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    Annika Third Meeting - The Lion King

    Annika Story Lion King

    I had to come into TO for meetings and I knew Annika had wanted to go to the theater. So I book tickets for the Lion King. I contacted Cupids a week in advance and booked Annika. I told them I did not want her to know it was me. I also got her measurements and I picked up a dress, heels, coat, hand bag and a corset with the stockings. Oh yea I got her a ring. I got a suite at the Grand hotel. I booked us dinner in the suite and a limo to the theater. I asked Cupid to ask her to get her hair and nails done. I wanted it to be a special night for Annika.

    She arrived on time looking wonderful. Cupids did it again. I had candles and light music playing with the drapes drawn on our two story suite. It has been 7 months since our last encounter. I started to think what if she did not remember me. Well no fear as soon as the door opened she remembered me. She was so excited to see me. It did my heart good to see her again and she was so thankful to see me. She wore a green dress which looked so good.

    She is very beautiful. Not a hard body but she is a real woman. Her soul shines for me. She makes me feel like a king. She makes me feel like she wants me and makes me feel loved, special, and appreciated.

    While dinner was being served on the main floor she was dressing on the top floor of the loft. She put on the yellow lingerie, the yellow dress, the matching shoes and a few accessories like the necklace, arm band, and the bracelet that I had selected for her.

    She came down the stairs she looked like something out of a movie. She is a real woman, a goddess if you like. I was so excited about taking her to the theater. We had dinner talked laughed and caught up on her life and mine. It was like just yesterday we had been together. She seemed to remember our last encounter. I was shocked how she remembered our time together in the past. She remembered many details. I was so impressed.

    Well it was time for us to leave. Our limo awaited and off we went. I really appreciated taking her out and it felt so comfortable having her on my arm. It just felt so right. We went in we bought a few things for our children and we made our way to our seats. I could sense her excitement. I spend most of the night watching her. Looking at her face as she laughed, she smiled and I thought at one point she was going to cry. I loved watching the emotion in her face. She would look at me kiss me and held my hand throughout the night. Before I knew it the performance was over. We headed out of the theater our limo out front, our driver opened the door and as she got in I noticed the people looking at her thinking she must be someone of importance. I smiled and got in the limo which took us back to the hotel. In the car she moved closer to me she kissed me like she meant it. She whispered in my ear how she loved the theater and how excited she was to get me back to our suite. We got to the room, we walked, then she held me, it was like time stood still. We kissed and embraced. She asked me to undress her. I was shocked to see the corset I bought her but no panties. She knew I liked that. Throughout the night the thought of her, all night, sitting beside me with no panties. I really like her pussy which was partly shaved she looked so hot I got hard just looking at her in the heels, garters, stockings, and corset. Wow! She let her hair down sat me down on the couch and sat on me and kissed me. She told me how much she loved me and started to rub up against me. I though I was going to cum, I was going to shoot my load all over her. It was at this point she took me by the hand and lead me up the stairs. She walked in front of me her ass swaying with each step. I thought I died and went to heaven.

    She undressed me and took my cock in her mouth and made mad passionate love to my manhood. Just before coming she pushed me on the bed got on top of me whispered things in my ear that had me quivering. She kissed me like she was so into me. My mind was cuming but she held my cock in her hands to keep my dick in check. She was not done with me.

    She road me deep and hard. She appeared to be enjoying it almost as much as me. She started to suck me and kiss and lick my dick to the point I thought it was going to leave the plant. She held it to ensure I did not explode. She put on the condom. She then laid next to me and she made love to me. I mean it was not a fuck you can get with a 200 dollar street walker, but she held me and made love to me like few women have done before. We laid there so close kissing and caressing each other before I knew it I slide in her so naturally. We were wrapped in each other, our bodied swaying with the music. Deeper and deeper. She wanted all of me, she wanting it harder and deeper. I grabbed her ass and I pulled her so close I got so deep in her I though we were one.

    It felt so right, so good. I have never been married, or even close, but Annika gave me the feeling of what it would be like. Before I knew it our 5 hours were done it was time for her leave. I did not want her to go. She called cupid and they allowed her to stay for another round that turned out to be a wild time in that king size bed. We used up all the condoms she had. We were coated in each others sweat. Man this lady is just that a real women. If a young spinner is what you want then look elsewhere. If a wonderful women is what you crave who knows how to treat a man than Annika the woman for you. She is a real woman who can awake the man in you

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