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Thread: Misha Frankfurt

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    Misha Frankfurt

    1 - Misha Novakova Frankfurt

    Our adventure began over 12 years ago with me meeting and fucking her mother. Little did I know 12 years later I would be fucking her. She was a far cry from that 18-year-old girl I bumped into while I was picking up her mother back in Vancouver. I never even thought of her. One has no idea how those we cross paths with from our past may enter our future. This is magnified when one is dumped by a provider who hit the $100,000 club. When I think back, it is always hard to deal with a lady in my exclusive club, that shuts me down. The providers we see once or twice come and go in the night but those that touch us deeply hurt when you think there is more, and then there is nothing, it stings you to your core.

    Well fast forward to today. Misha is now meeting me in Frankfurt and she is so excited that I will take her back to Canada. It was a little over a year ago while I was in Prague that a client, suggested that I needed a good Czech girl. I agreed, and he arranged for me to meet this 30-year-old blonde beauty. It did not take long for us to connect and for me to learn her mother was Canadian while her father was Czech. That she was born in Canada but came over with her father when she was very young because her mother could not take care of her.

    Her mother then met several black guys and had twin boys with one of them. She lived on social assistance while she worked in a grocery store. Her mother’s name was Cindy. Could it be? You see Cindy stumbled into this world and then mine years ago.

    I made my appearance in Cindy’s world around the time an 18-year-old Misha came back to meet her mother. From what I have learned since meeting Misha, her mother had hoped my connection with her would have turned into something more. Although Cindy and I had a number of months for connecting, including a few travel events, Cindy and I fell apart as fast as we fell together. I had not seen Cindy since. Occasionally, I might receive an email but then she disappears as fast as she appears.

    Then a year ago Misha shows up in my world in Prague. Now what is the chance of that happening? Slim to none but here we are, and Misha is a woman now following in her mother’s foot steps. Now I agreed to show her Canada. It was on her bucket list. My personal assistant Anke books flights and little adventures in Canada for Misha. We agree on the donation for her time. She is so excited to see Canada but even more excited that I will pay her to join me. She knew I had done similar events with her mother. Matter of fact, one reason she got into this world was how I had treated her mother.

    Misha also likes her sleep, so we agree to have separate rooms, so she can get a good night sleep with out my dick making an appearance at 2 or 3 in the morning. Our trip takes shape.

    We agree to meet in Frankfurt on the 14th. Then on the 15th fly out in the morning to Montreal arriving at around noon Montreal time. I will have a limo pick us up and take us to old Montreal. We can wash up then take a limo tour of my birth city. That night we can have a relaxing picnic by the St. Lawrence then stop at Mont Royal to over look the city before heading back to our hotel for a good night’s rest.

    On the 16th we go shopping at La Maison OGILVY to get her the clothes and all she needs for this trip. I will follow that with a massage in the suite, followed by a hair stylist and make up artist in the afternoon. The goal to get Misha looking her best before heading out to a nice seafood restaurant.

    The next morning, we will fly to Toronto and a limo ride to Niagara Falls. Then back to Toronto for a night out at a local sex club.

    On the 17th we will take a tour of Toronto then fly out to Calgary on the 18th. I will plan on taking her on a limo ride to Banff to see Canada at it’s finest.

    On the 19th we will take a flight to Vancouver. Complete with a limo tour of the city in the AM then to Stanley Park for a picnic lunch and live jazz music in the park as well as a kite display. I will arrange for a photographer to take photos of her as she loves to have photos of her taken. Then to our hotel where she can have a nice bath and a massage with a male provider and maybe a good fuck since I know she has issue with my size. Then out for a nice seafood dinner. Then spend the night with her and I and a female provider so she does not need to feel uncomfortable.

    A jam backed trip as on the 20th she will fly back to Europe and I head to San Francisco. Wow!

    However, for now I have her arriving in Frankfurt. I await her arrival and am following up on phone calls. One leads me to another. My mind is preoccupied with a few legal contracts where the legal teams on both sides are making my life a living hell. I wonder how I pay so much to these lawyers to cause me so many head aches. I often wonder why they do not come up with solutions but rather their double talk frustrates me to no end. Oh, but I see Misha’s flight has arrived and her blonde hair and smile breathes new life into me and causes my legal issues to fade like yesterdays heat! As torturous as yesterdays heat may have been, the soothing feel of Misha’s presences is like a cool breeze on a hot summer day. The heat of yesterday is soon forgotten.

    I stand, and we embrace, her in her summer dress, and I in my summer suit. We kiss and for a moment I think maybe we are real lovers. Although she is half my age the thought of her with me makes me feel younger. I catch the eye of an older woman who looks my way in disgust while a middle age man throws a smile my way. Yes, she is younger but not that young. Ok maybe nearly 30 years my junior? Oh, who cares. I got her and that is all that matters, and we make our way out to find Wolfgang, our driver and our Mercedes. He loads the luggage as I load Misha in the back of the car. Her skirt rides up her leg as she slides over the leather seat. I get in next to her and I can see her breast heaving as she takes a deep breath. Before I could get out a word she kisses me and in her Czech accent she informs me this is the most amazing thing anyone has ever done for her.

    In the car Misha is so excited about her trip to Canada. I listen as she shares her excitement. I smile as I picture her naked. We pull up to Steigenberger Frankfurter Hof and the door man is quick to open my door as I exit our vehicle. The door man welcomes me, and Wolfgang informs me that they will take care of my bags. I tip him and the door men as I escort Misha into the lobby. Misha finds a comfortable chair that gives her a good command of the lobby. She sits awaiting my return as I check in getting our two rooms. Misha has issues with my sleeping, so I got her a room and I got my own room as well. Upon my return Misha instructs the young bell man which bag is hers and her room number and she inform him which was my bag. We agree to meet down stairs in the open garden area for a drink after we settle in.

    My suite is nice and will work for tonight. I use the restroom and unpack my suits to ensure they do not crease. I pick up a few more calls about wording in the agreement and fire back my response. I realize I need to make my way to the garden to meet Misha. As I walk into the garden area it is clear there is some kind of conference going on as the place is a buzz with business men laughing and sharing the details of their next deal. I see Misha off to the side. She has a menu but is not paying much attention as she scans the buffet of possible clients. I think I see her mouth salivating. I wander up to her and with almost a look of disappointment she welcomes me to the table. I ask her if she sees anything she likes as she continues to scan the area filled with young German business men.

    Misha knows who is paying the bill, as I sit and then slide over her 10,000 Euros for her upcoming trip to North America. No need for her to ask, she knows this is her compensation for the next 6 days. We had come to an agreement on her compensation to live out her bucket list. She bats her eyes and smiles that convincing grin. Yea she might have been born in Canada, but she has that Eastern European way of ensuring I know this is simply a business transaction. I miss Ms. Ross and Catherine James in this moment. They made me feel like it was so much more. Oh well it is what it is and maybe I might enjoy seeing her live out her dream.

    We discuss the travel plans and Misha is ready for a time of her life. We order a little bite to tide us over, and of course we order a few drinks. We chat about her excitement and she wants me to know how much she appreciates this opportunity. Misha shares her impressions based on her experience. I can see a few of the young German business men looking her way. I smile as if to tell them sorry guys she is bought and paid for. Eat your heart out guys because I am paying for her to be sitting beside me. They have no idea. Or maybe they do. But who gives a fuck. I got her, and I am going to enjoy her. The thought of watching them all having their way with her does cross my mind. But I shake my head and bring myself back to reality.

    Our light meal arrives as well as a couple drinks. Once again, we walk through the details and she tells me how much she appreciated the opportunities to play part roles in my other adventures with the other ladies. She knows of my past relationships with Rio, Erika, Anna, Ms. Ross and Ms. James. She cannot understand how they could walk away from me as they did. She assures me she would not make the same mistake as her mother and other providers have made. We laugh. I laugh as she has no idea, and she laughs thinking she has died and gone to heaven. I could sense she was getting comfortable.

    I ask her if she likes her room and she tells me it is bigger than her apartment back in Prague. I ask her if she likes the food and her comment that follows shocks me in a good way.

    “I can think of one thing I’d like in my mouth. Why don’t we go to bed?”

    I get the cheque as she wants to show me her hotel room. I followed her numbly into the elevator. As we exist on her floor she pulled me into the hallway. We make our way into the room which is much smaller than my suite. Once in the room she repeated her actions of our last meeting this lady knows how the game is played.

    “Wait here a second, Greg. I want to get a few towels.” She scampered into the bathroom and returned a few minutes later naked but with some large fluffy bath towels from the bathroom. I undress then help her to spread them over the bed. I join her as we lay down to kiss and caress each other. I massaged her breasts for only a few seconds before she began to groan. Sure enough—her pussy was drenched when I reached down to touch her. She groaned even louder when I rubbed her hot cunt.

    Her legs opened which was now an open invitation and I didn’t have to be asked twice. She knew how uncomfortable a condom was for me, but she had a burning desire to be satisfied. I slid my fingers between those glorious appendages while she eagerly guided my digits into her velvet vice. I knew that expression had been used before, but “vice” was an extremely apt term in this situation. She was so tight that every movement of my fingers rubbing the entire length from her ass to her pussy resulted in her humping my hand. I knew she wasn’t going to last very long. I now was rubbing my dick on the pillow between my legs. Her hand reach through the cushion to reach my extended manhood. Misha cooed.

    “Mr. Dickson you are so big. I can not even get my hand around you.” “I wish I could take you,” as she strokes me.

    Luckily, Misha had a head start on me. She screamed just as I blew, shooting a stream of cum up and then over her hand and arm. I collapsed onto her chest kissing her neck and shoulder repeatedly until she pulled my mouth up to hers. We stayed like that for almost a half hour until we both heard my stomach growl. After listening to her giggle for almost a minute I climbed out of bed, pulling Misha with me to the bathroom.

    “I think we should grab a bite, don’t you? I think I’ll need to keep my energy level up. Being with you is a lot of fun, but extremely tiring.”

    Once in the bathroom Misha asked what I felt like for dinner. I informer her I will check with the front desk to see what we might find near by.

    “Of course, everything’s better with seafood, except maybe you. I can’t imagine you being any better.”

    “Yeah…right!” She goes on to say “Umm, you’re almost as good a boyfriend as you are a lover, Greg.”

    I laughed as well as we headed downstairs. I stopped at the front desk to get the name of a restaurant not far from the hotel. We walked out into the night air and Misha pulled me closer as we walked. It did not take long until we found Restaurant Iroha.

    We ordered several rolls and sashimi. Misha was hungry as she gobbled it down as fast as the platters arrived. We talked about her family and that she had no desire to see her Mom when we were in Vancouver. I was not pushing it as it was none of my business. The restaurant was nearly empty. As we were coming to the end of the meal. Our waiter informed us he was going to have to leave and he wanted to thank us.

    Misha stood, and I pulled my chair back from the table. Next thing I knew she was sitting in my lap, straddling me, her breasts almost at the level of my mouth. “I think you’re a wonderful man, Greg Dickson. Your kind and gentle, and loving, but you’re strong in the most important way. I know you’re not terribly athletic, but you have the kind of internal strength that women crave. You’re a man that any woman would be proud to be with. I know I am. You’re also the best kind of lover. You’re not selfish and you always want the best for your partner. Well…I can’t speak about your other providers, but you have me.”

    She stopped to feed me the last of the California roll then continued. “I want to know everything about you…from the time you were born until this very second. I want to know about your family. I know from my mother that are an orphan. In return I’ll tell you everything about me although you probably know a lot from my mom.” She gave me another bite then spoke again.

    “You know that my dad moved me here after I was born. He had a job as a salesman in a menswear store. Like you he was tall and thin. I bet that comes as no surprise. Maybe that was why Mom liked you so much. Or maybe it was your big cock. Mom never found a cock like yours, so she ended up with all these black guys.”

    She now went back to her story looking at me with these burning eyes. “My Dad and Mom made enough to get by, but they were surprised when she became pregnant. Apparently, they had used ‘rhythm,’ being good Catholics. Everybody knows that doesn’t work. My mom could not take care of me, so my father took me back to the Czech Republic, so I could be close to his family. My mother struggled, and these black guys forced her into prostitution. She had my have bothers to look after and the black guys left her for younger girls they were turning into whores. She was left on her own. She then went on her own when she found you.”

    “Up until you arrived she struggled but you were different from all the other guys. The other guys just wanted to fuck her. You treated her so good. Taking her shopping for herself. You gave her things and took her places you treated her like a lady. You changed her life. She thought of you as her way out. Then you disappeared when she could not meet you in Toronto. You were too good to be true for her. A dream. She still regrets not going to Toronto to be with you.”

    “Mom moved back home with her parents because she couldn’t afford to keep the apartment. She returned to work in the grocery store. She had no real money.”

    The owner of the restaurant now informed us that he was closing. We apologized and I left a good tip. We headed out the door an we made our way back to our hotel. As we walked I looked in the windows of the shop and thought oh my, a gorgeous woman—a gorgeous naked woman under her summer dress who had trapped my resurgent cock between our bodies. She looked down, noticing its hardness and laughing as she rotated her hips and rubbed it into her slit. “Why don’t you tell me your life story when we get back to your suite?”

    We kissed and the scurried back to my suite. We undressed and washed and brushed before crawling into the bed.

    “Okay my turn…I’m an orphan. Never knew my parents but I wanted to be part of a family, I told her about being in a department store as a kid. Following families around laughing at their jokes and smiling. Then following them out to the parkade only to watch them drive away. I went from foster family to foster family pretty well running away each time. I could see the tear in her eye.

    Now I’m not very athletic, but I’m not spastic either. I’m average at most sports, at best. However, I worked harder than others as I had nothing other than sports. I did get scholarships for sports. My coaches liked me because I worked harder than other players. I was always the first there and last to leave. Intellectually, I’m not that smart but I worked hard. I moved around all the time never had close friends, but I could be who ever I wanted to be in the new school. I could be a smart kid or the funny kid. I just changed to meet my needs. I learn to give others what they wanted so I got what I needed. Not much different from what you do.”

    “I didn’t do well in school, but I graduated high school. I worked multiple jobs and lived on people’s couches. One of my coaches let me live in the changing rooms so I could finish school. I never got into trouble as I did not have time. I never had a girlfriend as I was working all the time and no girl wanted to hang out with a poor guy. I didn’t have free time.”

    “I lived on the street for a while and I decided I did not want to be like these people, so I found a part of town where the rich kids hung out. I would play basketball there and got added to a few pick up teams. A few of the guys liked me and would invite me over to their place for dinner. I heard their parents ask them to do stuff around their expensive home and the guys would laugh. I then went out side and cleaned the gutters, the wood pile, cut the grass, clean the garden. The parent would say Wow thinking their son did it only to find out this kid name Dickson did it. The parents liked that I worked hard and they asked me to stay for dinner or let me sleep over.”

    Next thing I know some of the fathers who had companies ask me if I wanted a job. I worked and lived in the plants. Until one day one of the companies this guys Dad had was going out of business. He was losing money. He was going to shut it down in the fall, but he thought I was cocky, so he told me to take it over with his son until he closed it down. I took it over and moved into the plant. I knew the staff and they saw how I worked and they became ‘partners with me’ in the business. I was a factory to make ladies undergarments, including bras and bathing suits. I had no money, but we convinced a few girls in university that they could be models. The buyers would come in, but the girls quickly knew that it was just old guys watching young university girls walking around in their underwear. So, the girls quit on us. However, someone told us about the street walkers and we drove down hiring some good-looking street walkers to model our bathing suits and bras. The next thing we learned the buyers were coming back often and they were buying more of our collection. Our business took off. So did our street walkers businesses.

    We were then bought out by a major clothing company due to a patent the company had on a clasp.

    I was a virgin until I met a street walker by the name of Wendy. She was one of our models and after a showing at the plant I drove her downtown only to have her make out with me for $40.00. She took me to her hotel room where she fucked me. She told me I should do porn movies, but I had no idea what I was doing. She had red hair and was great looking with a great body. I stayed with her for three days and she fucked me five times, even doing me in my pullout bed in the plant. I paid her about $100.00.”

    “I was not with another girl for years later.” I never had time, but I only saw paid escorts as time went by.”

    I sense Misha was bored with my love life. Misha kissed me. Personally, I was just about ready to fuck her. Instead, she led me to the shower. We washed, and I loved being with this goddess and I realized for the first time how much I enjoyed just being with Misha and not just her body. I dried her lovingly body while she dryed me. Then she surprised me by dressing and sitting me on the bed. She held my hand as she looked deeply into my eyes. “I have to go to my bed, Greg. I don’t want to. I want to stay here with you, but we need to spend some time apart. Call me in the morning and we can meet for breakfast.”

    I walked her to the door where she turned to kiss me. “Trust me, Greg. Rushing into a provider relationship is almost always a huge mistake. You’re still getting over Lauren and you’re vulnerable. I had a wonderful day with you and I am excited about our trip to Canada—but we need to get some sleep. I know I wouldn’t get much sleep with you around. All I could think about would be how many ways I could fuck you.”

    “Would that be so bad?” was my come back line.

    “No, but…”

    I stopped her, telling her that I understood. All the same, I felt terribly alone when the click of the door was all I heard. I turned on the alarm and started to watch a little TV. The only thing I found that was worthwhile was BBC and even that wasn’t so great. I went to bed, lying there for more than an hour as my plans for Marsh Novakova began to take shape.

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