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    April Fourth Meeting

    April Christmas Shopping For Her Kids – Executive

    It was a week before Christmas and I was making my final rounds to see clients and investors. I stopped in Vancouver to take a couple angels out for dinner and how much I appreciate their faith in me and for sharing their hard-earned dollars with me.

    After the Christmas dinner and shared wishes, I am done for the night. I head back to my hotel to a lonely stark hotel room. I start to reflex on my life and I start to feel sad. What has my life become. I pick up the phone to call Scarlett. I am shocked she answered. We talk and she tells me I need some company. She asked about April and how my last event with her went. I tell her I enjoyed the young lady. She tells me that April is looking to make a little extra this Christmas. I say fine. I leave it with Scarlet. In 5 minutes my phone rings and Scarlett is excited to say that April would be able to join me but she is having a hard time finding a baby sitter. I ask Scarlet what is she doing. She laughs and tells me I am not her type. Now it is my turn to laugh. I say no, but maybe Scarlet could baby sit for April. She stops and tells me she would call me back.

    Another 10 minutes pass and Scarlett is back only this time she tells me that April is on her way. It looks like Scarlet could secure a baby sitter for April. I am excited to see this hot little redhead again. Although she did not have a lot of makeup she looked as I had last seen her.

    An hour has passes and Scarlet calls to inform me that April is awaiting me downstairs. I head downstairs excited to see her. As the elevator hits the main floor the door opens and I look to see where is April. I go to the main entrance and open the door. I step out to the cool Richmond night. April sees me and she immediately runs to me and jumped on me. She knocked me over but I maintain my feet. She immediately put her tongue down my mouth. I put my tongue down hers and I put both my hands on her firm ass. She asked me if I missed her. I ask her if she missed me. Her response was “Of course silly”.

    We enter the building to get out of the chill. She is wearing the dress I had got her and the boots as well as the coat. It was if I just left her. Her copper hair frames her face and considering her beautiful blue eyes I had forgot how beautiful she is. She is smiling and she comes closer to me as the elevator goes sky ward. April kisses me and it is like we are taking off where we left off. I ask her about the kids and she brings me up to speed. She shares with me how her washer and dryer are a god send. She looks at me with a tear in her eye to tell me she really did miss me and she was hoping she was going to see her again.

    We make our way into the suite she started to kiss my neck and then she immediately went down to my crotch. She was taking my belt off and she pulled down my suit pants. Not long and we are completely naked. But before she could take my cock into her mouth, I moved to the side, stand against the wall and pull her from the floor. I pulled up her dress placing my face between those large melons. Suckle every inch of her boobs. I spent about 10 minutes on those things, I went down to pull her panties off, she was wearing no underwear. That is my girl. I spread her legs back and dug my face in her pussy. This was like my first time eating her out and I remembered how wonderful she tasted. I was addicted to her taste from the first lick. I could have done this for hours. My tongue was working on her clit and I had two fingers in deep. She was out of control. Her whole body was shaking, she was screaming, banging her hands on the table, scratching my back, squeezing her tits. I've never seen a girl so wild! I fucking loved it. I ate her pussy until she came. She got back up and pushed me down on to the couch and she finally got my boxers off and she quickly put her mouth over every inch of my dick. There was that amazing feeling again. It drove me crazy. I was moaning so loud, and she was loving it. I was the horniest I've ever been, even more than years gone by. I came within two minutes but not in her mouth, all over those beautiful tits.

    After I came, we wiped it all off her beautiful tits and we moved to the dining room. She sat on the table, laid her back on it and put her legs up in the air. I stood there staring at her, drooling. I made my way to her and slid my condom covered dick right in that tight little pussy. I put my hands on both sides of her body and I fucked her as hard as I could. I thought she would break windows because of how loud she was! Within 3 minutes she came twice. She got off the table and bent over it. I was drooling again because this was the most amazing view, I wanted to snap a million photos. I put on a new condom and proceeded to stick my dick in her wet pussy and she stopped me and said, "my ass". I couldn't believe what I heard. Anal with this young mother. I knew it wasn't going to go in without lube, she was already prepared for this, it was in her purse. I sprinted to it, coated my condom covered dick and the outside of her asshole, and I inched in slowly, after a couple of minutes I sped up. The screams were crazy loud and she was screaming "fuck me" repeatedly. I only fucked her with half of my dick and that was more than enough. I pulled out leaving the condom hanging like a tail then I came all over her tight ass cheeks. I wanted her to ride me so bad so I threw that idea out there and she pushed me on the stairs and she got up on me. She sat all the way down on my hardness and let out a long moan and then she started to grind. She knew what she was doing. She was so good. Just the way she moved her hips made me crazy. She leaned down to kiss me and then I started to fuck her hard. I pushed her head down to my shoulder and she started to suck my neck and bite it. The pain felt so good. I was getting close to explode so I told her. She hopped off me and got on her knees and I slipped down and I rammed my cock down her throat and started to face fuck her. The gagging noise made me cum in seconds. We were both so tired and out of energy that we both lay on the stairs next to each other. Panting heavily and sweating she said, "I've never let anyone fuck me in my ass before”. I didn't say anything back but I smiled a big smile. I felt special.

    After 5 minutes on the stairs we hopped in the shower. I finger fucked her and we cleaned each other and then dried off each other off. We went to into the bedroom laid on my bed naked and cuddled. We did this for 3 hours and It was time for her to go. I sucked her tits for a couple minutes and we got dressed. She told me she wanted to stay. I told her I had no more Canadian cash. She informed me we could go to the bank in the morning. I asked her about the babysitter. She told me she would take care of her. She asked if I wanted to come over to fuck her at her place and see the washer and dryer. I said I did not think that was a good Idea. April was quick to pick up that meeting her kids might not be a great idea.

    April begged me to let her stay. I could not say no. We talked about this time of year and she knew I hated this time being all alone. She asked when I was leaving. I told her I was leaving in the morning. We shared stories of the season. She cried. I ask why was she crying she informed me it was because I had no one and because she had nothing for her kids. I felt like a failure. I told her she was not a failure. I told her she was the bravest person I knew taking on looking after her son and daughter. I told her people of lesser character would have walked away. Yet she stayed. I told her she was lucky to have two people who depend on her and love her unconditional.

    She was upset that she had nothing for the kids as what I paid her was to go to rent and food. I told her if that was her only problem I think we can fix it. She looked at me, her red hair to the side, and her blue eyes teared up again. She thanked me for the washer and dryer and she told me she felt bad. She asked if I wanted to fuck her, I could any time. I told her it was not like that. We fell asleep in each others’ arms.

    I awoke early on and she had her back to me. I felt like last night was a dream. I slid out of bed and I ordered breakfast for us in bed. I contacted Gunnhild about changing my flight. I did a little work until the breakfast arrived. I went upstairs and kissed her. She awoke in a fright. She sat up and looked at me and a look in her eye washed over my face as she realized where she was. She asked me the time. I told her it was 8. She held me and asked me if I wanted to fuck her again. I told her no I wanted to do something else. She looked puzzled. I took her downstairs for a naked breakfast. We talked about her kids and I told her I changed my flights and that I wanted to take her to the bank once it opened. I offered her $2,000 Canadian for spending the night. She said no but I knew she needed it. Then I had her tell me all the things her kids wanted for Christmas. She told me her son had cut out pictures of all these things he wanted and how he played with the photos. She had them in her purse. Her daughter was younger an did not know that much about Christmas and she cried telling me that this extra money I was giving her for last night she would need to split with Scarlett.

    I told her not to worry about it. I told her I was taking her to Toys are Us and she could pick out what ever the kids wanted. She held me and cried telling me she felt so good. She told me she wanted me to fuck her before we went to the bank. I told her it was not like that. I just wanted her to take a few photos of the kids opening their presents and tell me about the morning. She asked me to join them for Christmas. I told her that would not be a good idea.

    We washed and we got dressed. April called the babysitter and offered to pay her double to stay longer. Well I guess I offered to pay double.

    She wore her dress and shoes from the night before. I put on my suit and we looked like a professional couple as we walked into the bank. April found a seat and I approached the teller. I took out April’s money and put that in an envelop. Then I pulled out another $1,000 for Christmas shopping. Then off we went. We walked in and April and I both got a cart. We made a bee line to the largest Lego set, a new bike for her son and her daughter. Then of course Barbie doll house and Barbie her self. A manager was watching us and joined in to assist April as we quickly filled up the two carts. Now there was a couple board games, some stocking stuffer. April was having so much fun as funny little stuff toys nearly filled up a cart. As April now stood in line and the clerk was cashing us out. I hit the back of the store and reappeared with the largest green dinosaurs, and the cutest teddy bear. I was carrying one under each arm and April just started to laugh. I payed the bill and I am not sure if April was happier or if the manager and her assistant over took April on the happy scale. My reward was the manager telling us we are such a wonderful couple as April that I was feeling guilty for living in Europe and her and our kids were stuck in Vancouver. April was so convincing I was ready to believe her and thought how wonderful it would be to have April and her children as my family. I thought back to Kimberly, and her daughter on the Disney Cruise so many years early.

    Good thing I got a big SUV as we packed the gifts in the back of the car with seats down. April was so excited. It took us three trips. Our last trip we picked up wrapping paper and accessories to complete the wrapping.

    We made it back to the hotel and our suite. After 5 trips we have everything laid out. I put on some Christmas music and we started the job of wrapping the gifts. April was so happy as she wrapped each gift with such care. In between presents she would smile at me. It was getting late in the day. I tell her we need to get something to eat and we need to load the gifts once more. April informs her baby sitter we would be there later and for her to take the kids to MacDonald’s. We would then unload the gifts at the house.

    We drove to the house she was renting in Richmond. It was kind of run down and looked like the landlord needed to take care of a few things. None the less April was so excited to see the kids when they got home. We watched as the kids and the baby sitter left and the baby sitter pulled the in the wagon that April use to use to take the clothes to the laundry mat. Only today the wagon was holding the kids.

    As soon as the turned the corner we unloaded the wrapped presents inside the front door. Present after present made the journey into April’s house. It did not take long. I gave April an envelop with the money for the babysitter. April hugged me to tell me it was the best Christmas ever. Her words, whether it is true or not, warmed my heart. April gave me a hug and a kiss and I was on my way as April found a way to make her children’s Christmas special.

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