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    Anna The Falls - 6

    Anna the Falls

    I made my way to Toronto to participate in the black-tie event. I arrive at the Trump tower and check in. The room is the same suite that Anna and I had shared only months before. I check my messages and I follow up call after call. As I wander the suite talking to client after client, investor after investor, employee after employee I see Anna in each room, in each chair. Her face haunting me, that look.

    Her naked body calling me to fuck her hard and deep. Oh, the thought of her sitting there, her pussy exposed, and offered to me. I find myself getting hard. I need to snap out of it. I go into the bathroom to get ready. However, in the shower I see her there up against the shower wall as I penetrate her from behind. I can still hear her cries out to me. I turn on the cold water to dampen my thoughts. I need to get out of the shower as the thoughts of her refuse to be washed away. I stand by the mirror drying off and I notice my cock is enlarged. I try to get my mind off her as I shave. Yet there in the mirror is my Anna next to my reflection. Only now with her one leg on the counter top she turns her head looking at me as she bends over begging me to fuck her on the counter top. Oh, how hot it was that night as I drill her and she cries out for more. I try to stop but now I picture her coming into the bathroom while I was shaving and her giving me that blow job while I attempted to get ready. Oh, she drove me crazy.

    I finish up yet again and I try to get dressed but my underwear will not contain my thickness. I just put on my shirt and let my manhood drip dry for my fear of stuffing my thickness into my underwear is too painful. I give up the thought of drying my shaft as the few strokes will result in an eruption. I struggle putting on my cufflinks on as I remember Anna helping my shaking hands by inserting the cufflinks and her laughing saying she felt it was easier to get my big dick in her moist pussy than putting on these cufflinks. I shake my head. I stuff my pants with my thickness and wonder how I can attend the event with this massive bulge in my pants. I tell myself I need to stop this as I put on my bowtie. I slide my jacket on and put on my shoes. I need to go but as I approach the door I see my Anna up against the door and I see her pulling her gown up as she begs me to fuck her one more time before we go for dinner. I stand there looking at her. My throbbing cock begging me to release my love juices.

    I need to sit down. I reach for my phone. I call the meeting organizer and let her know that I am not well. I may not be able to make it to the dinner. She asks if I am ok. I told her I will be heading out to get what ails me resolved. I now call Anna and I am so happy as she answers the phone. She seems excited to hear from me. We talk and she tells me she was thinking of me. I tell her I am thinking of her. She tells me she has her hands in her sweat pants as she just got back from the gym. She tells me she wishes I was in Toronto and that she wishes I could fuck her hard and deep. She then asks me to pull out my dick and play with myself. She asks me if I am hard. I tell her that is why I am calling. I tell her I am fucking crazy for her. I can tell from her breathing she likes where this conversation is going. Her breathing increases. She asks me, where am I? I tell her I am in my hotel room. She asks me what time is it where I am. I tell her 5 pm. The line goes quiet. She asks, “where are you?”

    I tell her I am in Toronto. She nearly cries and asked me why I did not call her. I tell her I had a black-tie event but that I could not go as I was so horny for her. She screams and asks me which hotel. I tell her the Trump Tower. She is so excited. She asks if she can come over and fuck me. I say yes. I tell her better yet. I will get a car to bring her to me. I call down stairs and ask if there are any cars available. They tell me they have a 6-person limo out front. I ask if the car can go and pickup a guest. They inform me the hourly rate. I say hold it and I think oh what the hell. I tell them I will be right down. I run down jump in the limo and learn from the driver, Gary, he has no fares for the night. I book him to pick up Anna but then to take us out to Niagara Falls and stop for dinner.

    On the drive over to Anna’s, I share my story with him. I tell him of my Russian wife and she was visiting a sick friend and I had this stuffy business dinner but I just could not stand being away from her. We weave our way through traffic as together we weave the tail. I love it when someone dives into the fantasy we created. Gary wanted to know what I do, and I tell him a little bit. However, when he asks about my “wife” I tell him Anna story of owning her own cosmetic company in Poland. The construction on Yonge street means the story takes on a life of it’s own. It is not long and we are in front of Anna’s apartment just off Bloor and Yonge. I text her to let her know I am downstairs and I inform her to put on the wedding ring as she will be playing my wife. She is so excited she calls me and invites me up so she can fuck me. I tell her, no, that I have a limo and we are going to take a drive and she can fuck me in the back of the car. She giggles and tells me she has the ring by her bed. I would learn later she loved putting it on and get her self off pretending to be my wife. With in 5 minutes her apartment door opens and out steps a picture of beauty. Her in her black dress, her black stockings, and her heels. Her hair is perfect just off her shoulders and her make up is pure glamour. I love that about her. Her smile is priceless as her big pourable lips find mine and the hug is so intense. Our embrace is beyond compare. I am lost in her arms as the world around us disappears. She asks if she looks good flashing her wedding ring at me. I tell her she looks beautiful. Gary, our driver, smiles as he knows what is up. As she slides into the car I can see the tip of her stocking it looks so hot. As she slides farther into the car and I bend over to get in I notice her shaved pussy is exposed to the evening air. Oh, my she is not wearing any panties. I slide in next to her and she smiles knowing I got a look at her shaved kitten. She appears to enjoy my little peak as much as I do. She comes close to me and kisses then whispers. “Yes, my husband I did not put on panties in hope you might fuck me as soon as possible.” Our driver enters the front and informs me that we are on our way to the Falls then puts up the privacy window. Anna is so excited as she confirms what the driver just informed us. Anna nearly squeals. She hugs me and tells me she always wanted to go to the Nagara Falls. “Oh, my Greg this is so romantic” I smile and before I could get a word out she is kissing me so deeply. We have not even made it on to the QEW before she is on top of me and I have a hand between her legs. Her kitten is so fucking wet. She is dripping. Now she slides to the floor of the limo and undoes my tux pants. She pulls out my throbbing dick. I tell her how horny I have been for her. She licks and sucks me.

    “Oh, my beautiful Greg your dick is so big. I love your cock” “You have the biggest and most beautiful cock I have ever had. I want you so bad.” She pulls out a condom and using her mouth she places it on my shaft. She looks up to me and so proud of herself. Her smile lights up the inside of the limo. She now climbs on top of me and slowly slides on top of my thickness. I feel her wetness surround my hardness. As she takes me deeper. Her head goes back and she cries out. “Oh, my fucking Greg what you do to me!” Now she starts to ride me. She has me totally crazy. I throw her back on to the leather seat and now I get on top of her spreading her legs apart and now I drive deeper and harder. Each thrust she let out a moan and a cry. I am now pounding the shit out of her and as she wants more of my manhood. She calls out “Fuck me my Greg FUCK MY PUSSY! My jacket is now thrown off, my shirt is removed, her dress is in a pile, her laying there her stocking covered legs reaching for the sky as she pets her kitten. My pants now have found the floor and the sweat is pouring off the both of us. She grabs my dick in her hand and she bends over and begs me to give it to her from behind.

    She now grabs the top of the seat her head turned wanting to see my dick piercing her slit. I drive right in her as her lips come together in such an intense look. She coos as I drive slowly at first deep into her. She now commands “FUCK ME GREG, FUCK ME GOOD” “Oh god I love your hard cock” as I pound her from behind. The windows are fogged up but as I drive in deep her hair brushes up against the window and I can see we are stuck in traffic on the QEW. I am enjoying this traffic jam. I stop for a minute and the motion of the car either pulls me out or drives me in as we stop and go. She turns around and now lays me down on the seat to remove the condom and to enjoy my dick licking and sucking me. I now need to return the favor. I place her on the seat as she spreads her legs for me. I dive in to her muffin. I can taste the condom but it is her flowing juices that delights me. I suck her and lick her and it is not long and she is reaching yet another O.

    We are now on the floor and she tells me that I am her best lover. She feels bad as she wants me to cum. I smile at her and suck her nipples on her large man-made breasts. She closes her eyes and humms for me. She comments “Oh Greg” I slide my fingers into her swollen mount. One, two, three, four and I feel the sensations with each inner touch. It is not long and I and jamming my whole hand in her pussy. Her moans are now screams of joy. I start an upward motion deep in her. Her body is now bouncing up and down as her hand flay around. Her head is swiveling back and forth as her perfect blonde hair is not so perfect any more. I look into her eyes as her whole body tenses up and she levitates off the limo floor. She has the most intense O as my other hand that is squeezing her ass, slides from her cheeks and my finger enters her little ass hole. Oh, my fucking god she goes from O to super O. She screams out and her whole body goes into convulsions. I swear her heart stops. I pull out of her as I am thinking she is having a heart attack. A few seconds pass as she now catches her breath. She holds on to me like she will never let me go.

    Anna is a mess and I wish we had a towel. Anna reaches for her purse and pulls out some handy wipes.

    We clean up as best we can and we dress and we hold each other and kiss. She tells me she loves me and this results in me cuming in my pants. Oh, my she sees how her comments cause me to let go. She dives right into my pants and she licks me up and sucks the cum from inside my pants. She gives me tissues from the limo and dries me up while she licks me clean.

    We cuddle after we dress. Gary, our driver lowers the privacy screen to inform us we will be arriving at the falls shortly. He stops and we exist and walk in the darkness with only the street lights and the lights over the falls. As we get closer the mist from the spray touches us and she comes closer. We kiss as so many lovers before having done in this very spot.

    The chill of the late summer night results in us back in the limo and off we go to find a restaurant. Our driver has found a place and booked us a table. We arrive and with me in my tux and her in her classy black dress we are seated among those celebrating a wedding anniversary, a birthday, and other special events. It really did not matter as we were in our own world. We order and spend the rest of the time lock in each others gaze. Not a word is spoken but a novel is communicated through our eyes. Each course is a distraction from our riveting stare. By the time the main course has arrives her piercing eyes have reach deep into my soul and I can feel her caressing my subconscious Id. Her eyes strive for immediate gratification of all my deepest desires, wants, and needs. If these needs are not satisfied immediately, the result is a state anxiety or tension will erupt and she knows this so her eyes claim my hidden uneasiness.

    Our dinner is done and as we leave we await our driver who is within eyesight but does need to make his way to us. Anna pulls me close and she informs me that she wants to fuck me all night long. Her description of what she wishes to do me gives me an instant hard on. Our car arrives and our driver opens the door. Anna enters and I am right beside her. The door closes and Anna’s mouth closes over my mouth. She is now on top of me. Oh, hell it looks like we will need to start in the car before we make our way back to the Trump tower.

    Anna places my hand under her dress so I can feel her wetness. My finger finds her slit and as I stoke her kitten as she purrs in my ear. She bucks and my finger is now inserted deep into her. She sighs and she grabs my throbbing cock. She squeezes me with her painted red finger nails scratching at my tux. It does not take her long and she is between my legs with my dick in her mouth. I enjoy the feeling as we speed along the QEW on our way to downtown Toronto. I let the moment wash over me like a warm water fall on my body in a tropical jungle. It is not long and the animal in me is unleashed. I grab Anna’s hair and I jam my swollen member down her throat. I hold her head there until she starts to choke. I release her head as the tears stream down her face. She looks at me with fear but with delight. She is anticipating a raw desire from me like none we have experienced before. I grab her by the arms pulling her to me. As she grabs her purse everything spills on the floor but it is only the condom that catches her eyes. In the moment she rips it open and slides it on my expanding love stick. I swing her around with her head on the seat her ass is situated directly in front of my fuck pole. She cries out “Yes Greg, Yes”. I slam my body against hers. My condom covered dick now rams into her velvet hole. She cries out louder. I start to pound her deep and hard. Her leg now is on the seat as my leverage improves. I pull out and as I try to slide in once more she squirts all over the limo. This drives me crazy so as I attempt to pound her, once more, my dick finds her little butt hole. I go deep into her ass as she screams out “more!” Her ass wet from her love juices accepts me with little resistance. Her ass, although, is a welcoming home for my shaft. It does not take long and the condom is full. Slowly I pull out the condom stays in her filled with my love seed. We collapse on the limo floor and we need a moment to catch our breath.

    We finally arrive at the Trump hotel but the rest of the night was a blur and I do not recall much more in the early morning. Gary, on the other hand, will recall that trip to the falls for years to come.



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