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    Charlotte First Meeting and First Adventure into a New Under World.

    Charlotte First Meeting and First Adventure into a New Under World.

    The morning came early and rather than getting out of bed I just pulled out my computer to find await my attention several emails for me to attend to. I knock them off one at a time and I was gaining suck joy as I rip through each issue with fearless abandonment. I was crushing it and loving it. I love when plans were coming together.

    Then, Bing an email from last night was thrust in my face. It appears Mona is good on her word. She asked when I wanted to see Berlin with Charlotte. I responded that I could meet at my suite at The Mandala Suites on Friedrichstr. She told me her and Charlotte were not far they could be there in an hour. I told her that could work for me. I jumped in the shower and got ready before racing over to the suite.

    I stopped at the bank on the way to collect the needed donation. I arrived just as they were finishing the cleaning. I tipped the cleaning staff and they left with a smile on their faces. However, it was the smile on my face that made me glow. It was only a few minutes later when there was a knock on my door. I opened the door and before me was Mona and a mature brunette, they almost looked like sister. Mona introduced me to Charlotte.

    Now Charlotte was in a blue blouse that was struggling to keep those big tits in. Mona was in a purple blouse and black skirt. Both had black stockings. Mona knew me well. She knew how I liked my providers.

    Now if Charlotte’s big boobs were not enough, Mona decides it is time for her to ensure Charlottes buttons are undone to give me a glimpse of what was to come. Oh, fuck those two were hot. I handed over the envelope to Mona. With that dealt with Mona bowed out.

    Charlotte went into tour guide mode asking me if I had been to Berlin before. I told I had but I had not done any of the touristy things. Charlotte assured me we would hit all the sights and sound of her city. She told me she was born and raised in west Berlin. She informed me things were a little tough so Mona had introduced Charlotte to this world.

    Charlotte asked me my interest; architecture, history, art, fashion, shopping, culture, she had it all and she could show me what ever I wanted. She told me, Mona had not shared much about me other than I had a big……. Then she stop dead and turned red. I tried to complete her sentence….”Ears.” She laughed and said no. She whispered. “She said you have a massive cock.” She went on to tell me she also wanted to do this because she had a terrible sex life and she needed to fuck someone and she might as well get paid for it rather than giving it away for free. I assumed that was my que.

    I kissed Charlotte hungrily, and I had hoisted up her skirts and was running my big hands over the luscious, smooth lobes of her tush.

    I pulled away suddenly, panting with lust, and tossed off my shirt impatiently, revealing my hairy chest. Then my hands flew to my belt, and in a matter of seconds, I had shed my pants and was standing before Charlotte in all my naked glory.

    Charlotte could barely keep herself from gasping aloud in utter astonishment. Her big eyes grew wide with wonder. She had never seen a penis that size before, though she had frequently imagined what a monster cock might look like. My prick looked absolutely gargantuan! It looked like the cock on a horse. She use to ride so she did not know a man’s cock could be so thick. Everything Mona had said was correct. Charlotte wanted to call Mona to tell her she was right.

    Charlotte's exaggeration was not too far from the truth. I was indeed extraordinarily well hung. My pride and joy was a full in length when completely erect, I was thicker than her wrist. She just had to measure it against her arm as I was throbbing impatiently. Now Charlotte was not a small woman. She stood 6 feet and she was not fat but she was not thin. She was all woman with bigger than normal arms. So she was impressed that my cock’s thickness was as large as her arm.

    Charlotte gazed down at it, trembling in excitement, uttering a little cooing sound of desire. She reached down and rubbed the palm of her hand across the bloated purplish tip, smearing the droplet of pre-come that had formed there all over the glans.

    She encircled the pulsating shaft with her fingers and stroked her hand lovingly up and down, squeezing lightly. With her other hand, she titillated my enormous, baseball-sized balls, lifting them and testing their weight, scraping her fingernail across the scrotum. My 6’3” frame shuddered in appreciation as the sultry wench stroked my humongous whanger. I licked my lips in lascivious anticipation.

    "C'mon baby," I said huskily, "let me feel that warm mouth of yours on me!"

    With a sigh of excitement, Charlotte dropped to her knees and stared at the protruding appendage which pointed at her face. Puckering her lips, she pressed them against the mushroom-shaped tip, laving out her tongue and swirling it across the corona, mewling in delight as she tasted my musky flavors.

    She stretched her jaw until it threatened to snap and took the entire crown into her mouth, slurping at it lewdly, running her fingers up and down the shaft.

    I moaned in appreciation, reaching down and digging my fingers into her midnight dark hair, bucking my hips lustily and forcing several inches of my thick sex tool deep into her mouth.

    Charlotte gagged slightly as the thick tip punched against the back of her throat, and then she swallowed hard, letting the first few inches of the horse dick slide down into her aching, constricted throat. I threw back my head and howled in delight as the entire length of my enormous pecker disappeared into the warm slick interior of Charlotte's oral orifice. Charlotte's 'O' shaped bloated lips pressed into the crinkly patch of pungent pubic hairs encircling the thick base of my lance, and she shuddered in pleasure as she savored the sensation of having her mouth and gullet completely stuffed with my joint.

    Pulling back, she gulped down a gust of air, and then took the big prick into her throat again as I pumped forward lustily.

    Charlotte's eyes were nearly bugging out of her head in amazement. She could not believe what she was seeing! Charlotte had swallowed that whole, huge length of man meat! And she seemed to be loving it! How on earth could anybody take something that big into their mouth, let alone their cunt? Charlotte shivered with baffled fear and wonder as she imagined getting her tight slit spread wide apart by an organ of prodigious proportions.

    "Oh dear, lady!" I gasped after a few more pumps, "You gonna milk me dry with that hot suckin' mouth of yours!"

    I released her head and backed off, my huge, saliva-imbued honker slapping up against my firm belly noisily, glistening in the ray of sunlight. I reached down and hefted the lovely wench to her feet.

    Reaching out, I squeezed her full, wobbling boobs through her blouse, enjoying the feeling of the pliant, resilient flesh. Charlotte whimpered in desire as I kneaded her tits, and shuddered as I quickly began to unbutton her blouse. I slowly drew it back over her shoulders and Charlotte let it fall to the ground.

    I gave a low growl of satisfaction as I ogled her bouncing, appetizing breasts under her black bra. They were creamy brown bowls of firm, soft flesh, capped by large, silver dollar sized nipples which puckered outward through the fabric in excitement as I ran the heels of my hands across them.

    I encircled each tit in my hands and squeezed hard, rubbing them together lewdly and lifting them in the air. Bending down, I circled my powerful lips and sucked noisily at Charlotte's left tit, pulling at the soft circle of flesh like a vacuum, my tongue flicking rapidly back and forth across the throbbing finger of flesh. I drew away, a strand of saliva connecting her erect nipple and my mouth, and then clamped my mouth to her other pap while I caught the wet one between two fingers and squeezed it hard.

    Charlotte yipped and moaned in carnal delight as I worked vigorously away at her succulent ripe boobs. I dropped my hands suddenly and reached around the back of her frock. I Slowly, pulled her top from her body, and Charlotte's frock fell in a crumpled heap around her ankles. She was wearing a black bra, and her full ripe hips were protected by a skimpy black panty which was moist with her love juices, and she gave a sharp cry of delight as I began to run my hands slowly up the insides of her thighs until they met between her legs, scraping over the little black lace. She removed that interfering piece of cloth and bent over for me.

    I dropped to my knees and slowly spread the pouting, slickened outer lips of Charlotte's vagina, revealing the glistening interior of her cunt. Charlotte whimpered in delight as I leaned forward, inhaling her rich feminine scent and stroked out my tongue, sawing it up and down the velvety wetness of her sweet furrow. I strummed the erect, quivering knob of her clitoris lewdly with the tip of my tongue, and Charlotte gave a little shriek of ecstasy, beginning to undulate her lips against my face, her big wet boobs flapping up and down as she writhed in glee.

    My big hands clung tightly to the full ripe cheeks of her ass as I dug my face eagerly into her muff, noisily sucking and licking the mound of flesh, forking my tongue as deep into her sweet, honeyed chasm as i could and tasting her rich, flowing juices.

    As I ate her box, my hand stroked rapidly up and down the wet, rigid length of my erection.

    I was really horny by this time. I drew away, panting hoarsely, the lower part of my face dripping with Charlotte's copious juices. I grinned wolfishly up at her and caught her around the waist, pulling her down on beside me.

    Lewdly, I grasped her legs above the knees and spread them apart, pulling the throbbing petals of her vulva away from one another and exposing the maw to her sweet cuntal furrow.

    I shuffled forward on my knees and dropped my big body down above hers, planting one hand beside her waist while I fisted the pulsating base of my pecker in the other. Lowering my ass gradually, I maneuvered the thick, bloated head of my dick against the juicy twat, until I could not take it any more. It was time for her to retrieve a extra large condom her comment being that Mona had stopped to pick up a box before they arrived.

    With the cover on I planted both hands firmly on the bed and began to rotate my hips lewdly and lightly jab them forward.

    Charlotte stared up at my face with naked desire, little mewls and whimpers of excitement spilling from her lips. Her fingers curled into the muscular curves of my chest as she braced herself for the penetration.

    I didn't give her much time. I gave a savage grunt of pleasure and knifed my hardness forward hard, brutally slamming my lower body against hers. Charlotte's wavering scream echoed through the hotel as my prick rammed halfway up inside the wench's hot, clasping vaginal sheath.

    I moaned in satisfaction as the glove like interior of Charlotte's sweet canal tugged at my hard long prick, and then I began to work my hips vigorously to and fro, sawing in and out of the whimpering, writhing girl's hungry hole.

    Charlotte locked her ankles around the small of my back and she began to buck her hips wantonly, impaling herself again and again on the thick sex tool.

    I gave animalistic grunts of pleasure as I humped into her hard, my big body rippling as I strained every muscle to jam my mauler as deeply into her outrageously stretched pudendum as I could. Our bellies smacked together rhythmically, and moist squelching noises emerged as my thick pecker sluiced in and out of Charlotte's oozing, unctuous middle, banging repeatedly against her cervix.

    Charlotte screeched in pleasure, digging her fingers into my back.

    "You like it, don't you, baby?" I panted hoarsely, pumping lustily.

    "YES! YES! FUCK ME, GREG! FUCK ME GOOD! MMMMMMM!" Charlotte moaned, tossing her head from side to side and writhing in ecstasy beneath him like an eel.

    The tempo of our fucking continued to accelerate, until I was bucking into her so hard and fast I practically knocked the breath out of the lady each time I descended.

    "AWWW, YEAH! I GONNA CUM, BABE! I GONNA CUM! AARRRRGH!" I roared, pounding my rigid pecker deeply into her steamy hole.

    A great shudder of carnal fulfillment wracked my body which was consumed with the fires of erotic pleasure. My balls jerked and boiled over, and hot, heavy streams of thick come jetted deeply into the condom deep with in Charlotte's womb, filling her with my seed.

    The powerful blasts of come triggered Charlotte's own delirious response, and she raked her fingers across my sweaty back and screamed with unabated lust. Her back arched, mashing her flopping boobs against my chest, and her hips churned frantically. I groaned in pleasure as I felt her cuntal walls and lips convulse and suck at my still spewing hose, milking me of every last drop of sperm.

    Our sweaty, fulfilled bodies fell into a limp heap, and we laid there like lovers lay panting in one another's arms.

    Above us, Charlotte’s head was whirling with startled lust and shock. She had never believed sex could be so intensely exciting! Stabs of envy and need shot through her. So, this was what she had been missing! She smiled to her self thinking I am going to enjoy this whole new world. Now that I gave her a tour of the world, I called a hobby. It was now her turn to give me the tour of Berlin. I enjoyed the rest of day taking in the sights of Berlin while Charlotte took the rest of the day catching her breath.



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