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    Anna James my personal Assistant through the eyes of another. 2

    Anna James my personal Assistant through the eyes of another.

    A recollection by my limo driver.

    First a confession: I have come to know Dickson as a fellow pooner, and more recently as a client. The latter relationship causes me some possible discomfort because of a possible conflict of interests. However, I have his permission, maybe even his encouragement, to tell this story.

    I am a part time limo driver. I was the driver for Dickson's infamous ride with Catherine James.

    About four or five days ago I received a call from our dispatch saying that I had been requested as the driver for two trips later in the week, and asking if I was available for both. I was given no further details. I assumed it had to be one of two previous clients.

    When I received the trip details the day before the name of the person making the reservation meant nothing to me. All I had was the number of people I was to pick up and where.

    My first stop was downtown for what my phone contact told me was two ladies. When they arrived at the car, I recognized Scarlette (scarletteshouse.com) and one of her girls, Natalie. I was introduced to the second girl, Brittney. Scarlette asked if I had driven for Mr. Dickson before. The penny dropped.

    We made our way to YYR to pick up Dickson, whose plane was fashionably late.

    I found him sitting in the airport, with his assistant, Anna, patiently waiting. Reading Badger's story about Dickson making out that another SP was his personal assistant, I wondered if Anna was really an assistant or an SP. She looked so prim and proper and studious with dark rimmed glasses.

    Once in the car the first two girls were all over Dickson on the side bench like a wet blanket. Anna sat on the back seat looking out the window looking totally bored, as if she had seen these shenanigans before. She has to be his assistant, was my thought.

    When we arrived at the hotel, Brittney met me at the trunk and whispered in my ear that she and Nat both think I am hot and they want to fuck me. This wasn't the time for that discussion, and I didn't really find either attractive. I don't recall what my muttered reply was.

    Anna asked me to bring the bags upstairs to the suite.

    While we were gathered in the street, Dickson was joined by another lady who I did not recognize right away, but saw that she had long lovely legs. As we waited in the lobby for the elevator, I saw it was Charlie Lynn. That lucky SOB is going to do three of them tonight was my thought, seething with envy.

    I was last to arrive at the suite, and Anna told me to set the bags down, when Dickson piped up and asked me to take the big one upstairs. At this point I couldn't see Nat or Brittney, and I wondered what the hell I was going to run into when I got up there. NO ONE.

    I set the bag down and headed down the stairs. Bounding her way up was a naked Brittney. She grabbed my arm, pulled me back upstairs and said, "I want to fuck you."

    I followed her like a meek little lamb.

    She pushed me into the bed and proceeded to undress me. As she did so she read off her list of restrictions, which is too long to go into here. But, she has a nice body, with round store bought breasts. So, I went with the flow.

    A couple minutes later we were joined by Natalie, who I had seen before, BTW. It took no time for her to be topless, as well.

    This is where my story become disappointing, and I won't go into every detail. But, I could not get either woman to shed her panties. I was not allowed DATY on either. With the exception of rubbing Brit's clit, there was almost no interacting with them. Both gave me a mediocre CBJ, with Nat trying to put the finishing touches on it while Brit sort of rode my face. But, her HJ was very uncomfortable, and I did not cum. Even with several suggestions that I wanted to screw one of them, it didn't happen. I had the feeling they just wanted to get me to cum and go.

    The highlight of my bedroom threesome was when another semi naked woman came from downstairs. Not having my glasses on at that moment, I couldn't tell if it was Charlie or Anna. "Who are you?" "Charlie!" came the reply as she placed two gorgeous breasts in front of my face, and then spread her naked torso over what remaining real estate she could find on my body. Unfortunately, she stayed only a fleeting moment in time, and disappeared back downstairs.

    After dressing, I went downstairs only to find Dickson with his cock in Charlie's mouth. And that gorgeous assistant was no longer wearing that work dress I saw her in a few short minutes earlier. She had a lovely lacy lingeree set on, watching wide eyed as Charlie smoked Dickson's pipe. Unfortunately, my presence ended that little scene, and I didn't get to watch wide eyed, too.

    As I was making my adieus, those three gathered up a few things and began moving upstairs. But, Anna lingered behind slightly and finally told me she is Anna James, and that I can find her by Googling her name. (That was the first thing I did when I got back into my car. )

    That pretty well takes care of my participation in the evening's events. As I drove home I realized that Dickson had planned the whole thing. He is the one to get the girls to fawn all over me, to get me alone in the bedroom.



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