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    Anna and the Opera - Which is a New Beginning. - 4

    Anna and the Opera - Which is a New Beginning.

    During my many visits with Anna we concentrated on the basic joys of masculine sex, with her vagina and mouth and fingers and anus for our enjoyment. She played my cock like a maestro with a flute. My, experience until meeting Anna had been limited to furtive fucks in the hotel rooms, although the hotel rooms continued, I was suddenly in a new world.

    Not only was my pleasure heightened to ecstasy, but it lasted all night as Anna took advantage of my intense sex drive well I was reaching my sexual peak. Her fingers, her hands, her lips, her tongue and teeth brought my cock to rock hard erections and then spouting orgasms time and time again.

    Anna's fingers and mouth and vagina and anus were trained to clasp, to tease, to arouse; to do all conceivable acts to make my orgasms shuddering, rocking and pulsating experiences which took over my whole body.

    Stage 2 in Anna's planned program of sexual enlightenment was to slow things down, to extend each part of foreplay into a sexual experience. Anna gave me sensual massages. I had never dreamed that she could be so stimulating. She covered my body with gentle touches with her nipples. She would tantalize me by taking my cock deeply into her mouth, but quickly withdraw and allow me to lick and suckle her nipples or rub her moist pussy over my face or suck my testicles.

    Our kisses became longer, more probing, more consuming, more delicate sometimes, more urgent other times.

    By the time Anna had finished her hour of arousal my balls were bursting. My whole body was screaming out for her to thrust my cock into her demanding, soaking pussy.

    Stage 3 in my education was the stage for which Anna should have been particularly grateful. But Anna couldn't be grateful because, understandably, I never told anyone else about my private tutor.

    “Greg, my darling boy,” said Anna as she stroked my flaccid cock after our frantic lovemaking.

    “Now I must teach you how to truly arouse and excite a woman and take her to her sexual paradise. How to bring her to the peak of sexual fulfillment.”

    I was a little upset by this comment. I had thought, judging by Anna's groans and screams and writhing and bouncing for the previous half hour, that I wasn't doing to badly in this respect. But I kept my comments to myself. Anna provided instruction but involved Anna's gorgeous, voluptuous, responsive and free body, I didn't mind what she said.

    “There are two reasons I am sharing this wisdom with you, beautiful boy. The first is that most men are pathetic lovers.” Anna's upper lip curled with disdain.
    “The number of men who come to me and think they are great in the sack is very high. The number for whom that is true is, regrettably, very, very, very low.
    “Do you know what I find is the hardest part of being a whore?” she prodded.

    I shook my head as I licked her nipple.

    “The toughest part of being a whore is not selling my body. The toughest part is to tell these incompetent oafs how good they were, when in fact, they were bloody useless.”

    Anna pretend to spat onto the floor. You can take woman out of Russia, but you can never take the Russian out of the woman.

    “When you become a true lover, an artist, a master craftsman, a maestro, you will find that women will have thought they have died and gone to heaven. They will not believe their good fortune.”

    “And, they will do anything for you in return. And I mean anything” Anna tapped my chest and winked.

    “And the other reason for learning this is that the true sexual lover enjoys giving as much as receiving. There is as much pleasure to be had in bringing your lover to orgasm as orgasming yourself.”

    I listened, fascinated. I didn't really understand all that Anna was talking about. I worshiped Anna's rounded body: its crevices, its odors, its juices. I loved listening to her Russian accented speech. I loved feeling her body shudder and hearing her groan with pleasure when she orgasmed,

    “So, my Greg, here is the rule from now on.”

    “I must have at least two orgasms before you may have one.” Anna poked my chest painfully.

    A lesson in female biology followed. I became even more familiar with Anna's clitoris and G Spot.

    “See how my G Spot is near the front. So, thrusting hard and deep, however nice it feels will seldom bring your lover to orgasm unless you massage her clitoris with your pubic bone. Sometimes your lover will prefer it if you only have your big thick cock half way in and massaging her G Spot.

    Your thick cock is so perfect as it fills me up and rubs my G Spot. But you do not need to go deeper unless I ask for it. OK?”

    The lesson continued into the night. Anna instructed me about her ears and nipples, her throat and her armpits, her navel and her hips, the puckered brown star of her anus, the soft flesh at the top of her thighs, about the insides of her elbows and knees.

    In fact, by the end of the night they’re wasn't a single inch of her body she hadn't instructed me on.

    It was easy to give Anna her two orgasms. My tongue or fingers on her clitoris or G Spot always worked and Anna expressed her gratitude by taking my cock right down her throat.

    “No fingers or tongue or cock for those two orgasms when you come here next.”

    I had time to think and worked out that with my teeth, ever so gently, and sucking with my lips I was able to bring Anna to her hip bouncing orgasm.

    Anna responded by taking my erection deep into her rectum as she knelt in front of me.

    “Now next time you are here, you must take at least half hour before I come.” said Anna as we showered together.

    That night after dinner it was more of a challenge than I had anticipated. Such was Anna's responsiveness that try as I might, she came in five minutes not thirty.
    Anna looked at her watch. “Five minutes only." Her upper lip sneered.

    "You are supposed to be a sexual maestro, not a rutting pig.” Her poke onto my chest was far from friendly.

    Then she kissed me tenderly. “Change your pace, darling. Bring me to the brink then take me back. Learn to recognize when I am almost coming and do something else.”

    So, I slowed down for my next attempt. But after 20 minutes I heard sounds of exaggerated snores from Anna.

    “This is soooooo boring Greg. Variety. Surprise me with different things, touches I'm not expecting.”

    Anna grabbed one of my ears in each of her hands and gave me a very painful twist. Not letting go she pulled my face to hers so that our noses were touching. I was almost frightened by the look of anger in her smoldering eyes as she glared into mine. Russian women can be so rough.

    “Don't you like my lips?

    “I love your lips.”

    “Don't you like my ears?”

    “I love your ears.”

    “Don't you like the taste of my armpits?”

    “You know I love the taste.”

    And so, this questioning continued, noses touching, my ears in agony until she had gone all the way down to her toes.

    “Of course, I love licking your toes.”

    Anna's voice became louder and more strident.

    “You say you love all of my body. Well use all of my body.”

    The twist on my ears tightened even more painfully.


    She had left me a chastened man, but also a thoughtful one. And, without having had an ejaculation.

    At our morning session I applied Anna's instructions and after half an hour of Anna's groans and moans and writhing she came in a hip bouncing, Russian profanity filled orgasm.

    She checked her watch and kissed my nose in approval.

    “Greg, that was beautiful, I'm so proud of you. Once more before I let you fuck my ass.”

    I started to apply the same techniques but after 15 minutes I heard Anna's exaggerated snores again and felt her hands grasp my ears.

    With our noses touching, Anna's teeth clenched in anger and my ears were in agony.

    “Greg, you are such a boring lover.”

    “But you liked it half an hour ago.”

    “That's exactly the point. Its the same and the second time it must be different. Look at my body Greg.”

    She twisted my ears, forcing my face down. I looked at her erotic perfection, down at those lovely large breasts with their enlarged aureoles, down at her slim waist, down at her puffy pulsating labia.

    “Why do you insult me like this? Do you think I'm some sort of robot you can wind up the same way each time?”

    My ears were twisted harder. Anna's voice had that strident pitch.

    “Use your imagination. Use your sensitivity. Use your instinct. Use all your body. Use all of my body.”

    Her voice was now shrill with anger.


    Anna turned her back on me. Her body shook with sobs of anger and frustration at me.

    Our next session Anna came after 35 minutes of what she now recognized as exciting, sensitive and masculine arousal from me. She was so proud of me and so proud of herself.

    'Greg, I am so proud. You are showing the talent I knew was there."

    Now her excitement was even higher. “Please Greg, make me come, I can't take it any more.”

    But I ignored her. It was well short of 30 minutes.

    Anna's excitement mounted. Her beautiful body was glistening with perspiration, her groans were an incomprehensible babble in Russian.

    “Please, please my Greg, now. Forget that stupid 30 minutes.” Her voice was a panting croak.

    So, I relented, and Anna's orgasm seemed to reach new levels of bouncing, Cossack yodeling pleasure.

    But then those cruel hands on my ears, her angry eyes staring into me.

    “That wasn't 30 minutes.”

    “But you were begging. You told me to forget the 30 minutes”

    “It wasn't 30 minutes.”

    “But you seemed to have a fabulous orgasm.”

    Anna's face softened, and she kissed me tenderly.

    “Greg, it was the most wonderful orgasm. Thank you, my lovely lover.”

    But then her face hardened.

    “It wasn't 30 minutes.”

    “But you were ready, you were begging.”

    The cruel grip tightened, our noses touched, Anna's flashing sensual eyes blazed into mine.

    “Listen, and listen carefully, beautiful Greg. A woman wants a man who is confident sexually, who takes control of sex.

    “To be sure, you must respect her, be devoted to meeting her sexual needs and never physically abuse her.

    “But women quickly tire of wimps. Let her choose sometimes on things which don't really matter. But, in the nicest way, you must be in control.”

    “Greg, I have spent all this time training you to be a man.” Her voice was trembling with emotion.

    Anna stopped momentarily as she sobbed.

    “But sometimes I wonder if I have failed.” Her voice roses to a shrill shout. She prodded me repeatedly and painfully in the chest.

    “Sometimes I wonder if I have been wasting my time.” Anna burst into tears of anger and self pity.


    I seriously wondered whether my ego could take any more of this, or my ears for that matter, I did some serious thinking while I got ready for the event I had planned that night. I needed to go out to pick up our tickets for the special gift I had for her. Anna had told me she wanted to go to the opera. I had been able to secure tickets for a performance that night.

    When I got back to the suite Anna was in the wash room. I entered and told her I got her tickets to the opera and she just looked at me. She flung her arms around me and she told me she wanted to go to the opera so badly. I told her to get ready as she asked me what will she wear? I looked at her and told her to get dressed. She asked me why. I told her

    “Why do you ask me so many questions” as I took her by the arm and we strolled over to the mall and her favorite lady’s clothing store. She tried on three dresses and she selected the perfect dress for the night. Now we headed to a shoe store not far from the clothing store. Nothing there to turn heads so we found a second store and bingo. We found a pair of high heels. Now we stepped into a lingerie store and we got her a sexy bra panty and garter set with black seemed stockings. Anna was set and so was I. I took her by the hand and with her in tow as she had her bags in tow we found our hotel and our suite. We picked up a little lunch as we neared our hotel.

    In the suite things started differently. The first thing I did was to throw the stopwatch out the window, figuratively as the windows did not open. Anna frowned, but inwardly she smiled so she said nothing. Then we lay on the bed, fully clothed, listening to Bruno Mars who was our new artist. Although it was as far away from opera music we would experience that night his music moved us.

    After 10 minutes and no conversation I idly stroked Anna's thigh to a few inches above her knee.

    After another 5 minutes I placed her hand on my pants over my cock. Anna squeezed and stroked in a not particularly interested way, seemingly fascinated by my girth.
    Another 5 minutes and I opened my fly. Anna's hand went inside and extracted my erection. Still no conversation. Anna's touch was polite but passionless. My erection was soon rampant. I took my hand on the back of Anna's head and gently pushed. Now her interest was aroused, and she applied all the skills of her years experience in the business. Her lovely soft mouth and throat swallowed my extended cock. In a half minute my load of come vanished down Anna's willing throat.

    Still no conversation but Anna went to the living room to admire the gifts I just got her. I joined her in the living room. After 5 minutes of admiring her amazing naked body my hand drifted higher up Anna's thigh. She complied with my wishes when I nudged her legs apart, and still watching her, lifted her up on to the wet bar to let me remove any misconception on who was teaching who. She was now mine and I was going to teach her how we fuck in North America.

    I stripped from my remaining clothes and removed Anna's wardrobe. In the simple missionary position, I thrust my covered erection deep into Anna's vagina. She said nothing and didn't move. But, her vagina was sopping wet, she closed her eyes and she stopped watching the watch. Perhaps she panted just a little but certainly didn't come before my geyser spouted deep inside her clasping vaginal walls.

    Afterwards Anna nuzzled my ear. ” You have been using your brain.”

    “Let's eat,” said I, as we went to a nearby Chinese restaurant before heading to the Opera house.

    During the performance I watch her the entire time. I watch as her eyes lite up and I watched each frown, each smile, each giggle, each intense question that flew over her face. At the intermission she had questions for me and my attention now moved to a little boy and his sister who sat in the box next to me. The boy seemed bored, but his sister was totally into the adventure playing out on stage.

    I escorted Anna to the restrooms and as the lights flickered we made our way back. The children’s mother introduced her self, as Anna and I sat to enjoy the performance. However, I was captivated by admiring Anna enjoying the performance. I thought that is what pleasers do. The little fellow next to me watched me as I watched Anna who watched the singers on stage. It was if there were a trail of bread crumbs that lead everyone to the conclusion. It did not matter who was watching who it was about the pleasure one got from the experiences playing out before us as we all reached a successful conclusion.

    The performance did come to a successful conclusion and my Anna thoroughly enjoyed her experience. I could see she was lost in the performance as I was lost in her. We made our way out of the concert hall to our awaiting limo. Anna thanked me, and she placed her head on my shoulder.

    When they returned to the suite I undressed Anna slowly. As each part of her gorgeous nudity was opened to me, I stroked her, I kissed her and licked her. The performance may have been on stage tonight, but my performance was just beginning.

    Then when she was naked and already breathing deeply I massaged her with aromatic body oil. Then for the next three hours Anna had a stream of orgasms, some 30 minutes apart, some 30 seconds apart but she didn't mind. Her mouth, her vagina, her anus all felt the delights of my skilled and sensitive intrusion.

    Anna's excitement and sexual intoxication grew and grew. Her groans became more and more Russian and more and more profane.

    She would scream, “I can't take it anymore,” but then gurgle with pleasure in Russian as I's untiring cock speared her gaping ass.

    As the body fluids needed to be refilled, shivering, sweat covered, still spasming world's sex experience had changed her thought that she may had known everything that afternoon, but had now reached new levels of sexual fulfillment not just for her but for me as well. We drifted off to sleep in each others’ arms.

    The next morning Anna declared that I was an honors graduate of her academy. She did believe that morning that she had created a true stud, a master of seduction, of arousal, and, a master of devotion to women's pleasure.

    We had breakfast that morning at a cafe for the last time on this trip. Anna was different. Her long locks were pulled back in the most elegant of coiffures, her neck, her ears, her wrists and her fingers were covered in expensive jewelry. She still looked beautiful, but in a sophisticated and restrained fashion.

    “Bye bye darling Greg. I can teach you no more.”

    I was devastated. “But I still want to see you and fuck you.”

    “No, you must go out into the real world. And I am starting a new career?”

    “A career as what?”

    “As the wife of a multi-millionaire 50-year-old. Your wife my love. I am yours now”

    She gave me a hug. “But Greg, I'm so proud of you. You are my star pupil.”

    A peck on my lips and she turned and left.

    I watched her ass move around in her very tight skirt as she walked across the street to a parked taxi.

    I somehow recovered as I made my way to the airport in my own taxi with a smile on my face knowing my adventures with Anna was merely starting. Everything with her was starting.



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