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    Heidi’s Play Thing

    Heidi’s Play Thing

    Heidi was a mature tall blonde escort I saw for a while in Berlin and Hamburg. I loved how elegant she dressed in her designer dresses and business suite. Tonight, she looked crazy good as she had just got her hair done for me and she wore those silk fashion stockings with the seam. This night in Hamburg over dinner she was playing my wife, as an idea entered our discussion.

    Over a beautiful dinner in the Cantinetta Ristorante & bar in the warehouse district an idea was sparked, a crazy idea, an idea over a glass of champagne in the lounge. I looked in Heidi’s eyes and told her what a wonderful time I have had with her. She smiles at me and it did my heart good to know she seemed so happy playing with me.

    I asked her to remember that moment a month ago when we were dreaming together and she shared with me her fantasy of being with another woman. She had a few duo partners and we talked about the idea of me hiring her friend to join us. However, we did have a unique take on the idea. Heidi would play my wife of 20 years and the back story developed from there. We sold our company and our children had grown and left and we were now all alone, now we needed to explore all the things the world had to offer us.

    We shared the idea of hiring a escort to meet with her and her to tell the young lady our story. It is important that the escort buy into our story so it felt more real. At least in the eyes and mind of the escort.

    Well I told Heidi that I hired a lady for our night. Her response was,

    “You didn’t” I reassured her I did and that when we get back to the hotel our SP would be waiting in the lobby. Heidi asked who she was. I told her she was with one of the agencies. Heidi was on her phone checking out our play thing. Heidi was excited she was already putting on her coat and half way out the door before I paid the bill, I laughed chasing her down the street. We took a taxi to the hotel and explored the back story more, adding where we needed to. Heidi was so excited as we arrived at the hotel. She asked me if she looked ok. I told her she looked amazing with her flowing blonde hair smoky eyes, black coat that covered her little black dress. I have to say her silk stockings with the Cuban heels and back seem made me hard just looking at her as she nearly ran into the hotel.

    As we walked in, we made our way to the lounge. Lucky for us there was only a couple fellows in the lounge and one young lady at the back of the lounge. I kissed Heidi as she walked over to the young lady. Heidi stuck out her hand, to our escort for the night. The escort stood and they kisses like lovers. It was so hot I watched. The two fellows eyes were instantly drawn to the embrace as well. I watched as the two fellows stopped their conversation and were glued to Heidi and her new friend. The guys then turned to look at each other and smiled. I could imagine what they were say to each other as they both took a glance back to see if anything else might be happening.

    I took a stool at the bar as the two ladies sat down and Heidi ordered a drink. They seem to hit it off, laughing and talking then the young lady turned to look my way. She smiled at me then she turned back to Heidi’s smile and they appear to laugh. I was not sure what was being said. But it looked like Heidi was enjoying the experience.

    They stood and walked out. As Heidi walked by me she stopped to say,

    “Take care of the tab, love,” then confidently walking out the door.

    I learned later of what took place as I settled the bill and enjoyed another drink watching the minutes slip by.

    Heidi and her new friend who’s names was Elaine, went up to the suite and they entered the room, Elaine unbuttoned her coat and slipped it to the floor revealing her nakedness. She was about 5’4”, very slim, short dark hair, very small tits, petite with a very bald compact pussy. Heidi went to look at her more closely, as she walked around Elaine examining her young body.

    “How old are you?” Heidi asked softly.

    “I am 18, I know I look very innocent, but I am fully experienced in pleasing people.”

    With that she reached out with her tiny hands and stroked Heidi’s tits, softly caressing each breast and nipple. Heidi gasped, as the electrical feelings this attraction created caused her body to energize her being. Heidi being a tall older blonde towered over little Elaine. Heidi had big tits in contrast to Elaine little girl breasts.

    With that unwritten invitation Heidi softly caressed Elaine face as she stared into Heidi’s eyes.

    “You can do what you want to me” Elaine told Heidi “whatever your fantasy I am happy to do whatever you ask.”

    Heidi continued to stroke her soft warm skin, her hands tentatively stroked Elaine’s neck, across her shoulders and down to those little budding breasts. As Heidi hands brushed her nipples, Elaine bit down on her lip and gazed knowingly into Heidi’s eyes. Her nipples became hard almost instantly and as Heidi increased the pressure and rolled them between her finger and thumb, Elaine’s breathing quickened.

    Heidi’s hands loathing to stop caressing Elaine’s tits, but curiosity resulted in her wanting to explore further continued down over Elaines’s belly down towards that special woman’s place that Heidi fantasised so many times about investigating. Heidi’s hand reached Elaine’s pussy lips, they were small, tiny even, no puffiness, without even asking she moved her feet further apart to allow Heidi freer access. Heidi teasingly traced past her pussy lips and down onto the inside of her thigh and then because Heidi could not delay a moment longer changed direction up into the folds of her sexiness.

    Elaine’s cunt lips were wet, so wet, Heidi exploring fingers slipped between them and Heidi rubbed them back and forth between her anus and her clit button. Bringing Heidi’s moistened fingers out, Heidi brought them to her nose and smelt Elaine’s muskiness then putting them in her mouth, Heidi tasted her. She tasted of sex, of cream, a beautiful taste of nothing Heidi had ever tasted before. Elaine’s big eyes watched Heidi licking Elaine’s sex off her fingers, Heidi’s lips moist and wanting more.

    Heidi kissed Elaine, Heidi’s mouth opened into Elaine’s, allowing Heidi tongue to roam in Elaine’s mouth and lick hers, Elaine moaned softly as Heidi’s arms wrapped around Elaine and stroked Elaine’s buttocks. Heidi’s tits pushed into her, their nipples rubbing and touching each other.

    “I want you to eat me, please.” Heidi gasped feeling her cunt becoming more and more aroused. Heidi desperately wanted to enjoy this more than anything, although wanting to explore everything immediately, Heidi wanted to slow it down feeling this to be a dream and wanting it to last as long as possible.

    They moved to the bed, Elaine sat Heidi down at the foot of the bed and gently pushed Heidi back. Elaine knelt down.

    “Open your legs for me, show me what you have.” Elaine instructed Heidi.

    Heidi obliged by opening herself as wide as she could. Elaine knelt up on her knees and looked down at Heidi. Each hand lay on Heidi’s thighs and slid teasingly towards Heidi’s opening.

    “My you’re wet, I can see globs of your juices oozing from your cunt.” Elaine said quietly. Her hands moved into Heidi’s folds of wetness and she ran both index fingers up and around Heidi’s clit.

    “Oh my god.” Heidi groaned. The feeling travelled freely through Heidi’s body were electric, tiny shocks rippled through Heidi. Elaine continued to stroke Heidi, opening Heidi’s pussy folds and revealing,

    “Oh my god, you have no idea how sexy that looks!” gasped Elaine. In Heidi oblivion that was wholly consumed by having Elaine in front of her, no wait, her fantasy in front of her.

    Heidi had no idea that I had entered the room by now. I was sitting in one of the arm chairs softly stroking my hard cock in the darkness watching my “wife” being explored by another woman.

    Elaine opened her eyes wide as Heidi had stopped looking at me. Elaine sensed me in the room and now was torn between enjoying my wife or stopping because this man was in the shadow.

    Heidi reassured Elaine “It is ok Elaine that is my husband we saw him in the lounge, remember.”

    “No, no! Don’t stop for me! I’m enjoying the floor show, do carry on!” I said hurriedly.

    Elaine went back to work and Heidi now closed her eyes as Elaine massaged Heidi’s clit button which Elaine massaged in tiny circular motions as Heidi enjoyed the experience. I gasped, wanting Heidi to enjoy the experience.

    Elaine then brought her mouth to Heidi’s pussy and making her tongue pointy she probed Heidi’s wetness, wiggling it on Heidi’s clit, causing Heidi to arch herself towards Elaine’s mouth begging for more. Elaine spikey tongue moved up and down Heidi’s pussy teasing Heidi to the point of overload. Then she flattened her tongue and greedily slurped and lapped up Heidi’s juices, licking like a dog cleaning itself. It was taking all Heidi’s strength not to allow her body to orgasm, Heidi had never experienced such attentions before and it was blowing her mind!

    Elaine’s mouth latched onto Heidi’s clit and making very loud slurping and sucking noises she drew Heidi’s clit into Elaine’s mouth. As she sucked on Heidi’s button her lips vibrated against it pushing Heidi further and further over the edge. Just as I thought Heidi was going to orgasm Elaine stopped.

    Elaine brought her fingers to Heidi’s mouth and inserted them, allowing Heidi to lick and lubricating them, making it quite clear to me what she intended to do. Slowly she inserted one in Heidi’s cunt, she hadn’t needed to wet them as Heidi was wet enough, Heidi’s cunt was flooding with juices. She buried her finger into Heidi, feeling Heidi’s insides, stroking her. Elaine brought her finger back out, licked it again, tasting Heidi, letting Heidi see how much she was enjoying herself. Elaine inserted her finger again, then added another, until she had all four fingers into Heidi, massaging her cunt walls back and forward.

    By now Elaine was pumping her hand back and forth into Heidi’s cunt. I figured it must be almost fisting but Elaine hands were so small, so it was easy for her to stretch Heidi’s cunt lips to accommodate her, her hand almost felt like a cock. Her fingers were stroking Heidi’s insides and pleasuring her g spot.

    Elaine suddenly clamped her mouth again on Heidi’s clit and reassumed sucking and massaging Heidi clit. The feelings could be seen on Heidi’s face though her body was blowing me away, as Heidi pelvis tipped allowing Elaine to place Heidi’s clit further into her mouth as Heidi’s orgasm train started to rumble into town!

    “Oh” She gasped “I’m going to come, don’t stop, do it, do it there, don’t change what you’re doing. Pump me, fuck me harder, faster, suck, suck, suck!”

    “Fuck her, faster, chew on her clit, make her come, eat her!” I encouraged, as I watched trying to squeeze my cock so I did not cum.

    “I’m there, oh, oh, steady, steady not so hard now, gently, suck it gently!” Heidi panted as her orgasm rushed through her, Heidi’s clit was on fire, Elaine could not touch it at this point, so Elaine removed her hand and gently stroked Heidi’s thigh with her tongue lapping up Heidi’s cum juices as they pumped out of her gaping cunt.

    Heidi lay there gasping for air, eventually her breathing subsided as she came back to earth.

    “I have never seen anything so fantastic!” I enthused. “You were both awesome.”

    Once again Heidi seem to suddenly remind her self that I was still in the room. She was instantly feeling guilty that she had sucked up all the attention and I’d just sat there watching.

    “Your turn now, Elaine suck my husband’s cock.” Heidi asked.

    Elaine went to me and knelt between my legs, taking my cock in her hands. Now I know I have a rather large cock but being held by her tiny hands made it look enormous. She stroked my shaft, bringing her hand to the tip and squeezing a bead of pre cum juice to the top. She bent forward and licked it off, I groaned in appreciation. She licked my cock all over, kissed my balls and licked them, sucking little pockets of skin into her mouth. I looked down at her, observing what she was doing and then over to Heidi, who now was watching us together. Heidi now stroking her kitten as she enjoyed the show.

    Elaine took me in her mouth, drawing me deeper and deeper into her. I had never experienced such a deep throat. I watch as Heidi watched in awe as Elaine took the full length of me and all my thickness into her mouth and down her throat. My head rolled back as I enjoyed the sensations coursing through my body as she sucked greedily on my member.

    “What do you want to do?” Heidi asked me huskily. No answer so Heidi commanded what she wanted to see next.

    “I want her in a 69 position over me, so I can watch your big cock in her tiny bald pussy while you pound her.” She excitedly demanded.

    Heidi turned around on the bed so her head was hanging over the foot of the bed and Elaine came and knelt over her face tucking the backs of her legs under Heidi’s arms. Heidi immediately had a beautiful view of her glistening pussy. I came over spreading Elaine’s lips with my hands and slid one of my fingers into her cunt, I slowly slid it in and out right in front of Heidi’s eyes! Then I slid a second finger in stretching her cunt walls ready to take my big, thick cock.

    “Are you ready?” I asked Elaine, “I’m going to stretch your little cunt with my fat cock, I hope you can take it!”

    “I’m ready!” Elaine cried, “Give me your cock, let me feel it stretching me.”

    I placed the tip of my condom covered cock against Elaine’s opening. This size of it against her tiny cunt hole made me gasp. With a bottle of lube from Heidi’s purse I drenched my cock.

    “Be careful!” Heidi said, “Don’t hurt her, she’s tiny.”

    “It’s too late to be careful,” I said, “I’m too far gone now!”

    With that I pushed my end into her a little and withdrew it, my thick head condom covered cock glistened covered in her juices as well as lube, I pushed it back in a little further this time.

    “Oh god, it is big, you’re stretching me. Yeeooww!” Elaine cried as I drew my big member out again and grasping her hips plunged my cock deep into her. From where Heidi lay, she could see Elaine cunt lips stretching beyond words around my truncheon like cock, as I pulled back her skin around my cock stretched and sucked onto my member as I pulled back and bucked back into her. We were both grunting, I from the effort of fucking her tight hole and her from taking such a big member into her tiny form.

    Heidi tried to lick her clit but my balls kept banging against Heidi preventing her from latching her mouth onto Elaine. Instead Heidi fingered Elaine’s button, massaging her harder and harder as my cock fucked her harder, deeper, and faster. Heidi could hear the sticky wet base of my cock slapping against her wet fanny.

    “Please..” Elaine grunted “Diddle my clit faster, make me cum please!”

    Heidi could see my balls tightening, so Heidi quickly increased the circular motions and pressure on Elaines’s love button.

    “I’m gonna cum!” I grunted.

    “Wait!” Heidi shouted “Just slow down a minute.”

    Heidi was flicking Elaine’s clit so fast Heidi was getting cramp in her hand.

    Elaine started to pant faster “I’m cumming, fuck me, fuck me, flick my bean harder, harder!”

    I started to pump so hard into her I thought I was going to break her in half! As Elaine started to cum, Heidi could see Elaine’s cunt muscles gripping and stroking my cock as I pulled out and so did the condom pulling off allowing me to shooting tons of cum onto Heidi’s face and all over Elaine’s ass.

    “Uh, uh!!” I panted as the last of my sperm left my cock and I slowly slid my exhausted member into Heidi’s awaiting mouth.

    Heidi licked Elaine’s clit gently as Elaine lay on top of Heidi panting, Heidi could feel Elaine’s heart thudding as she lay against Heidi’s stomach. I pulled away from the two ladies my erection had shrunk. As the condom was removed from her hole, Elaine dripped some fluid onto Heidi’s top lip. Heidi stuck out her tongue to taste it and tasted my cum and Elaine’s juices too.

    “Sit up!” Heidi hissed urgently, arousing Elaine from her prone state “I want to taste both your cum juices.”

    Elaine pushed herself upright placing the condom over Heidi’s face as the first glob of white cum juice travelled down the casing and as it started to drip down, Heidi stuck her tongue out and caught it and sucked the stringy blob of juice into her mouth. She could taste me and Elaine, our juices mingled together in a cocktail of sex. Heidi brought her mouth closer to Elaine’s pussy now and sucked some more of Elaine’s juices into her mouth, Heidi sucked and sucked until she could not siphon any more out of Elaine.

    Heidi looked across to me, I was now siting back in the chair watching her eat Elaine’s juices. i grinned at her, my cock was already hard again, I wanked my cock as I watched my “wife” eating our fuck buddy out.

    “What do you want now my love?” I asked, “Do you want to be fucked this time?”

    “Yes please.” Heidi whispered “but I want her to flick my clit at the same time.”

    Heidi laid on the bed, she grabbed a pillow and shoved it under her ass to lift her up so I could penetrate her better. Heidi then brought her knees up to her sides and grasped her ankles so she was completely open for me. Without hesitation I rammed my newly covered cock straight into my Heidi’s cunt causing her to gasp.

    “Elaine, please come and love my clitty.” Heidi asked throatily. Elaine scrambled across the bed and lay with her head and shoulders down by Heidi’s hips so Elaine could reach Heidi’s pussy. I started to pump my delicious cock into Heidi and Elaine started to massage Heidi’s clit with her fingers. As I fucked Heidi harder, I looked into her eyes as she looked back at me and then at Elaine diddling her.

    Heidi had never experienced such highs, I do not think she could ever have believed that sex could be so good with another girl involved. Yes she had a few female lovers but as my orgasm started to mount, Elaine expertly stroked Heidi’s clit harder and harder until Heidi felt her own climax start to come to the boil. Heidi reached over and inserting three of her fingers in Elaine’s wet cunt, Heidi started to pump at Elaine in the same rhythm as her “husband” was fucking her. I grasped Heidi’s hips and fucked her harder and harder, as Heidi finger fucked Elaine’s cunt as hard as she could.

    “Faster, faster! Fuck me harder, faster don’t stop!” Elaine screamed.

    “I’m cumming, keeping diddling my clitty, fuck me, fuck me harder, faster, that’s it I’m there don’t stop, oh, oh, slow down, don’t touch my clit!” Heidi screamed.

    I did not say a word as I watched both ladies come to a climax their bodies spasming and writhing around as they came. I grunted as my cock shot another load of cum. Heidi could feel my hot sperm in the condom shooting into the back of her cunt, wad after wad until I finally stopped pumping her. I withdrew my now limp and exhausted cock out of her and collapsed into the chair not even feeling like I could stand, leaving behind a full condom dangling from Heidi’s well fucked pussy.

    We were both exhausted but Elaine seemed to still want to keep going. She got off the bed and went over to me and gently licked my cock clean of what juices were there. Although I wanted to desperately fuck this little SP, I did not have the strength to become hard again. Elaine then went to Heidi pulled out the full condom and sucked and licked Heidi’s juices leaving Heidi’s pussy sore but clean. Elaine then in front of us lifted the condom up and proceeded to drain the condom down her throat. Once empty she took it to the bathroom and we heard the flush.

    Elaine came back into the bedroom put her coat back on and said her goodbyes. But before she told us that we were the perfect couple.

    “Happy Anniversary to you both and I have to say you both have some of the best cum I ever tasted.” As she walked out the door.

    I stopped as I looked at Heidi and without a word she heard me then replied,

    “Don’t worry I have her number, we can see her again if you want to!”

    “Oh my god, you have no idea how sexy that looked!” Heidi gasped. Totally consumed by having our fantasy in front of her, she had completely forgotten I was still there as the door closed behind Elaine. I was sitting back in the arm chairs softly stroking my hard cock watching my “wife” thinking what just happened. Then our eyes met. She grinned and said

    “No, no! Don’t stop for me! I’m enjoying the floor show, do carry on!” we laughed.



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