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Thread: Ashley Croft

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    Ashley Croft

    Ashley Croft

    I happen to be in Toronto for meetings and knew my dinner date would not run late. So, I had some free time and well, I would not mind have some company. I looked on Eros and saw Ashley Croft ad. Wow her photo was enough to make you cream your jeans. I had tried to see her on several occasions but no such luck. So, I reach out and bingo she would be available. Ashley is in a different class of provider. Up there with Charlie LaRoux, Veronica Sway. Among others. They are the ultimate professionals. It is a paid date nothing less nothing more. The perfect combination.

    So, we emailed and agree to meet.

    I finished my dinner meeting and made my way back to my hotel. I entered the lounge area and sat down for a drink after a long day. I wanted to get work off my mind. A little distraction to take the edge off.

    My mind flipped to her photos and tried to imagine her arrival. It felt uncomfortable not having a fantasy to live out. To be just awaiting a provider with no hidden story line behind just seemed so uncomfortable. Almost like a wasted night. I had booked Ashley for three hours.

    From my sit I had a good command of the room. My eyes flipped from a TV screen to the entrance. Then this striking lady waltzed in kind of movement in motion. She had on beautiful grey dress heels and was a cross between a corporate executive and stunning MILF. The key to her outfit was her smile. Yet my mind went back to the ad and what might be under that conservative dress. Even without meeting her before I knew it was her. I stood up and we hugged, and she kissed me on both cheeks. Her fragrance was as stunning as her. She was not a young woman, but she was elegant and confident.

    We sat shared news of mutual associates. I learned much of this lady. First how comfortable it was to talk with her. We had known of each other. We shared what we knew, and we asked questions to filling a few holes. Although there was only one hole I wanted to fill.

    I had the waiter bring her a glass of fine red wine aged like her with a strong bouquet. We laughed, and she smiled at me. It felt comfortable. Then she asked if we could go up to my suite.

    Although I would have been content to stay in the lounge, she was on the clock and she is a professional. Most providers, especially young ones would have kept me in the lounge until the time was up. But Ms. Croft is not average and I certainly did not want to leave her unsatisfied. So up we went....

    The Juicy Details

    As we made it through the door, Ms. Croft pulled me close to kiss me. I know she has so many of these encounters I am sure she will not remember our three-hour meeting. She was very good at kissing me and she was quick to locate my package. She said she had heard of it and she wanted to experience first hand. So not long and she has my pants to me knees and she is enjoying the most impressive part of my personality.

    Nice long strokes with her tongue, wet kisses, sloppy sucking session. As much as I was enjoying her on her knees it appeared that it was her that seem to enjoy it more as my rock-hard cock started to throb. My leg started to twitch. She looked up at me as she squeezed my cock tightly. She stood up beside me and undressed until she was in her corset and stockings. Taking my hand, she led me into the bedroom and we made out for like ages, kissing and fondling her perfect tits. Piece I was able to shed her of these articles of clothing. Her naked body now on my bed I made my way between her legs. As soon as my tongue started to poke the folds of her pussy she began to moan, louder, and louder. Her pussy was wet but now she was soaking wet as my licking became slurping. She was so wet and warm as my tongue penetrated her slit. I pulled her pussy lips gently apart and first licked up one side then the other.

    You never really know with a SP if she is enjoying it or she is just faking it. With Ms. Croft she could not hold back as I moved and down her crack with steady rhythm. Her O was intense until she squirted all over my face.

    Now she pulled me up as her body twitched. We kissed and then she told me she was ready. On went the condom and in her sloppy wet pussy my massive dick slid. Oh, she felt so good. Warm, wet, and satisfying. Her pussy gobbled up my dick like a hungry crowd at thanksgiving dinner. Yes, this lady liked a nice hard pounding. She took all of me as we moved from position to position. I enjoyed missionary as I could look at her face as she Oed once more.

    The two hours were now up. She did not rush out the door. But it was not long, and she was gone. I got the sense that our session was an average night for her. I doubt she will remember our session or our meeting, but I can take her off my bucket list. I can just imagine the number of guys like me she meets and most of us are not lucky enough to be a memory worth holding onto.

    The thought of her from her photos is enough of a foe for me to hold on to for years to cum.

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