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    Annika Fourth Meeting - The Gifts

    Annika the Gifts

    Being on the road can be hard at the best of times. In the toughest of times, it is so hard. Especially being so lonely. This night was one of those nights. I had gone to bed and my thoughts went back to Annika this hot single Mom from Toronto. I got up to use the wash room and I brushed my teeth yet again. I washed my face and when I closed my eyes I saw Annika and the night at the theater. I pictured her going up the stairs naked and me close behind. That night she had left her panties behind and I had then stashed away in my overnight bag. I pulled them out. I had gotten them for her that night, and I was not sure if she left them behind for me, or if it was an honest mistake.

    I stripped naked in what seemed to me to be about 2 seconds flat and dove into bed. With one hand I held the panty crotch over my nose and mouth and with the other began pumping away on my raging hard-on. Annika had gotten me so fucking hot. Up until just earlier that day, I had never thought of Annika as a 'mother I would like to fuck.' But now that was all that was on my mind. I began fantasizing about fucking her doggy style with these sexy panties over her juicy round ass and coming all over them. I thought about that hot scene from her our past meeting, fantasizing that I was face-fucking her and I would cum all in her face and mouth. I fantasized that she spread her pussy and lowered that pussy over my face while she sucked my cock.

    Wow, this was sending me over the edge. In my mind, I was in another dimension, but, I was in New Jersey, with her sexy panties in my face with my eyes closed, wanking myself off over fantasies of her. I could not stand it so I called Cupids to see if she might be working tomorrow night. I was in luck she was open. I giggled thinking of her pussy being open. I booked her for tomorrow and I changed my flights and booked the Hilton across from the airport in Toronto.

    I had my meetings in the morning and I got my flight in the afternoon. I picked up a rental car and stopped in her favorite store to pick up a new dress for her, a new pair of shoes, a handbag, and a few accessories as well as a new coat. I was excited about giving these gifts to her. I called to confirm with Cupids. I booked 4 hours.
    I made it back to the hotel got washed up and got dressed. As I laid out her gifts there was a knock at the door. For a few seconds, I was frozen, then it suddenly dawned on me that it must be her. I was so fucking hot for Annika, I wanted nothing more than to engage in an intense fuck session with her.

    “Ooh, Greg I was hoping it would be you,” she said, as she came into the suite. In one swift motion, she dropped her dress to share her naked body with me. She came closer and my hand slid up her leg to her purring pussy. “You like your men with a big cock.” I muttered. She then undid my pants knowing I do not wear underwear and wrapped her hand around my cock. I jumped back to the bed and covered my rock-hard cock with a pillow.

    “Don’t be shy, Greg,” said Annika, as she walked over to me and planted her lips on mine, pulling the pillow out of my hands. After a few seconds of lip-locking, I broke off the kiss and said, “No, Annika, I wanted to give you something.”

    “No, Greg, I want to give you something,” whispered Annika. Again, we locked lips and this time she started stroking my cock while swirling her tongue in my mouth.

    “I have needs, just like any other woman, you know,” she said. “I’ve wanted this for so long. You make me feel so hot, Greg.” Our noses were almost touching as she began, again, to stroke my cock and speak to me. “Do you know how much it breaks my heart, knowing you are sleeping around with escorts? My heart aches with jealousy, I wish I was one of them. Why waste your time and money going out with those stupid bimbos when you can have me, here, anytime you want. I’m all yours, Greg.”

    Our lips locked as we tongued each other's mouths and she stroked my cock. I put my hands down the back of her stockings and squeezed her ass, causing Annika to let out a groan into my mouth. Then, I moved my hand down the front of her stockings and started fingering her sopping wet pussy, causing her to start breathing heavily. We broke the kiss. As we were masturbating each other off, our eyes were locked to each other's, with our faces just inches apart.

    Annika, then, whispered, “I know you’ve been bringing escorts back here and fucking them on this bed, in this very room. I have been thinking of you while I am in my bedroom with my dildo in my pussy, wishing it was me in here with you, and you were treating me like you treat them. Do you want me, Greg?”

    “Yes, Annika, more than anything.”

    Annika now told me she thinks of me often and needs to take her dildo with her all the time. I giggled and asked if she had it in her purse now. She smiled and said she keeps it with her all the time.

    Now Annika quickened her pace wanking my cock. “Tell me how much you want me. Tell me what you’re going to do to me.”

    I smiled and said, “You set this all up didn’t you, Annika? To make me want you. Well, it’s worked big time.”

    “Clever boy,” she said, with a sly grin.

    " I want you more than I’ve ever wanted any woman in my life, Annika. I’m going to fuck you like crazy, I’m going to treat you like that woman in the porno. Kneel and suck my cock. Now, Annika!”

    And that's just what she did. She looked up at me as she took the tip of my cock in her mouth. I felt her top teeth scraping above and her tongue massaging below. It was heaven, it was only by incredible will power that I managed to keep from cumming in her mouth, there and then! Then, she went deeper and sucked harder. She grabbed my hand and put it on her hair, I took this as an indication that she wanted me to fuck her mouth. With a tight grip on her hair, I held her head still and began fucking her mouth. After a few minutes, with my cock and her face full of her saliva, I was ready to cum but it was too soon. I needed to pause and change tactics, to try and last longer before cumming.

    “Take your stockings off and go get your dildo. I want you to fuck yourself as I titty-fuck you,” I demanded. The naturally submissive milf did just that.

    Within seconds she was squatting in front of me, naked, with her magnificent big tits fully exposed. Her nipples were brown, big and pointy.

    “Wait, I want you to suck your tits for me,” I commanded.

    Looking up at me, without hesitation the lusty milf did just that, biting them, sucking them, and making her nipples even more pointy. I watched her blissfully for a moment as I wanked my cock. I couldn’t resist, I bent down and groped her melons. I sucked on those huge nipples and had Annika groaning. I put a nipple to her mouth then kissed her with her tit between our lips. Then I held her tits together and started slowly fucking them. She inserted her dildo into her pussy. She was soaking wet and as the dildo was going in and out, her pussy made an audible squishing sound. Annika bent toward me and took the end of my cock in her mouth sucked and licked the end of my cock each time it passed through the top of her cleavage. After a few minutes of this, as I gained momentum and speed. I, then, slowed down my pace and spat a long glob of saliva into her cleavage and onto my cock.

    “Yes, please,” said Annika, as she turned to look up at me and opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue. She was dildo'ing herself ferociously, pussy juice splashing out of her sopping wet pussy. “Wow, you really are kinky, aren’t you?” I said. “OK, here it comes.” I spat on her face and the first glob landed on her right cheek, the second one landed directly onto her tongue, and the third one landed on the tip of her nose then slid down into her mouth. As the third glob of spit landed, Annika had an intense orgasm rip through her. “Aaaaaawww… YES! FUCK! Aaaaaghh, oh my god, Greg. I’m cumming!” She screamed and cum squirted all over her dildo and on to the floor. She was loud and I loved listening to her screamed. The sight of her having that orgasm in front of me pushed me over the edge.

    “Open your fucking mouth!” I demanded. I fucked her mouth for just a few thrusts before I shot rope after rope of cum down her throat. She kept the tip of my cock in her mouth and looked up at me as she swallowed my whole load.

    “Sorry, I didn’t mean to speak to you like that, Annika,” I said, filled with shame.

    “I love it when you talk to me that way, I’m all yours, baby.” said Annika, “I’m just going to get cleaned up. Be right back, darling...”

    I went to lay in bed, shivering from sexual excitement. A few minutes later, Annika came back in the room, this time with her hair down and wearing a bathrobe.
    “Up you get,” she said.

    I climbed out of bed and Annika walked over to the end of the bed and took off her robe. Annika was wearing nothing but those sexy pink satin panties. She turned around, bent over, arched her back, and while looking back at me, she moved the crotch of the panties over to one side with one hand and slapped one of her cheeks with her other hand. Wow, what an invite!

    My cock was ready for action again. I got behind her, but instead of penetrating her, I decided to tease and put my cock inside the panties and along the crack of her ass.

    “Ooh, that’s lovely,” said Annika, as she rubbed her clit. I did this for a few minutes, they couldn’t resist any longer. I stuck my cock right into her pussy and slapped her ass.

    “You fucking, dirty milf slut!” I said uncontrollably. I began pounding her hard and fast, her panties were so sexy over her ass. Her tits were bouncing like hell until I grabbed them from behind and pulled on her nipples hard.

    “Ow!” screamed Annika.

    “You fucking love it don’t you? “ I said.

    “Yes,” Annika agreed. “Do it again.”

    I got so close to cumming, I had to pull out, and said, “I want you to ride me now, Annika.”

    I lay down on the bed and Annika climbed on me and lowered her sopping wet pussy over my cock and began to ride me ever so slowly. We kissed passionately, breathed heavily into each other's faces and talked dirty to each other. After some build up of power and pace and with our lips clamped together, Annika had her second orgasm of the night. My orgasm began to build also while this sexy milf rode me. I broke the kiss and said, “Fucking hell, Annika, this is the best fuck ever! I’m so sorry, I'm about to cum too” Annika climbed off me and immediately got on her knees on the floor and begged, “My mouth, please.” I leaned over her and shot directly into her mouth, then, pulling back, I aimed for her face and hair. I wanted to cover this milf's face as much as I could with my cum.

    “Wow!” I sighed.

    “I’m not done yet.” grinned Annika, as she lay back on the bed. “Sit on my face,” she said, “I want to lick your ass, it’s a fetish of mine. Please, Greg.”

    So, I spread my ass cheeks and lowered myself over Annika’s face. My cock was facing her huge mounds. “Fuck my face with your ass,” she said. I enthusiastically obliged. She was dildo'ing her pussy hard and fast and moaned into my ass as her tongue was working my puckered hole. I began grinding my ass over her face, hard, and wanking my cock, and with this Annika reached her third orgasm of the night. This got me so hot, I came, again, too, all over her tits.

    That was the last of our workout for the night. Exhausted, after Annika cleaned the cum off her, we kissed and cuddled for the rest of the night. It was nearly midnight so I opened the closet and showed her what I had got her. She was so happy. She calls her office to tell them she was tired and heading home. She contacted her baby sister and told her she would home late. Annika tired on the dress, the shoes, the coat, the gloves, the handbag, the accessories. She modeled the white dress I got her.

    She looked so sexy. She sat in the big leather chair and crossed her legs. She put on the bracelet and smiled at me.

    Annika looks at me and said, “Do you like how it shows off my tits?” I shook my head in approval.

    Her eyes looked deep into me and in a raspy voice, she told me to rip it off her and fuck her hard. I just had to comply.

    I took the edge of the white fabric and I pulled it hard until I heard the rip. Then another tug and a rip down the rest of the front exposing her tits. I grabbed the ripped fabric once more and gave it a tug only to hear it rip all the way down.

    Annika gave out a loud “Fuck” as she got so horny. I got to fuck her up against the wall. She told me after that was so hot for her. The sound of the dress ripping made her cum. Knowing my thick cock was right behind. Giving her the gifts was so anti-climatic.

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