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    Annika Fifth Meeting Merry Christmas

    Annika Christmas at the Met 2012

    Christmas was not my favorite time of the year and here I was in Toronto. I thought oh what the hell even if it is hard for me maybe I could do something for someone else. That someone being Annika. I reached out to Cupids to see if she might be in town. I was told she could meet me but I was going to take her for all night adventure. I was told she cannot do an over night so I booked her for a whole night until 2 AM when she had to leave.

    I finished my meeting that day and made my way over to Yorkdale shopping center and I took on the Christmas shoppers with a vengeance. I picked out a dress, shoes, a handbag, some bath products using lavender as the theme. I then new she wanted a new camera so I picked one up for her. I even picked out a couple gifts for her kids. I thought that would be well received. I was having so much fun buying the gifts I now worked on a new coat for her and a special nigh gown and silk house coat as well as boots and gloves and a scarf. I loaded the car. On my way to the hotel I stopped and picked up a Christmas tree as well as the decorations to dress it up. I had everything wrapped for her as well.

    I made my way back to the Met and my suite. I put on some Michael Bublé Christmas tunes and I put up the tree as well as the ornaments. I now put the presents under the tree as Michael sang being to feel a lot like Christmas. I started to feel like Christmas was not so bad as I thought of Annika’s face lighting up as I placed each present under the tree. I recalled oh this is the handbag, Oh this is the lingerie, the dress in that present. I admired my handy work when there was a knock on the door.

    I quickly lite the candles and reset Michael. Another knock on the door. I opened it to see Annika’s smile. She came into the candles and the music. She turned to me tilted her head and with a tear in her eye she smiled and said, “Greg what did you do?” I told her I just got her a few things. She hugged me and told me I did not need to do this. I told her I know I did not need to I wanted too.

    She hugged me and we kissed. I took her coat and hung it up. I sat her down as she looked at the tree and all the presents. She asked me who all the presents were for I told her they were for her. She smiled at me as another tear was followed by a stream. I gave her a tissue as she told me she was sorry. She told me she had no one to give her presents. I told her there were a few for her boys. Now she burst out in tears and ran to the bathroom.

    It was my turn to knock on the door. She coughed up a response. “I am sorry.”

    I told her it was ok and she came out to hold me and tell me this was the nicest thing anyone had ever done for her. I had to hold her tighter. We kissed. I took her by the hand and brought her into the living room. The lights from the tree bounced off her tear soaked eyes. She looked at me and said, “for me?” My response was “Yes!” Another tear appeared and I wiped it away as she kissed me once more.

    She told me she wanted me as she dropped her dress revealing the best pair of tits it has been my pleasure to gaze upon in my life and a clean-shaven pussy to go with it. Her comment in a hushed voice was “I am not wearing anything under my dress for you as I know you do not like it when I wear panties.”

    I am blown away as my cock just sprung to attention. Her dress now hit the floor as she turned to step out of it and walked to the sofa in the living room. I followed her and dropped to my knees between her legs, as I leant forward Annika got hold of my head and guided it to her juiced-up pussy and ordered me to lick her to an orgasm, a task I was more than willing to perform. I must have been tonguing her wet cunt for a good half hour bringing Annika to two strong orgasms when she finally let me free from her steaming pussy, my face was covered in her juices, her only words to me were to lie down on my back as I did this Annika place on a condom and then straddled my cock and impaled herself on me, I nearly shot my lot on the spot but managed to hold back, as she fucked me all I could do was gaze at her tits bouncing about above me I tried to hold back but to no avail, my cock exploded shooting my baby making juice into condom in her womb, Annika realised what was happening and pulled away so the last of my cum dripped onto my belly & balls, I was in heaven then Annika raised her sloppy condom filled pussy over my face and told me to remove the condom still in her and asked me to clean her up, so there I was licking and sucking her cum out of her soaking wet cunt and I was loving it, Annika orgasmed again in my mouth then raised herself up and just left me naked on the sofa as she went to get cleaned up, as she stepped out of the living room I heard her say she wanted to fuck me in the bedroom, I couldn’t wait to go to bed.

    She reappeared and now was time to open presents. Annika did not know where to start so I brought them to her one at a time. I knew the order I wanted her to open. After each gift, she kissed me and had a tear. I was loving it. She kissed me and thanked me after the dress, the coat, the scarf, the gloves, the shoes, the boots, etc. I got to the camera and she sat there looking at it. She looked up at me and cried. We hugged, and she whispered, “Fuck me Greg” I told she did not have too. She told me she did not have to or she did not feel obligated she wanted to. She wanted to make love to me and I wanted her. She took me by the hand lead me into the bed room.

    Annika sat on the side of my bed reached under the covers and taking my cock shook her head then pulled my covers back and just stuck my hard cock in her mouth and sucked me to an impressive erection then to my surprise she threw her leg over my head and for the second time in that day I was licking her shaven pussy that I so wanted to fuck. After sucking me till I managed to make her climax in my face she then moved round placed on a condom and dropped down taking my erect cock deep into her sloppy wet cunt, she rode me for a few minutes then we rolled around till I was on top and FUCKING her as hard as I could.

    Annika then pushed me off and got on her hands and knees sticking her ass up in the air, I got behind her slammed my cock straight into her juicy pussy and started to fuck her as hard as I could slap her big ass and having the best sex of my life when one of my life long fantasies came true, Annika screamed out in orgasm and told me to fuck her harder. How could I refuse I pulled out of her wet cunt and pushed the end of my cock against her bum hole till the tip slipped in. Annika let out a scream and begged me to push harder which I did till my cock was fully embedded in her ass, I began to slip in and out of her ass making her climax time and time again till I could take no more and I injected her ass with what was left of my cum in the condom.

    Annika and I showed and we were off to dinner at KI. After dinner, I asked our driver to take us for a tour of the city lights. She cuddled next to me as we stopped to see the lights. We kissed and the windows fogged up but the only lights I wanted to see were the lights in her eyes. As we made our way back to the hotel. Annika told me she wanted to stay the night with me but her boys needed her. She was so excited to watch them open the presents I got them.

    It was late now and I asked our driver to help load the presents in the car. As the driver left with the first loaded cart. I told him we would meet him downstairs. Annika turned and kissed me and told me to fuck her before she goes.

    She lifted her dressed and then undid my pants as I stuck my finger in her wet pussy. She moaned and she unzipped my pants they dropped to the floor she bent over and wanted me. I told her that we needed a condom. She told me she wanted to feel me with out one. I told her no. So, she reached for her purse pulled out on and I put it on as she braced her self against the wall. I slowly penetrated her wetness. She begged for more and it did not take long and I was now pounding her. She moaned with each thrust. Her head flipped back and I grabbed her hair slamming my thickness deeper and more intensely. Her moans became even loader as her screams of pleasure were louder than the sound of the slaps of flesh on flesh. We both now reached a level of intense pleasure we both collapsed. I pulled out of her taking the condom out filled with my love juices.

    We laughed and we cried as we got dressed and we collected the last of the tree and ornaments were put into the box they came in. I called downstairs for my driver to bring up the cart. He arrived and loaded everything but I am sure he could smell the sex still lingering in the suite. He left we kissed and she told me it was the best Christmas ever.

    I escorted her downstairs in the elevator. The snow now was gently falling and as she was about to get into the car she held me with tears in her eyes she whispered that she loved me. She could feel my body contract and my body trembled as I felt the warmth in my pants. I had just cum in my pants. She knew her job was done as she smiled at me slowly lowering her self into the back of the car. I watched her drive off, thinking will I ever see her again?

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