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    Amelie Moore & Amber in Vancouver – Touch Me

    Amelie Moore & Amber Louise in Vancouver – Touch Me

    I was planning my trip to LA for meetings and wanted to check on what was happening in Vancouver. Primarily looking for a new lady, now that my situation with Lauren was over. I knew one of my previous providers was participating in a theater production. I had said I would come out to see her performance. Then I noticed that Amelie Moore was going to be in Vancouver from the 12th to the 14th of September. Well I could make it to Vancouver on the 13th. So, I hit her up with an email.

    Amelie responded right away and how she would love to reconnect. I noticed that her fee for an overnight had increased to $2,500 so I agreed to meet her there on the 13th and she could be my date to the theater. I now would take Amelie as my date. I then tried to book a hotel but no luck each hotel was booked. Le Soliel, Pan Pacific, Shangri-La, the Trump, the only place I could get a suite was the Sutton. Oh, that suite brought back memories of Fiona, Cinderella, Rio. Yes, those were the days.

    I now reached out to a hairstylist and make up artist to arrange for them to meet us before hand and to assist Amelie to get ready. I would get Amelie a new outfit from her favorite store. Then I thought why not have Amber, take photos of Amelie, as Amelie loves to have her photos done and Amber likes to take photos like that. So now I was going to have Amber come out why not book her for the night, so she can get photos of us all night. At dinner, at the theater, in the limo, back at the hotel, and in bed together making love to each other. Maybe a few of Amber joining us.

    Ok it is set. Then of course the wheels start to fall off the cart. Amelie informs me that she was not going to be in Vancouver on the 13th, but she could come just for me. However, she needs $4,600 for the night. I am a little disappointed. She then wants me to pay for her flight telling me she was going to be there the following week. I feel taken advantage of now. Yet I did have everything booked and I am still feeling the punch from Tara, Lauren, Misha. How many more providers would stick it to me.

    I now get an email from Catherine James who would like to meet for a drink or lunch. I hesitate for fear of the hidden motive. I know too well that Catherine never wants to do anything just to “catch up”. I am not in a very good place at the moment and I have a hard time accepting her invitation. I inform her I can not meet now but maybe on another trip to her part of the world. I have the issue with Amelie to contend with.

    I inform Amelie my thoughts and she comes back and tells me she can reduce her rate. I try to explain that it is not about the money it is the feeling of being used. She soothes my bruised ego and I explain to her how I am hurting from losing three providers in a week. Am I that bad?

    Now I am informed by Amber she might not be able to make it as she has another shoot, but I think how much is she getting paid for that? $200 or $500. I am offering her $2,600. I get it she just does not like the idea of spending that much time with me. I get it.

    Then she reappears with the email I love to hear. She wants to meet me on the 13th. I inform her that I plan on having a hair stylist, make up artist there for her as well as Amelie and that I would get her an outfit to wear that night. She is so excited. Her excitement spills over to me. I am now excited as well.

    I book the restaurant and the limo, and we are now on our way.

    My dinner meeting on Wednesday night gets canceled so I change my flight to arrive on the 12th. I book a lady, Destiny Smith to meet me for dinner. I am on the hunt for a new lady. She arrives on time and we meet in the restaurant. I can smell the cigarette smoke on her. Her face is beautiful, and she has a great body. We are seated as the table is not ready. We chat, it is awkward at first. I am trying to find points of contact. My mind flashes back to the photo she shared with me on email.

    Ok looks like we have a connection. Opps that disappears as quick as it arrives. We blow through dinner. Something about her reminds me of Stacie. Then she asks if she can go have a cigarette. I am a pleaser, so I agree. I wonder what am I doing here? Then another photo of her materializes in my mind.

    She reappears, and we continue our discussion. She is a free spirit and looking for adventures. I ask about some of my past adventures. She tells me she wants to create new adventures with me. She tells me she is very flexible, and she is open to any adventures I want to create. She has been doing this for three months but is open to any ideas I might have. Our dinner has come to an end. She asks if I want to join her outside for a cigarette and for her to pick up her weed that she hid in a bush outside the hotel. There is only one bush that is stuck in my mind as she leaves to go outside, and I tell her I will meet her in the lounge. I do want to get my $1,000 value out of her. Or out of her little ass as she walks away. Oh, nice ass. Then a picture of her ass comes back to haunt me.

    Well I wait in the lounge for about 45 mins. I guess she took the money and ran. Well that was par for my course. I just blew $1,000. I do hear back from her. It appears she went in the bush to get her stash and security and airport police arrested her. They hold her for 4 hours and then she heads home. Just my luck.

    The day arrives, and I am packing up my things. I get an email from the Big Kahuna Fiona’s main squeeze. He informs me it is not a good idea that I show up at her performance with two providers on my arm. It might be embarrassing for Fiona. I agree and cancel my dinner reservation and our trip to the theater. I hear from the fashion stylist, the makeup artist, the limo company, and things are done. I reshuffle the deck moving to plan B by asking Wintersurfer if he wants to join me on an adventure with Amber and Amelie. We rework the plan. The bags are packed as I leave my suite at the airport. As I am ready to leave I drop my reading glasses and bend over to pick them up when my back pops. Oh my god the pain causes me to drop to my knees. I lay out on the floor hoping it will past but no luck. I try to move around but not much the pain brings back bad memories of years gone by.

    Are the gods trying to tell me something? I struggle to the check out and I leave my bags as I go to get the rental car. I get the car and drive back to get my bags. My back has calmed down to allow me to meet up with the fashion stylist at a local mall with the stores we needed for Amelie and Amber.

    I meet the fashion stylist who has a couple dresses picked out for Amelie at Marciano, Amelie’s favorite store. I pick out a dress, coat, and shoes for Amelie at Marciano. Then we wander over to Michael Kors to get her a matching handbag to go with the outfit. Once done with Amelie we start on Amber. With her in mind we go to Aritzia, her favorite store, and we look at a number of dresses but find one that should work. We get her a coat as well. Now it is suggested that we get shoes for Amber at Coach. As we walk by Kate Spade we stop in to get Amber’s handbag. We get the shoes at Coach. I pay the stylist and I am out in the car racing downtown to set up the suite as I had ordered fresh flowers, chocolate strawberries, fruit platter and cheese platter for the suite.

    When 2 pm arrives so does Amelie with flowers for me. I thank her and tell her of my back and she tries to help me. I show her a few presentations I had done, and she loves them. She wants me to do one for her. I tell her I will. Now 3 PM has arrives and I head out. I get to the lobby only too see these three striking beauties. I take a second look at this hot blonde. I am sure it is the beauty team. I realize that I left my phone upstairs, how convenient. I head up to go in and get my phone. One of the ladies introduces herself as Paige. She is a cutie and she is so bubbly. She informs me that she has an extra makeup artist and a hair stylist. I am impressed as I grab my phone and head downstairs. Leaving Amelie in good hands.

    Amber is late but there was enough going on I was not concerned. I order another bottle of sparkling wine for the ladies. I head into the lounge to meet the Pink Panther. Then Rob shows up and we have a drink. Rob pays, and I tell him I am impressed. Few guys reach into their pockets. I share a few of my little slide shows with the guys. It is after 4 so I take the guys up to the suite to meet the ladies. They say hi as both guys are impressed with the beauty team as well as Amber and Amelie. We let them get back to it. The Pink Panther leaves and Rob and I go for another drink. Rob and I discuss this crazy world we play in. I am impressed by Wintersurfer’s grasp on this world. As 5 pm arrives we go up stairs, so I can drop off my tablet.

    We pick up Amber and Amelie. Amelie looks amazing in her new Marciano dress as well as her Marciano sweater coat coordinated with her Marciano shoes. Her outfit is complete with her matching Michael Kors handbag.

    Amber is equally stunning in her Aritizia dress combined with the trench coat from her favorite store. Add to this, shoes from Coach, and a Kate Spade handbag. The ladies look gorgeous and the smiles on their faces reflect the beauty that they radiate. I know Catherine had told me that doing such things to my providers was wrong and providers do not appreciate it. I wish she could be here to see both Amelie and Amber. They were living proof that treating providers in this matter was not a waste but rather appreciated.

    We gathered up our things and made our way to the elevator. Both Amelie and Amber were so excited for Vancouver to see them ready to take on the world. They expressed how much this experience meant to them. How they would never do such a thing for themselves. They both shared with me that no one had ever treated them in such a manner and they wanted to thank me for being so amazing to them.

    We reached the lobby and all eyes were on them. I was kind of glad we were not going to the theater as they both looked so hot and putting them in a dark theater would have been a waste. I wanted the world to see these ladies and for them to see how others might look at them. My plan had worked as all eyes in the lobby were locked on these two beauties. Amber kept informing me that she never thought she would ever look as she does now.

    The rain had stopped as we made our way out the door. No limo in my line of sight. I look at my phone to see if the limo was late. A little old lady, next to me asked if we were the Dickson party. I confirm her suspicions, she introduces her self as Sandra our limo driver. She takes us to the large white SUV limo, which was too big to get into Sutton driveway.

    As we make our way to the limo Amber informed me that we needed to stop and get a new memory stick for her camera. I informed Sandra, our limo driver that there was a change in plans. We were no longer heading to the theater but now a tour of the city with a stop at London Drugs on Robson. The ladies were under the umbrella as Rob and I followed. As Amelie and Amber make their way to the limo, I am impressed how hot they look. Rob jumps in after the ladies but when I try to enter with the wet running board and my wet Brazilian shoes I slipped falling into the lap of Amelie. Oh, and what a lap it is.

    I now found myself on the long bench with Amber on one side and Amelie on the other. Rob took the back bench. Rob worked on the music choices as I found Amelie’s lips. She whispered that she had never been in a limo like this before and this was making her very horny. We kissed, and she now found the hardness in my pants. Her dress was so tight, so I unzipped it from the bottom so that her pantie less pussy was exposed. I could feel how wet she was as my hand slid under her new dress and my fingers caressed her wet slit. Amber not to be undone kissed me and told me this time she got the memo and she too was not wearing any panties. Matter of fact, I looked, as her coat slid to the side, I could see her hard nipples were protruding through the fabric of her dress. I remember selecting the dress because it would make it impossible for her to wear a bra. Amber was totally nude under the dress. Amelie had large man-made boobs, but Amber had the perfect pair with bite size nipples.

    It was clear things were progressing quickly and Amelie asked if we could close the privacy window. Amber made her way to the driver to secure the raising of the window as Amelie undid my zipper to the raising of my swollen throbbing dick. Amelie started to lick my shaft then suck on it. Without a word spoken Amber joined in. Both taking turns enjoying my love stick. However, it was I that was enjoying the experience as Rob sat back and observed. Then we reached London Drugs on Robson. I flipped Amber a hundred-dollar bill for the memory card. She asked if anyone wanted anything. Then she disappeared. Amelie and I made out awaiting her arrival.

    Amelie inserted the remote vibrator into her soaking wet pussy and I told her to give the remote control to Rob for him to adjust. In no time he had Amelie reaching for the celling of the limo.

    Amelie asked about Rob and I told her that he might want to play as well. She told me that would be extra, and I told her no problem. Amelie slid over to Rob to talk with him. It did not take long, and Amber was back, and we were off to Stanley Park. On the ride over I got to enjoy both Amber and Amelie.

    In a short drive Sandra, our driver had us near the rose garden. We got out and Amber took a few photos of Amelie and then a few with me and Amelie as well as Rob. We wandered the garden and made our way deeper in the park. Amelie was so impressed with the large trees she does not have in Montreal.

    We walked for a while and we laughed about crashing the wedding taking place near the garden. Amelie’s smile just brightens up a gloomy day in Vancouver. I thought about Catherine’s words, yet here I am with a provider who appears to be enjoying our time together. Amelie took off her new designer shoes to walk bare foot through the park. I looked down at her and just wanted to kiss her. Eat your heart out Catherine.

    We wandered through the rose garden found a bench where we had a few more photos together. Back in the limo and we were off for a few photos with the city in the back ground. Then we piled back in for the ride over to Gastown. Once in Gastown I let Sandra off the hook as we found blood alley. We had a few more shots of us walking through the alley. The ladies now switched shoes as Amelie’s feet were not used to her new designer heels.

    We made our way to the restaurant. It was a nice night for a walk. We chatted, and we laughed as we walked. Time melted away. We arrived a half hour late for our reservation, but they seated us right away. Rob and I let the ladies order and we talked about the business and they swap stories of my interaction with them. This means a lot as I hear their perceptions of my dealings with them. I am feeling pretty good about myself. They reassure me and console me. They tell me to fuck those providers who choose not to see me. Amelie tells me she thinks I should spend more time in Montreal. She informs me that her and her boyfriend have split up and she is looking for a good boyfriend. I was feeling very special at this point. Just the thought of Amelie interest in me was all I needed in this moment. I was not being rejected but rather I was desired.

    I am feeling pretty good at this point. I pay for dinner and we take the ladies into the night. We walk, and the minutes disappear. Amber and I have a special moment as her arm finds mine. I feel a strong connection with her. It is clear there is something very special about this lady. As we walk we agreed we would stop in at Brandy’s strip club. I had not been there in a few years. My last trip there was with Amalia Flowers to meet her friend Cindy.

    The four of us get a table up front and I paid the $120 for the table. Rob on the end, with Amelie next to him, then myself and with Amber on the end. Amber and Amelie attack the restroom as all eyes are on them in the club as they walked by. I love watching all the guys eyeing them. The ladies returned, and Rob was back at it with the vibrator. Amelie was enjoying both the visual stripping taking place on stage and the vibration hitting her fuck hole with the remote vibrator. After cum at the table she had her fill and removed it at the table. Amber wanted it badly. So, Amelie handed it to her. Amber put it in her mouth to taste Amelie then took it to the washroom to clean it off and insert it. At first it did not work but with time they managed to get it to work.

    I got lost in Amber’s eyes as I explored her soul. I want to know if she could hold me as I held her. I was impressed as she did not look away. I asked her to give me her best come fuck me eyes. The world around us melted away. I held her, and she held me in a trance that cause me to just want to rip her new dress from her body. The thought of her naked body under that dress was driving me crazy.

    We watched a few more ladies on stage and I gave Amelie a $20.00 bill to go up front to get a dancer to dance for her. It was so funny watching her. She has a special kind of innocence, but she is no new born baby. Amber fell in love with on dancer Carman Styles. We all wanted more than what these strippers could bring. Beside Amelie told me she had something special to give to me.

    We grab a taxi and we are back at the Sutton in no time. We get into the suite and Amelie puts on some music. Amelie pulls me into the bathroom to tell me that Rob needs to pay to play. I give her an extra $300 for him and I hand over $200 more for Amber as Amber was planning on leaving. My back was tightening up, so I was glad about Amber leaving. I did not want her to get a bad impression of me.

    Now both Amber and Amelie leave the living room and return in sexy outfits complete with masks. They dance for us and I take Amber into the bedroom and remove her mask and mine as I need to look her in those eyes from the club. I tried to help her out of the sexy lingerie but as she struggled out of the harness that covered her nakedness. I discarded my suit and shirt. I wanted my body on hers. I needed to feel her body on my body. We jumped into the bed and my back pain disappeared. My mouth locked onto hers and my hands explored every part of her body. My tongue made its way down her body to her hard nipples. But it was what was between her legs I desired. I tried to control myself, but my tongue was only going to be content if I could lick her clit. I lick her and sucked her clit until my figures found the entrance to her love hole. I licked and sucked as I fingered her. Starting one finger them two then three. I was an impatient lover in this moment. I wanted her for so long. I remembered her with those black panties in the limo on our first meeting. How she moved over the leather seats of the limo. I recalled that first kiss with her.

    She was beauty and I was her beast. My impulsive nature in this moment was not what she needed nor wanted. I broke our connection before I would disappoint her as Rob took my place.

    I now focused on my Montreal conquest. She had been servicing Rob but now was my turn. Amelie inserted a female condom and I inserted my throbbing dick into her filling her up. I pounded her as we both watched Rob eating out Amber. Amelie took me deep in her but the pain my back reappeared. That combined with the pain killers and muscle relaxants were taking it toll on me. I pulled out of Amelie and now she put on a male condom and I stuck my dick up her ass. She had no issues with me as I gave her all I could at this point. I finished then make my way into the living room. Only to reappear after taking a drink of water.

    Amelie put on her new strap on she got just for Amber. Amelie pushed Amber onto her back, held her legs open, and slid that big cock into her sopping wet vagina. Amber moaned with pleasure as Amelie slowly moved the dildo in and out, rocking her hips with a gentle rhythm that hit Amber’s g-spot just right. Amelie wasn’t impatient like Rob or I had been. Amelie took her time, being pleased by pleasing Amber.

    I watched the show as the buildup was steady and unerring and by the time Amber came Rob and I were in awe. Amelie began to slam the strap-on into Amber and I could feel the pounding. I could sense Amelie beneath Amber as the pulsations forced the rubber cock out of Amber and her pussy juices were absorbed by my bed, but it was Amber’s face that proceeded her shaking. She appeared to love it, and as she calmed down, breathing heavily as in a puddle of sweat and cum. I noticed Amelie grasped one of Ambers hips with one hand and used the other hand to guide the dildo into her wet pussy. She groaned softly as Amelie slowly pushed it all the way in and let go to grab her other hip. Then Amelie started to slam her. Amelie pounded that sweet little cunt like there was no tomorrow and Amber released a sound filled with ecstasy. Amelie fucked her harder and harder until she came on the new dong and slumped on the edge of the bed. “Oh....my....gawd,” she panted, and Amelie smiled wolfishly as I turned away for fear I might get hard again. I needed another pain killer and I took another. I found a spot on a chair in the living room. Amber appeared, and we took a moment to look at my three options from Misha visit to Vancouver and she liked the “Fly me to the Moon” version. Rob got dressed and left. Amber took a few more shots of Amelie after she changed into a purple teddy. Amelie and I played in the living room as she danced for me like the strippers in the club, only Amelie was prepared to cum for me once more with or without my back problem.

    Amelie and Amber and I held each other as they told me they loved me. My body shook as the thought that these two ladies could have feelings for me. I needed this after the last few weeks of rejection after rejection. I realized I was not so bad after all.

    Amber dressed and was on her way. But before she left she took a few photos of Amelie and I in the living room Amelie seducing me. It was so hot. But our night had come to an end. Amelie packed up for tomorrow. The drugs I had been taken had taken it toll on me. I fell fast asleep. I awoke to the early morning light with Amelie next to me. I held her, and I felt my cock come to life. So did Amelie, as she slid out of bed to insert a new female condom. Our rocking resulted in my dick finding her love hole. Holding her close I fucked her from behind until I came in her. We held each other until the alarm indicated it was time to rejoin the real world. We packed up and washed up then I realized I had a rental from yesterday. We checked out and headed out to the airport got gas and dropped off the car. I took her to check in then we got breakfast. I left her at security as I checked into my flight to Frankfurt later that day thinking how Amelie and Amber had touched me!

    Amelie recollection
    Bonsoir mon chéri,

    Je pense à toi à tous les jours depuis que je suis revenue de Vancouver.
    Je me sens choyée d'avoir vécue cette expérience de princesse.
    J'avais choisi pour toi un bouquet de fleur pour te dire que j'étais heureuse de te voir. Je me suis ennuyée de toi !

    Quelle belle surprise de voir tous les sacs de magasin sur le lit! Je me sentais comme une enfant et j'avais hâte d'ouvrir mes paquets! Tout me faisait à merveille : la robe fleuries, les délicates chaussures rouges, le joli sac à main assortis et l'attention spéciale pour une veste afin que je n'ai pas froid. Merci! Merci!
    Je suis partie de mon hotel ordinaire pour arriver dans une suite de luxe. Quel plaisir de voir tes petites attentions. Le plateau de fromage et de fruits étaient une très bonne idée. Moi et les autres filles avons pu grignoter un peu durant les 2 heures qu'on duré le maquillage et les cheveux.

    C'était vraiment super d'avoir une Limo pour nous. J'ai apprécié particulièrement l'arrêt à Stanley Parc pour prendre de belles photos avec toi près des fleurs et sur le banc. J'étais avec amie cette après-midi et je lui aie raconté cette escapade à Vancouver avec toi. Je suis vraiment chanceuse d'avoir eu cette soirée spéciale.

    La nourriture au restaurant était exceptionnelle. Moi qui adore les fruits de mer, j'étais ravie des sushis! C'était bien d'être avec un autre couple. Surtout lorsque nous sommes arrêtés au club de danseuses! Wow! les filles étaient belles et dansaient bien. Mon oeil d'artiste était comblé. C'était excitant de s'échanger le vibrateur dans les toilettes avec Amber. J'aime bien cette fille. Elle est naturelle et sympatique. Mais il me semble que je n'ai pas eu assez le temps de jouer avec elle au lit ;) Ca me ferait bien plaisir si elle venait à Montréal!

    J'ai bien hâte de voir la nouvelle version du vidéo qui incorpore mes photos!

    M. Dickson, vous êtes un homme d'une grande générosité, beau et bon. J'aime être avec toi. J'étais triste que ce soit déjà terminé le matin en me levant. J'aurais aimé prolonger mon temps avec toi. J'aimerais aussi prendre soin de toi et te faire des massages pour soulager ton dos la prochaine fois.

    Est-ce que tu connais tes prochaines disponibilités pour Montréal? Je pourrais nous organiser une soirée spéciale VIP au Club privé de Andrée la photographe.

    Je t'embrasse partout! Je t'AIME !!!!

    Amélie xxxx

    Hello, my dear,
    I think of you all day since I came back from Vancouver.
    I feel fortunate to have lived this experience of Princess.
    I chose for you a bouquet of flower to say I was happy to see you. I missed you!
    What a nice surprise to see all the bags on the bed store! I felt like a child and I couldn't wait to open my packages! Everything made me feel perfect: the flowered dress, delicate red shoes, pretty purse assorted and special attention for a jacket so that I’m not cold. Thank you! Thank you!
    I left my hotel ordinary into a luxury suite. What a pleasure to see all the little things. The fruit, Cheese tray were a very good idea. The other girls and I were able to nibble a bit during the 2 hours it took to fix our hair and apply our make up.
    It was really great to have a Limo for us. I enjoyed particularly the Stanley Park stop to take pictures with you near the flowers on the bench.
    I was with a friend this afternoon and I'vetold him this getaway in Vancouver with you. I'm really lucky to have had this special evening.

    The food at the restaurant was exceptional. Who lovesseafood I love sushi! It was good to be
    with another couple. Especially when we stopped at the strip club! Wow! the girlswere beautiful and danced well. My artist's eye was filled. Itwas exciting to share the vibrator in the bathroom
    withAmber. I like this girl. She is natural and friendly. But itseems to me that I did not have
    enough time to play with her in bed ;) We well if you both come in Montreal!

    I can't wait to see the new version of the video that incorporates my photos!

    Mr. Dickson, you are a man of great generosity, beautiful andgood. I like being with you. I was sad that it's over in themorning when I woke up. I wish to extend my time with you. Iwould also take care of you and make you massage to relieveyour back next time.

    You know your next availability for Montreal? I could organizean evening special VIP Club
    private Andrée photographer.

    I kiss you everywhere! I love you!!!


    Amber’s Recollection
    I could not have been more pampered by anyone than the day I met with Amelie and Dickson at the Sutton Hotel in Vancouver. I knew that I was going to have my hair and makeup done by professional artists, and that I would be meeting Amelie, but I wasn't prepared for the decadence that I was presented with upon arriving at the hotel! Having met Dickson before, I really shouldn't have been surprised, but it was next level being the one being pampered.

    My heart was filled with joy having my hair professionally done. Just the feeling of sitting in the chair was luxurious. Watching Amelie have her makeup done was fun as well. She is beautiful, bubbly, friendly and funny. My type of girl! I immediately bonded with her and we laughed and drank champagne while getting ready.

    When it was time to open our outfits, I overflowed with joy seeing all of the huge bags on the bed...that were for me! Dickson had had a stylist go to my favourite store, and pick out extremely classy items that ended up fitting me perfectly! Complete with shoes and handbag, I was ready for the runway, or so it seemed :)

    We went downstairs with Dickson and Wintersurfer to await our limo ride. Amelie visiting from Montreal meant that we had to show her the city. Of course we did! And things got spicy in the limo, and she eagerly leaned over to kiss me. Several times. As we made our way to the park, we asked the limo driver to put up the privacy window and pulled Dicksons pants down and started sucking on his cock. We took turns, and kissed in between. That was SO hot! God I loved it. I loved feeling how hard he was, and his warm soft balls in my hand. Amelie's lips were also delightful!!

    I thought it was really hot that Wintersurfer was sitting nearby watching the entire thing. It's always fun to perform ;)

    As we got to the park, I had to compose myself to get ready for the walk and photography session through the rose gardens. I felt like a school girl who narrowly escapes getting caught doing something when the limo driver came around and opened our door to let us out. I had no lipstick left whatsoever.

    As we walked through the park and I took pictures of everyone, I loved how gorgeous and photogenic Amelie was. She loves the camera and it loves her! I even managed to be in a few photos and felt glamorous being in photos with the limousine behind me. I felt so spoiled and pampered!

    Back in the limo and on our way to Gastown, we got even hotter and wetter by sucking off Dickson some more. Again Rob watched as Amelie and I devoured Dickson. His lips, his cock, his body. I could have gone straight back to the hotel room right there, or kept driving and fucked in the limo! Since my role was partly photographer, however, I ended up taking some pictures of Amelie in the limo, as distracting as everything else was.

    Our glamorous photo shoot continued in Gastown, on the way to Miku, the best sushi place in town. The food was spectacular. Dickson was so gentle and paid us the utmost respect and let us choose the food and wine. I really think I'd have a hard time finding someone to treat me better, the entire thing was pure magic. The four of us enjoyed a wonderful conversation over dinner and wine, and then headed to Brandi's where I experienced Amelie's magic bullet remote control vibrator!! Wowza. I didn't think it was turning me on that much but when I took it out I was wet wet wet. I loved the feeling of being watched, since Dickson got us a table at the very front. I felt very glam being there, I loved parading in front of the other patrons in the bar. The girls were HAWT, and I fell in love with one in particular, named Carmen Styles. I also loved sitting next to Dickson. I felt that since he brought Amelie from Montreal, that I was somewhat secondary, however, whenever we were near each other, I felt like he really appreciated my company, and he kept telling me how beautiful I was. I loved that so much! It's so wonderful to be truly appreciated, both inside and out, and I really felt not only beautiful but sexy as hell, all thanks to him!

    After our fun at Brandi's, we returned to the hotel for playtime! Amelie and I were instructed to include Wintersurfer in the fun, and we promptly got changed into the most amazing lingerie ever. She had come very prepared, with lingerie for us both, and masks for us all. It took some time for us to get properly dressed, and the gentlemen were very patient waiting for us. We emerged and put masks on the men, and proceeded to dance around the hotel room and give them a bit of a show, post strippers I was feeling very inspired. The only thing missing was a pole! ;) Just kidding, there was nothing missing. Amelie turned on some music, and we seduced the men and lead them into the bedroom. It was so hot. Wintersurfer ended up going down on me for probably an hour. Amelie fucked Dickson right in front of my face which turned me on SO SO much. She is so gorgeous, and when her lips met mine I could feel him thrusting into her over and over, and I could feel his thrusting through my entire body through hers. Her skin was so soft, and breasts so supple that I had to stroke them as much as possible. I came so much all over Wintersurfers face, it got really messy and I was in such ecstasy. I felt like I should have been fucking Dickson, but was enjoying myself so much with Wintersurfer and of course we had been encouraged to invite him to play with us! It would have been rude to pull away ;) I assumed I'd be fucking Dickson, but he finished with Amelie and retreated to the living room. Amelie then put a strap on, on, and wanted to fuck me with it. And fuck me she did. She is a tantric goddess, not to mention the sexiest creature in Canada, and I got SO aroused, again and again with her. She made me cum so much all over her big thick dick. We kissed and I stroked her soft skin as she skillfully worked that cock inside of me. The men watched and I didn't care at all, and just let go and enjoyed myself and her. Just. Wow. I finished too, and we went back to the men to spend time with them before WS left for the evening.

    Breathtaken, I had to sit and let my heart return to normal. Amelie was sitting on Dickson's lap, and it was so picturesque that I got out my camera and took some more sexy pics of her. I could photograph that girl forever. I wished we had gotten pictures of her or us having sex, I think that would be really hot.

    In any event, I had to work very early in the morning, and it was already 2am, so I retired for the evening so I could get a few hours of sleep. I knew Dickson was in very good hands though they were both very sad to see me go. I realized then that I shouldn't have taken the work in the morning, and left with a guilty conscience. Nonetheless, I did make a commitment, so I sadly returned home alone, with the memories of my day and evening fresh in my mind.

    I woke in the morning and wore my new shoes to my job. The following day, I wore my beautiful new dress out with my friends. Every time I use the bag and jacket I think of Dickson and his incredible generosity of heart and spirit. He is a true gem in this world, and I feel very privileged to have met him. I still haven't fucked him!!!! I hope I get to do that soon!!!! I can almost feel his thick cock pushing it's way inside my tight wet pussy...mmmm

    Okay. Until next time!!




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