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    Anna and the Hyatt Experience - 5

    Anna The Hyatt Experience

    Anna and I have been in some heated emails. The feelings are flying and the emotions are so over the moon. I have such burning for this lady and her words to me are so powerful. I agree to get back to Toronto as soon as I can. I get a hotel not far from her place. There must be a dozen emails back and forth each day.

    I love how horny she is for me. She says she cannot work as an escort anymore thinking of me. She writes to me first thing in the morning sharing how her pussy is so wet for me when she awakes and so wet when she goes to bed. She cannot think of anything but me.

    I tell her I will be coming into Toronto and she is so excited. She tells me she will come out to the airport to meet me. I tell her I have arrived and she cries on the phone. She tells me she wants me to stay with her but she knows if carman found out she would be out on the street. I tell her I got a place in Yorkville at the Hyatt. I tell her I have a car to take me to the hotel and I will need an couple hours. She tells me she will meet me in the lounge in an hour.

    I jump into a car and I am off. She lets me know she going to jump into the shower and she wants to look so hot for me. She tells me she needs to fuck me so bad. I think of her final words “She needs to fuck me so bad.” My cock grows in the car as we approach the hotel.

    I jump out and check in. I rush up to the room and I jump into the shower then get dressed rushing to the roof top lounge. I find a location but no Anna.

    I realize I am early and I head down to the entrance of the hotel hanging out as the hour arrives with a force my head and heart is about to burst. Then off in the distance walking to the hotel I see her. She is a woman on a mission. The cool fall breeze blowing her hair. Her makeup so perfect. She does not see me and I wonder what is going through her mind. She carries her laptop in a computer bag. She told me she had a gift for me. As she stops for a light. I notice a few guys looking her way. I do not know if they know what she does but I bet I know what they are thinking as one fellow approaches her to say something. She does not acknowledge him yet his lips keep moving as the light turns green and she makes her way across. I lose sight of her until a few minutes pass and she arrive in the entrance area of the hotel. She spots me and runs to me. We embrace and she kisses me as if it was our first kiss after years of being apart. In her broken English she sobs telling me she missed me. I take her by the hand as we arrive in the hotel lobby.

    I tell her I want to take her to the lounge for a drink so we can talk. As we enter the elevator she asks me what floor we are on. I tell her the floor and she pushes the button to my floor she then pushes me up against the wall of the elevator kisses me and with one hand reaches for my crotch. Feeling my firmness, she says.

    “My Greg you happy to see me or is that a tree in your pants?” I laugh with her tongue down my throat. Her other hand now cradles my head and she slide her fingers through my remaining hair on my head. I hear her whisper as she tells me to Fuck Her. The bell informs us we have arrived and we make out as we make our way to the suite. I drop my key card as I reach for it she lifts her dress to share with me her freshly shaved kitten.

    She takes my head and slams it right into her wet pussy which is screaming for my tongue. I make contact and I smell the scent of this woman. I am over come with lust. She brings that out of me. I take my hands and secure her perfectly firm ass in my palms. I pull her closer as I bury my face deep into her muffin. Oh my god she tastes to good. In the distance, I hear the ting of the elevator. I do not care as I look up to see my Anna’s head move back. I feel her body start to quiver. I feel her legs start to shake.

    Who ever arrived did not come our way. Anna’s breathing is rapid and deep. Her hands squeeze my head as I feel her gush all over my face. She goes weak as we crash to the floor.

    As we try to pull our self together. Anna screams at me “were the fucking key”. I fine it and I put it in and the door opens as we spill into the room. Anna is now all over my pants pulling at my belt, my zipper and ripping at my zipper. I offer to help and she swats away my attempt. She has my swollen dick in her mouth and is sucking the life out of me. I hear her slurping me up. I am loving it. I am no match for her sucking action and I blow my load in her mouth. I look in her eyes as I explode down her throat. I am so sensitive as I try to pull out however her eyes looking right at me and hold me captive. My body trembles as her sucking action stops. I see in her eyes a sense of achievement. She releases me and I start to undress. As I turn back to her I see her at the fire place her dress is now gone and she has a new lingerie set for me to admire. Crotch less panties catch my eyes and I am so focused on her touching her self.

    Her breasts are exposed and they are so full as she drivers her self crazy. Her love box is so pink and so soft. It is hard to believe I just had my face in her. She spreads her self for me so I can see her deepest pinkest meat. She now slides in her perfectly manicured finger inside her wetness.

    Her nipples now are so hard and protrude from her globes. The more she fingers fucks her self the hotter I get until I am fully erect.

    Her eyes are closed as she buries four fingers in her snatch. I am watching and enjoying. I start to stroke myself as I watch her finger fuck herself. Then I see her with a smile on her fact as she tells me “Are you just going to watch me or are you going to fuck me!”

    She instructs me to get a condom out of her bag and then I place it on me as she now places one hand on her massive tit as well as one still slid deep into her wetness.
    She moans as I stand before squeezing my thickness and wave it at her. She stands taking my hand as one of her stocking falls to her ankle. She grabs my stick and pulls me to her then rubs me against her wet pussy. Back and forth she goes. Then she slides me into her as she lifts a leg. I now have her against the wall with one leg in the air. I slowly insert my pole into her. I go slow until she says something in Russian as her hand’s grip tighten. Then her whisper becomes a demand. “My Greg fuck me.” A whisper changes in to a yelling. “FUCK ME MY GREG FUCK ME!”

    I pick up the pace. Harder, deeper. Each thrust lift her off the floor as my thrust is met by her cries “Right there, yes” “Dah” “Dah” “DAH” as she gushes on my last great push that takes her off her feet and into my arms. Her arms are like a vice grip on me as she shakes, shivers, and quivers. I hear her say “My Greg, My beautiful Greg. I love you.” I then release her as she kisses me holding on to my neck. It felt so good exploding in her. We kiss as I have her up against the wall. We slowly come back to earth.

    Anna says something else in Russian then catches herself realizing I do not understand. She reassures me she that she can speak English but at moments like that she goes back to her native language.

    We jump into the shower and we wash each other her body is so remarkable. Her hair is disheveled, her makeup smeared but we kiss in the shower and her breasts against my chest is enough to get me excited. She washes me and I wash her including her beautiful breasts and her nice tight ass. She turns her head as I was her ass hole. She asks me if I like her ass. I say yea but she worries it might be too big. I reassure her that it is perfect as I slide a finger in to her butt hole. She looks at me and reassures me that she expects my dick up her thigh ass.

    We now dry off and I sit her on the counter as I dry each of her toes. After drying her pussy. I bend over to kiss her kitten when she sighs and ask if we should eat in. I laugh and tell her that I want to take her shopping. She gets excited and now she is off the counter and she has pushed me out the door as she starts putting on the makeup.

    I get dressed and I ask if I can use the sink. She pushes the door closed. “Nyet” Anna is very protective of beauty in progress.

    I have to wait another 10 minutes and the door slowly opens. I peek in only to see her smiling at me as she puts the finishing touches to her lip stick. “You like My Greg”. I concur “I like a lot” as she turns to me a and smiles. The smile is accompanied by an “I love you my Greg".

    Anna blows me a kiss as she packs up her cosmetic items. I wash my hands and we leave the bathroom. I am always amazed by her beauty and how her eyes cut right through me. After she works her magic I find it hard to believe she is now in her 40’s.

    We pack up and we catch a cab to take us over to the mall. We stop off with a few stores here and there but it is not until we hit Guess by Marciano. Oh, now here is her Mecca. Anna lights up and she gets every dress in a 6 they have. She tries on one dress after another. She comes out and gives me a fashion show. We have the Nyet and the Dah piles. She thought she died and went to heaven. I am blown away by her in each dressed and there were those I thought she looked good in only for them to end up on the Nyet pile. Don’t ask me the logic. It was either the sleeves or how it felt on her hips. Now we whittle it down to three dresses. I like them all. I tell her to get all three and she looks at me like I just committed a sin. We get it to two and the deal is done as she tries all three of them again. Every time she comes out of the dressing room the store erupts in applause and I see her smile as she twists and turns. I notice a few guys came into the store eyeing Anna. Young guys admiring a real beauty.

    I pay for the dresses and the clerks thank her for coming in. We now find a Nine West and Anna starts wading through one pair of heels to another. After about 6 pairs we find a perfect pair that she can use for both dresses. Then comes a purse to match the shoes. On the way out, we stop and get a coat and a pair of gloves. What can I say they were on sale?

    Anna says “let’s get something for you so we walk into La Via Rose and Anna picks out a couple sets asking for my opinion as she tries on the bra and asking me to join her in the tiny chain room. I pick out a black set and a pink set. Anna agrees. I pay for them. Anna joins me and as we go to leave hauling her treasures she whispers loud enough for everyone with in ear shot can hear. “you know I am going to fuck you long and hard to night!” I notice a couple over heard us and as I can see the fellow with his wife or girl friend look at us as if his eyes fell out of his head. His girl friend hits him in the ribs hard enough to cause him to wince.

    Anna is a glow and I have bag after bag of shoes, dresses, coat, lingerie, and accessories. Anna is proud of her self and she thanks me by kissing me for the whole mall to see. A few guys and gals pass us by and the look on their faces cleared showed they knew I was getting it tonight.

    We make our way back to the hotel. Suggest we drop off the bags with the bell man but Anna insists that we drop them off, when in fact what she wants is me to fuck her. By the time we get in the suite I drop the bags off My Anna has her dress up to her waist and is bent over the bed.

    “Fuck me my Greg. Fuck me hard, I want your cock” I drop my pants and after looking at her playing with her self and looking at me. I grab a condom and I proceed to slowly and not fully hard penetrate Anna from behind. The more I move in and out of her the more she moans. I find I am getting harder. Anna then demands I give her harder and deeper. I lift my leg to place it on the bed beside her, so I can get deeper and better leverage. My grip on her hips tightens. I force myself deep into her. My force is met by the slap as I crash into her ass. She jumps a few times but her moans and cries indicate that she is enjoying this fuck session as much as me. However, I can not help but think this is a fuck for clothes. It does not matter as her pussy is purring like a Cheshire cat. After ploughing her relentless she lets out a squeal and a gush that wets the bed. I pull back condom dangling from the tip of my cock and Anna falls to the bed. She turns over a huge smile on her face. She informs me I am her best lover. Not sure if that is true or if it was the clothes talking. It did not matter as I felt like I was amazing.

    We washed once more and changed before heading out for dinner. Of course, Anna has to wear her new dress. The dinner is a wash as I remember very little other than her beauty looking at me. We did talk about her visa challenge and her daughter and her mother. She wanted to know more about my places in Europe. I shared my Ikea show rooms. She laughs and tells me I need a woman in my life. Someone to take care of me. We talk about getting a place in Frankfurt. We dream about her mother and daughter joining us. As we get ready to leave. I help her with her dress. The waitress comments about Anna’s dress and her coat. Then as we prepare to leave the owner of the restaurant comments about how good we look together. We caught a cab and I could not wait to get her clothes off her and to get my love stick deep into her. During our love making Anna commented she would want to have a baby with me. Those words caused me to shoot my love juices all over the bed. Anna was so excited she tried to lick up each drop. I slept so well that night having this love goddess next to me.

    Oh my Anna what are you doing to me!



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