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    April Second Meeting

    April Second Meeting

    I learned that April was 34 and the most beautiful girl I had ever laid eyes on. Silky smooth shoulder length copper red hair framed her extraordinarily pretty young girl face. Her complexion was flawless, her skin ivory white. Her eyes were blue and the most infectious eyes known to man, they made me melt every time I gazed into them.

    Her body was equally as beautiful as the rest of her goddess-like being. April’s legs, seemed to go on forever, but were only trumped by that perky little bottom they met when they finally ended. Although not massive her ass was so well rounded and defined I just wanted to squeeze it every minute of every day. Likewise, her breasts were amazing, a pair of perfectly rounded and perky C cups, and each one as jaw dropping as the other. This divine body was all held together by a petite, yet in all the right places, curvy size 8 frame. There was no other word for it, she was stunning, and she was newly separated with two children. Hard to believe. What a fool to leave this sex goddess.

    As I brought myself to focus, my cock now as hard as an iron rod, I mopped up the spillage and glanced up at the clock, it read 6:00 PM. I must have been day dreaming about her for a good while as now it was time for her to arrive. On cue the phone rings, it is Scarlett, to tell me April had arrived. I torpedo myself downstairs as I seek out this beauty. I stop to look at my phone as I did not see her, so I call Scarlett. Then…………………….

    “Are you calling for more ladies, so how many of them did you fuck last night Dickson? If you did less than 5 last night you’re losing your touch.” Came an awaiting voice from around the pillar.

    Just as she finished her question two arms covered by red cotton sleeves wrapped round me from behind, it was April. As always, her arms were extended in front of me and crossed at the hands, almost as if she was stretching them, using me for leverage. Her smell was intoxicating and I immediately rested the phone at my side. I looked at her as the evening sun shone on her, lit her up like an angel, as the cool winter wind flew by.

    Quickly, I hung up on Scarlett.

    I grabbed April’s hands in mine and turned to face her. I smiled knowing my angel arrived while my cock now jumped to attention, knowing the devil within me, I saw sin before me. We made my way over to the glass front doors of the hotel. No sooner had I returned to her, my phone was vibrating enthusiastically I quickly grabbed hold of it and turned it off.

    She paused for a moment before responding to a message on her phone. “Yes, HE is here!!!” And her words “its really hard to txt whilst Dickson is fucking my tight little pussy with his warm hard cock. Love April ;-) x”

    As soon as I realised what she was typing to Scarlet I got a warm fuzzy feeling in my groin area as if an erection was imminent. I managed to refrain from ripping her clothes off right there but my refrain wasn’t easy, I have a lot of will power and this took all of it.

    As I put my phone back away, paying attention to ensure it was turned off, it made it easier for us both to ignore any response, I pulled her into the safety and warmth of the building. As she moved towards me I parted my legs slightly as I instinctively knew from her face and body language that she needed a cuddle. She pushed her hips between my legs and wrapped her arms around me as I did to her. Her pelvis pushed into my groin area as her arms squeezed me much firmer than ever before. I was so relieved at this point that, my pent up erection had not fulfilled its potential, as this would have completely ruined her trust in me.

    I pulled her closer and tightened my grip on her tiny waist and she rested her head on my shoulder and began to sob. As soon as I realised I pulled her up so her face was just inches from mine, tucking a few stray strands of her silky red hair behind her ear with my right hand I reached for a handkerchief in my pocket. I now mopped up the mixture of tears and mascara that was trickling down her face.

    She had gone from the mischievous gitty look to one of tears in seconds. Never had I seen anyone look so beautiful as in this moment. Something about her vulnerability made her even more desirable than normal, which is no mean feat by any standard.

    Leaning forward I spoke softly in her ear in a comforting manor, “Its ok sweetheart, just please don’t cry. You know I hate seeing you cry”. As I pulled my head back to its previous position I kissed her softly on the forehead.

    She nodded and sniffled “O-Ok, just give me a se-second”. And with that she took the handkerchief from my hand, smelt it, then wiped her eyes and rested her head back on my shoulder.

    Realising she didn’t look very comfortable I moved myself forward forcing her backwards just enough so I could push the button for the elevator. I passed her the donation for the next few hours and then I proceeded to pull her to me as we entered the elevator heading to my penthouse. I quickly turned to her to kiss her yet again as she stuffed her envelope into her over sized bag. She instantly responded by again resting her head on my shoulder. As I put my arm around her arm, rubbing her arm with my thumb, I held her tight. We held each other for a couple of minutes as the last of her tears faded away and until we arrived at the top floor.

    As soon as she had blotted her eyes for the last time I asked, “What’s going on?”

    I felt her tighten up as the words left my mouth so I squeezed her arm reassuringly and she relaxed a little again. “Scarlett’s just being a complete cunt and the landlord is treating me so bad!”

    Before I had chance to probe any deeper she continued on “He’s just a complete and utter waste of space. He does nothing…” She paused for breath. “I know I can be hard work at times but I do everything for him and he won’t even give me a return call to get little things done. He just sits on his arse playing Xbox.”

    She started crying hysterically now, and for once I wasn’t going to try and stop her. I knew how hard this must have been for her so I stood up in front of her and took her in my arms. She clung to me like a wet t-shirt, crying onto my chest. I held her there for what must have been at least 5 minutes until she pulled her head back and looked up into my eyes with her puffy red, yet still beautiful ones. She didn’t say anything however, instead it was as if she was waiting for me to talk; and I obliged.

    I wiped her eyes with my thumb before uttering “April, you know I could love you, and it is not right. You’re the most beautiful girl in the world and you and your kids deserve so much better. You deserve someone who worships the ground you walk on. You deserve a nice place to live. I am sorry your landlord is a jerk. I can speak to Scarlett.”

    She pulled a smile to her lips from somewhere, before resting her head back on my chest. I knew she needed me right now and I wasn’t going to let her down.
    “Do you want to join me for dinner tonight, get you away from him and the mess for a night, give you a chance to think and drown your sorrows with some top shelf vodka. Tell Scarlett I am paying for a dinner date. She will be happy.”

    She giggled a little before replying “I’d love that, now? Oh, I hope I get to fuck your massive cock!”

    “Yes, now, and yes, you can fuck me. Oh, and by the way I will pay for your babysitter.”

    “OK, thank you. You’re such a good fuck Greg. Will you fuck me now?”

    These words gave me mixed emotions, of course I was glad she thought of me as a good fuck, but I was hoping she had started to realise that she meant more to me than just that. There was something special about her and we seem to connect and I felt so close to her.

    In the suite she dropped her red coat and she undid my pants to take my swollen member in her mouth giving me a crazy blow job. She looked up at me with her big blue eyes and said.

    “Now what are we going to do with this, Greg.” As she wacked me off. She then stood up as my pants fell to my ankles. She turned to ask me to unzip her dress which joined my pants on the floor. She stepped out of it. She was wearing a white bra, a white girdle with graters to hold up her nude stockings. She turned and leaned over the bar looking for her purse and condoms. She turned to look at me, her red hair flowing putting her finger in her mouth to tell me she did not bring extra big condoms.

    I gave her one last firm squeeze before grabbing her hand and helping her down from the bar whilst saying “You best get back to work, we wouldn’t want Scarlett getting the wrong idea.”

    She leant forward and gave me a kiss on the cheek “Thank you Hun” she whispered in my ear before peeling off the skin-tight girdle and stockings. She dropped her shoes, while I removed her bra. She knelt to put on a regular condom which made my cock look bigger than it was. She stood up, turned, bend over the stool spread her legs and told me we better get to work. “That condom will squeeze your dick and keep the blood from escaping.”

    My shaft was ready and I entered her from behind. Slow at first but I built up the tempo and she joined into the dance, taking all of me deeper and deeper. There were a few thrusts that hit her in the wrong spot and she jumped. But when I stopped she demanded I fuck her harder. Matter of fact she then commanded me to grab her red mane and “pull my FUCKING HAIR”. I pounded away until we both exploded. I let go of her hair and now pulled her hips close to me. I gave her a couple good last minute thrusts as she braced her self against the bar and cried out, “holy fuck, Greg, that was fucking amazing. Your cock really fills me up. My fucking god I should be paying you.”

    I pulled out but leaving the condom inside her. She took off for the bathroom the condom dangling and leaking. I picked up her clothes. She asked if I could get her bag. I gave her the oversized bag.

    I grabbed a shower ensuring to wash every part of my body at least twice. I knew that if things were ever going to heat up between April and I, tonight was probably the night. Whilst in the shower I shaved my facial hair, her favourite look for me. I then proceeded to thoroughly brush my teeth and use unnecessary quantities of mouth wash and after shave.

    After I was happy with my cleanliness I picked out my outfit and got dressed. By now it was 9 o’clock so I grabbed my phone, wallet, keys, and all I needed was April, then after about 5 minutes she came down the stairs. She looked beautiful, I was lost for words. She was now wearing a skin tight black satin dress that revealed her perfect cleavage and finished just above the knee. She accompanied this with black heals she had stashed in that oversized bag of tricks.

    She walked over to where I was perched, turned her back to me, lifted her hair up and demanded “DO ME, up Greg.”

    I rose from the couch and clasped the zip in my hand slowly raising it to her neck. I felt her breath in as I did so to enable her tight dress in come together. As the zip reached the top of the dress she turned around to face me, her face was inches from mine. I wanted to kiss her so badly but new it wasn’t the right time. Instead she put her arms around me and pushed herself into my embrace.

    As we stood their holding one another she whispered softly into my ear “Thank you for doing this. I really need to get away from everything. Even if it is just for a night.”

    As she pulled away from me, I said “Come on then, let’s make a move.” Taking her hand in mine I lead her to the front door which she closed and locked behind her.

    As she climbed into my rental car, her skirt slid up leaving her sexy panties on display under her tight dress. She knew full well she was on display but didn’t seem to mind in the slightest. I couldn’t help but look, and every time I checked my mirror I made sure to look out the corner of my eye.

    It took us just a few minutes to drive the mile or so to the restaurant. Parking under a light I quickly exited the car and opened the passenger door for April, helping her out of the car with an elegant dress usually not a girl’s best friend. As she got to her feet she pulled her dress back down to its correct position and I closed the car door. She took my hand in hers and we walked up to the door making idle chat as we walked. I informed the hostess we had a reservation, we were informed our table was not ready but we could go to the lounge. Quickly set off for the lounge, although April couldn’t move to fast in her high heels. It was clear these heels were not her normal foot wear, but she was wearing them for my pleasure.

    We made it to the bar, with out incident. The bar was completely deserted, all but one oriental man, holding a bunch of roses. He sat at the opposite end to where we were. April lead me to a high table. As she sat down her dress once again rode up revealing her panties once more, this time however the outline of her beautiful pussy was visible and I couldn’t help but stare and she enjoy each glaze I gave her.

    April coughed in a way most people associate with clearly their throat immediately drawing my attention back to her face. Once my eyes were now focused on hers she sarcastically said “D’you want a picture? It’ll last longer.”

    Realising what she was referring too I replied “If you don’t mind. After all it seems almost rude not too.”

    She looked at me and smiled as she reached into her hand bag and pulled her phone out. She unlocked it, proceeded to the camera app, lowered it between her legs and took a picture. Without saying a word, she texts it too me with the caption “Will this suffice? Xx”

    I shook my head disapprovingly and said “There seems to be fabric in the way. You’ll have to remove it and take it again.”

    She giggled softly before saying “That’s all your getting for now.”

    I laughed in response as her choice of words echoed in my mind. “For now,”. Does this really mean something might happen between us? As I was lost in deep thought she then rose from her seat and came and sat next to me making herself comfortable, using my eyes as a mirror to my soul. I didn’t mind in the slightest, there was nothing I loved more than having her eyes in mine.

    We chat away for the entire hour awaiting our meals, talking about just about anything, steering clear however of anything even remotely relationship based. As we reviewed the dessert menu fulling knowing the only dessert I wanted was between her legs. We forgo dessert but it was clear it was to early to let her leave so we headed out to find a little bar to relax and maybe get her a few more drinks to get her to relax.

    After dinner, I lead April through the revolving glass doors and she gasped a little as she took the place in. It was a beautiful little wine bar decorated in the most elegant gold and black. The black glass tables had leather sofas and arm chairs on either side again black with gold piping. The bar was long and flowing with just about every spirit you could imagine. I felt she did not need to leave that soon. I wanted her to get the full effect that this night had to offer.

    We walked up to the bar, leading April by the hand, making eye contact with the sexy little bar maid I wish I knew. As soon as she saw me she smiled and asked how I was to which I replied “Very well thank you. You look amazing.” Yes, I was a very big flirt. April not knowing me well, knew me well enough. There was something about beautiful ladies.

    “Why thank you” she replied in a very middle-class accent. “And who is this beautiful young lady?” she continued, her eyes fixated on April.

    “This is April” I replied, “And April,” I looked for her name tag then said, “this is Sophia.” Although most of her customers call her beautiful” Sophia smiled as she had heard that a million times a day by old business guys like me.

    “I see why you call her beautiful” responded April.

    “What can I get you too love birds” Sophia began.

    “Good question. I think we’ll start with a pineapple juice to help with my meal and a glass of Vodka for the lovely Lady.”

    “Can I have some seven up with it though please?” April asked politely,

    “Of course,” Sophia replied whilst pulling a bottle of Grey Goose from the top shelf.

    She poured our drinks and looked across at April “Just give me a wave when you fancy another one and I’ll bring it over.”

    As we walked to a cozy table in the corner April whispered in my ear “Don’t we have to pay for these?”

    “No,” I Laughed, “I have a tab. They will just take it off my credit card at the end of the night”.

    “Oh, right.” April replied with a slightly concerned look upon her face. “Can I give you some money then?”

    “Don’t be silly” I replied. And with that we placed our coats on one of the armchairs and sat down at the table, me in the corner with April sat to my right pushing up against me.

    She placed her glass on the table, as I did with my and April’s left arm fell through the gap between my right and torso resting her head on my shoulder as she did.

    “You cold, sweetheart?” I asked sympathetically.

    She nodded. “A little” came her quiet reply.

    I removed my right arm from her grasp and rubbing her arm to try and inject a little warmth and comfort into her. After a couple of minutes of this I heard Sophia’s voice coming forth with.

    “You haven’t bored her to sleep already have you?” with a snigger at the end of her sentence.

    April’s head rose from my shoulder “No” she retorted “I just needed a cuddle.” A smile appeared on her face as she said it, diverted her eyes from Sophia’s to mine.

    “I need to go to the ladies’ room first. Walk me please, I’m not sure how well I can stand,” April giggled as she finished her glass on the table.

    I slid out of the boot style sofa with her. Put my arm around her and guided her to the ladies’ room.

    “Just through their, April” I said, as Sophia pointed at the Ladies room. “I’m going to go as well but I’ll wait for you here,” glancing over at a bench as I did.

    “OK, thank you Hun” April replied. And with a kiss on the cheek she disappeared through the oak door.

    I quickly went for a piss making sure to get minimal splash back. Washed my hand thoroughly before exiting the toilet and perching on the edge of the bench I had previously noted to April. After what seemed like a lifetime, April emerged from the door. Tipsily staggered over to the bench, where I stood and put my arm around her once more.

    “Well” Sophia began “From the amount of time you too love birds were away we thought you were missing in action.”

    April turned a little red before rather sternly replying “There was a line for the bathroom!”

    “I’m sure there was,” replied Sophia wittily looking around the empty bar “I’d queue up for you any day.” And with that we all let out agreeing laugh.

    April did not think it was so funny so she said. “Greg” she said playfully “Tell her…”

    “Pay no notice, we’re only teasing.” I encouraged her as I guided us both back into the booth.

    We had a few more drinks and April, not wearing panties now, asked me to finger fuck her in the bar. I slowly moved my finger across her wet slit and slowly at times I flicked at her clit, she seem to enjoy my playful fingers. Throughout the night we kissed and I fingered her and she dropped her napkin so she disappeared below the table. Under the table April found the bulge in my pants and released me from my captivity. She gave me a bbbj when Sophia came to the table to ask if my girl friend wanted another. I ordered her another vodka and I had a soda as I had to drive. Beside I was drunk on April’s beauty. Sophia asked how long I had known April, as April took a mouth full of my manhood. I tried not to finch but my hips were now moving with April sucking motion. Another customer got Sophia’s attention as I came in April’s mouth.

    April attempting to come out from the table bumped her head and I kissed it better until my kiss on her head made its way to her lips. We made out until Sophia returned with our drinks and knowing we were not in the mood for chit chat left us while I left my hand on April’s breast. April smiled at her as Sophia left using sign language to convey that I was her guy and I was going to fuck her brains out that night. Little did Sophia know I was paying for the pleasure. Or maybe it did not matter much.

    It got to be quarter to one in the morning and the bar manager called for last calls. I caught the now tipsy Sophia’s eye and asked her for a bottle of water for April.
    I passed April the bottle of water as Sophia handed it to me. “Drink this sweetheart” I spoke softly “You’ll thank me for it in the morning”.

    With that April slowly began to sip the water until it was all gone. As the clock hit 1 I took April by the hand, helped her up from the table and placed her red coat around her shoulders, followed by my coat.

    She smiled her beautiful smile at me and with that we said goodbye to Sophia and the other bar members. We headed for the doors and as we exited the night cold hit us. April was struggling to walk at this point, a mixture between her choice in footwear, the drink and the uneven paving. I made my way in front of her and squatted slightly and demanded “Hop on.”

    She jumped slightly and I caught her legs with my arms, hoisting her onto my back. It felt so good having her clung to me, her arms wrapped around my chest and her warm crutch nestled against my back. Another gentleman who was also leaving and who was jealous commented “Get a room.”

    April instantly replied, “You’re just jealous because my boyfriend is going to fuck my brains out.” Poking her tongue out at him. Which was not worthy of a reply as we all knew she was right.

    We walked to the car. I placed my treasure into the car where the warmth of the black leather seat captured the heat from the earlier drive inside, was a big relief. I sat down next to her in the driver’s seat. As I started the car she once again nestled her head on my chest, her arms this time tucked up to keep her warm. I put my arm around her, stroking her with my thumb and kissed the top of her head, trying my best to keep her as warm as possible. It was awkward with the console between us that did not stop her from leaning over to kiss me. She confessed to me. “I just want to fuck you right now!”

    “I know my dear, that’s the Vodka talking.” I asked her for her home address. She was in no shape to comprehend her situation in autopilot she confessed her address and off we went.

    As we pulled up at April’s house I helped her out of the car and walked her too the door. I helped her up the front step and she open the door before shouting. “Sam, You In?” “Oh, yea they were at the babysitter since I thought we would be spending the night together.” Was her mind catching up to her mouth?

    No response came. She turned to me and I knew from the look in her eyes what she wanted. I’d been waiting for this moment for so long and yet I wasn’t prepared to do anything whilst she was this drunk. It felt wrong. Instead I helped her up the stairs and out of her dress, and got her into bed. She looked so beautiful, every time I touched her I knew she wanted me to take things further, and so much of me wanted to as well. Her pussy was visibly wet I wanted to reach between her thighs and touch her so much. But I knew I couldn’t. If she really did want me, she would feel the same way sober and that’s when it should happen.

    As I kissed her on the head and said, “Good Night.” She looked up at me with her beautiful come to bed eyes. I was transfixed.

    I broke contact with her and began to walk out of the room as she softly said “Come to bed Greg. I know you want me.”

    I walked back over to her bed and sat on the edge. I leant forward and kissed her forehead once more before replying “More than anything sweetheart. But not tonight.”

    “You really are amazing aren’t you,” she replied.

    I got up, smiled at her before leaving, pulling her bedroom door closed as I did. I tidied up her heels that were abandoned in the porch before leaving closing the front door behind me. I walked to the car and off I went kicking myself.

    As soon as I got in my suite I kicked my shoes off and went to bed, only taking time between to brush my teeth and take a piss. As my head hit the pillow my phone vibrated, it was a text from April.

    The caption read “Is this what you wanted? ;-) x” with a rather under exposed picture of two fingers inside her beautiful little pussy.

    As I carefully studied the picture a second text came through “You can still come back and have me Greg :-) xxx

    “Not tonight April.”

    My alarm went off at 8am and if I’m being honest my ego was a little bruised. I had a cold shower to liven me up a bit scrubbing myself even more thoroughly that last time. As I exited the shower I quickly dried myself off before proceeding to text April.

    “How you feeling this morning Princess? G”

    After about 5 minutes my phone vibrated. April response read “Horny, hungover and in need of some greasy food :-) A”

    Immediately I responded, “Want me to bring you, breakfast lol? G”

    “Would you :-)? Kids will not be home until this evening A”

    “I’ll be over in a bit G” “Hurry up! A”

    I set off for a place for take out breakfast. I went through the drive through, got her food and then drove back to her house. The kids were indeed out so I parked on the front street. I grabbed the brown bag and OJ from the passenger side and proceeded to the front door. I knocked a couple of timed before she opened it, wrapped head to toe in a large fury blanket.

    She ushered me in so I kicked my shoes off at the door and followed her into the living room where she removed the blanket from around her and dropped it on the floor revealing what she was wearing. She was in a blue bra and matching panties which barely covered anything. Her legs were smooth as silk and white to perfection glimmering in the light. Walking up to me she playfully snatched the food and drink from my hands with a sincere “Thank you” and proceeded to the couch where she curled up and began to delicately dig into her rather unorthodox breakfast.

    As I moved over to sit next to her on the couch she grabbed a cushion and placed it behind her bum. I looked at her curiously and she acknowledged my questioning look.

    I sat down and grabbed the cushion with both hands and threw it on the floor before saying playfully “You are so hot” with a smile.

    She giggled before continuing to eat, casually wiggling her bum in my direction. As she did I could see the part of her beautiful little pussy up the leg of her tiny panties. It looked so beautiful, pink and wet beyond belief.

    We sat and watched her for about 10 minutes while she delicately finished her breakfast. As she swallowed the last mouthful she looked over at me and said “Sorry, did you want some?”

    “No, I’m ok thanks. I know exactly what I want to eat.”

    “Uhmm” was all see managed as a reply.

    I leant over to her and pulled her legs straightening out. She gasped a little as I did. Clambering on top of her I kissed her on the lips, gently to start with, then more passionately. My tongue explored her mouth and I could taste her breakfast she had just eaten, but I didn’t mind one bit. As she began to moan I retracted and pulled the blue bra over her head. There they were, two beautiful size C mounds with her tiny little nipples already erect. I was transfixed for a second before deciding to first lick the left nipple, then the right. Then start sucking and massaging them both. One, then the other, then back to the first.

    “Oh Greg. That feels so good,” she exclaimed between heavy breathing, as I devoured here perky breasts.

    I took a break for a second, so I could reply. “Good. Is their anywhere else you want it to feel good?”

    April giggled then instructed, “Give me your hand.”

    I obliged and she took hold of my right hand by the wrist and guided it down her perfectly flat stomach until it rested on a wet patch at the front of her lace blue panties.

    As I felt the moist pussy through her panties I looked her in the eyes and said, “You’re soaking.”

    She nodded as if she had just been told off by her mother “It’s been like that since you left here last night.” She bit her lip as she finished her sentence.

    Rubbing up and down her slit through her panties making her lightly whimper I replied with a teasing smile “We’ll I’ll just have to do something about that then won’t I”
    She giggled excitedly as I retreated allowing my head to contact her nether region. I leant in and took a deep breath in through my nose. She smelt amazing. I licked a couple times at her pussy through her panties tasting the juices soaked into them, she tasted sweet and so perfect. I leant my head back and took hold of the hem of her panties with both hands and slowly lowered them down her legs. They clung to her pussy like a wet shirt to your back, finally it relented and came free from her perfect puffy little pussy.

    I could feel my cock getting extraordinarily hard as I completely removed her panties and tossed them to the floor. I ran my hands slowly up both her legs tingling her slightly as I did. Once I reached her thighs I forced my hands between her legs and parted them revealing her vagina in all its glory. The sides were stuck together slightly from her wetness but I quickly fixed that as I parted them with my tongue. I started at the opening of her pussy and ran my tongue up until in rested on her beautiful clit. As soon as they made contact, she grabbed on the arm of the couch hard and exclaimed “Oh God, Oh God.”

    I focused on her clit for a few seconds as she repeated those words. Sometimes adding my name in for good measure then proceeding to run my tongue down one side of her pussy, lick her little hole for a bit, then work my way back up to her clit. Her breathing became heavy and sporadic as I continued to eat every inch of her juicy pussy. She moved her hands from the couch to my head where she pushed me further into her, running her fingers through my hair that was still left on my head. As I could sense her getting close to orgasm, without any forewarning I forced two fingers into her cunt. I hadn’t quite anticipated how tight she was going to be as even just two fingers seemed difficult to get fully in to her.

    As my fingers slid up into her cunt she grabbed at my head and held on tight as her orgasm began to run through her body. I clamped my mouth around her clit sucking and licking at it as she came around my two fingers buried within her. Her cum tasted even better than her normal juices making my cock even harder than it was already. She continued to cum as I slid my fingers from her pussy and sucked the goodness from them, only removing my mouth from her pussy for a second or two.

    I reapplied my tongue to her clit and began to spell out her name with it. A – P – R. As I got to the I she screamed “Fuck Yes. Oh My God Greg. Oh My God!” Panting for breath as she did.

    I pulled my head away from her pussy as her body lay on the couch after her orgasm had finally subsided. I couldn't resist fucking it any longer. So pink, so puffy, so perfect; my throbbing boner was just itching to penetrate her. April giggled excitedly as she saw my erection. I undressed, pulling my pants down, not wanting to waste a single second.

    As my pants fell to the floor my penis bounced up at a 45-degree angle, harder and more swollen than I had ever witnessed it. The head was the shape of a large mushroom and it almost looked too big to fit insider her small little body, especially considering how tight my two fingers had been in her. I knelt back down on the couch, putting on a condom then guided my cock towards her pussy. I could feel her warm wet lips on the tip and my throbbing cock. I slowly started to apply pressure, easing her open as I did. Constant whimpers, a mixture between pain a pleasure streamed from her as I forced my way into her beautiful body. The head of my cock was now inside of her, at this point she pushed her hips up to meet me and I slid a further half inch into her opening. I leant forward and kissed her passionately on the lips, then neck and finally her right breast. She wrapped her legs around my back and drew my cock further into her. My shaft was now completely submerged in her beautiful pussy, my balls resting against her perfect bottom.

    I began to slowly retract my penis from within her until I felt her vagina begin to close as the tip almost completely left her opening. At this point I slowly thrust it back into her until once again my entire cock were surrounded by her tight moist pussy, holding her by her petite waist as I did. After repeating this for a couple of minutes she became more comfortable to the feel of me within her and her whimpers turned to that of pure pleasure. At this point I began to increase the speed and intensity of my movements. She was like nothing I had ever felt before, so tight, so smooth and wetter than I had ever known a girl to be.

    With every thrust as the last of my cock disappeared inside her she let out a moan of pleasure, at time accompanied by words like “Oh God” and “Yes, Greg”, I saw in her eyes and the glazed over look within them told me she was almost ready to cum again. I lifted my right hand to my mouth, licked my index and middle finger, still able to taste the juices her previous orgasm had left on them and applied them to her clitoris slowly rubbing over it varying the pressure to give her a mix of sensations. With this her moans became more intense and frequent. She pulled me down to her as she was on the verge of climax and locked her legs and arms behind me. The position this brought us too meant I was now somehow even deeper inside her, something I thought impossible. She bit hard on my right arm as she began to cum around my cock. Her pussy began to pulsate with pleasure tightening up its grip on my cock like vice. Her whole body now began to shake and her pussy became warmer and wetter than before. The feeling of her cumming around me was extraordinary! The feeling lasted for what felt like a lifetime, something I wasn’t at all displeased about. The pain of her biting on my arm was one I had never experienced before but something I really liked, it somehow felt extremely pleasurable.

    As her second orgasm left her body she slid her arms and legs away from the grip they had around me and again lay flaccid on the couch. I kissed her as she panted for breath and I began pumping more vigorously into her as her pussy had become slightly more of a comfortable fit since her climax. After a couple more minutes, I was ready to unload, and she could sense it. I wanted more than anything to fill her with my cum but she quickly rose up from the couch forcing my cock out of her and knelt on the floor removing my condom then taking me into her mouth. No sooner had my helmet passed her lips did I explode into her sexy mouth. Ribbons of cum streamed from my cock into her and she gulped them down one after the other. As my orgasm ended she sucked the remaining cum from my penis and looked up into my eyes, my cock still in her mouth.

    As she held me in her mouth she noticed I wasn’t getting softer and began to start sucking once again, both her hands working their way up and down my shaft still holding eye contact with me. Her mouth was so warm and wet, not at all dissimilar to her pussy. After a couple of minutes or so of the best blow job I had ever experienced I wanted so much to fuck her again. I withdrew my cock from her mouth and knelt behind her grabbing both her breasts with my hands kneading them firmly as I positioned myself behind her ready to enter her again. She quickly grabbed a condom and ripped the condom cover with her teeth. She turned over sliding it on me with the greatest of care not loosing eye contact.

    I kissed her passionately on the neck from behind as I allowed my newly covered cock to find its own way back into her pussy this time not being cautious with my entry. As soon as the tip had penetrated her I began fucking her harder than ever before. Our bodies were slapping against one another as I pounded her delicate little pussy, her boobs were frantically jiggling in my hands and her moans returned - this time more prominent than before.

    As I moved my hands from her breasts to her tiny waist she turned slightly allowing her to rest her face on the rug leaving her ass pointing up in the air. As she turned my cock was once again forced from her pussy, this however was quite fortunate as I was feeling like I could cum again and this would give me a chance to eat her pussy for a bit allowing the feeling to subside. I leant forward and met her pussy lips with my lips, she still tasted intoxicatingly sweet but this time smelt a mixture between her aroma and the smell of sex. I allowed my tongue to once again explore every millimetre of her dripping wet pussy paying special attention to her clitoris.

    This time however, I was able to penetrate her with my tongue due both to the position she was in and the fact that my cock had opened her up significantly.

    I removed my tongue from within her and replaced it with two of my fingers applying pressure to her G spot as I frantically fucked her with them. I knew from the moans coming from her that she had never experienced this before and that she really enjoyed it. Her moans turned into whimpers as I felt her pussy become extremely wet with a pressure building up within it. Within seconds she came and began squirting all over my hand and up my arm. She seemed almost surprised at the sensation and her moans were piercingly loud. I carried on finger fucking her as she squirted, spraying the juice in every direction; all over her, me, the couch, rug and hardwood floor. As the last of it dribbled from her pussy I applied my tongue to her clit and licked her all over once again enjoying the taste of her beautiful wet pussy.

    Withdrawing my face from between her cheeks I grabbed hold of my throbbing cock placed on a new condom and forced it back into her now gaping cunt. It was no longer perfectly tight like before, instead it felt used and abused giving me a different sensation. I began to play with her asshole as I pounded hard into her pussy starting by spitting on her rim and rubbing it with my finger. Forcing one in however was a step to far. Her head instantly rose from the now wet rug and she exclaimed in a firm voice “Greg! No!” Grabbing my hand and pulling it away as she did.

    I pulled out of her pussy and my cock pinged up and hit me in the stomach. Grabbing hold of her waist once more I lifted her slightly and placed her on her back on the rug. I leant in and kissed her softly on the lips breathing “Sorry” into her mouth as I did.

    I knew I was forgiven however as she reached down between us and guided my cock back into her. In this position she felt tight once again, so I slowed down the speed of my thrusts allowing her to feel every inch of me as I slowly but firmly moved in and out of her. As I continued to move my length in and out of her she began arching her back off the rug as if she was uncomfortable. I kissed her once on the lips then withdrew my cock from her beautiful pussy and lifted her to her feet.

    I sat down on the couch and she knelt on it with her legs outside of mine facing me. I went to grab hold of my cock to guide it back into her but she put her hands on mine and guided them onto her amazing tits instead. She then reached behind her and gripped my cock with her right hand, her left placed open palm on my chest for balance. She begins to rub the tip of my cock between her pussy lips, starting at the bottom moving slowly up to her clit and then back down again. She was teasing me, and I loved it. After a couple of minutes of this, she held my cock beneath her opening and slowly sat back onto it. Once I was a couple of inches inside of her she rose back up allowing my cock to come completely out of her, repeating this again for a couple of minutes. Once I could take the teasing no more as she again sat back onto the first couple of inches of my cock I thrust up and pushed her down simultaneously.

    April let out a shallow gasp as I took her by surprise and she immediately began to cum once more. I began pounding her hard as she came around my cock, her head buried in my chest, muttering my name, and “Oh God” once more as her orgasm reached its peak. As she came to the end of her orgasm I slowed my movements. She lifted her head from my chest and took over the work, raising her hips and then lowering them. This gave me chance to concentrate a little less on fucking her and a little more on playing with her two beautiful assets in front of me, licking and sucking on them.

    As she was grinding on my cock I was ready to cum again, and this time I wasn’t going to let her escape it. I held her down on my cock by her waist and thrust up until I was embedded completely within her pussy and began unloading my warm cum into her. At first, she looked a little angry, but then began to kiss me more passionately than ever as my cum flood into her, filling her completely.

    After my orgasm was over I slowly thrust in and out of her a few more times until I was left in her and my cock was no bare. She sat on my lap kissing me as the cum began to drip from her condom left in her, one blob at a time, landing on my cock and balls as it did. After a minute or two she reached between her legs fingering the last of my cum out of the condom in her pussy, licking it off her fingers as she did. It was so sexy I started to get hard again. Once she was satisfied she had got every last drop she dismounted me removed the condom and knelt on the floor and started to suck the drips of cum from my cock and balls, holding my cock in her left hand, leaving her right hand free to play with herself as she did. I was now fully erect and throbbing again in her hand, wanting more than anything to penetrate her once more. I really couldn’t get enough of her!

    April giggled as she held it knowing exactly what I was thinking, she looked up into my eyes and said “No more Greg. That’s enough for now” smiling innocently as she did.

    She let go of my cock which pinged up slightly from where she had been holding it. I helped her too her feet and she led me to the stairs which were conveniently located in the living room. We proceeded up the stairs both stark naked hand in hand her a single step in front of me. She led me into her bedroom where her dress from last night was laying.

    She stopped as we got to the side of her bed, turned to face me, put her arms around me and kissed me softly. I instinctively grabbed her butt cheeks and pulled her into me. My cock was sandwiched between us as we kissed.

    She pulled away and breathed into my mouth “I need a cuddle” and proceeded to get under the covers of her bed. I followed in behind her placing my right arm on the pillow above her head, playing with her hair, and my left around her mid-section pulling her body into me. We fit together perfectly like a jigsaw puzzle, even with my still throbbing hard cock between us.

    I glanced over at the clock, it was mid-day already. I really didn’t want to ruin the mood but I was worried about her children, coming home to this. I whispered softly in her ear “How long have we got its noon?”

    “They get home about three. So, you can we go once we’ve cuddled and showered?”

    “Of course, we can sweetheart.” And with that she wriggled back a little nestling even closer into me.

    As we lay there I began I kiss her neck and nibble at her ear lobes. April made a few moans and groans of comfort as I did. I ran my left hands down to the base of belly and pulled her even tighter into me so my still erect cock nestled between her butt cheeks.

    As she felt it even more prominently she said, “He’s a persistent little fucker isn’t he” referring to my penis.

    “Oh” I replied, “it is because of you.”

    She laughed at my retort. “D’you want me again Greg?” she asked seductively.

    “More than anything in the world April.”

    I lowered my hand a little further until my index and middle finger rested either side of clit. She shuddered as I made contact with it.

    “Put it in me then. I want you too.”

    “My hands are a little busy at the moment. I’m sure you can manage.”

    April pulled a condom form her night stand and then sucked on me as she turned her attention to the condom wrapper. Ripping it open she took the condom putting it in her mouth and like magic she took my cock in her mouth and presto my dick was covered. She slides back in next to me and reaching down behind her bum and with a firm grip grasped my cock in her hand. She moved her lower body forward allowing her to lower my cock to the correct angle before moving back into position. My cock was now between her inner thighs and pointing almost downward at a rather uncomfortable angle. I pulled backwards with my hips until I felt my helmet hover near to the moist opening of her pussy. As I did this she guided it into her and with a firm push and I instantly slid balls deep into her.

    “Oh my god! Greg, you are so fucking big!” she exclaimed.

    “What?” I asked. Concerned that I’d hurt her. I was sure I’d hit her cervix and from previous experience I can confirm most girls aren’t pleased with it.
    “Nothing” she panted “I wasn’t expecting it to go in that deep that quickly. That’s all.”

    She was as tight as she was the first time I had entered her. Clearly, she had an impressive pelvic floor. As I slowly withdrew my length from her velvety smooth pussy until just a couple of centimetres were left in her she gasped with pleasure. At this point I thrust firmly and surely back into her pussy until once again it was all consumed. She was already cumming. In the moment I was completely oblivious to the amount of work my fingers were doing on her clit, so her hasty orgasm took me by surprise. She was contracting around my cock uncontrollably. Her juices flowing over it as her pussy clung onto it for dear life. I wasn’t having any of it though I started to fuck her hard as she cum. Her orgasm wasn’t subsiding it was just getting more intense. She was screaming at the top of her lungs “My lord, oh my god.

    Fuck me Greg. Fuck me like that. Take my pussy!”

    Her dirty talk spurred me on and I pumped harder and harder into her before she brought me to the point of orgasm as well. She was still cumming around my cock as I released another load into her, ribbon of cum after ribbon of cum flowing into her body. We both panted heavily as we came to the end of our joint orgasm. I was a little shocked at how much I had just cum in her. After two previous loads I wasn’t really expecting much but she still made me cum an awful lot.

    April rolled over to face me as my semi hard penis slid from within her leaving the condom in her, my dick was covered from tip to case in my cum as it hit the bed. As she completed the turn she kissed me lightly on the lips and ran her fingers over my head. She paused for breath before laying her head on the pillow and looking deep into my eyes.

    “Greg” she started slowly “You said something yesterday and I need to know if you really meant it?”

    “What’s that sweetheart?”

    “You told me you loved me. Do you really mean that?”

    I swallowed hard and tucked a few strands of hair behind her ear, stroking her hair I spoke softly but surely. “April. I love you more than I can put into words. You’re perfect in every single way. I’ve loved you from the moment I met you and I’ll love you until the day I die.” I had to qualify my statement. “You know I do not know what love is.”

    A single tear fell from her right eye. Which I quickly mopped up with my knuckle.

    “I love you too. I’ve always felt something for you more than a client or a friend I just didn’t quite realise how much you meant to me till I was in your arms yesterday. I get like a warm fuzzy feeling every time you touch me.”

    I smiled at her and kissed her soft lips, still lightly stroking her hair. “You’re amazing, I hope you know that.”

    She smiled back at me and requested “Hold me.”

    She rolled back over so once more her little bottom was nestled against my nether region her body pressed firmly into mine.

    “Oh yea” she continued “I forgot to mention. That was amazing”.

    I continued to stroke her hair with my right hand as I held left her tight in my left. Kissing her neck and shoulder as I did. I was in heaven, I’d just had the most amazing sex of my life multiple times with the girl I love and now she was naked and vulnerable in my arms.

    We laid there for a half an hour not saying a word, just cuddling. By now it was one o’clock as April had just pointed out to me. “Greg. I think we should get up and get cleaned up before the kids gets home. As much as I want to stay like this forever, we’ve made a bit of a mess and it’s a tad uncomfortable.” She said with her warm infectious smile. She continued. “Go pick up our clothes from downstairs and meet me in the bathroom.”

    I rolled April onto her back as I exited the bed. Kissing her a few times before fully removing myself from the warm duvet. Totally naked I began to pick up her clothes. First her dress, lingerie from last night from her bedroom floor then proceeding to the living room where I collected her and my clothes in a pile. I didn’t really know what to do with them so found a carrier bag in the kitchen and put them all in it, leaving it by the front door.

    I noticed a few cum stains on the fabric couch so cleaned them off as best I could before proceeding to wipe up the silky liquid April had cum all over the wood floor. The room smelt so much of sex I was getting turned on just breathing. I threw the paper towel I had used away and quickly headed back up the stairs. April hadn’t moved an inch from the Bed as I re-entered the room.

    “Come on you, time to get up.” I said.

    “Make me.” She joked.

    No matter if she meant it or not I ran over to the bed and threw the covers from her revealing her stunning body, and a few awful patches of our cum. I bent down, put my shoulder beneath her breasts and slid both hands beneath her back then quickly picked her up and threw her over my shoulder.

    She screamed with excitement as she flew from the bed. As she was dangling from my shoulder I took the opportunity to play with her bum cheeks a little as I carrier her to the bathroom. I put her down on the bath mat and held onto her as she gingerly found her feet. She turned to face the shower, opened the glass door and turned the shower on.

    “Come on” she beckoned as she stepped one-foot in.

    I quickly followed her in closing the door behind us. The water was the perfect temperature, I like my showered hot and steamy and this was just that.

    “It’s a bit tight in here isn’t it” I said. It wasn’t the biggest of showers. 3 feet by 3 feet was a generous estimate.

    “It’s cozy” she replied, putting her arm around me and kiss me once more. “Plus. I thought you liked it tight,”

    I laughed enthusiastically “You’ve got me their......”

    April turned her back to me and bent down seductively to pick her shower gel up from the floor. As she did she left her bum pointing up in the air, her pussy and ass on perfect display. I couldn’t resist, I reached between her legs and slid my index finger down the length of her slit. She wasn’t at all surprised. She went with it as she returned to her upright position, my hand still between her legs, with a white and gold bottle in her hands. I withdrew my hand from between her as she turned to face me once again.

    “Do that again, this time with some of this” she commanded.

    “Can I not use my tongue?” I asked, half serious, half joking.

    “You can’t be serious? Surely you can’t go again? You’ve cum three times already!”

    “Probably not, but I want to make you feel good. I really enjoy it”

    “You can make me feel good by washing me. Not just my pussy and boobs either.”

    April took my hand and squirted a fair amount of the white soap into it. I rubbed my hands together and then first applied the soap to her shoulders, rubbing and massaging the suds into her skin. I turned her around leaving her back to me. I repeated my action I used on her shoulders on her back, concentrating on the small as this seemed to bring her the most enjoyment.

    I bent down and grabbed the bottle, kissing her right butt cheek as I went. I drizzled the soap over both her buttocks to which I was met with a sharp gasp as the cold liquid shocked her body. I then began washing her firm bottom, massaging every inch of it. As I began to run my fingers between her ass cheeks she leant forward resting her arms on the wall, and opening her cheeks up once again revealing her rose bud and pussy.

    I was just about to satisfy her obvious wants when I thought I’d tease her a little first. I collected some soap from her right bum cheek in my hands and ran them down her right leg, massaging everything inch as I went. After a couple of minutes once I had reached her ankle I repeated this with her left, again rubbing and massaging it for a few minutes. I returned to the bottle of soap and squirted another drop of the cold liquid onto my hands and again rubbed them together. I stood up slowly, April head was still nestled on her arms against the wall, close behind her, making sure not to make contact. I slowly brought my hands around her and cupped one of her breasts in each of my corresponding hands. She let and a low “uhmmm” followed by “be gentle, they are real tender after sex”.

    I touched them very gently, careful not to be too rough after her request, caressing them in my hands, running my fingers over her erect nipples and around her amazing mounds. I did this for about 5 minutes and she continued to let out moans of pleasure as I gently played with her beautiful assets. I knew at this point she was desperate for me to touch her pussy again.

    I returned to the bottle on the floor once again and squirted a large amount onto cute little bum hole where it trickled down and over her pussy before falling to the floor. She gasped as I did, again the cold liquid taking her by surprise. I started at her butt hole, rubbing around the rim, careful to resist the urge to penetrate it knowing my previous mistake. The fact that she trusted me to know I wouldn’t try it again gave me a warm feeling in my chest. Once I was satisfied that I had thoroughly washed her rectum I slowly moved my hand passed her perineum, rubbing it as I went, to the opening of pussy. Passing the hole on the left and slowing dragging my fingers to her clit. I circled around her clit and back down to the base of her pussy being careful not to touch it. I did this a few times until she could take the teasing no longer.

    I grabbed hold of the shower head and brought it down between her legs and as the spray directly hit her pussy I rubbed her soapy clit with my free hand. She came almost instantly. “Oh my god. I’m cumming. I’m cumming. Don’t stop” she bellowed as she knees buckled slightly beneath her orgasm. I moved my hand from her clit and pushed two fingers inside of her soapy opening which was met by more moans, groans and sporadic chants of “Oh god” and “Yes, Yes, Greg”.

    She brought one hand from the wall and started to rub her clit as I sprayed her pussy with the shower and finger fucked her. As she continued to come I dropped the shower head to the floor and replaced my two fingers with my tongue lapping up all her juices. She tasted amazing again, even though it was mellowed by the amount of water and soap she had had applied to her pussy.

    I licked the last of her juice from her pussy and as she removed her hand from her clit I knew she was done. I stood back up and she turned around where we engaged in another kiss, her tongue exploring my mouth and mine hers. I knew she could taste her pussy and that she was getting off on it.

    As we finished our kiss April panted “That was amazing. But don’t tease me like that” she said with a smile.

    I knew she didn’t mean it but not wanting to say that I just kissed her softly one last time.

    By now we were both wrinkly and looking line prunes so we quickly finished getting washed, me using her vanilla shower gel, not the best smell for a guy but hay ho. We got dry both wrapped in her towel then I rubbed her lotion into her body knowing I unfortunately didn’t have time to play with her again, so steering clear of any intimate spots.

    She hastily threw on some new panties, shorts and a sports shirt, put up her hair, then added a little makeup then followed me down the stairs. I stopped at the front door and removed my clothes from the bag and put them on quickly. Even with all that was said, I handed her a donation in an envelope. I know she felt uncomfortable about taking it but I knew she needed it. I left the house in a hurry mindful of the time and not wanting an awkward encounter with April’s children.

    As I drove away I thought I had just had sex with her in her bed. I could not wait to see her yet again.

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