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Thread: Misha Toronto

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    Misha Toronto

    Misha Novakova Toronto August 16th and 17th

    The Arrival
    Our flight landed in Toronto and Misha was so excited as she heard so much about Toronto but never been there. I had a full couple of day adventure planned for her. We gathered up our bags and headed out to meet Gary our limo ride. As I handed over the bags he smiled as Misha got into the black stretch limo. I slid in next to her. She told me she never been in a limo this big. She asked me if I wanted to fuck her in the limo. I laughed as we pulled away from the airport.

    Limo ride to Niagara Falls
    We made our way on to the 427 and down to the QEW. We settled in she looks into my eyes and kisses me, her lips parted, and I explore her mouth with my tongue. I sigh and grab her hips, she was now grinding her pelvis into my crotch, I explore every inch of her body with my hands, I seem to black out, the next thing I remember is laying on the leather seat with Misha stripping me, she still has her tongue firmly stuck inside my mouth and our tongues wrestle, she strips me down, pausing only to start undoing her dress, she fumbles with the zip and it rips, her dress falls.

    “Oh, hell I just bought her that dress,” entered my mind but fade away as fast as the lines on the highway. Misha was wearing a braless dress and her amazing tits were now swinging free, I’m captivated with them and instantly start playing with her nipples, I circle them with my thumb and forefinger and she lets out a moan, a slow loving moan drips from my lips and I sigh as well, I take her nipple into my mouth and bite on it gently, she arches her back, smashing her tit into my face, I break contact with her nipple and rip the remainder of her dress off. Oh, hell I paid for it and it was ripped all ready. Like a madman I scramble at her freshly shaven kitten, desperate to get my face deep into her, she lifts her butt up into the air, I stare in amazement at the sight before me, she has a perfect pussy, it was pink and swollen around the edges and droplets of moisture laid on the lips. I inhaled her sweet smell of womanhood and breathed out deeply, as soon as I did she moaned and pushed her cunt into my face, I supported her ass up and started licking around her cunt, teasing her, I could tell by her wetness that she really wanted me in her so I quit teasing and thrust my tongue in, My tongue enjoyed her mount. I can fit it in until my nose hit her pelvic bone and so I started licking her walls, she went nuts and entwined her hands on my bald head while screaming softly, I felt her tense up so I pulled out of her a little but she smashed my face into her as soon as I was out, I didn’t land inside her though, I landed the tip of my tongue on her clitoris, she instantly went into overdrive and started squealing so I forced my tongue onto the sensitive spot, she continued squealing and I rammed two fingers into her vagina, she went over the top and started cumming, she squirted what felt like a tonne of sweet tasting cum onto my face, I tried to drink all of it but it went all over the seat and my face, she eventually came down from her high and looked at me with a look of utmost satisfaction.

    I, however, wasn’t finished and after climbing on top of her, I pulled my pants off my ankles, freeing my pecker and rolled her onto her back on the long bench seat, she smiled and nodded so ran my shaft over her slit, she was really tight, I wanted to forced my monster into her and slid out again, she moaned that she did not have a condom and we need to get a condom.

    I smiled and kissed her, then I took my cock and lined up, so she could use it as her sex toy playing with her clit. She screamed in pleasure. I grunted with lust and began pumping her leg with a fury, she squealed and began moving her body down onto the tip of my cock as I moved closer to her cunt, we stopped only when she started moving faster and faster the thought of fucking her with out the condom entered my mind but her voice telling me I was so big that my shaft released my love nectar all over her leg. I pulled away and lowered my mouth to her streaming love juices, I tasted her sweetness once more and nearly blew another load right there. I looked away for a minute while I regained my composure and returned my gaze to the wonder before me, I whispered in her ear "I want to try something, you'll love it." I saw her eyes fill with love and she nodded, "I’m yours, Greg."

    I flipped her over and she instantly propped her back legs into the air, she shuddered with expectation and I said "keep your ass in the air and push your face into the sear" she did and I lined up once again behind her, my dick felt like it was going to explode out of my skin but I teased her again by running the head of my cock around her pussy lips, she wriggled her ass at me and I couldn’t stand it anymore, I lost composure and slammed my fingers into her waiting cunt,
    She cried out and dug her nails into the leather seat, grasping the seat to keep her steady, she screamed "OH MY GOD! OH, MY FUCKING GOH-OH-OH-OD!!" “Greg what about the condom! You can’t fuck me like that and I slammed all four of my fingers into her again, and again and again and again and again until she started screaming "OH YES!! FUUUCCCKKK MEEEE HAAARRDDD!!" I obliged and increased the speed of my thrusts, she started cumming down the side of my hand as her womb filled up with her cum, I was so close to emptying my seed on to the seat of the limo but I wanted to feel it splash in her womb, I pulled my hand out and sucked on her pussy lips with my mouth and flicked her clit with my tongue until I realised this was making her cum more, I slid back and allowed her to come down from her high, she just recovered when I slammed my four fingers in her pussy again from behind, I felt my balls tighten and she screamed "OH YES CUM INSIDE ME! I WANT YOUR CUM!!" this thru me over the edge and I gave one last thrust of my hand as I came hard all over the leather bench seat. I felt the wave after wave of my semen mixture shooting out of me. This and my fingers causing her to have her heaviest orgasm yet. I collapsed with my cock beside her and we recovered, about 10 minutes later reality set in as she asked me if I had been tested. I told her not to worry as it was my fingers in her and not my cock. I could sense her relief.

    “Oh, Greg I do want to feel your big cock in me. I thought I was taking you.”

    We hugged each other. I got dressed as she sat there naked and her dress ripped. I could see her face was concerned. I told her not to worry.

    I informed Gary we needed to make a stop and we did near Niagara by the Lake. I got out and had Gary open the trunk to let me into her case. I pull out another summer dress I had got her in Montreal and I was back in the limo.

    Gray had opened the door and I came in with Misha covering herself with the ripped dress. I handed her a new dress and she was pleased to get a new dress. She smiled at me and like the idea of the no pantie rule. She kissed me as we drove. She asked me where we were. I told her we were on our way to Niagara Falls. Misha let out a yell and jumped on me hugging me telling me she always wanted to see the falls. She told me they were a wonder of the world. She now found the music and turned it up then danced in front of me on her knees. I laughed as she told me this was the best day of her life.

    Gary pulled up to the falls and Misha and I jumped out and he speeds off as we walked by the falls. I saw such wonder in her eyes. I remember my trip to the falls with Anna, Fiona, and Annika. Yet Misha was a picture of wonder. I looked at her as her eyes were glued on the rushing water. She asked me about the falls. I pointed out the US side and the Canadian Falls. She told me she loved them and held me close before kissing me once more. This kiss we held on for a few moments. I could feel my dick starting to tingle as people walked be eyeing us as Misha was kissing me so passionately. I wanted to rip this dress off her as well. We walked down to the end and turned around and walked back. Misha told me it was the most beautiful thing she ever saw. She had no idea how big there were. She asked me if I wanted to get married there. I was tempted to tell her I wanted to marry her right there. I could see her in a wedding dress.

    After our walk back, I saw Gary and we made our way into the limo for the trek back to Toronto. Misha informed me she was hungry and if we could get a bite to eat. I asked Gary if he could find us a little seafood restaurant on the way back. He pulled over and with in a few minutes we were on our way to a little hole in the wall Casa Das Natas. Gary was able to get a reservation and we were greeted by the owner who was thrilled we were dinning with him. We finished our dinner and we were treated to a signature dessert he insisted that we take for trip back to Toronto.

    Misha was so impressed with how friendly everyone in Canada is. On the drive back to the city Misha laid in my lap she asked me if tonight she could spend the night with me. I told her I had a room for her, but she thought tonight she wanted to spend the whole night with me. I agreed, and she dozed off as I contacted the hotel to cancel her room. It reminded me of Lauren Ross and San Francisco. I wondered if Misha was dreaming of our adventures. She looked so young and I wondered if my taking her on this trip was wise. If having her spend the night with me was wise. I thought of her mother and how not too many years ago it was her mother that could have been in my arms. Her mother never asked for her own room. I remembered how she left me at the Toronto airport, her a no show. Now I am with her daughter and her daughter was going to spend the night with me.

    Time past as my dreams and memories consumed me. Gary informed me we had arrived. I awoke Misha and she was disappointed she had not seen the drive-in. I told her to gather up her torn dress and I tipped Gary as he helped with the bags. Ken the bell man recognized me from past adventures with Fiona, Lauren, Serena, Leigh, Annika, Jozie, Jayde and a few other I do not remember. Oh, the adventures I had at this hotel and Ken obviously could recall many of them. So many ladies coming and going. So many memories coming and going as I walked through the doors and I picked up the key to our suite.

    The London Suite
    We entered the suite and Misha was impressed by the size of the suite. “Oh my god, Greg this is huge.” I laughed and told her everything was huge to her. She looked at me with a puzzled look and asked if I was referring to my cock.” I shook my head no knowing she was just putting me in my place. She went into the bedroom and the bathroom.

    Ken reappeared with a bouquet of fresh flowers. I tipped him again and he smiled looking at Misha as he left. I felt like telling him I have yet to deflower this young lady.

    Misha asked me if this was the suite I had the event with the father-daughter? I smiled and shook my head confirming but saying thanks for reviving that memory. Every space in the hotel reminded me of a moment with providers of the past. I was unsure if I should have got the suite as I now saw Annika on the couch, Jozie in front of me. Then I hung up my suits to see Jayde.

    Misha breaks my flashbacks with her comments about the ripped dress. She is so sorry then she says
    “I Don’t get anyone buying me dresses or anything.”

    My flashback goes to Lauren and her winter wardrobe event. “I plan on buying you a whole new wardrobe. I have a credit card for you to use. Think you might enjoy spending the first day a spa?”

    “I think I’d love it. I’ve never done anything like that before.”

    “Good…I plan on spoiling you terribly and all I ask in return is….” Then Misha interrupts,

    “That I fuck you until you can’t stand up…until you can’t even move.”

    “I was going to say that you love me as much as the $10,000 Canadian dollars will buy me.”

    “You already have that.” Then she leaned forward to kiss me and I was sure that she would have done more had we been fresh. We both undressed and jumped into the shower. She washed me and as she washed my dick it got hard. She looked at me before kissing me to tell me I was fucking huge.

    I asked her if that was her favorite word. She kissed me, and she lathered me up my shaft stiffing up. She told me she could hardly get her hand around me. She told me she just wanted to look at it as she wacked me off. Her hand was soapy, and my thickness was throbbing. She knew I was excited and she told me I had the biggest cock she ever saw. She told me I was even bigger than black men she saw. As she stroked my dick she stroked my ego. She now begged me to cum for her. She then whispered in my ear over the sound of the shower that she thinks she is falling for me. My body was bubbling over when her words hit my ears. “I love you Greg” Oh my god my body shook and quivered and I am sure she thought I was having a seizure. I cum in that moment she held me and told me she loved me again just, so she could drain me.

    I needed to sit down, and she got on her knees to dry me starting with my left foot. She had me dry and We ended in the bedroom. She ordered room service and we ate and we talked about my adventure with her mom. Misha at one point asked if I would want to fuck her mom and her? I was a little taken back by it. She asked if her Mom was able to take me. All of me. I pulled out my computer and then read my adventures with her Mom. As I shared the stories I saw her with her hand between her legs. I know she was playing and fingering her self until she came.

    I looked at her as she turned red. It was obvious that she came but I knew she was embarrassed. She asked if it was wrong for her to think about fucking her and her mother. I asked if I should contact her mother. She was very forceful in her reply. “NO!”

    We finished eating only when we were stuffed, barely able to even walk back to the dining room to drop off the dishes.

    I fell onto the couch and Misha joined me we kissed, and she told me she loved how I was a gentle kisser. Now she pulled me up and into the bedroom where she once again demonstrated her athleticism by bending my cock in about a thousand different directions before I finally gave up the ghost, cumming hard. We relaxed for a while before I helped her under the covers. I guess that four orgasms will wear you out. I was lucky to have just one as I got older.

    We fell asleep. A deep sleep dreaming of Misha and Cindy. Oh, how her mother almost ended up in this bed with me. Ok, it was One King West back in her day. But it was the same town.

    The 17th Spa day
    I awoke early got dressed and headed downstairs to get her coffee. I thought of all the other ladies I had gotten coffee for. I saw Serena the morning after playing with my daughter. How she loved showing the other providers how she took all of me and how she wanted me to pound her and I remover the faces of Olivia and the Ellie as Serena took me. Yet Misha could not take me. I know she tells me she needs time. I shake off the thoughts as the lady asked me for my order.

    I take the coffee up to Misha. I arrive as she is turning over in bed. I tell her I have her spa day planned at Elmwood booked. She is so excited as I tell her about her adventure.

    Take a head-to-toe time-out! This flexible retreat lets you choose what to include, so your spa day is customized.
    • Water Therapies
    • ElmLine Essential Manicure & Essential Pedicure
    • 50-minute Swedish Massage OR Essential Enhanced Facial OR Body Scrub

    She jumps out of bed and into the shower. I undress and join her in the shower only now it is my turn to washed her carefully and she seemed rejuvenated when we exited. Misha dressed in one of her new summer dresses. I took her on the 20 min. walk over to the spa.

    It was a balmy August day with the temperature in the 80’s so we walked along University to Elm street. Misha was grinning wildly as we made our way through the madness of the city. I dropped her at the spa and gave the lady who would be looking after her a nice fresh $100.00 to ensure Misha was in good hands. She signed it on the spa’s counter then pulled me in for a long searing kiss. “When will I see you again?”

    I left her knowing she was going to have a wonderful experience. Her spa adventure included lunch and I checked the time as I needed to pick her up around 6 pm.
    I headed down the street with my phone glued to my ear addressing one issue after another. I did manage to change the details regarding the details of our trip to Calgary due to the smoke. My afternoon sped by and before I knew it my afternoon disappeared. It was 5:30 and I needed to get to the spa to pick Misha up. I took a cab so that she did not have to walk back. On the phone I speak to our captain and confirm the car to pick us up for dinner. We had to rush to get her back to the hotel to change and head out.

    The dinner cruises

    By 7:30 we were at the dock and our captain Tom was there to greet us. Our boat was ready to complete with a glass of champagne and the music with appetizers. We left the dock and Misha was enjoying waving to those we left behind. She could not believe we had the whole boat to ourselves. Ok other than Tom, Dominic was there to serve us. He was at our beck and call. He commented on how beautiful Misha looked. We moved on to the lake and it was a bit cool. We sat down enjoying the tunes and the skyline.

    Our salad arrived, and Misha told me about her time at the Spa. She told me she loved it. I enjoyed listening to tell me about the attendance treated her so well. She wants to go back. I told her about Calgary and how the smoke was bad, so we will spend an extra day in Toronto. She was ok with it. We finished out salad and she got up to watch Toronto pass us by. She asked about the different buildings. I though how the sky line of Toronto had changed and buildings I use to see from the water were lost behind bigger buildings. As we sped up the wind got cooler and Misha came closer to me. She informed me she wishes she was wear panties. I laughed and reminded her of the no pantie rule. We now sat to enjoy our main course which included seafood for her. Yes scallops!

    As the sunset, we stood her against the railing and me behind her holding her like in the movie Titanic. Misha who was having a ball turned to me. She told me several more times how much she enjoyed her time in the spa. “It was my first scrub and my first massage like that. Just feel my skin.” In my mind I remember Lauren telling me how she loved body scrubs.

    Well, the sunset and Misha told me it was the most beautiful thing she ever saw. I smiled and knew I did well. The boat made it back safe and sound right on cue. Our driver has awaited our arrival. Misha told me she did not want the night to end. I told her it did not have to. She asked me if Toronto had sex clubs. I told her there are a few. She asked if we could go. I informed our driver that he should take us to Oasis sex club. The drive smiled, and I think he was more excited that Misha. I felt like he might have thought I was asking him to join us. Misha was excited she wanted to know if the club was as good as the club she goes to in Prague.

    The Club
    We arrived and before I could tip the driver she was in the club. I followed her, and I paid for the two of us and we headed upstairs to undress and with a few towels around us, we headed downstairs for a drink. We watch a dancer on stage and I could see a few guys eyeing Misha and she was enjoying the attention to the point she dropped her towel. I notice one guy at the bar his eyes were about to fall out of his head. Misha wanted to dance to a few tunes. I let her go up and she wanted me to dance with her. I did not think that was going to go over big, so I let her go up herself. She was dancing naked only her heels on and now she got a few hoots from the three couples there. This was the motivation she needed. One guy and girl got up to dance with her as the pole dance left the stage. Misha towered over the man and his girl. I think the two of them thought that they died and went to heaven. Misha came back to my table and took a sip of her drink and took my hand. She pulled me to my feet and kissed me so everyone in the bar area to see. She pulled me with her upstairs telling me on the stairs that there were rooms up stair. We were exploring. I did not tell her that 4 years earlier Catherine and I explored the same rooms.

    Misha took me into the dungeon and she told me it was lame compared to the one back in Prague. None the less her naked body did cause others there to look her way. Now we walked into the other room filled with benches. She asked if I wanted to make out. This room reminded me of Catherine, so I let her know that there were more rooms up stairs. We got to the top checked out a couple other rooms. As we came around the corner there was the couple she was dancing with earlier. They smiled at Misha as if I did not exist. Misha smiled back and the entered a room where some porn videos were playing. Misha knew what just to place she started to go down the stairs and stopped turning around then kneeled on the stair pulling my towel away. She took my dick and put it in her mouth. She started to suck on me. She looked up and commented, “Greg get hard for me. I want these people to see why I am with you. She worked me hard as another couple came out of the other room and slide by us to go down the stairs. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the moment. Her sucking action was having the desire effect. I could feel myself growing as she now licked my shaft, then sucked on my balls. My cock was growing nicely as two ladies on the second level were watching. They came up the stairs as I opened my eyes. Misha was now showing me off like a prized steer at the local fair. The blonde and redhead were in their 40’s and no where near as good a shape as Misha but they were impressed with my package. Misha took me in her hand and squeezed me telling me these ladies never seen cock like this before.

    I felt a little uncomfortable at first, but I warmed up to the idea of looking at Misha. Misha now took my manhood and started to slap her face with my love stick. Then her dance partner reappeared to admire her handy work. They both smiled at us as they watched Misha go back to work. I could see the two of them kissing. I was ready to blow my load and Misha must have sensed it, so she squeezed me extra hard to ensure I did not release. I had a little precum appear and she was quick to remove that.

    Misha stood up and kissed me. She asked me if I wanted to fuck the two ladies who know where in the door frame of the other room watching Misha and me. I told her no. Misha turned and holding the railing she lead the way to the second level then down to the sauna area. We popped in we poured some water on the element and the room heated up. After 10 minutes we left it to jump into the pool. Misha knew I was warming up to the experience so now she crawled on top of me and we made out in the pool. There was another couple on the other side of the pool. He was older and her younger. They were kissing as well until she started to ride him. You could tell he was fucking her or was she fucking him. It did not matter. I did not think they were suppose be doing that in the water. Misha was trying hard to get my mind off of them. Another two guys came into the pool with us and they were sizing up Misha and I could tell she was not impressed. They were both younger middle eastern men.

    I could tell Misha had her share of those guys back in Prague. It was time for us to leave.

    A late night, snack was being served. We sat down with a couple of guys and a girl. I think I remember seeing them in the dungeon. Misha and I introduced our selves to each of the men and then the lady. they led their female partner to the food. We’d eaten lightly as we did have a big meal on the boat. Misha took a carrot in her mouth and encouraged me to take the other end in my mouth We nibbled it until it was gone, and our lips were touching. Misha decided that was a good time to grip the back of my head and hold the kiss for several minutes. Our guest who shared the table with us reappeared.

    “I’m feeling a bit deprived,” she said in explanation. “We haven’t been fucked for a few days.” The lady and guys who were now back at the table laughed; I turned the deepest shade of red even though what Misha had said was true. It was something I’d have to address tonight…hopefully several times.

    Of course, they asked where we were from. Misha told them we were from Prague. She told them we were just married knowing that I was a fan of that storyline. I do not think the guys at the table were not buying the story. Misha at times looked older that her 30 years it was a bit of stretch that this beauty would be married to me. None the less Misha was going to try to convince them. Well it was getting late. We headed up to change back onto our street clothes.

    I was wearing one of my better suits when I walked out into the night. Misha was in another one of the dresses we picked up in Montreal. We awaited our taxi as Misha asked me if I liked the club. I asked her the question back. She told me it was tame compared to Prague. We left the club around two and were back to the “suite” by 2:30, we showered fifteen minutes later and in bed where Misha showed her appreciation several times. We fell asleep, our limbs entangled, around 3:30.

    Misha asked me about anal. “I have done it with a number of providers including her mother and she loved it. Maybe someday, but not now and not for the foreseeable future; at this point, I would be content just fucking her. And, then, there’s the idea of hurting you. I’d never want that to happen. Why don’t we talk about it in a few weeks when we know each other even better?” We flew to Vancouver next morning

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