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    Anna Stories My Greg My Greg

    Anna Stories My Greg My Greg – 7

    Anna met me at the airport and this was now becoming a common occurrence. I enjoyed seeing her awaiting my arrival. Today she was wearing a black top with a long white skirt. Her smile was to die for with her hair pulled back. She really is a picture of beauty. We hugged and she kissed me we held hands as we met our driver who took us downtown. She brought me up on the latest gossip around Carmen. She informed me she needed to be careful as Carman did not want her to see clients outside of the business.

    It was an “oh no” moment. She sensed it, so she smiled, kissed me, and said she did not see me as a client but as her lover and her friend. I said, “Boy Friend” Her response was “Yes, you are my boyfriend.” That seemed to sooth over the situation even though I was still paying her as I handed her an envelope.

    She shared information on her mother and daughter and of course her issue with the lawyer in Calgary. Still no visa. She was filling in her day with the gym, and checking out the skin care departments at all the stores. I thought she should do skin care and cosmetic application on the side.

    She came in closer to me taking my arm and putting it around her. She kissed me and commented. “You smell like strong man. GRRRRRRRRRRRR…..” then giggled. I turned and kissed her passionately. Her response was to pull her long skirt up and pull my hand to her moist pussy. Then a whisper. “Fuck me with your fingers my Greg” I proceeded to slide one then two then three fingers into her as she took a deep breath. “I miss you my Greg” as she exhaled. I increased my movement pushing in deeper and wiggled my fingers in her. Finding that spot that drove her crazy, I applied the required pressure and finger fucked her. Her breathing intensified as her hips started to move to the cadence of my fingers.

    I saw her eyes had closed as she came. I felt her whole body tightening up. I appear to now know her body enough to know when she came even when she did not want you to know. It was like watching a person who must yawn but tries to hold it in. You see it in their face. I could see it in her face. Perfect timing as we arrive at our hotel.

    We got my bags and ran into the hotel. I checked as she sat in the lobby. Crossing her legs then uncrossing her legs. I loved watching her and she loved showing off for me. I got the key and we were off to the room. As we made it into the suite she pushed me up against the wall and looked me in the eyes. She started to tell me she loved me and the more she talked the harder I got. Then looking right in the eyes and not looking away she said.

    “Greg, I mean I really do love you” “I think of you all the time” “I need you in my life” “I want you in my life” “Fuck, don’t you get it I love you!” That last, I Love you caused the precum to wet my suit. She had me at “I really do!” Now she knew by the shaking of my body that I had cum. So, she dropped to her knees and could feel the wet spot, so she dropped my pants and proceeded to inspect the damage.

    Anna took my hard shaft in her hand and started to lick the precum off the head. There’s something thrilling about a woman holding your hard dick, getting ready to suck it, after just meeting her just twenty minutes before. She started pushing her mouth down my shaft, using her tongue on the underside, and my dick got even harder.

    She gave me a hand job and wanted reassurance that it felt good. I told her it felt great, but it would feel even better if we could 69. She said that sounded good, and that she’d never had a customer eat her pussy like I do. She turned around and lowered her pussy down to my waiting mouth. She gave a moan as my tongue made contact with her clit. Her pussy smelled GREAT, and I pressed my nose it in as I was sucking her clit. She was sucking my eleven-inch dick like the pro she was. After a few minutes of heaven, I told her she needed to stop before I came, but I continued to eat her pussy. She lifted her pussy a little so I could push a couple of fingers inside. When I had started, her pussy wasn’t wet at all, but now she was almost gushing sweet love juices over my face. After a couple minutes she started to shake and moan, and I knew she was close. I clamped down on her engorged clit and started sucking and flicking it with my tongue for all I was worth. When I shoved a third finger in her wet love hole, that put her over the top, and she started flooding my face with her love cum. She was almost growling as she ground her pussy down on my face.

    After Anna came back down to earth, she turned around and told me I was going to get the best fucking ever, as a reward. She rolled a condom over my throbbing cock and started sucking it, and it felt better than I thought was possible with a condom on. Then she squatted over me and slowly started to lower her cunt down on my cock. It was much tighter that I thought and remembered. She slowly began to slide up and down the full length of my shaft. She slowly picked up her pace and using her trained pussy muscles to squeeze my cock as she pulled up and pushed down. I had never felt anything as wonderful. She started bouncing faster and reached around to grab my balls. As she gently squeezed my nuts, I started to tense up. She felt it and squeezed my balls, and cock a little harder, and I almost passed out with pleasure. I started shooting so much cum out of my dick, it was coming out of the bottom of the condom and running down my balls. I thought I would pass out. She stopped bouncing and pushed it all the way in and started squeezing it, milking it till I was dry. I would still tremble every time she would clamp and unclamp her pussy around my dick.

    She got off me, got a warm wet towel and cleaned my mess up. As she ran the towel over my dick, balls, and my ass crack, my dick started getting hard again.

    Anna looked at me and she informed me she was so hungry. She then laughed and said, “This girl can not live on cum alone” then before heading I watched her putting on her make up. I was like watching an artist at work. I sat on the toilet seat admiring her. She laughed. She told me I made her nervous but I was mesmerized by her beauty. Just look at her. I did not tell her I needed time to recover, and watching her was just what I needed.

    So, we dressed and headed out to find a restaurant to satisfy our need for food. We found a place on Yonge street at Dundas it was not memorable sometimes you win sometimes not so good. It was like a Moxie’s or a Joe’s. It did the job.

    On the way back, we stopped in a sex shop to look around and we laughed and joked. We did pick up some massage oil, lube, and then she wanted to know about butt plugs. It kind of surprised me but nothing about Anna really surprised me. So, we bought her a butt plug.

    We raced back to the hotel to use our new purchases in the pursue of pleasure, hers and mine!

    We had a quick shower and Anna lifted her leg up as she washed her ass hole. I could see her latter up and stick her fingers in her ass. She then used a wash cloth to wash her ass deep. Anna then got out first and dried off and made her way into bed. She was so excited. After drying off I crawled into bed next to her. We kissed a little then she pulls out the massage oil.

    I started massaging her sweet ass with my oiled-up hands, making my way to her ass hole and pussy. She lifted her ass up so I could get to her cunt better. She was so wet and my fingers so oiled, that I got three in right away and started finger fucking her slowly. Then with my other hand, I went to work on her asshole. I took one finger and started pushing it her puckered hole. She told me to hurry and stick it in all the way. So, I was now finger fucking both of her sweet holes. I could feel my fingers in each hole through the membrane between the slick holes. I got a second finger in her ass, and then she started to tremble with the start of her orgasm. She was now pushing back at my fingers and started to gush pussy juice all over my hand, screaming into the pillow.

    After she slowed down she turned her head and asked if I’d like to fuck her ass. HELL YES!!!!!!! She told me to lie on my back so she could be on top. She got a tube of lube and stroked my dick with the lube. In moments it was all over my stiff dick. I struggled to put on a condom. She told me that her ass was still virgin, and if it was ok with her if I would let her lead. She shared how she wanted to feel my cum shoot into her ass. Again, HELL YES!!!!! She held my dick and slowly started to push her ass over the head of my dick. I thought that she would go slowly, but as soon as she got the tip in, she quickly pushed all the way down, taking it all. That almost made me cum right then. She started rocking back and forth on my cock, telling me how good it felt. She reached down to her pussy and started rubbing her slick clit. She was so tight and looked so hot, I knew I didn’t have much time before my nuts blew. She started sliding up and down my shaft now, and that was it. It felt like electricity shooting thru my body as I started flooding her ass with my hot thick cum. I couldn’t move as she clamped down on my cock with her ass muscles.

    It seemed like it took forever before I came back down, then she bent over to kiss me and asked if her ass was good. I told her it was great, but I was sorry that she didn’t cum too. She smiled and said that she came at the same time I did, but probably didn’t notice because I was cumming so hard. With that she lifted, and my dick plopped out of her ass. She turned around pulled off the condom and licked all the cum and pussy juice off my cock and balls. She looked up at me with a smile on her face and said she loved being ass fucked by me. She confessed that she would only do that with me. She slid up to my face and kissed my mouth, letting me taste my cum, her pussy juice, and the musky taste of her ass.

    She turned me onto a lot of things in the year I saw her. Anna also introduced me to a vibrating butt plug which I looked forward to working into her ass before we’d fuck. Or even while we were fucking.

    We’d also shared wild fantasies. Even with all that the loving was tender and sweet at times. I fell asleep in her arms and she slept that night with the butt plug in her ass.

    In the morning we got washed and dressed before heading out for breakfast. She asked if she could wear the butt plug out for breakfast. I said sure. She asked if I would fuck her ass again. I thought oh my she has become obsessed with her ass.

    During breakfast she looked me in the eyes and asked me if I would like to take her to her apartment. What? Is she asking me to her apartment. No Carman’s in call but to the apartment she was living in. I confirmed if she would want that. She shook her head indicating yes.

    We were now in a taxi on the way to the place she lived. I know the building as I had picked her up that night we went to the falls. She chatted and told me in was Carman’s place that she let her stay there. We arrived and she took me up stairs.

    We arrived and she showed me the little place. Her clothes were in a suit case. Most of the clothes in the closet were things I had bought her. She told me she never wears them to see clients only to see me.

    In her living room was a couch and a table with stuff on it including the CD player I got her on the night of the surprise, the Bruno Mars CD, she informed me she listens to it all the time. He is her favorite artist. I asked if she would like to go to his concert. She hugged me and kissed me and cried. She asked me if I would like some juice and she gave me a plastic glass with juice in it. She sat beside me on the couch and cried. She shared with me that she hated living there and she did not enjoy working for Carman. She loved her time with me. She only wants me to fuck her. Some of the men are mean and call her names because she is older. On man hit her and some piss on her or want her to piss on them.

    We kissed and she told me how she has so many feelings for me. We then talked about her daughter and she showed me a photo of her and her mother. She told me she misses them. Her visa thing was not working as the lawyer is not responding to her.

    I asked if I could use her bathroom. While I was in there she shared with me her feelings for me and recited every event we had. Each meeting with her she remembered the smallest of details. Like what I was wearing and how she loved when I touched her and made love to her. She shared how my cock was so perfect for her. How some guys dicks are so small they cannot get it in her. She asked if I could fall in love with her. She told me she loved me.

    I was now playing with my love rod. Each word from her got me harder and harder. I could hardly get my hand around my dick. My balls ached and I started to breath harder. My shaft was now fully extended. She opened the door to see if I was ok. She looked at me and came to me kissed me and asked me to fuck her as she lifted the dress up. She was not wearing panties and her pussy was sobbing wet. She asked if I would fuck her without the condom. I had seen a gold wrapper by her sink. So, I told her to bend over as I picked it up and torn it open placing it on my love stick before plowing into her. She bucked and then settled in. As I pushed in she pushed back. After a few a few strokes my cock came out then it slides right back in. She purred like a kitten. Then on the next thrust my dick found her ass hole. She let out a cry turned her head looked at me and begged for more. I pulled out and plunged back into her pussy then into her ass. Going back and forth.

    She cried out “My Greg, My Greg what you doing to me” “Please no stop.” I loved her broken English almost as much as I loved her. It did not take long and we both came with my hand firmly on her hips. Her legs trembled and my legs went weak. We fell to the floor in a pile. She told me as we laid in a heap. “My Greg you make me cum so hard. Your cock is so amazing. Come fuck me on my bed. Give me your cock deeper and harder.”

    We got up and dropping clothes as we arrived on the bed. She really wanted to fuck me with out the condom and I told it was not the right thing, right now. She was disappointed but accepted it. We fucked all afternoon. As the sunset we dressed, and I had to catch a flight. She walked me downstairs. I took her to the bank and I with drew the max I could out of my account. I handed it to her she cried and she wanted me to stay. I left her on the corner of Bloor and Yonge in tears but I knew I would see again. Her last words were “My Greg I love you”. That would carry me over the ocean even without a plane.



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