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    Elimidate Four – VV, Amber Marie, Lauren Ross, Charley Lynn

    Elimidate - My Perspective Dec. 2015

    Ok humor me, I spent a shit load of cash for this event, so you have to allow me the privilege to relive it in this review. For those who do not appreciate the narrative it might be good time to leave now.

    Another year has come and gone. It started out strong and with much anticipation. Then the last four months things just went to hell in a hand basket. My SP experiences took a huge down turn. Life has not been good in Dickson Land. Feeling used and abused. Feeling abandoned, taken for granted by those I pay and those that prey on me.

    Time for another elimidate. Emailing Very Veronica. I had not talked to her for over a year now. Last event we did was the cougar hunt were we snagged Cami Parker by the tail. Oh baby oh baby what a night. Oh I digress chasing tail can do that to me. So now time for a new elimidate.

    VV is up for it. We throw in a few new wrinkles. We will make it a Christmas theme. We will add a special judge. In the past I was criticized for the Elimidate being degrading to the participates. So now we add in additional presents - a special personalized selected item from Swarovski as a welcoming gift, a special gift basket from L'Occitane and flowers as well as party favors and the tribute. As an added bonus we add Badger as the consolation prize. No lady will walk away with anything but a smile on her face. Matter of fact some might enjoy the consolation prize more than the grand prize.

    VV, myself, and Badger make a short list and VV makes contact and then does personal interviews. The list is narrow down and the top three are selected.

    Instructions given and dress requirements are made. Gifts are purchased. Rooms are booked.

    The day of the event I arrive at the hotel and I pick up the keys for both rooms. My suite for the main event, and a Badger fuck den, for our guest judge. I make my way to the suite and the room is decorated as per my request complete with a tree with all the ornaments, a number of poinsettias, and lots and lots of candles. I put the music on. I take a relaxing shower and proceed to get dressed. In the back of my mind I am reviewing the profile of the three ladies I am about to meet.

    Ms. Ross, a new comer on the scene, and the favorite I am told. A few people I have spoken too have her pegged as the winner. The odds in Vegas are on her. VV raves about her. She fits my profile. Looking forward to meeting her. Can she steal my heart and my cock? Will she want too?

    Amber Marie, tried to see her well over a year ago. She could not meet me or did not want to meet me last year? Love her photos. What will she be like? Would she find me to her liking? Low volume providers are my favorite. She tends to fly under the radar. Her reviews indicate that she can be a little on the wild side. Would she find me boring? Will we connect? Brunettes are not top of my list but with AM I might make an exception if she has the right attitude and personality to match.

    Charlie the last lady to be added. Seen her ads in the past. Wondering if she might be a high volume provider and not sure about her participation. Was she even a good selection? But VV assures me she is more mature now and she has a new approach. She seems like a real pro. Beside I Love blondes.

    VV had dropped off the presents and they are placed under the tree including the personalized welcome gifts. Envelops for the second runner up, the first runner up, and the winner are strategically placed on the tree. I give VV her payment for organizing the event as well the $1,000 for the gifts for the ladies she picked up.

    The mold of my manhood did not turn out as hoped. I am not sure how VV talked me into doing a cast of my shaft, but well, she has a way about her. The casting went well other than the cylinder was too small so VV was creative in cutting it and using tape to expand the cylinder. Very creative lady. But with the expansion of the cylinder it appears there was not enough of the fill material to fill the mold. So my dick shows up like a Dickson popsicle on the end of a vibrator. The fill material did not even fill up half of the mold. But the ladies will get the idea. Or so we hope.

    I know the ladies agreed to meet in the lounge at 6 pm and Dickson left instructions with the bartender to take extra care of my guests. A bottle of champagne is ordered, chilled, and paid for just awaiting their arrival.

    The Badger makes an appearance. He tries to pay me for his fuck den but it is Christmas and I am grateful he agreed to attend and take care of the ladies so they have a good time.

    For a scurry little critter he cleaned up well. We try to catch up but he is due down stairs. He dropped off the wine for the ladies I give him his Christmas gift, enjoy Badger my man, but not all at once, remember it took 18 years to get to you, don't drink it all in one night. Food has arrived. The night is set. Let the games begin!
    Oh the anticipation. How will they be dressed? Will they meet the dress requests. Will I have a connection with any of them? Oh the excitement. Who will be first? Who will be last?

    There is a knock at the door and a beauty in a tight dark dress arrives on Badger's arm. She introduces her self as Lauren Ross. We hug and we kiss. She has red hair, a wig I learned later. She has a brilliant smile of an angel, that smile is forever burnt into my mind. She seems so relaxed and we share a few words that evaporate before hitting my ears by the sheer beauty of her smile. We hug again and then the kiss. Oh I am weak in the knees. I see why others felt I would select her. She is new but she is so real and so beautiful. I give her the welcoming gift in anticipation that I will see her smile once more. She has moved to the top of my list of what I want for Christmas.

    Now there is another knock at the door. Badger arrives with another beauty. It is Amber Marie. On my god. What a body wrapped in a elegant black dress. I love how her dress hugs her curves. Her beauty redefines beauty. Her body screams sex appeal. She too has a smile that lights up the room. But it is the look in her eyes that removes all thoughts of Lauren. Did I tell you I love Elimidates.......

    I ask Badger to take care of Lauren while I escort Amber to the candle lite bedroom. (I do have to be careful with the words I use with Badger). As Amber turns to the bedroom I see the gold zipper that runs down the back of her dress. Oh how I want to unzip her. Then OMG those seamed stockings with Cuban heals. Fuck, she did her home work on me. We make our way into the candle lite bedroom, here in the heavenly sanctuary, I admire her beauty as she leans against the wall. Her smile has me. The look in her eye captivates me. Oh now I have met my match and she knows it. She has no idea how vulnerable I am at this moment. We chat and I want the rest of the world to disappear. My excitement builds and there is a knock at the bedroom door. I am informed that Charlie has arrived, the spell is broken, and I must bid Amber good bye so I can greet the last contestant, Charlie.

    Charlie is younger than I thought. She is bubbly and has a hot body that is like a cyclone in her short black dress complete with the stockings with the seams that scream "fuck me". I do owe her an apology as my mind is still focused on Amber. I give Charlie her welcome gift. We talk and she wants me to put on her new crystal necklace, but my hands are trembling so I defer. Oh by the way I love Charlie's glasses they are a great complement to her features. I keep thinking I would like to do her with them on. She is so hot. I have to hire her as my personal assistant for an up coming event in the new year.

    It is time once more to meet up with my guests. We go back into the living room; the Badger is half dress and he has Lauren draped over him like a toga on an ancient Greek. They are so into each other at the dinning room table. I needed a crow bar to pry those two apart. It serves me right for leaving the Badger in a room full of beauties. He can not help himself. No woman can resist him, and no SP is safe.

    VV invites the ladies to take their place on the couch. Badger takes a chair off to the side. I have the placement of honor and await the night before me.

    Round ONE
    First question of the night. What is your most sexy feature? Lauren is first, and nails it, with her smile. Amber refers to her personality, ok take note of that, is she reading my mind? Charlie stands up, lifts her dress, turns and shows off her legs and her ass. Badger starts to drool. Good thing Badger does not have a shirt on or I would have had a dry cleaning bill.

    First task of the night. VV instructs the ladies that there is gift under the tree for each of them. They must, in a sexy stroll, go bend over for me and pick up their gift. On selecting their gift they come sit on my lap and give me their best come fuck me eyes while they whisper in a sexy voice their best pick up line.

    Wow each is better than the last. Although Amber takes it a little too far and we start to make out. VV informs Amber that she is out of bounds and she must suffer the penalty for going too far.

    VV has her lay over Charlie and Lauren and they unzipped her dress to reveal her perfect ass. VV will initiate the punishment. As she goes to slap that perfect ass. I just have to intervene. "No please do not slap it just kiss it" is my command. Amber looks at me with a look, I am not sure if she is pleased or puzzled.

    The next tasks moves on to the kissing test. Here VV blindfolds me with her wet panties. I have my eyes shut but now each lady has to come up and give me a very passionate kiss. I am intoxicated by the scent of her panties. The kisses are a blur. I want more. A lot more.......

    Time is ticking by. Time for the ladies to show off their assets as they walk by they lift up their dresses to show off their freshly groomed pussies and tight asses. I am in heaven. I love elimidates.....

    Badger pipes up and says the night would not be complete without a taste test. So at this point Lauren comes first. Sitting in a velvet chair. She lifts up her skirt to share her love box to the world. I kiss her and make my way to the Y. Kissing her velvet thighs my mouth is drawn to her pink pleasure point. I sense as much as I am enjoying her. Her eyes are on Badger. Even with Veronica on his lap there is some serious chemistry with Ms. Ross and the Badger.

    Next up Charlie and oh my what a wonder between this lady's legs. Sweetness does not describe the sensations I felt as I licked and caressed her slit and clit. I could feel my manhood responding to her moans and the movements of her hips. I could chow down on her all night if time would allow me. But time is up!
    Ms. Amber next and her zipper is undone her sweet peach exposed and she is ready and willing. OMG she is so juicy. Her juices are flowing, her nectar is beyond compare. Nothing like a sloppy wet pearl sitting at the top of a quivering slit each touch of my tongue resulted in her body twitching and gyrating until she came all over my face. The chair was wet and looks like I will need to leave a special tip for the cleaning lady. Good thing I ordered extra towels for the suite.
    Time to say goodbye to the ladies. Each lady gives me a final kiss. But here is where Amber stole my heart. Her kiss was like no other. I felt like it was the 1944, I was going off to war, and this was the last kiss. Oh, my Amber's kiss, with the glow of the candles, the sparkle from the tree, Michael Bublé as a backdrop, with Amber in my arms. Oh my, I am ready to blow a load in my suit pants.

    The Ladies gone, I take a deep breath. I am dizzy and my heart is pounding. Did I tell you how much I love these Elimidates?

    Badger and I would need to make the cut. I could see in those big Badger eyes his desire for Lauren. So the first cut was made and Badger was off to do our new friend Lauren. Lord knows there will be time in the future for me to meet Lauren in a setting becoming of a lady like her. Besides it was clear that she wants him bad. So lets make Badger's night and Lauren's as well.

    Round TWO
    Charlie and Amber return to the suite with VV for round two.

    VV informs the ladies that the toy on the table is not a toy but really just a half mold of yours truly. Charlie is first to try and devour it. I was surprise as she appeared to be struggling to take it all in.

    Where as Amber has my pants down to my ankles and is totally enjoying my girth. It is like she has no choke mechanism. She swallows me whole. This beauty has a very raw sexuality and I would never had expected from our first meeting an hour earlier. I love how she takes the matter in hand with her oral expression as a pure delight. A little teeth now and again but I guess that is to be excepted, now and again. We just met. Over time she will master my size.

    However, at this point she goes fucking crazy. Slurping my dick down her throat she starts to cum. Her body goes into convolutions she starts slapping her pussy until she soaks the carpet and gushes on my suit. She looks up at me totally embarrassed. She says, she is so sorry. Yea right girl, what have you got to be sorry about? I am the one who is sorry for not seeing you sooner. I look at Charlie who now has VV stuffing her muffin with my vibrating toy. Charlie's eyes are like saucers as she just witnessed the second coming of Christ. One look at Charlie's face you know she is silently screaming..... Fuck her now!!!!!

    I lift my Amber, who is now on her knees, from the floor as her body is still shaking from her orgasm. It is time to take her into the bedroom and give her my love rod.
    In the candle lite bedroom, she is the perfect picture of beauty standing before me, in her naked glory with nothing on but her garter belt and those seamed stockings. OMG as she comes to ME! Yes she comes to me and wants me. So many SPs I have to initiate the first move. Not Amber, she kisses me like she wants ME. I have never felt so wanted and desires as I do at this moment. It is like all the SPs over the years were just practice for this one event. She takes my manhood in her hand and pulls me on top of her. I caution her and inform her she does not have to take me. She smiles at me, her eyes tell me she wants all of me, before confirming with her whisper, she needs all of me. My body quivers as she holds me tight. Our kisses become so much more as our bodies entwined in the mad crazy sensations that follow. Time for protection to arrive before things get out of hand.

    My thrusts are slow at first then as she begs for more our love making takes on a whole new dimensions of anal play, deep pounding by me, and intense cowgirl by her. The hour now passes us by. VV enters the bedroom to inform us the night has come to an end. No words have been spoke to VV but she knows my new favorite Vancouver lady has been chosen. Amber leaves the bedroom with VV.

    Charlie comes into the room to say her goodbyes. I feel bad as I did not get a chance to enjoy her. But there will be other opportunities in the future. My dear Charlie, now I know who you really are, you can expect to hear from me soon. You deserve more than the half mold of me. You deserve so much more.

    Amber reappears, she crawls into bed and as if the night was just beginning. We are again in a deep embrace. Her kisses were so passionate. Her touch so gentle, until my swollen member is throbbing in her hand and she has no choice but to squeezes me so tight. She shares with me how happy she was I selected her. She wanted to prove to me I made the right choice. She now wants to be the best SP I have ever been with. She tells me what I want and need to hear. She is totally devoted to me. Unlike others, who I tried to please, she is totally committed to pleasing me. What a novel thought. After another hour of intense loving making and multiple climaxes. We take a break.

    We open her special gifts and with each gift it was like I gave her the moon. In return she was going to give me the world. I was the most amazing guy in her eyes at this moment and I needed that. It was how she showed her appreciation that leaves me breathless. I have come to expect nothing for my actions. As one SP put it, I was giving her gifts and doing these events for me. Amber proved that theory wrong in this one night. I touched her in other ways with my gifts. I was puzzled, other have not showered her with gifts? I have never met anyone who appreciated being appreciated as much as Amber. I think I am going to enjoy my time with her. She asks for nothing, but gives me all I could ask for. It is like she can read my twisted mind. It is refreshing to be with someone who appreciates me and my strange way of enjoying my SPs.

    It was after midnight and Amber needed her over night bag. So we headed downstairs and fetched it for her. We then decided that it was a great night for a walk in the rain. I felt so special as we took a long stroll in the rain of Vancouver, in the early morning hours. We were searching for a place to grab a bite. I learned much about Amber and it was clear I made the right choice. After a light bite and a number of stories she wanted me back in our suite. It started on the streets of Vancouver when she held me tight. Stopped me at the corner and kissed me. We did make it back to the hotel but with a bulge in my pants that Amber seemed to enjoy. The door to our suite was not even closed and we were like a couple of badgers going at it. Clothes in all directions. I felt so desired. Then falling a sleep in her arms was like drifting off to heaven. The only thing better was waking up to her and having her want me again. Where has this lady been? Why have I not found her until now.

    I loved how totally into me she has become in one night. How special she made me feel. How special and happy I make her feel. She only wanted to do to me what I have done for others. It was like a whole new world opened up for me. This is no illusion. This lady was not only in my head but she has taken control of my body. I can not recall cumming that many time in one night and with that intensity. It was the combination of the illusion and the fantasy. I was in this new dimension which could easily be a segment of the twilight zone. Leaving her in the morning was so hard. I wanted to steal her and kidnap her to Europe. Only too many people know we were together that night. Oh did I tell you I love elimidates!

    Oh Amber, my dear, thank you. This elimidate was the best. You are the best! Thank you for making me feel special. I was starting to forget what that feels like. After a while you start to feel taken advantaged of, or taken for granted, and there comes a time when a guy needs to have an elimidate to make one feel special. With others it is only about the money. You my dear made me feel very very very special once more. I feel appreciated by a SP for a change. It is nice to know my little acts of kindness do not go unnoticed. My little things are appreciated. It was not about the money. Or so you made me feel. In the end that is what we seek. To know we are special!

    To Veronica, Badger, Lauren, Charlie thank you for a great night. I needed this big time. It helps to clear my mind, allow me to refocus, reload, realign, re evaluate, and repositioned.

    I love elimidates.

    Elimidate was just what the doctor ordered. Amber is my new drug! With this new drug I may not need the next elimidate. But I love Elimidates!

    VV response: “Yep good times including the interview process thanks again Dickson, epic evening!”



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