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    Anna and the Jazz Club - 2

    Anna and the Jazz club

    I was so excited to rediscover Toronto knowing I get to see Anna again. That first night with her was mind blowing. I had called Carman in advance to ensure Anna was available. I was pleased that Carman confirmed. It was set, and our meeting was to take place at a hotel downtown. Once I checked in I awaited her arrival. I put on some music and I heard Bruno Mars with Wild girls for the first time:

    I spent all my money on a big old fancy car
    For these bright-eyed hunnies
    Oh, yeah, you know who you are
    Keep me up 'til the sun is high
    'Til the birds start calling my name
    I'm addicted and I don't know why
    Guess I've always been this way
    All these roads steer me wrong
    But I still drive them all night long, all night long

    All you young wild girls
    You make a mess of me
    Yeah, you young wild girls
    You'll be the death of me, the death of me
    All you young wild girls
    No matter what you do (No matter what you do)
    Yeah, you young wild girls
    I'll always come back to you, come back to you
    I get lost under these lights
    I get lost in the words I say
    Start believing my own lies
    Like everything will be okay
    Oh, I still dream of simple life
    Boy meets girl, makes her his wife
    But love don't exist
    When you live like this
    That much I know, yes I know

    All these roads steer me wrong
    But I still drive them all night long, all night long
    All you young wild girls
    You make a mess of me
    Yeah, you young wild girls
    You'll be the death of me, the death of me
    All you young wild girls
    No matter what you do (No matter what you do)
    Yeah, you young wild girls
    I'll always come back to you, come back to you
    You, you, you, you
    You, you, you, you
    Yeah, you, you, you
    You, you, you, you
    All you young wild girls
    You make a mess of me
    Yeah, you young wild girls
    You'll be the death of me, the death of me
    All you young wild girls
    No matter what you do (No matter what you do)
    Yeah, you young wild girls
    I'll always come back to you, come back to you

    Looks like I found a theme song. It plays repeatedly and then a knock on the door. There standing before me is my Anna. She is staring off in space when I open the door. Fuck she looks amazing. She then breaks her gaze long enough to smile at me and hugs me. She wanted to know why it took so long for me to see her again.

    Her hair is perfect and her lips so kissable but I do not want to mess her lipstick. Her eyes as blue as a Carribean sea. Fuck she is more beautiful than I remembered. She had so much to tell me and she wanted to know what I was up too. I had book her for a dinner date so we had time. The words from Bruno keep coming back in my head

    All you young wild girls
    No matter what you do (No matter what you do)
    Yeah, you young wild girls
    I'll always come back to you, come back to you

    I was so glad to be back with her as she kissed me and hugged me and thanked me for coming back to see her again.

    “You fuck me now?” Anna let out as she dropped her coat to the floor. I told her not now as I had dinner reservations. She seemed puzzled as I guess she had never been on a dinner date before? She shares with me that her clients usually see her for an hour or two and once they are done they leave or she leaves. I told her she was far too beautiful to just let her lay on her back and pleasure me. I told her I wanted to take her out for dinner. I had reservation at the Canoe with a great view of the city. She was worried that her black dress was not the right dress for dinner. I told her she looked amazing but I could tell she was uncomfortable so we ran over to the mall and made our way in to Marciano for her to pick out a dress. She tried on three and we agreed that the gray number was our choice. It went well with her coat. I got her a pair of shoes as well and a new hand bag. As we left, her dressed in her new dress, we threw out her old hand bag as it was ripped and torn. She held me as we walked through the mall. At one point she stopped me to kiss me. She had tears in her eyes as she told me no one had ever done such a thing for her. She could not believe we were going for dinner.

    We made our way over to the Canoe restaurant, a few minutes late, but we still got a seat by the window. We eat and drank and Anna told me way too much about her life back in Russia and her challenges to get a visa. She had become so comfortable with me and we shared feelings about our first meeting. I was one of her first clients and she was nervous. None the less she felt I was very respectful and sooooo much fun! She had hoped she would see me again.

    During dinner an attractive woman approaches us and after looking at me and she asked me. “Greg Dickson?” I look up and realize I know this lady but I cannot place her. She introduces her self as Laura. Then say “Vanessa.” I now realize who she is. I had seen her many years early when she worked at Select in Toronto. She informs me she got out of the business and was focusing on her communication business. I introduce her to Anna. Anna is quiet and Laura turns her attention to me. We chat and she gives me her number to call her whenever I am in town. Laura then turns to Anna, telling her “Hang on to him sugar, he is a great catch, you lucky girl.” Then disappears as quickly as she arrives. I do not think Anna is too impressed. However, her smile reappears as Vanessa leaves. I realize how beautiful Anna is as she smiles at me. Her smile hits me like a meteorite shower hitting the atmosphere. I just wanted to bath in her looking at me.

    We finished dinner and I explained our time was up as I assisted her with her coat informing her what a wonderful time I had with her. We made our way down to the main floor and I was going to get her a taxi. She told me “just a moment”, as she makes a call. She came back with a smile on her face. She hugged me and whispered in my ear that she told Carman she was done for the night and was heading back to the apartment. Carman had got her an apartment. So, Anna explains she could take the night off. I listened as she went on and told me that she did not want to leave me. I was shocked. I pulled away and she looked at me with shock as well.

    “You do not like me?” she questioned? I replied “no, I mean what?”

    “Greg I want to be with you. I do not want this night to end?” I told her since we are in the TD bank I could give her more money. She did not want money she wanted me. I was like melted butter now spread all over the floor of the TD building. She came to me and kissed me and told me she wanted to fuck me all night.

    I took out my limit at the bank machine and gave it to her. She put it in her purse with out counting it. I told her before we go back to the hotel, let’s go to a jazz club across the street from our hotel. Off we went.

    We arrived in between sets and the hostess placed us in the back. I ordered a drink and Anna ordered a bottle of champagne. We talked and we enjoyed the music. A beautiful red head comes out of the bathroom and I see her out of the corner of my eye. Oh my god it is Charlie La Roux. She smiles at me and I smile back. Anna notices and turns to look to see Charley looking back at me and smiling.

    Anna asks me “who is she?” I tell her, a lady I had seen a while back. Anna looks concerned and asks me if I have lots of providers. I tell her I know a lot of ladies. I see Anna is not impressed but she is not going to let that discourage her from having a great night. She now looks determined and she may see this as an opportunity or a challenge.

    I looked at her and she looked at me. She told me she always wanted to meet the right guy. She told me of her failed marriage and how he just used her, often giving her to his friends and business associates. She felt so bad he would tell her she had to have sex with these men she did not know. Then when she became pregnant with her daughter he left her. She then had to raise her daughter and now her mother is looking after her daughter while she tries to make a new life for her family in Canada. She came here to find a better life. She wants to get citizenship then bring her mother and daughter over.

    Now she looked at me and told me she never met a man like me or so she says. I treated her so good or so she believes. She wants me to see her all the time. She told me I am so tall and so handsome and so kind and generous. Anna let’s me know she feels safe with me and she feels things with me. A connection! Oh, how many guys has she give those lines too. But I was just sucking them in.

    The last set for the jazz band is now taking place as Anna’s eyes now meet mine. I see deeply in her eyes to touch her soul as she caresses my troubled soul. I feel myself growing. As I dive deeply into her deep blue eyes. With no words spoken, no touch, I watch as her breathing intensifies, I can see her breast heaving. She blinks and holds her eyes close as she swallows. She makes a fist and I see her body tightening up. She opens her eyes wide, as wide as I have ever seen eyes widen before. She now bits her ruby red lip. I notice a bead of perspiration on her forehead as her brow is also tight. Her body now shivers as my body tenses up. I can feel my hardness ready to explode. The she flips her head back and lets out a moan over the sound of the music. At that moment, I feel the warmth in my suit pants. Oh my god I just came! I look at Anna who has a huge smile on her face as she speaks two words “Let’s go!”

    I call for the bill and I pay but now the band is done and the show it over. Thank goodness, I am wearing a dark suit as my pants are soaken wet. Only Anna and I know what just took place. I had never been soul fucked before.

    We run out the door of the club, we do not try to make it to the corner as hand in hand we run across to the sound of a horn from a local taxi driver. Anna puts her arms around me as we walk quickly to the entrance of the hotel. Not because it is cold but because we are so fucking horny, and my pants are wet. We make it passed the night clerk and the elevator seems to take forever as we hold each other close, Anna pushes the button every two seconds until she throws me a kiss. Finally, the ting of the elevator we get in she pushes the button twice to our floor. She turns to me kisses me and bends down. I am thinking is she going to give me a blow job here. No, she just pulls off her panties and as the door opens she stuffs the wet panties in my mouth.

    As we walk through the door of our suite Anna attacked me. She threw her arms around my neck, pressed her body against mine and went directly for my lips. Finally, she stepped away and pulled me into the bedroom. She hurriedly removed my clothes and pushed me back on the bed. I heard her mumble “you’re going to get it now.”

    Her clothes went flying. I’ll admit I was already hard, even after what just occurred in the Jazz Club. I’m rarely in close proximity to Anna without being hard. It’s syndrome I have, I guess. There is only one cure. Anna looked like she intended to apply the cure immediately.

    She was now naked. It’s hard to describe how beautiful she is without clothes. Her body mesmerizes me. I can’t take my eyes off of her. She is so perfect. It is hard to believe she had a daughter. She would weigh 120 pounds. Works out every day and god she is beautiful. There is only softness and curves. Her skin is like silk, soft and sultry.

    Tonight, she wouldn’t let me drink in her beauty. She climbed on top of me so that she was perched directly above my dick. She grabbed it so hard I winced, moved it till she found her entrance and then in one stroke fully impaled herself on my hardness.

    She screamed on the way down, then pulled back and began slamming herself up and down my cock. She was still angry. As she gasped for breath and moaned her arousal, she began to curse me out.

    “You son of a bitch, don’t you ever look at another woman again! Do you hear me? Oh God! Never! You are mine you bastard. Oh, fuck!”
    As she humped me she began to beat my chest with her little fists. She had become a crazy woman. She was fucking and hitting, hitting and fucking. I couldn’t help it. I laughed. She was just so damn cute.

    I reached up and pulled her toward me, letting her ride my dick but holding her at the same time. I kissed her gently then began stroking her hair, pulling her face to my chest.

    Anna’s movements became more erratic as she neared her completion. I was somewhere between hot and confused. Suddenly she sat up straight and ground her pussy down on my pubic bone. Her mouth was open but her eyes were closed. Her face was a mixture of pain, pleasure, anguish and passion as she moaned through her fulfillment.

    And then it was over. Anna collapsed on my chest. She lay there, still impaled on my dick. Her arms were around me and her cheek was pressed to my chest.

    Then she began to cry. Her emotions were a mess. The poor thing’s body was wracked by sobbing. I don’t mean to be insensitive, but have you ever been buried deeply in the pussy of a beautiful blonde and tried to maintain your composure while her body vibrated on your dick? It’s well nearly impossible.

    Still, I tried to console her as she came down from whatever high she was on. I know enough about women to understand that we were going to have to talk this whole thing out before I could hope to get any relief.

    Anna said, “I’m so horrible! Oh, Greg how can you stand me? I do awful things. Please for give me.

    I explain she is not doing anything wrong. I think she is hot and so beautiful and that she is not bad for providing money for her family. Over dinner I realized she cannot work a regular job because she does not have a work permit. So, this is the only work she can get.

    I hold her and I tell her everything is going to be ok. We fall asleep until 4 in the morning when I a wake with a raging hard on. I am so horny as I look over to see her next to me naked. Her body is so beautiful. She is so hot. Her tits are so full, and as I watch her breathing I slide my dick over a pillow. I start slow and now it builds. I am going crazy as I grab the bed and I want to pound her to hard and so deep. I close my eyes as the tension build throughout my whole body. My hips now come off the bed as now grab my cock that has developed a heart beat of its own. I can not catch my breath and body shivers and I am going into a convulsion.

    Then out of the darkness comes the hand of an angel. I hear Anna’s voice coming to me with the comforting words. “Cum for me baby.”
    My heart beat slows as Anna slides down to take my shaft in her soft hand then in her mouth. My thickness is so hard and so large as Anna fills her mouth. I look at her as she swallows me then licking and kissing my cock until the moment arrives and I explode my seed erupts shooting into the early morning light. The stream is full and then it is reduced until the second wave of intensity results in the next wave catching Anna off guard as she takes the stream direct in her face. She let out scream but is quick to smile and lick the cum off her face and placing it in her mouth. Now she licks my love juice off my shaft and off my stomach.

    She crawls up to me and kisses me. I can taste the salty after math of my ejaculation. She asks me if after such an explosion could I fuck her because she is so horny for me. We hug and we kiss and she take my hand and places it between her legs. She is soaked her pussy is so soft as she slides a finger in her. She whispers “right there Greg, Oh Yesssss!

    She encourages me to give her two fingers and we kiss and I can feel her firm breasts against my chest. Her hands now explore me and she pulls me closer. Then her hand finds my manhood and she slowly and every so gently caresses my dick. I am getting so hot as I put in three then four fingers. Her hips are now moving against my hand as she encourages me to give her my whole hand thumb and all. She reassures me that it does not hurt. I now have my whole hand in her love box and I slowly go in and out of her. She holds me to tight and tells me that is why she loves my cock as it fills her up so well. She tells me that she wants my fuck pole in her. She wants it, all of it. She pulls away to grab a condom and then goes to grab my cock and I think she thought she had to suck me to get me hard again but in the time, it took for her to get the condom I was able to grow to my full thickness and length.

    She slides on the condom and now pulls me on top of her. Anna lets me know she likes it when I am on top and she can feel my full weight on her as well she enjoys the pounding and gravity of my body as I come down on her so deep and so hard.

    I give her everything I have and then some and she enjoys it until like me she cums and soaks the bed.

    I love it when we make our own jazz performance - spontaneous, enthusiastic, lively, harmonious. I now have a new appreciation for Jazz thanks to Anna.



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