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Thread: Misha Montreal

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    Misha Montreal

    Misha Novakova Montreal 15th & 16th of August

    The alarm started ringing just as I thought I had fallen asleep. I opened my eyes to my empty bed. I wondered what was I doing? Paying Misha to sleep in another bed. Oh well, it was time to start the day I was so far down the road no time to turn around now. I was curious as to how this might play out. Was on the rebound from Lauren Ross and Misha Novakova was as good a lady as I could hope to have on the rebound.

    I call Misha and she seemed excited about our trip. We agreed to meet downstairs in 45 minutes. I jump out of bed and head into the washroom to shower shave and dress. I thought hell, this was my normal life as I pack yet another suitcase. I often wonder why people have such a hard time packing or getting ready.

    In 30 minutes, I was done and heading out the door. I made my way to the lobby and checked out in record time. My bags were in the car and I was ready to head out on the 45-minute mark. Misha had not arrived yet. I gave her another 15 minutes and then she arrived in a track suit. Her hair was pulled back in a pony tail and she still looked hot. She reminded me of Catherine on my trip to London. Misha picked up a coffee in the lobby as our driver loaded her bags. We were off.

    Normal morning chatter. How did you sleep? Any dreams? Are you excited? It took us about 20 mins and we were at the departures checking in. We cleared security and we found our gate. Misha found the bathroom as I watched over our carry-on bags. They called our flight and Misha made it back just in time to board with the 3rd zone. We boarded and settled into our pods for the flight over to Montreal. I wished Misha a good flight and she disappeared in her cocoon. I settled in, plugging in my computer. I strapped in as we took off. I dozed off.

    I find I like to sleep in that dead zone of no work and watching the staff tell you, or in this case show you a video I have seen a million time. There is no reason for me to keep my eyes open. I doze off dreaming of the next few days with Misha. The flight over is uneventful. Just the kind I like. Misha did her thing and I did mine. I recaptured the recollection of our day before in Frankfurt. However, on this flight it was like we did not know each other. I recalled the past events with providers. Oh, Rio, Lauren, Catherine. Erika, and the list goes on. Eight hours later we are finding our way through Canadian customs. I cleared first and Misha is right behind me. She has a huge smile on her face.

    “Greg, I cannot believe I am in Montreal.” She hugs me and kisses me as we await our bags. It is noon and I ask her if she is hungry. She nods as she pulls her case off the carousel. Let’s face it the food on the plane is not real food. We head out to face the world that awaits her in the beautiful city of Montreal.

    There awaiting us is our white limo. Misha loves it and can not believe how big it is. Our driver places our bags in the back and we are off. Misha slides next to me bubblier than a bottle of Ployez-Jacquemart. She giggles and kisses me. She asks if the driver can see us. I tell her “no” then she whispers,

    “Fuck me, Greg, Fuck me in the back of this limo. I always dreamed of being taken in the back of a limo like this. Oh my god. That is so hot. Fuck me, please Greg!”

    She slides down caressing my cock through my pants. I told her I needed a shower and that there was plenty of time for that. I had a lot of limo rides for her over the next few days. I could see the disappointment in her eyes. I pulled her up to me.

    Misha now takes my hand under her dress and asks me to finger fuck her. My index finger slides over her wet slit. We kiss deeply. My finger now finds her love button and I feel her open for me as she shifts her legs. The limo is speeding down the 20 towards the city and my finger was now speeding past her lower lips to allow me access to her warm love muffin. She wants more than this one finger as my second digit makes it way into her. I feel her love juices now starting to pour out of her fuck hole.

    I notice cars passing us, and us passing them as Misha has her eyes closed. Her moans blend in with the low music over the sound system. Then she lets out one word.

    Three fingers are now deep in her kitten as she purrs “Yes like that” as my fingers glide in and out of her warm moist love box. Her grip around my neck is more intense. Her kisses are more passionate as my fingers slide out, then in, then out. At this point she moves and my wet fingers slide down to her ass. Her ass is soaked from her love nectar and I slide them over this very sensitive part of her body until they find the safe haven known as her cunt. With all four fingers in her I start to move them up and down rather than in and out. My thumb massages her clit as my fingers attack her g-spot. It does not take long and her body is a bundle of nerves igniting a power keg of energy. Misha explodes and wets the leather seat. She squeezes me I thought I was in a vice. She hesitates them catches her breath letting out aloud,

    “FUCK!” “Oh, my fucking god Greg, I need you to fuck me with your big hard cock.” With that, we pull up to our hotel. I tell her to hold that thought as I get out and let her get her self together.

    The driver removes our bags as a bellman takes them. I tip my driver and turn my attention to the bellman to inform “Dickson”, “Greg Dickson”. I drop a 20-dollar bill in his hand as I open the limo door to assist Misha and allow her to greet a Montreal afternoon. We enter the hotel lobby, just as I remember it not too many years ago only with Ms. Gabriella Laurence awaiting me on that couch. I smile to myself thinking how triggers bring back memories. I wonder what memories I can hope to instill in Misha as she finds a chair to sit down. Her legs were a little wobbly after my fingers danced a little dance on her love box.

    I smile as I approach the receptionist and the smile of a young lady behind the front desk is returned. We take care of the details and I learn my suite was ready, however, Misha’s room was not ready for her. Taking the key, informing Misha she has two options. We can go to my suite and have a shower then head out or we can go grab lunch and come back when her room was ready.

    Without a word, and with only the devil in her eyes, she grips and pulls my jacket, with me in it. In the elevator without a word said she has her tongue down my throat. The bell rings as we reach our floor and together we leave the elevator our mouths surgically attached to each other. We enter the presidential suite and Misha was blown away. The large bouquet of fresh flowers was lost on the table but not lost on her. The room was spectacular with the large fireplace in the living room. Misha wandered the suite then made her way into the large bedroom and the walk-in closet, then the massive bathroom with the jacuzzi tub. She commented it was bigger than her apartment back in Prague. It appears everything is bigger than her apartment back in Prague. She told me she would want to sleep with me tonight. I called down stairs to cancel her room and the fact I called from the President suite allowed me the privilege to cancel Misha’s room at no charge. I ordered up a couple salads and some water.

    We laughed as we dropped our clothes and turned on the large tub. We poured in some of the bath products to help build up the bubbles. Then we both got into the hot tub of water. We settled in only to hear the door bell. We can hear the bell man arrive to drop off our bags. He could hear us in the bathroom, so he left the bags in the living room. As he was leaving the room service arrived and we giggled as they let us know they left our lunch on the dining room table.

    The bath was just what we needed to work out the long trip to Montreal. Misha let me know she was impressed with everyone speaking French. She told me it made the city feel very European. I was impressed with her cleanly shaven kitten as it made me feel very aroused. We completed out bath and we dried each other off. Kissing each other as we dried off. God, she has a body of a goddess, A sex goddess. We now put on some clothes as I was taking Misha shopping before we go for dinner knowing the day was slipping away. My plan for the day was getting shuffled around but it felt good to get things off the list. We grabbed a mouthful of salad and some bread before heading out the door.

    First thing first – Shopping – Misha was so excited no client has ever taken her shopping. We are now on our way as we walk down to St Catherine’s to start the hunt. After one shop after another, we make our way into Marciano and looks like we struck gold. I remember this store for Cinderella, Anna, and Jenna’s favorite as well. It does not take long and Misha has a number of dresses, skirts, shoes, and a few handbags thrown in. Misha is in heaven as she tells me these dresses are made for her. Marie who is serving Misha is confirming Misha’s biggest fantasy. Misha sees her self as a high fashion model and Marie is helping her to live the dream. Even a few other shoppers are ohhhing and ahhhhhing as Misha comes out of the dressing room in another dress.

    Now Marie arrives with a few pairs of shoes. Misha agrees she needs another skirt and a top. She tries on several different ones, but nothing makes her say WOW! Then Marie shows up with this grey number and a simple black top. Misha is gliding around the store with her new black strappy shoes. Her new skirt and her new top. I agree she must have it. My words get her to smile. I realize that her smile is the best accessory.

    Misha tries on a few other items, but nothing screams out to her. She only has a few days in Toronto and we now canceled the trip to Banff, so she wanted something for her night out in Vancouver. So, one more dress and it looks so hot on her. With the black shoes it looks so “Glam!”

    Marie is so excited, you would think I was buying Marie the outfit. Misha is all over this and it looks like we are done.

    Misha has a smile a mile wide. She has several bags in hand as we make our way to the street. We make our way back to the hotel as I want a fashion show. We stop into La Maison OGILVY to gather up a red and a black Kate Spade bag so her out fit is complete. We cross over and make our way back up to the suite. Misha looks at me and tells me she feels like Julie Roberts in the Pretty Woman movie. I laugh and tell her she is MY ‘Pretty Woman’.

    As I open the door she whispers in my ear. “You know I have to fuck you right now!” I smile and nod in agreement. I opened the door and gazed in amazement at the sight before me. Misha was nothing less than breathtaking as she rushed in to my arms and my kiss. Our tongues wrestled with each other aggressively as our bodies merged. I thought later that we had defied the laws of physics—two bodies coming together and occupying the same space at the same time—a physical impossibility even for an old guy like me.

    I broke the silence first, whispering, “I need you…so much.” Once again there was a level of comfort I had never known before with any woman and doubted that I ever would again. Maybe it was rebound effect from losing Lauren but in this moment, I did not care this Czech beauty was here and she was in the mood.

    “Me, too…obviously. Damn! I wish I didn’t have to go home after all this is over.”

    “Yes, but think of right here, right now.”

    Our clothes fell to the floor as we held each other tight. She pushed me down to the carpet floor in the dining room and attempted to ride me there, ignoring the obvious pain between her legs. “I’ve wanted this all week, Greg. I’m sorry, but I just can’t take you. Oh, my fucking god you are big. I am glad you told me about the female condoms.” I could see her discomfort every time she tried to stuff me into the condom now deep in her. It was clear this was not going to work. She now took as much of my cock in her mouth as humanly possible.

    I knew I was going to cum quickly, but she didn’t care. She gagged on me but worked me with unbelievable speed and ferocity. I blew into her mouth, my cock softening quickly, but not so quickly that she wasn’t able to reach her climax as she played with her pussy. Her body shook violently for several seconds before she exhaled mightily and fell onto my chest. We lay there until we had both recovered then we looked into each other’s eyes and laughed. We laughed so hard that we cried.

    “I guess you know how much I missed you, Greg. What was her name Greg, Laurie?”

    “Lauren” I replied “I’d say almost as much as I missed you. I’m sure you’re tired it has been a long day. Let’s go to bed I will order food for the room.” She kissed me again then pushed herself up and I followed, our clothes still strewn around the floor. I gently pinched her butt as I followed her into the bedroom, even pausing near the washroom door to plant a sweet kiss on each cheek. Misha turned and took my hand. I had stars in my eyes as we crawled under the comforter.

    My cock was still oozing, and her cunt was leaking, but we completely ignored those sensations, savoring instead the touch of our skin on skin contact. We lay next to each other for almost an hour, kissing and touching each other. This was making love at its sublime best.

    I could see Misha tiring, so I pulled her head to my chest as I rubbed her back. “Don’t worry,” I whispered. “I’ll be right here when you wake up.” She was asleep a few minutes later. I thought at the time that this was the way I would always want to sleep.

    Misha woke up a bit after two in the morning, claiming, “I have to pee.” She returned a few minutes later and, even in the dim moonlight that filtered through the window, I could see the broad smile on her face.

    Her lips met mine even as her hand sought and found my hard dick. She rolled onto her back, pulling me between her legs. “Fuck me, Greg. Take me and give me the good hard fucking I need.” That’s pretty much what I did--rubbing the spongy head of my cock into her slit and slowly pressing home once I knew she lubricated the female condom in her.

    Misha’s legs went first around my waist and back as our bodies met forcefully with every thrust. We continued that way for several minutes until Misha grabbed her ankles and pulled them up and over my shoulders. Our action was different now, but I knew that I was rubbing her G-spot as I sawed in and out of her hot tight tunnel. It wasn’t long before I could see the results of my efforts. I could see and feel tiny tremors radiating from her cunt and coursing through her body.

    My instinct told me to press onward so that’s what I did, driving into Misha faster and harder until she could take no more. Her body shook and twisted wildly for almost thirty seconds as her orgasm took complete reign over her body. I had cum only a few hours earlier, so I had lots of staying power. However, I’m only human. My balls clenched up to my body as my hips forced my swollen organ as deep into Misha as I could ever hope to be. I’d given Misha my best. I hoped it was enough.

    Then the scream of all screams. It was as if I touched a nerve. I pull out in fear. She grabbed her crotch and started to cry.

    “Oh, Greg that was so painful!”

    “God that was like you sliced me open.”

    “Oh, fuck what did you do to me, you hit something, a nerve.” “Am I bleeding, oh my god and I bleeding” I reassured her she was not bleeding as I got her a towel and I showed her.

    “Please do not ever do that again.” I could see the tears running down her cheeks as she tried to make her way to the bathroom. I sat there in horror. What did I do to her? A few minutes she returned to gather her things. With a sobbing sigh she told me she wanted to go to her room. I told her I canceled it. She cried. I told her she can have the bed as I would sleep on the couch. I tucked her into the bed as she crawled up in a fetal position still tears running down her face. I told her I was sorry. She told me she was sorry. She told me she wanted me, but I was just so big. She asked how did other ladies take me? She told me she felt so bad. I told her it was not her fault it was my fault. I should not have got so excited.

    I left her as I pull a blanket up and I slept on the couch the rest of the night.

    The morning of the 16th arrived and a nightmare of the night before was behind us. I made my way into the bathroom showered and gathered up my things to get ready. I headed out to get her a coffee. I returned to find Misha in bed with her laptop out.

    Upon seeing me she put her laptop down and greeted me. She motioned to me to join her in the bed. She told me she was so sorry for last night. She wanted to make it up to me. She told me with time she could get use to me. I just needed to give her time. I could sense her fear that here she was a provider in a foreign country and not able to fuck her client. What was she to do? I reassured her that it was ok. It was not the first time. I told her of April years gone by and how she use to lock herself in the bathroom until I fell asleep.

    I told her I had a special day planned for her. She popped up so excited as she kissed me. She then jumped out of bed to get ready. Within the hour she was in her casual outfit and ready to see what I had ready for her. We were out the door to be welcome into her limo. Rakesh was our driver and he greeted us with a smile. Misha entered, and he told me everything was set for our event.

    Rakesh drover us throughout the city. The Jewish quarter, Vieux-Montréal, Maisonneuve, St Catharines, East Island, Atwater. Then down the 20 to the west Island to a little spot by the water. We found a little spot by the water. Rakesh finds a spot to park and as we leave the car her provides us with a little basket complete with a blanket, table cloth, and all the fixings of a beautiful picnic on a beautiful day.

    After an hour and a half, Rakesh reappears to let us know it is time to take a walk as he packs up the basket. We return to find it cleaned up and the door of the limo open welcoming us back to the confides of our transportation.

    Misha cuddles up to tell me this was so perfect. We speed down the 20 to Montreal and our hotel. We arrive within 30 minutes. Our doorman opens the door and Misha and I head up to the suite where I run her bath. She undresses, and I assist her naked body into the over sized tub. She asks if I will join her when there is the sound of the door bell. I excuse myself to open the door to find an older gentleman with a huge bag. He informs me he is the hair stylist. I let him know his benefactor was in the tub and will be a while. He smiles and informs me he needs a few minutes to set up. I leave him to prepare for Misha.

    I go back into the bathroom as Misha is curious who I was speaking too. I sense there is hesitation about the other voice in the living room. I relieve her stress by informing her that her hair stylist had arrived. Her concern is replaced with joy. She is quick to want to jump out of her tub to the opportunity to have herself pampered. As I dry her she tells me she never had a hairstylist meet her in her place to do her hair. I put a robe over her body she commented how soft the hotel robe was on her body.

    I lead Misha into the living room to introduce her to Richard who is now all smiles and greets her to her session. I leave them to the task at hand. I watch as I pack up my computer, so I can go to the business center. I can see Richard run his fingers through her hair. His words caressing her mind as his hands caress her hair. I know she is in good hands. I let Misha know I will be right back. She looks at me and smiles.

    I hook up and my emails flow like water off a duck’s back. Rems of emails. I scan the list for those of greater importance. I wonder how did we survive before all this? Email after email but my mind wanders thanks to my ADHD. I desperately wish one would be from Lauren but no such luck. I need to realize that her ride at Disneyland has been shut down never to be reopened. As much as I wish it would have continued it was done. The trip to Barcelona is one that will never occur. I should be happy I did not over stay my welcome like the embarrassing awkward moments with Catherine James. I clean up what I can. I stamp out the fires that need to be dealt with. I realize I need to head back up stairs to find another gentleman in the hall way. He introduces himself to me as Charles a makeup artist. I bring him in as Richard is finishing Misha’s hair which now looks amazing. I introduce Charles and escort Richard out of the suite handing him a tip for a job well done.

    I excuse myself to get ready as Charles goes to work on Misha. I wash, shave, dress stuffing my cock in my suit pants hoping that I would get a chance to bring it out later. Once I am complete I pop into the living room to see the final touches being applied. Her eyes look amazing. I think if I hired someone like Charles could he make me look younger? Surgery is not on the menu. Misha looks amazing. She looks in the mirror and lights up! She thanks Charles as she bounces into the bedroom to put on her new dress.

    Charles is admiring his handy work telling me she was a very young girl. I sense he wants to know the deal. How is it that this beautiful woman was with me? I know there is not enough time for me to spout out the adventures that brought me to this point, so I tip him and send him into the world allowing him to create the story in his mind.

    I tidy up a bit and turn on some light jazz in the suite. Then like out of a movie Misha appears. She is stunning. I think, how can I take her out. She is beaming, and she knows how beautiful she is. She places her new handbag on her arm and we are ready. I call down to learn are car has arrived and we are off to Garde Manger. Rakesh ensures he greets Misha as Ms. Novakova letting her know how beautiful she is. He smiles my way if to say, “you lucky devil”. No word needs to be spoken.
    In our limo, she cuddles up to me. I feel like I died and went to heaven. We arrive and melt into the establishment. We kissed again briefly, then, we were led to our table. As expected, the restaurant was almost deserted, so we were shown straight to a banquette—one of those curved benches some restaurants have that encourage intimacy, I felt I needed all the help I could get.

    Misha told me that the food was wonderful that evening. Yes, the food was amazing. I do not know what I enjoy more the food or the look of Misha. I let the moment wash over me like a misty rain on a hot summers afternoon. But like every blessed moment it must come to an end. The night is young and with dinner done I really do not want to head back. I call Rakesh to let him know we will walk over to Modavie a little jazz bar down St Paul street. We head out into the cool night. We wander down St Paul with Misha on my arm. Then there is the Hotel Neilligan. The hotel where Lauren and I recently enjoyed. My memories of her hit like a tsunami, I have such emotion, hit me as the hotel triggers glimpses of Lauren next to me. I try to refocus on Misha, but she seems so hollow compared to the emotions Ms. Ross creates. I pull Misha to me and kiss her, but something is missing as she appears shocked that I just kissed her.

    We walk on and find a table as the band plays on. Once more the triggers of Lauren hit me, and Misha can see my mind is on other things. My state of mind is not going to interrupt her enjoyment.

    After checking out the menus I ordered a dessert. It was a weeknight, so I wasn’t expecting the restaurant to be very crowded, but I was amazed that it was practically deserted. The waiter spent most of my time there chatting with me. She was a fine-looking woman with a great figure and I might have shown some interest had I not had Misha. As we chatted and the thought of Lauren speaking to the waiter that night about Spain came back to me. I thought how Lauren was trying to convince me we should learn Spanish, so we would be ready for our trip to Barcelona in September for her birthday. I realized that dream was dead. My eyes gazed over to Misha. Misha could care less that my mind was on another provider. The band finished the set and I had no idea Misha had ordered a drink a dessert. We finished our late-night snack. I tried to look into her eyes but there was nothing there. I paid cash and tipped generously before returning to our limo. Rakesh now took us to the top of Mont Royal, so Misha could get a nice view of the lights of Montreal. Once again, my mind wanders to Lauren Ross and I overlooking the city and how she smiled. I looked to see if Misha was smiling but nothing like Lauren. I tell myself I got to stop thinking of Ms. Ross that ship had sailed and a new ship was before me. Damn a hot ship at that. Younger and more sleek speed boat. Yet I now realized why some people I know in Europe who have boat prefer the old wooden boats. More to maintain but a joy to own.

    I need to stop this madness as I kiss Misha, but something was missing. It was so empty, so shallow. Back in our limo, Misha was telling me how romantic yet I did not feel it. There was no magic. I was searching for some title to give Misha. She was not a romantic magician, a relationship illusionist. I had nothing to describe Misha. I was empty. I was drawing a blank. I did not feel my self getting hard. Oh, my I must be getting old.

    At the hotel confirmed the pickup tomorrow for the airport. In the elevator, Misha commented on my suit. I know she was fishing for a compliment. So, I responded with,

    “I kinda like what you’re wearing, too.” She was wearing her new red dress, shoes—don’t ask me what kind—with about a two-inch heel. Damn, but she exuded sex appeal! Her bra must have been really sheer because I could clearly make out her hard nipples through the dress that was stretched so tightly around her firm breasts. She had comment at our last adventure that her nipples were not hard or large. Yet there they were poking through the fabric of her new dress.

    In the suite, I let Misha have the bedroom and I used the living room washroom to get ready for bed. I slept on the couch as Misha informed me that I snore. We dozed off haunted by the ghost of Lauren Ross once more.

    17th The flight to Toronto

    I was up early as always, and I got ready and packed up. I sat with a glass of OJ at the dining room table as Misha awoke in the other room. Then she was out of the bedroom and into my arms.

    Apparently, it was because she woke with a huge smile on her face as she kissed my cheek and neck.

    “Morning, Sunshine,” I whispered.

    “I don’t think there’s much reason to whisper, Greg. Afraid to wake the neighbors?”

    “Not much chance of that happening,” I responded with some sarcasm which was lost on her. I was disappointed I said it and wanted to take it back.

    “I thought you wanted to move slowly…take our time to get to know each other?”

    “I did, but a week away from you helped me to change my mind. Changing one’s mind is always a woman’s prerogative, you know.”

    “Actually, I did know that. Want breakfast?” She replied by reaching under the table in search of my cock.

    “I do, but I think this will do for now.” She leaned down, her head reaching for me until I felt her tongue rub against my soft smooth skin. Even knowing that it was coming I responded with a gasp that evolved into a long low groan as I felt my dick vanish into her mouth and throat.

    “Oh, God…that’s…!” I couldn’t believe that Misha’s lips were nuzzling my pubic hair while her tongue lovingly laved my shaft. The sensation was incredible, and I was sure it would be over soon. I had rarely cum in a woman’s mouth during my limited sexual history. Oral is primarily as foreplay—a prelude to actual fucking—so I was sure that Misha would move soon to straddle my hips and slide down my eager tool. However, that was my second surprise of the morning. If anything, her sucking and licking became even more intense until I felt the surge within my abdomen. “Misha! Misha! I’m….” And then it was too late. Five times semen exploded from my body straight down her throat to her stomach. The sixth merely dribbled out onto her tongue.

    She emerged from beneath the table swirling her tongue and licking her lips. “Yum! Now, that’s my idea of how to start the day right.”

    “Yeah…right! I have to agree, although if I had to experience that on a daily basis I’d probably be dead in a month.” I sagged back onto the couch totally drained, but I did find the energy to pull Misha down with me. We kissed tenderly despite my morning breath until I suggested again that we get something to eat. Misha agreed mostly, I thought, to silence my growling stomach. She backed off me then pulled me up with a laugh, leading me again to the shower.

    I had never realized how much fun getting clean could be. We showed our love for each other with little touches and gentle kisses. I used a razor to shave my face then Misha watched. Then to prove her point she sank to her knees to take me into her mouth once again. It felt great, but there was no way I could cum only a few minutes after blowing into her mouth. I pulled her up and into my arms. We kissed again—long and sweet and tender—as the streams of hot water cascaded over us. Finally, I reached down and turned the spray off, leading Misha out to the waiting warm towels. I dried her hair and head first before moving down to her shoulders, breasts, and back. I knelt to towel her butt, abdomen and legs dry before standing to use a new towel on my own body. We found clothes to wear—mine in the closet and Misha in her case in the bedroom—and we walked over to Universal for a weekday brunch.

    Our order arrived at our table with hot omelets and sides of bacon and breakfast sausage when Misha asked, “What exactly do you do, Greg? My Mom had told me several times years ago, but I still don’t understand.”

    “You’re not alone in that. I have a hard time believing that people pay me for what I do. Let’s just say it is complicated. Know there are things you need to know and the thing that is nice to know and with me you just do not have to know. Lets just enjoy the moment. We laughed and returned to our food. After finishing the omelets Misha led me back to the door where I paid and we left.

    Back at the hotel, Misha packed up and I took my case downstairs to check out and meet Rakesh. We awaited Misha’s arrival. We shared some small talk until she made her appearance. Then off we went.

    Misha said her good-bye to Rakesh and we checked in then hit the gate as our flight was boarding. Once more we were off to the next stop on her cross Canada tour.

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