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    Anna in Berlin - 9 What you don't know will kill it!

    Anna Stories last meeting in Berlin

    We decided to go out for dinner to a local restaurant. Her, dressed in a little back dress with her blonde hair flowing. She had the silver necklace and earrings I got her and she carried the little designer clutch I had gotten her while we were in Toronto. However, it was her smile that she worn that was the best accessory any woman could have. It was what all the men loved. It was hard to imagine that her mouth took my cock so completely. Anna fit so nicely in my arms and I felt we fit so well together as I wrapped my arm around her, pulling her close. I knew the visa issues weighted heavy on her. She was torn on wanting to stay out of Belarus and stay as far away from the former USSR. But her daughter and mother were pulling her back and the visa issue was the gods telling her what needed to happen.

    We had a lovely night, as we always did when we hung out together. Anna had a few drinks with her dinner, just as I had hoped. The music playing overhead helped drown out our conversation from anyone else who might hear it, which helped calm my nerves as I began to steer the conversation in the direction I intended. The waitress interrupted a couple times, though, shattering my nerves at times, but I persisted.

    Finally, my heart leaped as we began to talk about sex. Since Anna and I first met almost a year ago, we'd had wild sex but it did not prepare me for what was to come. Fornication was becoming less of a part of our friendship and was something we now did only on certain occasions. In fact, it had been more than a month since Athens when we'd last fucked hard. Sex simply wasn't a topic about which we frequently talked, as surprising as that fact may seem, so I was relieved when it finally did come up. Now that the subject was on the table, I just needed to spit out what I had prepared to say to lead up to my proposition and our next event. From that point, I hoped for Anna's cooperation.

    "I had a dream about you the other night," I said, though I really hadn't. What I was going to play off as a dream over which I'd had no control was a well-thought-out fantasy of mine. I had fantasized about us marrying and getting a house in Frankfurt, then bringing her daughter and mother to live with us. We dreamed of such an event but the outside world would not allow that event to take place so it must forever stay with in the dream world we had created. Now however was the time to bring up a more manageable fantasy that was doable for her and for me.

    "Do tell!" Anna practically shouted in her Russian accent, maybe a little drunk.

    "I don't know," I responded. "It was pretty raunchy, and I'm not sure I'm comfortable with it. I'm not sure what you'll think."

    "I'm sleeping with three different men," she said, quieter now but with flashing a goofy grin. "I'm not one to judge. Try me." Anna responded.

    It was do or die time. My heart pounded in my chest, and I focused intensely on not allowing my voice to crack as I told Anna about my "dream" wherein we are at a Halloween party and I walk in on her having sex with some guy I didn't know but was presumably one of her other partners. At that point, though, I lost steam and couldn't continue.

    "What happens next?" Anna asked, taking another sip of wine. "Do you join in?"

    "Yes, exactly," I trailed off, still unable to get to the point and realizing I was blowing my chance if not for Anna's fortuitous response.

    "Do you take turns with me, split-roast me or double-penetrate me?" she offered, blushing a little as she grinned at me. I never did answer that question or get back to my fantasy at all. I took this opportunity to do the asking now.

    "Wait," I said. "Have you ever been DP'd?" I had to let go of my glass so that Anna wouldn't see how obviously I was shaking as I determinedly pushed the words out of my mouth.

    She laughed. "No. I've just seen a bit of porn, I guess." she said. "I've never had group sex. Have you?"

    "I wasn't asking about me," I said. Understanding full well my bull shit “dream” was now over taken by her own bullshit answer. I am sure she had done such things in the past based on her details in her “fantasies.”

    "But I am asking about you," she countered and redirecting so she did not have to confess.

    She had me where I couldn't really avoid the question anymore, but I was kind of glad because it forced me to get to my point. "A while back," I said, though it hadn't really been that long since my last group exploit. Anna's eyes went wide, and a smile crept across her pale face.

    "Did you like it?”

    "It was fun," I answered.

    "Would you do it with me?" As nervous as I was and how poorly I had been handling a proposition that I hadn't imagined going very smoothly in my head to begin with, my heart sparked with excitement as my lustful desire began to look like a real possibility. It felt like a dream. I couldn't believe that after desperately trying to find the smoothest way possible to ask Anna to participate in group sex, she was now essentially doing the asking instead.

    "If you think you could get one of your boyfriends to sandwich you," I said with renewed confidence, "then I'm in." I took a sip of wine to keep myself from saying anything else at this point.

    "One of them?" she responded. "I bet I could get a few of them and really make it a party." Damn it, I shouldn't have taken that drink, since I immediately choked a little on the wine as those words came out of my Anna's mouth. Anna simply finished her glass as I sputtered on the alcohol for a bit. Now she was laughing a little as I recovered just enough to simply stare back at Anna. It's a good thing Anna and I were now close friends, because I had made quite a fool of myself. At that point, though, I just couldn't help but think that my aforementioned, anonymous, acquaintance had practically spoken into being the best possible scenario!

    Later that night, I took Anna back to my place and fucked the hell out of her for the first time since Athens. It was immensely satisfying to rock Anna hard in my bed, especially after she had agreed to fulfill such a dirty desire of mine. A couple days later, we banged again, and this time she let me fuck her ass a little in preparation for the gangbang. In fact, I was encouraged by how well she took the pounding in her shitter that night, and I praised her for it.

    “I love it when you fuck my ass," she said as my balls were getting ready to burst, my hips slapping against her ass cheeks as my cock dove deep into her dark hole over and over again.

    Within a week of the anal sex, we had our next event planned. That night, Anna and I were finishing off a drink when the second lover arrived. His name was Kurt, a guy taller and bigger than I, built pretty well and with dirty blond hair. I've never been comfortable meeting new people, so being introduced to someone who was soon going to be naked and fucking the same girl with me was truly awkward for me. Fortunately, that moment didn't last too long, as Anna's other friend, Dan, showed up just a few minutes later, which meant we could get started soon. Dan was shorter than I and about as skinny but had darker skin and hair.

    At this point, it would be appropriate to describe what Anna was wearing. For starters, she wore a low-cut white shirt that revealed some of her cleavage, of which she had plenty, seeing how big her boobs are. In addition, she sported a pink skirt that went two-thirds of the way down her thighs and black boots that came just below her knees and covered her black stocking that peaked out covering her incredible legs. The boots had high heels on them and were being worn specifically because of the fantasy I had described to Anna, wherein she had worn such boots. As for the rest of her appearance, I had her blonde hair done up that day and hung down just past her shoulder, her bright blue eyes shined past her dark eye liner. Her rosy, pale face glowed with makeup, that I had a makeup artist apply even if Anna was a make up expert. I love how she had the ability to change her appearance with the stroke of her brushes like a painter on canvas only Anna’s canvas was her beautify facial features.

    It did not take long before we headed over to the suite I had organize for Anna’s big event. Each fellow walked with her hand in hand until the next street light when she changed hands and partners. This ensured she and the fellow who’s hand she held felt comfortable with the situation. Or maybe she needed to feel comfortable herself with the idea of what was to take place.

    We arrived and after a brief moment of uncomfortable silence, Anna offered drinks to anyone who wanted one. Both Dan and Kurt accepted the offer, reminding me of my first experience with group sex where I consumed above my normal consumption of alcohol. That was not hard as I am not a drinker. Anna, however, was quickly getting pretty tipsy, naturally. As much as I'd kind of disapproved of her tendency toward alcohol in the past, I was surely thankful for it now. Besides she was Russian and that was acceptable and a given. She always felt uncomfortable with the fact I did not drink so she would abstain.

    We didn't loiter for long, as we were all on the same page as far as moving on with the festivities. Kurt was the one to say what we other two boys were thinking by suggesting we head into the bedroom. It wasn't my first time getting the invite into this suites bedroom, but never had I had to follow behind two other guys, who remained silent along with me as we departed from the living room. I'd never actually met either of these guys, even though Anna had been fucking them for awhile in Berlin, though I didn't know at what consistency. The lady had to make a living. Even if it was on her back with her legs wide open. Once a whore always a whore. But that did not take away from her beauty, inside and out!

    Anna held the door open for her three guests and then closed it tightly behind us. I think all three of us guys were magnetized to see her beaming grin and her white flesh glowing in the well-lit room. The decor was very standard but nothing suggested a backdrop one would expect for this type of sexual activity, but it aided my excitement in a way. After all, this episode wasn't porn. It was the real thing.

    In my experience with Anna, she was the type to put on a striptease and enjoyed the foreplay, and the increase of potential discomfort with three men who did not know each other. This only encouraged her, all the more to keep it moving, I imagine. She simply headed straight to the bed and was tossing aside clothing before she'd even gotten comfortable. When the shirt came off, we three men cheered her on and cheered even louder when she removed her bra. I wish I could describe Anna's stripping in more detail, but everything was such a whirlwind, I can't even honestly say I remember much more about Anna's undressing that night. Before I knew it, Anna was wearing nothing, but her garter belt her black stockings and her boots, and the eyes of three men were transfixed on her big bare breasts.

    The moments following Anna's stripping flew by no slower. Before I knew it, I was naked along with two other guys, all of us hard as steel and ready to get to work. The discomfort with being naked around other guys was something that had dissipated after just one or two runs with group sex, and knowing full well what was ahead eliminated any hesitation for me while remaining firm in my own sexuality. I didn't pay enough attention to my new comrades to tell how anxious they were. I didn't care, anyway. I just needed someone to help me give this girl the fucking she needed.

    Since Anna had an intense night ahead of her, we all agreed to start one-on-one to break her in. Kurt went first, standing at the side of the bed while Dan and I watched Anna lie on her back and hang her legs over the edge of the bed, spreading them and allowing Kurt to step up right between them. Anna leaned forward, her knees on either side of Kurt's waist as she held her head up and helped Kurt push his rock-hard condom covered cock into her pussy. In retrospect, it would have been polite to at least get Anna warmed up first, but we were all so eager to get going that Kurt went straight in.

    For the next several minutes, I watched on silently with a perfect stranger as I watched another unfamiliar man in front of me have his way with my good friend. Anna clutched the comforter beneath her with both hands as her legs curled around the hips of one of her three lovers as he held Anna's hips and pounded her pussy furiously. Having an emotional romantic attachment to Anna, I felt some feelings of jealously rise; however, it was actually really hot to watch this sex goddess with blonde hair get nailed by another dude.

    Anna moaned and cried out, occasionally spouting some profanity. Dan and I hardly uttered a sound but just stroked ourselves as we watched the spectacle before us. The only sounds coming from Kurt were his grunting and the steady slap of his hips against Anna as he rammed his cock into her pussy repeatedly, rocking Anna back each time he thrust into her, which caused those terrific tits to bounce wildly in rhythm with his motion.

    Once Kurt was sufficiently worked up in his own estimation, he pulled out and stepped aside. Anna immediately looked at me and beckoned me over, remaining on her back and lifting her boots up into the air, spreading her legs wide. I stepped up to take my place, all but forgetting the presence of the two onlookers. Following a brief glance into the pale girl's sparkling blue eyes, I peered at her glistening open twat and guided my condom protected cock into it with one hand. It slipped easily inside Anna, who immediately lowered her ankles onto my shoulders.

    Anna and I moaned in unison as I sank all the way inside her tight, wet pussy, my balls resting against her ass. She was already set to go, thanks to Kurt's work on her, so I was able to immediately retract my cock and slam it right back into her, causing my balls to slap hard against her. From there, I just thrust in and out of her, hard and fast while she moaned, again clutching the blanket on either side of her.

    I started with holding onto Anna's hips as I fucked her, but Anna's supple breasts eventually drew me in. I leaned forward and latched onto her boobs, still thrusting powerfully into her young body while her boots were forced higher into the air as they rested on my shoulders. Meanwhile, my two new friends watched on as our shared lover was nailed right in front of them.

    I leaned closer and closer into Anna for several more minutes, my face coming near hers as she moaned and laughed in response to all the attention she was getting. Her legs ended up slipping down my arms and resting in my elbows as I practically folded her up from drilling her. I banged her hard and fast until my cock was just short of exploding, and then I stopped, trying hard to hold off an orgasm, which I managed to do successfully before pulling out, getting her pretty close to an orgasm myself, I think.

    Anna sighed as I exited her, her whisper was gratifying, “Greg I love how you fill me up you are my favorite fuck.”

    Dan was right there as soon as I walked away. He got Anna on her hands and knees and, like the other two of us, stood on the floor at the edge of the bed and slipped his condom covered cock into the girl's pussy. For the next few minutes, Kurt and I watched with lust as our mutual friend was railed hard for the third straight time, her hair and boobs shaking, her body rocking as she was fucked from behind.

    Dan held tightly to Anna's hips and gave her a stiff pounding for another moment before slowing down and pulling out. Once he stepped away, Anna's fate was up in the air, as no one knew exactly what to say or what move to make next. Being the one who suggested this raunchy idea in the first place, I took the initiative to join Anna in the bed after removing her boots so no one got hurt by the heels, and get on with what we were all here to do.

    A few words were spoken, and then we were all eager to get going. Anna was trembling a bit, betraying her nerves as she prepared for her first double penetration. I didn't get a good read on the guys, whether they were anxious or not, not that I cared. I, of course, was beyond excited to get going. I think my cock got even harder as I lay down on my back and mentally prepared myself to have some debauched fun with my blonde Anna, who at that moment was climbing on top of me to take me into one of her three holes that would all be full in just a few more moments.

    Anna steadied my condom wrapped cock with her hand as she slipped on top of me and slid me into her used and wet pussy. We both groaned with pleasure, taken by the sensations of our bodies' joining again. For me, the excitement was heightened by the anticipation of filling this girl to capacity in just a moment. My heart beat faster in my chest from just the thought of it. I hadn't felt so overwhelmed since my first group sex. I was exciting think of the others watching her on top of me.

    We cut right to it. As soon as my prick was sheathed in Anna's cunt, I wrapped my arms around Anna's lower back and held her in place. Anna, meanwhile, held herself up by her outstretched arms, her hands planted on either side of my shoulders. Her boobs hung down in my plain view, which captured my attention for a brief moment. However, as lovely as Anna's tits always were, both Anna and I were more interested in seeing what was going on behind her. I lifted my neck to look over Anna's ass while Anna peered over her shoulder at Kurt who had just lubed up his condom loved stick and knelt up on the bed.

    The feeling of being balls deep in a girl as another penis begins to invade the other hole was always an exhilarating feeling for me. While I had no interest in a fellow dude's junk in any other context, the reality of a beautiful woman taking on and pleasuring multiple men at once was as hot as it got for me, especially knowing it was the ultimate pleasure for Anna. It took a special type of woman to be able to pull it off, and I was confident Anna could. My excitement peaked as I felt Anna's asshole, on the other side of the membrane that contained my own member, stretch to accept first the tip and then more of Kurt's cock.

    Anna yelped a bit as Kurt first slid into our mutual blonde friend, first just an inch followed by more inches. The room became silent, as if to allow Kurt the focus to plant himself in Anna and to give this woman the opportunity to receive him. I noticed how Anna's fingers curled into the mattress beneath us as she groaned quietly and felt more and more of that second cock slide into her until both Kurt and I were balls deep inside her.

    Once Kurt was all the way in, Anna moaned and cursed in her native tongue. I unwrapped my arms around Anna and slid my hands up to her shoulders instead as I ground up into her twat, which was now tighter than I'd ever felt it before, thanks to the pressure next door. Kurt exhaled and then cursed as well. Meanwhile, Dan was taking it all in, waiting for his chance to join in. We'd all agreed to let Anna adjust to the double penetration first before we added a third guy to the mix. I confirmed my Anna was ok. She looked at me her eyes wide open and a smile appeared on her face. Then the words followed. “My Greg my Greg I love this. I love you!” her eyes touched me.

    I could now clearly hear the deep, ragged breaths that were coming from as we all remained still for just another moment. Also emanating from her sexy body was intense heat, which must have multiplied in conjunction with the two other warm bodies that surrounded her. The presence of another man, unnerving to a novice, was no distraction for me as I sank my fingers into Anna's back and prepared to fuck her like the sexy slut she was. Sliding my body down the bed ever so slightly, I began to pull out and thrust into Anna's tight cunt.

    As soon as he felt my movement at the bottom of this sandwich, Kurt began to stir as well, pulling out of Anna's ass until I could sense just the tip inside Anna, and then sliding the whole length back in without hesitation. Anna gasped and collapsed on top of me as she took in the new sensations of being fucked in both holes at once. It was certainly an intense feeling for her, but I was sure she would get the hang of it quickly and enjoy it -- I figured just the taboo of her situation was enough to make her enjoy it already!

    Kurt caught on right away to move in sync with me so that we were taking turns inside our female friend. Soon, we were both steadily thrusting in and out of Anna, I am nailing her cunt while Kurt sank into her ass each time I pulled back and then retracting just in time to let me push myself back into her wet sex hole. Before long, Anna was holding her warm body in between us again by straightening her arms, looking straight ahead and moaning as Kurt and I sawed in and out of her. With each passing moment, we boys grew more comfortable with the situation and were able to stroke in and out of Anna faster and faster.

    Anna's moans sounded to be more and more of pleasure as the bed creaked beneath us and our blonde sex bomb’s body rocked back and forth while it was steadily double-fucked. Anna's boobs swung over me, and the bitch's hair swayed back in rhythm with her body while she took the steady fucking. I got to see how the expression on her face morphed from pain to mere discomfort to amusement to genuine arousal as my new friend and I thrust in and out of Anna's ass and pussy. All the while, the realization that I was double-penetrating the girl I'd targeting for just that thing gripped me and only increased my unquenchable lust.

    Once the Anna sandwich was in full swing, Dan was beckoned over to top Anna off. He climbed into the bed while we other two boys continued to fuck Anna hard in both holes, both of us panting and groaning as we had our way with the blonde. Dan set up right over my head, encouraging me to tilt my head to the left, and knelt in front of Anna's head. My successful shifting of my body to keep me from being directly beneath a stranger's sack not only gave me some room to breathe but also allowed me a better view of the other end of Anna's body, where I could see Kurt's cock plunder that shit hole while I, of course, pleasured my own dick by plugging that pussy.

    The moans and cries coming from Anna were muffled out once Dan shoved his prick into her mouth. From the bottom position, I could see not only how Kurt leaned forward and really drove himself into our shared piece, but above me I could see Anna's mouth get stuffed as Dan thrust in and out of her oral cavity. At last, the slut had three cocks bouncing in and out of her, plugging Anna's holes in a hot and sexy gangbang.

    The mattress creaked crazily beneath us, and the air grew thick and hot. We boys essentially lost all self-control and proceeded to rock Anna's body as we relentlessly pounded all her holes at once. Anna writhed between Kurt and me, and her pale flesh glistened with the sweat that dripped from every pore. Dan scarcely gave the slut an opportunity to breathe, pulling her bright blonde hair as he rammed deep into her mouth, pulling out only every minute or so to give the poor girl a chance to briefly gasp for air before he went right back in and railed her face some more.

    For me personally, I was more turned on than I'd been in a long time as I held onto Anna's shoulders with a vice-like grip while I pushed up into her twat hard and fast, repeatedly, all the while feeling that other stiff cock violating the asshole on the other side. My whole body was covered in sweat, both mine and Anna's, and the heat would have been unbearable had it not been for the incredible circumstances. That demonic lust inside me, ever so difficult to satisfy, was in a rare state of glory as my cute, Anna was caught helplessly in the middle of three men, filled completely airtight.

    Unexpectedly but not very surprisingly, that first group-fuck round came to an abrupt halt once Kurt shot his wad while still plundering Anna's ass. He cursed and went still, and there was no doubt that he was unloading his cum inside that tight shitter. Realizing what was going on with his counterpart, Dan pulled out, allowing Anna to gasp and then cry out as she felt her ass fill with a condom filled with hot semen. She lay down on top of me, pinning me to the mattress with her sweaty body while I held my cock still in her cunt as Kurt finished up in the other hole.

    Kurt pulled out and thanked Anna for the fun, giving her a playful slap on her ass. Then he got off the bed and went to sit down in a chair against the wall. We were all panting hard at this point, but Anna was desperately gulping down air as she recovered from what I must believe was by far the roughest sex she'd ever experienced -- and, despite how much difficulty she endured, the sweet slut seemed to enjoy every minute of it for one reason or another.

    Even though we all agreed to take a minute to recover, only Kurt had been satisfied. I ran out to get Anna a glass of water and gulped down some myself before I hurried back. Anna chugged the liquid as if she had been dehydrated for days and probably would have asked for a refill if she didn't sense how eager we all were to get back to the fun.

    After not very long at all and without giving Anna the choice, Dan and I flipped her over on the bed, and Dan lay down on his back, immediately pulling Anna on top of him, her chest facing the ceiling, almost as soon as Anna had finally caught her breath. Not waiting a second, I stood up over the two of them on the bed and began to lower myself and aim my new condom covered cock at Anna's pussy again as soon as Anna was in position and while Dan was just starting to attempt to recover his cock and press his cock into Anna's sweat-soaked asshole. I hoped, for Anna's sake, that the added lubrication would make subsequent fucking more tolerable for her and that we would all be able to have a great time.

    As soon as Dan secured his dick in Anna's ass, which seemed to more readily accept the member, thanks to the helping of lube on the condom in there, I had Anna's legs spread, her stocking covered legs planted on my shoulder. This time, Anna barely groaned as her butthole was impaled. Next, I came down between Anna's legs, slipping my cock back into her pussy as quickly as I could. Her tight, wet cunt didn't take me quite as easily this time, now that a phallus was lodged in the adjacent hole, but by holding myself at the base of my prick, I needed barely more effort to push my whole length back inside the cute slut. As I entered her, I stepped over her left leg while letting her drape her other leg over my hips as I leaned over her, sandwiching her with Dan as I went to the hilt inside her pussy.

    As soon as both of us boys were stuffing Anna, the bitch moaned like an animal and threw both of her arms around me, instantly sinking her nails into my back. Her arms around me pressed me against her warm, damp flesh, and her blonde hair invaded my face as I was positioned over her right shoulder. Beneath her, Dan lay with his head over Anna's other shoulder, so neither one of us was a distraction to the other.

    "Come on!" Kurt shouted out suddenly. "Fuck that slut!" I'd forgotten that Kurt was even there, so overwhelmed was I with the sensations of being so tightly united with Anna's body while she was impaled by another dick. For about a minute or so, our threesome had been just a slowly writhing mass of flesh, three bodies grinding against each other as Dan and I filled Anna's tight little holes. At Kurt's prompting, I started to thrust into my lover, slowly but firmly fucking her wet pussy.

    "That's it, that's it!" Kurt said, whom I could now see out of the corner of my eye as he watched this Anna sandwich. I'm sure the temptation to take pictures and videos was tremendous for Kurt, but Anna had made us leave our phones in the living room, strictly forbidding any such lasting evidence of this session of outrageous behavior. By the time I was steadily making love to Anna's cunt again, Dan was slowly thrusting in and out of the girl's used asshole as well. Another moment passed, and then we were both deftly double-dicking the young woman, who moaned and clawed at my back, being pinned helplessly between us.

    "Holy shit, that's so hot!" Kurt exclaimed as Dan and I were sawing in and out of Anna persistently now. From that point on, I ignored Kurt's presence and focused on double-penetrating my friend, who not that long ago elicited little if any sexual desire from me but now was as hot as almost any woman I'd ever desired to bang. As I fucked her in the pussy, I could feel the consistent thrusts of Dan underneath her, filling that asshole just beside where my cock was at work. The whole time, Anna's nails remained fastened in my back, and her moans and panting overtook my ear, which were occasionally met with a cry from the bitch who writhed between us. I could feel her legs kicking out from the consistent pressure of getting fucked in both holes, the silk of her stockings rubbing against my hips and thighs. Just the thought of sandwiching Anna was enough to arouse me to no end; doing the deed was overwhelming to my lust.

    The three of us rocked on that creaking bed like a well-oiled machine, the only real movement coming from our thrusting hips, while Anna's legs thrashed amid the intense group sex as much as they were able between two male bodies. The sounds and scents of double-penetration fun filled the room, all of us grunting and sweating. As Dan and I relentlessly fucked the blonde in unison, I noticed her moans got quieter and duller so that the loudest noise in the room became the ungodly squeaking of that bed. Undeterred, we boys continued to sandwich the big-titted chick to our hearts' content.

    To no surprise, though it occurred without warning, Kurt jumped back into the bed, his cock semi-hard again. He stood beside Anna's left shoulder, opposite of my head, and turned the girl's head to face him before he forced his cock into her moaning mouth. I turned to face over Anna's shoulder again and just continued to pound her pussy and work myself up to an orgasm.

    For the second time tonight, Anna was airtight. One of her hands was still clawing my back, but her left hand had released me to hold onto Kurt's hip. We fucked Anna in all her holes simultaneously for a couple more minutes before I could hold off my cumshot no longer. With a loud exhale, I pushed myself up and out of the girl and immediately began to stroke my cock leaving the condom in her freshly fucked pussy. Kurt stepped away, but Dan remained in place, so I wanted to be careful with where I shot, so I didn't get my load on another guy. I didn't have too much time to think, though, just managing to point my cock at Anna's face, which looked tired yet still aroused. Then I shot off, my first rope blasting Anna right between the eyes, which made her flinch and then giggle. Following up were three or four more hard spurts that splattered all over her face, covering her nose, eyelids and left cheek. I usually made an effort to avoid the girl's eyes when cumming on her face, but this time, unfortunately for Anna, she'd have to deal with the stinging.

    Throughout my orgasm, Dan continued to screw Anna's ass, albeit slowly. Once I was finished dropping the last few spurts of my jizz on that gorgeous rack, I stepped off the bed and admired the cum-covered chick who still had a cock in her ass. As I relaxed in the nearby chair, I was treated to an unexpected spectacle, as Kurt saddled up in front of Anna, spreading her legs and pushing his condom coated cock into her used pussy, completely undeterred by the man juice on her face and boobs.

    Anna moaned and cried out, both of her hands falling to her sides onto the mattress, holding her up as these two men, strangers to me before tonight, double-penetrated my good friend right in front of me while I caught my breath and recovered from the fun group sex myself. From this perspective, I thoroughly enjoyed watching Anna's pale body sandwiched between the two men, her legs bouncing around Kurt's hips and her taint stretched out as two cocks slid on either side of it, filling her holes. Of course, the cum streaming down her face made the whole scenario even hotter. The slapping of the men's flesh against Anna's and the squelching of her holes was the perfect soundtrack, joining with the squeaking bed and, of course, the pants and moans that were constant.

    I would have loved for that Anna sandwich to continue until I was plenty hard again and could join in, just like Kurt did, but after only a few minutes, Dan went still, clutching Anna's shoulder as he announced he was cumming, adding a second condom filled load in the girl's ass. At that point, Kurt pulled out, and Anna, cum dripping from her butthole condom, got off Dan, who jumped off the bed, fully satisfied. Getting to her knees, Anna, with remarkable stamina, began to suck Kurt off, who was standing on the mattress. I decided to get in on this action anyway, although it was too late for another run at double-penetrating Anna, and stood beside the bed, waiting my turn for a blowjob.

    Anna sucked Kurt until he moaned so loudly that he was obviously cumming in Anna's mouth. Anna stroked the base of Kurt's cock and sucked the head until she had swallowed every drop. Then Kurt simply collapsed on the bed, and Anna shuffled over to me, having known all along that I was waiting my turn. As the two other men watched the blonde, she lay on her chest and elbows, sucking on my cock hard and vigorously until she succeeded in making me cum for the second time that night. Like she had done for Kurt, she swallowed every last spurt of my jizz while still wearing my first load, though it was drying now, on her face.

    We were all pretty spent at that point, but no one was in rougher shape than Anna -- except maybe the bed sheets, which looked pretty wrecked with sweat marks and jizz stains. Even though Anna had enjoyed being the center of attention and being pleased in all her holes, it was certainly an intense experience for her. Once we were done, we boys helped Anna clean up, and we got dressed while Anna picked up her clothes and got ready to take a shower. At that point, we said our goodbyes and I let Anna clean up and rest, though I think the other guys would have liked to have spent the night with the girl. Instead, they quietly and somewhat awkwardly left at the same time and they went thier separate ways, confident we would see each other again.

    Following one of the most enjoyable events of our lives, Anna was very sore for the rest of the night. We didn't reference the group session too often, but Anna seemed to enjoy when the subject did come up. I certainly couldn't talk about it enough as I longed for a follow-up night with Anna and her many other friend's.

    The next day after we woke up the day was warm I knew Anna, knowing her travel visa was coming to an end. I took her to the spa for the day to relax and reflect on the night before. She cut her hair and created a new look. I picked up a red outfit for her, giving her a completely different look.

    We met outside and although our dates had come to an end she still managed to get a smile on her face knowing she would soon be seeing her mother and daughter again. I was not sure what was brighter her smile or the sun.

    I did hear back from her as she made it clear I made a mistake letting her go but she expanded her group experiences. I learned not long after that she was a Russian porn star. Anna wanted more group sex, and with an endless number of lovers at her disposal, it wouldn't be long until Anna was making videos and other arrangements for regular fuck parties. I couldn't RSVP but wanted too. Here were some of her photos she shared with the caption “Big mistake Dickson” referring to my letting her go.

    I did learn right after she was a Russian Porn star and she loves gang bangs. Crazy! You think you know someone then just when you thought you figure them out WHAM BANG!



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