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    April Sixth and Last Adventure

    April first travel date to Toronto

    April and I now are talking every day and I am coming to know her and the kids. She wonders when my next trip to Vancouver will happen. My schedule is so erratic. April needs me to call her. I reach out and she cries on the phone. She tells me she needs me, she misses me. I tell her to relax. I might be able to sneak back into North America and ask if she could meet me half way. She is thrilled.

    I get Gunnhild on this and she organizes the flights and our hotel at One Kings West. Our flights are set to arrive at the same time. April is so excited and she informs me she had family in Ontario and she shares a lot about her past and her two children. I am not sure I need to know all these details but now that she has shared her name and I knew where she lived it appeared that the book was open, so all the details needed to come rushing through like a dam who’s wall was breached. It was a flood of information that came rushing in.

    Speaking of rushing the day arrived and I was rushing to the airport in Frankfurt to reach my gate just in time to catch the flight. I worked on the flight and arrived into Toronto a few minutes early only to be captured by the lines at customs. I squeezed through and collected my bags. I had messages from April and from Gunnhild. I met our driver who now assisted me in meeting April’s flight.

    April had a smile a mile wide. Her eyes had a glow and she was so glad to be in Toronto and secretly she was glad to be away from the kids. She thanked me for paying the extra for her baby sitter to take the kids for the few days. I handed her the envelop and asked if she wanted to deposit it into the bank as it was a lot of cash to be walking the city with. She agreed and we head over to a local bank for a deposit.

    She got back into the car and held me. We kissed and she started to talk to me about her feelings for me. I started to tell her that it might not be good we talk of such things. I will always remember her putting her finger over her lips to hush me in that moment.

    I laughed as she whispered in my ear that she wanted to fuck me when we made it to the hotel. She told me she missed me and she just wanted to be in my arms.
    As we made our way through the traffic. We kissed and whispered in each others’ ears. I liked getting lost in her innocence and looking at her you would not think she was a mother of two or an escort. I thought the lucky guy who had her got her pregnant but what an asshole to walk away.

    We arrived at One King West I gave her cash and asked her to settle things with the driver as I ran into to get the hotel room. I stood there looking at people in the line and there was this hot lady all dressed up. She looked like a movie star. The line was slow as our movie start seem to take up all of one of the clerks’ time.

    April pulled up beside me and let me know the bags were with the bell man. She handed me change from the tip? I looked at her and thought she was to give him the full amount as payment plus tip. I do need to explain how that works. I laughed and told her to keep it.

    Her eyes were on the movie star lady. I ask April if she was ok as her stare was obvious. I asked if she knew her and she said no but that she thought she looked so beautiful and dressed so well. I could over hear the conversation and the lady was speaking French. I told April that the lady was French and those French lady’s dress to impress. April commented to me that she wished she could dress like that. I smiled at her as we made our way to the counter. The staff apologized and checked us in. As we turned to go get the bags April was watch as the French movie start lady was walking away.

    I pulled April aside and told her she was just as beautiful if not more. I told her it was just clothes. She attempted to informed me that she could never look like that. I told her bullshit. I took her by the hand dropped of $10.00 to the bell man told him our room number and told him to take the bags up stairs. I then pulled April through the lounge and out the doors. April was confused and asked where are you taking me. I told her I wanted to prove to her she was wrong.

    She looked at me with a worry on her face. I told her not to worry as we weaved our way through Yonge Street and right into the Mall. I took her into Le Via Rose to selected some sexy yet elegant lingerie. I could tell April was a little embarrassed but it was painless as she tried on a lace bra and panty set with graters. As she tried it on I pulled out a corset and had her try it on. She loved it and most importantly she loved how it made her feel. She was all smiles as we made our way to a designer dress store. We popped in looked around but did not find anything she liked. We wandered into another and another and then another. She was not into the mood she told me.

    I took her down stairs and into a salon. I told her to sit as I approached the lady at the counter. She went to the back and an older Italian man came out we talked, and she observed. I reached into my pocket and she saw me hand him something. He smiled and called over a very attractive young lady.

    I went back over to April and introduced her to Margo, who would take April and trans former her. I had arranged with the owner to slide April in, to do her hair and her make up as I wandered into the mall to tap into a few lady’s stores. An hour and half had past my tasks completed I arrived at the salon to find the finishing touches to April. She looked amazing. They all said she had a natural beauty and it was easy as lady after lady in the salon commented about April. I saw April beaming. I saw her inner beauty shine through. I took April by the hand after settling the bill and we made our way into the first store. There were three outfits for her and the staff gushed over April. It was not long and we had an outfit plus accessories right down to sunglasses to give her that movie star look. One of the staff members helped April pin up her hair to give her a look.

    Wow what a look. Something was missing. Then I grabbed one of the ladies working on her and we disappeared into the mall. April tried on the other outfits so by the time we returned we handed April the box and the bag. April disappeared with the back into the change room and April giggled. Then she stepped out in new boots and the outfit complete with the gloves. Oh my god if that lady at the hotel would have seen her now she would have been jealous of April. It was crazy.

    We then left that store and moves into the next store, a leather store and there awaiting April were a few things. Including this leather skirt. I had her try on a leather dress but was a little too much for April. Then she tried on a leather skirt. I ran out of the store to a store across the hall I had been in earlier and returned now with a black blouse that I handed April. She went in the change room and reappeared in the outfit.

    Now with her hair down and her new bra panties and graters plus stocking on she looked so hot. One of the shoppers in the store to the staff that she wanted the same outfit that April had on.

    April’s confidence level shot to the moon as she walked the streets of Toronto in her new outfit completed with a new coat. Her smile was amazing. We left the mall and made our way back with bags in hand with her new dress, boots, shoes, hand bag, skirt, blouse and a few accessories. The best accessory was her arm in mine. As we stopped at a light she kissed me. Everyone who walked by looked at her. As we approached the hotel I asked her, “was I right?” She looked at me with her red lipstick glistening from the lights of the cars passing by and was puzzled by my question.

    I confirmed if she felt that she could be better than the lady at the counter. She smiled at me and confirmed “better Greg, so much better, because of you.” Everything was wonderful at that moment.

    We made our way into the hotel lobby and by the lobby bar with all eyes on her. I knew she knew they were focused on her. We made our way to the elevators. In this suite we would make it home for the next few days she turned kissed me and told me she never felt so good. She told me she wanted me. I wanted her but we had a reservation at the comedy club we had to attend.

    We dropped her bags and she was like a little kid as she rifled through the bags. I jumped into the shower and then changed. In record time we were out and on our way. I had arranged for the hotel to take us to the club in a vintage car the hotel offered special guests.

    We arrived at the club and our table was ready. Once again, all eyes were on her and how beautiful she was. We had a few laughs and I noticed her scanning the crowd like she was looking for someone. She asked about the restroom and I asked the waiter who took her to the back. After a couple comedians performed she returned and asked what she missed I asked if she was ok. She told me she was find, just tired.

    The show was over and as we waited on the street corner for our ride, a car drove by with a bunch of young guys. They yelled at her calling her beautiful. Her ego was now soaring. I noticed a couple guys pass by and I could see both of their head turned as she smiled back. I think she was enjoying the experience.

    We made our way back and after a long day. I was beat tired. As we walked in the lobby by the lobby bar a number of guys were all over April and it was not lost on her. She was loving it as she looked backed and winked at them. We made it to the elevator and up to our suite. I got undressed and she told me she was going to change in the bathroom. I feel asleep with her in the bathroom.

    I awake to the sun beaming through the sheer drapes of the hotel bedroom. The early morning light brings not just new light but an exciting day of adventure as I notice my April next to me in nothing but her black panties she had to have put on from last night. I was so tired, I could not remember a thing. I was now sporting morning wood and I had a craving for my sweet April morning light.

    I reached over to her and I heard her moan. I reached under the covers to cuddle with her. Her reaction was not what I had hoped she was tired and asked if she could sleep a little longer. I agreed to get her coffee and I got up and was out the door.

    I hunted down some coffee at Starbucks down the street as well as a few things to remove the morning munchies. I arrived to hear the shower I peeked in as the door was not completely closed. I notice her enjoying the shower with her eyes closed. Then she opened her eyes and freaked out. I quickly left the scene of the crime and told her I had her coffee. She cried out “What the Fuck, were you spying on me?”

    I told her I was sorry and she told me that it was perverted to be sneaking up on her as she closed the door and locked it.

    A few minutes later she appeared washed and dried off. She kissed me on the cheek and said she was startled by me being there. She told me at home she was using to leaving the bathroom door open with the kids, but she was sorry for not closing the door. I apologized and we sat and had our few little items for breakfast. I told her I had a meeting but that I had arranged for her to go to the Spa. She liked that idea.

    I had my shower as she got ready. We were off. I dropped her at Holt and Renfrew and escorted her to the Spa where they assured me they would take good care of her. I hit my meetings.

    The day flew by. I was out of the last meeting by 5 and met April back at the hotel. She was all smiles and put on her new dress asking where we were going for dinner. I told her the Canoe would be our location for a view of the city and she was dressed to impressed.

    Over dinner we discussed the idea of introducing another woman to our adventure. I thought it was a great idea. She told me she wanted to see me with another woman and that would be so hot. I agreed and got on the phone to Select but no one was available that night. I reached out to Cupids and once again the kind of lady we had in mind was not on. We reached out to another and they had a nice young lady that was keen to join us. I was told she was a Latino lady. Not my thing but she was keen. She had big tits and she wanted someone with big tits.

    We arrived back to the hotel and there was our lady. A little heaver than I had hoped. We made our way up stairs and April poured her a glass of wine. We chatted and April ask her if she likes me. She said she did so April switch places so I was now sitting beside our guest. April encouraged her to show us her massive breasts. Before I could say another word, I had my head between her massive breasts. April seemed to enjoy my situation as I came up for air. Now our lady friend dropped her dress and she stood there in her pink panties. April told her to drop her panties and there before me was this 20 something with nothing I desired. Yet April encouraged me to take her in the bed room and instructed her to lay on the bed.

    I stood there naked now before this young girl. She looked at me and said OMG. She looked at April and April smiled at her and told her “Baby you only have to have it for one-hour suck it up and enjoy it,”

    The young lady was on her knees before me sucking me while I looked at April fully clothed smiling at me. April crossed her legs and gave me such a look.

    I was now rock hard and fully erect. My Latino friend was unsure what to do next. April came over put on a condom and took our guest placing her on the bed. Our date tried to kiss her but April did not want to mess up her make up. I was now positioned over the young lady and I slowly entered her. She let out a scream so I pulled back then repositioned to give her a little at a time. She told April I was too big. April reassured her that she could take me.

    I pushed in then out then in then out going deeper with each trust. I was not deep in the little pussy and it felt good. April came over and whispered in my ear to fuck her good and hard. I started in a slow fashion but it was not long and our Latino maiden was now in the mood. I pounded away.

    It was not long and she came. I pulled out expecting April to jump in but she was content to sit and watch. I was instructed to lay on my back as April now coached our young paid date to get on top. She was reluctant but April had a way to convince her to ride me. With her on top her breasts were free to bounce with each up and down movement. I was not using my hips to push her to the ceiling. The Latino’s hair and tits where flying as I gave her a ride of her life. We were both sweating as our little lady came and fell to my side. I looked at April who did not seem impressed.

    April had the little escort now on all fours as I penetrated her from behind. April told me to fuck her good so I started to give her my full length and girth. I slapped her ass as she moaned. April now faced me as she holds down the hands of our escort as she kept placing a hand over my stomach every time I gained momentum.

    April looked me in the eyes and with such intensity she told me to fuck her. I rammed the little pussy again and again. I closed my eyes with my hand firmly on her ass. Then I felt a cotton cloth on my forehead and as I opened my eyes there was April whipping my brow. With one last push I came in the little Latino cunt.

    I pulled out with a full condom. Our little escort fell on the bed totally spent. I left to have a shower. I came out as April was assisting the escort to the door. I went to kiss April she told me she needed to use the bathroom. I heard the click of the lock. She told me to get into bed and she would be there soon. I talked to her and as I laid their, my eyes got tired. I dozed off.

    The morning came early once more. Beside me in a grey t-shirt and no panties was April. I reached over and she told me she was so tied. Her muffled comment was “baby I am so tired could we do that later. I got up went to get coffee and some fresh fruit. I arrived to hear her in the bathroom. I went to open the door and it was locked.

    I picked up the paper and was glancing through it when the door was unlocked and she appeared drying her hair. She asked me what we have planned. I told her I had one meeting but in the afternoon, we could do something. She suggested she had so much fun with me shopping she asked if we could do it again. I agreed. I was off.
    I re-appeared in the early afternoon to find the room a mess. She informed me she went for a walk to some of her old haunts. I went in the bed room to find a couple condom wrappers in the trash as well as a spent condom. I could have sworn that my condom was discarded in the bedroom.

    We went for a late lunch as she was starving. We headed over to the mall as she wanted a new dress for dinner that night. We picked up a few things as we headed back to the suite she told me she had a surprise for me. I was curious and she was so excited. She wanted to give me something special.

    I was excited and wondered what she was up too. We got dressed up and headed over to a Steakhouse near by. We eat and headed back to the lounge. April insisted we have drinks in the lounge. We sat down and the waiter called April by her real name. I was shocked but let it go as April was so excited. Then in walked a beautiful tall blonde in a yellow dress. April got up and went over to bring her to our table. She introduced me to Sasha. Oh, my fucking god. I got a hard on just looking at her.
    Sasha in a strong Russian accent said. “You have big cock. Yes?” April answered that question for me. Sasha took me by the hand and we were on our way to our suite April in tow.

    In the elevator Sasha took my hand and slid it up her dress and she was fucking drenched. Sasha looked at me with her heavy make up and said, “You like.” I nodded and looked at April. As we made it into the suite Sasha and I were now deep down each others throat. Sasha had my pants to my knees and she let out a gasp, once she met my cock. Sasha looked at April and smiled before devouring my hard dick. I looked at April and my head was spinning.

    April came over to ask me if I was ok with her. My eyes rolled back in my head and I moaned as Sasha was taking me to heaven. That was all April needed to hear. April let Sasha have her way with my love stick.

    Sasha licked me, sucked me, licked my balls, and she would look back at April as if she wanted approval. My shaft was so hard and stiff yet Sasha was not done.
    I looked at her Russian eyes as she swallowed me whole. Her massive tits were released and she was such a sight to see. My legs were quivering as her tongue circled my shaft in her mouth. I thought I was going to cum when Sasha would squeeze my dick until it hurt. Then back at it she would go.

    April demanded that I not cum yet. April instructed Sasha to get me really hard and horny. I wondered why. Was April preparing me for her? Then April told Sash to bend over and she instructed me to play with Sasha’s ass. I proceeded to squeeze it and slide my hands over it as April watched from the comfort of her chair. Sasha looked at April as they seem to be sharing secrets.

    I now played with Sasha’s big tits but April brought me back to Sasha’s ass. Sasha now started to kiss me only to be told by April not now. She really was obsessed with Sasha’s beautiful ass. My hands roamed her ass, but my fingers came in contact with her wet pussy and I started to massage her clit. Sasha responded and moaned and seem to enjoy my new area of focus.

    April was not pleased and requested me to get back to her ass insisting that I finger her tight little brown rose bud. I inserted a thumb into Sash’s ass and she purred like a kitten. April was now pleased as Sasha looked at April for approval.

    It appeared I had hit the spot for both of them.

    Now April stood up and standing by the window she dropped her dress to share with both of us her new lingerie I had gotten her. Wow her ass was amazing but I had a finger in Sasha’s ass.

    I was now instructed by April, as she turned to us, to fuck Sash’s ass. April walked over with a bottle of lube and she asked me to give her my hand. I did as she poured into my hand as some made its way on to Sasha’s ass.

    April now coached me to slowly insert my dicks into Sasha’s ass. I went slow at first. Sasha releasing some Russian words into the night. Sasha welcomed me, her ass was so accepting.

    I pounded her ass until I perspired and the sweat was dripping down my forehead. Drips met Sasha’s lube covered ass. April wanted to see more as Sasha screamed. April released me as she could see we were both about to come.

    April flipped Sasha on to her back and had me come back to stuff Sasha’s ass as she held Sasha’s legs in the air.

    “Harder, Deeper” was Aprils command. I gave Sasha everything I had, and she grinned and took everything I could give her ass. Both Sasha and I were short of breath as I was now coming to my end.

    April seeing my slowing down, now pulled me away placed me down and as I squeezed my cock begging it not to give into the desire I had to explode.

    April placed Sasha on top and yelled at her to ride me.

    Sasha now rode me with the attempt to milk me for all I had. I laid there as Sasha’s ass sucked me dry. I let out a scream as I released to fill the condom.
    Sasha collapsed on top of me as I knew she had cum while April dressed. I could not move. My body was a sack of flesh and bones. Sasha kissed me and told me in her broken English she loved my cock and wanted to see me again on my next trip to Toronto.

    April told Sasha it was time to go. Sasha went to the washroom. April brought me a hot cloth so I could wash up. April took the condom and told me I must be tired. I agreed. April asked me if I had $500 for Sasha I said to check my money clip. She took everything from there and told me she was going to take Sasha out. She suggested that I get some sleep.

    I agreed and I rolled over as I heard the door click. I slipped into a deep sleep only to be awoken by 1:20 AM by my phone. It was my office calling to inform me there was an issue with one of my on-line accounts they asked if I could get to an ATM. I slid on my sweat pants a T-Shirt and sneakers. I realized that April was not in bed. I checked the bathroom but no sign of her. I wondered where could she be. I just need to deal with one issue at a time. I headed down stairs to find a ATM in the mall. I checked the account contacted my office and I was secure. Now my focus was on April. I wandered back into the hotel and there in the lounge was April sitting with a group of young guys. I walked up and April saw me. As she saw me her face fell and she looked like a caged animal looking to find a way out.

    I walked up to her and said “April, sweet heart, you coming to bed.” A big guy next to her, who had far too many to drink, looked up at me, and said he was next. He told me I need to wait my turn. I looked at April as the fear of god struck her down.

    I said, “Excuse me mate, but that is my wife you are talking about.” He looked shocked and looked at her. She started to cry. He looked back at me and he was confused he did not know what to say. Another guy, who was just told last call, looked at April and asked her if I was her husband. She got up and ran out of the lounge.

    Another who had even more to drink than the first guy, looked at me and said “Sorry man, we thought she was a whore working the lounge. She was here tonight and last night.” I told him no problem as I turned the guys were all in shock. No one knew what to say but it was going to make a great story in the future.

    I made my way to the elevator. I got to the room and April was in the suite getting her things together. I came in behind her and I could see she was crying. I asked her if she was ok. She chocked out she was ok. I asked her what she was doing she said she was leaving. I asked her where was she going she told me she did not know. I told her not to go as it was 2:30 AM. I pulled her around and told her it was ok. I understand I was not the kind of client she wanted to be with. It was ok. I told her I was sorry I brought her to Toronto and it was not what she expected or wanted. She cried and told me she was sorry.

    I told her to get some sleep. I would sleep in the living room and she could sleep in the bed.

    I left the room and laid down on the couch to get a few hours sleep. I noticed the bedroom light went out. I could hear her sobbing in the dark until I dosed off.

    In the morning I got up showered and went to get her a coffee. I got back to hear her in the shower. I got dressed. She got dressed and we headed over for breakfast. During breakfast we agreed that I was not the kind of client she wanted or needed. We agreed that we would not see each other in the future and I never did hear from her again after placing her on her flight home. It was my first travel date with her and the last.

    Scarlett did inform me she moved back to Ontario with her two children. I saw two photos of her that showed up in my inbox from April with a note saying “See what you are missing?”

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