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    Ashley the Fire Starter

    Ashley Story Fire Starter

    Ashley is introduced to my world, then set it on fire.

    On a past trip to Vancouver I found myself with a cancelled dinner meeting and I was feeling a little alone. I remember a fellow pooner who had recommended that I make contact with a new lady. It is interesting how many new ladies come on but do not know where to go or what to do. Like wise we never know of these beauties in the wilderness. I thought what have I got to lose. I called and it was like calling a civilian maybe because she was, and to my surprise she was available that night. Low volume ladies tend to be available more often. It is just a few personal issues that she needed to contend with.

    We agreed to meet at my hotel in the lobby so that I could get a good look at her and her at me. If we needed to part company no issues. I described what I would be wearing and asked her to wear something elegant. She was so excited and told me she had the perfect outfit for me. As we talked a little more on the phone she did ask me some question to kind of screen me. We agreed on a two hour meet and greet. Money was not a big concern although since she was new she did not know what to charge for a meet and greet. So we agreed on $220 an hour for the two hours. She seemed very interested in me. And I was becoming very interested in her.

    Not really knowing what to expect I thought let’s take one for the team. Worst case she would not show up or she would not like me or I would not like her. So I would just loose a few hours of my time and meet someone new. Not too risky. I dropped $500 into an envelop and off we go.

    It was a nice night, and I thought after spending the day in a board room at meetings it might be better to take a walk around the block. As I was taking my walk, I noticed this white pickup truck parking in the distance. There is always this anticipation of what your new date will be like. As I was walking closer I noticed that this hot lady was making her way out of the truck. She had a white trench coat tied neatly across her tiny waist. She had amazing legs, and I could notice a tight pencil skirt peeking out from her trench coat. With black designer pumps she was picture perfect. But it was her cascading blonde hair that set off my mind’s fire alarm. I think Wow she is hot. Is it possible she could be my date for the next two hours? From a distance I think not possible, she has a body of a 20 year old, fit and firm.

    I stop and now take my time as she walks towards me. I notice these curves as her breasts stand out and set off the first fire alarm. The closer she gets the more excited I get. Then she calls out my name in the form of a question. Greg? My eyes move from her hot body to her face and realize that she is not a 20 year old. Her body is so hot that her face can be over looked. What do you expect? I am no Brad Pit. But for an older lady she is hot. And I like older ladies. However, the more I look at her and can now see into her eyes I realize that there is a hidden beauty that takes away any new age lines. Those unique facial features show real character. As we talk I learn that she has not eaten and I have not either so our two hour date has now turned into a dinner date. Our one alarm fire just move to a two alarm fire.

    I wanted to learn more about this fascinating woman. In our discussion it was clear that she was trying hard to impress me. At times she could seem harsh and unsure of the game. The wear and tear on her soul and some of her past experiences puts her way ahead of some of those too perfect women out there. However, you can tell when someone is trying so hard, and she was trying too hard. I learned that she speaks many languages and has traveled much of the world.

    As we shared stories we learned of our seeded past. It was clear out of the ashes comes some amazing developments and experiences. I felt a bonding and connection to this woman who I had just met. However, there was this raw energy with in her, a fuel that could easily ignite especial when she shared her nipple at the table.

    There was a spark in her voice and in her body language and I could see a beauty and awe in her like a raging fire. The fire exploded as you could see she was not wearing any panties. I loved it and had to get her back to the hotel.

    As we walked back to the hotel she asked me if she could stay with me. We stopped as I looked into her eyes. Her eyes begging for an answer. We sat on a bench and she lifted her leg to show off her amazing legs and she took off one of her shoes to show her foot and her leg as she adjusted her shoe, it was clear her body lines were so perfect. I realized that her legs were perfect. As she stood and bent over to adjust her shoe it was clear her ass is one of the best I have ever seen on any lady, young or old. OK I am sold! Our two hour meet and greet turned into a dinner date, which now turned into "I can not let her get away". She has a unique look to her and this was a unique circumstance. Two alarm fire just scaled up to a three alarm fire.

    We continue to walk on and she stops me yet again only this time to kiss me. It was like a summers rain on the ragging fire. I could swear I could hear the sizzle as the rain drops hits the flames. Her lips met mine. It may have quenched my desire but the fire ranged on. The heat intensifying and as it got out of control our three alarm fire just moved to a four alarm fire. My head was spinning as we entered the hotel. The kissing in the elevator was so intense and when she touched my crotch you could feel the energy with in her body fill the elevator with smoke. As we entered the suite I pulled out my money wallet and fumbled to find my Canadian cash stash amongst the Euros, British pounds, US dollars, and Swiss Francs. I handed it over to her and she did not count it as she held me and we both fell on to the bed. We hit the linens and she let out a little giggle saying “I would have stayed for free”, but then realizing in the same breath what she just said, she qualified it by quickly commenting “just kidding?”

    It did not matter, I was in her arms and she was in my arms. Her magnificent body was next to mine, Her tits are out of this world as we release them into the world. Wow such natural wonders, I have yet to see. Big, bold, and oh so heavenly. If they are fake I would be shocked. I was lost in them. Her nipples could take an eye out. Her pleasure box was so wet. Our kisses intensified. Oh no the four alarm fire now erupted which resulted in the most incredible sex I have ever experienced. I have had some hot sessions over the years. This lady took me in just about every position I know of and some new ones. She does not go through the motions and no faking here. She LOVES SEX! But not just sex, I mean hot and intense sex. I kept thinking to myself is she really into it like this? Is it possible that she could keep going? For her age, her pussy is so tight and she wanted more from me and for me! We went deeper and harder it was like I could now touch her soul and she had a strangle hold on my sexual desires. We were both sweating and she road me like no other. All the blood from my head was now doing over time in my dick. Then when we broke for water. And I thought we were done she sucked me and wanted another round. I was blown away by her intensity. After another hour of some of intense pounding my finger slid into her ass. Ding Ding Ding we have a 5 alarm fire on our hands. She was so turned on. I then fingered fucked her pussy and her ass at the same time and she went so fucking crazy I have never had a lady cum like that and I may never see it again. Eat your heart out Badger my man. You would have been proud of me.

    We laid in the darkness totally spent. It felt so good to hold her and she held me and we were one. It was magical. Was the fire out, no it was the smoldering and out of the ashes came a rush like I have not had in awhile. We fell asleep in each others arms and only during the night did I dream of her touch and the burning desire I had for her. At one point she awoke and as quickly as the flame started it was gone. I woke that morning in a wet bed. Thinking was that fact or fiction? She was so crazy and amazing I just had to be making it up. But the spent condoms by the bed and the condom rappers might suggest it really happened. Besides the bed was still warm from a fire just put out!

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