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    Anna and the Surprise - 3

    Anna the Surprise

    Life is full of little surprises and some of the best times are when there is no expectations. So, I thought what about surprising Anna on my next trip to Toronto. I contact Carman at HSG and using another name I book Anna for a dinner date.

    I book my flight and my hotel and I then reach out to a local florist to order two dozen roses. I book a small little Italian restaurant not far from the hotel. Everything is set up and all I need to arrive is my beautiful Anna.

    I land and I am so excited as my driver takes me downtown. I have call after call with work sucking my energy and each thought from my head. We arrive at the hotel and check in no surprise yet. I need a couple things at the local pharmacy and while I am there I pick up a card and they have a sale on candles. What a surprise! I think what the hell and I buy all they have. Another surprise? The lady at the drug store is so excited when she learns it is for my special lady friend.

    I never realized how heavy candles can be as I haul them back to the hotel. No one at the front desks noticed that I had a huge stash of candles.

    I realize with the candles and the flowers that there was some thing that was missing. Oh music! I run over to the store and find a CD of Bruno Mars and I now need something to play It on. So, I pick up a small little CD player with a large speaker. Surprise, surprise, never saw myself buying all this. Back to the hotel I go.

    Now, OK, we are now set as I set the candles around the room listening to Bruno serenade me and I start to bop to the tunes. He was a new artist then and no one really knew him or heard of him but he had some catchy tunes.

    The hour was close, I jump into the shower and I shave and now I am dressed and ready with a few minutes to spare as I write a note in the card and I seal it placing it on the table in front of the flowers. I light the candles and nearly set the room on fire. Not sure what I was thinking. Oh, I know what I was thinking, Anna will love this!

    I leave the room and using the door lock, I leave the door a jar. I head down the hall to the stair well. I can get a good look at the door. Will she go in or would she leave?

    I await my prey; the trap is set. Then I see her approach the door. She knocks and notices the door is a jar. She knocks again. I am ready to jump out if she heads back to the elevator. The big moment arrives as she is wondering what to do. She looks unsure but even with this uneasiness she still looks so beautiful standing there in the hall way.

    I know she knows the hotel as we have had a number of interludes here and I think, what was I thinking, I should have selected another hotel. Then she pushes the door open and says hello in the sweetest of Russian accents. Now she sees the candles and the flowers and then the music hits her.
    "Young Girls"

    I spent all my money, bought a big old fancy car
    For these bright-eyed honies
    Oh, yeah, you know who you are
    Keep me up 'til the sun is high
    'Til the birds start calling my name
    I'm addicted and I don't know why
    Guess I've always been this way

    She enters and I leave the cover of the stair way to make my way to the door and the words now are so much clearer. I can now see her looking around the room and candles now are so bright especially with the reflection off the mirror as well the sun had set and the room was now a wash of candle light. The song now plays on

    All these roads steer me wrong
    But I still drive them all night long, all night long

    All you young wild girls
    You make a mess of me
    Yeah, you young wild girls
    You'll be the death of me, the death of me
    All you young wild girls
    No matter what you do
    Yeah, you young wild girls
    I'll always come back to you, come back to you

    The card addressed to her is on the table in front of the two dozen roses. She reaches down and opens it and reads it and breaks out in tears. The Song continues and she mouths the words with tears streaming down her cheeks.

    I get lost under these lights
    I get lost in the words I say
    Start believing my own lies
    Like "Everything will be okay"
    Oh, I still dream of a simple life
    Boy meets girl, makes her his wife
    But love don't exist
    When you live like this
    That much I know, yes I know

    She turns to see me in the door way and she drops the card and comes over to me and hugs me and kisses me and cries out “Greg my Greg what you do to me my love.” Song carries on with her in my arms.

    All these roads steer me wrong
    But I still drive them all night long, all night long

    All you young wild girls
    You make a mess of me
    Yeah, you young wild girls
    You'll be the death of me, the death of me
    All you young wild girls
    No matter what you do
    Yeah, you young wild girls
    I'll always come back to you, come back to you

    You, you, you,
    You, you, you
    Yeah, you, you, you

    All you young wild girls
    You make a mess of me
    Yeah, you young wild girls
    You'll be the death of me, the death of me
    All you young wild girls
    No matter what you do
    Yeah, you young wild girls
    I'll always come back to you, come back to you

    The door clicks, as it closes, and Anna is now deep in my arms and my thoughts about her are as warm as a lit candle. Her words to me are a surprise as she confesses her love for me and how she misses me. Anna wants our dreams together to be so wonderful, as Marry me, now plays out loud over the speakers. She tells me, when she knew the hotel, she had hoped it would be me she was coming to visit. She lets me know she missed me and she kisses me with abandonment. Deeper and deeper I have yet to experience such passion in a kiss. Now as I am kissing her she pulls my shirt out of my pants.

    Her hands now moving all over my body and it is not long before she has me naked before her, my manhood is stone hard and I am so thick she can not get her hand around my dick. I push her back on to the bar as we both remove her blouse and her skirt. Now she is before me in a black bra, black lace panties, and black garter belt holding her silk stockings with high heels bringing her head to a perfect place above my jaw. I lift her up and place her on the bar. Her legs now wide apart, her arms wrapped around me and her lips on mine with her tongue searching for a dance partner, in the form of my tongue. The more we kiss the more her grip tightens.

    She mumbles something that I can not make out but her body is speaking another language that my body understands and is repeating back to her. She stops for a moment to pull her hand bag off the counter and she pulls out a condom and ripping it with her teeth, she places it on my manhood while I rip her black panties and now she slides forward so that I can enter her without any assistance from our hands. It is amazing that my throbbing love stick could find her love hole without anything but a thought. I go slow at first until she cries for me to give her more. She wraps her silk covered legs around my body. I can feel her vice grip tighten over my ass, as her arms now tighten around my neck.

    I am surprised how her body now comes off the bar and her whole weight is now on my love pole and I pull her up only to let her drop and then again, I go up and then down. She is totally into it and the harder she falls on my thickness the greater the moan and cry that comes forth from her lips. I am concerned that I am hurting her. Gravity is a powerful love toy as I pound her using her own weight as the driver and boy am I driving her!

    We are both now sweating because this is hard work, but oh, what pleasure, as my cock is now going places it had never been before. On the next thrust she screams out “OH MY GREG MY GREG MY GREEEEEEEG.” I am sure the whole hotel could hear her. However, I do not care as I feel my self explode in her and we now fall on to the couch. I pull her on top of me. She kisses me and let’s me know I am her best lover and she never wants me to leave her. Now I am not sure if the room is that hot due to the candles or what we got burning but I do know she is not done with me yet. I want to pull out and remove the filled condom but she is not finished as she starts to ride me again. Only now I am sitting and she is kneeling on me and moving her body up and down on my stone hard dick. I can feel how wet she is and I am worried that the condom came off or it broke.

    Anna does not appear to mind as she has now turns into the nymphomanic. I can see it in her eyes as she has transformed into this sex animal. She is now bouncing up and down on her new sex toy.

    Anna’s arms now pull me closer as I could tell she was about to cum once more and she lets loose words in Russian. I find it so sexy. As her hair is going in all directions and the only words I understand is Greg before she collapses on me. She is now breathing so hard I am worried as she is not able to catch her breath. I ask if she is ok and she reassures me that she has never been better. I remove myself from her body and my condom is like a balloon filled to the max. I take it off and I am still hard. So, Anna knees before me and says “Greg my Greg you are my sex god. I need your cock and I need you my love. No other SP or woman could fuck you like I do.” She is very convincing at this very moment with her face looking at me.

    We are both drenched in each other sweat and I offer her a shower. She quickly drops her garter belt and then releases her large manmade tits to the world. Her bra falls in slow motion to the floor. Taking my hand, she skips to the bathroom with me in tow. She turns on the shower and makes sure it is the right temperature before helping me into the shower. Anna washes me, giving my cock and balls a good going over. She stands up and kisses me and tells me I have the best cock she has ever seen and enjoyed. I now wash her and I enjoy soaping up her ass and her big tits. She appears to like it as well. She is very careful that she does not get her hair wet. She is very particular when it comes to her hair.

    We get out and now she dries my body not leaving any area wet and then she dries herself with a little help from me. All I want is to touch her incredible tits, and her rock-hard ass, and of course her golden pussy. I go into the living room to gather up what was left of my suit. I pick up her red blouse and fold it over the chair. Next, I pick up her skirt and place that over the chair as well. I pick up her ripped panties and I smell them as her scent is so intoxicating. I feel bad about what I had done to them but one woman’s garbage is another man’s treasure. She comes out drying off her hair as the stream from the shower did appear to up set her hair. She sees me with what is left of her panties. I am like a little kid with his finger in a cookie jar. She giggles and makes the comment that “Greg you need to get me new panties?” I nod in approval. She turns and with her clothes from the chair she gets dressed. I love watching her dress. I enjoy it as much as watching her remove them.

    I, too, get dressed, and I look at her as she smiles at me but a new kind of smile like a little girl kind of smile, a sweet and innocent smile. Her eyes dance and her smile is so deep and broad. I know she could model toothpaste. Oh, hell she could be selling garbage bags and I would buy them.

    I love her energy and her excitement for life. Beside she is a great fuck and she knows it. The surprise is on me as I know I am falling for this beauty. I know it is not right and I need to get my mind off her in that way as she is a paid provider. Nothing more nothing less. Yet I desire to do more with her than fuck her.

    I tell her the plan for dinner and we leave Bruno in the suite as I blow out the candles. Our adventure over dinner only takes us to another dimension in time and space. Over dinner I get lost in her eyes and her smile. I just want more of her and I can not believe that I have her with me. Dinner scoots along and we chat about her visa again and we talk about her mother and daughter. She shares her life with me once more. I am in wonder about her challenges. I sense with her that although she is in this business of being a paid lover she is very lonely. She confesses she has no one in Canada to share things with and to talk to at the end of the day or in the morning.

    I share my loneliness with her and we seem to have a common bond. She now wants to introduce me to her daughter and we build a fantasy about being married to each other and how our life would be. She informs me that she would be the perfect wife for me. We talk about some of the fantasies I live out. She so wants to be part of my fantasies.

    It is time to make our way back to the hotel and she asks if she can use the washroom as I light the candles once more and then I turn on Bruno Mars. As Bruno starts up the door opens and out comes my sex goddess with nothing on but that smile. She walks to me slowly and on her tip toes swaying her hips back and forth. Her breasts dancing to the music. She comes up to me and asks me if I like? I am lost for words and she kisses me I can feel her soft boobs up against my body. Her legs are so toned and perfect in so many ways. She asks if she can spend the night. I look at her like a deer in the headlights. I say yes but I tell her I need to get more money. She winks at me telling me I am good for it or she is going to take it out on my man cock. She quickly retrieves her purse and pulls out her phone to call Carman. I can over hear her telling Carman she is done and she is going back to her place to crash. I hear silence then Anna informs Carman. “We had a great time and he was a total gentleman.”

    She comes back into the bedroom jumps on the couch smiling and I ask her if she will get into trouble. She kisses me and tells me “You are trouble, the kind of trouble I like.”

    We kiss and kiss some more. My hand finds its way to her love box and I can slide my fingers over her silky slit. Oh, so moist, I bring my fingers to my lips to taste her. She whispers to me if I like? I nod once more as she turns so I could see her perfect ass. She strolls into the bedroom with my clumsy drunken steps to follow. I strip down as she lays on the bed and touches her self for me to watch and for her to enjoy.

    With her finger extended she motions for me to join her as I drop my pants, she lets out a gasp. “Oh, My Greg your Cock is so beautiful.” I am now as stiff as a board. I plop myself down next to her and she strokes my body and finding my hardness for her pleasure. Now after a period of kissing and caressing each other she slides down to take my massive thickness into her mouth. She is looking at me with her blue eyes and she is driving me crazy. She now twists and turns to throw her leg over my head and give me direct access to her shaven pussy. I dive right in and I forget her sucking me off as I lick her with a passion. I feel her hips rotate with each stroke of my tongue. I lick her, flick her, and suck her and await her reaction. I now suck on her clit and I realize she is mirroring what I do to her clit she is doing to my penis. We are driving each other crazy to the point she pulls away and just grabs a condom to give me the ride of my life.

    Cowgirl, reverse cow girl, missionary, doggie, spooning, and so many other positions. My head was spinning as she teaches me things I never knew possible. I came a few more times and she had to have cum 5 or 6 times. I was out of my mind and at one point I was dizzy and thought I was going to pass out. MY poor cock was worn out. I thought I will never had sex again thanks to her.

    Anna just smiled and kept telling me she loved me and at one point her laying on her back and her hair flowing around her head she moved her head back and forth flailing back and forth and calling out,

    “My Greg, My Greg what are you doing to me.” I stopped and she screamed at me. “Nyet Nyet don’t stop Fuck harder” so I pounded her harder with everything I had. I was worried the bed was going to break. But she took it and thanked me after. Oh surprises are so much fun!



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