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    Anna James The Meet and Greet 1

    Anna James Meet and Greet

    It was a warm summers day and I had a good week of excitement with work. I was enjoying my drive down Marine Drive and started to think of past experiences in Vancouver. Life was good and although my time with Ms. James had come to an end I was still enjoying the memories of a great experience.

    I manoeuvred my way downtown and dropped the car off at the hotel valet. I had a smile on my face and a spring in my step as I was greeted by a lovely young lady behind the front desk. I awaited the elevator and when it opened a striking young lady appeared. I had never seen her before but her look and dress caused my mind to slip a gear and start me thinking of the many ladies I had the pleasure of seeing. My mind flipped memories like an old jute box. One after the other popped into my head as we past floor after floor. Each number on the screen indicated a new provider I saw:
    One – Wendy
    Two – Dawn
    Three – Laurie
    Four – Vanessa
    Five – Charlie
    Six - Chantelle
    Seven – Caron
    Eight – Ava
    Nine- Annika
    Ten – Helene
    Eleven – Victoria
    Twelve – Charlotte
    Thirteen – Erika
    Fourteen- Cindy
    Sixteen -Jenna
    Seventeen- Kasey
    Eighteen- Catherine

    Ting the door of the elevator opens and I have reached my destination. I was a little dizzy as, so many past experiences were causing my mind to spin and my body to heat up. I got into the room pulled out my computer and a hunting we will go. A hunting we will go. Hi Hoe a hunting we will go. I scan ad after ad and I wish my Catherine was available, but she was long gone, and I was the last person she wanted to hear from, never mind see. Then I stumble across an ad for a mature blonde named Anna James. I can find little about her other than her ad. I check out her photos and she appears to be just what the doctor ordered. So, I make a phone call to the number and a young lady answers the phone we chat for a few minutes and I tell myself what the fuck, give her a shot. She seems keen and interested in meeting. I ask her if she would care to meet for an hour and see how it goes. Maybe then we could set up another meeting. I let her know my normal MO. She now asks me several questions I suspect it is her normal MO to screen possible characters, so I comply and answer them best I can. Anna now agrees to see me that night.

    I hang up and my mind wanders to so many past providers and the thought of waiting for them to arrive. The anticipation and thoughts of what they may look like and what they maybe like beyond the looks. I think back to some of the best and my first meetings with them. Helene, Catherine, Anna, Victoria, Wanda, and so many more. Hotel room after hotel room come back into my mind. Some good, some very good and some amazing. Yes, a few disasters try to insert them selves into my mind. Brigit, Claudia, and too many that I have forgotten their names like I have forgot the situation. Your mind has a funny way of remembering what it wants and forgetting what it needs.

    I get ready and wash up and get dressed. I open my computer one more time to look at her ad to see if there is anything on her ad that would help me to understand her better and make our meeting interesting. I really did not feel the need to bed her tonight, but I think it would be nice to chat and learn about her services so that in future I could call on her to support may efforts in this dark world that had become my only social outlet. I was a little light on providers right now. In Berlin I was in between providers just playing the field. In Paris my adventures there had come to an end. In Madrid, oh no do not bring that nightmare back to me please spare me the pain. In Toronto there was Charlie and I had hope more could come out of her and my experiences there. Yet her tattoos were not my thing. But maybe I could look the other way. Montreal was flat as Monique was not responding. Stephanie was still on the fence.

    Then of course there was always the agencies, Cupids in Toronto and Mona Lisa’s in Berlin were my favorites right now. I had a couple good hits with Carman Fox and my old time favorite Scarlett’s was well getting tired and the last crop of ladies I saw was a disappointment. High Society in Toronto did entertain me and finding Anna there was a blast. Too bad she had to go back to Russia. That was a killer.

    Now Catherine had come to an end. At that very moment there was a knock on the door and I opened it with anticipation. Before me was a lovely young lady. Ok maybe not that young but she was attractive, and I was in need so let the games begin.

    Ms. James came in and we made our way to the living room. Ms. James was dressed in a lovely summer dress and nice heels. She had nice body and her heels complemented her swagger. Her ass was very effective in causing my head to move from side to side. I poured her a drink of red wine and she sat on the couch while I sat on the chair. We swapped pleasantries and her eyes waltzed back and forth like snake charmer attempting to sooth me as the snake. She had nice breasts and she seemed to have a mature youth to her. Her hair and cheek bones were nice, and she had a nice body. My mind racing to think of what she might be wearing underneath.

    Anna now switch gears and started to pop questions to me on my past adventures. She had now unleashed the Pandora’s box of my memories. She now knew she had me as she would ask questions and I would answer them. We wandered around for a while in my mind. Thoughts popping up here and there and stories to quickly follow.

    We slowly realized that we had by passed the time allotment. I apologized, and she asked me what I had planned. I told her I had a few spread sheets that had my name on them.

    She did not ask but as we stood up and we started to make our way to the door. Anna turned and looked at me and with out a word just kissed me. Now it was not the most powerful kiss I had ever had, and I was not one that I would even necessary would remember but it did seem to unleash my deepest darkest desires. Now we were standing at the door way of the suite and the door way of future pleasure. I had one hand on the door handle and the door was cracked opened. Her right hand went to the door and she gave it a gentle push to cause the handle to slide from my finger tips.

    I heard the clip of the door as it closed with little help and no effort. Like wise we embraced with no help of the world around us and with little help and no effort. Our kiss now expanded, and it was quickly followed by our hands gliding all over each others body. Her body was so firm and yet real. Her hips now were grinding against me. I could feel myself getting bigger and harder with each stoke of her hands over my body. Like wise as my hands found there way over her tight ass I squeezed her cheeks and it was like a child squeezing one of those children toys as I squeezed I could hear her moan and sigh.

    Her arms were now around my neck as we broke the kiss to look into each others’ eyes. And I could see in her eyes this burning desirer. No words needed to be exchanged only bodily fluids. We kiss ever deeper, and she pulled my head to hers as I pulled up her summer dress. My one hand was on her ass over her dress and now my other hand was between her legs under her dress.

    Although she did not use words to express what was next to follow it was clear what was needed and wanted. My hand under her dress was now free to wander to the moistest part of her body right now. I ran my finger over her slit and I could sense the stimulation this provided to her as she lifted her leg to give me a welcome mat thereby propelling myself closer to her. Now her hands gripped me and squeezed my shoulder until it felt like a pinch. Now her tongue was deep in my mouth and she drove her hips forward so that my finger penetrated her most forbidden zone. I felt her whole-body shiver. She dropped her leg and released me form her grip. Her only words were “Fuck” and she took my hand led me to the bedroom sheading clothes along the way. In the bedroom her dress was on the floor and my pants were down to my knees. Anna was not wearing panties and she had learned that such garments are not needed nor desired in this relationship. They are just necessary nuisances. Anna now flung her bra across the room as I took my shirt off. She turned to me and kicked off her shoes then grabbed me and using her body weight and with a thing call gravity, she took me on the bed. I followed this dance move as I hit the bed on top of her the sensation of her soft body against my body was heaven. Our bodies became one and we were in total lust for the next hour or two. We kiss, and we kissed, and she licked me, and I sucked her pussy.

    I had the pleasure of playing with her larger than average breasts. Her body was remarkable, and I was thinking, if I had an opportunity, I think she could polish up nicely and be a treat for me in so many ways. At one point as I was fingering her and kissing her, and she had her hand on my pole she jumped out of bed and I was in shock as I grabbed a pillow between my legs so that my cock could have the sensations it needed at this moment. I was so horny, and she just leaves. I did not want to think about it I just wanted relief. I was now humping the pillow and dreaming of ladies gone by. When Anna reappears only she was holding a gold condom package in her hand. She dived into bed as she ripped the cover off the condom.

    Anna was now all over me and she placed the condom on my pecker with the intent of sitting on me to relief her burning desire. She now looked at me as she bounced up and down on my thickness. I was enjoying the sight of her tits bouncing as she went up and came crashing down. Up and down and up and down until she stopped and now was grinding my dick in side her. Oh, she felt so go and I got so excited that my hips started to go up and then drop down then up and dropped down. This caused her to go crazy as I reached up to squeeze her melons and her head flew back then forward as she crashed back down. I saw her face tighten up and she just started to yell “YES, YES, YES!” I put my hands on her hips and now drove my dick so hard and deep into the she nearly jumped out of her skin. We both at this point came and her love juices were now flowing down my shaft and on to the bed. We were both soaking wet and loving it.

    We took a break and she went to the restroom as I collected my thoughts. I kept saying to myself what just took place. I was now ready to call it a night until lovely Anna James came out of the washroom and started to pick up her clothes from the floor. It did not take long until she had her self dressed and she sat on the side of the bed. She asked me how often I come to Vancouver and if on my next trip I would call her again. I found my suit jacket and pulled out my wallet and dug in to give her the funding she needed to call it a night.

    I walked her to the door and as she opened the door she told me that was so good. I kissed her again and she now kissed me back she closed her eyes and savored the moment. She reached down and caressed my now growing love stick. Anna whispered in my ear that I had the most amazing cock she had ever seen, and she just squeezed it until she could feel my heart beating in my dick.

    We kissed once more, and this time Anna broke the kiss to fall to her knees and took my manhood into her little mouth. She licked my shaft like a child licks a lollypop. Slow strokes at first as her eyes were mesmerized by mine. She then kissed it and she started to suck on it. She tried to stuff the whole dick in her mouth, but she started to gag on it. Then her saliva started to flow as she forced my dick down her throat. I took the back of her head and drove my cock deeper down her throat and she started to gag, and her eyes started to water forcing her eye liner to run down her face. She gazed at me and she wanted more. So, I started to ram my dick into her mouth as she gurgled and spat out when she was allowed take a gulp of air then I rammed my manhood deeper into her throat. We did this for another six time and then I noticed she had her fingers deep into her pussy. I asked her as she came up for air if she had any more condoms. She grabbed her purse and pulled out one and with all the saliva dripping off my cock and onto her face she ripped open the condom and placed it on my slippery dick.

    With my cock covered and her puss dripping wet. I helped her to her feet took her into the living room and bent her over the desk so that my covered cock could enter her from the back. She lifted her dress and exposed a pink pussy just begging to be fucked. So, without any further discussion, I just fucked her deep and hard as she braced herself with one hand against the wall and the other grabbed the desk. She took a hard pounding telling me my cock was so fucking big and hard. Bang and bang and bang the desk now slammed up against the wall. “Holy fuck Dickson, you are so fucking big!” she proclaimed.

    I stopped for a moment as she caught her breath only to move her right leg on to the desk to accept me once more. So, off to work I go, “HI HOE, HI WHORE, a Fucking we will go!” Played in my mind. But she looked over her shoulder to give a look like that is the best you got. So, I stated to pound her pussy until she let out a scream that I am sure would have security running to my door. I stopped and pulled out and she asked me why did I stop. Did I come? I told her no I was saving it for her on a future trip. She now stood up and looked at me with a smile a mild wild. I love it and we hugged each other. She dropped her dress and she now made her way into the bathroom and tried to make her make up look presentable. She washed her face and as she came out I gave her three hundred more and she took it and told me she really worked for her money on this trip. I told her she was good for every penny.

    This time I let her go to the door on her own, and she was now able to leave.

    I put my head on the pillow and off to sleep I went dreaming of my next visit with Ms. James. That name was beginning to have some special meaning.



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