought you could then bring her to climax with a few of your toys. I would love to see you with her. You could tell her about our past adventures and make her feel good knowing I am with her. Tell her she is lucky and she is beautiful. So book you for two hours on the 19th. around 8 or 9. I will confirm once I get the final details in place.

    We have an early morning flight on the 20th so it will be an early night!

    I am excited to see you once more back in the role of a masseuse.


    Wow! She is so lucky! I am jealous ;)

    I can be at your hotel for very good massages and ++ on the evening of september 19th. 8pm is even better for me.

    I am very excited as well seeing you again and taking very good care of your date...

    Au Plaisir!

    Amélie xoxox


    Do you know of any good photographers in Montreal who I can hire to come in after our tour of Montreal and do a photo shoot in our suite on the 19th before we go for dinner? We were thinking of photos of her getting ready for her night out.

    I know you have used different ones for your business. I see a number on line but I want a good one who is not going to take advantage of me.


    Good morning Greg,

    A good friend of mine is a professional photograph and she would be happy doing your photo shoot on the 19th.

    May I give her this email address and she will contact you direct?

    She is a tall beautiful red hair. She know about my hobby and she think it is very exciting. She might be interested in more if the occasion is happening....


    I wanted to get some sexy photos of my friend getting ready. Does she work with a hairstylist and makeup artist to get her ready for the photo shoot? Has she done any boudoir photos before? I was thinking of my friend who will play my wife getting ready and shots of her getting dressed.

    Yes, tell her to email me. I wanted to do this at the hotel before we go for dinner before meeting you.

    Oh, an interesting idea if she wanted to participate with my friend? Just need a hair stylist and or makeup artist to help her look great for the photos and great for our dinner then with you. This is going to be the best birthday ever for her.

    I knew you would know someone.

    I am so excited to see you again.


    Thank you for your help Ms. Moore.

    So excited to see you once again. So excited to see you with my lady friend.

    Our dinner reservation is a La Emma at 7:30 Pm so I think we will get a carriage to take us back to the hotel. After a busy day of a walking tour of Old Montreal. Then a special picnic in the park complete with a guitar player to play for us over lunch followed by a photographer who will sneak up to take photos of us together. This will be followed by our arrival at the hotel by 3:30 pm where a hairstylist and make up artist will join us to make Lauren look her best. I will have a new outfit for her including new French lingerie, new dress, shoes, handbag, and accessories. Your friend will take photos of her getting ready.

    I will have a carriage to meet us at 7 to take us over to the restaurant for 7:30 for a romantic dinner.

    Then back at the hotel to meet you. If I left a key at the front desk do you want to set up the penthouse with music, your table, and candles so when we arrive you can treat her to a sensual experience? I can pour some wine and you can undress her. telling her how beautiful she is. You could massage her knee, and her back and shoulders. Then move to her most sensitive parts of her body. I want to watch her so excited and horny. Before you go I want you to put on a strap on and bring her to me so she bends over to look into my eyes and I want you to fuck her slow at first then harder and harder until she cums. While you are fucking her pussy from behind I will fuck her soul with my eyes. I want her to cum all over.

    If anyone could do this you could. If you want you could share our past experiences after. Tell her she is lucky to have me how you are jealous and you would want me but I want her to see me say no to you and yes to her. Even if you beg me. I want her to feel so special that after you leave she will want me.

    So that is the plan.

    Greg Dickson

    Thank you for doing this for me.

    Good morning Mr Dickson,

    It will be easy being jealous of your friend ;)
    She will received a wonderfull princess treatment !

    I have been reading your email 3 times and I can do and say and play the role of the best sexy masseuse in town you want me to. And having fun doing it!.

    I will arrive at your hotel for 9:30 and set up the place with music and candles, and I will bring my own table massage. And wait for you. Around 10pm? I have to leave at 11:30.

    I was hoping for a rendez-vous a little bit earlier as I have a day job early in the morning. But I can make a special for you.

    Please ad an extra 100$ to my initial 2 hours donation of 900$ for a total of 1000$. Bringing a table massage, and playing a role after 9pm is not part of my usual services.

    I am sure your friend will fall in love with you after I leave ;)

    Amélie xxxx

    Ok my dear,

    Thank you so much for going the extra mile for me and my special friend.

    Maybe on a future trip, I can take you for dinner as I appreciate your help. Please make sure you bring your toys so you can give her a Quebec O.

    So looking forward to seeing you again. I will have $1,000 in an envelope for you.

    You will be a surprise for my lover. She will love it as she loves women.

    Her name is Lauren Ross from Vancouver. You can see her on Eros if you care to look. She will be playing my wife while in Montreal so refer to her as Mrs. Dickson. After you can tell her how you have enjoyed your times with me and you wish I was going to allow you to spend the night. I will say no so that Lauren feels special.

    This will be so much fun.

    Warmest regards,
    Greg Dickson

    Awesome! Lauren looks perfect for you ;) I am looking forward pleasing her.

    I really enjoyed our time together last time and I will ask you to stay for the night.

    I hope next time I will be the lucky one...

    Amélie xxxx

    When we arrived back at our hotel. Lauren and I made out in the hallway and never made it back into our suite as I got to finger fuck her in the hallway. God, she was so wet. My fingers were so deep in her and I was so hard for her. I love how I can make she shake right there.

    As we finally made our way into the suite it was flooded with candlelight and the sound of light jazz. Out of the dark candle lite living room came the French accent of Amelie Moore who welcomed my wet Lauren dressed in her classic white blouse and black pencil skirt. Amelie helped Loren out of her new heels and then assisted her out of her dress in the candlelight it was clear Lauren was not wearing anything under her dress.

    Amelie placed Lauren on the table and covered her as she massaged her upper back then made her way to Lauren's booty. Then her legs, then had her turn over to rub her feet then her legs and made her way to her amazing pussy before taking Lauren's breasts in her massage oil hands. Lauren moaned and Amelie asked if she could have a kiss. The two just kissed and kissed and Amelie stripped down to her pink bra and panties. Removing her massive tits for Lauren's pleasure to enjoy. It was not long and Amelie had found her way between Lauren's legs and was licking and tasting Lauren's nectar. It was such a joy watching Lauren cum. Lauren was not going to let this exchange to be one-sided so she now wanted to repay the favor. Now Lauren was on top of Amelie and Lauren was feasting at Amelie muffin. I could not resist as Lauren eat out Amelie I had to play with Lauren. Her kitten was so wet, my fingers just slide over her slit. As Lauren increased her feasting. My finger found the right rhythm going in and out of Lauren’s love box until both Lauren and Amelie came. I went back to the couch to catch my breath. As I took a drink of champagne to compensate for my heaving breathing I saw both ladies embrace while sitting up. Now Lauren had her hand between Amelie's legs and Amelie had her hand between Lauren's legs. They worked each other and the cries were enough to give a dead man a boner. Amelie pulled out a glass dildo to do her self well Lauren sat on her face and allowed Amelie the pleasure to feast on her love juices. I was so hard and so hot. I just had to pull my junk out of my pants and whacked off to the moans on the table. I closed my eyes enjoying my stroking myself.

    The room was quiet when I opened my eyes to see the two ladies looking at me as I squeezed my dick to keep from cumming. That set the two over the end as they both came letting the night know the pleasure they were both experiencing. Lauren jumped off the table and came to me to swallow me whole. Amelie was impressed, as she came to us and asked if I would fuck her. I said no as I was saving myself for Lauren. Lauren told me I should fuck Amelie but I whispered to Lauren I only wanted her. Well, that set her off. We kissed and kissed until Amelie reappeared only now with a strap on. As Lauren bent over me looking me in my eyes. She gave me her best come fuck me eyes. I go to fuck her soul though her eyes as Amelie mounted her from behind and fucked her doggy. It did not take long for Lauren to close her eyes. When I told her to look at me. She opened her eyes only for me to see the most intense stare and her face tensed up as the orgasm swept over her body. My eyes could feel her soul reaching climax at the same time as her body hit a high note thanks to Amelie's strap on who by the way was enjoying the view from behind.

    As Lauren collapsed into my arms and we kissed then came round two as Amelie was not done with Lauren. I felt Lauren start to rock with each thrust of Amelie hips and the penetration of Amelie's strap on. Lauren looked back into my eyes and her back arched while she took the pounding from behind. Once again, I could see her face wince with pleasure only this time Lauren let out such a moan my body wanted to explode with her. Once again she collapsed in mine, totally spent. I looked at Amelie with a smile on her face reflecting a job well done.

    Lauren and I held each other. I wanted her like no other lady I ever wanted before. Matter of fact I wanted her more that all the other women combined. My cock was throbbing and I needed to dig my dick into her love box and I had a strong over powering urge to fuck her right then and right now.

    Lauren said we need to be polite to our guest and say good night to her. I did not care about Amelie right then, I wanted Lauren but her good nature won over my animal urge. I distracted myself by focusing on cleaning up the room and assisting Amelie with her table. I called a bell man to assist her with her bags and all her items. Amelie gave Lauren a hug and kiss and Amelie asked if she could see Lauren on a future trip to Vancouver. Lauren not only welcomed the opportunity she encouraged it. They had become close friends in this one encounter.

    Lauren now was in packing mode and was getting excited about her packing of her many gifts and memorability of our last three days. Once I packed up and cleaned up. I bushed my teeth and washed up and I just crashed on the bed. It was lights out once my eyes blinked and failed to open. I was so tired. We had an early wake-up and I had not slept well for the last few days. Add to this the intensity of the adventures, it was more than my body to handle. I crashed and it was lights out.

    We awoke and I wanted her yet again but time was ticking and I needed to get her to the airport. I wanted to steal her away as the days just sped by. We packed up and checked out as our car was brought to the front. Our bags were loaded and we drove off to the airport. I got gas and we dropped of the car then made our way to check in.

    We checked in and made our way though security. It felt so comfortable with her by my side. I could see myself travelling with her. I could see her in my life in a bigger way. We made our way to her gate we grabbed a coffee and a juice. I could get lost in her eyes. I thought about changing my flight to go to Vancouver with her. I wanted to give up everything for just one more magic moment!

    Amelie Moore out did her self and provided the range of services.

    What a night!

    Thank you, Ms. Moore.



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