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    Misha Novakova Vancouver

    Misha Novakova Vancouver

    Pre Plan
    My event with Misha would be coming to an end in Vancouver and I wanted it to end with a bang, so I reached out to a few providers to help make it memorable. I knew it would be a long week for her and being with me is not easy. Besides Lauren Ross had just gone dark as she ghosted me, and I was not going to be a stalker. So, I left her alone even though I did not really know what I did that caused her to drop me like yesterday’s garbage. Oh well I was now with Misha.

    I created a whole event for Misha in Vancouver. I booked a suite at the Trump. I reached out to Amber to play my assistant, I hired a limo service to take us on a tour of the city. I organized a special picnic basket complete with food for our picnic. I then hired a guitar player and sax player and singer to perform for Misha in the park. I tied that together with a special kite performance.

    Then Ms. Novakova informed me she loves massages. So, I contacted a male provider to satisfy her after our picnic in the park. Followed by her masseuse meeting us back in the lounge. Now I needed to set up the details.

    Amber, I learned is a photographer, so I ask her to bring her camera to take photos of Misha as she loves to have her photo taken. Amber informs me last minute that she does not feel good about spending the night. So, I agreed to reduce her time with us. I have a new role for her and she does not need to drop her panties for this event. Her response back is very positive and agrees to dress as requested although she could not find a white blouse. In her new role she will dress as our personal assistant and photographer.

    I book the limo with the driver greeting us at the airport. An itinerary of locations for us to visit is set.
    • Queen Elizabeth Park
    • Granville Island
    • Westend
    • Gastown

    Once we arrive at the Trump a picnic basket will await us, and we drop off our bags. We will then proceed to the park for our picnic complete with the guitar player, sax player and the kite performer. A play list using lite jazz is created by our Kite flying performer. Amber has the information and knows who to call and when to tie it together.

    After our picnic we head back to the hotel where I will provide Misha with a nice warm bath in an oversized tub. I will have fresh flowers, champagne, chocolate strawberries, and music. Amber will take a few photos and after Misha’s bath I have hired Grant Nelson to provide Misha with a massage. Amber and I will leave so Misha can enjoy Grant. Grant will get Misha to cum and then fuck her when we come back to catch them in the act.

    Amber will assist Misha getting dressed and will insert a remote vibrator and provide me with the remote. I will then take Misha over to the Coast for a nice seafood dinner and throughout the night I will turn on the vibrator. After dinner when Misha is good and horny I will bring her back to the hotel lobby bar and we will have a drink. I will then have Grant meet us and have him seduce Misha. She will take him up to her room and he can spend the night with her. My hope was Amber was going to spend the night with me but well that is not going to happen so I reach out to Freya Darling. She agrees to meet me and to spend the night.

    It is set.

    The day arrives.
    We fly to Calgary from Toronto, so we can meet our original flight going to Vancouver. On the fight to ,Calgary we talk about Iceland and my joining her there. Her friend was to join her, but he had to cancel so now I would agree to pay her the 5,000 Euros for the two days in Reykjavík. I told her of the hotel I know in town and as soon as we touch down in Calgary I get on the phone with Anke, my assistant and ask her to check on a two-bedroom suite at the Black Pearl, a hotel in the capital of Iceland.

    In Calgary we see the smoke and Misha is so glad we gave up this leg of the adventure, as much as she wanted to go to Banff for the day. The smoke would have been too much.

    We are now ready to board our final flight to Vancouver. I get a call from Anke and I am informed that our hotel was booked, and my flights would alined with Misha’s flight. Misha is so excited as we take our seat in first class. No sooner we sit down, and we are landing in Vancouver. As we taxi Misha is on her phone texting those people back home of her new travel companion to Iceland.

    Misha is so excited to reach Vancouver and she could not believe the changes in the airport over the last 12 or so years. Her last visit to Vancouver to see her mom did not go well. Maybe the fact that she was 18 did not help matters. None the less the thought of her seeing her mom was out of the question and not a topic she wanted to entertain. I made a mental note not to touch that wound for the remaining of the trip.

    Airport arrival
    We arrive we head to the baggage claim. Misha had a white dress on and the air conditioning in the arrival area caused her nipples to make an appearance. I smiled as she covered herself with a light green and black shawl. We collect our bags and Misha looked at me with a smile on her face and she move closer to me. I hear “thank you” as she kissed me. As we separated she expressed her gratitude for bringing her half way around the world. Misha let me know it was the best trip she ever experienced in her life.

    We made our way out of the baggage area to be greeted by Amber. A tall blonde authentic athletic woman. She welcomed Misha and I handed her the file with all the details for her to work with. Amber wore a black dress just above her knee and she carried her camera with her as we made small talk leaving the terminal.

    Amber informed me as we wa fromlk away that the driver was awaiting us in the limo area. I lead both Misha and her new best friend Amber to the lower level and we found Mike our limo driver. He was a smartly dress gray haired man who reminded me of Dan my former driver that Catherine introduced me to years earlier. Mike placed our bags in the back and I guided Misha to the large SUV limo. It was easier to get in and out of that vs a traditional limo. As we got in Misha took on a fright. She whispered to me she had for got her dress for tonight and her shoes in Toronto. I told her not to worry. I instructed Amber to let Mike know that there is an outlet mall not far and that we needed to make a short stop. I asked Amber to help Misha find a store for her to get a new dress.

    Amber seemed pleased by the change of plans and Misha was relieved. We were off, Misha sat next to me while Amber pulled out her camera to take a few shots of us as we headed over to the mall. It did not take long and we were pulling up to the mall and Mike let us out, so we could power shop.

    Amber looked up on her phone and found a British designer Ted Baker store for Misha. This brought memories of Tara rushing back into my mind. We found the store as Misha and Amber were drawn to that store like metal to a magnet. It did not take long for Misha to pick out a few dresses. She pulled out a dark grey dress, a short pink flower dress, a yellow dress, a black dress, and couple more. As the clerk assisted Misha, Amber jumped right in with shoes and looked for a hand bag. Misha had too many dresses and asked Amber to join her in the changing room. Misha did not need to ask Amber twice. I could hear the two of them humming and awing.

    I made a call to the hotel in Toronto about Misha’s dress and shoes that were left in the front closet. They informed me they would check with house keeping. I instructed them to send the outfit to the Black Pearl in Reykjavik, Iceland and to charge it to my credit card. They were on it and now Misha would have an out fit for us to go to dinner in Iceland. That was easier than selecting the dress. I was called in as they were narrowing it down. As I headed to the changing area I saw this incredible pencil dress with white, pink, red flowers on it. I thought it would look amazing on her. I handed it to Amber and suggested Misha try it on.

    Well Misha selects the pencil dress however Misha does not like the shoes. Too much pink for her. So Amber and Misha are now on the hunt for a shoe store. I tell them to head over to Michael Kors. I remember Lauren telling me how she loved his shoes as they were very comfortable. So, the ladies head over. I pay up and rush over to see the two dismayed shoppers. I am informed there are no good shoe stores in the mall. The ladies are thinking of heading downtown to find a store. I send Amber on the hunt to find a designer store that sells shoes. I hunt around and find these great black heels. Now Misha is tall and worried it might make her too tall. I have her try them on and they have her size. She puts them on and is walking around the store. She tells me they are comfortable. The zipper matches her dress zipper and the black design matched her dress design. Add to this she is now the perfect height for me. So, it is done. We have shoes!

    Amber reappears happy to know we found shoes. Now a hand bag. Amber picked out a few but Misha cannot decide. I tell her I am going to stand in line to pay for the shoes and by the time I get to the front of the line she has to select a hand bag. I get to the front I look at her and Amber. They have narrowed it down to two. She selects one and we are done. Time to get in the limo.

    Amber takes a few shots as we race out. Misha has a huge smile on her face as we head back to Mike and our awaiting limo. We jump in and Mike informs us that our tour plans are replaced with a direct trip to the hotel.

    We are now off, Amber is documenting the trip as we speed downtown. As we make our way through the rush hour traffic. I notice Amber admiring Misha as Misha thanks me for an amazing trip and now more shopping. I accept her kisses and Misha can see Amber watching and taking a few photos. Misha invited Amber over so that the two of them can kiss in front of me. It is clear Amber is now enjoying my Czech paid girl friend. I want to jump in and kiss Amber as much as I want to kiss Misha, but I did not paid Amber for that service. I certainly do not want to take advantage of her that way, so I kiss Misha some more. As I look back at Amber I see her with her legs open wide, so I could see her black panties. I notice that they look wet or maybe it was dimness of the light in the limo. I see Amber smile as she says “Mr. Dickson, are you looking up my dress.” She spreads her legs a little wider, so I can get a better look.

    I wanted to tell her about the no pantie rule but then again, I was not paying her for that. Now she leans back so I get a look at her long lean legs. I am getting so hard for her, but I need to remind myself that is not her role. My attention slips back to Misha, but Amber’s legs are taking me to heaven. Misha and I kiss deeply as my hand slides under her dress. I notice her nipples are poking out from her white dress. her nipples now are as hard as my cock in my pants.

    Misha now glides her hand over my thickness. I feel her hand now trying to undo my pants. I muster all my strength to hold back. She was going to show Amber how she can take my thickness in her mouth. I now beat her to it as my hand makes its way between her legs. As she spreads her legs my fingers spread her slit. I hear her whisper in between kisses “Oh Mr. Dickson, finger fuck me please.” My digits enter her sloppy pussy and my two fingers quickly turn into three then four. She pulls me closer and hisses “Yes, right there, Yes, YES. Oh, my fucking god I am cumming.” At which point she shivers. Misha now jumps on me and is desperate to get my dick out of my pants.

    Misha is now riding my hardness right in my pants. I now turn my attention to her ass. I finger her ass as she tells me she wants me so fucking bad. We kiss, and It is like she wants to swallow my tonsils. Misha is moving up and down over my crotch and tells me she is going to cum yet again. I can feel her hips and I think I could feel her clit using my leg as a wash board. She now holds me so tight I think I am unable to breathe.

    We have arrived at our hotel and I inform the ladies. Amber looks like she is in shock as she watched Misha and I making out. I jump out of the limo as Misha tries to put herself together. I inform the bell man to gather up my bags as Mike pops the trunk. I hand the bell man a ten and I tell him the bags are for Dickson’s suite.

    I race into pre-check in. I am informed my suite will be ready at 4 and I ensure that the champagne the chocolate strawberries, as well as the flowers, will all be ready. I then turn my attention over to the concierge for my picnic basket. Everything is set.

    I head out side to see Amber and Misha taking photos. Misha so likes to play the role of being the high fashion model. I laugh to myself thinking how something so simple can have such a big impact.

    The ladies are done, I over hear Amber’s comments about how beautiful Misha looks. These comments are not lost on Misha as she beams getting back into the limo.

    The Picnic
    We are now off as Mike and Amber have secured our picnic basket with all the fixings. Away we go as Amber is now on the phone with the boys regarding the picnic spot. It looks like a great day in Vancouver for a picnic. We wind our way through the park. I am impressed that Mike can drive this beast through the park. Amber has James on the phone getting location details. We arrive, and I can see the boys in the distance. Not hard to spot a guitar player a sax player and a kite guy in the park.
    We find a more secluded spot under some trees. I put out the blanket and the table cloth for our food. Misha and I take stock of our lunch. A salad, some cheese, crackers, nuts, water both flat and sparkling, strawberries which is Misha’s favorite. Our music begins, and it is the sax that steals Misha’s heart. I can see her eyes light up as they play some classic jazz.

    We now relax and enjoy the day and this moment. I feel a warmth over come me, not sure if is the heat of the sun, Misha’s smile, or the music. I think to myself it does not get any better than this. I close my eyes to let this moment settle in. My hope is this moment is not lost on Misha. In my head I hope no other paying client has ever done such a thing for her. As I open my eyes I see her looking at me and I feel so special in this moment. I hate to say it, but this is better than sex. We eat, and we chat in between tunes. Tristan our kite puppeteer is putting on a show for us. I see a crowd forming as they appear to be enjoying my gesture. I wonder what those couples across the way are thinking. I see a little boy joining in to the music and is watching the dancing kite display.

    God the sound of the saxophone is wonderful and hunting at the same time. Misha tells me she wishes this moment would never end as they play ‘Fly Me to the Moon’. At that moment I could be on the moon. Lauren pops into my head as she uses to use the expression, she was so happy she was “Over the moon.”

    However, like ever ride at Disney land it must come to an end. Our picnic had reached that point that it was time for us to pack up and move on. We thanked the guys and we gave them a little tip before we took a walk off to find Mike. As we walk to the limo Amber snaps a few shots. Misha leans over looking me in my eyes and if her eyes could speak to me I feel she would tell me this was the best date she has ever been on. We walk on and her eyes are accompanied by the sweetest smile and laugh that make my body shiver. I think to myself. “YES, Dickson you did it!” I gave her moment that will be imprinted in her mind. She must feel this! Please tell me she feels this.

    As my mind races and my thoughts are filled with joy and pleasure. Then it happens. Misha moves closer and she kisses me. However, this is not a kiss a provider gives her client. It is a kiss filled with joy and appreciation. I know I am not the most attractive guy. I might not have the best personality, or I am not very interesting. I know I am not charming, or kind or trust worthy or smart. I know I am not the richest or the most talented. But in this moment as she kisses me I am special.

    Yesterday did not matter and tomorrow means little. It is now, and it is this moment that means everything. I will never have it back and no one can take it away. I am special because I made her feel special. I want that kiss to last forever.

    In the limo, the kisses continue, and I am loving it as we make out with Amber watches and takes a few photos. I feel my self-hardening once more as Misha is feeling me getting fully extended in my pants. I want her so bad my hand reaches under her dress once more to feel her moisture and wetness. I just want to rip off her white dress and pound her right there. I feel Misha starting to fumble with my pants, but I am content with her tongue deep down my throat. Our kisses are pure pleasure and I do not recall an eastern European ever kissing like her. Our passion is beyond compare. I want her even more. I am ready to throw caution to the wind when we arrive at the hotel once more. I have put my thoughts back in my head as I have to put my dick back in my pants. The door opens. I give Misha a twenty-dollar bill to give to Mike to thank him. I was not fully aware of my surroundings at this very moment as I stumble out of the limo and make my way to pick up our key.

    I am informed that the room is not fulling filled with champagne, flowers, chocolate strawberries. My fear is if we go up things could happen, and I did not want the room service to walk in on us. So, I invited the ladies up to the lounge for the champagne bar. We head up to the lounge and the ladies’ sample different champagnes. They are both giggling and enjoying each other. They both order glasses and I watch them kiss each other once more. It was clear the bubbly is having the desired effect and taking the edge off. I am enjoying the interaction as the gentleman from registration informs me that our suite is ready. I let the girls enjoy themselves as I look on.

    I hand the key to Amber and tell her the room is ready and she can take Misha up stairs and prepare her for me. I watch their asses swing to the tunes in the lounge bar. God they both have great asses. Some day I hope to fuck Misha up her ass. However, I have to get into her pussy first.

    I pay up and head up to the suite. I arrive to see Amber feeding Misha chocolate strawberries and more champagne. Misha is naked and stepping into the tub. I admire her body as I walk over. Misha draws me closer with her eyes. She now reaches me and pulls me to her. We kiss, my fingers finder her soft kitten still wet from out limo ride. She kisses me deeper and my fingers side into her deeper. I can feel her g-spot and I work her deeper and harder until she shivers. Misha’s grip on my is now so tight as I feel her body melt. She hums in my ear that she came yet again. She tells me she loves my fingers and how they dance on her and in her. She wants to fuck me now. This results in my bulge in my pants to reappear. I slide her into the larger oversized tub. We kiss once more. I thought she would pull me into the tub.

    I look at her smiling in my direction. I am enjoying her looking at me as she is enjoying her champagne and her warm bath. We chat about her trip and how she likes to travel with me. She tells me about Frankfurt and Montreal and Toronto, but Vancouver is the best. She tells me she can not wait until Iceland. I let her know about the Black Pearl and my past adventures to Reykjavik. I share stories of the spa I visited in the Icelandic Capital. Misha tells me she loves massages and how it gets her in the mood to be fucked! I think to myself well baby you are in for a treat.

    Amber had disappeared and headed downstairs to find Grant. I had found Grant on Leolist and I had reached out to a number of male providers who claimed to do massage, but Grant impressed me. I could not help but remember my adventure years earlier with Catherine and Ki. Now I wanted Misha to have a similar adventure.
    Not long and Amber reappears with a young man who will take care of Misha. I leave Misha in Grant’s capable hands after her warm bath. I retreat to the bed room with Amber as I wanted her opinion on a few of my past photo shoots with ladies like Tara, Lauren, Catherine, and Fiona. As we chat I share with her my theme song and the photos of past providers. She humors me as we lay on the bed. I show her my trip to Costa Rica with Lauren and my presentation. I sense it is like looking at someone’s home movies. I do not see she is buying in, but I think she gets the idea. At one-point Amber leans over and kisses me.

    I have a burning desire to be with her, but I remind myself she is there only as the photographer. I am paying her to play the role as my personal assistant and our photographer. I get up from the bed and I suggest we see how Misha is making out in the living room. I am shocked as we walk in on them to find Grant dressed and his bed folded and Misha in her robe. I ask her how she liked it and she assures me it was great. Grant leaves and Amber is in the room assisting Misha to get dressed.

    Misha and Amber are now on the balcony and Misha is acting the role of the high fashion model. Amber is clicking away. Only for her to interrupt the sound of the camera to ask me to join in. I am thinking Misha looks so hot in her new dress and those heels. We take a few shots out side then we move indoors where there are a few more shots.

    I am enjoying the art of seduction as Misha performs for the camera. Misha is keen to give me what the camera wants to see. However, the time has come for us to say good night to Amber. I wonder in my mind is she glad to leave this fantasy world I created, or does she wish she would have stayed. I wonder would she be willing to participate in another adventure? Only time would tell. However, at this moment she is on her way.

    Misha and I are excited to see Amber’s handy work and we freshen up before we head out. Misha brings out the remote vibrator and inserts it in her pussy. She hands me the remote control and I turn it on. It is quiet, but it is effective as Misha squirms in front of me. We pack up her new handbag and we are on our way. We walk over to the Coast restaurant and we get a table at the back. I cannot resist so I turn on the vibrator and I watch as her eyes light up. We order dinner and Misha orders her scallops. She reconfirms to me how she loves scallops. We talk, and she asks me about my businesses. She tells me she wants to work for me. She would like to learn from me and become a successful business woman.

    Our dinner arrives, and our dinner is only interrupted by a short burst of the vibrator. Dinner is done, and we share a dessert now talking about our trip to Iceland. I assure Misha the suite in Reykjavik has two bedrooms, so she can get her sleep. The conversation has become stale. We gather up our things I pay, and we are out on the streets of Vancouver. Misha tells me she likes Vancouver and the feel of the city. We get back to the hotel. Misha tells me it is getting late and she has an early flight. 5:30 AM is fast approaching. We head upstairs she gathers her bags and is out the door to catch a car to the Fairmont to spend the night. I have forgotten about Grant but not about Freya who should be awaiting me in the lounge. On the elevator ride down, I feel only the sting of rejection. It hits me hard once more. My voices reappear to try and convince me that I cannot buy a date. It is as if I have this cloud over me. The loss of Lauren, the loss of Tara, and now Misha. I am not sure I can take much more.

    I arrive in the lounge and my eyes scan the lounge to look for Freya. There in the corner is Grant. Oh, hell I forgot about him. Poor guy. I sit down next to him and let him know that Misha had decided she wanted to spend her last night in Vancouver alone out at the airport as she had an early flight. He appears to understand. We chat, and he asks me about these events I do. I share a few. I ask him about the recent email I got from him and he confesses he is indeed Ki. He just changed his name. I am a little shaken and embarrassed that I did not recognized him. He is open about his experiences and asks me more about what I do. I give him the standard line of the businesses I own and how I am “homeless”. I then apologize because I am looking for my next provider. I tell him I am to meet Freya Darling a new provider.

    Yet I do not see her in the lounge. Grant is quick to point out a young lady in a jean skirt and I correct him that my date would not be dressed like her.

    We are now both fixated on his attractive lady in a jean skirt. She is hot and maybe it is her. I see her looking at her phone and her looking around. I email Freya and she assures me she is in the lounge. I tell her I do not see her. She tells me she is ready to leave but does confirm she is wearing a flower top.

    Grant is first to locate Freya over near the door. I feel foolish and make my way over to her. I introduce myself and she informs me she was about to leave. She said she thought it might be me, but she was unsure as I was sitting with another man. She tells me that maybe we were mocking her, so she had paid for her drink and was ready to move on. The waitress comes over and asks if she is ok. Do I look like creep? Freya assures the waitress that she is fine.

    Freya has an innocence to her a certain look. She refers to it as cute. I do see she is tiny and my fear of hurting her reappears in my mind. Grant joins us to say his good-by. I introduce him to Freya and she bids his good night. I let him know I will be in touch for future adventures. I apologize for Misha’s early exit. But I do not feel so bad because I had paid him $500 for two hours when his normal rate is $120 an hour. He walked away but then I realized I did not pay for his drinks. Opps. I guess I owe him that.

    Freya is back in my mind and she agrees to join me up stairs. We head up to the suite. Before we enter the elevator, she informs me she must use the restroom. As I await her arrival I think maybe I should go into the bathroom and take her there? Oh, my, maybe I am the creep the waitress was referring too. I wash it from my mind as Freya is washing her hands. She is a very attractive lady and one I might enjoy spending time with. We chat on the way up and in the suite. She freely reveals a number of interesting facts about her self. I tell her I do not need to know anything personal. I am more interested in her dreams and her fantasies. She looks confused, so I share a few of my presentations including the “Wild Girls” and my “$100,000 club”. I share my adventure with Lauren in Costa Rica. I sense she wants to open up. I ask if she cares to spend the night. She agrees, and I hand her the envelope with the fee for overnight. She undresses, and I admire her body in the dim bedroom light.

    She has a fit little body. We cuddle up and we kiss, and I feel myself getting hard. We kiss deeper and I run my fingers over her panty covered slit. Our kissing becomes more intense. Yet, I feel hesitation on her part. I now finger her in hope of bringing her to a willing position. I am not making much progress as she is not even wet. I roll her over and attempt to use my tongue to get her to enjoy my attention. I lick and suck her, but her comment is “Not so hard.” I try to be gentler, yet there is little interest. I can tell that after about 10 minutes of working her I am not going to achieve any success. I let her know we can just cuddle.

    Freya now informs me she could not find female condoms. She had gone to three different places and no such luck. I sense there is more to her answer. I am not her cup of tea. I now am resigned to the idea that nothing is going to take place. I doze off and an hour later I sense her leaving the bed. She let’s me know that she cannot sleep with me and she wants to go home to her bed. I agree that it might be best that she leave. She gathers up her things telling me I am a very nice man.
    With that, she is out the door. I suspect I will not hear from her again. Oh well, that is the story of my life. This is a young man’s game and I an’t no young man anymore. But don’t take my word for it see the recollections.

    Freya recollection

    Hello Mr. Dickson,

    As you fly off to a new adventure...

    I had a lovely time last night. Despite the shaky beginning.

    I hope my leaving didn’t make you sad. It was the first night I’ve tried to spend with someone in over a year. I’ve been very closed off for a long time. I couldn’t sleep, and kept thinking of my day ahead... we all have our quirks and shortcoming, one of mine is sleep. It’s been a very strange year for me. Some of it wonderful (champagne and strawberries;) - some of it brutal. I’m just trying to find happiness. I usually read, or wander when I have insomnia. I understand that this may have been a disappointment. And I’m sure there are many women who are more experienced at this or who fall asleep:)

    You are smart, funny and lovable. I can see why women like to be around you. I wish you nothing but the best. I feel we are both children of the island of misfit toys... it was nice to meet a kindred spirit:)

    Wishing you happiness and love in all your adventures.

    Misha Novakova is visiting Vancouver
    After an exchange of multiple emails between me and Mr. Dickson my trip to Canada arrived. We met in Frankfurt and it was like a dream. I awoke up in Montreal a day of shopping and site seeing. Then Toronto and Niagara Falls, the spa, the dinner on the boat and the sex club. Then came my day in Vancouver visit a day I thought would never come. Around noon on August 19th, I awoke to Mr. Dickson looking at me as we deplaned at the Vancouver Airport. I was sitting in my seat just turned on my phone and writing some messages on my phone when I suddenly felt like somebody is watching me. I looked up and saw Mr. Dickson smiling at me. I could feel his smiling eyes piercing my body before I saw him. I got up and hugged him then gave him a kiss. It was so lovely to spend so much time with him!

    We walked through the airport and down to pick up our suitcases. I wanted everyone to know I was his girlfriend. After that, we met up with his personal assistant Amber who organized the entire afternoon for us. She walked us to our limo. I could not believe my eyes. Mr. Dickson ordered a limo to take me around Vancouver. Three cities and three limos. So amazing! Our limo driver Mike seemed to be very experienced as well which provided for a smooth ride. When we sat in the limo I realized that I do not have a dinner dress neither shoes or handbag. I left them in Toronto. I had put them in the hall closet to make sure they would look good for tonight and in the excitement I forgot them. Oh how silly of me. Mr Dickson is going to think terrible things of me. I shared my concern with Mr. Dickson and Amber. Mr. Dickson consoled me and promised to take me to an outlet where I could get all I need. Amber talked to Mike and off we went to the outlet close to the airport. First store we checked out was Ted Baker. They had a lot of beautiful dresses. I took some into the changing cabin and Amber came in with me. I was naked under my white summer dress. I felt like my nakedness made Amber a little bit horny as she warmed up much more to me. She helped me to try some of the dresses on but I was not sure which one to choose. Then Mr. Dickson brought a longer pink pencil dress which looked amazing on me. I decided to take that one. I also tried pink high heels on, but it seemed like too much pink at once. Mr. Dickson paid for my dress which I really appreciated as nobody ever bought me a nice brand dress before. Then we went to Michael Kors to choose some high heels and bags. At first, there seem to be not as many choices for high heels except for one pair. That one pair had very high heels and I was scared that it will be uncomfortable to walk in it. I tried them on and to my surprise they were quite comfortable. Then Amber brought some handbags over and after some thinking I chose the one with golden chains as it was matching the zipper on the heels. Mr. Dickson was generous again and paid for my heels and handbag. Amber then took some pictures of me smiling with my bags full of new goodies.

    We jumped into the limo and drove towards downtown Vancouver. In the limo, I started to make out with Mr. Dickson which made me very horny. I made out with Amber as well and then she took more pictures of us. Mr. Dickson then used his fingers to play with with my pussy until I cum. It felt amazing!

    We chatted with Amber about Vancouver until the limo parked in front of the Trump hotel. Mr. Dickson went to do the checking while Amber took more pictures of me in front of the hotel. I really enjoyed modelling for her. Mr. Dickson showed up with a picnic basket which meant we are on the way for a picnic. The limo took us to the Stanley park. Mr. Dickson walked me through the park to a guitarist, saxophonist and a guy with a white kite. I could not believe my eyes, these guys were hired to entertain me, to make my picnic special. I was so happy and gave Mr. Dickson a big kiss. My eyes were shining. Amber set up a blanket on the grass and served us our lunch from the picnic basket while the guys were playing jazz music and the kite guy was dancing the kite to the rhythm. The music made for such an amazing afternoon. Just a perfect day. I could not express my love enough to Mr. Dickson for such a beautiful surprise. We ate our salad, cheese and strawberries while having pictures taken of us by Amber. I could not ask for more.

    In about an hour we got up, packed our picnic stuff and headed back to Trump hotel in our limo. At the Trump, we had a glass of champagne while waiting for our room to be set up. Then we walked upstairs into our room. Amber poured another champagne and served strawberries dipped in chocolate. I was getting quite tipsy at that point. Mr. Dickson undressed me and ran water for my bath. I stood into the bath with a glass of champagne. Mr. Dickson was washing me up. We started to make out, he was sucking on my nipples and then he played again with my clitoris until I cum again. It was so hot and Amber was documenting it all with her camera. After that I immersed myself into the bath, slowly sipping on my drink trying to think what has just happened. But that was not all. I jumped out of the bath, put a bath robe on me while Amber left the room to bring up a guy with a massage table. I could not believe my eyes. Mr. Dickson order a massage guy for me. So amazing. I love massages and human touch. Amber and Mr. Dickson went into the other room to check out of some past Mr. Dickson's fantasies on his laptop. Grant set up the massage table and undressed himself into a little thong. He had a nice body. I laid down on the massage table. He poured coconut oil all over my naked body and started to rub it in. He touched every piece of my body progressing slowly from my back and arms to my butt and legs. Then I turned around and he played with my breasts, sucking on my nipples gently. He progressed into my vagina. He played with my clit until I cum. A wave of a warmth feeling ran through my body, so amazing. He asked me if I want him to fuck me, but I have received so much pleasure already that day that I had enough. Also, I get most orgasms from clitoris stimulation rather than fucking, so I prefer those.

    After Grant left, Amber helped me to dress into my new dress. I put new high heels on and touched up on my make up. Amber took more pictures of me and Mr. Dickson. I was so happy after all the special things Mr. Dickson planned for me. I was smiling and kissing Mr. Dickson as my heart was full of love for him. I still could not believe he did all that for me. Then Amber left and Mr. Dickson and me went for a dinner at Coast restaurant. I shared with Mr. Dickson that I like seafood and he took me to one of the best seafood restaurants in Vancouver. So thoughtful of him. I had baked oysters for appetizer while he ordered clam chowder. For main I chose scallops- my favourite seafood of all times. Mr. Dickson went for sushi since we were at the west coast. We had a great conversation at the dinner. Mr. Dickson shared about his childhood and businesses with me. I found him and his past so fascinating and inspiring. He came from nothing and build a successful business so now he can afford to treat women like me to beautiful experiences. I want to by like him when I grow up. After dessert- creme bruele, of course ;-)- we walked back to the Trump hotel. We sat down in the room and Mr. Dickson showed me his past experiences/fantasies with another women. He put a lot of effort in to those- to organize them as well as make a memory of the pictures. It was beautiful. He is a true gentleman. We chatted also about the possibility to meet up in Iceland where I was heading at the end of August. We kissed good night and I left into the night. I truly had a one time experience on August 19th. And all thanks to Mr. Dickson and his imagination and generosity. My heart felt full of love for him and full of inspiration to become like him. Misha

    Amber Lawson recollection

    I found myself thinking about you this evening About the day, our interactions, how we met, and of all the opportunities that lie before us, both individually and together. I found my mind opening to fantasies and thoughts I don’t usually think about. I don’t spend much time thinking about my bucket list. But I did this evening and my mind started to wander delightfully.

    I dreamt of being on a yacht in the Mediterranean and cruising by Ibiza in the spring and listening to solomun (a dj I really like who lives and plays a lot in ibiza).

    Another dream I have is to have an evening in arabia. Like arabian nights. cruising down an intimate river at night in the warm darkness.

    Anyway, back to Vancouver. Describe my experience:

    I was first contacted by Greg Dickson in July 2018. He invited me to join arole-playingplaying adventure that he had elaborately planned for Misha, his girlfriend. I was to be his personal assistant, his sexy personal assistant. After accepting his generous offer, I learned that he had meticulously planned out the day and night with a variety of exciting activities for her. He instructed me on what to wear, and exactly what he wanted my duties to be on the day of. To the minute. He wanted me to be glamorous and professional.

    The morning I was to meet Dickson and Misha at the airport finally arrived. I had already decided what to wear, and I gave myself plenty of time to ensure that my nails were done, hair perfect, and equipment ready to go. I was also the photographer! I made my way to the airport to commence my duties as personal assistant (PA) and photographer. I was nervous and hopeful that the day would go smoothly and as planned! The limo driver wasn’t there when I arrived, but I was, and I saw them waiting for their luggage. I got butterflies as they approached…

    The second I met them I loved them both. Misha’s warm, beautiful smile and eyes, Dickson’s personable and pdemeanormeanour. I almost instantly regretted any feelings of uncertainty I had had in the days and weeks past. Dickson handed me an envelope that contained the day’s itinerary and the envelopes I was to give to the artists throughout the day.

    We found the limo and I asked for the privacy window to be put up once we got on our way. After a short,t drive we went to the mall to shop for Misha. We found her favourite designer at the mall and started shopping for a dress, shoes and handbag. The tall blonde czech princess looked absolutely stunning in everything she tried on! I took photos of her modeling various outfits, while the staff and Dickson brought a few additional items. She selected a gorgeous floral dress from Ted Baker. She was going to be the belle of the ball that evening! We also found designer shoes and a handbag at a nearby store and then headed back to the limo.

    During our drive downtown to the Trump Hotel, Misha jumped on top of Dickson and began stroking his cock in front of me. She invited me to join her which I did. Once I was close enough to then both, she reached over and kissed me. I was supposed to be the photographer and PA but I certainly didn’t mind being kissed and caressed by a beautiful Czech girl. I got so hot and excited watching them together. I took pictures of them in the limo and loved my life at that moment.

    Once we approached the hotel, we gathered ourselves and freshened up for the interacting with other people. While Dickson went to check in and gather a picnic basket for the park, I took more photos of the lovely Misha, who loved posing and modeling for me. You literally can’t take a bad picture of her. Dickson has such fine taste in women <3

    We then headed to Stanley Park where we had arranged a surprise for Misha. Dickson had booked some musicians, a saxophone and guitar player as well as a professional kite performer! As we sat and enjoyed the picnic in the park with the lovely music and spectacular kite display, I felt like I was in a dream. I *was* in a dream. What a decadent life they were living! I was swept in by the magic of it all. The care and attention Dickson had put into making sure every detail was taken care of, and that the day was perfectly planned for Misha’s enjoyment. He had literally thought of everything. She loves jazz music, he knew that and had ensured the music was to her tastes. She loves strawberries and cheese and crackers and art and all of the boxes were checked. .

    We enjoyed an hour of a picnic in the park, the soft breeze upon our faces, the melodic sounds teasing our ears, and the enticing visual display by Tristan, the kite artist.

    We did have to hurry back to the hotel though, where the rest of the evening was to unfold! We returned to the limo, the picnic over. We returned to the hotel, and enjoyed some champagne at the champagne BAR (they have a Champagne bar!) while we waited for the room to be ready. Once in the room, Dickson drew Misha a bath while she undressed and got into a robe. There were chocolate covered strawberries and champagne on ice awaiting us in the room. I could tell this was going to be an evening to remember, and was started to become sad that I wasn’t going to be staying longer. I took some photos of Misha in the bath, and when Dickson started playing with her pussy in the bathtub, I got so aroused that it was difficult not to stare and pleasure myself. I took some photos, and then had to stop and catch my breath and watch them together. I absolutely love seeing people engaged in sexual activity. It’s such a turn on! He kept saying “you want it don’t you…” to her, and that was so hot to me.

    She came soon after, and relaxed in the tub for awhile before I went downstairs to let the massage therapist up to the room. I learned that the masseuse was a very sensual intimate masseuse, which also turned me on. Just thinking about it made me wet. The masseuse was a tall, strong looking man, and I was excited for Misha’s experience. What a treat! Dickson really cares about the pleasure of his ladies! I was also eagerly anticipating spending some alone time with him, learning more about his experiences of fulfilling the fantasies of ladies around the world.

    We retreated into the bedroom where Dickson showed me some photos and regaled me with stories of past encounters. I found the whole thing fantastical and intriguing. We could hear Misha enjoying her massage in the next room, and I imagined the scene, with the masseuse going down on her and licking her bare pussy and making her so wet that she could come from a single flick of the tongue. I imagined his hands and cock inside her on the table, as she grabbed his ass and pulled him inside her. Dickson said that his cock is large and many women have trouble taking it all, which also got me very wet.

    Eventually, they finished and the masseuse left. Misha was glowing and looked very relaxed. I took some photos of her and then helped her dress for dinner. I took more photos of her with Dickson on the balcony of the hotel with the stunning downtown view behind them. I left them to go out for dinner, and imagined myself going with them, and next time I will. I would have loved to photograph them being intimate, or spend longer doing a shoot with Misha, perhaps with some fancy lingerie and sexy makeup and hair. The ideas are endless.

    I left with a deeper understanding of the world. Someone like Dickson who thrives on fulfilling fantasies is a new experience for me. For the rest of the evening, my mind was opened as I considered what my fantasies were, were someone to wish to fulfill them. It was a beautiful experience that I am grateful to have been a part of.

    Amber xo

    Grants recollection of the event with Misha and Amber

    Hi Greg,

    As requested here are some of my thoughts and feelings from my session with you, Misha and Amber.

    Leading up to the actual session I did have some trepidation. I’m often contacted by a man who wants to make an experience happen for his female partner - based on some fantasy which the two of them have shared. Oftentimes the man is more enthusiastic about bringing the fantasy to real life and woman more reticent - or not into it all. This often puts me into a double bind of trying to please the man (who is usually paying for the session) and of course maintaining consent with the woman - who may not even fully know what has been planned.

    This aspect of Misha not knowing was of course built right into the scenario you proposed so like I said I felt a bit of trepidation.

    But all that being said I knew I was working with a professional, and this was not my first time navigating similar interpersonal dynamics. I’m a professional and I know how to find consent in the moment so I just thought to myself, “I’ll show up, be my normal charming and sexy self, give Misha a great massage and see what happens.”

    Secretly I was hoping to get into a very hot scene with Misha and Amber and yourself.

    I was very pleased when I saw Amber. What a gorgeous woman. We shared some friendly banter on the way up to your suite. Misha was even more beautiful than I expected and very personable. I immediately felt at ease with her and quite turned on. I delighted in giving her a massage. She was very responsive to my touch, breathing deeply, moaning, and wiggling that scorching hot body of hers closer to mine as I touched her. She was dripping wet and I was rock hard by the time I started massaging her pussy. I liked the way she reached for my cock and stroked me while I was rubbing her hard clit. The sensation of slipping my fingers inside her warm wet cunt and gently fingering her g-spot while continuing to massage her clit and feeling her whole body shudder with pleasure was awesome. I couldn’t resist suckling her taut nipples while continuing to stimulate her until she came. It was a delicious interlude to be sure. Ha ha I’m getting all turned on again writing this and remembering it.

    Thinking of your desired scenario of walking in on us while we were fucking, I asked Misha if she wanted to fuck but she politely declined saying that she felt complete. I was a bit disappointed, as I was really turned on and ready to go, but I was not surprised. So, I thanked her for the lovely experience we had just had, complimented her on her beauty and sexiness, and then finished up the massage with some soothing shoulder and neck work. I was pleased that she genuinely seemed to have enjoyed herself - which is always my prime concern.

    That evening waiting in the lounge was a bit stressful. Nobody was showing up or contacting me and I was worried I was in the wrong place. I checked the restaurant as well to make sure that you weren’t in there. Usually I would have left earlier but since I had been paid my full fee up front I was ok with hanging out for the full hour.

    I was happy when you finally came down and we were able to chat. Again, I was a bit disappointed that neither Misha or Amber were interested in more fun and sexy times but also accepting. You can’t force people to desire things they don’t want.

    I really enjoyed our conversation. I felt a bit naughty and mischievous in not admitting that I was Ki - like I was pulling a trick on the master trickster. I have shaved my head and grown a beard so I do look totally different - it’s fun having this alternate identity.

    I find your passion for creating these experiences with different women fascinating and inspiring. Your attention to detail and the value you place on the emotional aspect are very admirable.

    Please feel free to contact me if you’d like further parts of this story expanded. Thanks again Greg. It was a pleasure working with you and getting to know you and I look forward to more adventures in the future. I'm happy to play whatever role your rich imagination requires, enlist other service providers if necessary (I know many), and do any work organizing events that you may need. Of course I value your privacy. I will keep the details of this event and future ones strictly confidential.


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