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    April Fifth Story

    5) April the Stairwell

    I had come into Vancouver for a fundraiser. I reached out to April she was excited but she told me she had nothing to wear. I made a few calls and in matter of a few hours I had a fashion stylist who was more than willing to be April’s best friend and take her shopping on my dime.

    As the days brought me closer to my next adventure with April. I was getting daily calls from her. She shared with me her dress shopping and shoe shopping experiences. Erica, was April’s new shopping compadre. April became a megaphone for Erica’s skill and talent. Over night April had become this shopping dynamo.
    The day arrived and I landed at the Vancouver airport. I was met by my driver and he took me to the hotel to get ready. It does not take long and April is at the door, her and make up professional done. She had dropped her two little ones off at the sitters. She is so excited to show me what her and Erica picked out. I find my mind wandering to the idea of April and her two young ones. It reminded me of Kimberly who I saw for years and was the first member of my $100,000 club. I remember her two little ones and her young daughter on the deck of the cruise ship when I took them on a cruise to get away from the cold. I remember her daughter holding my hand as we walked on the deck that early morning as Kimberly was getting ready. My heart stops as her daughter looked up at me smiled and call me “daddy.” My body went weak. I had never been filled with such emotion before or since.

    Then I am snapped back to reality by April as she stood before me naked. She was thanking me for the gift I brought her from London. It was a lingerie set. She was nearly in tears. I did not have the heart to tell her I picked it up in the airport in Copenhagen. It was a sexy shelf bra and panties. It matched her dress. But then again black goes with just about anything. We now got dressed as April beamed in her new dress and shoes. She turned away from me and asked if I could zipper up and clasp her clip on her dress. She lifted her flowing red hair and her scent was powerful. The curve of her neck was so sexy. I wanted to kiss her.

    She responded with “Go a head, Greg you can.” I looked at her reflection in the mirror as the smile captivated my heart in that moment. So I leaned in and kissed her neck ever so gently. She purred like a satisfied kitten.

    Before we headed to the event. I told her to keep her tits on display, with her new shelf bra I had just got her. I told her to remove her panties. She stood at the foot of the bed. I knelt before her she lifted her dress and as I slowly removed her new panties, I told her that her legs needed to be uncrossed so that her moist pink pussy was visible to me and others at the cocktail party. We stood and she pushed down her new dress. We headed to the door. Then just as I was about to open the door to let her into the hallway, I slammed it closed and pushed her up against the wall and kicked her legs open a little. I then pushed my hand in to her and drove my two fingers up inside her wet hole with great ease.

    I then proceeded to roughly finger fuck her hard and fast until she buried her head in my shoulder and clamped her thighs together on my hand and fingers before her orgasm ripped through her. She soaked my fingers and hand as well as her inner thighs. I pulled my hand out quickly and left her shivering and weak kneed. With the flat of my palm I slapped her wet lips and hole holding it there for about a minute as I could see her nipples pushing up against the fabric of her gown.

    “Ok now we can go.”

    April stood there looking at me like I was out of my mind. She then told me she wanted to fuck me. I told her we had to go for dinner.

    I opened the door and had a look at her knowing her pussy was twitching and her hard nipples were screaming to be removed from her new shelf bra. I pulled her out into the hall and let the door close behind us. April was a little weak in the legs as she struggled to reclaim her balance in her new heels.

    I broke the awkward silence when I asked April if she was ok, while we awaited the elevator.

    “Yes I’m fine” she replied shuffling on her feet so that they were now slightly wider than before. I didn’t try to hide the fact that I was looking between her legs and continued to do so until April spoke again. My gaze eventually travelled up her body, over her breasts, until I was looking at her face.

    “Would it be possible for you to fuck me really hard and deep later….please” she said hopping on to her right foot this time making her boobs jiggle.

    “Um um….yes ……yes of course.”

    April’s eyes now traveled down my body until they rested on my tuxedo crotch. She could see I was extremely hard, thick and sticking out. It was very obvious as I adjusted my cock in my pants trying to hide the obvious. She knew what took place in the hallway of the suite had certainly got my blood rushing to my cock and not my brain.

    With that excuse, no blood to my brain. I turned to say a word, when in the hall way, next to the elevator, April looked at me and then reached up and eased the gown off her shoulders letting it fall around her feet, I was then able to pop the clasp on her bra and help that from her shoulders until that too fell at her feet between her and I. My eyes didn’t move from her breasts.

    Unaided she dropped to her knees in front of the elevator and reached out towards my zipper.

    “Maybe we should go back to the suite,” I weakly suggested.

    She quickly said “no!”

    I stepped back several paces and April crawled toward me, I pushed the door to the stair well and we were now in the stairwell.

    “Here’s fine” I said as April again went towards my zipper and pulled it downwards before using both hands to open my button.

    Once open she was easily able to pull them down and push them in a heap around my ankles, I wiggled my foot and stepped from my pants kicking them aside.

    April was now presented with a semi erect, larger than average cock, covered with a bush of pubes around the top. My cock had been cut and had a very large helmet seemed to be swelling constantly as my shaft rose, stiffening and thickening all the time.

    My helmet was now about level with April’s eye line and less than five inches away; she used her right hand to grasp my cock and lifted it moving her head forward she stuck out her tongue and ran it up the length of the underside until the tip of her tongue came to the bottom of the tip of my dick. I now pushed my dick forward and was supporting myself with my hands on the small of my back.

    April then circled the circumference of my huge cock before poking her tongue into the eye of my dick.

    “AH oh fuck” I gasped the sensation obviously doing the job for me.

    I watched my whore pleasing me. April’s lips parted like they have many times over the last few visits and she lowered her mouth around my penis, she was such an expert at sucking cock and I certainly knew it as she continued moving her head forward until her face was buried deep in my pubic bush.

    She held me there a moment letting my dick bump the back of her throat so that I knew she was getting me as deep as possible before moving her head backwards pulling her lips along the length of my shaft like a cock withdrawing from a tight wet pussy. I was moaning in the stair well and it echoed thought out the fire escape. Yet the only fire was between my groin area. With my head tipped back and my eyes closed as April again gave my sensitive dick a bit of treatment. April’s steady sucking motion; pushing about three inches of my shaft into her mouth whilst using her right had to grip my cock at the base well giving it a little twist as she sucked me. She placed a condom in her mouth and went back to sucking my cock, April now multi tasked as she placed a condom on me in her mouth. She was becoming a real pro.

    My dick was absolutely solid and straining so I pushed her away and knelt on the floor behind and I lifted her up a little so that I could part her legs and knelt in behind her and line my thick dick up at her soaking wet entrance. I pushed forward letting my helmet part her pink lips and invade her hole which made her moan out loudly. Now it was her turn to echo in the stairwell. I looked at April as she turned her head to look at me. I saw her face tighten up as she could feel me buried inside her. I grasped her long red head of hair which just a few minutes earlier was professionally done. Now it was in my hand as I forcing my dick back into her warmth of her wet pussy only this time, I was dictating the pace.

    I hammered April for what seemed like around ten minutes but in reality, was maybe slightly less, I was now going to cum.

    “I’m going to come!” as I still pounded her cunt from behind. My comment ricocheted throughout the stairwell like I was using a mega phone. I did not break stroke as I felt my cum boiling up in my balls.

    April, now on to her hands, was making it easier for me to grip her hips and really drive my cock home as I fucked her towards a massive orgasm.

    She bucked and her cunt gripped my cock as her orgasm took hold, a split second later after her walls tightened on my cock it pulsed and exploded inside her my cream filling the condom in her womb. I pulled out letting some spunk ooze from the condom still in her and it drop on to the concrete floor.

    “Right, get dressed you slut” I said slapping her ass hard making her yelp.

    She turned and looked at me with such fear in her eyes. Her grown and bra was in the hall way. I put on my pants zipped up and opened the fire escape door to find April’s gown and her bra on the floor. I left naked April in the stair well.

    “You could say we lead an adventurous sex life Greg.” April confessed as she dressed in the stairway.

    “Adventurous sex life I see,” was my response as I watched her dress in the stairway.

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