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    Amber Marie the Fourth Meeting

    Tia Luxx Birthday

    After a barrage of emails with Tia we agreed that she would allow me to put on a birthday party for her. Learning she like old Dean Martin songs, I search the internet and I found a jazz band that performs Dean Martin songs. We make contact and Frank the lead singer tells me he can perform that night with his key board player.

    A week goes by as we are selecting the play list to tie into the food choices and birthday gifts given out with each course. I am informed by Frank his keyboard player is out of town and he could perform with his taped music or his seven-piece band. I think what the hell never did a seven-piece band before. If I do a seven-piece band plus Frank, it might seem strange with just Tia and I. So I reach out to Rob, Tia ATF client, and the fellow who introduced me to her.

    Knowing that a dream is just a dream unless others are there to participate Rob suggested that Tia’s bestie Marissa should join us. I start putting menu items together. I book a room at the restaurant next to the hotel. A week or so goes by and I do not hear from Rob. I start to worry so I reach out to Glenn another pooner and he really would like to meet Tia. Now Rob gets back to me and he is in. So now it is Myself, Tia, Rob, Marissa, Glenn and his ATF.

    Tia informs me things have not been going well as her incall was sold so she needs to find a new place. I can tell she is stressed. So I reach out to Utopia Spa about booking Tia for the day. Tia, is so excited and she prefers the Utopia downtown. I contact Utopia and book Tia for an all day spa treatment. She will start at 10 AM with a massage, then a facial, then a spa lunch, followed by her manicure, then her hair will be done and finally her makeup application. She will be done by 5 PM.

    After a few more emails. I need to arrange for a stylist to pick out an outfit for her. The first stylist does not work out. The second cancels, the third we do not see eye to eye. I contact three designers, one the style is not right, the second does not have all the items, the third is just right. Kimberly picks out a few beautiful dresses, a couple pair of shoes to complement the dressed, then a few handbags, followed by some accessories to tie it all together. I pair it down to a dress, shoes, and handbag plus a few accessories.

    As the day gets close, Tia’s excitement is so refreshing. She is as excited as I am. I put the program together then learn that Glenn’s date had to drop out. So we are able to replace her with Athena Lust. We learn that Marissa has family commitments but Rob can fill in with Amber Marie, who I have seen on a number of occasions. Some quick adjustments to the program and it is done. Flowers are ordered and the day is before us.

    I arrive in town and meet with Michael, the GM for the restaurant for the set up. Frank and the band have seen the room. The clothes are ordered and to be wrapped. I stop by Nordstrom to pick out red lingerie for Tia and her first gift given to her at the spa over lunch. I pick up a white rose for her. I arrive at the spa to surprise her. But it is I who is surprised. Tia is not there. It appears she was late and contacted the spa to be told she did not have an appointment. We go back and forth. I speak to the manager and she reaches out to Tia and tries to change the schedule. However, Tia has been able to make other adjustments.

    I am so impressed. Most SPs would be so upset. There are a few who would cancel the whole event but not Tia. She is very laid back and sees it as no big deal. I am so impressed. I go pick up her cake at the bakery, I stop to pick up her presents. I make my way back to the hotel and change.

    I arrive at the restaurant where it is a buzz with activity. The room is set with the lights way down low. Candles fill the room, The flowers have arrived and they look fantastic. The band is setting up. The table is set and the programs put out. I put out the arrival gifts. Tia’s special ring she had left behind during our last adventure, I had it cleaned and reset to give it the glitter that was lost over time. I picked up a couple gold necklaces, one for Athena and one for Amber Marie, so that they do not feel left out.

    Rob informs me that he picked up Bella, Tia’s assistant. Opps I have to add another setting and I have no program nor do I have a gift for her or flowers. My bad!. Glenn and Athena arrive. It is time for Amber Marie, Rob and Bella to make an appearance. I leave Amber and Rob to meet Tia and make the night that much more special for her.

    Tia is surprised by her friends, she had no idea they were joining us. I make my entrance. Tia looks so beautiful. Her smile makes my heart sing. I sense her excitement as she claims her heart is beating out of her chest. I let her catch her breath. I take her hand and lead her to the room, she tells me she cannot kiss me as she does not want to smear her lipstick. Is that the case, or has she decided I am not the one she wishes to kiss? We are past a point of no return.

    We enter the room the candle light reflecting off her eyes. The music of ‘Strangers in the Night’ is playing. I sit her in a place of honor. She surveys the room. Seeing Frank singing to her. The large jazz band performing for her, the friends and people sitting all around her to honor her. The flowers catch her eye and I share with her the gift before her on the table. She opens it to see her ring. Everyone comments about how it sparkles in the light of the candles. She reads her program looks to me with what seems like tears in her eyes. I feel so good at that moment. It was all worth it.

    The band performs more Dean Martin tunes and Tia mouths the words. The words she can recall. At this time I realize she sees this time as so surreal. Like it is a dream. Glenn presents a gift he has for her. A fragrance for her, she thanks him. Then Tia’s first gift arrives on a silver platter. She opens the Michael Kors box to find a new handbag. She comments that the color is so perfect. She smiles at me. We receive wine at the table, and our appetizers arrive. We have a few laughs and we share a few stories as the music plays on. I ask Glenn to join me in the hall and I ask him to present Tia with the second gift as the band plays and the salad or soup is presented.

    Tia opens her second gift that holds a new pair of Michael Kors shoes. She seems so excited and just has to try them on. She models them for everyone and she beams as the feedback is so complementary. I love how she smiles and the glimmer in her eyes is priceless. She does not touch her soup as she enjoys the beauty in everything around her. I love how in some ways she has such innocence to her. She sees wonder in everything. From the cards, to the music, to the smiles of her guests.

    We now get ready for the main course. I ask Rob to join me in the hall way and I ask him to present her next gift. He presents, as the servers are removing the dishes and bringing in her main course. She opens this Kors box to find a beautiful dress.

    Everyone seem so impressed. Tia moves closer to me to give me a kiss that steals my heart, and messes her lipstick. So much for her lipstick. She goes to the restroom and I wonder what she might be saying to Bella. Our main course flies by. Now comes the birthday cake. The band now starts up with Happy Birthday, as we all sing while I hand her the last gift. She opens her gift to see the bracelet, then she opens the watch. I seem she is so happy. I just want to enjoy this moment.

    Glenn dances with Tia, then he takes Amber Marie, followed by Athena to end the night of dancing. Our night has come to an end but the band stays to play a little longer. Unfortunately, our night is complete. But, like the best ride at Disneyland, there comes an end to the ride, but the memories live on. We gather up all the presents, the flowers for Tia, Athena, and Amber Marie. I settle the bill. I give Tia a few hundred to tip the boys. I give Rob a hundred for his son’s fun raiser.

    We meet outside in the coolness of the night. I give them instruction to meet us at the Executive tower. I drive up with Tia to allow Tia to park as I had hoped that Tia would be spending the night. She seem so happy. I present her donation. She does not want to take. The right thing for her to say. But I insist. I agreed to pay her for her birthday event and the night ahead.

    We meet our guests and invite them to my penthouse suite. As we gather in the suite, Athena takes Glenn upstairs to the master bedroom to enjoy each others company. I entertain our other guests on the main floor. Tia sees her gift from Nordstrom with the white rose. I see her tear up once more. It melts my heart. I tell her it was to be given to her at the Spa. Oh well it worked out.

    I had plan on giving Tia a box of Chocolates that I picked up while I was in San Francisco. I realize I had yet to give anything to Bella so I give her the box of chocolates. Bella smiles. Amber does the honor and opens the Champagne. We all get a glass and we make a toast to lovely Tia and to new friends.

    I turn on some music from our night’s play list. I make my rounds to ensure everyone is having a nice time. I take a peek outside and find Amber Marie on the balcony alone. I make my way to her. We talk and our discussion goes back to our few meetings. The Elimidate, the night in Burnaby. Then she says the words I long to hear. She tells me she thinks of me. I am a little confused. She explains how she wonders if I am ok. She remembers our times together. She makes me feel special. Yes I know she says that to all her clients. But these are words I crave. Someone thinks of me. Someone almost cares about me. Tia comes out dressed in her coat. She looks so good. We go back in and Tia reveals the new lingerie I had got her in the Nordstrom she had removed coat to show off her new black lingerie. OMG she looks so good.

    I tell Tia to share it with Rob but she seems a little embarrassed. I do not catch on. I now realized that was just for me. We head up stairs to find Athena and Glenn finishing up. I try to kiss Athena and she recoils.

    Tia comes to me wearing her new lingerie. She is so hot. Next thing I know she has me on the bed. I am getting so excited. I turn her over and in front of everyone I remove her bra, then her panties. I take a nipple in my mouth. I ask Rob her ATF to join in. She kisses me. I realize this is to be about her not me. I call little Bella over to make her way between Tia’s legs. I know I will enjoy Ms. Luxx all night so I allow Rob and Bella the pleasure of pleasing Tia. I notice Glenn and Athena are done. I notice Amber Marie sitting and observing. I wonder if she feels left out.

    I reach for Ambers hand, she stands beside me, we kiss. Her kiss is like honey. We are now groping each other. Her kisses now are so wet. My hands run all over her body. Her hand makes it way between my legs. Her moans make it hard to stop. I catch a glimpse of Tia in the arms of Rob. I am so glad she is into it. I want Tia to have the time of her life. Glenn now has Bella next to him. Amber Marie brings me back to her as she finds her way into my pants. She starts slow but quickly devours my thickness. It feels so good and it is not long she swallowing me whole. I am about to explode. I pull her up and sit her on the chair where the night of the elimidate is now relived in my suite. I lick her gently at first until she pulls my face deep into her. She moans and whimpers. The thought that she enjoys me, that I can pleasure her gets me so excited. Then she gushes all over my face. The ultimate compliment. My shirt that is half on is now soaking wet. I stand up and AM has her hands over her face as she removes them I see the pleasure on her face. The intensity in her eyes, she tells me I need to release my hardness. I take her by the hand, turn to see Glenn pounding away on little Bella. Her moans clearly indicate she is having a great time in the arms of Glenn.

    I drop AM on the bed. She pulls me to her, we kiss and some how we found a way to get the condom on. I am now once again in her embrace. We kiss and I take my shaft and rub it over her wet velvety slit. The more I rub her the more she moans. I tell her I do not want to hurt her. She pulls be onto her and allows me to slide into her like a hand into a tight glove. She takes all of me and as we get into a rhythm the night disappears. I feel her wetness and her tightness. I realize I had not invited her but that Rob had. How lucky he was to have both Amber and Tia so into him. I wanted to give AM a night to remember. We came together and it felt so good. We laid there in the darkness as Glenn was leaving and thanked us for the show. We realized it was quiet. We got up Amber Marie to get dressed as I raced downstairs calling out Tia’s name. I checked the bathroom, the balcony. She was gone! Oh my she was gone! I sat down bewildered. Oh no Tia was gone without a good bye. Was it that bad she had to leave or was Rob that good she had to leave with him. Either way I did not please her enough to get her to say good bye. Should I call her? I did not want the pain of her telling me I am not the kind of client she was looking forward to spending time with.

    Amber Maire gathered her things and was out the door and I sat in the darkness.

    Tia responses with her recollections of the night.

    Well as I walked in to the restaurant I had these feelings in my stomach and I didn't know what to expect but to my surprise I had seen my assistant along with a few other friends. Of course, Mr. Dixon had a big plan in mind and it was my birthday supposed to be my birthday surprise and all I can say is wow.... I didn't even know how to compose myself as I was in complete shock that someone would go to this length to plan something so extravagant... as I've told Mr. Dixon I was in shock literally I was shaking I couldn't believe all the people, the band, and all the flowers and gifts I really did not know what to think. I think that I was in shock basically the whole evening. Honestly I have never in my life had someone go so out of there way to plan something like this for me. So, I don't know where to really start but the day started out when I woke up and felt goosebumps through my whole body and excitement for what Greg has planned Lur datw as I know he tends to be very extravagant... I felt nervous and hmmm excited all day so... When I had arrived at our planned destination for dinner, to my surprise, my assistant Bella, Amber Marie and my friend Rob were already there, then Mr. Dixon came out to greet me at that point I don't even really remember what he had said to me as I was shaking and wanted to break down and happy tears, Greg looked SO happy and very handsome in his suit, in which o absolutely LOVE ago see a sexy man ok a suit. So we all sat down for dinner and again to my surprise we had to set five course meal which was very elegant and so yummy. In between each course was a song and a gift, the band that Greg had brought had known that my favourite music or The music that I had grown up with hearing from my parents was Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin. So the band had played all my favourite tunes from those gentlemen. Greg had made sure that everything that I wanted was there that evening, from all the clothes, proper sizes, shoes bags, jewellery was given to me in between each course, like holy crap, all the efforts that was put into this was insane... I felt like a princess, I can tell you that I was completely shocked excited and happy. I honestly felt that I didn't know how to compose myself as this was very overwhelming but overwhelming in a very good way. Greg had made my dream come true, this man is one of a kind. I am so lucky to have someone like Greg plan such an extravagant birthday party for me. I honestly don't know how I could ever make this up to Greg. The feelings I felt since the morning I had woken up of my birthday event I had felt this strong sense of love, being wanted and just an all-around sense of being very special. Thank you Greg for making my birthday event the best day of my life....!

    I am sooooo NOT done but this is just a draft. I left out the other two people and my feelings are not explained enough.... I will fill in the peices but this will be the best review you will ever read. I couldn't find my other drafted one so this is just a start.

    You're such an honor to know and I absolutely adore you.

    Love lots,
    Tia xoxoox



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